A Mother’s Needs

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A Mother’s Needs

A quick note for all the keyboard warriors out there. Authors on this site are amateurs, therefore we are liable to make mistakes. I have been told that sometimes my stories don’t contain this or don’t contain that, you have imagination, use it!

All of my stories are spell checked with MS Word, and run through Grammarly. After that my editor does her bit, before it goes for publication.

I don’t mind criticism, but be warned if you post a negative comment anonymously, i will delete it.

“You should go out and get some on the side,” Maria’s friend Molly advised.

“How in the hell am I supposed to do that? I know Doug travels, but I have a son who would know. I can’t go out for more than a few hours, having Rick at home rules out me bringing a man back here. For god sake I didn’t think it would be this difficult.”

“Maybe you should be honest with Doug. Tell him you want to be treated like a slut every now and then, Christ most men would love a wife like that.” Molly chided.

“You think I haven’t tried that? For god sake Molly. I have tried to get Doug to use me instead of making love, he just isn’t interested. He’s a great husband and father. As a lover he is good but I cannot get him to treat me like I want to be treated.”

Unknown to Maria her 19-year old son was home and listening in on his mother’s confession.

“I guess I am screwed. As I said I cannot go out, I cannot bring a man back here, and I cannot get Doug interested in using me. Maybe as I get older the feeling will go away.”

“Don’t kid yourself Maria. Why do you think I am fucking our neighbour, Tom? Len is a great husband. Like Doug he won’t use me like a slut. Tom on the other hand is happy to just fuck me, he loves the no strings attached sex, so do I for that matter.”

Rick listened in as Molly described her sordid meetings with her neighbour. “What the fuck is wrong with you Dad?” Rick thought as he imagined his mother acting like a slut. Maria had a good body for a 39-year old Mum, her tits were a decent size and her butt was perfect. Rick would kill to get a chance at fucking his mother. Knowing what she wanted he formed a plan to see if he could get his mother interested in him, interested enough to let him fuck her.

Rick slipped out of the house when his mother bid her friend farewell, he waited five minutes before returning home.

Several days later Rick was in his room studying, his mother was in the kitchen cooking dinner. “Oh crap!” Rick had deliberately spilt Pepsi down his trousers. Rushing downstairs he removed the trousers and put them in the washing machine, Maria wondered what he was panicking about.

“What’s wrong Rick?”

“Nothing Mum. I just spilled a drink down my trousers.” Rick stood in front of his mother as he explained. Maria started to feel flustered as she noticed the enormous bulge in her son’s boxer shorts. “Christ, my son has a huge package!” she thought. Rick turned and walked away, Maria couldn’t see him smirking as he walked upstairs.

“That cock looked huge.” Maria could feel herself getting wet between her legs. She scolded herself as she thought of her son’s cock.

Rick concentrated on teasing his mother whenever his father wasn’t around. If he left the bathroom after a shower he always stroked his cock to chub it up, before wrapping a small towel tightly around his waist. On several occasions he walked around in just his boxer shorts or just tight fitting shorts. Maria was being driven mad. No matter how hard she tried it was kilis escort difficult to not stare at Rick’s crotch. During a shower one evening she masturbated thinking of her son.

Rick knew his mother was looking at him whenever she got a chance, despite her being discreet Rick had caught her staring at him on several occasions.

For his part Rick didn’t take any extra interest in his mother than usual, he knew she was fighting a battle with her inner demons. Rick’s chance to push things further came two weeks later, his father announced he had to go away on business. Maria wasn’t pleased when her husband revealed he would be away for 10-days. Doug tried to sweeten Maria and Rick by telling him they were taking a holiday soon after his trip finished.

Maria wasn’t worried about the holiday. Her immediate concern was being left at home with Rick. The woman knew if she got to see much more of her son, she wouldn’t be able to stop herself. Rick knew his mother was tearing herself up inside. With his father gone Rick would move ahead with his plan, he just hoped it worked or he could be homeless if it failed.

The day Doug left for his business trip was a hot summer’s day. Rick was outside cutting the grass, like his father had asked him to. Maria was in the kitchen washing up, she kept looking at her son. Rick was wearing small swimming trucks and training shoes, the size of her son’s cock was driving Maria wild. “Fuck! Why does he have to have a big cock?” she muttered.

