A new day, A new Us (copied)

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Group Sex

I own nothing of this, I copy it from my favorite author and put it where I have easy access so I can read the whole story with one page load this story is from P.O.I
His page: http://www.sexstories.com/profile733722/P.O.I.

Part 1
It’s the second week of October, and school year started and has progress nicely for me and the girls. My family finally took our vacation that was meant for the early summer and while I had a good time my Dad and I aren’t talking much. Mom tries to keep us both communicating but with Dad wanting complete control of my life and me just wanting to have some say in the matter it’s getting rough. In August the school districts changed the district boundaries for the high schools, it was good and bad because Lajita had to move to another school but Mathilda got transferred in which caused some celebration among the crew.
Katy and Jun got her caught up on credits and for the past two months I’ve been dealing with people who are trying to sit close to our table in the lunch room in case I decide to recruit anymore people. I think the balance is fine but Katy doesn’t, I’m letting some of Jun’s friends sit at the table since they’re all part of the same tutoring group but honestly not one of them has impressed me. Kori has been looking as well and Natsuko has been following me around like a secretary in case I make some decision. The patch on my jacket has people calling us ‘Pariahs’ when they think we can’t hear them. I’m not sure if that’s what I’d want to call this motley crew but I am more concerned with my studies.

It’s Monday and everyone but Mathilda and Tracy have 2nd lunch with me and we’re all piled around the table talking, everyone except me thanks to boredom with the whole recruitment nagging I’m getting from Katy.

“Guy you need to seriously think about getting yourself some back up here,” Katy nags on,” Jun is willing to fight but he’s not exactly and force to be reckoned with.”

“Fuck you Katy, I’m sitting right here,” Jun says offended.

“Well I think we could start bringing people around and see who Guy likes for himself,” Natsuko says trying to be diplomatic about it.

“What you’re all missing is that I really am not interested in making a big deal out of this,” I tell them finally joining the conversation,” So we all wear hoods and aside from being some kind of non-dork looking tutoring we don’t do shit.”

My observation gets everyone to quiet down about the recruiting and we all finally finish lunch and head off to fourth period. My day is quicker than most and it’s only in my homeroom class that I start to feel a little out of place as I enter the room and see twenty kids all dress damn near the same. A sea of with button up shirts and blouses with either black slacks or khakis for the boys or long skirts and black dress pants for the girls. All eyes turn to me as I enter and it’s my new advisor who is the one to address me.

“Mr. Donnelly, we’re currently having a club meeting so here’s your pass unless you are wanting to join,” Mrs. Kelley tells me.

I see some of the students size me up and a few start whispering to themselves. I take the pass and am almost out of the room when nearly run into Heather in the door way. She warms up as she sees me but it’s the pretty boy behind her who has more of my attention as he stares at me. He’s white kid, blonde hair and I’m guessing on a decent build. This guy is all style too, done nice hair and shined shoes with his name brand button up shirt and dress slacks.

“Oh Guy I’m so glad to see you here,” Heather say happily,” I was wondering if I could talk to you about joining up with our club.”

“No thanks Heather,” I tell her pushing through the two of them,” I don’t wanna join the Mormon religion.”

“This isn’t a church group,” the pretty boy ‘informs’ me,” This is a school activities group with a purpose.”

“Great, so go use your purpose to find some individuality,” I tell him before heading off to the gym.

I can hear pretty boy stop Heather from coming after me and I’d almost thank his smug ass for the favor. I get half way across campus when I see a few of the jocks chasing a guy out of the locker room laughing. I’m not sure how but the kid is covered in a white powder and carrying most of his clothes in his arms and his backpack is hooked around his leg. I see the jocks head back inside but the guy’s not stopping and I let him pass me before getting a good look at him. He’s large, not so much fat but big as hell and standing about six foot three. I let him get passed me and catch that he’s crying a little before shaking my head and finally getting into the gym where girls’ basketball practice is going on. Tracy is running the new girls through drills and my presence isn’t noticed by anyone until Mathilda takes a water break and waves a little to me.

I watch the girls and finish my homework on the bleachers as school finally lets out. I grab my gear and head out to the parking lot to see who is riding with me on my bike today. Jun and some of the Asian geek brigade are watching a video as they walk up.

“Hey did you see the big guy go running through the school covered in baking soda,” Jun asks showing me the guy I saw earlier.

I nod and they banter on about how funny it looked with the exception of Lilly who doesn’t find the guy’s situation amusing. I see Kori and Liz come bounding up with Liz’s boyfriend Greg and I get a kiss from Kori while Liz tries to get a kiss goodbye from Greg. He finally gives her one on the cheek before heading off to his own car.

“Seriously I think he’s gay Liz,” I tell my sister getting a death glare.

“He’s not gay he’s a traditional Christian,” Liz ‘informs’ me,” He doesn’t believe in sex unless you can prove that you are truly in love.”

I stand there with the best ‘wow that’s idiotic’ look on my face and get punch to the shoulder from Liz for my mockery. I agree to take Kori home and let the girls take the family care that Katy gets to drive since she caught up on her credits this summer; Mom was really rooting for her on that one. Kori and I are down the road and home fast thanks to my near intimate knowledge of the route to her place.

Her Mom is still at work as I park the bike and notice Carl is working his magic in the kitchen. I say my hello and follow Kori upstairs where apparently she’s not done with the lunch time discussion as she starts in.

“We need to get some more people baby,” Kori tells me sitting me down on her bed,” there are just too many girls in the group.”

“Babe I’ve been over this with everyone, I don’t really want the group to be honest,” I tell her getting a look of unpleasant woman in front of me.

“Okay, Guy, let me explain,” Kori says sitting down in her computer chair,” You had this great thing last year and you did nothing with it, then you went away for the summer and got really out of touch with things. You’re back home now; you don’t have to be someone else anymore you can be you again.”

“Kori, I got betrayed, I got mad, I got my ass handed to me and then I got revenge,” I explain to her plainly,” honestly I’m more interested in just getting all of us through the school year and then just getting out of school next year with a possible vacation at some point.”

We sit in silence for a few minutes when Kori finally stands up and gives me a kiss on the forehead before getting out her homework. We spend an hour getting her work finished but she’s not in a mood to play girlfriend right now. I barely get Kori to hug me before I grab my bag and head back home on my bike. Katy’s on her phone at the table when I get in the door, I can tell she’s talking to Jun about her class work and even Liz is looking over the work trying to help.

I drop my bag in my room and pull up my usual pages on my computer, mildly skimming through facebook and making a comment on Mathilda’s page about her awesome practice. I catch a notice on the school site of the big guy getting bullied in the locker room. I ping a message to Jun asking if he posted it and he tells me his friends are clean. I shake it off as I get a knock on my door.

“Son I’m coming in,” my Dad says before entering.

I don’t move from my spot and keep flipping through the pages as he steps inside and watches me for a second before starting a conversation I don’t want to have with him.

“So I was thinking about you and me going camping thanksgiving weekend on black Friday so the girls can shop and we can have some guy time,” Dad tells me laying out his idea.

“Do I have a choice in the matter because I’d personally rather stay home and enjoy the weekend indoors,” I tell him without looking away from my screen.

“You can stay home. I just thought it’d be good if you and I had some bonding time since you’ve started working out on your own,” Dad replies a little disheartened by my dismissal of his plan.

I’ve been distant with him since I got back from the summer down in Texas. I really tried to forgive him for not telling me about the court case and the visitation hearings. Ever since I got back I feel like everyone has this plan for what they think I should be doing. It’s annoying to say the least but I turn my attention to my father who is still waiting for some sort of hopeful response to his camping trip.

“I really don’t care what we do after Thanksgiving Day,” I tell him plainly,” You tell me to camp I’ll go camp, you tell me to stay home and do nothing I’ll do that too. Doesn’t really matter much to me either way.”

I see him nod a little and mention dinner at seven as usual before exiting my room and closing the door. I don’t have much to do really once homework and my computer is a temporary distraction. I head back into the rest of the house and see Katy has her homework almost done and is off the phone. I move past it and head straight into the gym/garage and taking off my shirt and taping my hands start in on the speed bag. I’m keeping a good pace and I know that someone just entered the room but I don’t really care until I lose my rhythm and finally turn to see Katy standing in a pair of green trunks and black sports bra with her hands padded up.

“Okay so you decided to go all MMA this evening,” I say starting to move to the heavy bag.

“Nope I’m gonna kick your ass,” Katy tells me smiling.

“Yeah, I don’t fight girls and you know that. You win,” I tell her starting in with a few jabs to the bag.

“Well you need to talk to someone and either I kick your ass then you talk or you talk then you show me what Dad hasn’t yet,” Katy says bobbing around like a boxer.

Well that explains what Dad has been doing since he and I stopped working out together. The two of them have been showing Katy the finer points of self defense. I put on some punching pads and get a groan of disappointment from Katy but she puts her fists up and starts tagging my target hands while talking.

“Kori called Liz who told me that you’re giving up on us,” Katy says almost swinging at my head.

“No I’m just not interested in this whole organization you seem so keen on me running,” I reply ducking.

“Maybe this ‘organization’ is what keeps these three girls of yours around,” Katy says tagging my right hand hard,” Maybe it shows people that you can’t fuck with the little guy and get away with it.”

“Yeah, I’m some sort of anti-bullying role model. You don’t believe that and I know it,” I tell her keeping the hand pads up as Katy continues her strikes.

“Fine, you don’t want to be a role model, well what about your Dad,” Katy asks dropping her hands a moment,” He is trying hard to figure out what happened between you two and honestly aside from him actually trying to a good parent I don’t know what he did.”

I back up and take the hand pads off, it’s becoming aggravating that every conversation I have is ending up with everyone questioning why I’m doing things my way and not doing what they think I should do. Katy wants to talk but I’m done as I exit the garage and decide to head out on my bike even though dinner is almost ready. I grab my coat and I can hear my Dad trying to call to me as I start up my bike but it does little to slow me down as I head out into the evening.

I must have been driving for about an hour and for some reason I’m outside a Circle K gas station, THE Circle K station that I first came to when I got left for dead by Derek and the same one that I called him out to and he died at. I cruise my bike on the trail till I get to the rock field before parking my bike and sitting down to look at the stars. It’s a cold night and I can feel it in the ground under me.

I don’t know how long I’m sitting there but I can hear someone walking up to me, I don’t turn to see who. I figure if they found me here they must have something important to say. I listen as the mystery guest sits down next to me.

“Wow, something really changed you back into a little shit didn’t it,” I hear the guy next to me say.

“Well first off you don’t know me and second I’m who I choose to be,” I say turning to see that Derek is sitting next to me.

I don’t know why but I’m not running as much as I should be considering my former best friend, who has been dead for a year now, is talking to me in the moonlight. I can see the bullet holes in his chest, the blood pooled on his shirt, his face is a little pale but generally it looks like he’s not too upset considering he’s dead.

“What the fuck is this,” I ask wanting to move.

“Well maybe you died out here with me? Or maybe you’re dreaming and your subconscious is trying to tell you something? Or maybe I’m a zombie and I’m gonna eat you,” Derek says jokingly cryptic.

“Well since you’re here what’s being dead like,” I asks trying to turn the subject off of me.

“Nope, no answers about the dead,” Derek says wagging finger at me,” Besides I think I’m here about you.”

“Well nothing is wrong with me,” I say standing up.

“Bullshit, I’m fucking here cause you need to fucking do something instead of just trying to make the shit better,” Derek says getting in front of me,” You fucking killed my ass cause I didn’t kill you first. You destroy Kamran and his friend’s lives just to prove a point. Then what did you do NOTHING. You sat around and kinda enjoyed shit and when a big situation came around for you to stand the fuck up for yourself you decided to make a deal like everyone else instead of just owning the whole fucking situation and making everyone know that you are the fucking man of your own damn life.”

“Fuck you Derek,” I yell in his face,” I didn’t make a deal, I got me some good shit for my time down there and maybe some decent people.”

“Fuck yourself Guy,” Derek retorts calmly,” You took the easy way and not the right way and then you decided to become someone’s personal bitch and handle all their problems for them. Used to be you saw something wrong you figured out how to fuck it up then you fucked its ass up.”

“And I do what, just start walking around till I find someone I trust to betray me then I just make their life hell,” I more yell than ask.

“Maybe you let someone make themselves into an ass. Maybe you try standing up for something and you die so I can talk to someone I know,” Derek says backing away in the dark,” Or maybe you just had your one great moment and now you get to fade away.”

The buzzing in my coat startles the shit out of me as I jolt up from my seat on the ground. I must have fallen asleep but I’m wide awake now and I check my phone, it’s dark but I’ve got a few messages and a couple missed calls from the girls and my folks. The only one who didn’t message me is the one I need to see the most, Kori. I get my bike out of the field and as soon as I hit asphalt I am a black dart in the night.

It’s about one in the morning as I pull in front of Kori’s house, I kill the engine on my bike and park it out front before shooting her a text asking her if she’s home. It sounds goofy but if I’m dreaming of dead former friends goofy is right about where I should be right now. No response so I text her again, and keep repeating it for about ten minutes when my phone goes off with Kori calling me.

“Baby what the hell is going on, you woke me up,” Kori says quietly into the phone.

“I’m out front, where is my girl,” I ask her moving to the front door.

It takes a few minutes but sure enough Kori answers the door in her bathrobe, even tired with her hair messed up she looks damn good.

“Guy it’s one in the morning, what happened,” Kori says stepping out of the house and closing the door.

“I’m guessing my folks called,” I ask quietly.

“Everyone has been wondering where the hell you were,” Kori says leaning against the door jam.

“Everyone except you. I don’t have a single message from you on my phone,” I tell her plainly.

“Well maybe I figured that if you wanted me to know or were going to listen to me you’d tell me what was going on first instead of just brushing me and everyone else off,” Kori says a little upset.

“That’s the problem, you all want me to lead but you want me to do shit your way,” I explain to her,” I’m not doing that, I’ll listen to everyone ideas but they need to either accept what I choose and like it or leave.”

“Fine but make a real choice then, don’t just sit around doing nothing while we all wait for you to do something,” Kori says showing she’s a little upset by the time for the conversation.

“I am, first thing on the list is making sure all of you understand that I’m in charge and that things are going to be happening my way,” I tell her opening up my coat.

“And how are you planning to do….,” Is as far as I let Kori get.

I cut her off quickly slamming my mouth against hers and pressing her body against the front door. Pure shock of what I’m doing has Kori tensed up but I’m not stopping as I pull her bathrobe open, I can feel the bed tank top in my hands as I start squeezing her soft breasts. I’m half hard and a little tired but I’m not stopping as Kori tries to shove me off her, it doesn’t stop me as I keep working my tongue in her mouth. I don’t know what switch flipped in Kori’s head but she finally starts rubbing her hands against my body under my coat and kisses me back hard and fierce. I feel Kori’s hands working her way around my jeans and finally to the front where she gets them undone and starts stroking my cock. I feel her try to move down but I keep her standing and start to pull her panties down off her ass. I let her break our kiss but I keep kissing Kori’s neck and the top of her breasts.

“Guy, we need to go inside or something,” Kori whispers almost gasping.

“No, right here and right now,” I growl back nibbling at Kori’s neck.

I can hear her moaning as I hike one of Kori’s legs up and start lining my cock up with her slit, slowly rubbing the head against her lips before jamming half my cock deep inside her. Kori gasps and I’m pleased that she’s wet and soft inside. The velvety feeling has me thinking about taking a slow my pace but that thought lasts for about three seconds before I start thrusting hard and deep into Kori. I keep Kori’s leg up as I fuck her against the door jam, her arms wrapping around my back and neck. The sweet softness of her being pounded hard and methodically has Kori moaning into my ear.

“I don’t know what got into you but get some in me too,” Kori teases in my ear.

I’m close but not close enough as I speed up my thrusts and stop biting her neck. Kori grabs me by the back of the head and has me locked in her gaze; her usually sweet grey eyes are begging and demanding release at the same time. If I ever needed a moment to cum that was it as I thrust my whole cock deep inside Kori’s pussy and quietly shoot my load. Kori feels it and pulls my head forward jamming her mouth onto mine and moaning as we kiss. We stand there intertwined for I don’t know how long when she finally decides to speak.

“That was quicker than usual,” Kori tells me coyly.

“Yeah well maybe I’ll fuck you again tomorrow when we wake up,” I reply smiling.

I see her face get confused as I pull out of her and fetch her panties from the ground. Kori takes them and starts to head inside and when I follow she turns and gives me a ‘what are you doing’ look. I smile and close the door quietly before taking off my boots at the door and tip toeing after her up to her room. Once inside she’s still looking at me like I’m insane while I strip down to my underwear.

“We’re going to get into so much trouble,” She whispers to me.

“Maybe we will, maybe we won’t. If we do it’ll be fun either way,” I reply climbing into her bed.

I can tell she wants me to leave but more so she likes that I’m staying and curls up next to me on her bed as we drift off to sleep.

The next morning I wake up to Kori’s hand over my mouth and her trying to get me out of bed and dressed quietly. I smile and watch her face get the ‘oh no’ look as I throw on my clothes and head downstairs to where Kori’s parents, Mary and Carl are sitting with breakfast. As soon as I come around the corner and start to fix a plate for myself and Kori the both of them get quiet.

“Good morning Mary,” I say politely to Kori’s mom giving her a shocked kiss on the cheek as I set plates down,” Morning Carl, thanks for breakfast.”

“Well good morning to you Guy,” Carl says chuckling,” When did you come over?”

“Last night, I needed to see my girl,” I reply in between bites of eggs.

I know they’re wondering what happened to bring me over in the middle of the night and I’m just hoping that Mary doesn’t have a fit over my being there. Kori comes down the stairs in her bathrobe and I hop up and pull her chair out for her before sitting back down to enjoy my morning meal.

“Okay so do you want to explain to me why you’re coming over here to visit my daughter in the middle of the night,” Mary asks finally getting her feet under her.

“Yes, I love her and I really needed to see her right then,” I plainly state.

“And you didn’t think about waiting till this morning when we were up to do this,” Mary asks a little put off.

“Baby you need to understand something. When a man needs to see his girl it’s not a matter of convenience it’s a ‘right the hell now’ moment,” Carl says in my defense.

“Okay but we’re her parents and you should be talking with us before you do these things,” Mary says trying to keep her high ground.

“Yes I should, so from now on when I come over in the early morning I’ll just wake you both up freaking you out to let you know that I’m currently sleeping with your daughter,” I reply jokingly,” Honestly I figured that just coming down this morning and being honest would probably go over better.”

“Boy you are dangerous, but at least you’re not stupid and lying to me,” Mary says finally cracking a smile as she finishes her coffee.

We all relax at the table, especially Kori who was waiting for her parents to kill me or throw me out. I shoot a text off to Liz asking her to grab my bag from my room and bring it to school so I don’t have to take a trip home. Not four seconds later my phone proceeds to self destruct under the text messages and a phone call from Dad.

“Hey Dad, what’s wrong,” I ask calmly.

“Son where the hell were you last night,” my Father asks me trying to remain calm.

I go through my events of just heading out and sleeping under the stars before dropping in on Kori late at night. I can tell he’s trying to absorb everything but his paternal instincts are beginning to take over.

“Well you need to come home before school so we can sit down and talk about what’s going on,” my Father tells me holding in his anger.

“I can’t do that Dad; I’ll be late for school if we talk now. Here’s what I can do, I’m going to school today, once I drop Kori off at home I’ll come straight there and then we can have our conversation,” I tell him countering his offer with my own.

“Guy its Mom,” my Mom says suddenly into the phone,” I want you to promise me that you’ll be here after school, no excuses.”

“Yes Mom, after I bring Kori home I’ll come straight there and let you guys tear me apart,” I tell her getting a look from Kori as we head out the door.

“Stop being melodramatic Guy,” Mom warns me,” Be home, we’ll be waiting.”

Kori and I head into school a little faster than I normally ride but it gives us enough time to sit on my bike and tell her about having to talk with my folks after school. Mathilda is the first person to get to school and Kori gives me a playful shove in Mathilda’s direction. I note Mathilda’s attire, plain pink t-shirt and blue jeans with her grey hooded sweater jacket.

“Hey Matty, how are you holding up,” I ask covering the distance between my bike and her car.

“What the hell happened to you last night? Your parents called me asking me if I was hiding you,” Mathilda says a little upset,” I had to swear to them I didn’t have you over then you don’t respond to any of my messages and now you’re standing here all biker boy with your hood up like nothing happened. Are you losing it?”

It’s never easy having a girl who is not only taller than you but just as muscular as you when you want to do something bold. Regardless of her size I pin Mathilda up against her car and push my mouth up into hers hard forcing a kiss out of her which causes her to almost lift me up into her mouth and hard against her body. Kori is sweet and tastes like cherries in the morning but Mathilda is salty like sweat and the contrast as me fighting a hard on in the parking lot when we finally break the kiss.

“What the hell happened to you,” Mathilda asks breathing heavy.

“I’m still trying to wonder if we should ask or just go with it,” Kori says joining us against the car.

The girls chat a little about me like I’m not there and Kori relays what happened last night which get’s Mathilda all sorts of hot and groping me as we wait for others to show up. Finally Jun, Lilly and Natsuko arrive walking up and shortly after them Liz and Katy pull up in the family car. Katy is all decked out like a bad school girl with her pleated skirt and tied on white shirt, her own leather jacket with hood option on. Liz tosses my bag at me angrily and heads off to find her boyfriend while Katy stares at me like I just killed a puppy.

“Are you running away,” Katy finally asks timidly.

“Oh girl do I have some work to do on you,” I tell Katy pulling her almost on top of me and onto the hood of the Matty’s car.

I grip the hair on the back of Katy’s head and Jam my tongue in her mouth hard which gets her own tongue slamming back into my mouth in reply. We wrestle for a few moments when Katy pushes off me and we get off Mathilda’s hood before we cause too much of a scene.

“Okay, I’m feeling really left out here,” Natsuko says sheepishly.

“Maybe later Natty, I girls I need to borrow Jun and we need to get to class before I actually get into some real trouble today,” I say to the girls as I let them get ahead of us.

“You need me for something big,” Jun asks as I admire the line of girl asses in front of us.

“Yeah, big guy from yesterday? I want his name, homeroom and when and where he eats lunch and I want it by the time I’m done with second period,” I order Jun like I’m in the military.

“I’ll get it,” Jun says pausing,” Are we going to make an example out of him or something?”

“Of course we are, the best kind of example,” I tell him smiling as I head to my first class.

I get a text on my phone at the end of second period from Jun. Devin Gibson, sophomore transfer from
some high school in Farmville USA. He’s got second lunch with us but he eats a home lunch and usually out by one of the ball fields with bleachers. As for his homeroom I don’t recognize the teacher but Jun says she’s a decent one.

I roll into third period and park my ass right on top of Natsuko’s desk before the class starts which gets her attention really fast.

“Okay I’m guessing you want me to do something boss,” Natsuko says smiling up at me.

“Yes my sexy little secretary. I need you to go out before lunch and find that big guy from the video yesterday and bring him to the table today,” I tell her watching her get a confused look on her face.

“Are you sure, he’s kinda big and I’m not gonna be able to move him,” Natsuko says like I’m asking her to pick up a piano.

“Girl, just get him,” I reply smiling as I take my seat.

We get out of third period and I head quickly into the cafeteria and grab my food before the rest of the crew gets in and by the time they’re all seated I’m finishing my milk. Nobody really says anything about my quick eating and I get Kori on one side of me and Katy on the other when I see Natsuko leading the mountain in by the hand. Everyone at the table watches in a mild shock as she sits him down. I sit with my hood up keeping my face obscured from the big boy across from me; he’s nervous and very scared as he takes out his paper bag lunch.

“Don’t eat that,” I tell him causing the whole table to get quiet.

“But it’s my lunch,” Devin says nervously.

I back my chair up and walk slowly around the table; I hold my hand out to Jun who hands me his cell phone. It takes a second to pull up the video and show him running across campus. His face gets red with embarrassment and I toss the phone back to Jun.

“Why are you scared,” I ask him coldly.

“Cause you’re gonna make fun of me,” Devin says choking up.

“Only if you let me,” I reply shoving Devin as he sits in his chair.

I can hear Kori saying something but Katy stops her from getting involved as I push Devin again. He’s back into a corner metaphorically with everyone watching and now some more people in the lunch room starting to pay attention. Devin tries to stand up but I shove him back into his chair.

“What are you gonna do kid,” I ask him coldly,” You got nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, I’m gonna embarrass you in front of everyone here and you can’t stop me on my worst day. Stand up.”

I watch as Devin tries to stand up before I shove him back into his chair. Kori is whispering to Katy and the two of them get quiet as I shoot them a glare before turning back to Devin who has tears running down his face.

“You want out you gotta go through me,” I tell him getting in his face,” you can’t because you’re just a scared little ball of fat and shi…”

Devin cuts me off by grabbing my throat with both hands and lifts me up before slamming me down onto an adjoining table. Kids clear out a space and I don’t fight him as he tries to squeeze the air out of me on the table, Kori and Katy are yelling and I wave off Jun who really wants to help. I finally make eye contact with Devin and in his rage I let him see me smiling at him. I watch his eyes go wide with the shock of what he’s actually doing. I feel his body start shaking as he lets go of my neck and backs off slowly, I get up off the table and grabbing him by the arm I lead him out of the cafeteria. We get to one of the fields when he stops and starts to break down.

“Stand up Devin,” I tell him watching the rest of the crew follow us up.

“I can’t, I nearly killed you, I’m gonna get into so much trouble,” Devin babbles on his knees.

I calmly tilt his head up and give him a light slap shocking the shit out of him. Kori is a little freaked but Jun and Katy look like they understand what I’m doing while Natsuko and Lilly are confused as all hell.

“I’ve been left for dead Devin, still here,” I tell him holding my arms out,” You are dead, you wanna stay dead or do you want to live for once in your life? Look at the people around you; we’re all outcasts, pariahs and the unwanted. We didn’t fit in cause they said we didn’t and now where we go they move out of our way, when I do something nobody says shit cause they worry about what I’LL do when I find out. STAND UP!”

Devin stands up and still has tears running down his face but I wave Kori over who rubs his back a little calming him down. He’s looking around confused and just as scared as when he sat down at the table.

“Here Devin you can belong, I want you here with us. You’re big and strong, just too soft,” I tell him calmly to show that I’m not angry or upset,” We take care of each other here, you want in then come find me during homeroom, I’ll be in the gym.”

I walk past him and grab my bag from Natsuko who grabbed it for me as they left the cafeteria. I rub my shoulder a little, he slammed me down hard and Kori is the first person to comment about what happened as we’re passing the library.

“Guy that was too much,” Kori says concerned.

“No more than what Jun went through trying to step out from his Mom, or Katy or even me,” I tell her,” We are here because we had shit we didn’t like and all I do is make you take that first step to fix your shit.”

“Okay but he’s still standing in that field scared,” Kori tells me softly.

“A good master doesn’t force a student to learn from him, he simply opens his door and lets the rain bring the student inside,” Jun says cryptically.

Everyone including Natsuko stops and just stares at Jun for a second before I smile and nod to him. Jun just earned a good portion of respect from me and the girls with that one but Kori seems unconvinced as we head off to fourth period.

The rest of my classes pass without incident and as soon as I get to homeroom I see the sea of white shirts and have my pass filled out in record time. I pass Heather by about ten feet in the hall and she almost looks like she wants to try to talk but the pretty boy walking with her and a kid I haven’t seen before keep her straight ahead and I make it to the gym to see there is no practice but my friends are all here and either working on some homework of talking as I make my way up the bleachers. We’re all sitting me with my head in Kori’s lap when I get the feeling I’m being watched and nudge Natsuko.

“Need something Guy,” Natsuko asks politely.

“Yeah, someone is here and I want them found,” I tell her.

I watch her bound down the bleachers and make her way around to the doors. After a few moments I see her come back and shake her head. I sit up and start looking myself and still can’t shake the feeling but ignore it when I hear doors open and see my new mountain come walking in quietly. I watch Devin get to the base of the bleachers and look up expectantly.

“Oh God man, get your big ass up here,” I call down to him laughing.

He smiles a little and makes his way up to the rest of us and after we go through the introductions and explanations I can tell he’s confused by the fact that I have three girlfriends.

“So you have three girlfriends and nobody says anything about it,” Devin asks trying to wrap his brain around it.

“Guy let me get this one, you like sandwiches Devin,” Kori asks plainly.

I watch him get embarrassed by the question but he nods in response as she starts in.

“Well you eat sandwiches till you’re full right? Well all four of us have Guy, he keeps us happy,” Kori says getting a nod from Devin.

“And full, he keeps us very full,” Katy says causing Devin to blush.

I watch everyone laugh at Devin’s red face and after a few moments he starts as well. Final bell rings and we all head out to our vehicles but I stop Devin as he heads for his bus and let him know that he needs to get a jacket with a hood and preferably something that makes him look tough. I see him think about it and he nods before bounding away from the group. Liz starts to head up with Greg and seeing me stops and detours over to his car and says her goodbye there before joining up with us.

“Hey Katy, can you give Kori a ride home, I need to head straight there so I can hash things out with Mom and Dad,” I ask her politely.

“Sure, want us to hang there for a while till things get settled,” Katy asks getting a concerned look thrown my way from Kori.

I nod my head before starting my bike and almost get my helmet on when Lilly stops me and gives me a kiss on the cheek before running off to catch up with Jun. I look at Kori who smiles big and wave them off. I sit and think about how my parents are going to act when I get home and figure it’s just better to get it over with and head towards home.

I can see Mom and Dad are already in the living room and both of them perk up as I pull into the driveway and park my bike. I get my feet in the door and set my bag down in silence as they both sit and watch me waiting for me to make some sort of explanation. I calmly sit down and try to relax when Mom decides she’s going to break the ice.

“Guy your father and I’ve been talking, and I know this isn’t what you want to hear but we’re thinking you should try to see a therapist with your father,” Mom says shocking the hell out of me.

“I need to see a therapist with him about what,” I ask dumbfounded.

“Well we used to be close son,” Dad says chiming in,” and now ever since you got back from Texas with Loretta you’ve been distant and don’t want to be a part of the family let alone talk with me about anything in your life.”

“We care about you Guy and you are a part of this family, but we need you to open up with us and since you haven’t been willing to do that maybe a mediator would help,” Mom says trying to keep the situation calm,” It seemed to help with Loretta down in Texas and if it was so effective there then maybe you need some of that up here.”

“You want to know what my problem is, everyone keeps making all these choices for me and I’m finding out about them after you’ve already decided that it’s going to happen,” I say getting upset,” I don’t need a fucking therapist, what I need to be given some fucking say in what the fuck happens in my own damn life.”

“Guy watch your language we’re your parents,” Dad says standing up.

“Watch what I say? You tell me you care about me but you don’t respect me,” I say getting in his face,” You know what, Loretta was wrong. You don’t need me to take it easy on you because guess what Dad, I’m not a little boy anymore. I have women and people who look to me like I’m some god damn leader and when I figured I could use someone who would be able to advise me on how to handle shit I’m not even remotely close to understanding you pull this therapist bullshi…”

My head is ringing, I don’t really know what happened but I can hear my Mom has her voice raised and while I’m still standing I’m not really sure where I am. My vision starts to come back and my hearing as well but it’s the stinging in my face that literally hits me the hardest. I step back and can finally see the scene in front of me and it dawns on me. Mom is standing there with her hands over her mouth terrified, Dad is tense but wide eyed and ready to go. Dad just slapped me. No pads, no training, no safety net slapped me in my fucking face. I stand there and move my jaw in pain and rub my face gingerly as the two of them stare at me waiting for something to happen. I don’t know what to do about this considering I’ve never been slapped before by him.

“I’m going to my room now,” is the only thing I can say as I slowly walk to my bedroom.

I quietly close the door and can hear them talking in the living room but the ringing in my ear is still prominent. I move to my bed and take my coat off, sitting down facing away from the door I look over my jacket. I can see the nicks in the leather from wear and tear, been wearing it almost everywhere for a year now. I think about maybe trying to get a new jacket and switch the patch over but that just sounds stupid as soon as I think it. I didn’t get rid of Kori when I found Katy, and I didn’t get rid of either of them when I finalized things with Mathilda either. So why get rid of the coat now? I get up and hang it on my computer chair and take my seat on the bed and think about my own personal ‘shot heard around the Donnelly home’.

I can hear my phone going off in my coat but I leave it alone for now. I am stunned by the events of my afternoon, the day as a whole were going so well then BAM! I’m slapped silly by my Father just because I’m trying to get some damn independence. I think about going back into the living room and fighting him but that would be like Jun trying to fight me for Kori, it’d be over very quickly and there’d be a lot of pain involved. Why hasn’t Jun learned how to fight? I start trying to shake random thoughts out of my head when I get a knock at my door. I don’t answer and finally I hear it open and listen as my Mom comes into the room and after moving my computer chair in front of me sits down. I can see she’s been crying a little and is definitely hurt by the family in fighting.

“Guy is your face okay,” Mom finally asks quietly.

“Yeah it’s fine Mom,” I reply numbly.

“Can we try to talk, just you and me,” She asks leaning forward and taking my hand.

“Sure Mom, what is bothering you,” I ask her feeling really weird about the situation.

“Well about half an hour ago I just watched the man I love slap my son in the face,” Mom says almost forcing the words out of her mouth,” Now I feel like I’m going to lose my family and my husband is sitting alone in his garage staring into space. So I’m feeling really messed up right now.”

I sit quietly, I’d talk but I don’t have anything to say about getting slapped thanks to the fact that it shocked me as much as the both of them. I can see she’s trying to read me and figure out what I’m going to do next but I’m not sure about what I’m going to do as she tries to get me into the conversation.

“Can you tell me what Loretta told you about your father,” Mom asks me quietly.

“Yeah, she asked me to take it easy on him since he still thinks I’m his little boy and he doesn’t like losing,” I tell her feeling my face ache.

“Well that was nice of her to say. Do you really feel like we are holding you back,” She asks keeping her tone calm.

“I honestly don’t feel like I’m trusted. Last summer you kept the whole court thing from me for months and I only found out days before I had to leave,” I explain to her getting exasperated again,” Then I come home and Dad wants me to be happy with the fact that he’s going to make all my decisions for me whether I like it or not.”

“Well he is your father Guy,” Mom calmly states rubbing my hand.

“I haven’t forgotten that but is it really so hard for him to look at me and see I’m not a scared little boy anymore and that I don’t have major hang-ups with my birth mother,” I say trying to explain myself,” It feels like he wants me to be quiet and subdued until I’m thirty and that’s not me.”

“Okay, so you feel repressed or just don’t feel like we’re telling you everything,” Mom asks patiently.

“Yes, and it’s like no matter how much I show you that I have control of me and my school and my life nobody can let me have a decent say in what happens,” I tell her finally getting it out.

“I want you to think about something for me,” Mom says softly,” I want you to think about your father and I trying to protect you from things that will upset you and possibly make you run away from everything. Then look at how you were when you came back and how cold you’ve been with your father. If he hasn’t opened up it’s probably because he’s afraid he’s lost you even though he won’t tell me he feels that way.”

I sit quietly and think about what Mom said as she exits my room. Maybe they were trying to protect me but when people hide the truth I end up hurt anyway as far as I can tell. Same with Heather and Derek, people want to do what they think is best for me but end up hurting me since I have no time to prepare for the news. It’s like finding out that your doctor knew you had cancer but didn’t feel like telling you till it became terminal. I know I came back a little different when I got back from Texas but I’m getting me back in touch with my inner asshole, the same one Kori liked when we were in the car for the first time.

My phone starts going psycho again but I’m not bothering with it, Mom asked me to think about some things and I’m not going to let her down regardless. I know I love my Dad and I respect him but I just don’t think he respects me. And why the fuck did he slap me, for standing up for myself or just because he thought I’d go back to being a nine year old boy. Whoa, said by my inner Keanu Reeves, he really could be afraid of losing me. Mind blown, I never thought about my dad ever being afraid of anything and now here it is slapping me in the face, literally. I get up from my bed and head back into the living room, my mind racing, and see Dad’s there and is a little shocked to see me looking for him.

“Okay, first off I’m not gonna hit you cause I’m not stupid and second I’m not gonna hug you cause this doesn’t feel like one of those moments,” I tell my Dad frantically trying to get the thoughts together in my head.

“Okay so what are you doing out here,” Dad asks sitting up in his chair.

“I don’t think you respect me,” I tell him fast and rambling,” I love you and trust you but I don’t think you respect me enough to let go so when I stand up for myself to you I get slapped in the face. I am not sure where I’m going with all this but I just need you to understand that I have to be able to have a real choice in what happens in my life over the next year so I can at least feel like I have some direction of my own.”

I can feel my Mom behind me staring but it’s my Dad in front of me with a questioning expression on his face that has me waiting for an answer. I finally get a nod from Dad and while it’s not a celebration I can tell he’s a little relieved.

“Okay, so after dinner I need to go out and see Mathilda, is that cool,” I ask Dad.

“Yes but no staying the night at a girls place without talking to her parents first,” he tells me turning on the TV.

I turn around and see Mom standing there with a plate in her hand and smile at her before heading back into my room and grabbing my phone. I check the messages, mostly the girls checking on me even though it’s only been an hour and a half. I stare at the clock and shake off my shock before texting them and letting them know that everything is cool and to come home. I shoot a second text off to Mathilda asking her if she’s at home alone tonight, she replies yes and I tell her I’ll be there after dinner.

Dinner with the family after a fight with family is one of those moments that make everyone really nervous because everyone is still waiting for it to blow up again. I’m fine and Dad isn’t too out of place but all the women are quietly staring between us and even more so at the welt on the side of my face. Finally I get tired of it and stare across the table at Liz till she gets nervous.

“What Guy,” Liz asks confused,” Why are you staring at me?”

“I could ask you the same thing sis,” I reply not breaking the gaze.

“Well fine, why does it look like you got hit in the face,” Liz asks getting defensive.

“Because Dad slapped me when I got in his face,” I tell her plainly getting back to my food.

“Wait, Mr. Donnelly slapped you,” Katy asks taking a really defensive tone in my direction.

“Yes, and we’re going to just get this out of the way now,” I say standing up to address them both,” Dad wants to make sure I’m not screwing up my life or doing drugs and I want more personal freedom and information when it comes to what happens in my life. Dad wanted me to see a therapist with him and I didn’t think it was a good idea, still don’t. Dad got on me for my language which is not negotiable in his home and when I got in his face trying to defend myself he slapped me because he thought I was being an obnoxious little shithead.”

“He’s not wrong I am concerned about choices he makes without telling me and yes I slapped him,” Dad says interjecting,” Not the best move on my part but we’re still talking and this family isn’t going anywhere on anyone. Do we all understand this now?”

I sit back down and feel Katy’s hand on my leg, I see she’s wants to make sure I’m okay and I nod with a little smile. I still don’t fully understand dad slapping me but I figure it was the only move he had at the time considering we both misunderstood a little of where we’ve been coming from for the past few months. It’s not good now but it’s talking I guess.

As soon as dinner is done I grab my coat keys and wallet before heading out the door and taking my bike over to Mathilda’s house. Her dad isn’t home and I start to wonder about her coming home every day after school and being by herself as I get off my bike and get up to her front door. It doesn’t take her long to greet me, she’s got a new school tank top on and long shorts with her hair done back in a pony tail. I get inside and see it’s still cluttered in the living room but we head back to her room and as soon as she sees my face I explain that everything is fine and it’s just a family issue that we’re working out between my Dad and me.

We get into her room which since the first time I came over is looking a little more girly. Still has a weight set in the corner but Kori helped her find some of her inner girly girl but I’d never tell it to her like that. I sit down on the bed and watch as she gets back to her weights.

“So you wanted to come over here, aside from the face what’s wrong,” Mathilda asks sitting up off the bench.

“I’m getting things back in order in case you couldn’t tell by the kiss this morning,” I reply smiling.

“Okay that was a great kiss but I‘ll be fine on the outside of things like usual,” Mathilda says shrugging.

That’s definitely why I’m here now instead of with Katy. Too often Mathilda gets pushed to the side cause she’s in a different lunch or has practice or her dad is home and she can’t get away. I’ve let her feel like she’s outside the inner circle for too long and it’s time I reminded her where she really is at.

I let Mathilda lay back down before I start taking off my clothes; she doesn’t pick up any weights and starts to sit up with a confused expression on her face. I get down to my boxer briefs and moving over to Mathilda push her gently back down onto the bench. I pull at her tank top slowly lifting it up and exposing her sports bra which I push up along the top till her breasts are exposed. I slowly start to lick Mathilda’s nipples eliciting a moan from her, as my mouth works Mathilda pulls her top and bra off before putting her hand on my head and the other pulling me against her. I slowly trail my tongue down Mathilda’s body and when I get down to her shorts Mathilda tries to stop me as I pull them down.

“I haven’t showered and it’s really sweaty down there,” Mathilda tells me trying to pull her shorts back up.

I don’t stop till her shorts and panties come all the way off and I get to see her exposed mound and trimmed hair. I watch as Mathilda tries to shield her pussy from me with her hands but I calmly take them and use them to cradle the side of my head as I lean in and gently tongue her slit. I take long and methodical licks, trailing my tongue from her clit down to her hole before shifting my body and settling on her clit. I use my hands to hold her hips in place as I start sucking her clit while my Amazon moans and gently grips my head and ears. The sweat from Mathilda’s body and her juices make for a salty taste but it’s so good having her panting like a dog in heat that I start to speed up my oral work getting her to clamp her legs onto my either side of my head. I can feel her body start to tense up for an orgasm which makes me smile a little as I speed up my tongue on Mathilda’s clit. Her orgasm hits a lot harder than it usually does and Mathilda nearly pulls my head off while holding my body down with her thighs. I slowly lap up her juices and once she relaxes stand up and head out of her room and into the bathroom.

I get the shower turned on and adjust it to a luke warm temperature when I hear Mathilda come down the hall towards me. I get my underwear off and I’m still hard as she comes into the doorway still naked. I pull Mathilda into the shower and back her up against the wall with the next to the shower head and kiss her neck. Mathilda grabs at me grinding our bodies together and puts her own leg up and grabs my cock lining it up with her pussy and as I push up a little she lowers her hips getting my cock inside her. She’s soaking wet inside and I can’t tell if the sloshing noise is from the water or Mathilda’s juices on my cock we slowly bang our hips together. Our pace is slow and I’m feeling Mathilda’s tightness from how aroused by tonight and it makes me want to speed up, I feel her balance isn’t the best in a wet shower and begrudgingly keep my pace slow but hard.

“I want harder,” Mathilda tells me like she’s reading my mind.

We stop and I pull myself out of Mathilda just long enough for her to turn around and show me her ass. I take my cock and only need a moment to find again her hole and jam my cock back home. Mathilda’s forearms are on the wall and the water is falling straight onto her back as I pound her harder and faster now that I have a better angle. I watch as one of her arms reaches back and grabs my hip trying to pull me harder into her, I take a handful of her wet hair and pull it gently in comparison to the slapping noise of my hips against her ass and turn her head to face me.

“Cum for me my Amazon, cum so I can hear you,” I tell her speeding up.

I can’t tell if she’s embarrassed by what I said but I see Mathilda biting her lip. I start pounding harder making a smacking noise thanks to the water that I figure you could hear throughout the whole house. I bury myself deep and wait a little causing Mathilda’s eyes to open widely. I see her looking at me desperately but I don’t move.

“Guy please keep going,” She says but I don’t move, I hear her whimper and slap her ass getting her attention, Mathilda glares back at me.

“Who are you,” I ask Mathilda as I start moving again.

“I’m yours,’ Mathilda says letting my thrusting take over.

“You’re my what,” I ask her again squeezing her ass my free hand.

“I’m your woman,” She moans out over the shower.

“And what does my woman want right now,” I ask toying with her as I feel the tingle start to rise at the base of my cock.

“I want you to cum in me hard,” Mathilda finally blurts out while slamming her hips back into mine.

It doesn’t take long after that as I let go of her hair and taking her hips fuck fast for a few strokes before shooting my load into Mathilda’s pussy, every shot from my cock coming at the end of a hard thrust inside her. We groan and grind against each other as my orgasm must have triggered her own. We stand there in the shower still and let the water run over us as I feel it getting hotter. Mathilda turned up the water temp and finally I back out of her and let her stand up before pushing her up against the wall again and shoving my tongue into her mouth. We wrestle our tongues together for a few moments before I back off and we both clean up. Once out of the shower we get our clothes on and I sit down on her bed to talk a little with her.

“You heard I’m molding a new guy in the group,” I ask her as she starts to unwind from hers and our workouts.

“Yeah, big guy too. Heard he was being picked on by some of the gym monkeys,” Matty says sitting down and drying her hair.

“Yeah, more importantly we’re going to stand up and be noticed a bit more since I’m looking for more people,” I tell Mathilda watching her frown a little.

“I don’t get that much attention as it is Guy,” She says a little depressed,” More girlfriends isn’t something I can take. You have four of us already and I haven’t even met the other one, if you get more girls around then what am I gonna do to get some me time, take a number?”

“Baby I’m not looking to recruit girls as much as some guys to balance things out for now, and definitely not any more girlfriends,” I tell her getting a relieved look,” You are not some side note for me. You are just as important as Kori and Katy are; you my pretty Amazon are the accepting one. It doesn’t matter what I ask of you, you just do it and I am so happy that I can just say something and it’ll be fine with you.”

“Well not everything will be fine,” Mathilda says smirking.

We chuckle a little and I let her rest her head on my lap for a while as we just have some ‘us’ time before I realize it’s after nine at night and have to go. I kiss Mathilda goodbye and head out on my bike back home.

