A Naive Bride

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A naïve bride – She was Preeti Sehwal, young lass of 21 years having married a week ago to Prakash Sehwal, was on a trip to her mother’s house, accompanied by her brother-in-law Rajesh who was 23 years of age.

Preeti had taken this trip on the advice of her husband Prakash, who earlier having spoken to her mother Sheetal had sent with her a sealed envelope addressed to her. Preeti was delighted to go to her mother’s house and after traveling for 24 hours they reached the farm house situated some distance away from the nearest village.

Preeti was born and bred in this farm house and as it was on the outskirts of the village she did not have any friends except the few children of their housekeepers and gardeners. As she was the only child of Rajiv and Sheetal she was pampered a lot and when Rajiv met with a fatal accident six months ago, his wife Sheetal saw that Preeti was married off.

Sheetal had found in Prakash, a well established business man, most suitable partner for Preeti and soon she had celebrated their wedding with pomp and gaiety.

This day Sheetal waited for her daughter and her brother-in-law Rajesh eagerly. She wanted to go through the letter which her son-in-law had talked about on the phone. She was a bit nervous and when she saw Preeti she was relieved.

Rajesh was also happy to have accompanied his sister-in-law to this remote farm house. Earlier as they were traveling in a crowded train he has sat nudged to his sister-in-law and this nearness had sent warm sensations down his body. He looked forward for such close encounters.

Late in the evening as Preeti handed over the sealed envelope to her, Sheetal on going through it both cried and laughed. She cried for not having spoken to her daughter about sex and smiled because it was going to be a new experience teaching her.

After she read the letter, Sheetal approached her daughter and casually asked “how is Prakash”

Preeti went red in the face hearing his name and said “he is a rogue”

“Why do say so” asked her mother.

“Because he is a shameless creature and he has no manners” shot back an angry Preeti.

“Why, what happened” asked her mother.

“He acts like a rogue during nights” replied Preeti.

“And in the day” asked her mother.

“In the day he behaves normally” replied Preeti.

“What does he do at nights that you are so angry with him” asked her mother.

“He has no shame and his acts are embarrassing” replied Preeti.

“What does he do that is so embarrassing” asked her mother?

“I can’t tell you what he does” saying this Preeti walked away from her mother.

Sheetal smiled at her reply and when she looked up she saw Rajesh approaching.

Rajesh was a sturdy young guy very much like his brother. Seeing him coming down, Sheetal felt as if she was seeing Prakash striding down the stairs. He resembled him so much.

As the three sat and had their supper, Rajesh excused and went to this allotted room upstairs while both Preeti and her mother sat back chatting.

When fifteen minutes passed since Rajesh had gone to his room, Sheetal looked at Preeti and said “why don’t you go up and see if he needs anything”

Hearing this Preeti immediately got up and fetching a glass of milk took it up to his room.

Sheetal was glad to see her daughter take interest in her duties.

Preeti in her eagerness to hand Rajesh milk entered the room without knocking. At first she did not see anything but when her eyes got accustomed to the room she saw Rajesh pulling his pajamas up standing at far corner. Preeti was shocked to see her brother-in-law dressing up. She waited till he pulled his pajama up and tied the cord.

Coming forward and accepting the glass of milk Rajesh looked at his sister-in-law with want in his eyes which she could not muster. His eyes wandered over her body and when they devoured her figure he drew his eyes back to her face and said “how kind of you”

To his Preeti smiled and asked “do you need anything”

“Yes, something to keep my body warm” he replied looking at her body.

“I will get a rug for you” saying it Preeti turned and went out of the room.

Rajesh lying on the cot waited for her and when she entered without knocking, he had to adjust his erectness in his pajamas quickly.

Preeti did not notice it and casually spread the blanket over Rajesh’s body and tucking it over said “do you need anything else”

Rajesh was pleased to have Preeti tuck the blanket under him and overwhelmed by her action he smiled at her said “so nice of you, no thanks.”

To this Preeti blushed and said “call me if you need anything”

“I need a cup of hot coffee in the morning” saying this he wished her goodnight.

Wishing him goodnight Preeti went out of the room. Once inside her own room her thoughts drifted to her husband wondering what he would have done if he was present here. On the other hand seeing her brother-in-law who was so polite made her heart warm up to him. As she felt drowsy the last scene which canlı bahis came into her mind was Rajesh pulling his pajamas up over his bare legs. This vision haunted her and as she could not sleep she went to her mother’s room.