Maria was sitting sipping a cold drink when Rick walked indoors, a sheen of sweat made his skin shine. Rick stood leaning against the counter, the bulge in his trunks in full view. Maria was struggling not to look at her son. Rick grabbed a drink and joined his mother at the table. Maria sighed quietly, she wished her son would go and get dressed.

“Everything okay Mum? You look a bit flustered.”

“Hmm. Yes. Yes, I’m alright. It must be the warm weather.”

“Are you sure that’s all it is?” Rick asked, knowing the real reason.

“Yes.” Maria nodded. “What else would it be?”

“I dunno Mum. It could be anything.” Rick smirked behind the glass.

“I’m okay. I’m sure it’s the weather.”

Rick decided to stop playing games with his mother. “I think I know what it is.”

“Really. How would you know?”

“I heard you and Molly talking the other week. I’m sure you remember the conversation Mum. It was where you said you wanted a man to treat you like a slut for a change!”

“You heard that?” Maria stared wide eyed at her son.

“Yep. I heard it all. You want a man to treat you like a slut and fuck you senseless. Dad can’t or won’t do it because he loves you, he thinks it’s wrong, despite you wanting it.”

“Oh my God. You were not supposed to hear that. I guess you heard me tell Molly I wouldn’t cheat on your father?”

“I did. You know what the neighbours are like around here Mum? If you went out for the night someone is bound to tell Dad.”

“I was more worried about you finding out and telling your father. The neighbours never entered my head.”

Maria stood and walked towards the sink. Placing her empty glass, she turned to find herself staring at her son. Rick hugged his mother as he assured her she would be okay.

“Easy for you to say. I have had this feeling for a while now.”

Rick pulled his mother closer. His cock was now pressing against her thigh. “I can help you out Mum.”

“You. How can you help me?”

“I’ve seen you watching me Mum. kilis escort bayan You know I have a decent sized cock. I can give you what you want and nobody would ever know. You won’t have to risk going out picking up men.”

“I can’t. You’re my son!” Maria freed herself from Rick’s embrace and left to go upstairs.

“Well at least she didn’t threaten to tell Dad. I’ll give her some time and see what happens.” Rick thought as he headed off to take a shower. Maria was in her bedroom. The door was closed, Rick listened but couldn’t hear anything. At least she wasn’t crying.

Unknown to Rick, Maria was crying quietly into her pillow. After taking a shower and getting dressed Rick knocked and let his mother know he was going out for a while. Maria managed to weakly reply with an okay.

Maria was preparing dinner when Rick returned home. Rick looked at her and cracked a slight smile. Maria greeted him with a hello, then returned to the cooking. There was a definite atmosphere as the mother and son ate dinner in silence. After helping clear away Rick went to his bedroom, he was starting to think that his plan had gone wrong. His biggest fear was that his father would find out he had propositioned his mother. Rick sat with his head in his hands, staring at the floor. He looked up when he heard a noise, Maria was standing in the doorway.

“Rick. Did you mean what you said earlier?” Maria asked then bit her lip as she waited for her son to answer.

Rick stared silently at his mother. “Yes. Yes, I did. I guess I overstepped the mark. I’m sorry Mum.”

“Prove it.” Came her reply.

“Prove what? Prove I meant it or prove I am sorry?”

“Prove that you meant it. I am going to take a shower. If you are in my bedroom when I get out of the shower, I will know you aren’t full of shit.” Maria turned and walked to her room. Rick’s parents had an en-suite shower room. Rick stared at his parents bed, he wondered if his mother meant what she said. Deciding to risk everything, Rick nervously sat on the edge of the bed.

As Rick listened to his mother in the shower his nervousness abated, he reasoned if his Mum wanted to be treated like a slut he had to be confident.

Maria entered the room wrapped in a towel, she seemed surprised to see Rick. Part of her thought that he was full of shit. Rick stood and looked at his mother. He reached out and grabbed his Mum’s shoulders, pushing he got her to kneel in front of him. Rick slid his shorts down his legs, his erect cock stood proud in front of him.