It’s raining a little and I’m not on the road for five miles when I see a girl walking along the side of the road with her thumb out and her back to me. She’s got a nice ass in her jeans and is wearing a hoodie on her back to keep the light rain off her head. I pull over and figure I’ll be a little nice and take my helmet off before turning to see the girl. I watch her walk into view and she smiles big as she sees me but I go into a shocked look. It’s Heather walking along the side of the road and she’s been waiting for me.

“Glad you stopped by here, took me a while to get here so I could flag you down,” Heather says sweetly.

“How did you know I’d be coming this way or that I’d even stop,” I ask her defensively.

“Because I know you Gi,” Heather says with a sickening sweetness,” I knew you’d stop just for me and now we can talk a little bit.”

“Hold on, you waited for me in the rain allegedly knowing that I would come this way and stop just so you could talk to me,” I ask her dumbfounded by the coincidence.

“Of course, I’m your real girlfriend,” Heather says with a sweet tone.

“No, you’re my ex,” I tell her plainly,” You were a cheating slut and now you’re just a sad little girl.”

“I am not a slut! The whores you keep laying around with that have more diseases than a clinic are the sluts,” Heather exclaims turning on the full crazy before calming down,” Now Gi, we really shouldn’t fight right now since we both need to get home and get ready for school tomorrow.”

“Yeah, we do have school tomorrow but I’m not taking you anywhere,” I tell her turning to get back on my bike.

“Stop ignoring me and start listening to me,” Heather screams causing me to back off in a little shock,” You are going to take me home now so that I can at least have some time with my boyfriend before school where we need to start behaving like proper teenagers.”

I kick my leg over my bike and pull my helmet on but before I can start the engine Heather grabs my keys and throws them into four lanes of traffic. I pull my helmet off and can see she’s smiling and scared all at the same time. I take a deep breath and get off my bike then turn to the street and scan for my keys. It takes a minute but they are there in the third lane away. I take another breath and calmly walk out into the street, traffic is light but fast and I have to stop at the double yellow line as a truck goes flying past. I grab my keys and calmly walk back to my bike without having to do any major dodging. My heart is racing despite my calm exterior, but as soon as I’m on the side of the road I can see Heather has opened my storage area and has the spare helmet out.

“That is for my real girlfriends,” I tell her snatching it out of her hand and putting it back,” Not some crazy ex that thinks she’s my girlfriend.”

I sit down on my bike and get my helmet back on before finally starting the engine. Heather isn’t so much scared of being left as she is upset that I might actually do it judging by the look on her face. I can tell she’s talking and flip up my visor so I can hear her.

“You are not just going to leave me alone here in the cold rain to walk home? You wouldn’t do that to your girlfriend,” Heather says clinging to my arm.

I shake her hand off my arm and it causes her to back off in shock. I finally realize that I could probably fuck her right now on the side of the road in the rain and be as mean and nasty as I want and her crazy ass wouldn’t say shit, at least not now. But I’ve got better girls waiting on me every day and this display has me more worried about me than her.

“You got yourself out here Heather, get yourself back home,” I tell her coldly,” And if you ever lay your hand on me or even think about pulling this shit again you’ll be very, very sorry.”

I flip my visor down and pull away from Heather and head down the road. It takes me about twenty minutes but I’m home just before ten and Dad is sitting up waiting for me in the chair wearing his pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.

“Wet outside,” Dad asks shutting off the TV.

“Yeah, wet and crazy out there,” I tell him getting a questioning look.

“Well I’m not done with what happened earlier and neither are you I take it,” Dad ask motioning me to sit down.

“I guess not,” I reply sitting my wet ass on the floor in front of the couch and taking my jacket off.

“Is it wrong of me to worry about you,” Dad asks quietly.

“No, just need you to help me with the decisions, not just make them for me and expect me to be okay with it,” I tell him trying to explain my point.

“Well that’s kind of difficult when you already walk around like you know everything,” Dad tells me plainly.

“Only with my friends, they all look at me like I’m the one who solves all problems,” I tell him a little exasperated.

“Well look at what you did for Jun and Katy, or how about what allegedly happened with Derek and that Indian boy,” Dad says explaining the history,” You handled your own problems and other people’s and you did it your way. That makes people pay attention, now they want more.”

“When this gets all complicated and weird will you help me,” I ask quietly.

“Yes, I’ll help you,” Dad says getting up,” Did you really want to stay home and not go camping?”

“Nah, I’ll go but let me see what the girls have planned just so I don’t step on their ideas,” I reply standing up off the floor.

We don’t hug but Dad pats me on the back and I head off to my room. I pass Liz’s room and can hear her trying to talk to Greg, then I hear her get upset about something and say goodbye quickly. I keep walking to my room and feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and Liz is there staring at me expectantly. I motion to my room and follow her in, I take note that she has a tight shirt and pajama pants on, her figure hasn’t filled out like Katy or Kori but she’s finally got an ass on her. I start to strip down and notice that she’s not looking away like she usually does since her and Greg started dating, in fact she hasn’t even hugged me much since they started dating now and I take further notice that she has no bra on.

“So what’s bothering you tonight Liz cause I’m really out of steam with all the problem solving I’ve done today,” I tell her taking my pants down.

“Greg won’t have sex with me,” Liz says with a little embarrassment.

“Yeah, we all kinda knew that sis,” I tell her smiling.

“Right but I think it’s something to do with me and not his ‘faith’,” Liz says trying to explain her position.

“Liz I’m really tired and while I’d love to show you that your still very attractive I don’t think you’d like being second for the evening,” I tell her jokingly.

“Yeah, didn’t need a sex joke tonight considering I’m not getting any and you are,” Liz says upset,” I just need to know how to get him to accept the fact that he needs to have sex with me cause I’m feeling a little underappreciated by the fact that he hasn’t.”

“Well tell him he has two weeks to do what any man in love should do,” I tell her trying to explain a decent approach to the situation,” Don’t get close with him until he just takes you somewhere and you two get the deed done.”

“Okay, but what if he doesn’t,” Liz asks a little afraid.

“Then you leave him Liz and find somebody you like more,” I tell her plainly.

I can see her nod in understanding as she gets up from the chair and gives me a hug before leaving my room. I close the door and kill my light before settling down in bed and sleep. I don’t dream about Derek but I do think about tomorrow. Katy girl, you’re next.

Part 2
Wednesday morning wake up goes well considering I unnerved the hell out of Dad and Katy as I quietly barged in on their training session and added myself into the mix. It was a little awkward at first but Dad warmed up to it quickly and Katy seemed to feel better taking swings at me while listening to Dad. Showered and fed Katy, Liz and I piled off onto our vehicles and head off to school.

Our arrival isn’t some grand event save for when the busses let students off and I see Devin head over to us wearing a military jacket with a hood on it, all camouflage. He seems happy that we’ve waited for him and it’s Jun who gets the ball rolling.

“So is that like your Dad’s or something,” Jun asks about the coat.

“Nah, my granddad. He served in a war and we got his stuff when he died,” Devin says as we walk into school,” I’m the only one it fits because he was big like me.”

“Well if I ever need a place to hide I’ll just have you crouch down and I’ll duck behind you,” Natsuko says getting a laugh from everyone.

Day goes by pretty smoothly and during lunch I get the chance to learn up a little on Devin. Apparently Devin’s parents moved up here when his dad got some job with an organic farm company or some such shit. He’s not used to not having a lot of chores to take up his personal time and doesn’t really know what to do most days. Only downer on the day is the white shirts, new club doesn’t even have a name but even if I wanted to stay in my homeroom I don’t have a choice about it. Heather is already at my homeroom sitting with her friends working on club business and while she knows I’m there I don’t think she’s happy to see me. I get my pass and almost get out the door when pretty boy and a couple of his friends decide to have a word.

“Not so fast degenerate,” pretty boy says getting my attention,” We got some things to go over with you.”

Pretty boy’s friends have him flanked and are staring. One on his left is about 5’7” and very thing, scraggly brunette hair and generally unkempt clothes even though they’re dress clothes. It’s the thick glasses that have me not paying attention to him. It’s the girl on his right that draws some of my attention, 5’10” and built more like me than I’d care to admit. She’s also a blonde and is currently staring a hole through me with some steely blue eyes. I turn my attention back to the ring leader as he resumes talking.

“You left Heather out in the rain last night,” pretty boy says grumpily,” Do you not have any decency in your body?”

“Not towards people who cross me,” I reply coldly.

“She needed you, a person in need of assistance needed your help and you didn’t bother to even show some decency and help her out,” pretty boy says getting more upset.

“Oh my lord, what have I done? I left my bat shit crazy cheating ex girlfriend on the side of the road for stalking me,” I say with mocking shock before turning serious,” Get out of my way.”

I watch the three part and I pass through them unscathed. I get to the gym where everyone else is waiting and going over their own homework. Being last however gets me some serious attention and Katy is the first to comment.

“You get held up by something more pressing Guy,” Katy asks.

“Not really, I don’t know what they’re calling themselves but my ex has some really stupid ideas about how to get my attention,” I reply sitting down.

“What do you mean Heather is trying to get your attention,” Kori asks visibly upset with the news.

“She tried to get me to give her a ride home last night as I was on my way home from Mathilda’s house,” I tell them all.

“She did what,” Kori says angrily getting up,” I’m gonna kick her head in.”

“Babe, before you do that let me give you some news first,” I tell her getting up and keeping her from marching down the bleachers,” She stopped me, is convinced we’re still in a relationship and I left her ass on the side of the road. Now do you really need to jump on her for being a stupid and honestly crazy bitch?”

Kori sits back down and I move to sit behind her and keep her wrapped in my arms till our final bell rings. The rest of the crew heads out but I keep Kori in my arms and she finally nudges me to let me know she’s okay. We catch Liz and Greg on our way out and follow them a little but Liz notices me and gets a sour look on her face.

“Hey Greg, how are you doing man,” I ask him as Kori and I catch up.

“Hey Guy, I’m okay. What’s going on,” Greg asks in reply seeming a little nervous.

“Nothing much man, can I talk to you privately,” I ask him before heading towards his car.

I can tell he’s following me but Kori is keeping Elizabeth away while I get some alone time with Greg. I lean on his decent family car and watch him walk up confused.

“So what do you want to talk about,” Greg asks plainly.

“Well if you didn’t notice I’m doing some recruiting for my little group of ‘pariahs’ and I wanted to extend an invitation to you if you are interested,” I tell him smiling under my hood.

“Ummm wow, I don’t really think I should,” Greg tells me getting nervous,” I’m kinda in a different type of group for school activities.”

“Really, which one would that be,” I ask now curious.

“Our group you degenerate,” I hear from my right.

I turn and see pretty boy is back and has brought the dork with the glasses and Heather with him. Heather looks a lot drier than the night prior but her mood is a little sour seeing Kori within shouting distance. I stop leaning on the car and turn to address the assembled group.

“Wow, so you’re dating my sister but you’re a goody church boy and you’re fronting for the new Mormon faith at school,” I say to Greg not taking my eyes off of pretty boy.

“Hey Kyle, everything is okay we’re just talking,” Greg says trying to explain.

“Well I’m pretty sure this degenerate is trying to bring down your good sense and standards,” Kyle says with an air of superiority,” You should clear off filth.”

“Wow, people still actually name their children Kyle,” I say starting to laugh,” wouldn’t have been easier to name you prison bitch and just dispel the illusion?”

“Guy back off now,” Heather says intervening,” You didn’t want to be a part of this and now you need to back off and figure out what your priorities are.”

I turn my head to see the big blonde girl walking up behind Liz and Kori, Heather shakes her head and the girl backs off but I can tell she’s waiting. Heather got some muscle, now I’m interested in what’s going to happen but the little dork decides he’s gonna get his two cents in.

“Maybe you should review a tactical retreat option for this particular encounter,” the little dork says smugly.

“Hey Taylor, back up man. This isn’t something we need to start getting into a fight over,” Greg says trying to play diplomat.

“Greg, go tell my sister that you’ll really enjoy giving her a ride over to your house today,” I tell Greg not breaking eye contact with Taylor.

I watch Greg turn and head over Liz and Kori when the little shit, Taylor, decides to push me a little. I let his hand make contact and quickly grab his wrist and pull him forward and off balance, as soon as he’s falling forward I sidestep and trip him without turning and hear him crash into the pavement behind me. Kyle looks ready to throw down and Heather is shocked by the quickness of my action which gets me a wonderful shiver up my spine as I hear Taylor groaning in pain.

“Watch your step, it’s dangerous what can just be found out in the parking lot,” I say behind me keeping my eyes focused on Kyle,” It’s a good piece of advice for all of you. You think you are better because of clothes or morals? Heather I’m gonna tell you this now, next time I have to deal with one of the neo-Nazi brigade I’m not going to stop.”

I can see Heather’s face get a grim determination to it but Kyle is the cooler head and backs up a step before nodding to their blonde girlfriend and heading off with Taylor trailing after them. Greg and Liz come back over to the car and Greg starts to say something but I cut him off with a glare before backing up and heading over to my bike with Kori. We leave school on my bike and get her home before I have to head home and try to put in some family time to see what I can fix in my home life. Oddly I get in and the only vehicle home is the family car that Katy drives.

I get into the house and catch Katy changing in her room as I head to mine. I know she saw me a little out of the corner of her eye and I smirk as I drop my bag off and get into some workout clothes and head into the garage in a tank top and shorts. Once inside I get my hands taped up and start working with the heavy bag, my little demonstration has my blood pumping a little more than normal. I’m working out for about ten minutes when Katy comes in.

“Hey your folks say dinner is our responsibility tonight since they’re out at a company dinner,” Katy says.

“Great, Liz is out and I’m guessing you don’t cook much,” I reply turning to see her.

Katy’s changed into a sports bra and shorts to work out, I shake my head a little at the attire as she starts to put on hand pads and I quickly see a little flesh peeking out of her shorts. I’m definitely game for this and stop my heavy bag work and get some sparring fingered gloves on.

“I thought you didn’t fight girls,” Katy asks perking up at the chance to spar.

“I don’t, this is going to be me proving a point,” I tell her smiling.

I watch her get into a boxer stance and start bobbing around me, I don’t move and wait for Katy to get back in front of me confused before ducking under her hands and grabbing her by the waist and ass lift her up and as ‘gently’ as I can slam her down onto the mat. Apparently Dad hasn’t been working with her on ground and pound since I’m seeing Katy a little groggy and shaken by the quickness of the take down. I move up to a mounted position and when she sees where I am I drop a hard right past her ear and slam my fist against the mat. We sit there in silence for a moment before I grab Katy’s hair in my hand and pull her head up off the ground while keeping my body on top of hers but sliding down and kiss her when our faces meet. I love the quickness and aggression that Katy gets when her blood is pumping and I feel her bite my lip a little as we start pulling each other out of our clothes. I’m half hard but have a wonderfully wicked idea.

I get Katy’s shorts off and immediately shove three fingers in her pussy, my fingerless gloves making the intrusion a little wider than normal. I move up and resume my top mounted position keeping my fingers inside her and taking her hair in my hand pull Katy’s mouth onto my cock. I can only get about an inch in at this angle but Katy is a trooper, I watch as she takes her hands and moves her breasts around my cock and starts tit fucking me while licking my head. I haven’t had a good boob job in a while and of all the girls Katy has the biggest, solid C cup all around my cock. I’ve got one hand gripping the hair on the top of Katy’s head and the other in her pussy when I see that grin on her face, she wants something more. I let Katy go and get up off of her chest, I watch as she gets off her back and onto her knees. I let Katy get herself turned away from me and marvel as while sitting up off her legs a little spreads her ass cheeks with her hands showing me her tight hole.

“Do you still have it in you,” Katy asks peeking over her shoulder.

I move up behind Katy’s ass and line my cockhead up with her asshole. I feel a little tension at first but after a little prodding I’ve got the first inch inside her. I stop and wait for a moment when she turns to me again.

“Are you seriously not able to get any dee…,” is where Katy stops talking.

I shut her up by slamming my cock all into her asshole. I haven’t fucked Katy’s ass in months, mostly we’ve been making love or doing oral sex but I’m remembering our first time and more than a few times after that. I use one hand to grip Katy by the back of the neck and the other to reach around and squeeze her breast. Katy moves her own hands from her ass to my hand on her breast and my hip behind her trying to hold me inside. I feel her shudder a little at my size as her body starts to get familiar with my cock in her ass before I pull half way back and slam forward causing her breast to bounce a little. Every thrust makes Katy moan a little and I can feel her try to clench down on my cock every time I’m buried all the way inside of her. I speed up my thrusts and Katy moves her hand off my hip and down to her pussy, frantically rubbing her clit and talking dirty.

“Come on you fucker, cum in your bitch,” Katy growls spurring me on.

I am frantic with my thrusting into her ass and I start to feel that tingle in the base of my cock. Katy is starting to cum as well but I want something different as I pull out of her ass and turn her around to face my cock. Katy’s only confused for a second but quickly puts my cockhead into her mouth and starts jacking me off with her free hand. Katy’s orgasm gets her to moan on my cock and the vibration is enough to send me over the edge as I shoot my load into her mouth. Katy works me over with her hand until no more comes out and I sit down on the mats bare assed for a moment before she crawls up to me and bites my chin a little smiling.

“Kori was right, you are definitely getting back into who I wanted to be a girlfriend of,” Katy says smirking.

“Yeah well I’m just doing what I need to so that this gets back on track,” I tell her bumping our foreheads together.

We both get our clothes picked up and share a shower, lightly kissing while we clean up. After the shower I make some soup and sandwiches and about the time we both get sat down Liz comes in and slams the door behind her. Katy and I both watch as she storms off to her room and when I try to get up Katy shakes me off and heads down the hall to speak with Liz. I get into the kitchen and make a plate for Liz before sitting back down and starting my own meal. About halfway through it Katy comes back out with Liz behind her. I say nothing as they both sit down and we all eat in quiet. The girls put the dishes in the washer while I head back to my room and relax on my bed. Sure enough I’m only lying there for a few minutes when my phone goes off, it’s Kori. Apparently she and Katy are talking about sex with me. Katy likes the force and Kori loves the spontaneity of what I’m doing when I suggest they get the other girlfriends involved in the conversation online before heading to my computer. Its a few moments before Mathilda and Imelda are sharing their two cents but Imelda is in the left out category since she’s still down in Texas. I don’t have to say anything as Kori is swearing that we haven’t forgotten about her and Matty even says she wants to see the one girl who could keep up with her in a workout. I let the women fight it out amongst themselves when I get a knock on my door. Liz pokes her head in and I let the girls know I’m going have company and that I’ll be a bit busy for a few before turning away from the computer. Liz has a tank top and some sweat pants on as she sits down on my bed to talk with me.

“Greg doesn’t like that I’m giving him the cold shoulder now,” Liz says quietly.

“Okay, but how do you feel about it,” I ask sitting down next to her.

“I don’t know, I am craving touch but he’s so damn set on the whole love thing that I’m not feeling loved. I mean I understand the no sex for him but I tried to get him to at least get undressed in front of me and just have us kiss and hold each other and he couldn’t do that,” Liz says visibly frustrated.

I can see Elizabeth is in an unusual place, I know guys would beat down the door to get her as a girlfriend with her dancer build and friendly/popular girl personality. I crawl up to the top of my bed and pull her up after me and just let her lay down with her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and just let her try to relax. We only cuddle for a while when she decides to start talking again.

“Did you really want to invite Greg into your crew,” Liz asks looking up at me.

“Yeah, I mean he needs the change. He’s all proper and has no self worth seeing,” I tell Liz making eye contact,” I mean I was him minus the whole church thing and I hoped that I could get him out of his shell and into someone a little more like me.”

“Yeah, I see the similarity. I mean he’s nice and sweet but I need to know with him,” Liz tells me resting her head,” I feel like I’m guessing with him.”

We continue to quietly hold each other when we hear Mom and Dad arrive home. Both of us meet Katy in the hallway and greet our parents as they come in the door.

“I’m impressed, I walk in the door and there’s no party going on and no kids I have to throw out,” Dad says jokingly.

“Dad, it’s a school night. We save the parties for the weekend,” I reply smirking,” And when are you two taking a weekend off again?”

Mom and Dad laugh a little and we all chat lightly in the living room about our days. Everyone leaves out their more intense moments which keep the mood light. We all finally head off to our own rooms and I hop on my computer and check in with Jun and Kori on face book. Jun concerned with some the growing group of ‘reformists’ as he calls them and Kori is still upset with Heather and how she’s pining after me. I tell them that we’ll tackle those problems if we need to and that Heather will either figure it out or we get to keep making fun of her for trying. Jun seems to agree but Kori is still upset about the persistence of Heather. We sign off and I get to bed for the night.

Thursday in the morning and it seems like the only person in the home who didn’t get any loving yesterday was Liz as the rest of us are buzzing around happily as we all get breakfast and I leave early to pick up Kori on my bike. Kori greets me warmly, pulling my helmet off and giving me a deep kiss before putting it back on and getting hers out of the storage. I wave to Mary before the both of us head off to school. Everyone is grouped up in the parking lot and talking amongst themselves when Natsuko notices we have someone eyeing us up. I check the direction and spot a guy in a white dress shirt and Khakis with a shoulder bag staring but when I turn and look at him fully he heads off to class. I shrug it off and we all disperse for our classes.

During lunch time everyone is crowded around the table and Jun’s crew of nerds and geeks are at the nearest adjoining table when a small crowd of students all dressed in white button up shirts and dress slacks or skirts come filing into the cafeteria. I count about fifteen of them enter being led by Taylor, the kid with the glasses that I made face plant in the parking lot yesterday. They move around a different table, one populated with a few of the punks group, before I hear Taylor start speaking.

“You freaks need to get into a different change of clothes and take that metal out of your faces,” Taylor starts in poking one of the guys,” The new student body of this school won’t stand for freaks like you wandering around the campus making the rest of us look bad.”

“Hey screw you asshole,” A girl from the table spits out at Taylor.

“You see, that’s your problem,” Taylor says walking around the table to her,” No respect, not for yourself and not for anyone else. I’d suggest bad parenting but people like you deserve to be abandoned like trash since they don’t really contribute anything.”

I watch the punk boy next to her start to stand when two guys grab his shoulders and sit him back down hard. Taylor has the girl cornered as he continues berating her.

“So you think walking around looking like some cheap hooker in bad clothing makes you special,” Taylor continues,” I’m guessing your Daddy just stopped liking you at home so you dress like this so at least someone will pay attention to you.”

I can feel everyone at my table staring over to the girl and while I am the first one to stand up it’s not for the reason they think. I take my tray and walk to a trash can and throw away what’s left of my lunch and Taylor takes notice.

“See that right there,” Taylor says pointing me out,” Even the big bad rebel doesn’t have want anything to do with this or you. Now take that metal out of your face now.”

I pause at the trash can then move over to the punk table cutting through the circle of ‘reformists’. Taylor turns his attention to me as I approach and smiles.

“Oh you care to join in finally,” Taylor says smirking,” So why don’t you tell me what you think about this filthy little bitch.”

“Oh you mean her, I don’t know her. I don’t know any of them but I’ve known you for less than a day and already I can tell I’m going to have no regrets about what happens next,” I tell Taylor plainly.

“Really, and what do you think will happen next,” Taylor asks chuckling.

“You’re going to do something stupid like touch me, then I’m going to break at least one bone in your hand and your nose,” I explain starting in,” You’re friends have me outnumbered fifteen to one so they’ll jump in.”

“Right we have you outnumbered and maybe you’ll get some respect beaten into you,” Taylor says cutting me off.

“Oh I’ll get hit but then it’ll be fifteen on six when my table jumps in. Once they see everyone fighting the eight nerds by my table will probably jump in just to make a point so then that fifteen on fourteen,” I explain watching Taylor’s group start to look around,” Then finally there are the five here, five people who you have been verbally bullying for the past few minutes. Now by my math that makes your fifteen to nineteen angry little ‘rebels’.”

I watch Taylor look around to his people, then to my table and the nerds next to it. Everyone in my crew is standing up and the nerds are looking straight at Taylor like he’s a marked man. I watch him back up smiling as the rest of his ‘friends’ start to back off. I watch them leave with Taylor still smiling even though he’s the one leaving. Most of the three tables start to breathe a sigh of relief but I’m not happy with the situation and quickly grab my bag from my table and head out of the cafeteria. I get about a hundred feet away from the cafeteria before I get grabbed by my shoulder, its Katy and the rest of the crew is hot on her heels to catch up.

“Hey what’s wrong,” Katy asks worried.

“I’m not some damn hero who is going to fight everyone’s battles for them but for some damn reason when I don’t you all stare at me like I’m doing something wrong,” I say as everyone approaches,” You know what just happened back there, that was me making a fool out of myself.”

I watch Kori wave everyone off including Katy and quietly walk me over to a bench before sitting down with me. I let her take my hand and after a few moments she decides to speak.

“Baby that’s not why you are mad is it,” Kori asks.

“I don’t know, I was just going to leave then that fucker decides to call me out right there,” I tell her trying to find words to finish.

“Baby you did what you needed to do. People step up to you and they either back down or get knocked down. I think you’re just upset that you didn’t get to knock him down again,” Kori says keeping her eyes on my hand.

“I am trying to lead but I’m not seeing a point honey,” I tell her quietly,” I mean what they were doing was messed up but why does everyone wait for me to get involved before they consider standing up for themselves?”

I feel Kori put her arm around me and we sit quietly on the bench when I get that feeling that someone is watching me again. I raise my hood and head to see a couple of the punks from the table standing there. I stand up and they back up from me when I do.

“Next time start swinging back,” I tell forcefully,” You are supposed to be something that makes older people back off and people our age sit away from you.”

I watch the girl who was being picked on the most steps forward and quickly look around before leaning in to speak.

“We can’t get into trouble cause we’re holding for Johnny,” the girl whispers to me.

“Excuse me,” I reply getting angry,” you are fucking holding for Johnny? He’s not even a student here anymore and you are holding for him? Get on whatever you use for communication and tell him that he will show up after school today or I’m gonna hunts his ass down and bring a beating with me.”

I watch the punks back up from me and taking Kori in hand we head off to our next classes. The rest of the day is a blur and I don’t even react when Heather tries to stop me to talk as I’m getting my pass from homeroom before heading out to the Gym. I get there before everyone else and watch as the girls’ basket ball practice kicks off. I watch them work their drills with Coach Campbell shouting out orders as the rest of my friends start piling in and make their way to me. Everyone is a little more quiet than usual as Kori starts explaining what is going on and why I was angry at lunch. I let her get into the details when I get the creepy being watched feeling and start looking around. Only Natsuko notices and I nod to her as she nonchalantly heads down the bleachers and starts making her way around the Gym.

With my freaking ‘spidey sense’ tingling for no damn reason and still being pissed off about jumping in to defend drug mules at school it’s a wonder that I even noticed the final bell. I head out of the gym with the crew and almost plow through a group of white shirts as I beeline it towards one of the punk boys I saved during lunch. He sees me coming and puts his hands up like he doesn’t want to fight.

“Where the fuck is Johnny,” I growl more than ask.

“Dude, he told the others to bring their shit in and had one of them take what I was holding so that I could tell you that he couldn’t make it today,” the kid spits out to me scared.

I watch as the rest of the crew surrounds the punk and it’s Katy who backs me up and decides to talk to the boy.

“Okay, I get that you’re a messenger and don’t want any trouble,” Katy starts in,” But Vlad Tepes was known famously for killing the messenger when they didn’t do what he said.”

“But he didn’t ask me anything,” the boy says scared.

“Where is Johnny at right now,” Katy asks in a calm voice.

The punk boy gives up the location where Johnny is waiting for the others. I let the crew disperse taking Kori with me on my bike and heading off to where Johnny is waiting. It takes us about a half hour to get there but if there is another meeting ground of abandoned motor homes and cars with punks, Goths, and general issue emo kids congregating I’d like to know where else it could be. We pull up on my bike and it gets a few admirers but as soon as my helmet comes off people start to keep their distance. I walk through the small army of unwashed masses and make my way to the ‘nicest’ of the homes in the shanty town where Johnny is sitting around with a couple girls just talking about how he’s still running shit. All the bravado and boasting stop as soon as he sees me and Kori.

“Guy, it’s so good to see you. I didn’t know you were coming or I would have gotten out some… well shit I wouldn’t have gotten out shit but I would have at least not been so busy,” Johnny explains pulling himself off of a car backseat that doubles as a couch.

“Johnny you might want to find somewhere private we can talk or I’m going to have to do this in front of everyone,” I tell him keeping my voice calm.

Johnny’s normally dark features pale a little at the thought and for a black guy I’m not used to seeing someone get pale visibly. I let him lead us to a double wide and once he gets inside Kori and I wait a minute as a few other punks scramble out before we can get in. The whole trailer is decorated in early fuck with a side of dumpster but I pull up a reasonable looking chair for Kori to sit on and lean against the wall facing Johnny who is sitting in a broken recliner.

“So I’m just guessing you need me for something since we don’t really socialize that much,” Johnny says starting the conversation.

“Actually you have a problem, you’re runners are drawing too much attention and making themselves targets,” I reply plainly.

I go into detail the events surrounding lunch and explain a little about the new group that’s bringing morals back into high school. Johnny doesn’t take it seriously until I explain five of his runners were all sitting down at the same table and hoping for the best when I intervened. I can see he’s visibly upset but not so much at me.

“Well I guess I owe you for backing up my people,” Johnny concedes.

“What are they running for you man,” I ask genuinely concerned.

“Just blue pills and weed,” Johnny says smiling,” I stay away from the bigger stuff and since weed is legal I got my own license to grow it and I’m working on getting a real farm built in a couple years.”

“Oh my god, you riding a punked out tractor to the theme of Old MacDonald is the first image I got,” Kori bursts out getting all of us laughing.

The moment is a good one but I’m here with a purpose. Once we all calm down I get my game face on and inform Johnny of how things are really going at school.

“This little moral majority group isn’t going away without a fight or a loss of leadership,” I start in,” you need to either keep your people from carrying a while, find different runners or just make sure they get smarter cause if you don’t you’re going to be the first one they name when questioned.”

“Man you don’t understand, I need the profits so I can get things moving around here,” Johnny tells me with a little desperation,” You could have your people help mine with the running.”

No sooner do the words leave Johnny’s lips that my mood goes from not happy and informative to near volcanic rage. Kori is the first one to act getting in front of me and making sure I stay back before turning to Johnny.

“Now you know better than to ask something like that from him,” Kori says holding my arm.

“I know girl, I’m sorry Guy it was stupid but I’m desperate here man,” Johnny apologizes,” Rent is coming due here and while the other spots are abandoned this one is legal and I need to make sure my payments are in advance for a while. I got behind in the summer.”

I step out to let Kori and Johnny talk a little and to get myself some fresh air. I wander back towards my bike a little when I get that fucking being watched feeling again and see that the fucker from this morning in the white shirt is watching me from a while some of the punks point and stare. Once he knows I made him I see him start to reconsider whatever he was planning and start to walk away but my body language is giving off the orders for me as the punks box this fucker in so I can get my pound of flesh or two cents. I can see his skin is a littler darker than normal which puts him in either the Samoan or native American categories for heritage, but considering he’s only six feet tall like me I’m going to go with the latter. His hair is done nice and proper but I’m tired of being spied on by Heather and figure one broken messenger is a good way to start.

“I’m really tired of being spied on so let’s just get the formalities out of the way and since you know me pretty well by now you know what comes next,” I tell the guy as he drops his bag.

“Wait a minute, I’m not spying on you,” He says putting up his hands in a defensive stance I’ve never seen before.

I throw a quick front kick and feel him push me off balance; I catch my footing and turn to face him. He knows what he’s doing but I’ve got a lot more in my tool bag of tricks than a simple front kick. I walk up to him keeping my arms at my sides like I’m not going to take a shot, I can see he’s confused and that lets me snake a quick jab at him but it gets deflected and I turn to see he’s maneuvered on me again.

“So Heather found someone who can at least give me warm up,” I say moving in to striking range again.

“Heather who, I don’t know any Heather,” He says looking quickly for a way out before refocusing on me.

I duck and lunge in bring three quick shots at his body but watch him back up and block the shots before maneuvering again to the side. It takes me a minute to figure out his movements, but I get up close and as soon as I feel his hands deflect a jab I duck down and plant my shoulder in his gut and lift him up before twisting my hips and slamming him down to the dirt. I get into a top mount and I can see a bad ground defense as I grab his left hand with my right and pull it to the side so he can see my left as I start to bring it down to his face. It’s the familiar screaming of Kori that makes me freeze and hop off of him and start looking to find her. Thankfully she’s close and nothing is wrong.

“Guy what the fuck are you doing,” Kori yells at me.

“Fucker has been watching me for days, Heather must have sent him around to keep tabs on me and I’m gonna kick his ass,” I tell her starting to turn but Kori stops me by grabbing my arm.

“He transferred into our school this year and he’s been helping me a little in my social studies class,” Kori explains,” I told him to hang around and maybe you’d try talk to him about possibly letting him join up.”

“Wait, you’ve had him just wandering around doing fuck all and making me god damn paranoid just so I could recruit him,” I say frustrated.

“Kori your boyfriend is crazy. I know you said he was intense but this guy is fucking psycho,” the guy says getting up from the ground.

“Well since you two didn’t want to use words I guess I have to do everything,” Kori says dragging me by the arm over to her friend,” Guy, I want you to meet Ben Morgan. He’s in the school glee club and his father is exmilitary like your dad. Ben this is Guy, as you can see he’s really not big on surprises when he’s angry.”

I watch Ben extend his hand and I just stare at him for a few moments before taking it and gesturing for him to get his bag. Kori is beaming with a little bit of pride from where she thinks she found a new member but I stop them on that thought once we’re back at my bike.

“First off I don’t know you and I certainly don’t trust your ass thanks to the fact that you dress like one of those fucker’s my ex keeps around,” I tell Ben with a little venom,” Secondly if you want to be a part of this you need to know what it’s like to be shamed and then fucking deal with it. Everyone does and you have till 2nd lunch tomorrow to find your shame and then deal with it or you can fuck off back to the glee club.”

Both Kori and Ben are silent and I get onto my bike as I watch Kori walk Ben to his car before coming back up to me with a ‘not to happy girlfriend’ expression on her face. She doesn’t say anything now but I know I’m going to hear it from her when we get to her house as I speed off to take her home. Sure enough once we’re at Kori’s place and parked she drags me off my bike and into the house past her mother and Carl before stomping her way up to her bedroom and sits me down on her bed before slamming the door.

“Ben is a really nice guy, I didn’t ask for his help he volunteered and when I learned a little more about him I thought he’d at least get a decent chance to make a case for himself to you,” Kori starts in building her anger,” But now you nearly take his head off and tell him that he has to answer to you on your time table when he doesn’t even have 2nd lunch. So what you want him to skip out of class just to present himself to you?”

“Are you done Kori,” I ask plainly,” No I need to know because I’m going to explain this again and I need for you to listen to me. You wanted me in charge, I am. You wanted me to start doing something, and I am. You even wanted me to start recruiting people, I am working on it. But I told you it’s my way, I’ll listen to some advice but it’s my way and that’s it.”

“But he’s a good guy and since he’s a junior he’s the same year as us and….,” I watch her freeze for a moment and sit down.

“You two had sex,” I say quietly sitting down in her chair,” you fucked him and now you want him around.”

My words have the subtlety of throwing a cinder block into a duck pond. Kori freezes and I see the anger in her face turn to fear.

“We had a thing for like a month freshman year but honey it’s not like that again I swear,” Kori says trying to keep her composure,” When he transferred over he said he was a little interested but I told him that I had you and he said he wanted to meet. Then we talked and he asked if he could get lessons on how to not be such a nice guy and fast forward to today where you nearly take his head off.”

I’m honestly at a loss for words, I’ve met guys that Korinna has been involved with but I’ve never had a run in with one of her exes until now. And he’s an ex that still has some feelings for her. Kori starts to move over to me but I hold a hand up which freezes her in place and when I look up I can see the tears starting to work their way down her face. I watch her sit on her bed before I get up and step out of the room, once I close the door behind me I walk myself to the bathroom and take a moment to compose myself. Her ex, she wants me to be friendly with her ex. It’s not jealousy because I trust Kori but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that someone should have asked me to sit down and listen, I know I don’t have the best track record with sit down reveals but it’s better than ‘Hey Guy, I used to fuck him now we’re friends and I want you two to be friends as well, okay’. I rub some cold water on my face and dry off before heading back into Kori’s room. I get back inside and see that she’s not having a good moment.

Apparently in my absence Kori decided to strip down to her underwear and laid down to cry in her bed under the covers. My presence has a minor reaction in the respect that she starts crying harder. I get myself stripped down to my underwear and crawl into bed with her, once in bed Kori rolls over and grips me like I’m going to run away at the first available moment. I let her cry and try to interpret the rambling that comes out of her mouth as she tries to explain. Mostly I seem to catch a lot of ‘I thought things would be fine for him to be around because we’re good together’ and ‘I don’t want this to be the end of us’. I finally get her to stop the crying and get her attention so we can talk.

“You need to give me a heads up honey. I don’t like surprises much and I hate secrets,” I tell Kori calmly.

“But you got so quiet when you figured out that he was one of my exes that you left the room,” Kori says still tense from crying.

“Honey even I need to collect myself for things like this,” I tell her rubbing her back.

“So is Ben gonna make it past tomorrow, I don’t want to think I just went through a bad afternoon just to have him get bumped out because you don’t like him,” Kori asks meekly.

“That’s up to him, you can tell him that he has until after school but he needs to really prove this to me. Especially after he broke up with you,” I say getting a moment of silence from Kori that answers one question,” Oh no, you broke it off with him. Actually that makes me feel a little better.”

“That’s mean Guy,” Kori says pouting a little,” Yes I broke up with him for the same reason I didn’t really look at you till Heather screwed it up. He was nice but I don’t need nice all the time, sometimes I need a guy to crawl in bed and make me feel better and sometimes I need him to put me up against a door and fuck me like a bad girl.”

We continue to cuddle and relax in Kori’s bed until a knock on the door shakes us out of our warm moment; it’s Mary at the door wondering if we’re doing okay and if I’m staying for dinner. I let Kori down gently by telling her that I can’t, I really need some more time to talk with Dad and hopefully get him convinced that if there is something to work out we can do it ourselves. I get dressed and Kori walks me out where I get a warm kiss before heading home.

It’s still an hour out from dinner time and the family is just idling by when I get in the door with Mom and Liz in the kitchen and Katy sitting in the living room with Dad. Dad nods to me and Katy pokes me as I walk past heading to my room to put my stuff away. I walk back out to the living room and head straight into the gym, I sit down and before I can even figure out what I’m going to do or say Dad comes in behind me and closes the door. I watch him sit down on the only chair in the gym while I’m on the floor.

“So what are we doing here so close to dinner,” Dad asks gauging the situation.

“Well either we’re settling what the hell’s been going on for the past two months or I’m running away to Texas,” I tell him letting the sarcasm out for the last part of the sentence.

“Okay well considering I know how much money you have access to I’m pretty sure the trip down will stop before the state line,” Dad jokes before getting a little more serious,” Honestly I’m beginning to wonder why you’re having such a problem trusting me?”

“Well after you kept the visitation hearing from me then expect me to just smile with the fact that you could have softened the blow of having to leave everything behind for six weeks but decided to just let the bomb drop right at the last minute yeah I’d say I’m having trouble trusting some of your decisions when they involve me,” I explain to Dad.

“Alright, well understand that I was trying to keep that from you because I thought nothing would come of it,” Dad explains starting in,” I probably should have said something after the first month but I didn’t, that was me trying to protect my son.”

“Not telling me doesn’t protect me, it leaves me with no defense,” I reply.

“No you’re right with that, but you don’t ever walk into a fight thinking you’re going to lose,” Dad tells me using the rules he’s taught me as an analogy.

“So can I just not be roped into some ridiculous therapy crap and talk about something a little more current,” I say changing the subject,” Kori and the girls are wanting more people to be involved with the little group I have been forming and Kori wants me to give her ex a chance.”

“And you feel a little jealous and want to punch him in the face,” Dad replies taking an interest.

“I tried that, he can fight but didn’t want to push me,” I tell Dad explaining the confrontation,” It was only later that I figured out that Kori and him had been together, she said it was in the past but why bring him around?”

“Well when it comes to exes not everyone has a scorched earth policy like you do Guy. If she wants him around it’s probably because she can trust him and believes you can too. What you need to figure out is can you trust her to put a good person in front of you and not try to screw around on you,” Dad says giving me his overview of my problem.

I sit quietly and think about what Dad said as he gets up to leave me to my thoughts. Kori broke it off with him but I’m still not sure why she brought him around other than the fact that it actually took me a bit to get him down so I could punch his head into the ground. I can give him a shot but he deal with some serious shame before I can consider him an outcast. Another knock on the door and Mom lets me know that dinner is ready.

Dinner and the rest of the night go quietly for me since I stick to my room and sit around thinking about what’s been tossing my life around for the past few days. Heather isn’t only going bat shit crazy but she’s recruiting a small cult of followers. I’ve got the girls listening to me and leading everything in a way that makes sense to me. Finally I have Dad giving me some breathing room, why is it a fight is usually the best way to get the tension out so that I can get shit worked out? These thoughts are what put me to sleep.

Friday morning buzzes past uneventful and all the way through the school day even having a lunch where I can just sit and relax. I notice the same group of punks at lunch has moved next to the nerds and my crew. I make a mental note to punch Johnny the next time I see him as we head into the latter half of the day and finally get into the gym during homeroom to find Ben waiting with Kori. There’s no practice going on and I don’t head up to the bleachers but out onto the hard wood floor. It takes a minute but I watch as the rest of my crew joins me with Ben finally realizing I’m waiting on him, boy needs to work on the quickness as he heads over to us. He’s got another button up shirt on only decked out in blue and blue jeans today. I start to pace back and forth in front of my group as I size him up before starting in.

“Kori brought you before me cause she thinks you could be a good addition, I haven’t seen shit out of you other than you don’t want me to pound your head into paste and you like standing around instead of actually doing something,” I start in,” Devin step forward and tell me what you’re ashamed of.”

“I’m scared that I’m too big to be accepted, I’m afraid that if a girl ever saw me naked she’d be scared of the fact that I could crush her if I laid down on top of her,” Devin says getting a few odd looks from most of the crew, it’s Natsuko who pats his back letting him know he’s okay.

“Now here you are, all nicely dressed and boring as cold piss,” I say turning my attention back to Ben,” so tell me what makes you ashamed to speak out, what are you burying inside you that makes you afraid of being yourself in front of everyone.”

I can see the fear in his face, he didn’t have it when we were fighting yesterday but today it’s written all over Ben’s face. I don’t know if he wants to run but I turn and shoot a look at Kori as she starts to approach him.

“My family doesn’t know me, they’re traditional and I’m more modern which makes me feel like an outcast at home,” Ben finally says.

“Oh fucking cry me a river, that is some serious bullshit if I ever heard it,” I say mockingly,” My family doesn’t know me? Really that makes you like everyone else out there.”

I point outside and can see Ben almost wants to leave, I am guessing he’s looking to Kori for help but she isn’t going to help out. I turn around and start to tell everyone to head out when he starts speaking.

“I like guys,” Ben gets out just loud enough to be heard.

Now the whole group is frozen and with my back to Ben I can see their faces, all of my crew have a look of mild shock except for Devin who currently is about to have a brain breaking moment. I have to remember that gay is weird but bestiality might not be with him before turning around to face Ben.

“I’m not gay but I like guys and girls, Kori didn’t know this and when she pointed you out to me the only thing I could think of was it would be a hot threesome,” Ben finally says ashamed.

Okay I’m officially impressed at the openness of his declaration and a little thrown off by the confession. I check Kori’s face and she’s just as shocked as everyone else is. I compose myself and realize I need to make this moment a little lighter before it turns afterschool special.

“So does that mean you want to fuck me,” I ask Ben turning around.

“What? No I just find myself attracted to guys sometimes,” Ben stammers out.

“What am I not pretty enough for you,” I ask smirking.

Everyone gets my joke and finally starts laughing except for Devin who still seems a little put off. It takes a few before everyone calms down and I address the situation.

“Here we don’t care about silly shit like what get’s you hard or wet, you feel ashamed because everyone out there wants you to be ashamed,” I tell Ben walking up to him and placing a hand on his shoulder,” No shame here, no weak self help bullshit or therapy crap. If you are with us, then you are the person you choose to be, otherwise you can figure out on your own.”

I back off and turn back to the group; most of them get what I’ve done. I grab my bag from off the ground and start to leave. It takes less time with Ben to pick up on what’s happening than Devin did as he follows us out. The group parts ways in the parking lot and I give Kori a ride home like usual.

Once we get to Kori’s house I can tell she’s really happy that her recruiting went over well as we get into her room and she’s emotionally gushing to me.

“Oh my god that was the best way to do that, and he’s bi. I did not see that coming but wow,” Kori gets out flopping down onto her bed,” you didn’t know he was bi did you, like something you read while fighting him yesterday?”

I nearly hit the floor laughing at Kori’s comment. I don’t know if she’s laughing with me or just because I look hilarious to her doubled over laughing. I finally get some level of composure and sit down on her bed.

“No honey a fight doesn’t work like that in the slightest,” I chuckle at her.

“Well then I need lessons or something then,” Kori says wrapping her arm around me from behind,” Thank you for not making it impossible. I know you have a little bit of an issue with him cause we dated but you were nice to him.”

I let her hold me for a bit when I get a text on my phone from Mathilda. Apparently there is an emergency at her place I get a quick kiss from Kori and check the time, just before four as I head out on my bike to Matty’s house. I pull up and see Matty’s car is there alone like usual. I knock on the door and after a few moments Mathilda answers the door with a smile before pulling me into her house and closing the door behind us. I get about a step in when I’m shoved onto the couch landing on my ass. I can see my Amazon has her workout shorts and a tank top on but she’s not sweating like she’s’ been working out. I watch Mathilda close the front room curtain and get down on her knees in front of me. I get the feeling I’m about to be asked for something and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing but like all my girls she’s got her big eyes and please look on her face.