Sheetal was awake when she heard Preeti come in and lay beside her. The mother in her suddenly felt that she was disturbed and to soothe her she pulled her close. Preeti on lying close to her mother felt relieved and soon sleep took over her.

The next morning Sheetal was surprised when she saw her daughter get up early and run to the kitchen. When she followed her she was pleased to see her brewing coffee and as she watched, Preeti filling up one cup carried it upstairs. Sheetal watched her and felt relieved.

Carrying the cup of coffee Preeti entered Rajesh’s room without knocking. This time she saw him sleeping his body fully covered with the blanket. Keeping the cup at the table she moved closer to him and shook him awake.

Rajesh who was still dreaming of her was overjoyed to see his sister-in-law waking him up. Her hair was messed and her dress shriveled. When Preeti presented him the cup of coffee she could not hold the sari which was slipping from her bosom.

Rajesh was rewarded by the sight of her heaving bosom. Preeti followed his stare and could not understand what had attracted him. When Rajesh finally took the cup of coffee, Preeti without straightening her sari went down stairs to find her mother eyeing up at her exposed bosom.

As she approached she heard her mother say “why don’t you set your sari straight”

‘Why? What’s wrong in it” asked Preeti looking down at the sari which had slipped from her bosom.

“You had been to Rajesh’s room, you ought to have set it straight” she replied.

“I don’t understand the need for it” saying this she went into her mother’s bathroom. Standing before the full length mirror and seeing her reflection she was surprised. She saw how shriveled her dress was and how prominently her breasts were seen behind her blouse. Seeing herself in this state she instinctively covered her bosom and as her hands brushed her breasts a warm sensation crept through her body. She stood still enjoying the sensations and when she saw the figure of her mother looking up at her she blushed.

It was here that an idea germinated in Sheetal’s mind and leaving her daughter alone as she came out of the room she thought of it. The more she thought of it the more she liked it. Feeling relieved she went in to take care of the breakfast.

Rajesh having finished his bath came down to the dining table and saw Preeti blush when she looked at him. Wearing an ordinary sari, her wet hair bundled in a towel, tiny drops of water plastered on her face, she looked very pretty. As Rajesh was watching her he saw her mother step into the room carrying his breakfast. This made him shift his glance and when all sat down, he did not get any time to look up at Preeti.

It was 10 am when Rajesh saw Preeti dressed up in a rich sari go out with her maid and when he enquired with her mother where she had gone, he was surprised to hear that she had gone to learn cooking from a relative as desired by her husband. This upset him a little as she was expected to return back only in the evening.

Sheetal saw the change in him and to cheer him up she said “don’t worry I have planned an outing for you”

When Rajesh heard this, his face brightened and it also made him take a closer look at Preeti’s mother. What he saw of her got imprinted in his mind. Sheetal was a woman who looked much younger than the age of 42. She was tall, well built and robust. Her features though on the heavier side were very attractive to the eyes. She possessed a rounded never die smiling face. Her chest was broad and her waist and hips were proportionate to it. On the whole she was a healthy attractive sensual woman.

Rajesh thoughts wandered on to the wrong side. He instinctively thought of possessing her. His mind went racing. Seeing him looking down at her Sheetal asked him to get ready to go out.

Hearing this Rajesh went to his room and putting on his jeans and a shirt he hurried back to see Sheetal sitting on the driver’s seat of a small truck. As the vehicle was a left hand drive Rajesh sitting at her right had a clear view of her waistline which was exposed whenever she used her right hand to shift gears.

Sheetal drove the vehicle with ease all the time feeling Rajesh’s stare at the exposed part of her body. His stare sent warm vibrations up her spine and she enjoyed his deep stares without letting him know she was flaunting him.

Soon they reached a vast stretch of vine yard and as they moved deep into it, they stopped near a big banyan tree. Getting down they strolled down the vineyard. Rajesh was more interested to be in her company than hearing her speak about the vine yard. Soon they came to a sprawling lake which had crystal clear water.

Pointing to the lake Sheetal laughed and said “this is our swimming pool”

“Do you swim” asked Rajesh enthusiastically.

“I bahis siteleri used to but since I stopped you can see how I have blown up” she said.