“Suck it! Suck my cock slut!” Rick placed a hand on his mother’s head guiding her forward. Maria resisted initially, then she opened her mouth ready to suck her son’s big cock. As Maria sucked his cock Rick took hold of her head.

Maria was gagging and drooling as Rick’s cock pumped in and out of her mouth. Knowing he was going to cum, Rick pumped his cock and shot his semen over his mother’s face. Maria went to remove the towel. “Leave it! You want to be treated like a slut leave the cum on your face.”

Rick helped Maria stand, he removed the towel and pushed her back on the bed. Kneeling he licked her wet pussy, while his tongue found her clit two fingers pummelled her pussy. Maria was soaking wet and gasping for breath. So far this was all she had dreamed of. Maria screamed part in pain and part in pleasure as her son drove his cock into her in one motion.

“You want to be fucked like a slut, you’ll get fucked like a slut.” Rick took hold of Maria’s legs, his cock escort kilis pounded into her.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME! C’mon you little bastard, FUCK ME!” Maria screamed. Her arms flailed about as she tried to slap Rick. Most of the slaps landed on his arms. Leaning forward Rick grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, his cock continued to pound her cunt.

“Get on all fours!” Rick ordered, as Maria complied.

Grabbing her hips Rick pounded the shit out of his mother. “HARDER! HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!” Maria screamed. Rick pounded away, his hands slapping the cheeks of her butt.

Maria screamed as she orgasmed. Rick continued pounding away as his Mum squirted. Rick pulled his cock out of Maria, she gasped at the empty feeling. Grabbing a bottle of hand lotion Rick squirted a dollop on his finger. Maria gasped as her son pushed his finger into her anus, another finger joined in as more lotion was added.

Rick smeared a small amount of lotion on his cock. Maria waited as she felt the head of his cock at her anus, she groaned as he slowly penetrated her. When Rick knew she was comfortable with his cock in her butt he started to stroke it in slowly. Maria groaned and squealed as the cock stretched her anus, it had been a long time since a cock was in there. The last cock was smaller than Rick’s.

Rick was pounding his Mum for all he was worth. Maria was making a lot of noise. Rick didn’t know if it was pain or pleasure. He thought if she wanted to be treated like a slut she could put up with the pain. As Rick’s balls started to tighten he pulled out of Maria’s butt, grabbing her shoulders he flipped her over. Maria lay gasping as Rick knelt stroking his cock, he roared loudly as his second load of semen covered her face.

Panting Rick knelt back. He looked at his mother, her chest red and her face flushed. Her tits still showed the marks from where he gripped them earlier. Maria lay still breathing heavy, her face covered in semen. “Can you get me a cloth please?”

“Nope. You want to be a slut then be one. Use your fingers to scoop it into your mouth. Don’t waste any of it, I want to see you swallow every drop!”

Maria was shocked, she didn’t think Rick would take it this far. Her anus was stinging from the abuse his cock had inflicted on her, if this was his idea of treating her as a slut she might need to lay out some ground rules.

Rick sat smiling as his Mum scooped all of the cum into her mouth, she licked her fingers clean before making a show of swallowing it.

Maria sat facing her son. “That was rough Rick. Rough but just what I wanted. Go easy on my backdoor in future please.”

“In future? What do you mean you want to do this again?”

“Damn right I do. Not tonight, I need a break right now. It seems I have found someone to treat me like a slut. I have your Dad to make love to me and you to fuck me!”

Rick leaned in and kissed his mother. “I can do both, but I prefer the hard sex. That way I won’t get between you and Dad. I need a shower, care to join me Mum?”

Mother and son shared a shower, apart from a few kisses they did not touch each other. Rick dried off and returned to his room, Maria slipped into bed and fell asleep almost immediately. The arrangement continued whenever Doug was away on business, they had to be careful not to leave tell-tale marks on Maria’s body. Two years later Doug was promoted and didn’t have to travel with work anymore, about the same time Rick moved out of the house.

Maria’s desire to be treated like a slut lessened over the years, she and Rick would get together at his place several times a year. That was until Rick’s girlfriend Jackie, moved in. After that if Maria had her need she would arrange for Rick to visit during the day when Doug was at work. Rick didn’t mind as Jackie was a lively bed partner, she loved anal sex and hardly ever refused Rick.

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