“Okay so you did some recruiting this week cause Katy and Kori pestered you about it and I’m fine with that and I know that I usually don’t ask for anything but I have someone who I want in our crew. Kinda like a person to keep me updated when things happen during lunches,” Mathilda explains rubbing her hands on my thighs.

“Alright, you have someone you want in the crew,” I say to Matty taking her hands,” I’ll listen but this needs to be good.”

I watch Mathilda smile and get up from the floor, I stay seated as she heads to her room. It takes her a minute or two before she comes back still has her shorts and tank top on but it’s her friend that catches my attention more, Hanna is standing next to Mathilda. I haven’t really seen much of Hanna since before the summer but she looks a hell of a lot better, about five foot eight and a bit curvier than when she stayed the night last year with large c cup breasts being held in by her green jogging suit. Her ginger hair is a little more prominent than last year being shoulder length and brighter in color.

“Hanna, you and Guy know each other from what you told me so explain to him why you want in,” Mathilda says sitting down in her father’s recliner.

“Well I got more involved with basketball last year and while I don’t normally want anything to do with boys I want to at least know that if I were to try something out I’d be able to with you,” Hanna says keeping calm.

“Wow, that tells me you’re curious but why do you want to be a pariah,” I state to Hanna.

“I was the only white girl who started on our team last year and I’m the was the only one who after you nearly choked me out with your cock who didn’t want to beat your ass among the lesbians in the locker room,” Hanna starts in,” I got thinking about it and while I really like girls I’ve never even tried anything with a guy till you. I figure if I’m part of the group then I can try things out with you.”

“But shit doesn’t work that way with me Hanna,” I explain,” you need to expose yourself to others in the group or turn your back on who you were. Are you really ready to just stop being a pure lesbian?”

I can see her weighing the options over and I watch as she waves Matty out of the room after her. I can hear them talking in the back but I try to stay out of the conversation to be as impartial as I can with everything that is going down. Hanna wants to try her hand at fucking a guy and I’m the Guy she is interested in, apparently the night Kori had me be a living dildo for Liz had an effect. I hear the girls coming back into the room and it’s Mathilda I see first in a plain sports bra and panties sitting down in her Dad’s recliner again and smiling. I watch as Hanna comes around the couch and it always impresses me as to how pale her skin is as I marvel at the black bra and panties she’s wearing in contrast to it. I get up to greet her and can see she’s apprehensive as to what is going to happen, I strip out of my coat and clothing getting down to my underwear.

“Just don’t kiss her too much Guy, or I might get jealous,” Matty says teasingly from the chair.

I sit myself back down on the couch and motion Hanna over to me. I let her get close then turn her around and sit her on my lap. She’s soft and responsive as I run my hands across her body, slowly working one hand around her breast and the other on top of her panty covered pussy. Hanna’s breast is softer than I thought with all her athletics and as soon as I squeeze it through her bra hear her moan lightly. I take a quick look over to Mathilda who has her own hands on either her breast or in her panties massaging slowly. I use my lower hand and cup Hanna’s pussy which gets her to grind her meaty ass against my half hard cock. The backing up against me has an interesting reaction with Hanna, my hand made her retreat against my cock but my cock shocked her against my hand making her moan again. I remove my hands and make Hanna stand up. I let her turn to face me and motion to her to remove her underwear and for the first time so far she seems more relaxed to do something with me around as I watch her strip them off. I see that she’s shaved her pussy clean but it’s her nipples that have my attention, not small like every other girl but large. Almost three fingers wide and hard with the excitement/apprehension, it’s only when I pull my own underwear off that I see Hanna’s face make the realization that this might actually happen.

“You don’t have to do this just to get into the crew,” I tell her noting that she’s staring at my cock and not my eyes,” there are other ways to get in.”

Hanna thinks about what I said for a moment before moving closer to me and straddling my lap. I can feel her clit rubbing my cock and watch Hanna as she shudders at the sensation. I take her hips in my hands and lean forward putting her nipple into my mouth. She’s keeping quiet but I can feel Hanna gets more turned on as she finally starts rubbing her clit up and down my cock in long slow strokes. Hanna keeps her hand on the back of the couch using it to hold her balance as she speeds up her massage of my cock with her pussy. I’m feeling great and Hanna’s strokes are getting longer when the unexpected happens, Hanna moves up a little too much and my cock lines up with her pussy. As soon as she tries to rub her clit downward I go right inside her approximately three inches and I hit a wall. The whole thing causes her to freeze in place and moan loudly. Mathilda is interested as she has taken off her own clothes at some point and I can see her working her pussy over fast. Hanna’s pussy is everything you’d expect from a lesbian if you actually thought about lesbians, she’s tighter than anything I’ve had to date just by being there and it finally occurs to me that I’m pressing against her hymen.

“Hanna, we’re at the point of no return here. Either pull off of me or brace yourself,” I tell Hanna getting her attention.

I don’t know how long Hanna was debating what she would do in her mind but for me it’s about five seconds before I feel her plunge her pussy all the way down my cock. I gasp a little at the tightness but Hanna is almost screaming from the shock of the invasion. Her body is all tense and I feel movement on the couch and turn my head to see my Amazon has moved over to the couch and is rubbing Hanna’s back and trying to help her ride the pain out.

“Easy girl, I told you we could try it with a dildo first,” Mathilda says to Hanna.

I see Hanna shake her head as I feel her slowly move her hips up and then slide back down slowly. She’s taking her time working my cock over but considering it’s her first and not to mention she’s my first virgin I’m really not in a mood to rush it. The pure tightness and slimy lubrication make for a different sensation as I resume sucking on her nipple. I get my head pushed to the side lightly and glancing over see that I’ve got the left nipple in my mouth and Mathilda has the right nipple in hers but also is using a free hand to rub Hanna’s clit. All the attention has Hanna clamping up on me like a vise and before long I’m holding onto her just to keep inside as she goes rigid from her first male induced orgasm. We all sit there as she starts to recover and I watch as Matty helps pull Hanna off my cock then moves Hanna into sitting on her lap rubbing her body down. I check and see some blood on my cock and more lightly leaking out of Hanna’s pussy. I start to get up from the couch and head to the bathroom to clean up when Matty stops me.

“Did you really finish that quickly? I don’t know if Hanna can take anymore but I’ll definitely let you finish with me,” Mathilda says smiling.

“No, I started it and I can finish him off. I just can’t ride him anymore,” Hanna says groggily but determined.

“Are you sure Hanna? You already proved a lot just now,” I ask already moving my body in between her legs and getting down on my knees.

“If you don’t finish with me the second first you’ll be of the day is the first man I take the balls off of,” Hanna growls with determination.

I get down on my knees on the floor in front of the couch, Hanna is sitting in front of my Amazon. Matty has Hanna’s legs spread wide for me. I can finally see Hanna’s pretty tight pussy now a little more stretched out as I line my cock up with her again. Getting inside this time is a little more planned and a lot less shocking for us both as I slide in, she’s still tight and slick but now I can gauge her reactions and they’re less shocked and more accepting as I work my cock slowly in and out. Matty moves her hand down to Hanna’s pussy and again starts to rub her clit slowly. I Hanna’s eyes are closed and her head is resting on Mathilda’s shoulder as I work myself in and out of her pussy a little quicker. The change in speed starts to rouse Hanna and her eyes open wide for a second.

“I don’t know if you should cum in me, I’m on the shot but I have never needed it before,” Hanna says a little concerned.

It’s a predicament to say the least and I slow down a little and start to take my time while she tries to figure it out. After a few moments Hanna looks at me a little disappointed.

“Why are you stopping, I still want you to finish,” Hanna says expectantly.

“But where do I get to cum, are you gonna suck me off or do you want to feel what it’s like to have me cum in this tight little pussy of yours,” I reply to Hanna smiling and speeding up.

“Do it girl, it feels so hot you’ll convert over to being bi sexual in a heartbeat,” Mathilda says nibbling on Hanna’s ear.

Hanna starts moaning at the combination of my pace and Mathilda’s clit rubbing and ear biting. I watch Hanna close her eyes for a second before locking onto me with some pretty pale green eyes and giving me consent I start to plow harder than she probably thought could happen. The living room is filled with the sound of my hips slapping against Hanna’s thighs and our moaning at the pleasure working its way over our bodies. I start to feel the tingle at the base of my cock and speeding up to a frantic pace I get grabbed by Mathilda and pulled in for a kiss as I cross over and shoot ropes of cum deep inside Hanna’s pussy. Somewhere in the haze I feel hands grip and pull against me with nails digging lightly into my flesh. After what seems like hours but is probably only a few minutes I back up off the girls and pull out of Hanna. Mathilda is quick to take a cover for the couch armrest and use it to keep Hanna from leaking on the floor. The three of us head to the bathroom where we have no conversation and simply clean up before getting dressed again.

We get sit back down and while Hanna is coming down from her orgasm high she’s not regretting it while sitting on the opposite side of me and cuddling my arm. Mathilda is leaning back on the couch and pulls me onto her and out of Hanna’s grasp kissing me again before making me feel small by having me rest my head on her chest. I let my Amazon have her way before I get up and make Hanna stand up in the living room.

“Alright little ginger, you are in. But you have a defined job, you will report anything major that happens to Mathilda as soon as it happens,” I explain going through the basics,” You gave up the who you were for a chance to feel things that other people you identified with would frown on. You are one of us now.”

I can see Hanna and Mathilda are happy with the acceptance and I let them chat about it while I check my clock and see that it’s almost six at night and I shoot off two text messages. First one to Mom letting her know that I’ll be home as soon as possible for dinner and the second to Kori telling her about our third new member. Mom is fine since dinner will be ready about seven but it’s Kori who goes nuts at the new recruit. I tell her that it’s Hanna and Mathilda wanted her in before watching Matty and Hanna’s phones start going crazy with text messages from Kori and apparently everyone else in the group with either welcoming words or encouragement for the girls. I start to get my gear ready when Hanna asks if she can get a ride home. I agree and go over the basics for leaning on a bike with her before kissing Matty goodbye and heading down the road.

We’re on the road and in a neighborhood I’m not too familiar with when I see Heather and some of her friends getting into a car, I start to ignore them but I’m moving slowly enough that when a rock comes flying at me from behind and hits my left arm I stop the bike and set off to handle my new business.

“Who the fuck threw the rock,” I ask more yelling as I head over to Heather’s group after handing Hanna my helmet.

“Guy, what are you doing out here,” Heather says shocked that I stopped.

“Answer the fucking question you fucking nut ball,” I growl.

There are only four of them including Heather and her big blonde girl along with two guys I’ve never seen before. I watch as one of the guy’s starts to get into the car and I get into a fuck it mood. Before he can close the door I bolt past Heather and her bodyguard and hood slide across the front of the coupe they’re getting into. It shocks the crap out of them but not as much as when I wrench the door open and grab the keys from the guy, both guys are white but this one is a little more preppy while the other is more reforming slacker. I start to walk around the back of the car with the keys and I feel the ‘driver’ start to come after me for the keys. I turn around quickly and raise my fist, the guy nearly falls on his ass from my feint and I discover it’s the slacker who has another rock in his hand and is debating the option.

“You good with that thing, cause if you are I highly recommend taking the shot because if you do and you don’t kill me I’m going to beat you so bad you’ll wish you died when you dropped from your mother’s vagina,” I tell him covering the distance.

The fear in his eyes is priceless as I watch him set the rock down and back away slowly. I walk past him bumping him lightly and putting him off balance before getting up to Heather. I can tell that she’s excited that I’m this close to her but I aim to disappoint as I drop the keys at her feet and smile before starting to walk away.

“Next time you should bring better back up than a little red head coward,” the blonde says to me, in Russian.

“Really, someone who knows how to speak Russian, did you learn from schooling or by taking a beating from your vodka drinking father,” I ask the big blonde watching her face turn red as I stop and give her all my attention.

“Don’t talk about my family or I’ll beat you like you stole from us,” the blonde bodyguard growls walking up to me.

“I’d love to go a few rounds with you then show you what it’s like to have a man give you a baby but I’m really busy right now. If you want here’s my number,” I tell her still in Russian and smiling,” call me when you start feeling like someone who wants to live their own life and not be Heather’s stooge.”

I can see she’s angry but Heather has the keys again and backs her bodyguard off with a hand on the shoulder before standing in front of me with something to say.

“I am going to give you another chance after this, stop fighting it and we can go back to the way things were for us. No cheating, no lying and no other people,” Heather says quietly,” we can be great again and this time I’m ready for you.”

“But here’s the thing, my girlfriends, my slutty and disease ridden girlfriends are each more of a real woman now than you ever think you’ll be,” I reply coldly,” I’m going to give you one last chance after this, either stop this Gestapo crap right now or I will personally make you wish you’d never met me.”

I turn and get back onto my bike and once my helmet is on Hanna and I ride off to her home. The drop off is good and I introduce myself to Hanna’s parents and she confirms for them that I’m just her friend. I tell Hanna to get a good jacket with a hood before heading home.

I’m in the door at home for five minutes when dinner get’s place on the table and the whole family sits down to eat. It’s mostly just light conversation when my father decides to break the light mood.

“I got a call at work today from Mrs. Jackson, Guy do you want to know why she called me about you,” Dad says getting the entire table to quiet down.

“I don’t know Dad,” I reply trying to remain calm.

“Mrs. Jackson says that you’ve been causing trouble in the cafeteria and scaring students. She also says that in scaring students you’re causing people to start following your example and take a stand,” Dad says elaborating on his earlier conversation,” I just want to know why are you starting something that can end in a fight at school?”

“Because someone taught me that you don’t let people get bullied, you never let someone get pushed around when you know you can do something to stop it,” I explain quietly,” They want to pick on kids like Katy just because of face piercings or Liz because of their clothes. It’s crap and if you don’t want me to do that then I’ll just move…”

“I bring this up Guy,” my Dad says cutting me off,” because Mrs. Jackson says that you scared this group of bullies away and kept it from escalating into an embarrassing situation for the staff. She also said that this little tutoring group that you have Jun and Katy doing is getting a few struggling students to pay attention. Honestly we’re both proud of you and I think I need to back up a little and wait to see what you do next so I can continue to be proud of my son.”

After all the crap this week I’m finally feeling like things are going well for me in at least one aspect of my life. Katy is gripping my leg with her hand and I can see Mom is beaming with happy thoughts as we continue eating dinner. I help clear the table and head back to my room to relax. I get inside and before I can react fully I get pushed against my closed door and have Katy kissing me hard on my mouth. I back us both up and once I get her laid down on my bed we wrap up in each other’s arms making out.

“I am really happy right now, I know that you’ve already had some today but I’d like a little attention since I’m not pestering you with any recruiting,” Katy says in between kisses.

I smile at her and relax on top kissing her gently before rolling onto my back. Katy moves in to cuddle and I’m feeling a hell of a lot better now than I have in a good while.

Part 3
Saturday comes and goes relatively peacefully considering there is no school and the family had their own plans so I got to chill out and spend time with Kori, Katy and Mathilda over at Kori’s house. Nothing major happened while there aside from Katy and Kori expressing some pride in Matty for bringing in Hanna. Sunday was fairly relaxed until I got a text message from Natsuko saying she needs a favor and for me to come over this afternoon. It’s only eleven in the morning but the request is enough for me to tell her that I can come over, which she replies with a ‘please do’ and ‘hurry’. I let Kori know where I am and who I’m helping via text before informing Mom who gives me a hug before pushing me out the door.

I take my time getting over to Jun and Natsuko’s house at about four in the afternoon when I knock on the door. Natsuko answers and I follow her inside checking her out a little more than I have recently. Jean short shorts and a tight black t-shirt with no bra on should always grab attention but once I get my mind off that as we get to her room I can see she’s a little more nervous about something than I’ve ever seen her. Natsuko’s room has just enough Japanese punk stuff in it to be trendy and just enough American punk in it to be cool, even her bed has grey blankets with black samurai skulls. I take a seat on her bed and I can see her thinking when a noise from another part of the house makes me crane to make out what’s happening.

“That would be Jun and Lilly, on Sunday like clockwork they go to his room and have sex when my parents leave,” Natsuko explains like she’s bored.

“Okay well unless you want me to do something about that I’m curious why my best non-girlfriend needs my help,” I reply curiously.

“Family dinner is tonight and Daddy wants to meet you,” Natsuko explains,” After last year Mom has mellowed out but Dad is worried about his little girl not dating and I told him that I have a really good friend but we’re not romantic at all. He wants me to get a boyfriend but I just don’t need love like that, I have two families and that’s more than enough love.”

“So we’re not romantic but you definitely enjoy having me screw your brains out,” I say getting a smile out of Natsuko, “Okay, so you want me to straighten out your Dad on how you feel?”

“Yeah or just get him to back off like you did with Mom last year,” Natsuko says getting me to choke at the thought.

Having some blackmail sex with Natusko’s Mom last year was one thing but I still haven’t told either her or Jun what happened. Mostly it’s been a secret because I promised her mom, Kimiko that nobody would know. I can see she’s wondering why I choked up for a second and wave her off when we both turn our heads to hear Jun’s voice from the other side of the house as he hits an orgasm. I chuckle but Natsuko seems uninterested.

“I’ll help out but we have a bigger problem than your father,” I tell Natsuko getting very serious.

“What is the problem,” Natsuko asks concerned.

“I haven’t had an Asian girl to hold onto in over a month and I’m here in one’s room and she doesn’t seem interested,” I tell he changing my tone from serious to funny.

Natsuko smiles before she crawls over and I get her to lay down on her side before spooning up behind her. We talk lightly and after a few minutes we can hear Lilly and Jun talking as they head down the hall towards Natsuko’s room and knock on the door. Natsuko and I feign sleeping and listen as they pop their heads in and start talking in Japanese to each other as they creep inside. I can feel the two of them are close when Natsuko mumbles something in Japanese in her ‘sleep’. Jun and Lilly chuckle at the comment which I have no clue about and I take my arm on top of Natsuko and start to grope her chest lightly. Natsuko starts moaning at my touch and I can feel her ass grinding against my crotch as we continue to ‘sleep hump’ each other getting some heavy breathing from Lilly and Jun.

“OH MY GOD YOU PERVERTS ARE WATCHING US,” I exclaim getting them to jump for where standing.

“Holy shit you scared the crap out of me Guy,” Jun says startled.

“You just got off and now you wanna watch me have sex with Guy,” Natsuko says laughing hard.

Both of them are a little embarrassed at the situation and Natsuko and I are having a good laugh about it, we sit up and all settle down to start talking about different things. Jun gets tense when I mention Heather’s new group.

“So why are they bothering you man,” I ask.

“The one with the glasses has been making some almost racist comments to Jun but won’t make any to anyone else,” Lilly explains rubbing Jun’s shoulder.

As we continue talking I feel Natsuko pushing my arm back and crawl against my chest. Before too long she’s got her hand in my shirt and is rubbing my stomach. Lilly is shifting in her seat and Jun doesn’t notice it much as we continue talking. I finally decide to drop the bomb.

“Hey you two, this is great but I’m thinking about learning Japanese in a few minutes,” I say rubbing my hand on Natsuko’s hip.

“You are tutoring Guy in Japanese,” Lilly asks confused.

“No he just makes me cum so hard I forget the English language,” Natsuko purrs curling up onto my lap facing away from me.

“Dude are you gonna keep doing that with us here,” Jun asks a little put off.

“Hey you were just watching us grope each other now either get naked and start giving it to your girlfriend or get out,” I reply plainly.

That’s when the Japanese talk starts in between Lilly and Jun. Both of them are talking fast but it’s not slowing down Natsuko who is giving me a lap dance as they argue. I’m getting hard and it has Natsuko’s attention as she hops off my lap and drops to her knees before taking my cock out of my pants and slowly working her mouth up and down my shaft taking five of the seven and a half inches. Jun starts to leave but Lilly takes the initiative quickly pushing him down onto the foot of the bed before pulling his cock out and before long starts working him with her mouth frantically. I take Natsuko’s head and with Lilly glancing out of the corner of her eye push Natsuko’s head all the way down. Natsuko puts her arms behind her back and makes a few gagging noises while drooling on my cock. Lilly on the other hand starts making sucking noises and I can see she’s getting into what’s happening all the while Jun seems like he’s a little weirded out by the whole thing despite his hard on.

“Dude this is so fucked up,” Jun says rolling his head back,” My sister is sucking off my best friend while I get a blowjob.”

“As opposed to me cumming inside her last year while you fucked Katy,” I reply chucking.

The blowjob on my end stops with Natsuko letting me fall from her mouth before she stands up and strips down in front of me, I quickly start to follow her lead but we both start getting distracted by Jun and Lilly. Lilly has stopped giving Jun his blowjob and has an upset scowl on her face while she speaks angrily in Japanese and Jun tries to save himself meekly. As Natsuko starts to climb on top I decide to change things up for her and instead of her riding me I lay her down on her back. Natsuko is surprised but I watch as she spreads her legs wide hooking her arms under her knees. I crawl up and position my cockhead against her tight pussy all the while Jun and Lilly continue to fight in Japanese, I make eye contact with Natsuko and slam my cock deep inside her pussy. As I hit bottom Natsuko lets out a loud moan causing Lilly and Jun to stop arguing. I pull my knees up under me and rest my upper body on my forearms next to Natsuko’s head. Once I’m all lined up I back my cock halfway out and slam it back down getting another moan from Natsuko. I keep the pace slow but hard enjoying the feeling of my cock banging against Natsuko’s cervix. Natsuko lets go of her legs and wraps them around my waist and her arms around my back as I methodically pound into her.

I keep pushing my cock deeper into Natsuko when I feel a shift in the weight on the bed and see Lilly down on her hands with her bare ass in the air as Jun moves in behind her, the two of them having stripped down again I distract myself by checking out Lilly for the first time. I can see her breasts, b cup at least hanging and her glasses are off and as soon as Jun is in position he slams inside her hard and starts pounding away. Lilly is moaning and enjoying the attention but her eyes are watching my hips and the beating I’m giving to Natsuko’s pussy. I smile a little and Lilly realizes that I know she was watching and her face gets more flushed at the embarrassment of being ‘seen’.

I turn my attention to Natsuko who is trying desperately to get me deeper into her pussy, I lock my forearms under her shoulders and instead of deeper I switch into high gear going just as deep as I was before but a lot faster. Natsuko isn’t so much thrashing underneath me as she is shaking and speaking in Japanese, her pussy is clenching down hard and when her mouth opens to scream I latch mine onto her’s and kiss her deeply. The kiss and the hard fucking have Natsuko shaking hard as I clamp down and hold onto her till the shaking stops. I start to move again unfortunately I get the slightly disappointing surprise of Natsuko’s limbs falling off of me as she has passed out. I pull out and curl her limp form up to the head of the bed and put a pillow under her head.

I turn my attention back to Jun and Lilly, Jun is hammering away and while Lilly is feeling it I can tell by her eyes that she wants more. I start to put my underwear on when Lilly stops everything by speaking to Jun in Japanese. I watch his face as the mood goes from ‘I’m gonna cum’ to ‘the fuck you say’. They start to have a small fight and I decide that I should probably step out of the room but no sooner am I in the hall and heading to the bathroom do I have Jun hot on my heels.

“Dude this is fucked up,” Jun says in a not too happy tone.

“Okay but you’ve seen me have sex with your sister before,” I reply plainly.

“No, it’s Lilly. She’s pissed that I’ve been with someone other than her and she says it’s only fair that she gets to have sex with someone else too,” Jun says a little disheartened.

“Well she’s asked me before,” I tell Jun leaning against the wall.

“What? You’ve tried to have sex with Lilly and you didn’t tell me,” Jun says getting angry.

“Whoa, I didn’t have sex with her. She wanted to so that she didn’t feel left out and could come back to you. I value you as a friend and said no,” I explain going on the defense,” Last time she asked was when you two were separated before I left on vacation last summer.”

“Okay man, I’m just pissed off now because she’s holding it over my head like I did something wrong,” Jun says backing down.

“Alright well what do you need me to do,” I ask trying to help.

“She’s not gonna let it go but I don’t want to see her with another guy or let another guy fuck her,” Jun says disheartened.

“So who is the bigger freak, you or her,” I ask forming my plan.

“Lilly, she wants to try a lot of different things and sometimes when we have sex she fingers herself afterwards because she didn’t orgasm hard enough,” Jun tells me with a little embarrassment, “I mean it’s not that I’m not interested in doing the same things it’s just I get into a groove and we end up doing one of the same things we always do.”

“I have a thought but you need to be completely okay with it before I would ever do it and it’s a onetime thing only,” I tell Jun getting a look of skepticism.

I walk through my newly formed plan with Jun which initially gets an immediate no. I continue explaining that this is just for the two of them and that afterwards this is not ever an option again. He weighs it over before he asks me one question.

“Have you been interested in Lilly at all,” Jun asks skeptically.

“Dude, she’s your girl, I stay away from other guys’ women as a rule,” I explain,” This isn’t because I have some fantasy. You trust me and I trust you, only reason I offer this. Do you want me to do this yes or no?”

Jun nods and we head back to the bedroom where Lilly has her underwear on and looks confused by the both of us coming back in the room together. Jun takes a seat in Natsuko’s desk chair while I stand there looking for the way to explain what will be happening to Lilly.

“Lilly there is no easy way to go about this but I’m tired of every time I come around it turns into a problem between you and Jun,” I say starting in,” Now I don’t really understand why he’s in trouble considering he’s only been with my girlfriend before you were dating him and I was dating her.”

“It’s just that he has had something different and I haven’t,” Lilly says frustrated.

“I can understand that and so can Jun, he and I talked and this is the offer. You and I will do this one time. It will happen with Jun here in the room watching us,” I explain and cut her off from interrupting me with a gesture,” However, these are my rules and they are not negotiable. First one is that you will not kiss me, this is not a love thing it’s a lust thing. Second we will fuck, again it’s a lust thing. Third you will fuck the way I want to fuck and you will not complain or I will stop and that will be the end of it. Finally I know you are on the pill but you like Jun to wear a condom, I won’t and I will cum inside you if I see fit to. Do you understand?”

I can see her thinking about it hard before nodding her head quietly, I motion her to stand up and strip down. Once her bra and panties are on the floor and my boxer briefs are next to them lean my body down her 5’6” frame and start to suck on Lilly’s nipple which causes her to stiffen up a little. I place one of my arms around her back and spread her legs a little before taking my other hand and start rubbing Lilly’s clit with reckless speed. Lilly grips my head and tries to slow my hand down with her own but it does her no good as I back her up and lay her down on the Natsuko’s bed and after detaching my mouth from her nipple grab the back of her head with my free hand and make her look at my hand on her pussy as I stick two fingers in. Lilly starts moaning at my intrusion as I finger her deep and fast. Lilly’s pussy is almost as tight as Natsuko’s but the suddenness of my actions aren’t getting her as wet as I would like. I take my fingers out and let go of Lilly’s head before hopping off the bed and pulling her ass to the edge. I know Jun is waiting for something to happen but I know I’ve got to get her ready for anything too new. I spread Lilly’s pussy lips and in one stroke shove my whole cock deep into her pussy.

Lilly’s insides are just as tight as my fingers told me but I’m in her deeper than I was able to be with Natsuko and while Natsuko can get like a volcano if she does it her way Lilly is like a warm bath. I back out till my just the head is inside and slide my cock all the way back down eliciting a moan from Lilly. I can see more of Lilly’s body now, her meaty legs spread wide and held by my arms, her breasts moving to her sides under their own weight but what catches my attention the most is her body fat. She’s not huge but she’s got more on her than any of my girlfriends and every time I thrust it causes a ripple up her body. This is so new to me that instead of going slowly and working up speed I start to fuck Lilly’s pussy hard each thrust getting me the same ripple up her body. Lilly’s biting her knuckle as I fuck her pussy and I let of one of her legs to grab her head again and make it look down at my hips as I fuck her.

“Are you cumming,” I ask Lilly who‘s face gets red at the question.

“He asked you if you’re cumming Lilly, answer him,” Jun says from the chair behind me.

I watch Lilly nod her head yes and her eyes show a desperation I’ve seen in women before. I’m not too close and I still have to get what I promised Jun taken care of. I let go of Lilly’s head and watch it fall back, as soon as my hand is free however I take my thumb and start rubbing her clit. Lilly starts to get tighter and quieter as I hammer away before lurching her upper body off the bed and grabbing my arms grunts out a hard orgasm. I slow my pace down and stop rubbing her clit altogether as she calms down from her first orgasm. I pull out and see she’s confused as she checks and finds I didn’t cum.

“But you didn’t cum, why didn’t you finish,” Lilly asks confused.

I smirk instead of answer and start to lay myself down on the floor before motioning to Lilly to follow. A little confused but still very aroused it takes Lilly a moment to get herself into position and straddling my hips finally she gets my cock at her entrance and starts working me in and out of her pussy in slow strokes. I lean Lilly’s body forward till she’s over me and push my cock up into her as she takes me deeper causing more moaning and lip biting. I reach my hands up and taking her jaw in one hand I take my other and slap my hand to get her attention.

“I’m not fucking a mute now either start showing me you like this or I will start doing shit like biting your nipples,” I tell Lilly aggressively.

I take my hands off her face and move them to Lilly’s nipples pinching them a little harder than I would to tease. I feel Lilly’s pussy start to tighten and she starts grunting at the pain/pleasure she’s feeling. We start hammering our hips together but I’m literally keeping my orgasm at bay to hold out for later. I let Lilly’s nipples go and pull her hair back as she starts to speed up on her own trying to cum hard against me.

“Lilly are you gonna cum on my cock again,” I ask her getting frantic nod,” You better say something or I’ll stop.”

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming hard. Jun I’m cumming hard again, thank you Jun for asking Guy to do this. I swear I’ll do a threesome with a girl or anything you want after this,” Lilly gasps pounding harder against me.

I see Jun smirking and I wave for him to get ready. Lilly is a moment away from cumming when I take her arms in my hands and move them behind her back making her rest her weight on me. She’s shocked and being so close I can see she is thinking about kissing me but is confused by my change in position as I take a slow pace fucking her from below.

“Jun I think she’s ready,” I tell Jun who moves up behind his girlfriend.

“Wait, what are you doing Jun,” Lilly asks confused and nervous.

Jun doesn’t answer but I can hear him moving and I know when he lines up his cock with Lilly’s asshole by the expression on her face.

“No Jun we talked about this I’m not ready yet,” Lilly says desperately.

“Better get ready then cause he’s gonna get something that you’ve been holding back, you get something and he gets something,” I tell Lilly getting a wide eyed expression.

I watch Lilly clench her eyes shut and start breathing deeply as I slow my pace down and bury my whole cock in her pussy as I feel Jun start to breach the gates. It takes him a minute and Lilly lets me know he’s inside by bumping our foreheads together hard. Lilly clenches her pussy up hard and I wait till Jun starts moving slowly that I only used two inches of my cock to fuck Lilly. The three of us are in a weird sandwich and it’s the moaning not involved in the sex that draws my gaze as I see Natsuko watching and fingering her pussy lightly at the sight. I keep my slow pace and finally let Lilly’s arms go and watch as she pushes her body up and off mine but doesn’t try to throw us off. It’s minutes at this slow pace before Jun speeds up and starts hammering his girlfriends ass.

“Lilly I’m gonna cum in you again,” Jun tells her pulling her head back to see him.

“Baby this is the best idea you ever had please don’t stop,” Lilly replies before they kiss.

I’m feeling great with Lilly’s pussy but for some reason I’m not close to finishing like I was with Natsuko earlier and while it’s aggravating I keep pushing and hope for the best. Seconds after Lilly and Jun break their kiss I feel Jun slam his cock up her ass one final time and both let out a loud moan, Lilly keeps pushing herself back onto Jun’s and my own cock as she cums hard on me. I push myself all the way down to the base but still no orgasm, not even close but it’s enough to get Lilly to start shaking as she rides out her orgasm.

Jun backs out slowly and I see him hand Lilly something as I figure she’s trying to keep from making
a mess. I pull out of Lilly and watch as she gets up and waddles off to the bathroom. I watch Jun get dressed and start to follow suit when Natsuko stops me.

“Wait, didn’t you cum,” Natsuko asks getting a look from Jun.

I shake my head no and watch as Natsuko motions for Jun to leave the room. I observe as Jun takes Lilly her clothes exiting the room before turning my attention to Natsuko. My little Japanese-American assistant moves me over to her bed and lays me down with my head on the pillow before straddling my hips and lining my cock up with her pussy, I watch her slowly start to take me inside her for the second time today only this time she seems less interested in getting me in and more interested in my expression. I wait for Natsuko to take her usually slow pace but instead of riding me while sitting up she leans down and puts her face over mine.

“You are going to cum in me, you are gonna cum and I’m going to milk your fucking cock till there’s nothing left,” Natusko growls starting to move hard onto me.

I can feel her clenching down intentionally and while I’d normally want to last longer I can feel my blood, and other bodily fluids, start to boil. I waste no time and start pushing up into Natsuko’s tight pussy hard, matching her downward thrusts with ones up against her. She’s taking it well and I’m back to my familiar Asian girls which for some reason makes things seem better as we continue to pound our bodies together. I can feel the tingle in the base of my member and taking Natsuko’s hip in one hand and her head in the other slam myself into her warm folds while shoving my tongue in her unsuspecting mouth. I feel her tense up and then relax as I shoot my cum deep into her, the whole time our mouths tasting each other for the first time in a long time. It’s at least a good five minutes and I know I’m spent but Natsuko is still on top of me and only when I fall out does she break our kiss.

“Why did you do that,” Natsuko asks confused but smiling.

“Seemed like the best thing right then, I couldn’t cum with Lilly. It was just too weird for me right then,” I tell her letting her roll off to my side,” But you are my first not-girlfriend, and while this a relationship thing I do care a bit about you .”

“You sappy dork,” Natsuko says shoving me a little and smirking.

We clean up and return to her room to dress before we just relax and talk, Natsuko tells me about some of the ‘forced compliance’ that the new moralists are pushing and I think about an approach in case I get confronted again. Natsuko and I are only holding for about a half hour when we can hear her parents come in through the front door. I grab my jacket and follow her out to the living room. I’ve seen Junichi’s and Natsuko’s father before but this being a little different since it’s a formal meet I get my game face on. I see him in sitting in a cushioned chair like he’s been waiting for me. He’s dressed like he’s going to the office, button up shirt, blue tie and slacks with thick black framed glasses. What really throws me off is that he doesn’t look anything like Jun. He stands to greet me and I am looking down at a 5’5” Asian man and I take his hand and try to contain myself as I feel him try to grip test me in the handshake.

“You must be the young sensei that has my son walking around like a man and my daughter refusing to find herself a good boyfriend,” Jun’s father says to me gauging my reaction.

“Not a sensei, I just encourage people to stand up, and as for your daughter if she feels strong enough to be single and not need someone else that should say more about you raising her since I didn’t give her that idea,” I reply smiling and matching his grip.

“You take the compliment well and you turn the accusation into a compliment for my wife and me,” Jun’s father says smiling,” You are either a very smart or crafty young man.”

I thank him for the compliment and we sit in the living room while dinner is prepared and his children watch and wait to see if either he loses his temper at me or I pound him into paste. I don’t want any sort of fight with an adult but Jun’s expression is one that tells me he’s waiting for something to happen. I learn in our conversation he’s an accountant for an overseas firm and has been privileged with a good life thanks to his company. I tell him about the ‘tutoring group’ that Jun helps me run and how we are working to get more students through school. I can tell he approves when Kimiko, Natsuko’s mom calls us in for dinner.

The meal is very traditional Japanese but we get to sit at a table with chairs. Kimiko at the end of the table, Jun and Lilly on one side with Natsuko and I on the other. It’s Takehiko, their father that almost has me laughing as he sits in a slightly taller chair so that he’s taller than everyone else at the head of the table. We clear our plates when Takehiko decides to put the screws to me.

“So why are you not man enough to be the boyfriend of my daughter,” Takehiko says to me with a little venom.

“I’d like to think I’m man enough to be her boyfriend but we both are content with our friendship,” I reply as the table quiets to the conversation.

“So you do not honor her with even an attempt to be her boyfriend,” He responds getting upset.

“I honor your daughter by listening to her when she has advice and she has honored me with the wonders of Japanese girls and how amazing they can be,” I tell Takehiko smiling at my not so veiled statement.

“You dare imply that you have had sex with my daughter,” Takehiko says standing up on what must be a step up bar for the chair.

“I’m not implying anything, I have had sex with her because she wanted to have sex with me,” I tell him politely remaining seated,” and if she ever chose to stop because she found herself a boyfriend then I would be happy for her gain for as long as it lasted.”

And while I don’t speak a single word of Japanese I really don’t have to with the expressions of everyone at the table except Kimiko. I can see Lilly and Jun are waiting for a fight, Natsuko has a death grip on my leg and the whole situation would be normally tense except for the fact that I am trying to keep from laughing at the scene. A small Asian man is yelling at me while standing on a step up to look down at me. I don’t know where he is in his tirade and gesturing at everyone at the table but it’s Kimiko who speaks loudly enough to cause her husband’s voice to crack and go silent. Everyone sits in silence as she speaks to him and again I wish I had subtitles or some shit because while everyone is listening I’m the only one not understanding. I watch Takehiko take his seat and finally things seem to calm down.

“Husband, take Lilly home. Jun and Natsuko, I want you to go with your father and explain to him how your lives have improved with Guy’s assistance,” Kimiko says with iron like resolve.

I watch the family get up from the table and Jun nod to me while Natsuko winks a little like everything will be okay as they head out. I check the time and see it’s past six and start to get up to leave when Kimiko locks her brown almost black eyes onto me. I slowly sit back down and wait for her to address me.

“I must apologize to you,” Kimiko says with a little more humility than I’ve seen in her.

“It’s okay, I figured that something might happen and just told myself to be calm and stick to a polite but free comments,” I reply smiling.

“No, not for my foolish husband, he’s is easily dealt with as you just saw,” Kimiko says dismissing my words,” I am apologizing for not contacting you at all since you first visited me last year.”

“Oh, that… I figured you were just too busy or didn’t want anyone to suspect that we had been together,” I reply a little stunned at her apology.

“You tricked me yes but you have to understand that my husband is not very good at home and worse when he’s in bed,” Kimiko tells me explaining,” And with what you did last year it was something that I had been needing for a long time.”

“I’m just glad I made an impression, honestly though, why did you marry him anyway,” I ask curiously.

“Because he’s successful, he comes from a good family with a good history,” I watch Kimiko pause and smile wickedly,” and when I got pregnant he was so desperate to marry someone that I jumped at the chance to get myself a good life. Now I have a good life but every now and then I like to indulge my more carnal needs.”

“Wait you said when you got pregnant. Jun isn’t his is he,” I ask smirking.

She shakes her head no slowly and we both laugh at the joke of it all. Laughing I help her clear the dishes from the table and we continue talking in the kitchen. I tell her about my last summer and she jokes about taking me and my bike for a ride again. I shift in my pants being a little hard near an Asian milf goddess and she takes some notice.

“Problems from earlier,” Kimiko asks curiously.

“Your daughter is really good but I guess she gets that from you,” I leave out the thing with Lilly intentionally.

“Well considering my daughter’s size I’m amazed that she can take you at all,” Kimiko tells me putting her back against the counter across from me and leaning on her elbows.

“Mrs. Nakamura why do I have the feeling your trying to seduce me,” I reply moving in but Kimiko stops me with a hand on my chest.

“Not tonight young man, I have to guarantee that my husband will learn that this family likes you and that you are much better than he believes and that means I don’t put you against the refrigerator and see if you are any larger now than you were almost a year ago,” Kimiko purrs to me putting me in my place.

It’s not much longer with us waiting that the rest of the family returns and I say goodbye to Jun and Natsuko before getting back on my bike and heading out. It’s only seven at night and I decide to take a good long ride out to relax. I don’t know how long I’ve been out driving but it’s pretty late when I pull over and check my clock, it’s almost nine at night and I feel like I’m in a familiar place as I look around at the neighborhood. It takes me a few moments but then I remember that Heather lives a few streets over. I head over and see that the lights inside are on and people are moving around, I also check the light in Heather’s room and see it’s on as well. I park my bike on the street in front of the house and keeping my helmet in my hand cut across the front yard and get up to the front door. I take a calming breath and knock on the door, I can hear movement and talking inside before the door opens to show me Heather’s father, Mr. Daniels and his wife behind him wondering why I’m standing there.

“Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Daniels,” I say smiling politely.

“Guy, what are you doing here and at this hour of the night,” Mr. Daniels asks me a little confused.

“Well I have a problem, your daughter is honestly starting to worry me a little,” I tell them putting some concern in my voice,” I don’t think she’s gotten over our break up last year and a couple times this year I feel like she’s been stalking me.”

“Alright Guy well after you and her broke up last year she was dating your friend Derek but your whole break up was because you went through this lifestyle change that I currently see in front of me,” Mr. Daniels says putting the break up last year on me.

“Wow, is that what she told you? I honestly can say that I’m not surprised by it though,” I say chuckling,” Let me give you the inside track on the events of last year, Heather was FUCKING Derek behind my back. The two of them had been doing it for a few months before I found out. I caught them and all they wanted was for me to just let them make a fool out of me and then go about my life like nothing happened.”

“My daughter would never have sex without discussing it with me first,” Mrs. Daniels says confidently.

“So you knew that the day I broke up with her was because she got caught fucking Derek in the music room,” I tell them plainly.

“How dare you come here after hours and make these horrible remarks about my daughter,” Mr. Daniels growls at me.

The mood in the house is tense and it gets even better for me as I watch Heather in a night shirt and sweat pants come around the corner and see me. Her face shows shock and curiosity as she tries to intervene in the conversation.

“Guy what are you doing here,” Heather asks confused.

“The boy was just leaving and I don’t want you going near him until I’ve had a talk with his father,” Mr. Daniels says turning his attention to his daughter.

“You don’t want to believe me, I can prove what I’ve said right now,” I tell everyone in front of me before turning my attention to Heather,” I will break up with Kori and the other girls tonight if you get on my bike with me in the next two minutes and go with me back to my place so we can have sex like you’ve always wanted.”

The whole family is in shock and I don’t wait to hear the argument among them as I turn and head back to my bike. I get my helmet on and start the engine before turning my attention back to the house, sure enough it’s not a record but Heather comes back out with her parents calling to her as she has put on a coat and looks like she’s going to get all her dreams at once. I let her get within a few feet and kill the throttle before hopping off my bike and walking past her head back up to her parents.

“Your daughter is ready to leave right now no matter what you say because she’s lost her damn mind,” I tell the Daniels’,” What I am going to do now isn’t because I’m mean it’s because I need to make my message clear, to you and to your crazy daughter.”

I pass Heather and hop on my bike; I turn my head to see her looking at me expectantly. I shake my head and motion her to get close so she can hear me.

“I will NEVER love you,” I tell Heather coldly over the engine of my bike.

The look on her face is priceless to me, absolute turn from hope and happiness to shock and pain. I let her back off before I ride away from her house and head home. I’m in the door all of two seconds when my father grabs me by the shoulder and starts growling at me while walking me to the gym.

“You go to Heather’s house late at night and start a fight with her parents in their doorway,” Dad growls dragging me past Mom and Liz.

“Dad I was just trying to get them to listen to me about Heather and help to back off of me,” I try to explain as we get to the door.

“I raised you better than this, I taught you how to respect someone when you are at their home,” my Dad starts in closing the door and suddenly goes from angry to laughing,” and you completely freaked out that little cheater. I swear I could hear her in the background as her mother tried to calm her down. What exactly did you say to her to get that girl into the hysterics?”

“I told her that I would never love her,” I tell my father confused.

“That’s good but there is more than that, give me the whole run down,” my Dad says sitting down in his chair.

I remain standing while all sorts of confused but I lay the whole scene out for my father in detail. He takes it all in and when I tell him about the ‘promise’ I made Heather and sit down finally waiting for his verdict.

“Alright, well your mother thinks were in here and I’m pissed off at you so we can’t go back out there quite so soon,” Dad says still chuckling,” So why did you head over there?”

“She’s been stalking me and every time I turn around she seems to be there trying to push me into leaving everything behind just to be her boyfriend/stooge,” I explain to Dad,” I didn’t plan on a fight I just wanted to tell her parents that she’s going stalker crazy and hoped they would listen enough to me that they’d take care of it.”

“Well you gave them warning,” Dad says getting up,” Now head straight to your room and I’ll talk to your mom. I know you have trouble giving people a heads up but damn if that didn’t get me to laugh tonight. I always hated her parents, damn anti-military snobs.”

Dad shows me out and I head to my room quickly avoiding any eye contact. I get in and close the door before breathing a sigh of relief, Dad really is giving me some lead way and apparently I’m doing things either in a right way or a humorous one to say the least. I send Kori a text saying that I’ll be by her place early for school. She replies with a why and I only tell her it’s a surprise before stripping down naked and putting on some loose athletic shorts. I crawl into bed hoping for some good sleep and it comes quickly for me.

I get one of those funny feelings while I’m sleeping and groggily look around my room before getting shoved hard against my bed and kissed passionately. I feel warm hands running all over my body and I finally pull back for a second and look up to see Kori’s face smiling at me.

“Hey cutie, I couldn’t wait,” she says before kissing me again.

I wrap her up in my arms and pull her under the covers so we can sleep, it’s still too early for me to do anything and I figure if anything we’ll get some us time in the later morning. Buzzing alarms suck, I know this as I shut mine off and lay back down only to get molested by Kori who is mercifully in bed with me and not a dream.

“Now that I have you here you’re not working out today, I’m going to work you out,” Kori says kissing down my body.