“You are exaggerating. You are not so chubby” replied Rajesh.

“Ah! Thanks, that’s very pleasing to hear” she replied.

“Does Preeti swim” asked Rajesh?

“No she does not. She is scared of water” replied back Sheetal.

“I wish I had someone for company” said Rajesh looking at the lake.

“Let me see if I can join you some day” replied Sheetal hesitatingly.

“Oh! That would be pretty nice. I will be staying here only for a week and hope you would make up your mind soon” he said.

“Are you leaving so soon” she asked puzzled.

“Yes my flight is booked and I have to attend my final semester” he replied.

“Will you return after completing your studies” she asked and waited for his response.

“I have been selected and I think I will work for sometime before I return back” he replied.

“Oh! I wish you would come as soon as you completed your course” said Sheetal blushingly.

To this Rajesh smiled back at her and asked “do you want me to.”

“Well, your brother will be glad to have some help in his business” she replied.

“He has to wait for a few years” saying it he strolled towards the lake and taking hold of some water he sprayed it over her.

Sheetal smiled at him as she wiped the droplets from her face lifting one end of her sari.

As Sheetal lifted her sari Rajesh had a glimpse of her bare waist up to her bosom which made him tremble. His attention was focused on her plump waist and Sheetal seeing him eying gave him enough time to ogle before covering herself.

To change the subject Sheetal said “I wish Preeti was here”

“Yes, it would have been nice” replied Rajesh thinking of Preeti.

“You two youngsters would have had some fun” replied Sheetal looking at the lake.

“But she does not swim” replied Rajesh.

“Yes, she does not swim but loves wading in knee deep water” replied Sheetal.

“I am hoping that you would join me” replied Rajesh shyly.

“I won’t promise you but I will try” said Sheetal.

“Now” asked Rajesh?

“No, not today, I have not brought any towels” she replied.

“Then next time” saying this Rajesh went near the trunk of the banyan tree and sat down stretching his legs while Sheetal pulled out a basket from the truck.

As they both had light snacks and coffee Sheetal again shifted the topic to her daughter and said “I wonder what Preeti is doing.”

“You should know better as you have sent her” replied Rajesh.

“I had to as I had orders from her husband” said Sheetal.

“How many days more has she to attend” asked Rajesh?

“May be three to four days, then you both can visit this place” she said looking at him keenly searching for his reactions.

“Yes, meanwhile I would like to have your company” he replied.

Though his words pleased her, why can’t he understand she thought out loudly?

‘What” asked Rajesh hearing her murmur?

“I mean, you both being of the same age can have more fun” she replied.

“You are not that old” shot back Rajesh looking at her.

“You mean you don’t mind being in my company” she asked? As she said this, she felt warmness creep up her body.

“Yes, I would rather be with you than wait for her” replied Rajesh.

“How sweet of you” saying this she stretched her legs on the smooth grass.

“I will be here only for a few days and I don’t want to be left alone” said Rajesh.

“Okay my dear boy! I will be with you whenever Preeti is out, happy” she asked.

Hearing this Rajesh was elated and sliding closer said “I am delighted”

“Why are you so interested to be in my company” asked Sheetal.

“Because you are very charming and I love your company” he replied.

“Are you talking to me or are you thinking of someone else” she asked.

“No, I mean it. I like your company more than that of any other chick” he replied.

“It’s flattering and may I know what it is that attracts you to me” she asked.

“Why, you are charming, very pretty and it is an honor to be with you” he replied.

“Wow! You know very well how to please women” said Sheetal on hearing his words.

“I don’t say it to every woman I meet” he replied.

“Then shall I consider myself to be lucky” she asked.

“You are blessed with such charms” answered back Rajesh.

“Oh! It is getting very personnel” she said smilingly and got up.

“Stay back” said Rajesh as he held her hand.

This took Sheetal by surprise and as she could not say no to him said “tomorrow we will stay back for a longer time, let’s go now” she said.

“Fine” saying it Rajesh again held her hand for support and as she pulled him he got up. Soon they reached the farm house and both of them could not muster how time had flown when they were together.

As they went for a change they heard Preeti’s arrival. Her arrival depleted the charged bahis şirketleri atmosphere. Soon the conversation drifted back to what you did, what you learned, etc, etc, till it was time for Preeti to go to Rajesh’s room with a glass of milk.

