A Mother’s Love Ch. 02

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It had been about a month after my father had left my mother and I alone for the day, when I awoke about seven o`clock from my sleep. It was a Saturday morning; I checked the day and time on my bedside clock, before realising my mother was in my bedroom putting clean clothes into my wardrobe.

I instantly took the opportunity to expose myself. I slid my pants off under the duvet, leaving myself naked below the warm cotton sheeting. Then I pulled the duvet to the side, exposing my warm, fully naked body to my mother. She closed the wardrobe door and turned to me, staring for a good few seconds at me lying totally nude on the bed. She then walked over to me and sat on the edge of the bed without saying a word.

It was then that she informed me that Dad had to go into work for an urgent job that needed finishing. He would not be home until at least three o`clock in the afternoon. She slid herself onto my bed laying next to me and started running her hands through my dark blonde hair, and she told me for the ten-thousandth time how I was just the beautiful blonde haired, blue-eyed boy she had always dreamed of.

Although I was and still am, slightly over weight, I still had a reasonably fit body. She ran her fingers over my arms, feeling my muscles under the skin. I was fortunate enough then to be working in a warehouse as a forklift driver; the job involved quite a lot of physical labour, which in turn kept my body in reasonable shape.

Her hands then travelled lower down my torso, and onto my groin. She remarked what a firm body I had. I thought I should just lie there and listen to her tell casino oyna me how great I was, I had my hands behind my head, and a half-erection. But once she touched my groin my organ sprang to life. I then stared into her cleavage through her dress, She was wearing an old summer dress which she only wore around the house. It just so happened to have a revealing small tear down the centre of the back seam, which exposed her nice arse and part of her back when she leant over.

I reached into the top of her dress and touched her left breast. My penis had now become fully erect, and I wanted her to place her mouth over it and begin sucking. But she continued to fondle me, moving her hands up and down my body, thoroughly touching each inch of my torso, as well as kissing me on the lips.

I had eased one of her breasts out from the top of her dress and caressed it in my hands.

She had a look of sheer delight when I leant over and sucked her nipple. She then slowly got up off of the bed, while my hand was still firmly feeling her exposed breast. She took the hem of her dress and started to lift it up, so in an instant I let go of her breast and offered to help her with her dress.

I took the hem of the dress at the sides and placed the palm of my hands on her lower legs. I slid them up her soft, recently shaven legs to her pear-shaped hips, where it was apparent that she was not wearing any underwear. I continued up until my hands were level with her breasts.

I now had an amazing view of her pubic region from sitting on the side of my bed. I could also see for a glancing second the lower slot oyna curves of her buxom breasts;only the lower half of her nipples were showing, which set my erotic pulses racing, before I fully removed the dress from over her head.

As the dress fell to the bedroom floor, she closed in on me. She placed her hairy pubic mound onto my still fully erect penis. I slid my penis into her vaginal lips with ease, looking down between her buxom breasts at what I was doing.

It seemed so much easier the second time around. I guess I also was not as nervous. Before, I was half expecting my father to return, or my mother to reject me sexually; today I was more confident that he would not return and find us in the act, and that my mother would not reject me.

We spent the next twenty minutes having amazing sex. Once we finished, and she had cleaned my penis of semen, we entered the bathroom and got into the shower together. We washed each other, taking the time to explore all the nooks and crannies of each other`s bodies. The fusion of the aroma`s of the shampoo`s and the body lotions we were using aroused us even more. When we were dry, we realised it would be half a day until my father arrived home from work. My mother suggested that we spend the time we had available nude around the house, getting to really know each others bodily action`s.

We spent the morning and much of the afternoon doing the usual chores around the house. My mother prepared breakfast as normal, but we sat next to each other and ate fully naked. I then helped my mother wash the dishes and utensils in the kitchen, although canlı casino siteleri we spent more time mucking about splashing each other with the soapy bubbles from the sink, and wiping the bubbles off each other. The rest of the afternoon was pretty much the same sort of thing, nude vacuuming and nude tidying. During the hours we had available to us we had sex once more, on the kitchen floor.

Because we were splashing water and soap bubbles over each other, there was a pool of water on the kitchen floor, and my mother slipped. She landed on her backside, her arms and legs spread across the floor. My erection sprang back into action upopn seeing this and I joined her on the floor. This time, however, it felt more like making love than having sex; there was a different aura about it, it seemed to take longer to finish, and it was a lot more natural. My mother was in ecstasy.

Finally, for the first time in longer than she cared to remember she had had a truly good lovemaking session.

“Just the tonic a woman needs,” my mother commented, once we had finished on the kitchen floor.

As I got up off the kitchen floor I heard a noise. When I looked out the kitchen window I saw my father putting the car in the garage.

“Oh, bloody hell.” I called out. “Dad`s back!”

At first she thought I was joking, then I ran upstairs as fast as possible to my bedroom to get dressed. I arrived in my bedroom sweating like a dog with panic. My mother casually strolled upstairs totally naked and went into her bedroom to slip on a more suitable dress, one that did not have the scent of her son on it.

“That was a close call,” she casually said to me.

“Hi, darling! I`m home!” my father called out, as he entered the house.

“We will have to be a little more careful next time!” my mother said, with a cheeky grin on her face.

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