“I went to see Heather last night,” I tell Kori freezing her in place and changing the mood.

Kori works her way up to my face again and taking my member in her hands grips it tightly. I make eye contact and let her read me for a moment before I watch her gaze soften. Kori smiles and resumes her kissing.

“Tell me about it while I work,” Kori says pulling my shorts down,” and I hope its good news.”

I feel her mouth working the head of me over with her tongue, slow and gentle circles. Kori keeps a slow pace while looking up at me expectantly.

“I went over her house to talk to her parents about how she’s been stalking me,” I explain as Kori starts sucking on the head of my cock,” I told them what happened and they didn’t believe me. God that feels good.”

Kori pinches me a little and before slowly working her tongue up and down the underside of my member. The slow pace is maddening but I attempt to press on.

“Heather came in to the living room after I told them and they said I was lying about her,” I keep on as Kori resumes working my head over with her lips in a hard suck,” They told me to leave and I told them I could prove what I was saying so I proved it to them by telling Heather I would break up with you and have sex with her if she left with me right then. Baby please can I finish this after?”

I watch Kori shake her head before taking half of me in her mouth to wet me down then pulls me out and blows on me causing a cool tingle up through my body. I watch her smirk before putting me back in her mouth and working me slowly expecting the rest of my story.

“I waited on my bike and she was ready in under a couple minutes, I went and told her parents that I did it to prove my point then I got back on my bike and made sure Heather heard me when I told her that I would never love her,” I blurt out praying Kori doesn’t bite me.

I watch her smile big before taking my whole cock in her mouth and bobbing up and down with quick thrusts, take her hand and moan at the pure pleasure of her ministrations. Kori keeps working me fast and deep in her mouth making sure I get buried to the base and back up all the way before going back down. I can’t last long at this pace and she knows it but before I can get her to stop for something else I feel a rush through my body focused in one area. I grunt and start shooting my cum down Kori’s throat hard, I feel her back up and keeping just the head in her mouth jerks me slowly making sure every drop gets out of me and into her mouth. Once I’m sufficiently spent Kori crawls back up my body and cuddles in to my side.

“Best boyfriend ever deserves a morning blowjob,” Kori says smiling sweetly.

“Thank God because I thought you might kill me just for going over there,” I reply relaxing in bed.

I feel Kori shake her head no as we continue to relax. The morning goes pretty smoothly for everyone except Liz who upon seeing Kori gets into a foul mood and elects to take the bus to school. Kori and Katy give me the ‘do something’ look and I decide to leap into action.

“Liz you’re riding out with me right now,” I tell her grabbing my bag and dragging her out the door to my bike.

“Guy I’m gonna take the bus,” Liz tells me shrugging me off.

“I’m not asking Liz, I’m telling you,” I state handing her the spare helmet.

It doesn’t take much more than that and I know we’d get to school early but it’s not school I have a mind to get to in a hurry. We go racing out of our neighborhood and a little ways into town before getting into the neighborhood where Greg lives. I pull up to his house having been over a few times looking for Liz when she didn’t answer her phone and Dad sent me out on a mission. We pull up and Greg greets us as he’s heading out to his car and I watch an exceptionally cute blonde girl heading off towards what I can only guess is a bus stop.

“Okay Greg, I’m tired of this crap about you and my sister,” I tell him taking off my helmet.

“What is wrong with Liz and I being together,” Greg asks confused.

I watch the girl leaving stop in the yard and take interest; I point to her and motion to wait where she is as I cover distance to Greg. I watch him back up a little and I can hear Liz hot on my heels.

“What’s wrong is that my sister is going crazy because you can’t seem to get it in your head that women like to be touched,” I tell him angrily,” Now either figure out a time and place so that you two can feel comfortable enough to at least strip down and fondle each other or some shit or I swear to your god that I will find her a new boyfriend because her current one will be in a coma.”

My words seem to make an impact with Greg who Liz immediately pulls aside and starts speaking with in less threatening yet more desperate words. I however turn my attention to the girl still standing in the yard and beat feet over to her. She’s about 5’7” and has a slightly fuller figure than I’m guessing a sophomore should have but it gives her a c cup breast and a nicely ample butt, she’s got shoulder length hair and is wearing a green letterman jacket and blue jeans.

“Hi there, do you know who I am,” I ask the girl,” other than her brother?”

“Yes, you’re Guy and you’re really dangerous,” the girl tells me confused.

“Yes I am, wanna ride on a motorcycle to school and literally make everyone in your class start talking about how you got close to the one guy in the school that has stood up to just about everyone,” I ask her causing her face to brighten a little.

“Sure, my name is Allison,” She tells me taking the spare helmet.

I watch Liz get into the car with Greg but not before waving a little to me, I get my new passenger on my bike before peeling out hard and fast on my way to school. I pull up next to Katy and Kori who are still next the car waiting with Jun and the rest of the crew. I get odd looks all around but I don’t react much until Allison follows me over and starts to attempt to blend in with the crew.

“Everyone I’d like you to meet Allison, Greg’s younger sister,” I tell the assembled crew.

“Hi, I’m just getting a ride today because Guy had to tell my brother off in the front yard,” Allison explains meekly.

I watch Natsuko and Lilly start chatting up Allison while the rest of us lead the way into school. I get through the majority of my day without incident but as soon as homeroom comes around I can’t even get in the door with the goody goon squad blocking my path. Sure enough pretty boy Kyle steps out from behind his wall and decides to confront me personally.

“You got a lot of nerve coming around here after all the crap you seem to be putting Heather through,” Kyle tells me with a little venom in his voice.

“So I can’t go into my homeroom to get a pass because my psycho ex is in the room,” I say with a curious smile.

“Watch your language,” Kyle retorts.

“Or what, you’re going to get a couple of your friends and bully me into taking off my coat or let me guess, wearing some underwear that causes my well used penis shrivel up inside of me like yours has,” I reply to Kyle watching one of his goons almost crack a smile.

“I think it’s about time someone here taught you some manners,” Kyle tells me while unbuttoning his sleeves and rolling them up.

I almost laugh at the scene when we hear Heather call his name, I watch him stop and take a piece of paper from her before she disappears into the classroom. Kyle drops the paper in front of me then heads back into class, I check it and see that it’s a pass to go to another class. I head to the gym as usual and I get greeted by my crew with a few new people just hanging around the outskirts. Coach Campbell is running his girls through their drills and I figure now would be a good time to get a new advisor.

“Excuse me coach, can I speak with you about an academic matter,” I ask Coach Campbell walking across the court towards him.

“Meathead what are you doing on the floor with my team,” Coach Campbell says halting practice.

“Well sir I’d like to switch up to you as my advisor for homeroom,” I state plainly with a smile.

I watch the coach laugh a little before he sees that I’m serious, the whole girls’ team is frozen in place and I can hear some of my crew join me on the court. I have my whole crew with me when Coach starts to speak again.

“I don’t do the advisor thing,” Coach Campbell tells us trying to get back to practice.

“Sir if I may just have a moment of your time to explain this is a way that will help you reconsider,” Jun asks moving up to the front,” Every teacher in the school including other coaches have students they advise. It’s only a matter of time before they give you students that you will probably have to do most of the work to get their files in order then you’ll have to work on a learning plan just to get the students who are behind caught up.”

“Boy you better make your point before I have Mathilda grab you by the neck and slingshot your ass out the door like a rubber band,” Coach says to Jun.

“Alright well the only person behind on credits in our group of people is Katy and she’s only behind for the past three years by one elective credit, the lowest GPA of the students in front of you is held by Devin and he’s a transfer in from another state but he’s still passing,” Jun continues to explain,” Aside from all that the head of our group is probably the one person in this school who would be faster than you to throw the new moral high ground group out of the gym next time they complain about volleyball uniforms or wearing a t-shirt under a girls jersey.”

We all stand there waiting for a verdict when Tracy heads over and pulls her dad aside and has a word with him privately. It takes a few minutes but I see him nod and rejoin us on the floor.

“My students would know to get the hell off my court during practice,” Coach yells causing the crew to head back up the bleachers.

I follow my crew back up and have Natsuko send one of the people hanging around my crew to the office for a change of advisor form if they have something like that. I tell everyone about my warm reception with my homeroom and when I let them know they don’t all need to change over I get a group stare of ‘are you fucking kidding’. I sit and relax as I listen to Kori who is telling everyone about my actions at Heather’s house last night which changes into Jun describing how his ‘father’ attempted to get me to start dating Natsuko officially which gets a puzzled look from Devin.

“Wait, so there are girls in the crew that aren’t your girlfriends,” Devin asks getting a laugh from everyone.

The final bell rings and as we all head out I pull Ben aside, he’s got a denim hooded jacket on but sadly my problem isn’t an apparel issue.

“Hey I wanted to talk with you alone for a second. I know we got off on the wrong foot but I need you to keep an eye on what the Gestapo is up to,” I tell Ben getting a serious look.

“I can do that but are you sure I need to,” Ben affirms and asks.

“Heather has a plan; she picked my homeroom teacher to put herself in front of me. She’s been stalking me and telling me that I have a choice to make. And after what I did last night she’s either gonna go on defense or come after me hard,” I tell him explaining what could happen.

“Alright man, I’ll keep my eyes open. This mean you trust me,” Ben asks heading off to his ride.

“Only until you give me a reason to come after you,” I reply as we part ways.

We all get out of the school lot and I get home to find that Liz isn’t there, I check with Katy who says that she’s off with Greg. I leave that ball of mess where it is and getting into my room hop on my computer and pull up facebook. I spot a new friend request from Allison but I leave it alone for now. I already have one stalker and don’t want to go for two.

The rest of the evening goes pretty well and I get a text message from Kori saying that she’s really happy that I’m giving Ben a real chance and that I’m pushing things forward. I think about it for a second, forward maybe but where? People are happier and it’s nice and all but my last thought before sleep is ‘What am I going to do next?’

Part 4
Tuesday morning starts off with my sister Liz in a different mood than previous mornings. She’s not happy or grumpy, just kind of blah mood as we all get ready for school. I let her be alone with her thoughts while I attempt to ask my Father for something I don’t usually ask for.

“Dad I’ve got a problem,” I tell him as he’s getting his boots on for work.

“What kind of a problem Guy,” Dad replies without missing a knot.

“I need some money for a date tonight,” I say watching him pause as he’s lacing up his boot.

“And who are we taking out,” Dad asks finishing the final knot.

“Mathilda, I need to get her out and doing stuff that doesn’t involve her weight set and I figured a date mid week would be a nice change,” I explain hoping for a miracle.

“Well I think that it’s a wonderful idea,” Mom says joining the conversation,” You need to have some normal time with all these girlfriends you keep around. And when are we going to meet this other one from Texas?”

“Soon Mom I promise,” I tell her to placate the question for now,” I just need like a hundred bucks for a nice dinner or something.”

I watch my Mother turn on her expectant gaze to my Father who stands up and takes out five twenty dollar bills then hands them off to me, I try to take them but my Dad has them in a tight grip to get my attention.

“A nice date, you will dress up and you will take the car,” Dad orders me.

I nod and he releases his hold on the money which immediately goes back into my room and in the lockbox in my computer desk. Getting to school after picking up Kori I notice Allison has elected to not follow us around like a happy puppy today. I don’t mention it to the crew at all as we head off to classes.

I just start to grab my bag and head off to lunch after third period when I get a visitor in Hanna waiting for me outside my class door. I get outside and am greeted with a goofy salute.

“Ginger ninja reporting for duty,” Hanna jokes as we head towards the cafeteria.

“So aside from you we have two other’s I’ve recruited, both are guys but that’s not a problem for you anymore is it,” I joke back.

“Yeah, some of the girls found out about my jumping the fence and while some were okay with it a few don’t want to even touch me,” Hanna says with very little sadness,” So what’s on the big list of things to do for today?”

“Well first off you might not want to try to take my job as assistant, that’s Natsuko’s job,” I tell Hanna as we get to the cafeteria,” You keep Mathilda up to speed and relay messages.”

I can see she doesn’t like being put into a single job informing someone else but it’s not like I have a million things that need to be done in a day and I make it a point to emphasize how it’s important to me. We get seated at my usual table and I watch as the rest of the crew fills in the table crowding it up to the point where I have to get a second table and pick people to move over.

“Okay, we’re too crowded so I want Jun and Lilly to pull that table over and I want Ben to join them,” I tell the crew getting odd looks.

“Why are we being moved,” Lilly asks confused.

“Jun has been here longest of the guys, you are his girlfriend and Ben is the second best fighter in the group,” I explain and watch my reasoning register in their brains.

As we get adjusted I see Hanna move over as well and then I watch as a few punks move over to the second table and quietly sit down. It doesn’t take long for me to recognize the girl and her guy friend after the ass-chewing I gave them for not standing up for themselves. I warned Johnny about this type of shit and now here they are creeping into the circle for protection. I finish my milk and tap Katy to get her attention as I stand up and head over to their spot at MY crew’s second table. I watch the girl get rigid as I stand behind her before moving over to the guy who turns to see my face.

“Outside now,” I order him getting a puzzled look.

“Ummm we can move to a different spot if that’s okay,” the punk says trying to worm his way out.

“Maybe you didn’t fucking hear him but when he says ‘outside now’ that means get your ass outside right now or your ass becomes three different colors of paste on altıparmak escort the ground,” Katy barks at the two raising her voice enough for the cafeteria to pay attention.

I watch the punk couple get up and after grabbing their bags get lead out by Katy, I start to follow but getting an idea I stop at Jun’s nerd table and grab one of the guys I see him talking to more than most and point for him to go outside.

“Nothing to worry about everyone, just some business among the Pariah’s,” Jun says getting people to focus on their own lives.

Once outside I catch up to Katy who is taking the punk couple around the corner of the gym. Once we’re out of sight I back them up against the wall and turn my attention to the Asian nerd I had follow us.

“What’s your name man,” I ask quickly.

“I’m Hideo, I’ve been friends with Jun for…,” He starts in before I cut him off with a look.

“And you two morons, names now,” I demand from the punk couple.

“I’m Vince and she’s Jenny,” the punk boy says quietly.

“Wonderful, now hand over what you’re holding,” I tell them getting a desperate look.

“Maybe you didn’t understand him, hand it over now or we go tag team on your asses,” Katy says grabbing Vince by the shirt,” First we’ll kick your asses then I’m gonna fuck the two of you.”

I watch the Hideo’s face go completely shocked at the thought and both the punks don’t like their prospects as they slowly take a plastic bag out of their backpacks. Each bag has what I can only guess is about a hundred dollars in smaller portioned bags of drugs in them, mostly weed and a few pills. I snatch the bags out of their hands and take Hideo’s bag from him and moving everything up place the bags under a few of his books. The look on Hideo’s face is priceless as I turn him into a drug runner for the day.

“I’m going to make this simple, you answer to me right,” I ask Hideo getting a nod,” Good, now unless I tell you to you do not let what’s in your bag out for anyone to see, you don’t show it off and you don’t let anyone take it from you. If someone tries you come find one of my people and you tell them that I said you were protected. Understand?”

“Yes sir, does this mean I’m a Pariah now,” Hideo asks getting a withering glare from Katy.

“No but it means that I know your name, and if I know your name then I know that I can either trust you or I need to hurt you,” I tell Hideo coldly,” Pick one.”

I see him register the implications of failure with me before nodding and heading back to the cafeteria. Once out of sight I return my attention to the punk couple who are more nervous now than when they were being threatened.

“I will be bringing those in today when I go meet Johnny, Katy and I will be showing up there after school,” I start to explain,” now you will leave that boy alone and you will let Johnny know that I’m coming by and that I will not be in a pleasant mood when I get there. Do we have an understanding?”

I watch Vince nod but Jenny seems stubborn about the situation. I motion for them to head off and while Vince is quick to do so Jenny seems adamant about either saying something or doing something. I can tell Katy is itching for a fight but I step up to Jenny first to take inventory, green and red hair in short pigtails on the side of her head. About 5’7” with about b cup breasts and no bra on under her tank top and sleeveless jean jacket, her hips have a pair of long shorts that have been destroyed either by time or just because she bought them that way and striped black and red socks with black boots. I like her style but it’s her brains I’m questioning.

“Did you not understand that now is the time where you fuck off and do what I told you,” I ask Jenny who is giving me the asshole look.

“Because I’m gonna have to pay out my ass for getting my shit taken from me with Johnny,” Jenny explains,” Anyone who loses their stuff has to pay for it.”

“Did Johnny tell you all to hang around me for safety,” I ask grumpier now that when they first sat down.

“Yes but he told me you two were good about it so can I get my stuff back before I get in trouble with him,” Jenny asks plainly.

“No bitch, but maybe if you suck up really good next time you try looking to us to save your ass we’ll help you without taking your shit,” Katy growls.

“Fuck you, you get one bit of charity from someone with connections and now you look at me like I’m fucked up. You were fucking the same people I ended up fucking just to get by so don’t,” is where Jenny gets in her tirade before Katy starts in on her own.

I don’t know where it came from in Jenny to push Katy’s buttons like that but I definitely recognize the form when Katy drops Jenny with a hard shot to the gut. Jenny hits the grass on her knees hard but Katy isn’t stopping as I watch her reach up under Jenny’s jaw and stand her back up and put her against the wall. I can see the next shot coming and grabbing Katy’s arm by the wrist decide to stop the next one before it connects. Katy glares at me but I’m giving it back hard and after a moment she’s lets go of Jenny’s neck. I let Katy back off before getting in Jenny’s face.

“You start a fight you better be ready for the consequences,” I tell Jenny,” as for Johnny I’ll handle him and you won’t have to worry about anything when it comes to paying for something I did.”

I give Jenny a moment to catch her breath then send her back to the cafeteria. Once she’s out of sight I turn my attention to Katy who is still pissed about the comment made and a little pissed at me stopping her from delivering a wholesale ass kicking.

“So now you’re protecting Johnny’s shit and his people too? What the fuck are we doing Guy,” Katy demands.

“What are the fucking rules,” I growl back.

“What rules,” Katy asks confused and angry.

“Rules of engagement, first fucking thing you learned before Dad would teach you,” I growl getting in her face.

I know the rules, I’ve known them for eight years but she’s new to it and judging by the recognition on her face she remembers it too as I watch the anger drain out of her face.

“Guy I’m sorry, she really pissed me off and I just reacted,” Katy says with a little fear,” Please don’t tell Dad.”

I grab Katy by the back of the head and walk her to an alcove for one of the gym exit doors and shove her up against the wall. Katy’s got her punk hoodie on and a pleated school girl skirt with black leggings covering up to her mid thigh. She’s shocked by my being angry with her as I start in.

“You should fucking know better by now, you drop a girl just because she points out your past,” I growl,” If I did that I’d be out of school because they’d find a trail of bleeding people.”

“I’m sorry I just got mad dammit, what you never fucked up and had to explain it,” Katy says with a little more anger.

I love the look on a girls face when she’s angry and I’m not responsible for it. Katy is almost firing on all cylinders as I crash my body against her, shoving my mouth into hers hard and invasive. Its takes no time for Katy to adjust by hiking one leg up so I can grind against her mound. Katy tastes like metal today and it’s more of what I’m in the mood for as she slow down the kissing to bite my lip before pulling me back in for more tongue warfare. I was a little hard as she started threatening the couple but now I’m rock hard and not planning on settling for a rain check. Almost reading my mind Katy undoes my pants and gets my cock out in the cold air, stroking it lightly as I pull her panties aside so she can line us up. I keep her leg up and thrust about half my cock inside Katy’s pussy getting a moan in my mouth from her. She’s not as wet as she would be normally but with her hands on my ass pulling me in as we start pounding our bodies together gets me almost all the way in. Katy’s warm folds are getting wetter with each thrust and all our moving has me sweating a little in the cold, I’m feeling the need to hurry as I start thrusting up into Katy faster and deeper.

We’re not wasting time with our sex and Katy finally breaks our kiss and I bury myself in her neck biting down a little as her hands paw at my back. I can feel myself getting close and back out of Katy quickly and sensing my intention watch as she drops to her knees and opening her mouth I jam as much of my cock in her face as I can. Katy gags for a moment but I back out and push again bypassing her mouth and feeling my cock head opening in her throat, Katy herself is shaking and I can see one arm is down in her own nether rubbing away frantically. I back up my cock again and start taking short fast thrusts into Katy’s mouth getting myself up to the point of cumming, I look down and see the look on her face before burying my cock deep in her mouth and throat and cumming hard. The rush has me oblivious to much in the world as ropes of cum shoot directly down Katy throat, I can feel her panicking a little and someone is talking but I ignore it until I the rush fades.

“Oh god that is so fucking hot,” I hear coming from my left.

I turn and see Hanna and Natsuko standing there holding mine and Katy’s bags with wicked smiles on their faces. Katy helps to put me back in my pants and I get her up off the ground before watching her beeline it over to Hanna who has her bag and taking Hanna’s face in her hand before shoving her tongue in Hanna’s mouth. I grab my bag from Natsuko who is very turned on by the whole thing and we watch for a moment as Hanna stands awestruck after the kiss is broken.

“And that is what cum swapping is,” Katy says jokingly as we all start to head back towards classes.

The rest of the day goes by fairly smoothly and into final class where I am actually able to get into my homeroom class, there are a couple students in the moral club here but as soon as Ms. Detress sees me she starts writing up my pass for another class but I’m feeling awesome today and hand her the change of homeroom form. I watch her read it and it’s a priceless look on her face when she reads my reasoning why.

“I’m not able to speak with my teacher concerning my academic future due to her focus on non academic activities groups,” I watch her sputter the words out.

“Yes, every day I come in here and you are having a group meeting, and then yesterday I can’t even get into the class to get a pass so I don’t have to listen to a meeting for a group that I don’t agree with,” I reply smiling and feeling really smug.

“Well regardless of your personal opinion I think we need to have a student meeting about your academic performance,” Ms. Detress informs me taking an authoritative tone.

“So you won’t sign the form then,” I ask getting a head shake of no before taking the form back,” I’ll get Mrs. Jackson to sign it since you refuse.”

I get more sputtering behind me but I’m already half way out the door when I hear Ms. Detress following me out. I watch as Heather and Kyle lead a few students into the building but I’m bound and determined to get to the principal’s office and while she doesn’t ask her ‘youth group’ to stop me I don’t give her the chance. Once I’m in the office I stand at the door and wait like a student is supposed to and I can see Mrs. Jackson is working on paperwork, Ms. Detress however pushes past me and goes into a tirade about how as I’ve been a poor student and have disrupted her club activities. I watch Ms. Detress make a foolish display and finally Mrs. Jackson waves me in and I hand her the form so she can read it. When she finally turns her attention to me it’s more not the questions I’ve been preparing to answer.

“So Coach Campbell is taking on students for studies period,” Mrs. Jackson asks plainly.

“Yes Ma’am, I figured since I had been going there most of the year anyway I’d just get him to take over as my advisor,” I explain.

“And Ms. Detress’s club activities are keeping you from having any sort of meeting with her,” Mrs. Jackson asks.

“Yes Ma’am, my ex Heather is in her club and it’s just not an environment that I feel comfortable with,” I explain taking a slightly defeated posture.

I watch as Mrs. Jackson signs the form and Ms. Detress starts to lose her cool and argue about my
transfer and as I’m leaving I can hear Mrs. Jackson turn on her authoritative tone with Ms. Detress. I get to the gym and while my crew is up in the bleachers I hand off my form to Coach Campbell’s new assistant before heading up the bleachers and explaining what happened to Kori.

“I swear if that bitch held you up again Guy I would fucking lose it on her,” Kori tells me trying to cuddle.

I stop the cuddling due to my need to actually finish an assignment from earlier. I barely get my work done before the final bell and as we’re all starting to head out Katy explains she and I are heading off to do at Johnny’s place.

“I’m in,” I hear Ben chime in.

“Us too,” from Lilly and Jun.

“Not a group outing needed everyone,” I start to explain but my words seem to fall on deaf ears.

“Who else has a vehicle,” Kori says taking over and after a moment Devin raises his hand.

“Devin if you have a car why do you take the bus,” Jun asks confused.

“I don’t have a car, I can get my Dad’s truck,” Devin explains.

Kori grabs my phone out of my coat and fires off a message to my home explaining that we’ll be there late and then has Natsuko head back in so Hanna and Mathilda know what’s going on. I get the feeling we’ll be waiting when Hideo comes running back up and makes his way past everyone else and to me.

“Nobody came after me and I kept it hidden all day like you said,” Hideo tells me beaming with pride.

“Congratulations, you officially can perform simple tasks on command,” I tell him deflating his ego,” Now don’t go off thinking you’re in or out but keep around during lunch in case I need you.”

Not as happy with the results of his effort as he could be we transfer his smuggled contents from his bag to my bike before he rushes off to Jun to plead his case. I trust Jun to handle it his way before turning my attention back to Kori.

“So am I still in charge here or did I just get demoted,” I ask a little upset.

“Honey I spoke with Johnny and he promised me that he wouldn’t use us like that and he did,” Kori explains,” I warned him that if it happened that you’d come back and there would be shit to answer for.”

“Wait a minute, so when I left you made an ultimatum for me,” I ask getting a scared nod,” That’s my girl. Well he agreed so now it’s my turn to put the boots to him.”

I sit with Kori and Katy as they talk about what to do when we get to Johnny’s. Katy wants to bring violence and Kori wants something more subtle but that makes point. I am keeping my thoughts to myself considering I usually play it by ear and when people step out of line I’ll bust them back into place. Mathilda and Hanna join us after half hour once they’re out of practice and it’s another fifteen minutes later that I watch a large truck come rolling into the parking lot with Jun, Lilly, Ben and Natsuko in the back and Devin driving. It’s not an extended cab or even a current model but its big and made of real metal which is bumping Devin up in the world as far as I’m concerned.

“Dad says I have to bring it back by nine tonight and I can’t wreck it,” Devin says getting a laugh from everyone.

“Devin your truck will crush the shit out of whatever hybrid you hit with it,” I tell him laughing.

I ride solo on my bike leading the way; Mathilda and Hanna are in her car followed by Katy and Kori with Devin and the rest of the crew bringing up the rear as we head over to Johnny’s. The total trip takes a bout twenty minutes and the convoy rolling in has the punk/emo/slacker community that lives there at full attention. I get us rolled in and finally stop my bike and listen as all the vehicles get stopped behind me and motion for the engines off before killing my own. I hop off and wait for someone to address me and it only takes a few seconds before I see Vince from lunch time come running over to me.

“I told Johnny that you were coming but he’s pissed you took his shit,” Vince explains hoping to spare himself some sort of punishment.

“Get me Johnny or I will start going through people to find him,” I tell Vince who heads back off to find Johnny.

I wave to the rest of the crew to disembark and watch as everyone but Devin and Ben get out of the truck. It takes a moment and as soon as I see Johnny I can tell he’s pissed off and ready for a fight. A few guys are trailing him as he gets to me and I finally take off my helmet and pull up my hood so we can ‘talk’.

“Who the fuck do you think you are taking my shit,” Johnny says pissed off.

“Apparently when Kori and you agreed not to abuse my good nature and have your people hide behind mine that meant shit to you,” I say keeping calm,” Now I took your shit because you damn near put it in my hands whether you wanted to or not. The only reason I’m not kicking the shit out of you right now is because we have a history and I do like you, but that shit today has me more pissed than you so if you want to find out how bad this can get, bring it. Or we can try the talking again and this time you’re not going to make my girl look like a fool.”

I can hear Devin get out of the truck and move over to Kori and Katy while I see Ben start to flank me on the right as he’s watching the rest of Johnny’s boys. I let Johnny weigh the options before he backs down and gets a more talkative look on his face.

“Alright man, I did wrong by your woman and you’re right we’ve been friends before,” Johnny says calming down,” You didn’t flush my shit or turn it in right?”

I smile and open my storage area on my bike removing the two bags of ‘goods’ before handing them off to Johnny who looks a little relieved that I still have his property. I let him hand off his goods to his people before pulling him aside to talk privately.

“So the two people I took their shit from what happens to them,” I ask plainly.

“Well you lose your stuff you pay for it, cash or in some of the girls cases ass,” Johnny tells me a little smugly,” I gotta get mine back somehow.”

“And I just returned it, I want their debts waived,” I tell Johnny getting a surprised look,” You want some sort of an agreement where I help you then here’s the deal, your people get harassed while carrying they come to me and mine, I’ll make sure the runners are protected within reason but if I have to take it and hide it with my people the runner is in the clear.”

“Man that’s a lot better for me but still you holding shit means it ain’t selling and I need shit selling,” Johnny tells me trying to ply for more.

“Johnny this is the deal, either we keep your people safe when a real problem occurs or I just start shaking down every runner for cash and stash,” I reply getting a grumpy look,” You’ve got at least ten people running your goods at our school alone, even if I have two or three people covered you’re still not losing goods or runners.”

“Okay man, but are you sure you can’t help me out with sales,” Johnny asks getting a glare before backing off the topic.

I walk back with Johnny and let him start talking down his own people as I give my crew thumbs up and watch them relax. I explain what’s happening to Kori and Katy who both give me ‘what the hell’ looks and I decide to explain.

“Johnny has been there for me and us in the past, either we make some friends and help out a little or I make more enemies for us at school and if you didn’t notice not all of Johnny’s people run weed for him,” I explain getting a nod from both of them.

I make my way over to Mathilda who is feeling a little out of place not have been exposed to a punk community much with her old school. She perks up a little as she sees me approach.

“So what are you doing after all this awkwardness and conflict,” I ask Matty smiling.

“Dad’s home, he wants me back so he can spend some time with his daughter,” Mathilda says a little disappointed.

“Awesome, I get to meet your Dad and take you out tonight,” I tell her getting a shocked look.

“Dad won’t let me go out it’s his first night back, and I don’t think meeting my Dad would be a good idea,” Matty tells me a little concerned.

“Baby I need to meet him sooner or later and besides, it’s just you and me tonight,” I tell her letting the incentive of some more one on one time linger.

I head back and let everyone know to head home and get the others dropped off at their homes before I get back on my bike and head towards home. I get in the driveway and immediately head inside to get clean up and get changed. I get a pair of dress pants on with one of the ‘summer’ shirts that I got while I was down in Texas with Loretta and her family before grabbing my coat and waiting for Katy to get back with the family car.

“Where are you taking your date tonight,” I get asked by Liz as I wait.

“I honestly have no clue, gonna let her pick what she wants to do,” I reply shrugging.

I watch Liz give me a look like I’m making a bad move but I’d like to think that I know my girls a little better than my sister does. Katy finally gets home and she passes off the keys and a kiss on the cheek before I get behind the wheel and head off towards Mathilda’s house. It’s about six at night when I arrive and I can see her car is there along with a big rig sitting out in front of the house. I’ve seen Matty’s father before but only at a distance, I get out of the car and head up to the front door. A quick knock on the door and I’m looking at a large man in a beat up t-shirt and dirty jeans holding a beer in his hand, I’m more noticing the expression on his face as he looks down slightly at me confused.

“We’re not buying anything,” I hear him say as he starts to close the door on me.

“Sir I’m here to pick up Mathilda for our date tonight,” I tell him as he starts to close the door in my face.

“You’re dating my daughter,” I get asked with some skepticism,” Is this some sort of joke, did the kids at her new school send you to play a joke on her because if you are here to hurt my daughter I swear to god I’ll chain your ass to my rig and drive to New York dragging your carcass the whole way.”

“Daddy! He’s my boyfriend, I told you he would be coming by tonight so we could go out,” I hear Mathilda exclaim at her father,” Guy please come in, Daddy be nice.”

Mathilda’s father steps aside so I can get through the doorway and into the living room. I watch him move in and sit down in what I was told by Matty was ‘his’ recliner during one of the first times I visited, I take a seat on the couch and note he’s watching basketball.

“So how long have you known my daughter,” Matty’s Dad asks taking a swig of his beer.

“About a year now,” I answer calmly.

“So if you’ve known her for a year why am I just meeting you now,” He asks taking another drink.

“Probably because she’s been afraid that you would kill me when we first met,” I reply smiling.

“Considering I’m pretty sure I have a damn good reason to kill you for dating my daughter why shouldn’t I,” her Father asks putting his beer down and leaning towards me.

“Well aside from the fact that I have four girlfriends and she is one of them I’d say normally you’d have a reason with that alone,” I tell him getting a wide eyed look,” but in one year I have never lied to her, she’s met my other girlfriends who treat her like a sister and I never make her feel like she is anything less than
my Amazon goddess.”

“You have sex with my daughter,” He asks getting quiet.

“Yes sir, but mostly I make love to her,” I say making the distinction.

I get skeptical look before he resumes watching TV and drinking his beer. We talk a little about the game and after a few minutes Mathilda comes out wearing a yellow blouse and a black long skirt. I pause to take in my tough girlfriend in a skirt and watch her face get a little confused.

“You don’t like it,” Matty asks confused.

“Baby you look wonderful, I want to take a picture so I can show the other girls,” I tell her getting out my phone.

“Don’t do that, Kori is the one who helped me pick this,” Matty says a little disappointed,” I’m a little lost when it comes to clothes.”

I cover the distance between us and give her a quick kiss on the lips before we head out to the car. I get us out of the neighborhood and down the road towards the restaurants and mall in downtown Olympia. I start pointing out the ‘trendy’ independent restaurants to Mathilda who looks a little skeptical as we keep passing them up until we get near the mall and the chain restaurants. We drive around for a few minutes when I stop in the mall parking lot and let her think about where she wants to eat, I can see something is bothering her but I can’t figure out what it is.

“Matty I’m just wondering if you want to eat tonight at all,” I say starting in,” We’ve passed so many places I’m just wondering if you are feeling okay or something?”

“I’m fine I just don’t know, I’m not used to actually dating,” Matty says a little embarrassed,” And I feel weird wearing dress clothes to go eat.”

I don’t want her to feel out of sorts just because she’s getting some one on one time with me but I am getting a little hungry. I pick Red Robin in the parking lot and move the car closer before parking. We both exit the car and head inside, it’s a week night and before long we’re seated and there are TVs with different sporting events on and Matty finally starts to relax as we get our menus and browse the food. I get us an appetizer and we order before just settling down and talking a little.

“Why take me out tonight,” Matty finally asks,” I know Kori would love to go out and Katy could probably use a night out.”

“Kori gets a lot of attention and Katy’s idea of a date is let’s going somewhere and listen to music then have sex,” I explain,” And we’ve never been out on a date just us, I was just hoping that we could get you out of your comfort zone and have some fun.”

“Well I’m having fun so you win,” Mathilda says smiling.

We sit and I let her explain the sports shows to me and we enjoy each other’s company as we finally get our appetizers. We’re about half way through the plate when someone decides to join us.

“Well look who decided to attempt to look like a normal person in the real world,” Taylor, Heather’s little dork, says as he grabs a chair and sits down.

“We’re in the middle of our meal, be a good little stooge and leave,” I tell him not taking my eyes of Mathilda.

“I don’t need to go anywhere; we’re all civilized young adults here. Is it too late to get a menu and sit with you guys,” Taylor asks looking around for a waitress.

“Taylor, or douche bag, May I call you douche bag? Here’s the thing, I’m not sure if you realized this but of the two people at this table with muscle mass above average I’m not the one you have to worry about,” I start to explain,” It’s her, she’s out on a date and having a good time but here you are trying to ruin it. I’d suggest ‘a tactical retreat’ and maybe we can have this conversation tomorrow at school?”

“What and miss out on a wonderful time with some ‘quality’ people like you and your la…,” Is about as far as Taylor gets before I watch his face get contorted with pain.

It takes me a second to notice Matty’s hand enveloping Taylor’s, her knuckles are white with the force she’s applying but her face and body are calm as she uses her other hand to turn the pages of the menu. I sit back for a second and when she notices me she smiles lightly and pulls Taylor’s hand under the table.

“Honey I want chicken fingers as an appetizer tonight,” Mathilda says making Taylor grunt in pain,” Is there a dipping sauce you like best or should we just stick with ranch?”

“I don’t know about chicken fingers baby, their kind of boney and stringy I hear,” I say chuckling.

“What do you think, Taylor right,” Mathilda says turning her attention to him,” I want you to understand that I’m usually a really nice person and if it wasn’t for all the crap you’ve been pulling with my friends we’d be getting you a chair so we could be friendly. Now when I let go of your hand I want you to remember that I grabbed something with bones and not a few things without them.”

I watch Taylor pull his hand up from under the table and see him back away before turning and leaving the restaurant. I give Mathilda and an approving smile and we resume the deciding our dinner. Our dinner date goes well after Taylor’s visit and after paying the bill I have money left over and suggest a movie which gets me a disapproving look from Mathilda.

“I want to go somewhere private and enjoy my alone time with you,” Matty tells me smiling as she gets into the car.

I get out of the parking lot and after a little direction following Matty steers me to an old parking lot and once we’re far enough in the darkness we both get out of the front and into the back. I don’t push to start anything and neither does Mathilda as she leans me back and rest her head on my chest as we just lay down in silence. It’s quiet and peaceful with nobody around and when Mathilda starts to crawl up my body a little and starts to kiss me lightly on the lips. I kiss her back and gently wrap my arms around her back while sliding down till we’re both cramped but lying down in the backseat.

Our bodies are gently pressed against each other as we lie there kissing before I feel Mathilda pull herself up and sit down on the back seat start to get her panties off leaving her skirt on and then opening her blouse enough for me to see more skin in the low light. I watch as my Amazon goddess undoes my slacks and pulls my half hard member free before working it over slowly and with long deliberate strokes of her mouth. I don’t normally get any sort of oral action from Mathilda but tonight is special for us and I let her work me over. It’s warm and wet with the contrast of cool air in the car as she takes her time getting me fully hard. I feel Matty’s tongue working over my shaft and then without any warning she slowly starts to suck on one of my balls, it’s different for her and really different for me considering I usually have the girls do that but with her I’m enjoying the boldness as she gently takes one into her mouth and after some light sucking lets it fall out before switching to the other one.

I don’t push or rush Mathilda at all but I am aching to repay the favor she’s giving me and finally get her to stop before reversing our positions and with me on top. I kiss her again on the lips and work my way quickly down her body and pulling up her skirt marvel a little at her pussy before gently licking in between her folds. My Amazon starts moaning lightly as I lick up her slit slowly before stopping at her clit and gently sucking on it. I can feel Matty writhing and one of her hands rubs my head as I work her pussy and clit over with my mouth. I can taste her more as I work down to her entrance and as I get faster she speeds up pushing her hips towards my face. I slow down and move back up her body and while we’re not perfectly face to face we’re close enough for me to see some anticipation and a little joy in her eyes as my cock head reaches her entrance. I push inside slowly and as warm as Matty’s mouth was her vagina is a furnace as I push the whole length of me inside her and rest as adjust to the car’s cramped quarters. After a little shifting and some moaning at the shifting I finally start to rock my member in and out of Mathilda taking long and slow strokes.

Usually when she and I have sex it’s hard like the porn she watches but this is more about how she’s feeling and I letting her know how unbe-fucking-lievably special she is to me. I keep my pace slow and we don’t kiss much as we just lie there and enjoy the quiet intense moment we’re having. My Amazon is hot and clamping down lightly on me as I feel her wrap her legs around mine as we get into a rhythm of pushing our bodies together. I can feel my blood boiling to speed up but I push it down and keep my control as push as deep as I can making my strokes go from my cock head to the base. Matty’s is groaning and moaning with each stroke while I can feel the sweat building on my back and head. I watch as Mathilda’s face goes from please to shock before her first orgasm creeps up on her hard and I can tell it’s big by how hard she starts pulling me into her. I take my cue from her and speed up my pace which I think makes her own orgasm start to last out as she grunts while holding me against her. My blood is pumping and I don’t last long with all her attention and after a few loud grunts shoot my load into my Amazon’s warm folds. My own orgasm has me resting my weight on Mathilda and I can feel her patting my head and rubbing my back while her pussy milks the last of my cum out me.

“Baby I need to get up and step out so I don’t make a mess on the back seat,” Mathilda tells me getting me back to my senses.

We both get out of the car and I watch as Mathilda gets herself taken care of and all our clothing gets put back in the right spots before I back her up against the car a little and pressing my body against hers kiss her lightly again on the lips. We enjoy the moment before she decides it’s time to head back home. Our return trip is nice and I realize that we ate up a lot of time just holding each other in the back of the car as I pull in front of Mathilda’s house. I quick kiss and a wave to her dad who seems like he’s happy his daughter is smiling as she heads into the house has me in a better than average mood as I head home and get in the door just before ten at night. Dad greets me in the living room and I hand him the change from dinner but he waves me off as I head to my room and to bed to get some much needed rest.

Wednesday and Thursday don’t turn out too well for the school and some of the students outside of my group. On Wednesday I hear from Jun after school that a few of the nerds we bullied hard by some of the larger ‘moralists’ until Devin and Jun stepped in to break it up. Worse than that was Thursday when Tracy, Coach Campbell’s daughter and Liz’s friend was roughed up by a few females in the locker room, Mathilda and Hanna were there to even the odds but somehow shit got out of hand and a lighter took out some of the hair on Tracy’s head. After school on Thursday I’m getting looks from all sides and make it a point to tell everyone that I need to think and take the evening for myself. About half an hour into me working out my Dad and Katy pop their heads into the gym and seeing my expression Katy bows out leaving my Dad alone with me.

“People are getting scared at your school,” Dad says not wasting time,” they’re getting bullied around and I’m guessing your friends are looking to you?”

“Yeah, I’m just wondering when they are going to finally come at me,” I tell him sitting on a bench.

“I don’t know son. If I did I’d just point you at who they were and tell you to get them first,” Dad tells me getting a surprised look out of me.

“Dad you always told me to go on defense and let them make the mistake,” I say explaining my surprise.

“And in a fight that works, this isn’t a fight you’re looking at it’s a war,” Dad tells me,” Rules are kill or be killed. Or in your case take no prisoners and devastate the opposing force until they break and run or surrender.”

I shake my head at the thought, war. Really, a high school going to war with itself? I love my father but it’s sounding more like a goofy fantasy than a feasible idea. We talk some more and Dad tells me to be ready when they come at me but I feel more ready than I have in a while.

Friday comes and goes pretty easily compared a majority of the week but once I get into my home period I have Coach Campbell yelling at me to get into his office immediately. I don’t waste time heading over to his office, he’s sitting at his desk and I can see Tracy sitting across from him wearing a hat and black boy sitting next to her wearing a sweater vest and thick rimmed glasses, his hair is cut short. I leave them be and pay attention to Coach as they both leave the room closing the door after them.

“You bringing a fucking fight to my doorstep boy,” Coach asks once we’re alone.

“No sir I’m not bringing a fight here at all,” I reply a little put off that this could be blamed on me.

“Well my daughter says that she’s trusts you and my son doesn’t know you so I want you to tell me why someone would try to intimidate my family,” Coach Campbell asks with a little anger in his voice.

“Sir I know who’s doing it but honestly they won’t stop till they get what they want,” I try to explain,” Your daughter is a strong leader for the girls sports and they went after her because she didn’t do something they told her to do. They keep coming after people that don’t conform to what they say because they believe they are in the moral right.”

“So why did you send your girlfriends to bail out my daughter,” Coach asks calming down a little.

“Sir had I known that they would have gone after Tracy I would have had my whole crew there and the closest they would have gotten was the locker room door,” I inform Coach with a stern tone.

“Well as of right now I want some help keeping things calm around here and IF there are names of who was involved I want to know,” Coach tells me before dismissing me back to my friends.

I see that most of the crew is hanging around except for Kori and Ben; I ask where they are but get a bunch of shrugging and no real answers. I shoot Kori a text and go about just chatting with the rest of the gang while I wait for a reply. It’s almost the end of school when I get a reply from Kori saying her mom texted her and picked her up to head home for some mother/daughter time. I shrug it off and catch Ben getting on a bus as the rest of us are heading through the parking lot to head out. I get home and settle in to relax in my room.

It’s about an hour after getting home when Kori finally texts me again and tells me she’s at the mall and really wants to see me cause she’s got some items from Victoria’s Secret that she wants my opinion on. If you ever want to attempt to set a land speed record put a hot woman you are attracted to in lingerie and have her wait at the end of the track, I grab my coat and am out the door on my bike before anyone can ask me where I’m heading.

The trip to the mall only takes me about twenty minutes and after parking I shoot Kori a text asking her where she is, she replies with that they’re still in a store and she asks me to wait at the food court for her. I cover the distance to the food court easily enough and get a seat to wait for her. I check my phone and text Jun asking him if he heard from Ben, he replies he hasn’t and I ask him to get in contact with him before putting my phone away. I’m sitting there for at least ten minutes when I hear a voice that I really don’t want to hear today.

“Hey baby, so glad to see you here today,” Heather says with a smile as she sits down across from me.

“Heather?! What the fuck are you doing here,” I ask a little shocked and angry,” Never mind I don’t care, get the hell away from me you crazy bitch.”

“Well I’m here to see you sweetie,” Heather says going from smiling to a more sinister grin,” We have unfinished business and I’m not taking no for an answer.”

I take my phone out ignoring her and pull up Kori’s number and push it to call, I hear it pick up and look up to see Heather holding Kori’s phone. I don’t know how much fear is in my face but I know Heather can see it and she hangs up the phone before setting it down and smiling back to me with her new sinister grin.

“She’s really not the person you want to be speaking with right now,” Heather says sickeningly sweet.

“Heather what did you do,” I ask trying to remain calm.

“I told you that you had a choice to make and now we’re at that point, I tried to reason with you and show you that I’m the only girl you should have in your life but you didn’t want to see reason so now I have to make sure you see that little slut of yours for the dog she really is,” Heather says turning on a little rage in her voice.

“Heather whatever you think you are going to do to make me love you it’s not going to work,” I tell her trying to remain calm,” You killed that over a year ago.”