Rajesh had timed Preeti’s arrival. He was in the process of removing his pants when Preeti stepped into his room. Preeti on seeing Rajesh drop his pants down did not move out of the room but bowed her head.

Rajesh exclaimed “Oh” as he heard Preeti enter, then pulling on his pajamas and turning towards her he tied the cord. Preeti from the corner of her eye saw the impression of his manhood and blushed at its sight.

Rajesh saw her steal a glance at his stance. This stimulated him and coming closer he held her hand which was holding the glass of milk.

Preeti felt the warmth of his hand on hers. This intimacy heightened her senses. For the first time she liked the warm feelings and she let him fondle her hand for a couple of seconds before handing him the glass of milk.

“Don’t you think it is very chill tonight” asked Rajesh.

“Yes” replied Preeti moving towards the open windows.

Rajesh stood staring at her as she went on her heels to fix the latch of the windows. Her projected body looked sensuous from behind. He had the sudden desire to grasp her but he knew she was naïve. He felt he has to win her slowly. He closed the gap between the two and standing right behind her he held her waist to support her.

Preeti again felt the warmness of his hands on her body. The chemistry of her body changed. The sensitive pores of her skin which were dead started to regain life. She let out a soft moan which died inside her mouth before reaching out.

Rajesh set her down slowly and when Preeti turned to face him he said “now it is cozier.”

“Yes, I have shut the windows” replied a smiling Preeti.

“It is not because of that” said Rajesh.

“Then what” asked a confused Preeti.

“It is because of your closeness” replied Rajesh.

“How does it help you” she asked, real concern showing on her face.

“The heat generated from your body keeps me warm” he replied.

“Is it” she asked perplexed by his answer.

“Yes, move closer, you will feel it too” he said.

Preeti casually stepped closer to him and Rajesh placing his hands on her shoulders and squeezing them asked “do you feel it.”

“Yes and I am amazed to feel the warmness without our bodies touching” replied Preeti.

“It will be warmer when our bodies feel touch each others” Rajesh spoke softly.

“Yes it’s true” answered Preeti feeling warmer as she moved close to him.

“Get closer” said Rajesh sliding his hands from her shoulders on to her back.

Preeti felt his hands slide down from her shoulders on to her back. This made her body grow warmer and she stood still visualizing how it would be if her body touched his. She shuddered at this thought and hesitatingly moved an inch further and asked “will this do.”

“No, put your arms around my back and hug me” replied Rajesh getting excited by the very thought of it.

“This way” asked Preeti as she put her arms around his neck and placed her face on his chest.

“Yes, that’s it” said Rajesh as he tightened the hold upon her.

Preeti’s cheeks felt the warmth of his chest and when Rajesh tightened the hold she gripped his neck hard once before coming out of his hug.

Rajesh on seeing a blushing Preeti asked “did you feel the warmth.”

“Yes” replied Preeti.

“It will be warmer if you hug me properly” he said.

To this Preeti smiled and shaking her head moved towards the bed.

Rajesh knowing he had to bid his time went across the room and lay on the bed waiting for Preeti to pull the blanket over him.

Preeti took the blanket in her hand and spreading it over his feet she dragged it up to his chest.

Rajesh as he felt that Preeti having completed her assignment was sure to walk out of the room held her hand and bringing to his mouth, kissed it lightly.

Preeti’s body shivered at the touch of his warm lips on her cool hand. She did not know what had possessed her body. Pulling her hand away from his mouth she turned and left the room.

This time she did not enter her mother’s bedroom but went directly to her own room. There she recapped all that had taken place and when she recalled the scenes her body started to wriggle. Her senses had blossomed and she loved every bit of it. Every part of her body itched to be touched and touching it, she felt moistness between her thighs. Turning her face on the soft pillow and hugging it, she slept peacefully.

Next morning a totally different Preeti was awake. As she looked up in the mirror to adjust her dress she saw her cheeks had turned crimson. They were red and glistening with the morning light. Putting the comb through her hair she rushed to the kitchen and brewing coffee took it up stairs.

Rajesh hearing her feeble feet outside his room quickly pulled his pajama up, exposing one leg up to his thighs feigned sleep. Preeti on entering his room was presented with the sight of his exposed leg. She stood staring at it and when Rajesh turned; her gaze got shifted on the impression of his half erect manhood.

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