“Shut up Guy and listen to me cause for the first moment of our new relationship you are going to learn that I get what I want and you’ll give it to me,” Heather says keeping her anger under control,” Now as for your choices here they are; option one, you do what you’ve been doing and stop listening to me and my friends go through everyone in your little gang taking them all apart piece by piece starting with your precious little Kori today. Option two, you break it off with all of them here and now and we get you back to the way you used to be, calm and a good boyfriend.”

Everything in my stomach is churning and I feel a little sick, I know Heather is watching me but all I can do is slowly take Kori’s phone from the table and trace the edge of it with my finger. My brain kicks in and I can see Heather has waved over one of her friends, it’s the slacker from the bike ride with Hanna still decked out in his school clothes looking all unkempt and smug. He knows what’s going on, I turn my attention back to Heather. Her face has a cold confidence in it and I realize the grimmest thing about this situation, I take a deep breath and stand up from the table.

“Where is Kori, tell me now and this doesn’t get painful,” I say taking my coat off and stepping around the table to stand next to Heather.

“Awww baby, we both know that this isn’t going to end well for you, just break your soon to be former bitches hearts and we’ll both enjoy a soda,” Heather tells me smiling,” Besides, you won’t lay a finger on me and we both know it.”

That’s when the chucking comes, I don’t know where it’s coming from at first then I realize I’m the one who’s doing it. I feel really happy right now, all happy and excited. I can see Heather and her friend are confused and when he moves to help her up with her chair I slam my fist into his jaw sending him down to the ground. Slacker boy hits with a thud on his side and I can hear someone yelling but the only thing I hear is laughing, my laughing. I take a drop step and slam the toe of my boot into his gut doubling him over before dropping down over his torso and taking the back of his head in my hand I use the other to wipe as much of his nose on the floor of the mall as I can. I hear the laughing die out a little and can see my new ‘friend’ is still conscious as I get up.

“Tell me where she is and I’ll stop,” I tell him still chuckling.

I watch him shake his head, it makes me laugh a little harder and I’m not sure why. I reach down and place one of his hands flat on the mall floor before taking the heel of my boot and resting it on the back of the hand with the edge of the heel across his knuckles. I start to shift the weight in my foot under his pinky knuckle I can feel the tension and I close my eyes and tilt my head back before ending the tension by separating the knuckle with a light feeling of a pop and a scream from the slacker. I roll my foot a little and move up to the ring finger. I take a little more time grinding the corner of my heel on it and I hear him begging beneath me but I’m just waiting for the feeling and when it hits me I push down hard and feel a second pop and another loud scream.

“OH GOD PLEASD STOD,” comes flying out the slacker’s broken nose and mouth,” SHE’S AD DA STONE FIELD!”

“I’m sorry but who’s at the stone field,” I ask taking my boot off his hand and bending down to see his face.

“Your girlfriend Kori, She’s ad da stone field behind da circle key,” Slacker boy tells me again clutching his hand.

I can see the two fingers I separated on his hand as he clutches at them, it probably will be months before he can use his hand fully again and still that tickles me. I turn away from him and back to Heather who is petrified in place standing at the table. I calmly walk up to her and lean in so she can hear me.

“Am I everything you hoped for,” I whisper.

I pull back to see Heather’s face afraid and confused before I step around her making sure not to touch her before grabbing my coat and rushing out of the mall. I’m on my bike and down the road in a matter of seconds before I check my rear view and see no cops behind me, either she didn’t tell anyone what happened or nobody called the cops. The reality of what I’m riding into hits me more than the cold and light rain do as I race half way across town to the stone field. I slow down enough to keep from wrecking my bike as I cut through the gas station parking lot and up the trail to the field. I get to the edge of the rock clearing and see movement in the middle which gets my hopes up a little. I kill the bike and drop my helmet in a mad dash to what I’m hoping is my Kori. As I get up close I can see more of Kori’s skin exposed than I care for in this instance, her clothes have been torn open or off of her and her backpack with its contents have been scattered out by whoever did this to her. It’s the blood that catches my eye first, not a lot of it like she’s been stabbed but little pock marks across her back and some red strips to match them. I start to try to pick Kori up but as soon as I touch her an arm and a rock come swinging at me. The shot is easily deflected and I take Kori’s face in my hand and turn her to see me but she can’t, her eyes are swelling shut from getting punched in the face.

“Baby it’s me, it’s your Guy,” I tell her trying to calm her down,” Kori I’m here but we need to get you out of the cold and back somewhere safe.”

Kori drops the rock when she hears my voice and I wait for the tears that don’t fall, slowly Kori and I get her to her feet and I put my coat around her before slowly walking her back to my bike. As we walk I can see that save for her shoes and her panties the rest of her clothing including her jacket have been destroyed in the attack. I don’t have any of the pained humor or whatever I was feeling in my body anymore as I get Kori back on my bike and our helmets on before taking care to get us back to my house safely. The whole trip Kori has her arms wrapped tightly around me like the world will end if she lets go. I don’t bother to pull into the drive way at home I bring my bike right up to the front step which gets my father’s attention fast. Once the door is open and he can see the whole situation I watch my Dad go from slightly angry to calm and barking orders to Mom, Liz and Katy for everything from his first aid kits in the gym to contacting Kori’s mom. We get Kori into the house and my dad and the girls take her to my room before my Mom backs me out so that they can help. I don’t know what’s going on as I back into the living room but my head is swimming and I’m lost in the confusion of what’s going on with Kori. At some point her Mom and Carl come over and neither of them really notices me as my Dad starts to explain to them what happened and how my Mom is patching Kori up and that all her injuries are superficial.

At some point that I don’t remember I’m in the gym on my knees trying to piece together what happened. I don’t know what time it is but I can feel someone shaking me lightly by the shoulder, I turn my head to see Mary trying to speak to me. I don’t know what happened but all I could do when I wanted to speak was scream. Over and over again I sat there screaming so much that Mary got startled after the first one and backed off and nobody came back to talk to me. I screamed until I had no air left and I felt exhausted on the gym floor. Finally in the quiet I hear Mary again, this time with Mom coaxing me off the floor and onto a bench so they can see me. I’m hit with a barrage of questions about what happened. I keep from answering and just sit quietly until both women give up and finally my Father and Carl come in to take their places. Both men pull up a seat and wait for me to speak.

“Heather did this, she got a hold of Kori somehow and had her friends do… that,” I choke on the words feeling pain in my chest,” I got one of them to tell me where she was and when I found her I brought her here.”

“Well the women want to call the authorities but your Dad and I are holding them off,” Carl tells me solemnly,” He and I have been discussing what’s been going on with the school and the rash of bullying but this is too much.”

“I don’t want the police involved, Heather didn’t give me up when I destroyed one of her people in the mall and she let the other’s do it at all,” I explain quietly.

“Guy, he never said to call the cops,” Dad says getting me to look up.

“Where I’m from kid someone comes at your family like this you make sure they know they’re living on borrowed time,” Carl says putting his hand on my shoulder,” I want one thing from you in all of this, I want the kids who did this to be afraid of what happens when they even think about speaking my daughter’s name.”

I watch Carl get up and leave the gym before closing the door behind him. My Dad is sitting quietly before moving next to me on the bench.

“I’m sorry this happened to Kori,” Dad tells me putting his arm around me,” I can see where you’re going in your head boy. Keep that black inside for now, first thing is we let you ask your girl what she wants. After that I’ll help you plan the next piece.”

Dad helps me up and I walk out of the gym into the silence of the house, everyone is in the living room or dining room but all talking stops when they see me. I hold it together and make my way down the hall to my room where Katy and Liz are talking with Kori on my bed. Everyone stops when I get there and both girls leave me with Kori before closing the door behind them. My heart is heavy as I see that while they got the swelling down on Kori’s eyes and she has all her teeth it’s the wraps on her arms and the large bandages on her back and stomach that have me almost balling my eyes out. Kori sees my face and pulls me into her quieting me down.

“I didn’t cry baby, not once when they beat me with belts did I cry,” Kori says holding me,” Don’t you start now.”

“She told me that I if I broke up with you she wouldn’t hurt you,” I tell my battered Kori weakly,” But I knew she was going to hurt you anyway, I knew she couldn’t keep herself from it.”

“When they stopped I heard them tell me he’s coming,” Kori says softly turning my head to see her face,” Just the thought of you coming for them scared them so bad that they got back into their van and ran.”

I let her hold me and I finally calm down enough to sit facing Kori on the bed. I explain the whole confrontation to Kori leaving out no details, including my laughter and how happy I felt. Kori smiles a little and takes my hand.

“You ready to use that again,” Kori asks me getting my attention,” They hurt me but they didn’t break me. Fucking useless assholes should have tried to rape me if they really wanted to scare me.”

“I’d gut them and feed their fucking cocks to them before they died if they touched you like that,” I growl getting angry.

“Yes baby, you would. Now we are going to do this,” Kori says with a steely tone,” Not just you, all of us are going to be a family and we’re going to show them how dangerous we are. I don’t just want violence for this, I want everyone who will follow behind our family to be together and understand that we’re not going back until it’s over.”

“One thing, nobody touches Heather,” I say getting a questioning look from Kori,” I want to tear everyone down around her till she’s all alone again.”

Kori smiles a little and pulls me into the bed with her so we can hold each other. I replay all of the events for today and come to one factor that makes my blood boil, Ben. He wasn’t with us at all and when Kori gets grabbed he’s nowhere to be found. First place to start tomorrow is his front doorstep, reckoning is coming.

Part 5
Kori staying the night with me wasn’t even debated by anyone; she didn’t feel comfortable leaving me for my sake. It’s an interesting sleeping arrangement with Kori in pain and me not able to touch her without hurting her which left me in the awkward position of being in bed with her but not being able to hold her. I get to sleep at some point and wake up Saturday morning with Kori wrapped around me for a change keeping me on the bed. The majority of the day is me wanting to run out and bring hell with me but Kori keeps me grounded at my house and playing nurse to her requests for most of the day. Her parents give me a reprieve from duties and I get to chat with Liz as a distraction and find out that all communications from her about what happened have gone dark. Apparently Kori spoke with Katy at one point and wanted everything kept quiet.

It’s Saturday evening with Kori and I just talking about nonsense when my Dad decides to drop in with his thoughts on what to do about the Moralists.

“Okay you two, you’ve been resting against Guy’s need to go beat up someone so let me explain how to get into the heads of these little shits,” Dad starts in.

We sit quietly as he lays the whole thing out for how everything can go down, Kori doesn’t like the idea of fear until Dad explains a ‘family/pack’ mentality. We go over all the bases and Dad lets me in on the most difficult part of the whole thing for me, letting other’s do the work.

“Okay I’m not good with this,” I say with a little anger,” You don’t want me to go on the offense at all, I have to trust a giant teddy bear and Jun to wage a freaking war.”

“Boy everyone has learned that you can break most people your age in a fight. You need to make them fear everyone near you, you let the alternative message that you’re bringing be heard,” Dad explains trying to placate me,” Heather recruited by playing on people’s fear of being different, you give them freedom and they’ll flock.”

I don’t fully understand what he’s trying to sell me on but it’s sounding more like a screwed up plan but Kori seems to be interested and I let the two of them discuss some of the how’s and when’s as I sit and watch them plot, after Dad leaves I try to speak with Kori about Dad’s ideas.

“Baby I want them bad but this seems a little too goofy, I just let everyone else go out and attack but I stay back and do nothing,” I say frustrated.

“No honey, we get them to finally attack you then you tear them up. But everyone in this group needs to pull weight,” Kori says calming me down.

“Well if this is what you want then I’ll do it but baby it’ll be much simpler just to let me do what I seem to do best and go all out on revenge,” I say sitting down with her on the bed.

“Yeah well when you do that I seem to only see the effects after it happens and I want to see the fear and watch them run,” Kori tells me with a little bitterness in her voice.

While it occurred to me that she might want to get somewhat involved everything has been about me in the past up until now with Heather deciding to isolate me from my friends. Now it’s Kori who had to deal with the attack and where I would want blood in her place she wants something different. I relent with her request with the planning but I come back to one problem, Ben.

“Where was Ben,” I finally ask,” Ben didn’t show up to group and you said you were with him so where the fuck was he when you got dragged off?”

“I don’t know where he was but it’ll take me about a minute to find out tomorrow,” Kori says with a little grim determination,” We’re calling everyone together at the stone field, nobody is talking about what happened and as far as anyone knows you and I have been quiet for a day.”

I try to sleep that night but I’m not relaxing at all and having my girl next to me but I can’t really touch her is straining me more than I can deal with. I don’t know when I fell asleep but I wake up alone and after stumbling out of my bedroom find the rest of the family along with Mary and Carl sitting around eating breakfast.

“Hey sleepy, it’s almost noon,” Katy says trying to cheer me up.

“Yay, I wasted time sleeping,” I mock happiness as I get some food.

“He’s not a cheerful person in the morning,” Mary says trying lighten my mood.

“Boy has a mindset for something else honey,” Carl says explaining my sour mood.

I get fed and find that while I slept Katy and Kori got messages sent out to everyone including Ben to meet at the stone field. Everyone responded that they would be there and apparently my sleepy ass has kept us from getting there first. I throw on clothes from yesterday and my coat before leading the way on my bike with Kori and Katy following in the car. Arriving at the field is an interesting thing for me considering all that has happened here the past year and few days. Everyone is assembled and expectant as I get off my bike while Kori and Katy sit in the car and wait while I address everyone.

“I know that we’ve been pushing the ‘moral’ majority around a bit and it’s been fun up until Friday. Something happened and I’ve decided that I’m done playing games with these shit bags,” I start in getting nods,” Now while most everyone here has been down this road with me save for a few of you we have a problem, I don’t think anyone here has the stomach to do what comes next.”

“What the fuck are you talking about,” Natsuko asks a little shocked.

“We do what you need us to do so that you can get a hold of people involved and beat the shit out of them,” Jun adds trying to justify his position.

“No you all need to fucking step the hell up and do some damage for a change,” I say loud enough to quiet the back talk,” Every time something happens you all look to me well with this it’s going to be I point you smash.”

“I’m not much of a fighter Guy,” Devin says a little sheepishly.

“Bullshit Devin, you are a fucking giant. You don’t flock to me because I stood up once and made enough noise that people backed off. You stay because we’re a family of fucking monsters,” I raise my voice on the last word,” They may see me but they run from us and now it’s time you all follow my lead.”

“He’s right, we’ve made him our crutch,” Katy says getting out of the car,” the way things stand either you are with this family to the end or you’re out. That doesn’t mean you come back when it’s over either. Personally I’m in after Friday.”

“What happened Friday,” Ben asks confused.

“Ah Benny boy, I was wondering when you’d chime in,” I say going from angry motivational to sinister,” where the hell were you during final class?”

“I was at the glee club with Kori, I got distracted and when I looked for her she was gone,” Ben says matter of factly.

“Ben I saw you leave then a couple of guys came and told me that you were being backed into a corner and when I got to the parking lot to find you, you weren’t there,” Kori says stepping in front of me,” Now why did you leave me to Heather’s people?”

“I didn’t, I was talking to a girl and she wanted to talk in private,” Ben says on the defense,” we chatted and when I came back to the club you were gone.”

“So some random girl comes around and you just walk off and then conveniently Kori gets dragged out here by five guys and stripped down to her panties before they take belts to her back, legs and stomach,” I say covering the distance between Ben and I.

Everyone in the group freezes at my words and all eyes are on Kori who lifts up the front of her shirt to show her bandages. Ben’s eyes are all I’m watching as the shock sets in, I can see he didn’t know anything but that doesn’t stop Devin who goes from shock to a giant’s rage in less time than it takes to blink. Everyone in the field turns from Kori as Devin grabs Ben by the throat and starts to choke the life out of him. I let it go until Kori starts trying to call off Devin.

“Devin stand the fuck down,” I yell getting silence and causing Devin to slowly let go of Ben’s neck.

“Geez he was gonna kill me,” Ben says holding his neck.

“He was Ben, but Guy wouldn’t have. He would have made you suffer for it,” Kori says stepping in between Ben and me.

“I didn’t know they took you or anything like that,” Ben says desperately.

“We know that now Ben, but you failed the family,” I say getting everyone’s attention,” that means if you stay then you have to bring first blood.”

I see the decision being made and with a nod from Ben I smile and turn back gathering the group closer together and explaining what people at school will need to see when they look at us. Everyone in the group is more in the mindset for revenge than I could have hoped but its Devin who stops me as we break up the gathering to talk.

“I think I like a girl at school,” Devin says a little embarrassed.

“Dude that’s great but we can handle you and her after we deal with Heather’s friends,” I tell him starting to walk away.

“That’s my problem she’s in their group,” Devin says freezing me in my tracks.

“You find a girl you like but she’s on the other side, sorry man but I’m not sparing anyone,” I say readdressing Devin.

“Please man, can you try to win her over,” Devin asks with a pleading look on his face.

I shrug my shoulders and head back to my bike and watch everyone else clear out before I follow Katy and Kori out on my bike. I follow the car back to Kori’s house and give her a kiss goodbye before Katy and I head back towards home. We pull up to see Greg’s car leaving and Liz shutting the front door to the house. Katy shrugs at me and we both head inside, Mom and Dad aren’t home. Apparently both of them needed a day to let some stress out with the chaos that happened on Friday and the picking up of pieces on Saturday I honestly can’t blame them. I get into my room and don’t even close the door as Katy slides in after me and sprawls out on my bed, I sit down in my computer chair and watch as she kicks her boots off and relaxes. Katy has a long sleeve shirt with a black veil brides t-shirt over it and beat up shorts with tights on under those.

“Kori is really upset about not being able to have sex with you,” Katy says lounging.

“Yeah well it sucks for me too, I really want to let my girl know that nothing can keep me from her but I have bruising and bandages that prove me wrong,” I reply with a little frustration.

A knock on my door gets both of us to pause as Liz enters the room looking more frustrated than usual. I can see that Liz has changed out of her ‘church’ clothes and into a tight pink t-shirt and black yoga pants. Katy and I watch as she goes into a full on rant about her day.

“Well it’s official that if you have a boyfriend who goes to church they are fucking retarded,” Liz fires off with more venom than I’ve seen from her in a while,” I head over to his place to see him after fucking church and he decides that I need to reevaluate our relationship.”

“Okay Liz, something you want to talk about,” I ask glancing from her to Katy with some curiosity.

“We’re alone at his place and I ask him about us having sex, he says no and I try to leave. Finally after half an hour of talking I get his pants off and he won’t let me give him a blowjob, I get condom on him and we actually have sex,” Liz says continuing her rant,” we get done and he can’t look at me for five minutes then he tells me that we shouldn’t have done that and that it should have been something special and we wasted it. I get mad and tell him that it’s the person that’s special not the moment and he goes into this speech about how my friends are a bad influence and that I should disown my family because they aren’t using good moral values to raise me. The last straw was Kori, I asked about her without saying what happened and he told me that she dresses like a whore and that she will probably get raped if she’s not careful.”

The whole rant I’m trying to remain calm but now I want to kill Greg and use his blood to paint my room. Katy is up off my bed and coaxes Liz into calming down while giving her a hug. The whole venting process has Liz emotionally exhausted as they sit down on the bed.

“Worst part is during the half hour before we had sex I used my laptop to record the conversation just in case we had sex so I had proof he wasn’t a bad guy to you,” Liz says a little embarrassed.

“You recorded Greg losing his virginity to you,” I ask perking up a bit.

“Trust me it’s not worth watching, whole thing lasts maybe three minutes,” Liz says quietly.

Katy bounces up from the bed and rushes off to Liz’s room and quickly comes back with the laptop and starts trying to find the video. I take the laptop and put in on my desk and start to pull it up before stopping and turning my attention to Liz. Her whole expression is one of embarrassment with the situation and I move from my chair and get on my knees in front of her on the floor.

“I love you, you are a good sister and friend to Kori,” I tell Liz getting her mind off the video,” I want this video for later and would like to watch it now but I have to ask you for one thing. Are you and Greg done?”

I let her think about it for a few moments before Liz nods her head and smiles at me weakly. I move back to my chair and load up the video file and play it right there. It takes a while being a forty minute video with most of the beginning being her and Greg talking, we skip it until I get to a scene where Liz is naked and laying on her back with Greg trying to line up with her pussy. The whole thing is the most awkward sex I’ve ever seen with Greg even asking if that was the right hole and once he’s inside it gets worse. He doesn’t slide in and out to get a feel of it he just lays there not kissing or even making eye contact with her, he just lays there and Liz finally has to start moving her hips against his like she’s milking him. About two minutes into Liz’s milking fest Greg goes rigid and starts making these high pitched whimpering noises as he cums inside the condom. Liz is calm and talking to him sweetly and after a few moments he pulls out and while I don’t see him till he’s been dressed again I stop the video and Katy and I just stare at each other before turning our attention to Liz who seems a little put off at our quiet reactions to it.

“Well I can honestly say that there are now people in the world who don’t know how to have sex,” Katy says getting all three of us to laugh.

I’m still in my chair chuckling when I hear the girls stop and opening my eyes I see Katy’s mouth locked onto Liz’s mouth and Liz wearing a wide eyed expression. I drop my coat off my shoulders and onto the chair and move to the floor next to the girls. Katy breaks the kiss on Liz and before Liz can react I move in and take her face in my hands and kiss her hard. Liz starts to kiss me back after a minute and with little effort Katy and I get her up onto my bed, I keep kissing her while Katy strips the both of them down till I have two naked girls on my bed. I pull back to strip and watch as Katy feeds Liz one of her breasts, it takes Liz a second to adjust with her head on the pillow but after a few moments I see Katy’s eyes close as she enjoys Liz’s mouth. I get all the way stripped down and am half hard when I nudge Katy to get her attention, Katy looks and smiles before taking her tit from Liz’s mouth. Katy takes her time slowly kissing down Liz’s body and finally gets to her legs spread; Liz has only been trimming and Katy wastes no time diving in tongue first. Liz is going frantic and doesn’t really notice that I’ve moved up have myself over her head and my near eight inch cock dangling in her face. I bump her with the head and watch her eyes open and like a hungry animal Liz grabs my ass with her hands and pulls my cock into her warm mouth. I can feel Liz moaning as she forces most of me into her face and while I didn’t plan on rough sex today I’m definitely not opposed to it.

I lower my hips closer to Liz’s face and enjoy myself as she works at fucking her face with my cock. I can feel her moaning as Katy eats her out and the vibrations along with her trying to force more of my member in her mouth has me hard and I’m done with foreplay. I pull my cock from Liz’s face and watch a drool trail between her lips and my cock fall on her chest as I move down to the foot of the bed. My bed isn’t long enough for both girls to lay length wise on it and it shows with Katy’s ass and legs hanging off the bed. I move behind her and start squeezing her meaty ass cheeks with my hands. I watch Katy pause as I line my cock head up with her asshole, a light push and I press my way into Katy’s asshole. I reach the base of my cock and back up to the head before slamming deep and hard. Katy’s ass is tight and she clenches a little every time I push all the way in. Katy moans into Liz’s pussy and Liz is biting her bottom lip while holding a handful of Katy’s hair. The scene before me is hot and I forgo any politeness with Katy’s ass and pound away hard. It’s not long into the assfucking that Katy stops licking Liz at all and is just moaning through me hammering her ass. I slap Katy’s ass getting a yelp and watch as Liz crawls over straddling Katy’s back and slaps the opposite cheek getting another yelp from Katy. With Liz pinning Katy down and me hammering her ass Katy gets quiet and locks up before grunting out an orgasm. I bury my cock in her ass and let her ride it out till she’s relaxed enough and pull out, Liz gets off Katy’s back and backs up to the head of my bed spreading her legs wide.

“Can I get some real loving today big bro,” Liz asks coyly.

“I’m gonna have to resize you for sex again aren’t I,” I ask crawling up Liz’s body.

As I make my way up Liz I start leaving kisses starting at her calf on the left leg and trail them past her midriff and start to suckle on her b cup breast. We’ve only had sex a handful of times and all those were about a year ago, before Greg. I can feel my cock lightly bumping against her warm folds and Liz decides to surprise me by hiking her right leg up and with some maneuvering puts it over my shoulder. I forget that she dances considering she never wants me to show up to her performances and she had cut back on them when she started dating Greg. All these thoughts keep distracting me when I feel Liz’s hand take hold of my cock and start pulling me into her. It’s tighter than anything I’ve had in a long time and I grunt and press forward forcing myself into Liz. Both of us grunt with pleasure and a little pain, I look down at Liz and see her face contorted in pain and pleasure. I hold myself inside her trying to let her adjust to my size but my lack of movement.

“Would you please not make me do all the work myself again,” Liz says with a little frustration.

I smile a little at her bravery and back up half way before sliding gently back inside her. I keeps a slow methodical pace feeling Liz’s pussy get wetter and wetter as I work her over. The pace feels slow but after two days of no love with Kori I’m ready to burst. I feel something pushing between us and see Katy move her hand onto Liz’s clit and start rubbing with the pace of my thrusts.

“Oh Jesus this is how you get fucked after church,” Liz blurts out.

I start moving harder and fast in and out of my step sister, Liz has coated my cock in her juices and I start to feel my own orgasm build and I know I’m not gonna last long if Liz doesn’t cum herself and soon. Katy reads me pretty well and as much as I like having Liz’s limbs wrapped around me Katy backs me off and out of Liz. I get on my knees and watch as both girls start jerking me and playing with my balls trying to force my orgasm out, I look down and see both girl’s faces wanting and expecting. It’s more than I can take and Liz is the first one to receive a blast from me as my orgasm has me in a rush. I close my eyes and let the two of them coax the rest out. I come back to my senses to see I got both in the face more because of aiming by Katy than luck and as I back off my bed and pull on a pair of underwear both girls giggle and joke about what it looks like on each other before they start to clean up and get dressed.

Our parents get home at in the early evening and find that while the girls have been relaxing and talking I’ve been in my room since my threesome brooding. Mom pokes her head in to tell me dinner is ready but I’m not hungry. I let the evening pass me by and decide on bed at about ten when I get a weird idea and turn my computer on. I get onto Facebook and pull up my account and go to the school’s page, I think about how to word what I want to say but simply write ‘We’re coming’.

Monday morning I’m up before everyone else getting dressed in beat up cargo pants and a plain black t-shirt. I rouse Katy awake and point out the clothing I grabbed for her. A long sleeve shirt with a plain red t-shirt over it and some baggy jeans, it’s the fingered gloves that get her attention. They’re the same ones that we train with in the gym. I start to head out with Katy and get stopped by Elizabeth, dressed much like Katy and I are. Dad doesn’t say a word and Mom looks at us with a little sadness as we head out to school. We arrive at the school’s lot and the rest of the crew is there except for Kori and Ben. I don’t wait for them as I lead the girls from our vehicles to Devin’s truck where the rest of the crew is gathered. All of us are hooded and the crew is quiet before me as I lead them into school and class. The first half of the day is quiet save for whispering around me about what happened to Kori and another student last Friday, someone was talking about it and like everything else it spread like wildfire with rumors as to how bad it was. People watch me for signs that I will snap and lash out and when I catch them looking out of the corner of my eye I smile big enough that they can see me.

During lunch I arrive at the cafeteria and the whole family is gathered around the table sitting. I approach and once at the table all stand up and I lead them out of the cafeteria amidst the whispers of students and to the baseball field. I climb the bleachers and take a seat at the top with my feet dangling off the side while the rest of my ‘family’ stands in front of me looking up and waiting. I almost start to talk to them as I would normally when I see a few of the punk crew and Hideo from Jun’s friends heading towards us; I bow my head and wait for them to get close.

“Family, we have people here who want to believe,” I say in a happy tone,” See them know their faces.”

My whole ‘family’ turns and stares at the few other students who followed out of either curiosity or for protection. I notice Vicki from the punks moving forward cautiously when Devin steps forward and stops her.

“Brother, this one wishes to believe. More than these first few she approaches with her fear but also with her will,” I tell Devin from my perch.

Devin steps back and motions Vicki to move forward and after a moment of hesitation she continues and looks up at me with confusion.

“There is a question in your mind that I will answer for you,” I say to her keeping my tone overly happy and friendly,” What happened to us, what changed? Let me tell you that we’re just being what we were all this time and you never saw it.”

“That makes no sense,” Vicki says confused.

“This is the mystery of me, open to the world’s interpretation,” I reply smiling down at her,” Tell the one you let hold the leash that I will come for him today.”

“You’re going after Johnny,” Vicki asks backing up.

“Yes, we’re going after everyone,” I say before dropping down off the bleachers,” Tell them we’re coming.”

I get up to Vicki and take her face in my hands, she’s scared and I must look like a maniac as I smile at her. I look to the rest of the people gathered and smile before walking back into the school with my family following quietly. The rest of the day goes by quiet and fast as we get into homeroom and see Coach Campbell talking with some of his team before noticing me, I get waved into his office off the court and once inside he closes the door after me and sits at his desk.

“What are you doing running around scaring students,” Coach asks a visibly upset.

“Coach I’m just bringing in people to hear my word, when they come for me then I’ll get you something better than names,” I tell him,” I’ll give you what you really want sir, revenge for your girl.”

“Not at school, you keep it off campus as much as possible but you better deliver,” Coach says sternly,” And I’m having my kids run with you as much as possible so nothing happens to them without someone to watch their backs.”

“Tracy yes but your boy will have to be seen as one who knows,” I reply cryptically before exiting the office.

We sit in silence in the Gym and school lets out on time as always. We head to the vehicles only to find a group of ‘moralists’ standing around my bike lead by pretty boy Kyle. I stop and motion to the ‘family’ to fan out and we walk up as a line to the near twenty ‘moralists’. Kyle tells his friends to stay back steps out of his group towards me.

“We need to talk about all this fighting, both sides have been hurt and it would be better if we all just made peace and went about making this place better together,” Kyle says with a little arrogance.

I can see some of the punks taking notice and more than a few nerds are starting to gather on the fringes. I let Kyle see my smiling face before I start to speak to my ‘family’ and the small gathering of people.

“The snake never cared about the feelings of the mouse until the mice realized they outnumbered the snake,” I say loudly,” you talk of peace but you chose something different. You chose be brought down by ones who are not anything like you.”

“What are you talking about? The people who follow you are going to get hurt if you go against this,” Kyle continues from his position of authority.

“I have no followers, only brothers and sisters in the name of cause,” I reply before getting louder,” Like a fool this one thinks that we fear pain, Brother Devin, Hit me.”

I turn to Devin who pauses for a second and takes me by the coat collar with one hand and slams his fist into my cheek hard. People are gasping and whispering but Devin has a hold of me and I get my full balance again and start laughing.

“You think pain is something we run from, we enjoy pain. You talk about pain but you cannot hurt us, now is the time to get your affairs in order Kyle,” I say with blood in my mouth,” Because this is your choosing, we are upright and we know that we were chosen.”

I watch as Kyle backs away from me slowly and his friends disperse amid whispers and talk about how I’ve lost my mind. Everyone gets into their vehicles except for Devin and me. I look at Devin and before he gets in his vehicle speak to him.

“Brother you are a monster today, but you are in a family of monsters and we will take care of you,” I tell Devin smiling.

“Yes brother, the one who wants to believe is waiting on you,” Devin says pointing behind me to Vicki who is at my bike.

I let Devin leave and take Jun, Natsuko and Lilly home before addressing Vicki. I can see she still has some fear but something else is driving her right now.

“I will go with you to see Johnny,” Vicki says trying to get on my bike.

“You do not believe and you certainly don’t know,” I say stopping her,” I solved the question in your mind that you couldn’t even find words for. Now you want to believe but to do so you need to see?”

Vicki nods her head lightly and I stick a finger in my mouth and get some blood on it before holding it up in her face.

“Did you see this,” I ask getting another nod,” Then you saw but don’t believe. We are more than them, worse than them because we do not have their illusions and labels. We are things that they will never understand because of the lies they were raised with. If you wish to believe then you must find the lies they pulled over your eyes and see what you are in the event to come.”

I can see Vicki is confused and I am a little myself but cryptic and charismatic has people talking and that’s the start of it. I hand her the spare helmet and once we’re both on my bike we head out to Johnny’s home/compound. My arrival so many times in the past two weeks cause my arrival today to be less dramatic but as I show up Johnny still makes his way out to greet me.

“Hey Guy, you coming around here so much I’m beginning to think I need to get you a place to sleep,” Johnny says being funny.

“Brother I need you,” I say throwing him off with the ‘brother’.

I follow Johnny into what I can only assume is his actual spot considering the nicer furnishings and what I can tell is paperwork. I let Johnny sit but remain standing with my hood on and my hands behind my back.

“Okay man, I got word of some bad shit happened and from what I hear there are some things in the works with you and you got hit in the face by your friend,” Johnny starts in.

“Yes, I needed Brother Devin to hit me to prove a point,” I tell him plainly.

“What is with the brother/sister crap,” Johnny asks confused.

“First Brother you’ve been a part of this family since nearly the beginning so don’t start casting down this family, you might not be around but we still consider you one of us,” I tell Johnny going from stern to happy,” and the family needs you brother.”

“Okay, well if I’m a brother then I’m probably going to have to say yes to the help,” Johnny says smiling,” But I’m guessing that it’s going to hurt me before it helps.”

“You are worldly in your possessions brother and this will cause some of that to slow down, you’ll need to not sell at the school till we end this,” I tell Johnny who gets disheartened,” But if you help I will get you something better, distribution.”

“Distribution to whom,” Johnny asks perking up.

“Who isn’t important, what is important now is your network. There are some people who want the family to die and I need their friends,” I tell Johnny,” I’ll have Brother Jun get you all the specifics. You heard about what happened to Kori?”

Johnny nods and I don’t let my emotions show but I burn up with the memory of it. Johnny leaves his shack for a few minutes before coming back to me.

“I think you should preach to the masses,” Johnny says closing the door behind him.

“Your meaning brother,” I ask for clarification.

“Well you lead us but we call you brother and you call us family, you say that the family knows but you’re looking for believers. You need to give them something to believe in,” Johnny explains.

I can see that he has a point with a mission statement but just telling people to follow me because I want to hurt people who hurt Kori isn’t going to work. I sit and think while Johnny handles some paperwork and before long I leave quietly and take my bike home to think. Getting home shows me something I haven’t seen before, the entire crew is parked in my parent’s living room doing homework while Mom serves up soup and sandwiches. I walk into the living room and everyone stands up before I wave them off.

“At in public only please, I don’t need to be the messiah at home too,” I tell them getting some goofy looks.

“Guy what happened to your face,” Mom asks rushing over and taking my head in her hands.

“He did,” I point to Devin who gets a withering look from Mom,” I told him too.”

“Why would you tell him to hit you,” Mom asks confused.

“Cause it scared an asshole,” I say smiling.

I get a look from Mom about my language and sit in with everyone to get my own class work done. After we all get finished I start to talk about what we’re going to be standing up for and ‘preaching’. I’ll be doing most of the speaking which relieves most of the group but my ideology has some confusion. Everyone leaves before nine and I’m finally relaxing in my room when my phone goes off with a text, it’s Kori. When I ask her where she’s been she replies that her mother wanted her to stay home for a while and heal. I tell Kori I’m not happy about her missing what I’m doing for her and she says that she’s got a watchful group of friends and to trust Ben since he’s doing what I told him. I don’t know what it means and after saying goodnight sleep comes nice and fast.

Tuesday morning and I’m up early like always but I’m not alone today, Katy is getting dressed as I get out of the shower and Liz is up next for it. I get dressed in the same basic clothes as yesterday and the three of us head out again, girls in the car and me on my bike. School goes by much as it did Monday but with more whispering behind my back and finally at lunch time when I arrive and lead my family out of the cafeteria I discover that we have about thirty students who have followed us including Vicki from the punks and Hideo from the nerds. I get up to the top of the bleachers again and see faces staring up at me with a little bit of expectation on their faces.

“You don’t know why you’re here. I call you believers because you haven’t known yourself,” I explain eerily happy,” but you know what I stand against, you saw it yesterday. They come and posture with numbers and words as if it mattered. I don’t care if you believe because I know.”

I see confusion and a little bit of fear in the faces of some students but most are trying to comprehend.

“Jun, take one from the crowd and bring them forward,” I command to Jun.

I watch him walk into the assembled group and look around, some of the friends of his back up but he settles on Hideo and taking him by the shoulder drags him to the front of the group.

“You are afraid believer,” I ask down to Hideo who nods,” I know you but you don’t. I see that you are not what they want you to be. They make you fear them by words and titles that they couldn’t aspire to. You believe that they are wrong but you stand idle by and be what they want to make you.”

I take the long way down watching Hideo the whole way until I’ve moved in front of him. I can see he’s a little scared but more ashamed. I point at Vicki and wave her forward till she’s just out of arms reach.

“You believer, if I told you that I will hurt this one if you do not have sex with him would you,” I ask Vicki while staring at Hideo.

“No I wouldn’t,” Vicki says quietly.

“And that is why you are an animal, the both of you,” I say backing away from the two,” You both are persecuted by the same people, they just use different names and yet you can’t even see the truth behind it. They’re ashamed they can’t know the world like you do. You girl are free and independent, you have no ties that you don’t want. You dress the way that makes you feel like what you want. You boy are smart and articulate, you have a future in a world that will try to grind you into paste but more than them you will earn it on what you know not because you were born deserving it.”

I watch the two look at each other and see the rest of the group looking around at each other’s faces before focusing on me again. I hold my arms out to my sides and lean my head back to the sky; the clouds are dark grey and light with rain.

“Will you be persecuted until you can prove that you are walking upright or are you walking upright now and just need to stand with something that is more than you, worse than you,” I ask bringing my gaze back to the crowd.

I can hear some of them talking about worse than them, I can see some are beginning to understand but I am seeing Hideo in quiet contemplation while Vicki has moved closer and is now next to him facing me.

“I know why they’ve chosen me,” I say quietly but happy,” You will believe once you enjoy the pain they caused you. Tell others that in two days I will bring my message to bear for those who want to believe.”

I head through the crowd and back to class with my family quietly in tow. The rest of the day goes by with more quiet whispers and people talking but the highlight is after fifth period when I’m leaving and I see Heather walking in my direction. I know she doesn’t see me and I wait there for her; she gets within arm’s reach before noticing me and backs up suddenly dropping some papers. I turn and look down at her as she cleans up the papers; I catch some of the words and guess at a speech. Heather finishes picking up her papers and composes herself to speak but I cut her off by chuckling. I walk away still chuckling and get to the gym ahead of some of the crew and head straight to Coach Campbell’s office and close the door behind me getting his attention.

“Coach are we having an assembly soon,” I ask quietly.

“Yes actually tomorrow, Principal Jackson caught wind of a few students who have been attacked and apparently there are a few groups concerned and one that is speaking,” Coach tells me leaning forward in his chair.

“I think I need to say something during the assembly,” I say with a visible smile on my face,” and I need your help to do it.”

“What about my boy and girl,” Coach asks concerned.

“They haven’t come to me yet but I will be waiting for them at the bleachers once we’re done here,” I tell him before getting back to my immediate planning,” I want to speak over them but not at them, any ideas on that sir.”

“Get with my boy and I’ll have something by tomorrow, but only if they get in this protection blanket you got,” Coach tells me skeptically.

I leave the office and head out to the bleachers drawing my family out with me. I get seated from my perch and turn my attention to the only people there.

“There’s going to be an assembly tomorrow, I have decided to say something during it since Heather’s group will be making a statement about what happened to Kori, I’m going to tell the school about my ‘vision’. Also I’ve brought Johnny on board and he’s ready to help so Jun I’ll need you get him information about Kyle and his Russian bride,” I dictate noting my last words make Devin scowl.

I see two figures heading up towards us across the field, I motion to my family that we have company and drop down to greet Tracy and her brother. I step in front of my family and greet our guests. I finally get to see Tracy after her altercation, most of her hair has been cut short and is matted to her head with some sort of hair product. I note the jogging coat and matching pants in blue and white but it’s her brother who is only six feet tall and noticeably younger than Tracy but it’s his clothing that probably has Jun feeling nostalgic with a black windbreaker slacks with a sweater vest underneath. I almost go after him first but decide to start with some love.

“Sister it’s been too long,” I say placing my hands on Tracy’s shoulders,” this family has missed your determination and I’m glad to see you again, come by my house after school today so we can talk amongst those who know in private.”

“Dad says that you’re really unhinged but I should just listen to you and do what you say,” Tracy says with a little determination,” But you get in the way of my practice and I’m gonna kick your ass.”

“I wouldn’t expect any less from you sister. You on the other hand are a quiet simpering little shit and I’m not even certain as to why I haven’t had Devin pull your arms off,” I say turning my attention to her brother.

“I’m Isaac, our dad said I should stay around you and follow your lead but why are you attacking me,” the boy says getting defensive.

“‘Why are you attacking me’ because you should be crawling on the ground not walking upright,” I sneer and mock,” you’re a pathetic excuse for the male species. My sister Tracy has more temerity in her than you do. You do know what that word means boy?”

I can tell Isaac is pissed and that anger makes him foolish and reckless, I watch him drop is bag and swing with a right that I see coming. I let the punch hit me but lower my head so that his knuckles pop as they connect with the top of my skull. Isaac recoils from the punch holding his hand and cursing; I start laughing and turn to my family.

“He has fire right Brother Jun,” I ask still laughing.

“He does Brother, should I help guide him,” Jun asks stepping forward.

“Of course, his fire is wasted and he doesn’t hesitate,” I say placing a hand on Isaac’s shoulder,” You follow Brother Jun’s lead and listen to what he says.”

Isaac nods warily and backs up from me, boy has spirit and honestly I like him now more than I liked Jun the first day. We gather and leave school heading straight for my house to work and lighten the mood. Once at home and inside all appearances drop and Jun gets a chance to talk to Isaac and explain how the family works and why we’re all acting the way we have been for the past couple days. Tracy looks confused but Isaac seems quick to pick up on what we’re doing and the fear I’m trying to put in.

“People are wondering about some sermon you are going to deliver on Thursday,” Isaac says keeping me informed on the gossip at school.

The topic gets everyone’s attention but my shrug ends any questions or comments as to what I’ll say and do. Homework gets done again among the watchful supervision of my folks and everyone heads out before my Mom starts setting up sleeping bags. I get into my room and shoot Kori a text asking how she’s been today and tell her that I miss her at school. I don’t get a reply for a while but when I do it’s just her telling me to be patient and she’ll be back before I know it. I don’t reply because I want her back at school now and not later. I head to bed ready for a grand interruption of Heather’s activities.

Third morning in and it’s like a well oiled machine, at school before classes there are people watching as now Tracy and her brother Isaac have come into the fold. We all bow are heads as if we’re praying and head off to class. What I hate more than anything is that point where you have something planned and yet you have to wait through the most boring shit in existence before you get to have some fun. At the end of second class I get a notice from Coach Campbell that we are having a meeting in the library during the assembly at home period. The news puts a bit of a spring in my step as lunch comes and goes with no real speeches or people who need to be adjusted. I let Jun know that I’ll need communication from him as to when to interrupt Heather and whoever is speaking with her. Last two periods drag on but mercifully pass and I watch as others head to the gym for the assembly. I take my note and get to the library where Coach Campbell is waiting in the office and the librarian hands off the keys to Coach before passing me and leaves us alone. I get into the office with Coach and he explains his plan.

“Okay meathead, they’re going to be speaking in the gym but you can use the PA system from here to interrupt them, you got some way to know who you are interrupting I take it,” Coach asks quickly.

“Yes sir, and thank you sir. I will remember this,” I say moving to the phone he pointed out.

“Well my boy is talking about how what he’s going to be doing is cool and at least I am less worried
now than I was last week,” Coach says taking out some files.

“I’ll keep him around after all this as well, he has fire,” I tell Coach Campbell taking out my phone.

I didn’t think I would need to wait long but I’m thirty minutes into the final hour of the day when Jun sends me a text saying that Heather and Kyle are heading up to the podium to speak. I give it a minute and after taking a deep breath punch the buttons to pull up the PA system, I hear the PA tone kick on and begin.

“I told you that we were coming but it was a lie, we’ve been here all along. They’re lying to you; they’ll tell you that they’re trying to make things better but how different are they from each other. So much of the same that they see you and you and you and you as so wrong because you are different from them. They are addicted to the idea that they are heroes; they want you to see them as heroes so they can feel better about the empty hole they live with everyday. They want to lead you like sheep to a slaughter, covering your eyes so you can’t see the end until its right in front of your face. But I think it’s time for the masses assembled to wake up, WAKE UP AND SEE THE LIE THEY WANT YOU TO LIVE! I watch them make people deteriorate and wither all around them, they whisper and wonder at it but they never do anything about it. They want you to crawl but you know you’re meant to be upright. You know my name, you know my brothers and sisters, you whisper and wonder about what comes next. I know why they’ve chosen me, I’ve seen it in my thoughts and in my waking dreams and I know that this is not the beginning of their new regime. It’s the end,” I get the last words out and chuckle for a few seconds before pressing the hang up on the phone then placing the receiver in its place.

Coach Campbell has me sit next to him and we start looking busy going over my file when I hear the doors to the library open behind me and a few teachers along with Mrs. Jackson come in looking for someone. Coach greets them and says that he brought me in here so that I wouldn’t do anything during the assembly and that I never touched the phone while we’ve been in here. Mrs. Jackson doesn’t push Coach but I can see Ms. Detress is fuming mad and ‘knows’ that I did it. I watch her call Coach Campbell a liar and that gets Principal Jackson to turn on her wonderful ‘No you Didn’t’ look. I let the whole proceeding play out and as final bell rings I calmly put all Coach Campbell’s files in order and quietly leave with my bag, no smile or laughing as I pass Ms. Detress or Principal Jackson.

I’m walking towards the parking lot and see the Gym is letting out from the assembly but more than that the students from the assembly see me walking and soon enough my family filters out to me and gives me a barrier as some cheer and others ask question. I get to our vehicles in the parking lot and can see that behind the assembled punks and Goth, past the nerds and outcasts there are the ‘moralists’. They’re watching and looking to see what I’ll do next and it has me smiling.

“I think that someone heard my thoughts today,” I say loudly but keeping my head downcast,” Are there people here who want to believe?”

I can hear some saying yes and there is more asking questions as I raise my head to look at all the faces staring at me for the answer.

“It’s not time yet, I’ll be where the storm gathers tomorrow at the end of the rush,” I tell the assembled cryptically,” If you can’t find me then find my family, they know and will guide those that want to believe.”

I can hear the talking and don’t wait for anyone to give me another chance to speak. I get on my bike and before I can get anywhere Tracy stops me with a gesture and after getting the spare helmet from the seat whispers ‘Johnny’ in my ear. I guess she has business there and decide to help out by driving us there. It takes a moment to realize that the whole family is following us and our arrival at Johnny’s is greeted with some happier faces than I’m used to seeing when I go somewhere. I waste no time finding Johnny in a side trailer and let Tracy have her time with him, I didn’t think she was into Johnny but it doesn’t matter to me as I am getting my phone blown up with a text message from Kori. Kori’s message takes some priority and I guess Jun or Lilly must have made a video because she’s promising me some serious alone time when she’s all better just for scaring Heather. I follow the link and check the video out, apparently I cut Heather off in mid sentence and before I was even finished she left the podium and Kyle had to talk about how they’re going to help change the student body. I smile and find Jun just to pat him on the back for the video. I tell the family that I’ll be along later and that this is just a personal stop for Tracy. Devin give me a look like I need to fix something and I remember that he’s still interested in some girl in the moralist camp.

“Brother you need to tell me who this girl that I’m supposed to help you with is,” I ask Devin privately.

“Her name is Masha. I’ve seen her hanging around whenever we gather but I don’t like the way they’ve been treating her, she’s like an attack dog as far as their concerned,” Devin says pleading.

“Okay but which one is… the bodyguard?! The damn Russian bodyguard that Heather keeps around to make sure one of the girls doesn’t take her fucking head off,” I say shocked by the realization.

“I like her okay, I have seen her looking at me too man but I just think that maybe if you could show her that she’s just a tool for them that maybe I’d have a shot with her,” Devin pleads with a puppy dog face I should not see on a large guy.

I pat him on the shoulder and let him get to taking Jun and some of the other’s home. My family leaves and I wait patiently by my bike for Tracy to get done with Johnny. I’m only waiting about ten minutes when Tracy heads out of Johnny’s shack looking about the same that she was when she went in, guess it didn’t take long for her get what she needed. I start to get my bike ready to go but Tracy stops me and pulls me into following her off to a cabin towards the back, it looks better than some of the makeshift ‘huts’ that others are using. I watch her take a key in her hand and unlock the door before we head inside. It’s pretty basic inside, crappy bed with blankets folded up on it and a small desk with a chair by the blacked out window.

“Johnny says this was the only building he didn’t put up on the grounds,” Tracy explains sitting down on the bed.

“Okay, thanks for the history lesson, so why the fuck are we here,” I ask taking the sole chair and sitting down.

“I gotta ask, are you really losing your mind or are you really good at fooling people,” Tracy asks a little angry.

“I thought we went over this with your brother, I’m just doing this to get people’s attention. I scare the moral majority and get people they’ve been picking on to start standing up for themselves,” I explain keeping it simple,” And when I get the names of who beat Kori with belts I start looking into renting a wood chipper and a boat.”

“Well that’s graphic and probably never going to happen. So my new problem, I talked to Kori and I’m guessing she hasn’t said anything but I need sex,” Tracy says with no subtlety.

“Well that’s wonderful but I have to ask, why me,” I ask plainly.

“Well you’re not bad at it from what I remember and Kori wants to make sure you’re in shape for when she’s ready to reward you for that speech today,” Tracy says pulling off her hooded athletic coat showing me her toned body in a lose tank top and sports bra.

“That’s great but no, people just don’t volunteer to have sex for a friend just to keep someone ‘in shape’, especially one who has girlfriends who are more than willing to take care of me. So what’s the real deal considering you and I haven’t had sex in almost a year and I heard that you were dating someone last summer,” I tell her keeping some distance.

“Nothing, I just thought you’d like to try something different but never mind,” Tracy says with a little frustration grabbing her coat and standing up.

Never mind, one thing I learned from having four girlfriends is that never mind is one of those things that when it comes out of a woman’s mouth it usually means either take cover or you’re pushing all the wrong buttons. I get up and block Tracy from leaving the shack, we have a bit of a staring contest and Tracy moves back to the bed and sits down and I move to sit next to her. I look at her hair and notice where the burned off patch is covered by the new hairstyle.

“So did I just kill your mood or can we talk about it,” I ask concerned.

“I asked Kori if it was cool if we had sex and she said it would be fine, I don’t normally go after a girl’s boyfriend but you were with me about the same time you and Kori hooked up for real so I figured it was okay to ask,” Tracy explains showing a rare bit of nervousness,” I’m just messed up after last week I guess.”

“I’m messed up after last year but look at me now, I have a good group of people around me and I’m working on driving my ex further insane,” I tell Tracy getting a little smile,” Come on, let’s get you home.”

I start to get up from the bed but Tracy grabs onto my shoulder and pulls me back down on the bed before kicking her leg over me and straddling my hips. With one move Tracy grabs the bottom of her tank top and pulls it over head and off taking her white sports bra with it. There in my face are Tracy’s wonderfully shaped large for a b cup breasts in my face sporting the same half dollar sized nipples that I remember from last year. I put my hands on her hips and pull Tracy hard against me latching my mouth onto one of her nipples and gently sucking. I feel Tracy put one arm inside my coat and the other around my head to keeping my head right where she wants it. Being an athlete is one thing but unlike Mathilda, Tracy is softer. I switch nipples and push my hand into the back of Tracy’s athletic pants to and grip an asscheek and squeeze it firmly. Tracy pulls my head off her breast and backs up off the bed and once on her feet starts stripping down until I see only tight pair of white athletic panties hugging her hips. I start to strip down but Tracy stops me again and starts to do it herself starting with my coat and shirt, then my boots and finally my pants just leaving me in my boxer briefs.

Now that we’re both down to our basic underwear Tracy backs me up the bed wordlessly until my head is resting on the pillow. Silently she shifts her body around until my face is staring at her cloth covered slit and I feel Tracy working through my underwear for a brief moment before pulling my cock free. I can’t see anything but I know she has one hand on the base of me and is trailing her tongue up and down my shaft; it’s a different feeling to have at the start of foreplay as opposed to it happening at the end of sex. I almost get to rest and let her work until her body pushes back bumping my chin, taking a hint I reach my arms up around Tracy’s hips and pulling the tight fabric aside start to slowly lick the length of her slit. I’m taking my time enjoying trailing my tongue around her pussy hole while in contrast Tracy is bobbing her head up and down on me fast and frantically. She has me hard and I can’t tell if she’s trying to get me off or not so I decide to shake her up a bit, I spread her cheeks wide and shove my tongue deep as I can get it into her hole. The first noise of the night comes as I start wagging my tongue in Tracy’s pussy, letting my cock drop from her mouth and moaning through what I’m hoping is a minor orgasm. I feel my shorts getting pulled further down and raise my hips to get the fully off, as Tracy crawls down to get my shorts off I hook a finger in the crotch of her panties and pull them off. For the first time I see her turn to face me and smile, I’ve never seen her smile before and it’s one of her new best features as far as I’m concerned.

“Grab a thick blanket and get that ass over here,” I tell Tracy smiling.

It’s a bit chilly in October this time of year and with no real heat we’re gonna want to keep a little warm. Tracy pulls the thickest blanket up and throws it over her shoulders before crawling up my body and resting her clit and slit against my shaft. I feel her start to grind and with the lube she put on me orally and my work getting her ready I don’t want to wait much longer. Sensing that I’m a little eager Tracy shifts her hips and knees a little before taking me in hand and lining me up with her warm folds. A little pressure is all there is before I feel her warmth wrapped around me and it’s not tight like other girls but more accommodating and experienced taking a larger member.

“I think you’re a little bigger than last year,” Tracy groans out once I’m all in.

“I’d think you’d be disappointed that I’m not the size you’re used to,” I reply trailing my hands up her sides then back down taking hold of her ass.

“Well you’re big enough to get attention but not so much that I have to adjust to you. Also you’re not pushy making me fuck in the same position every time,” Tracy says starting a long rhythm of strokes on my member.

“Same position every time, your summer boyfriend must not have been much fun then,” I say licking her breast.

“He stopped seeing me because I wasn’t any fun, saying that I just lay there and don’t do anything. Kinda hard when if I move you… fucking bitch… like a…,” Tracy says speeding up her hips.

“Bitch,” I ask getting a nod.

Tracy starts groaning and with most of my cock working in and out of her fast it doesn’t take long for her to lock up and get a hard orgasm out. I let her breath and while she rests a little I get an idea to try something different. I get her to straighten her legs till they’re almost straight next to mine but I’m still inside her, I tighten my abs to make my member twitch inside her which gets me a look of surprise.

“What are we doing now,” Tracy asks once we’re adjusted.

I tighten my abs again and roll my hips up into her in more of a grind than a thrust; I do it again and can see Tracy’s eyes are shut and enjoying my new movement. I keep my grinding up and try to take my time with my new trick when Tracy takes my idea and does it against me, feels a little better than before and we’re soon in a solid rhythm that has me panting with the effort to keep from losing my cool to soon.

“Why are you slowing down, I’m gonna cum again and this time it’s not gonna be little,” Tracy asks not slowing herself down at all.

“I’m getting close,” I gasp out speeding up a little.

“Oh you don’t know where to cum. Here’s the trick, I am going to cum hard soon and you are gonna cum with me but,” She pauses with a wicked grin,” Am I on the pill or safe today or are you getting into more trouble than you bargained for.”

“No joking Tracy I’m really gonna cum,” I say gripping her hips and slamming my cock hard in and out.

“Maybe I want you to cum in me, you like that idea? Finally getting your white cum in my black pussy,” Tracy asks teasing.

I don’t know what comes over me but I latch my teeth onto Tracy’ breast lightly and start bucking my hips into her. Tracy pushes her body flat against mine and lets me do the work moaning while pulling my head off her tit. I get that rush and grunting shoot my first shot into her warm folds, the sensation makes Tracy’s eyes go wide and as I try to push more into her she starts pushing against me as my first shot must have triggered her own orgasm. We lay there grinding against each other trying to get the last bit of our orgasms out when Tracy takes my face in her hands and kisses me openly. It’s weird and brief but warm and wonderful. I figure we must have been just laying for ten minutes as I feel I’ve fallen completely out of Tracy. She notices it too and curls up onto my side; I wrap an arm around her and just wonder about what happened I have no clue how bad this could be.

“Hey, I’m on the pill so relax,” Tracy says after seeing my face,” besides if you haven’t figured out someone else has dibs on your first kid and it isn’t gonna be me.”

“Kori right,” I ask getting a little nod,” Yeah, she’s the only one I can see myself having a kid with immediately.”

“What about the other three or four girls you got pining after your juice,” Tracy asks propping her head up on her elbow to look at me.

“Well Katy maybe, Matty I’m not sure if she sees herself as ever being a mother but Imelda most definitely,” I explain reminiscing a little.

“And what about Natsuko,” Tracy asks.

“Not my girlfriend, she likes being a free agent and I like her a lot but I have enough girls I need to keep happy regularly,” I tell Tracy rubbing my hand on her flank.

We cuddle for a short while but while Tracy is in happy post orgasm land I get a dark thought about all the fear I’ve been trying to throw around. I’m gonna eventually back Heather’s people in a corner so bad that they’re going to try to kill me, and not Derek ‘tried’. Probably full on kill me with a gun at school or something. I register that one for the back of my mind and decide on the next best thing to tell the assembled masses tomorrow and remember that there is a park downtown that people have to walk to, yay hippies for your exercise trails. I have a plan but now I’m just wondering when someone is finally gonna punch my clock. I figure I should talk to Dad when I get home but for now I just enjoy warm woman and relaxed muscles.

Part 6
After clearing out of Johnny’s shack and getting Tracy back to her car I head home trying to piece together what I’m going to do tomorrow and what I’m going to say. I pull in the driveway and see Kori’s mother’s van parked in front of the house. I bolt inside and find everyone my Mom and Dad talking with Mary. I get a hello out of my mouth while bolting through the house; I hear the girl’s talking in Liz’s room and throw the door open. There is Liz, Katy and Kori sitting on Liz’s bed talking, at least until I barge in the room. Liz and Katy are in t-shirts and short but Kori is sporting a loose knit top and some sweatpants but more importantly I’m not seeing any signs of bandages.

“Girls I need to speak with Korinna please,” I say quietly.

“But it’s my room,” Liz says as Katy stands her up and pulls her out.

“I’ve missed you,” Kori says sheepishly.

“I’ve been making a fool of myself for you, but you haven’t been there to see it,” I reply keeping my voice down.

“You’re not making a fool of yourself baby, I want them to be afraid and you’re doing that,” Kori says putting on a happy face.

“Except this way is slow and lazy, yes people are becoming afraid of me and the rest of the crew somewhat but this will go a lot faster if you let me start taking the guys who beat you and put them in a burn barrel,” I tell her pacing.

“Okay but I’ve got a surprise for you tomorrow if you’re tired of waiting but I want more fear and I want Heather,” Kori says taking my hand to stop the pacing.

“Yeah well I don’t, I don’t want her words or her presence,” I tell Kori stopping and sitting down on the bed,” I do want the names of the guys who did this.”

“I know baby but all I have are faces, I don’t know them personally,” Kori says quietly.

Kori is popular as hell and could find anyone’s name at school in a matter of minutes. I get a bolt out of the blue and grab my phone; I shoot a text off to Jun to see who Kyle was friends with last year. Kori is wondering what is going on but a reply text a minute later tells me Kyle wasn’t at our school last year. I reply to Jun to run it against the school Ben came from and show Kori the texts to bring her up to speed.

“Honey I trust Ben and you should too,” Kori tells me while we wait.

“Yeah trust someone who let you get taken away to do what exactly? I’ve seen about as much of him at school as I have of you,” I say to Kori getting a little agitated.

“Baby calm down, they’re both transfers but Ben is a friend of mine,” Kori says trying to persuade me,” If you trust me then just trust him, there is a surprise and it’ll get you what you are craving baby.”

“I’m craving a lot of things I can’t have right now honey,” I tell her sitting back down.

“Sooner than later honey, I’m still stiff and a little bruised but healing well,” Kori says cuddling up to me.

Katy and Liz come back in and I bring them up to speed on what I’ve been having Jun work on. Katy starts to spin on a more aggressive strategy of just taking Kori around and finding the guys on the street but Kori shoots that down. Finally Kori heads home around eight and I’m alone in my room when Liz decides to pop it.

“Hey sis, if you’re looking for a replay of the other day I’m game but you need to keep from moaning too loud,” I say smirking from my computer.

“And like Kori I’m a little bruised bro,” Liz says after closing the door,” but in a good way. I have a pair of targets for you if you’re interested?”

“Kori won’t like us rushing the gun,” I tell Liz turning in my chair.

“And either you are saying no or you’re warning me off,” Liz replies moving to sit on my bed,” First off however I need to know that Greg is off the menu, I know you’d love to hurt him physically but if we work this out I want him left alone.”

“Okay I don’t understand why but unless he comes after one of us I’ll leave him alone,” I promise Liz while thinking about a way around it.

“Alright, well I say go after Greg’s sister Allison. I know she’s not in the moralist camp like Greg but she and I have been talking and I think if you brought her over to our side it would fuck with his head which I am comfortable with. The other person is that fucking bodyguard of Heather’s, I got a bead on her and I know where she’ll be Friday after school if you’re interested,” Liz says giving me the rundown.

“All sounds fine except for the nobody to beat like a drum option,” I tell Liz frustrated,” Also we have a conflicting plan if we go after the bodyguard, Devin has a crush on her and wants help convincing her to come around to our way of thinking.”

“Okay so no bodyguard but can we do something with Greg’s sister please,” Liz asks pleading a little.

I nod and get a hug around the neck for my taking on yet another task. Liz leaves me alone to my thoughts and I head to bed to get ready for the next day. Thursday and I’m moving around like I’m walking on water, people part the way as I walk and even a few teachers are keeping an eye on me throughout the day. At lunch I drop the location of where I’m going to give my speech from and aside from people wanting a preview, I keep my lips sealed and only chuckle when asked questions. During homeroom I get a heads up from everyone that there should be a good turnout and that the walking park is a good location. Hippies in the area decided a while back to make a park, state picked up the idea but nobody took out the fifty feet of trees around the park on all sides. No cars can get in and there’s even a playground for children in there, or for me something to stand on. All of us get out of school and head straight for the park where I get a pleasant surprise, Johnny is waiting there with several of his crew and he’s decked out in a hooded sleeveless jacket.

“Hey man, I got some security for your vehicular transport while you say what you need to say,” Johnny says with a smile.

“Well after this hopefully I can help you get back on track with your thing sooner than later,” I reply heading into the park.

Not many people are here yet considering the light rain usually causes people want to stay inside but I spot Vicki and a few punks standing around. I pass them and get on top of a straight metal slide and crouch down to wait for more people to arrive. It takes the better part of an hour but I’m staring at about sixty or seventy students who have gathered. I have my hood down over my face and stand up before raising one hand and listen to the crowd go silent.

“I believe I have your attention. You came here to learn the truth and believe but first I have a question,” I say to the crowd,” Do you want to know what I believe in?”

I can hear some confusion and more than a few people say yes. I shake my head and look out into the crowd.

“I believe in what I see in front of me. I see people who are tired of being backed into a corner and told what they have to do by someone who are going to push them to get their way. I see my peers too quiet and too scared to even stand up for themselves. I believe in the idea that if people don’t like you for who you are THEN FUCK THEM! There is nothing wrong with you,” I yell out getting their attention,” I believe that you are who YOU want to be because it makes you happy. The people in front of you in the hoods are my family because it’s the only label that we acknowledge and we’re proud of it. You want me to do something about these oppressive assholes.”

I listen in again and hear people talking and more people saying yes. Again I shake my head.

“Well why haven’t you done anything about it? There are at least fifty people here who could have shut down the bullying but you stood afraid because the person being bullied wasn’t you at the time was it,” I turn my attention to Hideo in the front of the crowd,” You there, you were present when Vicki and her punk friends were being bullied and you did nothing because they weren’t in your group.”

I can see his shame and more than a few are glaring at him and some of the people next to him. I draw their attention back, pointing at the crowd.

“None of you are any different so I’d think twice before attacking him. And even if he were the only one being victimized if you don’t help people who are suffering the same abuse as you it leaves you alone when they come back to get you. You need a rallying point and I’m here, we can end this regime. But you have to put all your lies to rest, no freaks or punks, no nerds or jocks, no popular or outcast. Either you all come together to face them down or you get put down when they try to do to you what they’ve done to others who stood up against them,” I tell the assembled crowd.

I can hear them talking amongst themselves and motion to my family to go out among them. I watch the mingling and explaining go on, I see some of the groups blending. It’s uneasy but I need them on the same page if I’m going to push back. A pair of figures heading towards the assembled group get my attention quick and I spot Ben and one of the ‘moralists’. I recognize him as the preppy that was driving the car when I gave Hanna a ride home.

“And here they come everyone,” I point out Ben and his friend,” You are here seeking something more.”

“I’m here to put you back in your place you lunatic,” the boy says stepping into the crowd.

I slide down the slide and motion for everyone to part the way; I see my family start taking up positions around him and Ben. Both are dressed in black slacks but Ben has a blue polo shirt and brown leather jacket on while the preppy kid has a white button up shirt and a grey windbreaker. I get about ten feet away from them and stop.

“Is this truly what you want,” I ask them.

“Yes, this is what I was asked to do,” Ben says before turning to the preppy kid and backing up pulls his hood over his head.

“Wait you said you understood what happened,” the kid says to Ben shocked.

“I do understand, but Kori is my friend. I don’t turn my back on my friends,” Ben says taking position in the circle around him,” This is your moment Bryan, do what you will.”

I can see Bryan is confused but he’s holding his side and I’m not sure what’s under his coat is too big for a gun or knife.

“Is this what you want,” I ask Bryan pulling my hood off my head.

I watch the baseball bat come out of Bryan’s coat and people start talking. I can see my family moving
in to take him down but I stop them with a gesture.

“I’ll give you want you want,” I tell Bryan taking my coat off, then following it with my shirt.

I’m standing in a light rain with no shirt or coat on and a crowd around me staring as a scared ‘moralist’ with a bat is trying to find his courage. Everyone in my family wants him but I’m not done proving my point. I hold my arms out straight and look Bryan in his eyes.

“I’m right here, do it. Come on, do it, do it,” I see him waver at my acceptance for a beating,” WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT! DO IT!”

My telling Bryan to do it has him scared and looking for a way out. I can see him looking for the best spot to make a break for it and watch him settle on Jun, sadly his commitment to Jun on his left leaves him open on his right as Katy crosses the five or so feet and slams her fist into his jaw. I watch Bryan drop to the ground and the bat goes rolling away as Katy moves in for the kill. Girl takes a page out of my book and gets into a top mount position and starts hammering away at Bryan’s face, Bryan for the most part is trying to roll away and keep his fists up but Katy is screaming and angry as she rains rights and lefts down on him. Jun grabs the bat from the ground and I start half dancing half walking up to the beat down and place my hand on Katy’s shoulder as I see Bryan isn’t doing much defending since he’s been knocked stupid.

“Ease up Sister, this one isn’t going anywhere and I have something better in mind,” I tell Katy quietly.

I help Katy off of Bryan and motion to Devin and Mathilda to stand him up. I let them get him to his feet, each one holding an arm by the shoulder and with him bent over exposing his head. I wave to Jun and he brings me the bat.

“As I said they are snakes who do not care about the feelings of the mice,” I say gesturing to the crowd before pointing at Katy,” And now a group of ‘mice’ just showed a ‘snake’ that there are more of them than there are of him. Now I guess we see what happens when mice turn the tables on a snake.”

I can see Bryan coming to his senses and I watch him struggle against Devin and Mathilda but they have him firmly in place. I use the bat to tip his head up to face me; I am covered in rain and must look like the devil himself because Bryan is crying at me.

“Bryan, I want the students that did Kori on Friday. You give me them and I promise you that you will bear my message to your friends and not be my message to them,” I tell Bryan quietly.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know them I swear,” Bryan says starting to cry.

“Then you must be made an example so that they know what I’m going to do when I find them,” I say moving the bat to the back of his head.

“They don’t go to our school, I was told to pick up a phone from Taylor. He said it belonged to your girl and to give it to Heather,” Bryan screams out crying.

“So Taylor knows who they are, well that changes things,” I say lowering the bat off his head,” Are they friends of Taylor’s?”

“Kyle knows them, Taylor came up with the idea and Heather approved it,” Bryan says still held fast.

Pieces from yesterday start clicking into place, Kyle has the connections and a pretty face will distract even me if used properly. Get people who don’t know Kori to take her out to the stone field and beat her so she can’t identify them at school. It’s a brilliant plan except the loose ends they left in their delivery. I break from my deep thought and return my attention Bryan.

“Well now that I know I have some bad news for you, I know that you’re not sorry you helped them. You are sorry you were on the losing side,” I turn my attention to my family,” Katy had her fun, anyone else want him before we send him back?”

I can hear the crowd talking and some of them are looking like they want a piece but my attention gets pulled by Natsuko tapping me on the shoulder. I turn to her and she holds her hand out for the bat. I hand it to her but hold up a finger telling her to wait one moment. I move in close to Bryan’s head so he can hear me.

“You will live through this, if you don’t abandon Heather and Kyle after this I will make sure to come for you and finish this myself, do you understand,” I ask quietly.

Bryan nods and I stand up straight and walk back to my coat and sit on it cross legged to watch Natsuko. She moves up so Bryan can see her through his bloodied face and swelling eye, she’s got a punk schoolgirl outfit on and while sexy on her it’s the tone of voice she’s using as she speaks Japanese while walking around Bryan. It’s this soft and sweet sounding speech coming out of her mouth as she moves around behind Bryan who is still bent over with his head exposed. Right then it hits me that more than one head is exposed and I hear Natsuko’s tone go from soft and sweet to an angry Japanese harpy a few seconds before she golf swings the bat straight up between Bryan’s legs and I hear a sickening smack as it hits his groin. Devin and Mathilda let him go and Bryan just lies there on the grass in the rain holding his crotch and trying to breath. I wave everyone off and we start to pick up the pieces before I hold my hand up getting everyone’s attention.

“Someone should take him home to his family,” I say loudly,” He’s not going to talk about what happened here to them because he now knows that he’s safe as long as he does what I told him.”

I see a few nerds come forward and as I back away they help Bryan up off the ground and slowly walk him out of the park. I can hear the crowd talking about what I said and what they saw. I keep hearing words like unity and it gets me to smile for a moment. I put my coat back on but my shirt is soaked thanks the rain. My family and I part the crowd as we leave and I get the message for everyone to head home. Our vehicles are in the same condition we left them and as everyone heads out I head in a different direction, I’m off to get Kori.

I pull up to Kori’s house and even before I’m off my bike I see Mary at the door to greet me, she’s got a stern look on her face and her arms folded as I approach.

“Hey Guy, you coming to see Kori,” Mary asks plainly.

“Yep and I need to take her out with me,” I say as I realize that Mary isn’t moving.

“No you’re not, I like you but she’s MY daughter. I will let her out when I think she’s better and that’s not now, you can turn around and head back home because she’s not taking visitors today,” Mary says keeping her ground.

“So you are living in fear and hoping she does the same. Well we had to get this out of the way sooner or later I guess, hit me,” I tell Mary pulling my hood back.

“What are you doing Guy,” I hear Carl ask coming into the doorway.

“I blame myself for what happened to Kori, Mary blames me for what happened to Kori so now she needs to hit me until she feels better so that I can take Kori out of here and show her what I’ve been doing for nearly a week now,” I tell Carl getting a shocked look from both of them before turning my attention back to Mary,” Please just hit me.”

“Guy I don’t understand why you think my hitting you is going to change anything,” Mary says confused.

“You blame me, I’m the bad guy and this is my fault just hit me please,” I reply getting down on my knees in front of them.

Both Mary and Carl have looks of complete horror on their faces as I wait for my beating, I’ve been waiting for someone to just give me my pain allotment for not seeing the attack on Kori coming and I figure Mary would be the best person to do that for me. It’s the intervention of my personal angel that keeps me from getting what I feel I deserve.

“Mom why is Guy in the rain and why can’t he come in,” Kori asks breaking up the barricade at the front door.

“Guy was just leaving honey, go back to bed and I’ll bring you something to eat,” Mary says trying to get Kori to leave.

“Baby I’m here to take you out for a little while but your mother can’t get over the fact that I am the reason you got hurt. I offered to let her beat me for failing you but she’s confused by it,” I explain still waiting to get hit.

Kori gets me up off my feet and inside the house. I watch Carl leave and come back with a towel before noting my tattoo. I forget that I don’t show it off much and chuckle about it as I dry off. We all sit down in the living room to talk about things.

“Guy I don’t blame you for what happened to my daughter, I honestly think you’ll fix this but I don’t want her in any trouble while you do,” Mary says trying to explain.

“So it’s okay for me to be in danger because my past came back to bite her but I can’t even spend time with her that isn’t supervised,” I ask confused.

“Guy it’s not like that,” Carl says trying to keep it civil.

“Really, either I’m in trouble or I’m not. I do what she has asked; I have people afraid and ready to fight. I get starting point to find the guys who did this and when I want to just take her out to show her this I’m told I can’t because it’s not safe,” I say getting angry.

“Guy just calm down for a second and understand where we’re coming from,” Mary says trying to placate me.

“I’m done understanding, I’m done waiting and having everyone tell me things just need to get a little better before everything will be the way it was,” I say getting up,” Can I take Kori with me or not?”

“Guy we just don’t feel that it’s a good time right now with her…” is about as far as Mary gets before I drop the towel and storm out of the house.

I hear voices calling after me asking me to stop and while normally I would stop and try to work things out I’m tired of people making me feel like a tool. I get my helmet on and while it’s not Kori with a hand on my arm Carl definitely makes a case to stop me from leaving.

“Guy you should come back inside and talk with us about this, spend some time with Kori and I can talk to Mary,” Carl says tentatively.

“I’m done talking Carl,” I tell him pulling my arm out of his grasp,” You two don’t trust me fine, good luck with this whole fear/revenge thing because if I can’t even spend some time with Kori then I don’t need to go and stand up to a guy with a bat and offer to let him take my fucking head off because it ‘makes people more afraid of me’.”

I get on my bike and watch Carl back up from me wordlessly before I peel out towards home. I get in the front door and my Dad is waiting for me in the living room and I can hear Mom on the phone with Mary in the background.

“Guy sit down and talk with me for a minute,” Dad says pointing to the couch.

“No, I’m done talking and doing things that make no sense to get a result I don’t understand. I’m tired of being punished for shit that I feel guilty about when I’m the only person doing something about it,” I tell Dad heading back to my room.

I don’t hear him call or come after me as I get to my door and once inside lock it and strip down and change into a dry pair of shorts. I can hear my phone going off and a knocking on my door means someone couldn’t figure out that my open door policy isn’t in effect right now. I’m fuming mad and more than a little upset, everything was going according to everyone else’s plan and now I can’t even take my girl out and talk with her. I don’t turn on my computer because as soon as I log on anywhere I’m gonna get asked a million questions as to why I’m not talking to anyone.

After enough hours I’ve gone from fuming mad to sulking and miserable. I barely feel the cold and another knock at my door almost makes me look up from the space in between my bed and my wall. I can hear someone messing with my lock and after a few moments the door pops open to show me Mom has picked it. I see her search my dark room before spotting me in the corner and turning behind her.

“Are you sure you want to talk to him, I’ve seen him in a mood like this before,” Mom tells my ‘guest’.

“Yeah, I’m pretty certain he’ll kick my ass but I need to speak with him,” Ben says entering the room.

I watch Mom close the door behind him and he pulls my chair up to the foot of the bed right in front of me. He’s still dressed preppy and a lot drier than I was when I got in. I can see he’s trying to figure out how to approach me.

“Hey man, Kori’s parent’s are probably going to ban me from ever seeing her again so go have fun rekindling the relationship,” I tell Ben leaning my head on the side of my bed.

“Funny thing, I didn’t talk to Kori before coming over here. I talked to Mary, she’s scared that you’ll do something stupid like hurt yourself,” Ben says trying to lighten the mood.

“Yeah well I’ve been doing stupid shit for the last week but hey, you weren’t there so what do you know,” I reply.

“I know a lot, I know that there are plenty of people on their side who are scared shitless of you. I burned bridges that I was forming for information to bring you Bryan today, which by the way was scary as hell because he was bragging about how he was gonna fuck you up,” Ben tells me explaining what he’s been doing.

“Well great, good job bringing me one person,” I tell him mocking applause,” Now go get your dream girl so she can move on after me.”

“Not my girl man and more importantly she’s got a man she’s crazy about. Kori’s been blowing up my phone since I told her I was coming over here. After today I wanted you to know how I felt about Friday, I fucked up and Kori got grabbed,” Ben says quietly,” I heard you’re blaming yourself but it was me man. I’m
sorry for that but you started something today, I think you should finish it.”

“I’m tired of doing what everyone else thinks,” I reply coldly.

“Well we’re all going to be waiting for you tomorrow at school, we need you there to do that whole brooding hood thing,” Ben jokes a little getting up from the chair.

“Want to hear the sad thing,” I ask Ben getting him to stop,” I didn’t start wearing the hood because it looked cool or brooding, I wore it because I didn’t want people to see me.”

“Too bad man, everyone is looking now,” Ben says exiting my room.

I don’t get up to go to bed tonight, just lay on my floor in the cold as sleep takes over.

Tapping on glass rouses me from sleep and I discover by trying to move that when you sleep in the cold all your joints lock up hard. It takes me a minute to even get to my feet but thankfully my window is right next to where I was laying. It’s just after midnight and I pop the blinds to see Kori standing there, she’s got her warm clothes on and is dripping wet under the awning of the house. I get my window open and pop the screen out before watching as she tries to pull herself inside, it takes a bit of my help but after a few awkward positions with her halfway in and out we finally get her inside. I replace my screen and see she grabbed a small pack of supplies as she strips off her wet coat and pants.

“I’m not done with you mister,” Kori tells me sitting down on my bed,” My mother might be a bit overprotective right now but I wanted to talk with you and I am not taking no for an answer.”

“Okay but you couldn’t just come to school or maybe even come out to me when I left to talk to me or parents forbid come with me,” I ask cold and grumpy.

“Honey I just walked for two hours limping in the cold rain just to see you after all the bad shit that happened today. I’m here because you’re doing something about what happened to me,” Kori says taking my hand,” God baby I’m cold but you’re freezing.”

“I don’t really notice it,” I say pulling my hand back,” I’ll wake up Katy to take you home, your family doesn’t want you here.”

“I love my mom but she needs to back the hell up and let me breath, she’s been taking off work just to keep an eye on me and I don’t go anywhere. I’ve missed you and from what I can tell you’ve been hurting a lot recently,” Kori says pulling me to sit on the bed,” I’m not letting you go honey and I’m here right now.”

I let Kori pull me into my bed and under the blankets; she’s warm and smells like strawberries which for some reason puts me out faster than a knockout punch. It must be hours later when I wake up because I’m warm and I don’t think I’ve moved at all since Kori pulled me into bed. I can tell she’s moved more than I have because I’m cuddling a naked Kori and when I passed out she had a sweater and some bottoms on. I pull her close and start rubbing my body against her back and ass without thinking which gets a moan from her. I stop and start to some space between us when I feel Kori’s top hand reach back and start pulling my underwear off before I help her by pushing them down myself and move back up against her. I feel her hand shifting around before she finds my member and starts rubbing me, I keep where I am and once I’m hard we shift a little so that my tip is right at the entrance to her pussy.

“I’m sore so that means gently, you do remember gently,” Kori asks teasingly.

I push inside and get the warm and familiar feeling of Kori’s velvet like pussy wrapping around me tightly, because of the angle I can only get a little more than half way inside. I wrap my arms around her and we start pushing our hips against each other slowly trying to get into a rhythm, it’s not too awkward with her bruising but I stay gentle like Kori asked me taking slow long thrusts. I wrap my arms around Kori and all the while enjoy the feeling of having her back again. I pull her closer and suddenly she shudders and I start to let go thinking I’ve pushed a bruised area.

“Baby it’s been a bit for me but that was a small one,” Kori says looking over her shoulder and smirking,” Can I get a big girl sized orgasm now please?”

I pull out and roll Kori onto her stomach, moving quietly I straddle her ample rear and line my cock up with her again before pushing back into her pussy. It’s tighter like this and I move faster now than I could when we were on our sides, I can see Kori’s back and all the bruises are mostly faded but some still have lines. I try to keep my temper under control seeing her back so I don’t hurt her more just trying to please her. My pace is fast but not frantic as I see Kori pulling a pillow up under her head and is moaning lightly as I work her over. It’s warm and I feel her purposefully squeezing down on me like she’s trying to force out my orgasm. I go from sitting upright to laying over her propped up on my hands and going harder and deeper into Kori’s pussy.

“Baby I know I said gentle but please go hard,” Kori pants before muffling herself with the pillow.

I begin to jackhammer down into Kori hard and deep making a light smacking noise which becomes the loudest noise in the room after my grunting and Kori’s muffled noises in a pillow. I’m feeling Kori more than anyone I’ve been with in the past few days and I’m beginning reach my limit. Kori can feel it with the noises she’s making in my pillow. I feel her shift her hips and put her ass up in the air a little before I slam in to the base feel my blood rush as I start shooting off inside her.

“Yes baby, that’s it. Give me all of it,” Kori gasps as I feel her clamp up with her own orgasm.

I feel Kori’s wonderful muscles milking me as I prop myself up on my elbows over her back. I open my eyes after my rush and see Kori looking at me from the pillow with a sweet smile. I roll off of Kori and lay on my back for a moment before she pulls herself on top of me.

“I missed you,” Kori tells me with a happy grin.

“I keep missing you,” I reply a little sad.

“Baby I’m still gonna see you and if I know you need me then I’ll just sneak out,” Kori says chuckling.

The two of us get about ten more minutes before my alarm clock goes off. I get to the shower and warm up with Kori in tow and almost make it back to my room when we bump into Katy as she’s heading to the shower. I watch her face get that mischievous grin before she pinches my butt and moves past us to the bathroom. We get in my room and get dressed when we hear my mother on the phone heading towards my room. Kori gets a wide eyed look and I sit down on my chair to put my boots on as Mom enters the room talking.

“No Mary I’m telling you Guy was in no condition to go pick up Kori last night and his bike is still here. No I don’t know where she is and I don’t see how you could think that she’d be here if she was so injured that you’ve been keeping her home from school,” Mom says before looking up at me without noticing Kori on my bed,” Guy, I have Mary on the phone and she’s freaking out, apparently Kori isn’t at home this morning and the van is still there, do you know something?”

I smile goofy at her and point to my bed, I watch my mother look over and finally acknowledge that Kori has been sitting there the whole time she’s been talking. Mom gathers herself before putting the phone back up to her ear and resuming her conversation.

“Mary I found her, you need to talk with your daughter because my son is not responsible for you smothering your daughter so bad she snuck out,” Mom says before smacking me once on the top of the head,” I should ground your ass, both of you.”

Mom leaves the room and while the swat on my head was playful I need to not surprise Mom before her coffee kicks in. We get ready and Kori gives a confused Liz a hug before following my mother to the car. I let get a hug and kiss goodbye before Mom takes her back home and once I get back inside I have everyone in the family staring at me like I’ve grown a second head.

“Hey she came over on her own and I was surprised just like you all, except I was surprised last night and not this morning,” I tell them before grabbing my bag and getting on my bike to head to school.

I get to the parking lot and see everyone is in a bit of a standoff with a few of the moralists as they’re waiting for me. I park my bike and grab my gear like normal before getting to the front and squaring off with Kyle at the head of the pack.

“So are we having a problem here,” I ask keeping my hood covering my face.

“You and your filth will turn around and leave school now, your antics are harmful to student morale and the well being of decent people who attend here,” Kyle says with a level of undeserved authority.

“Look at me for a moment Kyle because I want you to understand something that my grandpa used to say, it’s a bit outdated but honestly I think it fits for this situation,” I tell him noticing the crowd of students gathering around,” While the wicked stand confounded, call me with thy saints surrounded.”

“Take your pseudo religious crap somewhere else you psycho,” Kyle says spitting a little on my coat.

I lift my head up and show him my smiling face, it gets him to back off a second then slowly we both take in the surroundings I was paying attention to. Both our groups are surrounded by a small army of students of all makes and models. And while I’m smiling at the wonderful turnout Kyle doesn’t look so good as he tries leads his friends out only to get stopped when the students won’t move.

“Friends, it’s not their time yet and it’s definitely not the place for this,” I say to the crowd assembled,” And we’re not them, we don’t trap people or keep them from going somewhere.”

I watch the crowd part as Kyle leads his people out before turning my attention to the crowd; I shake my head and let them get about their days before heading to my classes. I don’t do any big speeches and for the first time since last week the whole crew sits and eats in the cafeteria spread out among three tables. Ben joins us after a bit and everyone stares at him with a little suspicion before I kick a spare chair out for him to sit. Devin gives me a look and I nod then watch him get up and stand over Ben getting his attention. Ben turns to face Devin and everyone gets quiet at the stare down.

“I’m sorry for choking you the other day,” Devin says a little embarrassed.

“Well considering I’m the one who fucked up and let her get taken I think you were right to choke me so Guy didn’t kill me right there,” Ben says ending the tension.

I chuckle a little and shake my head at the scene but my thoughts turn back to Kyle and this morning. Bryan must have delivered my message and considering nobody’s talking about the beating he took I can figure Kyle’s probably circling the wagons and keeping everyone in groups. It’d be stupid of him not to do something; I do a quick headcount and notice that Isaac isn’t with us.

“Jun where is Isaac,” I ask with some concern.

“He’s running an errand, said something about impressing you with something you’d never expect,” Jun replies shrugging.

After lunch the rest of the day goes uneventful and as I’m starting to head to the gym for homeroom I stop in the hallway and turn off heading towards my old homeroom. Tables in the common area for some crafting, probably a dance, give me a place to sit with my feet dangling off like a small child as I watch moralists head to their meeting. Every single one of them sees me sitting there and the whole time I’m making sure they know I’m watching them but it’s when Heather and her bodyguard come by that I really take notice. Heather tries to keep from making eye contact but the bodyguard nearly burns a hole through me glaring.

“Big important meeting today ladies,” I ask all sorts of cheerful.

“You don’t have a cult meeting to go to,” I hear the bodyguard ask as a retort.

“Funny I was just wondering if you had any real say in what goes on in that little club of yours or if all you do is light lifting,” I prod at her smiling still.

“I have a voice where I am only you speak for your friends,” She says getting angry and starting to walk away.

“He knows your name,” I tell her in Russian.

I watch the both of them stop but only the bodyguard freezes in place before turning around and walking over to me slowly. I can see some mixed emotions in her face as she gets into arms reach.

“Who knows my name,” She asks me back in Russian.

“My friend Devin, he’s seen you watching him. Star crossed lovers or something eh Masha,” I tell her still in Russian and keeping my spot on the table.

“He told you my name? What does he ask about me,” Masha asks in Russian with a timid and oddly shy tone.

“Well he wants to see you, probably talk to you but he doesn’t like the company you keep,” I tell her plainly.

“This is a trick, you are trying to trick me to go after Heather,” Masha says almost growling.

“Here’s the points you need to accept about his whole situation, while you two like each other nothing is happening as long you two are on different sides of this war. Second I’ve never gone after Heather but she’s done her damndest to make sure that I know she wants me as a stooge in the worst way,” I tell her finally standing up and pointing her attention to Heather behind her,” And this whole time that we’ve been talking in Russian she’s been wondering about your allegiance. My people treat each other like family, how long will it be before you find yourself wondering why they’re all talking down to you?”

“You did this on purpose,” Masha says in turning back to English.

“Yes I did, I see power and an iron will. They see a dog on a leash,” I tell her keeping to Russian,” think about it and just watch, she’ll turn on you if she figures out that you and Devin have feelings.”

I grab my bag and leave the common area, I don’t know what’s going to happen with my little scene but the ball is rolling regardless as I get back to homeroom and relay what happened to Devin and the rest of the crew. He’s not happy that she could be in trouble but I remind him that he wanted me to do something and that I’ve done what he asked. We all head out to our vehicles after final period and I finally see Isaac come running towards me out of breath and excited.

“Hey man we need to talk now, Jun I need your help at your place,” Isaac says catching his breath.

“Yes Isaac because I just jump around at every opportunity to talk with freshman I’m mentoring,” I say jokingly.

“Okay Isaac, we’ll head over to my house and go over what you found,” Jun says heading to Devin’s truck.

I hop on my bike and after a quick trip and some confusion with Lilly and Natsuko about what’s going on. We get into Jun’s room and leave the girls out for now at Isaac’s prodding. I get seated on Jun’s bed as Isaac starts in.

“Okay, I took my sister’s idea and decided to try to follow Kyle after school today. When he left before homeroom I took my sister’s car and followed him,” Isaac says taking out a cell phone and plugging it into a cable on Jun’s computer and hitting some keys,” and this is what I found.”

I watch a video load up and see what looks like a small park in downtown; I can tell he’s shooting from the car window. Camera focuses on a very attractive strawberry blonde in a flower patterned skirt and white coat holding an umbrella, she’s sitting on a bench reading and only looks up to search for someone before returning to her book. The video doesn’t give me much for about a minute when I see Kyle walk into frame with a coffee cup in each hand before giving one to the girl and sitting next to her, I shrug thinking they’re friends until I watch the girl start to get very cozy and goes in for a kiss. The video continues with Kyle being more involved with conversation while the girl is more interested in having him around for other things. Isaac cuts the video and both he and Jun turn to me expectantly.

“That’s it,” I ask looking unimpressed.

“Dude that’s his girlfriend, it has to be,” Jun says taking Isaac’s side.

“Yeah obviously but yay it shows where they met one time,” I tell them,” Jun you know what I’m going to need before I do anything, especially after yesterday.”

“Man I just gave you award winning information,” Isaac says frustrated.

“No, you gave me a starting place, its good man. But we need more,” I tell him not overlooking the initial value of what he brought me.

“So what do we need to get now,” Isaac asks a little put off.

“Name, address, class schedule for her school, friends and associates, contacts, not to mention face book and phone numbers,” Jun tells him working fast on the computer.

My phone goes off and I see its Hanna texting me with an address. I let the Jun and Isaac work as I head out to my bike while punching in the address info. I get halfway out the door and see Natsuko following me out. I pull the spare helmet out before she even asks and we get down the road. I pull up and see the trailer park where Katy used to live with her mother last year before. Sure enough I pull up and it’s the same trailer and not only is the family car here and I see Katy standing out front like she’s keeping watch.

“Please for the love of all that I hold dear we are not here doing something with your former mother,” I ask Katy getting a weird look.

“No, this is all Hanna and Liz,” Katy says smirking.

We get inside and the place is actually worse than when we left it less than a year ago, I wade through trash and empty alcohol bottles heading to Katy’s old room. Inside I see Hanna and Liz standing and waiting with Allison, Greg’s little sister. They look like they’ve been waiting for a while and while Hanna and Liz are seemingly alright Allison looks nervous.

“Guy I’m so sorry about what happened to Kori, Hanna told me about it,” Allison blurts out at me a little scared.

“It happened. Bigger question, why am I here, I just got some great info on Kyle and was hoping to get after that lead,” I ask and explain.

“We need a camera man,” Hanna says taking out a video camera from her bag and handing it to me.

“Okay but why are we making a video and I thought you wanted me to take care of bringing in Allison,” I ask Liz confused.

I watch Hanna smile before grabbing Allison by the back of her head and full on tongue kiss her, Allison doesn’t freeze or lock up and I get nudged by Katy to turn the damn camera on. I get the video set up and start to record the scene in front of me. Hanna gets backed up while kissing Allison by both her and Liz as I’m watching my step sister start to strip Hanna out of her clothes. Once Hanna is stripped down naked Liz starts’ ‘helping’ Allison out of her clothing, Allison takes to the stripping while rubbing her fingers on Hanna’s slit and kissing down her neck. I start to see Liz back off but in comes Natsuko who damn near tackles Liz against the wall and starts trying to tear her out of her clothes while stripping herself. Meanwhile Hanna has put her hands on Allison’s shave pussy and is rubbing quickly while they make out against the wall.

A loud thud in the room goes almost unnoticed as Katy takes her old mattress and moves it from against the wall and almost knocking some of the girls over puts it on the floor. The whole mattress takes up the majority of the floor forcing the girls to move off the wall and onto the mattress. Hanna and Allison move over to the far side of the mattress away from me and I watch as Hanna takes control by laying Allison down on her back and sucking on an ample tit and using her hand slowly trail circles around her clit with her fingers. Liz and Natsuko on the other hand are wasting no time with Liz pushing Natsuko on her back and diving face first into Japanese pussy. It’s not slow tongue action from Liz as she attacks Natsuko’s clit like money and chocolate were going to come out. Natsuko is moaning loudly at Liz works and I watch Liz swing her body around letting Natsuko get at her pussy in a sixty-nine.

Allison has taken more control with Hanna back at the top of the bed by moving a hand to Hanna’s own clit and rubbing lightly gets a moan out of her, both girls are moaning in between kisses until finally Allison starts to shake a little with her first orgasm. All the girls stop to watch her twitch and whimper before resuming their own play. Liz is tongue deep in Natsuko while the little Asian punk is using two fingers to work over my stepsister’s hole. I the two of them race each other to get the other to cum first moaning and grunting, it’s Natsuko who wins out as I watch my step sister’s head leave her warm folds.

“Oh shit I’m cumming,” Liz gets out desperately with her eyes wide from shock of the orgasm.

Natsuko slows down as Liz’s orgasm subsides and after a moment Liz moves her body off of Natsuko. All the girls stop for a moment and lock onto Natsuko before grabbing her and pulling her in between the three of them, Hanna is on the left side pinning an arm under her and licking a nipple while using her fingers to slowly rub circles on her clit. Allison takes the right side squeezing and pinching Natsuko’s tight nipples with her fingers while kissing her neck and licking her ear. Liz on the other hand pulls a leg up so I can watch as she licks her fingers and taking two of them rubbing them inside Natsuko’s pussy fast and frantically. I move and zoom in on Natsuko’s face before panning back and getting the whole shot in play. Natsuko is writhing in pleasure as three girls work her into frenzy, all of them prodding and causing her to go into sensory bliss as they press every button before I watch Natsuko start moaning lightly with her first orgasm, as I sit there waiting for a position change that doesn’t happen. Instead of letting Natsuko go so she can relax all three girls keep pushing her hard, Liz using three fingers in her pussy and Hanna biting down on Natsuko’s nipple lightly while grinding it in her teeth. Natsuko isn’t getting a rest today and I watch as she start making high pitched whimpering noises and a pained/pleasured expression on her face.

“I think she’s gonna start speaking in Japanese if we keep it up,” Liz says getting a nod from Hanna.

All the girls start going for broke with Natsuko’s body and I watch with morbid fascination as they keep her cumming. It takes about a minute more of frantic work when Natsuko starts doing a full body shake and bucking her hips against two different hands starts cumming loudly. All three girls keep hold of her and after more minutes they move Natsuko off to the side of the bed, I move in and see she’s conscious but not aware as she is in a full recovery. Katy is staying out of it but I can tell she’s getting hot and I’m right with her. I watch as the girls pick up where they left off between Hanna and Allison going at each other kissing and rubbing their bodies together, Liz moves off to the side and holds Natsuko’s head coaxing her back.

Allison finally puts Hanna on her back and spreads her legs and straddling one leg starts rubbing their pussies together. It’s a slow grinding and I see Allison doing most of the work trying to keep their clits right on top of each other, Hanna helps by spreading her own lips which exposes her clit more. I watch as Hanna starts to really feel it and her rider notices too, keeping a reasonable pace when giving a woman an orgasm is nice but you really just want to see her finish. Natsuko starts to rouse and looks around for a second before rolling over to Hanna and bites her nipple lightly, the reaction is instant and wonderful with Hanna arching her back and moaning. Liz pulls her off and the two of them cuddle and watch as Allison finally starts to speed up her pace. Allison leans over and I can see her good sized c breasts dangling as she speeds up almost frantic to either give or get and orgasm. It takes a few more seconds to find out Hanna is the winner of the orgasm race as we all watch her body lock up and biting her lip moan lightly. Allison rubs for a little bit afterwards and finally all the girls sit back for a moment with some content looks all around except for Katy and me.

“Wow, that was my first full on lesbian scene,” I tell the girls stopping the camera.

“Well it’s not over big brother, I want to make Greg hurt and we’re not done yet,” Liz says getting up.

“Okay well I’m here too ya know,” Katy says grumpy.

“We know Kate,” Hanna says getting a death glare,” sorry, Guy can make it up tomorrow I hope.”

“Okay first off the lack of details is making me want to run for safety,” I say loudly while standing up and getting everyone’s attention.

“Well I want to show Greg what fucking a sister should look like so I spoke with Allison who is apparently the one in their family that got the sex drive,” Liz explains starting to get dressed,” She wants to try things out and when I told her about what happened with Greg…”

“I am going to mess with my goody Christian brother’s head by having my first real sex with a guy with the one person that he would literally die over if he found out,” Allison says shifting in her spot on the bed,” If that’s okay with you.”

“So we’re having me have sex with Allison because it’ll hurt Greg when I have Katy here who is looking to rip my clothes off with her teeth,” I tell the girls doubtful of their idea,” I’m thinking I am gonna go with Katy on this one, no offense Allison.”

“Guy I really want some now but the plan is Allison on camera, then we get someone to edit it and we have a showing for Greg tomorrow,” Katy says holding back her disappointment.

I move over to Katy and put her up against the corner lightly before giving her one long deep kiss. I break the kiss and watch as she slowly opens her eyes to see me waiting.

“You hold onto that because I’m going to want it back later,” I tell her before backing up.

I start to strip down and while every other girl here has seen me naked Allison is the one I’m paying attention to. I notice her eyes go to my tattoo but it’s when I get to my boxer briefs that she pays close attention to the bulge. I beckon her towards me and watch as she moves up on her knees and pulls my cock out of my shorts.

“Oh shit that is so not the size of my dildo at home,” Allison says take me in hand.

“Yeah well I told you that he’s bigger than your toy,” Liz says finally dressed and smiling.

I let Allison keep hold of me and her hands are gentle but unfamiliar and a little awkward for her but after watching the massive orgasm fest I’m ready for anything. I lean down and cup one of Allison’s large breasts, its heavy but firm and not drooping as much as I would have thought. I squeeze and get a moan before watching her back up on the mattress. I crawl onto the mattress and in between Allison’s legs, I start to line up my cock with her but get stopped by Liz. The rest of the girls get off the mattress and it’s Katy who takes up the camera.

“Okay since I’m the only girlfriend of Guy’s here I’m saying it now, she kisses him or falls in love with him and I burn the trailer down with you all in it,” Katy tells everyone getting a group of weird looks.

I look behind me to see the rest of the girls are dressed and Liz is standing in front of Katy waiting for her moment. I’m aching to get inside a girl but I pause to listen in to Liz behind me, it sounds like she’s making a video for Greg. I stop paying attention to what’s behind me and start paying attention to the blonde in front of me who has taken my cock in her hand and is rubbing me against her slit. I can feel how wet she got with Hanna as my head parts her lips. Liz is still talking when I push inside Allison, I groan and she gasps loudly enough to stop Liz from talking. Inside Allison is sloppy wet and I get three inches in when I feel her hips angle differently than I’ve ever had before, she almost is narrow in the middle but I simply press forward until I’m at the base and settle in taking long slow thrusts. There’s a sloshing noise and every thrust widens Allison a little more until I’m able to keep a medium pace. I watch her face which is a mix of pain and pleasure. I feel my balls slapping against her ass and her fingertips dig into my back with each thrust.

“Talk to Greg on the camera,” Liz instructs Allison as I pull my face out of the camera shot.

“Hey Bro… I’m really getting fucked right now… and it’s bigger than I’ve had yet… I hope you start fucking girls like this… cause you’d suck at being an… OH GOD THAT’S IT,” is about as far as Allison as she cums on my cock.

Allison’s nails dig into my back and I feel her legs wrap around my ass as she rolls through the orgasm and back to normal, I know they are still filming and I can hear Liz talking again but I’m more interested in Allison who is telling me to cum and with her wrapped around me and leaking all over the mattress I speed up my pace. I’m thrusting fast and using near my full length to make sure I get her to cum at least once more. She’s moaning again and thankfully there is no more talking to distract me as I speed up hard and fast before stopping inside and backing up half way and dump my load in her grunting hard. I feel wonderful and a little bad considering I usually last longer but the show the girls put on first had me ready by the end of it and this was a brief but epic release for me. I slowly back out and get pulled back by Hanna and Natsuko so that Katy can get a close up of my work. I can see Allison pushing me out a little for the camera and she’s got a really happy dopey grin on her face. Liz takes the center frame I guess after a few moments.

“So that’s my little video for you baby, I hope you learn from it because I know we all did,” Liz says in a happy tone,” Love you.”

We all clean up and gather what little we brought with us when I tell the girls that Katy will be driving them home and Natsuko is coming with me and that I’m taking the tape, Liz starts to object but sees my face and nods her head quietly. We all leave the trailer park and I get to Natsuko’s house to see that her parents are home. I do a quick meet and greet and while her father is still a bit stand offish with me but Kimiko smiles and wishes me well as I head back to her son’s room. Isaac must have left after I did and Jun looks a little bleary eyed going through information.

“How goes the hunting,” I ask sitting down on his bed.

“Good, Isaac is not happy about the lack of information he brought in. I calmed him down and explained but he’s new to the revenge business,” Jun says taking his eyes off the computer.

“Remember when I let you use my computer and you started uploading some nice programs for me late last school year,” I ask leading him,” there’s a file called revenge, it’s a video and it’s locked.”

I watch Jun spin around and his hands fly across the keys and sure enough it he pulls up the file and loads it without my password.

“Yeah I have it here, really need to figure out a way to lock your stuff up in case I turn on you by the way,” Jun says smirking.

“If it ever comes to that I’ll just take you out while you sit at the computer,” I say moving up behind him.

“Okay man I’m a little creeped out by that,” Jun says looking over his shoulder,” what’s with the camera?”

“I need you to do some video editing for me and I need it on a disk that will play on a DVD player,” I explain.

“What kind of DVD am I making,” Jun asks skeptically.

“The kind that you don’t want your parents to find you have in your possession, and do some editing on faces except for on Liz on the camera. I’ll be by tomorrow to check it before presenting it,” I tell him heading out.

I hate just issuing orders and leaving but I trust Jun and will figure out something more proactive for him in the future. I get out of there and head straight to Kori’s house, Carl greets me at the door but more to let me in than keep me out. Mary catch my hand on the way up the stairs and just looks at me for a second before letting go, I’m not sure why she did it but I get up and Kori brightens from her bed and rushes to meet me. Her kiss is wonderful and she still smells like strawberries as we sit down and cuddle on her bed. I bring her up to speed on everything in order that it happened saving my best for last.

“So a sex tape to fuck with Greg and Devin’s got a sweetheart,” Kori says gushing with emotion,” You are making some great progress and with the whole idea of him getting people we wouldn’t know I can see why, we’d find them fast.”

“There is one more thing honey, Kyle has a girlfriend,” I tell her getting her to pause,” I’ve got Jun trying to get all the information we can on her but I wanted you to know before everyone else.”

I can see her mind racing and I watch as she rubs her stomach unconsciously thinking about what happened to her. I see her almost settle on an idea before sitting down on her bed and pulling me in front of her on my knees.

“If I asked you to make what happened to me look like a good day compared to what you do to her would you do it,” Kori asks taking my head in her hands.

“Yes, I’d hate myself for it but I’d make her hurt,” I tell her coldly.

“Oh baby I know but that’s not what I want, we don’t hurt other people to get them back,” Kori says sweetly,” I want you to show her why Kyle’s just not man enough, I want her to leave him because of me and you. Can you break them up for me?”

I nod yes and am already spinning out ideas in my head as Kori kisses me, we hold each other silently and I think about my two next moves, tomorrow Greg and hopefully I get to meet Kyle’s girlfriend. I think about what they’ll do to stop me once I start breaking their personal lives up, how many will they send just to get me? Let them come, I’m hungry.

Part 7Waking up on Saturday after the Friday afternoon I had I find myself sore and still tired but it’s only six in the morning and I feel like I have I few things to do but pleasure before revenge for me. I pull myself from bed quietly and wearing just my boxer briefs I creep out of my room and into Katy’s just a few feet down the hall. She’s still sleeping and I see her upper half sticking out of the bed. I get the door closed and creep up alongside Katy and with my body held up over hers and looking down just wait for her to realize I’m there. It takes a moment but I get to watch as she goes from groggy to ‘how the hell did you get there’.

“Good morning sweetie,” I whisper before laying a soft kiss on her lips.

I feel her pull the blankets up around me before pulling me into bed and wrapping every limb she has around me and mine. I keep kissing Katy soft and slowly enjoying as she warms up to me. I feel one of her hands trail down and after a little maneuvering my shorts are down under my balls with my cock free and hard, a little more work and I can feel Katy’s pussy working its way around my ‘head’. A couple adjustments and I slide inside easily and both of us groan while kissing.

“What did I do to get the surprise,” Katy asks breaking the kiss.

I smirk a little and start taking slow strokes in and out of Katy, she’s as tight as usual and for a wake up I think I’m doing pretty well. I feel her shift a little and I get seated all the way in and start to get into a rhythm. I trail kisses down Katy’s jaw line and around her neck as she paws at my back before she starts giggling. I pause and look down to see what’s so funny but a well placed hand on my ass is pulling me back to the task at hand. I speed up a little and focus on the slick tight feeling of Katy as I keep working in and out of her. It’s weird for Katy and I can tell, she’s been so used to me being rougher and more forceful when we have sex. I get a little tingle in my cock and Katy can tell, I feel her start to shift and after a little more maneuvering we get rolled over onto my back. I trail my hands up her tank top and start to squeeze her breast lightly.

“Let me do some of the work before you finish early,” Katy says quietly.

I let her sit up and I get to see her in the morning lack of light and with the tank top on I get a nice shot of her figure. A hand trails down her body and I watch Katy start rubbing her clit lightly, I feel her hips start rotating around giving me the full treatment. I really want to hold out but I can tell she’s getting close to cumming too, I grit my teeth and the circles turn to a hard and fast bouncing. I take my hands away from Katy’s breasts and watch them bounce while contained by her tank top. I feel her start to clamp down on me and I let go my first few shots inside Katy’s warm pussy, she jerks a little with shock before nearly head butting me as she collapses forward and kisses/moans into my mouth with her orgasm. I kiss her back and we grind out our final moments together before Katy rolls off of me and start to clean up. I lay there and feel more warm and bobbing on my member as she takes matters of my cleaning in her own mouth.

“Now do you want to tell me what I did to deserve some early morning love from the stud,” Katy says crawling back under the covers.

“You were so good yesterday with not being hung up on what was happening I figured I’d pay you back before you started to feel left out,” I tell her letting her curl up next to me.

We cuddle and relax for at least an hour when Katy’s phone starts going off, I let her check it while I sneak out and back to my room. A quick change and I get into the gym/garage to work out the rest of my muscles. Katy joins me and we work on her form while talking about next moves, I explain the new ‘movie’ plan that I have and Katy give me a warning to keep Liz in the loop. I debate it but I can tell Katy is right. The majority of the morning goes well and I let Liz know that Jun is working on the final presentation and that he’ll keep things from getting too out of hand. She insists on the delivery and I relent to her getting me a hug in the process. I figure on spending the afternoon at home but Mom decides that I need to help her with grocery shopping, which I never do and a little put off we head out together.

“We don’t talk much anymore do we Guy,” Mom says on the way.

“We talk plenty. We talk at meals and when we’re out like this,” I reply confused.

“What I mean is that we aren’t talking about everything. You and your Father are on the warpath and all these secret meetings are killing me so we need to really talk,” Mom says a little upset,” I used to know you and now you’re this angry young man who spits out freedom march speeches while breaking people’s bones.”

“Mom I’m a monster,” I tell her quietly.

“No you are my son, there needs to be a point where you will have to stop and say enough,” Mom says pulling over to talk.

“I don’t think I have one. I am almost enjoying the conflict,” I tell her getting a stoic look.

“That’s because you feel you are justified because of what happened to Kori. But there has to be a point where you just fight because all you’ve done is fight, have you even tried to sit down and talk with some of these people,” Mom asks shutting the engine off.

“Mom they are coming at me, they point me out when I’m there just to get a reaction. All of this is Heather trying to get back something she threw away. I know you’d like a peaceful resolution to it but that’s just not an option anymore,” I tell her quietly,” Had someone done this to you Dad wouldn’t have wasted as much time as I have going after them. You love him but I know what he’s capable of, trust me when I say that I’m being pretty damn merciful.”

“Mercy isn’t something that comes at the end of a fist or boot,” Mom says calming me down.

“Okay, so what do you suggest,” I ask plainly.

“Set up a meeting with this boy, show him that Heather is using him to get you back. If she’s treating everyone like their expendable then I say prove to him that she’s not to be trusted,” Mom says starting up the engine.

We get to the store and do the family food shopping, it’s a quiet time with small talk and I can tell she’s not going to let this go. It’s the ride home and the maddening silence that provokes Mom to start in with more talking.

“I want you to find a way to contact this Kyle and arrange a sit down between the two of you,” Mom says as we pull in the driveway,” I want you to find a way and make it happen.”

“I can’t do that, it goes against everything I’m trying to do,” I tell her as we exit the car.

I get the food from the car and load it inside for Mom but she’s being very quiet about everything while we get it put away. As soon as she’s done I watch her head off to her bedroom and close the door, along the way she passes by Liz and Katy who give me a ‘what’s wrong’ look. I shrug and when Dad joins us in the living room I tell him about the conversation her and I had while we were out. I see his face get grim and we all watch him head into the parent bedroom. All three of us sit down in the living room and wait quietly as the parents talk things out. It’s about two in the afternoon when they come out and Dad has his bad news look on his face.

“Talk to the Asian boy and get this Kyle’s number, have a sit down with him this afternoon and try to come to some form of peace,” Dad says getting all three of us to freeze,” You’ll have a sit down and either come to some sort of peace or get a feel for how to handle this kid.”

“Dad this goes against everything you’ve told me about how to take them down,” I tell them both getting up,” I have a sit down and they’re gonna see past this fear I’ve got them in and then it’s going to be an uphill battle from there.”

“I understand that Guy, but we’re asking you to try,” Dad says trying to calm me down.

“Guy maybe you should try a peaceful way out for once,” Liz says from the couch,” How long before the
rest of us get hurt by this.”

“It’s a war, I told all of you from the start that this wasn’t going to be fun or pretty. Pain is the only thing I can count on when it comes to this,” I spit out to everyone in the room,” Either I bring the pain to them or they just keep hurting me through my friends and family.”

Everyone in the room is quiet and I can hear the tension starting to wear on us all with the conversation. I make a point of exiting the room quickly as I see Mom start to try to speak to me again. I sit quietly in my computer chair and wonder what the hell happened with my family, supportive for a week now they want me to stop. I would have been done with this before the weekend but I just listened to more people’s ideas when I should have just run in head first and got shit done. A quiet knock pulls me out of my brooding and I see Mom come in and I can tell she’s been doing some crying, wonderful.

“I need to clarify something with you, I understand what happened to Kori was horrible and I am not saying to turn the other cheek on it. I just want you to explain to me why he has you so wound up that you can’t even hear me out when I’m talking about a peaceful option,” Mom asks sitting down on my bed.

I go into what Kyle and Heather’s group has been doing around the school; I explain the bullying and the attacks on everyone in and out of my group. The whole time Mom sits down and listens quietly letting me get it all out as I go from talking to angry ranting. I finally finish and Mom has me sit next to her on the bed, I do so and she takes my hand as I sit.

“Just talk to him, learn about him if you’re going to destroy him then learn how to do that,” Mom says softly.

“I know how I’m gonna hurt him Mom, I am getting his girlfriend,” I reply quietly.

“You don’t want to talk with him then you do what I say when it comes to her, none of this eye for an eye with her,” Mom says with a level of finality in her voice.

We sit and I explain how I have no clue who she is and how to approach her. Mom starts to talk about how to speak to women and I start laughing, she gets me to sit down and explains it in Mom talk.

“Boy listen up because you don’t seem to understand what I’m talking about,” Mom says sitting me down in my chair,” You have all these women around you because they came after you. Get me the information on this girl and then we’ll go over what to do.”

I watch her leave and get Jun and Isaac on the phone, apparently Jun’s been burning the candle at both ends and Isaac has been working like a man possessed to get me more info on the mystery girlfriend. He says he’s been working on it and I give him my address and have Jun forward the basics to my computer. It takes a few minutes but the data is in a wonderful little file at my inbox and I start going through the details; Rachael Killian, Junior with some college credits on her transcripts, part of a book club at her school and lives almost the whole way across town. I keep reading and see that Jun really went all out breaking through all her account info and personal info sites just to get me her likes and dislikes. Isaac shows up and we start going over some of the basics, she’s quiet and a reader not a doer. He thinks that she’s an uptight prude but I decide to consult the ‘expert’ on the subject. I call Mom into my room and Isaac gives her the spot on the bed and I relay the findings on my new target. Mom listens quietly while we explain the ideas on the girl and Mom does her best to listen in before she starts laughing. Both Isaac and I sit quietly while we wonder what Mom finds so funny.

“You mean with all your digging you think this girl is a bookworm who doesn’t get out,” Mom tells us calming down from her laughing fit,” Look at what she reads, there are more trashy romance novels in that list of books read than I care to count. She’s a free spirit guy, she wants adventure and romance. Hell half of the books she reads the women have multiple lovers because she’s untamed.”

“Okay how the hell do you get that from all that we explained,” Isaac asks confused.

“I’m a mother and a woman boy, I have more experience being a woman that you’ll ever have being with a woman in your entire life. Trust me, you want in get her location and do exactly what I tell you,” Mom says laying out her plan.

We listen and Mom starts laying out clothes for me to wear with Isaac staring in disbelief as she goes over the exact way to get this girl to approach me. I’m a little put off by it but either this or peace talks and if it makes Mom back off then I’ll give it a shot. I’m not decked out preppy but I’m wearing one of my nice silk shirts and decent cargo pants when Mom hands me a romance novel from what I can only guess is Liz’s collection. I get a location from Isaac and tell him to be on standby in the area just in case. I grab my leather jacket and head out to the public park downtown where her last post said she’d be at. I head over on my bike at Mom’s recommendation, but it’s not like I prefer to drive a car.

There’s a little sun out but it’s a cool fall day and the park isn’t packed but I still take a few moments to walk around and find my target, she’s sitting at a table alone reading as I make my approach. I keep to the plan and don’t acknowledge her as I sit at the opposite corner and take out my new reading material, I get my coat off and start to get into probably the sappiest novel I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. I’m about half way through the second chapter of drivel when I hear someone trying to talk.

“Excuse me but what series is that,” I hear coming from my quarry.

“Honestly I don’t know, I’m looking for some inspiration for dealing with my girlfriends,” I tell the girl not looking up.

“You have girlfriends,” She asks emphasizing the plural.

“Yeah,” I say looking up and seeing a disgusted look on her face,” oh not like that. I have multiple girlfriends but they all know each other and spend time together.”

I can see she’s skeptical at my admission but I return to my ‘book’ when I notice she’s moved next to me.

“What do you mean by inspiration,” She asks confused.

“Having multiple girlfriends is taxing, what works to make one feel special isn’t what works for the others. I’m trying to come up with some ideas on how to make one feel really special soon,” I explain,” who are you again?”

“Oh I’m sorry, Rachael,” She says holding out her hand.

I take her hand in mine; she’s got a firmer grip than I thought. I give her my name and try to turn back to my reading but she’s got more questions.

“So why have four girlfriends,” Rachael asks.

“They chose me, I had an open relationship with the first one and it just kind of exploded from there,” I explain leaving out details,” besides it’s not like the women in this book don’t run around sleeping with these guys are being honest with all of them.”

“But the women have been repressed by their lives and station and the lover’s are how their expressing their want for freedom,” Rachael explains.

“Yeah but with no honesty they’re going to burn out every relationship they have,” I tell her closing the book to continue the debate.

“No they need the fire to embolden themselves to blossom into who they are,” Rachael explains in impassioned tones.

“Wow, either you really relate to these women or you are a drama nut,” I say chuckling.

We both laugh for a minute but she’s still hard into trying to convince me that the characters aren’t the cheating harpies or something.

“So if you’re so keen on these women tell me about your love life, you must have a boyfriend,” I ask getting a quiet look.

“I do, we talk and share our thoughts and feelings but he likes the separation of me from everything else in his life so he can relax when we’re together,” Rachael explains going into her life.

“Well it doesn’t sound so great by your tone. Sounds more like you are looking for some adventure like you heroines,” I tell her keeping it the subject off of me.

“It’s fine, I just feel like sometimes there’s parts of his life that I could help with but he keeps it separate,” She says a little sadly,” I have met his family a couple times and we’ve been dating over a year. I guess I’m just being greedy is all.”

“No you just want a real relationship bursa rus escort bayan and you don’t feel like you’re having one,” I tell her,” more than that you want to do things in your life and you don’t feel like you are.”

“Yeah, I want more. Guess it’s why I’m reading all these books,” Rachael says a little put off.

My god I love my mom, not a prude or a closet freak either. She was right about the book and the conversation but I’m stuck now with where to go. I let her sit for a minute and decide to go for broke.

“Okay I have an idea but you probably won’t like it,” I tell Rachael getting her attention,” Ever ride on a motorcycle?”

“No I don’t know anyone who owns one,” She says a little skeptical.

I get up and grab my coat and Liz’s book and head towards my bike. I don’t look but by the patter of shoes behind me I can tell Rachael is following me. At my bike I throw my coat on and grab the spare helmet and hand it to her before grabbing mine, I see she’s got a nice pair of capri pants on and a light coat but honestly it’s her long strawberry blonde hair that keeps my attention as she stares at the helmet in her hands and then to me and my bike.

“I don’t think I can,” Rachael says handing back the helmet.

“Okay,” I tell her taking it back,” You’re not ready for it that’s fine.”

I watch her get a determined look on her face before taking the helmet out of my hands and I get her on the bike. I explain the leaning basics and peel out and away from the park. Rachael could break my ribs with the grip she has around my waist. I take her around for about an hour and stop us away from the park and prying eyes and let her get her bearings on the ride.

“Wow, that was fun,” Rachael tells me excited before noting where we are,” what are we doing here?”

“Right now we’re talking, did you have other ideas,” I ask coyly.

“Oh that’s so not a good idea, first off my boyfriend studies martial arts and second I’m not the cheating kind,” Rachael says a little stand offish.

“Okay but he is the secret keeping kind so I’ll ask you a vulgar question, when was the last time you two had sex,” I say with no subtlety in my question.

“We made love recently enough for me,” Rachael says trying to put me in my place playfully.

“I didn’t ask about love making, that happens. I’m talking about hard, beautiful and animalistic sex or fucking if you prefer the word,” I say with a little more clarity and amazingly less tact than the first time.

I can see Rachael’s face getting flustered by the vulgarity and I’m guessing more so by the fact that she’s never had someone express things like this to her before. I let her stew it over before breaking the silence.

“Listen I may not have the most stereotypical relationships in the world but mine are honest and we’ve never had to hide anything major like you feel is being hidden from you. Now I’m just guessing but I think that you got a choice about your life,” I say taking things into more of a decision than a life revealing question.

“Okay what do you think are my choices,” Rachael asks confused.

“Well either you get your boyfriend to open up about his secrets so that you don’t feel so alone or you take this budding wild side that you’re developing and start having some secrets of your own,” I tell her keeping my humor about the situation contained.

“What kind of secrets are we talking about,” She asks trying to get some bearing.

“Well how about the fact that you just met a guy your age and aside from talking about your love life you went on a ride with him on his motorcycle,” I say replaying our events so far,” I mean it’s a start.”

“Okay but that’s kinda small for a secret,” Rachael says trying to figure out her next move.

“Well here’s the thing I think your nice but I am not looking for another girlfriend,” I tell her putting her at a distance,” But I think I’d at least like to know you better if at all possible.”

“And how much better are you thinking,” She asks moving till we’re close enough to kiss.

“Depends on when you’re ready, I think you’d be more ready if you started to show your boyfriend that you want a complete relationship by surprising him and just showing up where ever he’s at,” I tell her getting a wide eyed look,” Or you can just start making some secrets of your own.”

I can see her thinking but it’s when she grabs my hand and leads me a little further out of sight before stopping and backing up against a wall. She’s a little indecisive about it but as soon as I cover the distance and get close she pulls open my coat first then hers showing me a tight blue top. I get grabbed by the head and pulled in for a kiss which starts a little softly before I wrap my arms around her thin frame and lift her up off her feet pinning her against the wall and shoving my tongue in her mouth. It catches Rachael off guard for a second but she is a quick study and I can feel her tongue taking back the fight against me. I get her legs wrapped around me and while she’s got a little less ass than Liz it’s just enough for me to grip my hands on. I try to start to move my kissing down her neck but Rachael puts the brakes on and we go back to her safe zone before she unwraps her legs from around my waist. We slowly untangle and I can see she’s got a wonderful color to her face but the doubts are creeping in.

“So how was that,” I ask smiling.

“So wrong, that’s what it was. I can’t believe I did that,” Rachael says with less regret than I anticipated.

“We did that, don’t worry I won’t tell your boyfriend if you won’t,” I say getting a smile.

“I don’t think I can find words for that kiss,” Rachael says as we walk back to my bike.

“Well then don’t try, but I would like to at least talk to you again,” I say giving her my number.

“Okay here’s the thing, I felt something but it’s not love I think it’s just what my body is telling me from the adrenaline rush. But we should talk again at least and maybe I can meet one of your girlfriends if that’s okay,” Rachael asks putting on the helmet.

“After today they’ll probably want to meet you when I tell them,” I say getting an odd look,” We don’t keep secrets.”

I ride Rachael back to the park and taking back my helmet let her walk away, I know she looked back when I sped off but it’s only six and I have things I need to do at home. I pull in and as soon as I’m in the door the whole family is waiting for a report except for Mom who is in the kitchen. I say nothing and simply go to see Mom who looks at me expectantly.

“I have no words for the sheer level of awesome that your great wisdom and years of insight have given me into the planning for what happened today. It went better than you planned,” I tell Mom laying on the praise.

“Okay how much better than she gave you her number,” Mom asks expectantly.

“She kissed me, it was hard and nice but more for her than me. I gave her my number and played it cool, she’s not gonna beat down my door but you were right about her,” I say giving her the short of what happened.

“Well am I happy that things aren’t all ending in pain and anguish for everyone involved,” Mom says giving me a quick hug,” Now no beating up this Kyle boy until the right time, when you do you can crush him with her.”

I stand back and marvel at the sheer level of devastation that my Mother just laid out in front of me. Take his girl, take his pride and beat hell into him. I’m on such a happy note that when I try to text Kori to head over she texts me back telling me that I need to wait till tomorrow because she and I have a date and a meeting to tend to. I’m confused again but with Kori it’s either a good thing or a surprise. I let it sit and decide I need to heap some praise out to my team as I note that not only is Isaac still in my room screwing around on his phone but Jun has joined him and is on the laptop.

“Gentlemen you have both done me a wonderful service with this information. Isaac I know you’re new to this but I can’t afford to take baby steps with you now and considering that I must say you did a great job,” I tell Isaac causing him to perk up before turning to Jun,” You’ve brought him along well Jun.”

“He’s good out there in the world with the info gathering, I’m your computer guy,” Jun says smiling.

“Either way you two have done a lot with this, I’ll try to pay you guys back sometime if possible,” I tell them sitting down in my computer chair.

“Well if that’s the case can I get a girlfriend,” Isaac asks with a little more seriousness than I expected.

“Depends if the girl wants you, no trickery involved man,” I tell him smiling.

We go over basics and group workings when Jun finally gets called home and takes Isaac with him to help out. I sit and mull over today’s events, Rachael was not what I was expecting but then again I’m guessing that I get to see a different side of her than Kyle does. I’m not getting into another relationship but if I’m bringing about some major change in people it’s going to be fun to see Kyle deal with his perfect girl getting what she wants from me. I let the rest of the evening pass with relative peace and quiet, apparently Mom isn’t talking about what I’m working on and I figure that I’m going to keep a lid on it as much as possible since this part is her baby and while I’m not getting my hands as dirty as I’d like it feels good to have everyone on the same page with what I’m doing.

Sunday morning starts very quiet and just after breakfast I’m greeted with the surprise of a text from Rachael, she says she’s been thinking about what happened and apologizes for putting me on the spot with some out of control emotions. I tell her that sometimes being out of control helps you figure out why control is overrated. She sends a LOL text back and asks when we can talk face to face again and I tell her we’ll see. I get another text from Kori telling me that she’ll meet me at the park where I gave my big speech and I ask if it’s okay to pick her up, she says not this time and I figure that either this will be a bad day and get my game face on for the worst before I head out. It’s about one in the afternoon when I park my bike and start heading off to go see Kori. It takes me a minute to find her in her capri pants with a purple long sleeve top but she’s over by the picnic tables and waiting patiently. Once I get to her she smiles big and it actually makes me feel a little better.

“Oh baby you thought this was bad news,” Kori says sitting me down across from her and pulling up a basket,” We are having a picnic.”

“Wait we’re what,” I ask confused.

“We need some us time and I figure we’d kill two birds with one stone so to speak,” Kori says pulling out some sandwiches and juice.

We get to sit and just talk for the first time in weeks and it feels wonderful, I start to bring up what I’ve been doing but for once she stops me and brings things around to us and the rest of the girls too.

“We’re all going to need to think about how to get the five or more of us in the same house in a couple years so we can try this as a family for real,” Kori tells me eating an apple wedge.

“Well let me get past the craziness of everything now and I’ll try to get a job that pays well if I make it to college,” I tell her feeling a little off with the conversation.

“Honey we’re all gonna get some sort of college, so we can all provide for this family,” Kori says taking my hand,” Trust us, we women have been talking about it just so we can get it straight before it gets to the doing phase.”

“Well that’s why I guess you’re the heart of this group,” I tell her smiling.

“Yeah well just remember that while I’m sweet and nurturing I can get really vengeful,” Kori says showing me a little playful anger.

We get an hour of wonderful time for just the two of us to sit and relax as a couple when I watch Kori’s gaze shift to the edge of the park. I follow her gaze and see Heather with her Masha and Taylor in tow heading straight over towards us. I don’t know how they found us but before I can get up and go say ‘hi’ Kori takes my hand and shakes me off. We let them get close and I see Kori playing with her phone when Heather shows up.

“I didn’t think you’d ever go out in public again after someone took the time to shame you,” Heather says sneering at Kori.

“Yeah well bruises from belt heal a lot faster than when Guy decides that I need a good fucking and just pounds the shit out of me,” Kori says smiling back.

“You stupid whore, you think that’s the worst that can happen to you or any of you little girlfriends,” Heather barks back with more aggression than I’ve seen.

“No I think you’re capable of a lot worse considering how unbelievably fucked up you are,” Kori retorts keeping her calm.

“Easy boss, she’s not worth it right now anyway,” Taylor says bringing some order to the confrontation.

“Right Taylor, I’m here to speak to someone who matters,” Heather says turning her attention to me,” you tried to send me a message and I’m guessing that’s about all you got, take some low ranking people who are trying to stand up for something good and beat them down publicly? Guy you know this is all and act like everyone else here does so just drop the game and we’ll get back to some real happiness in our lives.”

“Wow, you are really delusional. I thought he was overselling it on how badly you’d lost your damn mind but clearly he was on the mark,” Kori says getting the attention back to her,” Guy doesn’t love you because you aren’t worth the love he gives me and the other girls freely.”

“Guy I’m going to tell you one time, you walk away with me right now and this all ends,” Heather says not acknowledging Kori’s statement,” I will let all your ‘old’ friends be if you just walk away and drop this act right now.”

“Well since you asked me so nicely I’m gonna have to say,” I pause for humorous effect,” No you crazy ass cock juggling thunder cunt. Love you? I can’t even tolerate listening to your name being said let alone hear your fucking nagging voice.”

“You better fucking learn from the last little lesson I had taught to your whore,” Heather says squaring off with me as I remain seated,” I know you well enough that when I turn my bodyguard loose on Kori right now you won’t lay a hand on me to stop it and Taylor only has to stay behind me to keep you from touching him.”

“You don’t know me that well,” I say standing up,” and in the case of Masha, yeah she has a name, I think she might want to reconsider her options in this particular situation.”

“What fucking options, I tell her to do something and she does it,” Heather spits out getting a look from Masha herself,” That’s her fucking job otherwise she’d still be sitting alone in the foreign languages classes wondering if anyone will bother to even fucking speak to her.”

“Sadly both of you are jumping the gun on this because you’re not getting to any of us Heather and honestly it’s kind of sad that you just can’t seem to let go when you lost so long ago that I’m pretty sure Guy doesn’t remember a single moment that he was happy when he was with you,” Kori say going for the throat so to speak.

“Masha break this slut’s fucking jaw,” Heather growls backing up.

Masha starts to move but I’m faster and cut her off. It’s a stare down and while I see Masha is capable of doing exactly what Heather told her I’ve got her thinking and that’s where I win.

“I can get her later Heather,” Masha says starting to stand down.

“You will fucking do your job and do it NOW,” Heather screams on the verge of a meltdown.

Kori’s hand on my waist pushes me aside so that Kori can see Masha face to face and while I’m worried about what happens next I can tell Kori isn’t for some reason. I watch Kori’s gaze go from Masha to Heather before she stands up.

“Let me ask you something Heather, say you come after us and we leave Guy. Do you think he’s actually going to want you after you ruined his life again,” Kori asks trying to get Heather to think.

“I’m not falling for any of your bullshit, Guy will do what’s best and that’s leave with me,” Heather says almost growling,” And that’s going to happen after Masha does her damn job.”

“Okay so Masha hurts me bad, what about the others,” Kori asks leading the conversation.

“I’ll take have the two of them taken out easier than you’re going to get it right now,” Heather says again trying to force Masha’s hand.

I’ve got my eyes locked on Masha and she’s staring at me, I know she’s worried about what I’ll tell Devin if she does it and she’s afraid of what will happen if she disobeys Heather. I don’t weigh in Taylor on this tension but it’s the laughing that get’s everyone to look at Kori. I know that laughter, I’ve been that laughter. It’s a laugh that tells everyone that something really bad is about to happen and I’m waiting to see the surprise now that I get the whole scenario out in my head.

“Two of them? You really don’t have all the information do you but let me give you some insight since you don’t know. Guy calls me his heart, I show him love and compassion and he gives that to others in turn. Katy is freedom and chaos, she’s violent and passionate all wrapped in a ball of spikes and punk. Then there’s Mathilda, a real force to be reckoned with since she’s that will that doesn’t bend or break,” Kori says explaining our dynamics.

“He’s got me and I’m all that matters,” Heather says trying to further justify her delusions.

“I’ve gotta hand it to you on one thing, getting protection is a really good idea. Not for the bedroom but for me. It took a little time but I get to go back to school knowing that I’m taken care of,” Kori says with a knowing smile.

“I swear all three of you sluts are on fucking borrowed time cause I’ll make sure that each and every one of you is a bleeding mess when my people get done with you,” Heather says bringing out more of her venom.

“Three of us? Like I said you have some bad information Heather, Guy doesn’t have three girlfriends,” Kori says taking a look to her right,” There are four of us.”

Everyone including me is a little dumbstruck but I follow Kori’s gaze first and see something that I’ve been missing for about four months now. All white leather bike racing gear with yellow trim, the helmet is the same as when I left her behind. Taylor is confused, Heather is looking in between Kori and our new guest and Masha is staring down something that she never expected. I watch with wonder as the helmet comes off and I see Imelda in full raging Latina mode.

“I got me a sister you crazy fucking bitch, and she’s gonna take your fucking bodyguard and beat her till she pees blood and bleeds piss,” Kori says finally turning on her anger.

I’m kicking myself for not learning any Spanish but I watch Imelda tackle Masha to the ground and they start grappling. It’s at that exact moment that I see something I’ve never seen in Kori before as she starts to square up with Heather who is now realizing that she’s got no backup and no protection. All of the bravado Heather had is gone and it’s a matter of seconds before I’m watching her and Taylor run for their lives. Kori starts to move to chase but the slight limp keeps that from happening as she sits back down favoring her leg. I turn my attention to the real fight in front of us and Imelda has put Masha on her face and has one arm pinned under her leg and the other twisted behind her back.

“You think you some scary bitch, I’m the motherfucking fury,” Imelda says raising a fist to start bashing Masha’s brains in.

I grab her arm and pull Imelda off, Masha rolls over and sits up and now I have three women all staring at me like I’ve just grown a penis out of my head.

“Imelda not her,” I say taking a hard tone.

“Guy she’s the fucking bodyguard, let Imelda take her the fuck out,” Kori says angrily.

“No, you two sit there and Masha you sit right there in the grass and nobody fucking move,” I say getting everyone’s full attention.

I step away for a moment and pull my phone out giving Devin an emergency text and telling him where we are and to hurry. I really want to just let go and go after Imelda and Kori for the surprise but I need to control the situation before people jump ahead of what I’m trying to do. It’s a tense time in between my sending the text and the wait for Devin but his arrival reminds me that the big guy can move as I see him hauling ass on foot in our direction even passing Masha sitting down in the grass still.

“Holy shit… I thought there would be more people here,” Devin says catching his breath.

“Nah, just me and the girls, you remember Masha,” I say pointing her out.

I watch as the two of them get into an awkward silence and while it’s interesting I turn my attention to Kori and Imelda.

“You planned this Kori, I understand why and it would be great except that Devin here,” I gesture to our mountain,” asked me to see if I could get the two of them together somehow and while you did a wonderful job it’s not what Devin asked for. Now unless we don’t want to see two happy people that ‘we’ made damn sure could get together. Devin do you two need a moment or would you like to sit with us?”

“Can we sit with you guys,” Devin asks with only a little confusion.

“Ummm, I guess so,” Kori says looking between Imelda and me.

We all get seated with Devin, Masha and I on one side facing Kori and Imelda. Everyone is quiet and tense when Masha decides to break the silence.

“I understand why you did it,” Masha says looking at Kori.

“And why did I do it,” Kori asks with a little anger.

“Because I’m what’s keeping you from hurting Heather. She has me run around with her to keep you from beating your revenge into her,” Masha says keeping things as civil as possible.

“Well that’s good that you understand why I’m still going to want to have my sister here beat the borscht out of you,” Kori says with a little more anger than I’m hoping for.

And everyone at the table goes from attempted civil to high alert and I’m about to have to jump between Imelda and Masha when I hear something that warms Kori up to her a little.

“I am not a fool; I was left so that she could get away with something that I only heard she may have been responsible for. If I had been sent I would have at least given you a fair fight but sending people with belts is not something that I would follow, I supported them but now I’m being left as a sacrifice so that Heather can get away,” Masha says with more than a bit of shame.

“She got ditched Kori, her people sold her under the bus. I can still kick her ass but does that get you what you want,” Imelda asks bringing Kori back from her rage.

“Okay I get it I’m a little high strung about this okay and maybe we don’t need to beat Masha up to make my point,” Kori says with some exasperation,” just really wanted to get a hold of Heather.”

“Baby, we will but this is not the time,” I tell Kori taking her hand,” Now can we please talk about how we’re going to get through putting Masha back in with her old friends so that we can get the real people who are responsible for getting two women beaten up today.”

My last words get Devin’s attention a lot faster than the other girls but Masha is nodding in agreement and Imelda and her start going over their ‘fight’ in front of Devin who starts to get agitated. I pull him aside and begrudgingly he follows.

“You can’t let them do this,” Devin says visibly pissed off.

“I get where you’re coming from but she is a big girl,” the words get a odd look from Devin but I continue,” What I’m telling you is that this girl gets it, she’s not weak and you like that in her now it’s not a horrible beating they’re talking about just her taking a shot or two and getting away. Then you get to take her home.”

He doesn’t understand but I get a hand on my shoulder from Masha who gets me to step away while she talks to Devin alone. I head away from the couple and even away from the table with Kori and Imelda. I head to the playground and climb up on the top before sitting down and letting them get about the scene setting for Masha’s beating. I watch it play out and while Masha takes only a few shots and not even hard ones its Devin who seems to feel it more than Masha does. I watch as they all pack up and leave, Devin and Masha going one way with Imelda and Kori packing up the picnic remains before the two of them head towards me on my perch.

“He really does remind you of a gargoyle up there,” Kori says with Imelda in tow.

“Not the reception you promised me Kori,” Imelda says a little disappointed.

I drop down and grab the picnic basket before wordlessly heading back to my bike, I don’t take out my spare helmet when I get there and I can see Imelda has one of her own as Kori hops on the back of her bike. I head out like a demon and Imelda definitely keeps up with me but it’s not a difficult thing for her to do considering she’s a better bike rider than I am. I get into Johnny’s front entrance and get my bike parked at his inner court yard, it takes only a minute for Johnny to greet me and see I’m not in a great mood.

“Hey man I see you brought company, I have your place all ready and here’s the key,” Johnny tells me tossing me the key to the cabin.

“Wait how do you have a place here,” Kori asks as I start heading to the back cabin.

I lead the girls back to the old cabin that I visited with Tracy the first time, it looks like Johnny spruced up the place for me because it’s locked when I get there and the bedding is a bit nicer. Gotta thank him for that later. I get inside and let the girls follow me in, I motion the both of them over to bed which they both head to and sit down on staring at me. I know they’re a little nervous but I’m trying to keep my cool as much as I can taking my coat off and throwing it down on the chair which makes both of them jump.

“You stand up and come over here now,” I tell Kori visibly shaking.

I know that when they took her and beat her in the field she was strong but now I’m seeing her very afraid and very soft. I miss her soft but I watch her swallow her fear and step forward.

“Guy listen I know you don’t like surprises but we….,” Imelda starts to speak but I cut her off.

“I’ll get to you in a minute,” I tell Imelda before turning my attention back to Kori,” You really did a number on this one, you stay out of action while I’m running multiple plans and trying to play cupid and the whole while you’re running your own plan just to make sure you get your own personal level of revenge all the while trying to get me back for the big surprise I had for you last summer. I don’t know what to do with you about all this.”

Kori is frozen in place and I’m standing less than a foot away, she wants to speak but I simply wait till she’s about to talk before scaring the crap out of her by picking her up and kissing her hard and deep. Her eyes are wide and full of shock it takes effect for a few seconds before she starts smiling while kissing me back. It’s a wonderful warm feeling and the only thing stopping it is me as I break kiss and turn my attention to Imelda who is stunned by the events. I set Kori down before turning to Imelda, she sees my smile but it’s my near full on tackle bowling her onto her back on the bed I get over her I kiss her once on the lips before trailing kisses all down her neck.

“I missed… you so… much it… literally hurt… not having… you around,” I tell Imelda kissing all down her neck.

“I missed you too baby,” Imelda tells me pulling her coat open.

Getting the two of us out of our clothing is not too difficult with Kori helping and it’s suddenly me at a disadvantage when I got from on top of Imelda and kissing to on my back with both of my girls licking up and down either side of my shaft. Imelda takes the lead and starts working half of my cock with her mouth, it’s a slow up and down letting me know that this is about as soft as she’s probably going to be with me today all the while Kori finishes stripping herself down and gives me her breasts to play with. I take my time squeezing them before sucking on one slowly, I feel Imelda stop working me over and hear kissing above my head. I stop only briefly to see Kori and Imelda kissing which is probably what makes me harder than ever. The girls start to take positions and I find it odd that Imelda is taking a back seat as Kori straddles my hips and works my cock into her velvety pussy. Kori stays upright and is moving her hips back and forth with me inside her, the feeling is wonderful with how soft and warm she is I’d almost lean my head back and close my eyes to relax if Imelda wasn’t moving around the bed.

I follow Imelda’s movements over to Kori who is still grinding my cock; Imelda moves to her side and takes one of Kori’s breasts in her mouth and starts rubbing Kori’s clit with a free hand. The added attention to Kori gets her to speed up and I’m feeling it as she starts to squeeze me tighter. I’m in awe of Imelda now that I get to actually look at her, she’s toned up in the last for months but it’s the tattoo on starting on her right hip and going up her side that draws my eye. Five tigers like mine, same colors stalking down her body. I try to pull Imelda down to me but she moves my hand onto Kori’s stomach and I don’t know what is more hot, good girl being using me to get off or my hard ass Latina girlfriend getting a matching tattoo. I grab Kori’s free breast and squeeze which doesn’t get as much reaction with Imelda and I working her pussy over with fingers and cock. It’s a brief few moments before Kori tenses up and I can feel her muscles clamping down on me, Kori’s moaning fills the cabin and we let her ride her orgasm out. Imelda and I get Kori set down and a blanket pulled over her as she tries to relax.

“Imelda, you’re in some trouble sister,” Kori says dazed.

Imelda freezes for a moment as she hears me growling behind her. We’re both on our knees still as I grab her by the shoulders and back her up against the wall. Imelda doesn’t wait as she shoves her mouth against mine and the only thing that gets us to break our war is when she moves to where she’s squatting with her legs bowed in front of me. I start to rub my cock head against her slit and when I find the opening I’m greeted with the tight and slick sensation of Imelda’s pussy that I’ve been without for months. I only get about three inches in and Imelda is shaking and I can feel a small orgasm taking her over.

“Am I resizing you, you beautiful bitch,” I asks playfully slowly pushing deeper.

“Oh God I’ve missed this, don’t take it easy. Break me,” Imelda gasps jamming her tongue into my mouth.

I take all the slow out of my pushing and slam the rest of my cock in to Imelda which gets her to moan and me to grunt at how tight she’s gotten in the months we’ve been apart. We break from kissing as Imelda starts to kiss down my neck as I take long hammering strokes into her pussy. Her teeth dig into the base of my neck and I come to realize how I’ve missed her aggression. I’m pushing deep and hard still trying to get another orgasm out of Imelda when I get a shock to my system as she backs my head away from her and slaps me in the face. It’s not a mean slap or even a painful one, it’s just enough to get my attention as I can tell she’s getting into it. I grab the back of Imelda’s head and hold it against the wall away from me before leaning in and biting her back on the base of her neck. Her hands are all over my back and when I get a decent amount of flesh in my teeth I take all the slow out of my hard thrusting and move to rabbit fucking. No mercy, no protection or safety for her considering she’s my girlfriend, hard sex and fucking that says ‘you have a hole and I’m going to fuck it’. Imelda is more into it than Kori or Matty would be and the nails in my back show me that. Her slick pussy is doing a number on my cock as I fuck her like she’s property. I can feel my member start to swell and Imelda can too as she gets me to let go of her neck with my teeth and takes my head in both her hands and locks me into a death stare with her big brown eyes. It’s more than I can take and where I would normally close my eyes and enjoy the sensation I am locked onto Imelda as the first shot of cum escapes me and blasts her insides. I grit my teeth and she moans with her mouth open but neither of us looks away as we cum hard against each other. I don’t think we’ve been like this for long but when I finally pull out and my load comes falling after. Imelda cleans up barely before pushing me onto the bed and pulling Kori with her to pin me down on either side.

“Okay Kori, you didn’t lie. That was a great reception to the surprise,” Imelda says grinning.

“I really thought you were pissed honey,” Kori says propping her head up on her arm.

“I got no reasons to be pissed, got Devin a chance to connect with Masha. I get all my girls in the same area and now Heather knows that her wall is crumbling,” I tell them relaxing.

“But I didn’t get to hurt her,” Kori asks confused,” How does that change things?”

“She had a bodyguard that nobody could beat. Now I ‘beat’ her bodyguard, she’s going to be running scared,” Imelda explains.

We lay there chatting lightly and I get kissing done on both my girls before Kori tells me the arrangements. A day after we had the conference in the field with the whole group she contacted Imelda and asked her to come up, Carl got her a U-Haul truck for her bike and Imelda’s been driving cross country for a few days just to get here. Apparently she arrived last night and that’s when the two of them decided to hatch the plan to get Heather today in front of me. I joke at the two of them trying to impress me and both playfully poke me back about playing cupid. We get everything cleaned up after about an hour of cuddling and me getting my hands all over Imelda and Kori before heading back to the bikes and I we get the two of them back to Kori’s house where Imelda is staying for the time being. I give Carl a knowing nod and he just smiles and pats me on the back before I head back home. I get in my front door about six at night and my whole family is waiting for me, I tell them that everything is fine and pull Katy aside to talk in my room.

“So how bad was it,” She asks concerned.

“Honestly things are going well which makes me feel like we need to turn up the heat,” I tell her getting my boots off.

“Thank god I’m tired of sitting back and waiting for the fight to come to us,” Katy says showing a lot of enthusiasm.

“Not like that girl, I’m looking at something bigger but I need you to start getting people ready,” I explain calming her down,” when we do this it’s going to be different than you think.”

“So a nonviolent attack Katy asks put off.

“No, a very coordinated and very brutal attack with no recovery in sight,” I tell her getting her attention again,” I need to figure it out but when I do I need someone to make sure that everyone get’s their shit handled and that’s going to be you. Can you handle that?”

I get a very sinister and happy smile from Katy before getting an even better kiss. I let her get out of my room and spend the rest of my night relaxing and getting things coordinated with Jun on facebook. He tells me that the video is done but he’s not sure how to present it, we work on it for a few minutes when Isaac gets into the conversation and pulls an idea for me that I can’t stop chuckling over. I give the two of them my approval and they start laying the ground work for it tomorrow.

Monday morning is a blur of getting ready, letting my father know about my long term idea. He tells me he’ll work something out and to just handle the day to day. All three of us get to school and it’s the arrival of Kori on the back of a different motorcycle that has our whole group looking, Imelda doesn’t take off her helmet and Kori tells everyone that we’ll get to her driver later as we all head off to class. Lunch time has only one notable event as the whole crew minus Kori is sitting at our tables when she gets to the cafeteria. As soon as she enters the whole cafeteria stands up and parts ways for her to get over to our tables quickly. I see Kori is a little embarrassed by it until I address the group with one hand in the air before lowering it. Everyone sits down at the gesture and Kori just sits there smiling and shaking her head.

“Honey I didn’t arrange this. Everyone here follows my lead now and they respect you,” I tell her getting an odd look,” From now on if you point they move to make a wall. You will never be alone until this is over. These are our people.”

“We’re a family and we have a belief,” Devin says adding to my statement.

“And what is that belief,” Kori asks taking a drink of her milk.

I point out Vicki from one of the tables and then Hideo sitting across from her and motion them to come over. It takes Hideo a second but soon I have my people there and Kori is more confused than ever.

“Hey guys, do you feel like there is anything wrong with you,” I ask the two of them.

“No, we’re not wrong. We didn’t do anything to deserve any abuse and now we’re unified,” Hideo says with more confidence than he’s had ever.

“We believe in ourselves and we follow you guys because you believe in us,” Vicki says before turning her attention to Kori,” It’s really good to see you back here where you belong.”

“Thank you very much, just don’t do anything crazy,” Kori says with a light smile.

Both of them head back to their table and start talking among themselves as I turn back to Kori who is stunned.

“You all built an army around me,” Kori says shaking her head.

“No girl, we built an army around a group of people who are tired of being talked down to,” Katy says clarifying the point,” Everyone here doesn’t feel ashamed of who they are and Guy has people looking at each other as people, not punks or nerds.”

“I am impressed by it all, you definitely have done a number on Heather’s people, I don’t see any of them here,” Kori says looking around.

“We never told them to leave, they just stopped coming around,” Ben says chiming in.

We all finish lunch and I ship Hanna off to get Tracy and Mathilda up to speed on events. I get through to final period of the day and my phone goes crazy from Jun telling me to meet him in the A/V room. It takes me a few minutes to find it but the whole crew is there along with Allison, Mathilda and even Tracy as we all pile inside. We’re sitting there looking at a big TV with a DVD player set up but it’s the two chairs spare next to me that makes me chuckle a little. Sure enough the door opens and Liz enters pulling Greg after her who looks like he’s going to die of fright.

“Nobody here is going to hurt you or even touch you Greg,” Liz tells him sitting him down right next to me.

Liz takes her seat on the other side of him and I watch Devin cut out the lights before leaning on the door. Jun fires up the video and we all see Liz’s face pop onto the screen.

“Hey Greg, you told me that I need to figure out what’s going on in our relationship and I took a good look at it and figured out what our problem was, here’s a little taste of what things could have been like,” Liz tells Greg before the screen goes black.

A plain white title pops up that reads, How to and not to fuck a girl. It goes through the starting all girl orgy scene which gets some minor cat calls and playful poking of the girls involved when I see Greg’s face blanche as he sees his sister having sex with a girl. Everyone is watching the screen but I’m watching Greg more as his horror is personally amusing to me, Liz is watching as well as the video as I queues up to her and Greg in his room.

“But how did they film this, this shouldn’t be here,” Greg says watching in pure shock.

Everyone watches the scene with Greg slowly being milked by Liz; subtitles have been added so you can hear Liz encouraging Greg during their sex. At almost then end the subtitles say that Greg is crying and music I’ve never heard kicks up almost blaring ‘I just had sex and it felt so good, a woman let me put my penis inside her’. Everyone starts snickering when Liz’s face pops back in.

“As bad as that was honey I thought I should show you something to let you know how things should look,” Liz says turning the camera towards the new scene.

There I am on camera hammering away at Allison who I didn’t see the face of before but now I can tell
she was in a state of bliss the whole time I was pounding her out. I see her look at the camera and it’s almost hilarious to me as Greg shifts in his seat pitching a tent in his pants. Little bastard is watching his sister get fucked by me and it’s turning him on.

“Hey Bro… I’m really getting fucked right now… and it’s bigger than I’ve had yet… I hope you start fucking girls like this… cause you’d suck at being an… OH GOD THAT’S IT,” is about as far as Allison as she cums on my cock.

Everyone starts oohing and ahhing as we watch Allison in all her glory hit an orgasm and while grabbing at me hold on as I hit mine. Greg finally figures out who is fucking his sister on video and looks at me before turning his attention to his sister’s pussy with my cum oozing its way out. This goes for a few moments before a side by side of both orgasms on split screen pops up with a how to fuck and how not to fuck title under each one. The screen turns back to Liz who is smiling at the camera.

“So that’s my little video for you baby, I hope you learn from it because I know we all did,” Liz says in a happy tone,” Love you.”

We see the film end and people start clapping and praising the ‘actors’ in the film even going so far as to patting Greg on the back before I motion for everyone to clear out leaving just Greg and me in the room.

“You had sex with my sister,” Greg says finding his voice.

“Yeah I did, she was pretty good too,” I tell him plainly,” Though honestly I’m thinking that if I was going to do it again I’d probably cum all over her face instead of inside her.”

My words get all the fire Greg has and I see him start to rush me but I cut him off and slam him against the wall putting my hand on his throat. Greg is pawing at me to get me to let go but I’m stronger and get right up in his face before growling out my orders.

“I will show this to the entire school, I will put it on the internet and people will watch it by the thousands. You will be embarrassed for years and probably will never get a woman again thanks to me,” I growl menacingly,” You tell MY sister that MY girlfriend deserved what happened her. Now here you are getting all hard watching me do to your sister what you should have been doing to mine.”

I drop him off the wall and let him catch his breath before he starts talking to me.

“What do you want me to do,” Greg asks desperately getting his breath.

“I want the people who did Kori, Kyle knows them and you will get them for me or I swear to you that your god will not save you from what I do,” I tell him taking the DVD out.

“That’s it, and you’ll leave my sister alone,” Greg asks standing up.

“No, I’m going to watch her join my family like you could have and then I’m going to watch her and one of them go off and have sex somewhere,” I tell him watching him lose what little color he had left.

“I’ll join you, I will tell you whatever you want just stop hurting me,” Greg says sitting down shakily in a chair.

“No, you will be with them until I come for you,” I say with a very stoic tone,” I am not often merciful and you learn how to betray your cause by helping me.”

I see Greg nod before I leave him alone in the room and see my crew, my family waiting for me all gathered outside the building. Allison is there but she’s the only one without a hood up. I lead us out to the parking lot and after the final bell rings I gather my family around along with a small crowd of loyal followers.

“Allison you stepped out of your family’s shame and into your own pride. I must ask one person here if she approves,” I say looking to Kori.

“Oh I like her, she is welcome,” Kori says smiling.

I see some real joy in Allison’s face as I reach back behind her and pull her hood over her head. People in the group start patting her on the back and welcome her as I turn my attention to my surroundings. I see Kyle and Taylor off in the far side of the parking lot talking with some of their people and only after Heather sees me do they start to disperse, Kyle doesn’t smile in my direction and I take some comfort in that. I pull Allison aside dragging Kori and Lilly with me before addressing the two non-girlfriends I have.

“Ladies I need some of my people rewarded, namely Jun and Isaac,” I say getting an interested look from the girls,” Lilly I know you can handle Jun but make it extra special please.”

“Oh I’m gonna make him limp,” Lilly says smiling and heading off.

“Ummm you want me to sleep with Isaac,” Allison asks looking back at him before returning her gaze to Kori and me.

“What he’s saying is that boy has done nothing but stare at you the whole time we were watching the video, not you on the video just you,” Kori says making Allison blush a little,” He’s done a lot of good work and you could use a guy that isn’t going to flake out like your brother did. Just might have to train him a little.”

Her last words get a smirk out of Allison who catches up to Isaac as he heads off to his sister’s car. We watch them talk for a few moments before she takes his phone and punches in what I can only assume is her cell number. She heads off to get a ride with her brother but it’s Isaac and his freshmen zeal that make me chuckle as he sprints over to his sister’s car. I shrug and Kori gives me a kiss on the cheek before hopping on Imelda’s bike and heading back to my house. I follow with Kori and Liz in the car tailing me but it’s Mathilda in her own car that’s makes me wonder how good or bad this now impromptu meeting of the girls will go. I see Kori and Imelda are inside but Imelda hasn’t taken off her helmet and Dad is a little defensive with a masked person in his home. Everyone get’s seated in the living room except for Imelda and me as I shoot from the hip with introductions.

“Okay well we all know that I have a lot of commitments when it comes to the women in my life and my family so I’m just going to get this out right now,” I say rushing my words,” Mom, Dad and girls this is my girlfriend Imelda from Texas.”

Imelda pulls her helmet off and while Dad and Mom are more relieved than I have seen them in the past few weeks its Mathilda and Katy who immediately get up and leave the room. I watch the girls go and Kori is hot on their heels. I know they are in my room and I’m a little hesitant to get involved but Imelda is pushing me forward with a look. I lead her down the hall and knock on my own door which Kori answers with a little bit of a grim look on her face.

“Girls can I just speak to you both once before you decide to kill me,” Imelda asks pushing past me into the room.

I close the door after me and lean up against it and with Matty sitting in my computer chair Kori sits with Katy on the bed.

“I didn’t come up here just because Guy is my boyfriend. When I met Kori last summer she told me that you three were like sisters and that sharing Guy was more about him being there for you as much as you being there for each other. I’m here now because someone hurt my sister,” Imelda says trying to hold onto her emotions,” I’m just want to fit in when I know I shouldn’t be welcome on your turf.”

“I didn’t know she was here till yesterday and I would have liked to give you both some warning,” I shoot a glance to Kori with my last word,” that she was here. Either we all come together or once this whole thing is done I walk.”

All the girls stare at me with my last words. The prospect of them all losing me fresh in their minds has only one of them moving, Mathilda. I watch her get up and square up with Imelda who is ready for a beating.

“When he did you the first time was he soft and nice or did he give you a good time,” Mathilda asks getting a weird look from everyone.

“It was hard but it was great,” Imelda says deflating the tension.

“Same with me but I had to play hard to get,” Katy says smirking.

The girls get into a powwow about me and our times together, before discussing more girl topics than I care to listen to. I head out of my room leaving them to their conversation and back to the living room to give my parents thumbs up. Mom starts ordering food for dinner while Dad and I step into the gym.

“So I’ve got an idea about how to attack these kids but you need to get your people on board and mentally ready for what comes next,” Dad tells me sitting down.

“Yeah well with Imelda here that gives me some breathing room to put them on the defensive before we do anything big,” I say taking off my coat.

“Not big, quiet subtle and fast,” Dad says getting my attention.

We discuss his ideas and I like more of what I hear, Tuesday we start pushing back and I’m going to have some real fun getting Heather’s friends to flee her sinking ship. Hours later everyone has gone home and I’m alone in my room when I get a text message from Rachael. She tells me that her boyfriend was more stressed yesterday than she’s seen him in a while and she had sex with him to try to get him to relax, I get her to clarify sex and she changes it to love making. I ask her if she’s tried to kiss him like we kissed and she tells me she did but he got weirded out by it. I ask her how it felt and she says she’s mad and embarrassed. I tell her I’d like to see her mad but Rachael gives me the best piece of news I could have gotten barring Imelda’s visit/move. Rachael tells me that Kyle got a call from another woman, someone named Heather, and that he had to leave suddenly to meet with her. ‘Best’ part was when she started asking questions and he snapped at her for prying into his life. I could be doing a victory dance but instead I’m running down the hall and showing my Mother the messages as she winds down for bed.

“Well what do I tell her,” I ask Mom who smiles sweetly.

I watch her take my phone and type in a few words before dismissing me. I head back down the hall and read the message ‘Well what do you want to do’. I get back to my room and the reply isn’t what I’m hoping for, Rachael tells me that she wants to meet some more honest people. I say that there are plenty out there but she clarifies that she wants to meet my girlfriends. I say I’ll see what I can do and while Rachael’s response is happy I get Kori online and relay everything to her. She says the girls will need a few days but not to expect the happy faces I saw tonight. Oh crap, I’m thinking that I’d rather go at Kyle’s group alone than walk Rachael into the tiger’s den. I explain what my Mom has me doing for dealing with Rachael, Kori says that she’s telling Imelda who is rolling on the floor laughing about it. At least those two have a good handle on their jealousy because I’m going to need to use every trick in my book to keep Rachael close but not girlfriend close. I tell Kori that I love the girls and she tells me that I need to get everyone of us together privately so all the girls can ‘appreciate’ me together. I don’t think about the best victory party ever because I have to think about too many other things. Greg and his Judas role, Devin and Masha getting together, and now Rachael’s seduction and conversion. No rest for the wicked I guess.

Part 8
Tuesday morning comes fast for me and I’m not struggling to get ahead of the curve as Katy, Liz and I get our shit ready and head out for school. The morning gathering in the parking lot has Imelda there with Kori ahead of me. I can tell the introductions have already been done for the most part and while everyone gives me the ‘how the hell’ look about my fourth girlfriend I mostly ignore it as we head to class. And as epic of a day as it could be it passes with nothing happening, nobody get’s backed into a corner, no bullying across the campus. Nothing. It feels odd but when I bring it up at homeroom only Ben seems to be on alert with me about it.

“Honey you backed them into a corner and made them think about what they’d been doing, this is good,” Kori tells me trying to lighten my mood.

“I don’t think so babe, Devin what’s going on with our insider,” I ask keeping Masha’s name out of the conversation.

“I don’t know, we haven’t talked but I can ask them later if you like,” Devin says getting a nod from me.

I’m heading out to the parking lot with the rest of my family when I see the small wall of about five football players, all in their letterman jackets, waiting for us by our vehicles. They aren’t blocking me but I can definitely tell they are waiting for someone. I start to ignore it when I get one of the jocks in my path.

“We need you to come with us,” I watch the Samoan mutter trying to keep things quiet.

“And if you knew who the hell you were talking to you you’d know that I don’t just follow anyone because they said so,” I tell the small mountain stepping past him.

“Hey Tracy, He needs to see your friend,” One of the black players says getting Tracy’s attention.

“Then him to get his ass out here before Guy leaves, I’m not his messenger and I’m certainly not his bitch,” Tracy spits out getting some of the guys to back up.

I’m watching the jocks have a small discussion before one of them goes running off. I tell the rest of my family to head off home and motion for Devin to text me later. The busses have left along with most of the parking lot when I see the ‘runner’ come back alone.

“He says that you need to see him privately because it’s important that you two don’t get seen together,” the runner tells me.

“Which means I’m dealing with more cryptic bullshit than I care to so no thank you,” I say starting to get on my bike.

I get pulled off my bike by the Samoan and he starts dragging me back to the school but I’m more game for this than he is. He has his hand on the back of my neck; I get my feet under me for a second before swinging my boot heel back and cracking him in the knee. He goes down easy enough and I get free when I see problem number’s two through five closing in.

“Kiante wants to talk with you,” the Samoan says holding his knee.

Kiante, I’ve heard the name before. It’s kind of hard to not know who the popular jocks are in the school, especially when they get themselves elected ASB Vice President. I’m either moving up in the world or I pissed off a very popular black jock. Either way I smile big and crazy before walking towards the school. One of the jocks catches up to me quickly and we get into one of the student conference rooms where I see him, six foot one and built like a wide receiver for the pro teams. If that didn’t make girls drop panties it would be the scholarships, the ‘player’ status or finally the clincher in his bag of tricks, his attractive young black male looks. I am sitting across from school royalty and I am wondering if I should get a bucket to vomit in but his face lights up from seeing me.

“You’re Guy right, I’ve heard a lot about you,” Kiante says as his stooge closes the door behind me.

“Most of it bad I hope,” I say getting a confused look.

“Actually I’m hearing both but I gotta say even though I’ve seen you before I’ve never understood the whole brooding hood thing,” Kiante says leaning back in his chair.

“One minute,” I tell him getting a puzzled look,” One minute to get my attention before I walk out of here.”

“Kyle Travis came before the student council today with a proposal for us to help institute a,” I watch him stop to read the paper,” Mandatory Dress Code for students.”

“Okay and you are telling me this why,” I ask sitting down.

“Because if someone doesn’t convince the other members of the council that it’s a bad idea he’ll win and the first thing to go are any head covering,” Kiante says noting my hooded head,” and if he wins then the teachers will enforce the rule.”

“Okay well who do I have to convince and when,” I ask taking a look at the paper myself.

“Thursday you need to speak with the whole ASB when he presents his case to us,” Kiante says before lowering his tone,” And you’ll really need to deal with ASB President Yano Morley.”

Sadly in this case I’ve heard the name and I think I remember who she is but to be honest I’m drawing a blank. I’ve got no information and while I could get it all from Kiante I know of a much better resource than him.

“I’ll get it done,” I say starting to leave.

“Wait that’s it, I tell you about all this and it’s happening in two days and you just tell me that you’ll ‘get it done’,” I see him say shaking his head in disbelief,” Are you for real?”

I slowly turn and face him; I take methodical steps to cross the room until I’m standing right next to him. I can tell he’s confused and a little afraid by what I might do and while it tickles me to beat the crap out of High School Royalty I’m looking at a potential ally.

“That feeling you’re getting right now. That one that says call for help before he causes permanent damage? I did that in less than a minute with you,” I tell him before changing my expression from sinister to joking,” Imagine what I can do with two days and one girl.”

“Wow, that’s fucking hardcore. But she’s not just a girl, she’s class President,” Kiante says shaking his fear off with humor.

I scoff lightly at the comment before heading out to my bike, passing Kiante’s team mates on my way. They don’t give me any trouble and I thankfully get home only to be greeted by Kori and Imelda over to visit. My folks are away and Liz is working in her room giving three of my girl’s and I run of the house for a few hours. Sadly I’m not looking for fun time just yet and I let the girls socialize privately in Katy’s room as I pay my sister a visit. Liz is sprawled out on her stomach reading something for her English class I think, it’s her cute little ass in a pair of cotton shorts and a t shirt that give me a sinister idea.

“Hey Guy, the girls are in Katy’s room,” Liz says without looking at me,” How do you get through these boring ass books?”

I kick my boots off and crawl on Liz’s bed putting my body over hers, she doesn’t have any room to move or roll over and I grind my crotch against her ass while nibbling on her ear. I feel her start to grind back against me and smile.

“Did I make my sister a happy girl yesterday,” I whisper lightly in her ear.

“Mmmmhmmmm,” Liz moans.

“And if I need something big from my precious sister she’ll do it for me right,” I ask again nibbling on her neck.

“Oh god yes,” Liz gasps as I let her feel my weight on her.

“I need all the personal and rumored information on someone at school,” I tell her breaking the mood slightly,” If you get me this I promise you that I’ll leave you walking funny for at least a day.”

I hear Liz grumbling at me but as I get up off of her and give her the class president’s name. I watch her freeze and tell her that I need it tonight and if she can organize it for me I’ll try to help her with her book. I get a smile out of Liz before grabbing my boots and heading off to my own room. I’m alone in my room with my coat off for about five minutes when the girls decide to invade. All three of them start asking questions about why I was needed to stay after and I explain the whole situation getting a few odd looks from Kori and Katy while Imelda seems to have the situation pretty well handled.

“So you need to either bribe or blackmail this girl to get her to vote the way you want,” Imelda says boiling the situation down,” I say we could scare her if you were into that?”

“Don’t want to scare people who don’t deserve it,” I tell her getting a nod.

“I’m just wondering how you’re planning on doing either of these when you don’t know anything about her personally,” Katy says with a little doubt.

“I have a sister who is on the full pulse of the school, all I have to do is give her the name and the right incentive and she’s working on it as we speak,” I tell Katy smirking.

“Well all that aside I owe one to Imelda for coming up here and I figure that I should get to paying her back for it,” Kori says getting up from my bed and leaving the room.

I watch Katy follow Kori out and close the door after herself leaving Imelda and me alone. I’m thinking things are fine but Imelda’s expression has me a little confused.

“Baby if you don’t tell me what’s wrong I can’t put a smile on your face,” I tell her getting on my knees in front of her.

Imelda’s got plain jeans with a hooded sweater, I know there’s a few more layers at least but I’m more concerned that something is really bothering her. She seems more vulnerable now that she’s up here with me and the girls than she did when it was just us down in Texas.

“I don’t know if I can make it last up here,” Imelda tells me quietly,” I’m away from everyone I care about except you and the girls are really great but I feel out of place.”

“Okay well I’m more happy to see you here than almost anything that has happened in the last few months,” I tell her taking her head in my hands,” I know it’s going to be difficult but you don’t need to make a place for yourself here, you already have one.”

I stand up and lay down at the head of my bed, Imelda follows me up and we get into a nice cuddle with me on my back and her head resting on my chest. I’m feeling wonderfully content in the moment but Imelda’s shifting gives me pause before I take her head by the chin and lean her face up so I can see her eyes. It’s those pretty browns that get me to pull her in for a soft and sweet kiss. I feel her shake a little before Imelda moves over top of me and straddling my hips with her own continues to kiss me losing none of the tenderness that I started with. I am getting hard against Imelda and we take our time slowly stripping out of our clothes until we’re both naked and my cock is flat against my stomach with Imelda’s slit grinding against me. It’s making me hard and I feel her break the kiss and start to move downward to speed up the process but I stop her and pull her back up to me.

“Baby, I’ll get there soon enough,” I tell her kissing her again lightly,” I’ve been needing some of your loving since you turned me down before I left to come back here.”

I get a sweet smile and while I’m turning down a blowjob it’s a tender hand stroking me and Imelda’s sweet breasts waving in my face that have my full attention. I lean up and tenderly start to suckle on a brown nipple getting a moan for my efforts. I work the nipple with my tongue only as I feel myself finally get fully erect and ready for something more. I feel my head working at Imelda’s opening and it’s like a slick glove that I slip my cock into, Imelda’s hips pushing down on me till I’m fully seated inside her. It’s not a hard or fast pace; we just push against each other slowly, taking the time to feel every single part of each other. I’m trailing my hands across Imelda’s back and down across her toned ass. I feel her lean down again and I simply open my mouth as we resume our tender kiss. Inside Imelda it’s a slick furnace and as much as my body screams to speed up our rhythm is just fine where it is and I stop moving all together letting my pretty little Latina grinds the length of my cock with her sweet pussy. I feel her smirk during our kiss before she speeds up and I start to lightly move again letting her do the work. The kissing smirk becomes and open mouth groan and I feel Imelda clench up hard on me as her orgasm starts to hit, I pull her close and push my cock as deep as I can letting the sensation take me over and releasing my load into her warm folds. The shock of it all takes us from moaning to kissing deep and gripping each other tenderly for a good while.

I don’t know how long we’ve been laying there but I know that I’m no longer inside Imelda and she’s lying again with her head on my chest as my door opens revealing Katy and Kori who both have sweet smiles on their faces.

“Wow, he really does know how to make a girl feel welcome,” Katy jokes taking a seat at my computer.

“If I wasn’t respecting his wishes I’d be pregnant from that,” Imelda says groggily.

“Yeah I think we’d all be pregnant if Guy didn’t have a say in the matter,” Kori states sweetly moving to the side of the bed and sitting next to me.

I don’t even think I’ll make it to the end of high school but these girls already have family plans for me. I love them but the more I see happen with me going in and taking out everyone around Heather the less chance I see of me either living through it or staying out of jail. I shake it off as Imelda starts poking me to see what’s wrong.

“Either talk about why you have that look on your face or leave it alone,” My feisty Latina tells me starting to get up.

The two of us get dressed and we all start talking about what’s going on at school. The three of us let Katy in on Masha and she starts laughing about how she got a pass today when Masha ‘cornered’ her and she didn’t get why. I shoot Devin a text asking about Masha and get a reply that he’s busy talking with her while she’s out with Heather. I almost want to ask where they are but I simply say to keep me posted.

“So what’s next on the agenda,” Katy asks me bringing me back into the conversation.

“I’ve got Liz running some information down on a girl at school I’m going to need to persuade,” I tell the girls getting their attention.

Liz comes flying into the room and I notice that Imelda and I were relaxing for almost two hours when Katy and Kori interrupted us. We all watch as she kicks Katy out of my computer chair and I take the prime seat on the end of my bed with Kori in between my legs, I make myself useful and start to rub her shoulders.

“Okay I got some basics but I only went back to last year. Yano Morley, been in three relationships including her alleged current one with a junior at our school who follows her around like an assistant. Her last two boyfriends weren’t too impressed and said that she came off as distant and uninterested in doing anything different,” Liz says starting up her ‘presentation’.

“Okay well define different for those of us who are a little more active in the relationship department,” Katy asks bumping me for rubbing Kori’s shoulders.

“She wasn’t a romance seeker from one and the other said that sex with her was a little different because she didn’t seem like she was into it,” Liz explains rummaging through her texts.

“Okay so how does that get Guy in to her pants,” Imelda asks getting looks from everyone,” Well it’s pretty obvious we’re going after the fuck her brains out option.”

“Not sure that’s where I want to go honestly,” I tell everyone getting even weirder looks from the assembled girls,” I’ve been straying a bit recently and feel like focusing on my girls for a while.”

Kori turns around on me and when a girl has herself in between your legs you pay mother fucking attention. Kori’s steely grays are locked onto me as she speaks.

“Honey this will hurt Kyle, it will hurt Heather,” Kori says quietly,” You’re a good boyfriend and we’ll all be fine with you doing what you need to so that they hurt.”

I’ve got unanimous approval from everyone in the room and considering I’m in the estrogen ocean I relent to the girls and their prodding. We continue to go over some planning but in my head I figure I’ll wing it and see what happens. Kori and Imelda head home after both get a kiss goodbye and my parents get home shortly after that. I stick to my room before and after dinner running the info down with Jun to get some logistics on the where and when to meet with Yano.

Wednesday morning and I hit the garage gym with Dad and Katy, we get a good workout in and I let Dad know that Katy is developing well but needs more help with her control which gets me a glare from Katy. Dad goes over some pointers with her and after showering we all head off to school. The parking lot meeting is less of a meeting and more of a greeting before we head to our classes except for me. I head to Coach Campbell’s office to get a pass for today and tomorrow so I can deal with pressing matters.

“So you need to be free fourth and fifth period for extracurricular activities for what exactly,” Coach asks writing the pass.

“Gotta keep putting these people in their place,” I say getting a questioning look,” They won’t come at me head on so I’ve got to beat them at everything they try to do to push me down.”

“And my boy is actually doing something, not just running around doing stupid shit you found for him to keep him busy,” Coach asks finish the pass.

“Sir, he’s more helpful than I honestly thought he would be. Also I’ve got a girl talking to him and she’s a sophomore,” My last words get the Coach to give me a shocked look,” It’s up to him to seal the deal on that one.”

I get an approving nod and more importantly my pass for the day. I get to first period just in time and the day goes well up until I get out of lunch and I’m spending most of my time trying to figure out where the Class President hides during the day. I’m glad I ran my info by Jun because he got me her class schedule and instead of going home halfway through the day she takes her empty classes and does college prep or works on things for her position. I finally get a notice from Jun that she’s using one of the conference rooms as an office and I make note to talk to Lilly about giving him a threesome or something as a reward. There is no window in the door and I hear something like talking and wait a moment before knocking loudly on the door. I hear someone telling me to wait a minute and finally get permission to enter. I get inside and see my new quarry. I know she’s about half Asian in her, standing about 5’7″ and with a fuller figure than I normally get. Shoulder length dark brown hair. Dressed in an easy to move red plaid skirt and a plain green button up blouse with a matching sweater that are stretched by a huge set of D cups. Her thick framed black glasses and chubby face tell me that she’s not the most active type but I’m not here to take her on a run.

“I’m sorry I don’t remember having any appointments now,” Yano tells me a little confused.

“I know, kinda wanted to speak with you privately before tomorrow,” I say moving to a chair across from her,” You do know who I am right?”

“I know who most of the prominent students are in school I just don’t understand why we are talking,” Yano says trying to keep things very professional.

“Well you are going to be dealing with a proposal for a more strict dress code tomorrow and I’m going to speak to oppose it. Now I know that I shouldn’t know that but more importantly I’m wanting support in making sure it never happens. And if I’m going to get help I like to start at the top person on the list and that would be you,” I explain pulling my hood back so she can see my face.

“Well that’s fine but I’m not inclined to take any sides on this matter other than the one that keeps the fighting off the school grounds,” Yano says paying more attention to her laptop than me,” And personally I am not inclined to deal with someone who has a reputation that is mired in violence and fear.”

“I get that someone who hasn’t been there to see what I do personally could see me that way and to be honest anything worth fighting for is going to be done with some level of conflict,” I say getting her to look away from the computer.

“I’m not going to argue with you about what and how you handle this conflict that you have with Mr. Travis and his group of devoted moralists. I’m not going to hear anyone’s arguments until they are presented to me and everyone else on the council tomorrow,” She says going back to her computer.

I exhale a little in frustration and when I breathe in I get a good smell of what’s in the room. I stare at Yano sitting across from me taking in her posture and position; she’s leaning over the computer hiding her right hand and her lower half from me completely. I would chuckle at my suspicions but I’m favoring the more direct and less insulting approach as I get up and lock the door to the room. I know she noticed the door locking and again with someone I take my time crossing the room until I’m looking down at Yano. I can see some fear in her eyes and it’s not what I’m looking for.

“No boyfriend right? Have a junior who follows you around like an assistant but he’s not boyfriend material is he,” I more tell Yano then ask.

“I am focused on my work and college,” Yano replies trying to keep a stern tone.

“Yeah, except I’ve done a lot of research and figured out a few things in our time together today,” I say moving around her chair,” Stand up, please?”

I have her hesitant but she’s feeling in control as she stands up and straightens her skirt before taking a defiant posture.

“I’m not going to be intimidated by you or this debasing attempt to control the situation,” Yano says locking her eyes on me.

“I’m not here to intimidate, if I was I’d be here with more people,” I say taking a deep breath close to her,” I’m here to convince, and I must say I love the scent of vanilla.”

“What does my body wash have to do with convincing me,” Yano asks confused.

“Well vanilla is a good scent, but when you mix it with the scent of your fresh vaginal secretions I can’t help but find it to be one of the most intoxicating smells,” I say getting a shocked look from my new prey.

“I don’t know who you think you are but I will not stand for these accusations,” Yano says backing away
from me.

“You seem to think that I’m someone who answers to you like good little boy,” I say quickly backing her up against the wall and putting my arms on either side of her,” I’m not a good boy am I President? But you already knew that, and it’s why now that I have you here you don’t want to run. You’re too excited about what can happen next.”

The wash of emotions running across Yano’s face range from fear to excitement to pure lust. I love the sight of girls when they’re like this but her senses start to get the better of her as I watch some of her title come back into her face.

“Release me now,” Yano says quietly, I back my arms away but keep myself close to her,” I was not doing that with myself in here. I will forgive this mistake if you leave now.”

“You say I’m mistaken, I say you were playing with your pussy. Prove me wrong and I’ll leave right now,” I tell her keeping my smile off my face.

“How do I prove that,” She asks me a little confused.

“Well I can think of a few ways, either you can let me check your panties while they’re on you or I can do it with them off,” I say starting to smirk,” Or if you’re really brave I’ll just touch it and see if it’s wet.”

I watch as Yano freezes at the options I put in front of her, I know how far I want to go today but what I’m really hoping for is to see how much she likes the bad boy. I keep quiet as she pulls up the front of her skirt until all I can look down and see her blue and white stripped panties. I start to lean down to take a look but Yano’s free hand takes hold of my face gently keeping me from bending down. I slowly take my left hand and trail it across her stomach, she’s a little bigger than I thought but it’s not folds of flab. I trail my hand down to the waist band of her panties before slowly pushing my fingers under it until I’ve got my two middle digits caressing her warm and noticeably wet mound. Yano is rigid at my touch and I take a moment to stroke her slit slowly, trailing my fingers back and forth.

“You’re pussy is wet on the outside, I can only guess as to how wet it is on the inside,” I whisper placing my free hand against the wall next to Yano,” Since you have me here I want to hear you say it.”

“What am I supposed to say,” Yano asks with a trembling voice.

“I want you to tell me to please rub your pussy,” I say keeping to a whisper,” I want to hear you ask me to rub your slutty little pussy since you decided to lie to me about it.”

I watch as the class president shakes her head quickly, clenching her eyes shut as if I’ll go away. Personally I’ve gone too far to stop now and better than that for Yano, I’m enjoying myself. I take a finger and curl it, it’s just enough to touch her clit directly and the shock of it sends a jolt through Yano’s body.

“Shhh, don’t wanna make noise if I’m not going to do anything, do you,” I ask straightening my finger out rubbing her clit the opposite direction,” Not unless you tell me what you want me to do.”

“Please rub my pussy,” Yano asks quietly.

“Rub your what,” I ask starting to curl my finger again.

“I want you to rub my slutty, lying pussy,” Yano says with a little more confidence,” Please.”

I finish curling my fingers and slowly begin to rub Yano’s slit and clit. I can feel some hair but I’m having more fun with her than I’ve had in a while with a new girl watching her every little reaction. I tease her clit more and watch as she bites her lip, I feel her bouncing lightly from shaking knees it’s almost cute. I push my body against hers and pull her head to my chest, I feel her wrap her arm around my back for balance. I push my fingers lower and get to her opening with just the tip push a little inside sending her into a shock up Yano’s body and causing her to drop down into a squatting position.

“Get your fucking panties off,” I tell her leaning up against the wall.

I watch as Yano hurriedly starts to get her skirt situated before pulling her panties off her ample ass. I stop her from trying to put them away in her bag and taking them for myself put them in my inside coat pocket. I put her back down squatting but now her skirt is cinched up in the front giving me full access. I get on my knees next to Yano and resume a slow rubbing of her clit, I let her paw at me and grab hold of my coat as I start to work her up to a real orgasm. She’s moaning and as I speed up I can feel her getting wetter and wetter as I work.

“I think you’re gonna make a mess on the floor,” I say flicking her clit franticly,” Are you gonna cum for me?”

“Oh fuck I’m cumming hard… make me cum please,” Yano begs desperately before I watch her bury her head in my coat.

Yano’s whole body starts to lock up and I feel a little more fluid than before I started hit my hand as she starts to squirt a little on the floor in the room. As interesting as the water works are I’m focusing on Yano’s face buried in my coat and her hands clenching at any purchase they can find. As she begins to come to her senses I take my hand and show her the liquid dripping off my fingertips. I start to clean the salty liquid off myself and am surprised as she starts licking the other half of my hand hungrily. I move away from her and sit down in the chair she was sitting in when we started. I watch as Yano walks over to me and leaning her large breasts in my face reaches past and takes out her phone. I figure she’s firing off a text message and when she’s done and puts her phone back starts to undo my pants while pushing my legs together.

“Not today Miss President,” I tell her getting a mildly disappointed look,” You will vote this one thing down for me tomorrow and after school I will go where ever you are and I will fuck you like a porn star. Do we have a deal?”

I can see her weigh the options in her head but I’m not in a negotiating mood today. I see Yano smile and parting my legs moves her torso in between them.

“Well how do I know that all you had to offer didn’t just happen,” She says rubbing the crotch of my jeans,” I think I need to see and sample a little bit before I agree to any such deal.”

“Well in that case how do I know that those large ass breasts of yours aren’t just some bra and padding,” I ask smirking.

Yano smirks a little before pulling off her sweater and as she starts working the buttons I find myself a little excited at the fact that her breasts are bigger than Kori or Katy’s are. Her blouse opens and I’m greeted with a pair of the largest breasts that I’ve seen in real life to date held in barely by a plain white bra. I can see her nipples making some large bumps in the bra; I rest my hands on the chair’s arm rests and nod to Yano approving her to undo my pants. I lift my ass as she gets them open and pulls them and my underwear down so that she’s tits to cock and measuring up my near eight inches.

“Oh my god I don’t think I can get all that in my mouth,” Yano mutters starting to stroke my cock with her hand slowly.

“I don’t want a blowjob from you,” I say getting another disappointed look,” I want you to take off that bra and use your huge fucking tits.”

My words brighten Yano’s mood and I discover that her bra is a front opener as I watch her undo the five clasps before her tits almost avalanche into my lap. Her nipples are about the size of a half dollar and they both are pointing out how turned on Yano is as she uses her hands to mash both of them around my cock. The image of my head barely poking out from in between her tits is awesome but only surpassed by Yano leaning her head down and licking my better head. I lean myself back and just feel Yano’s mouth licking lightly before sucking on my head. The skin on her breasts is smooth and soft and while I wasn’t fully hard when I was fingering her, now I’m a rock in the soft place. I feel Yano’s breasts rise and drop in a slow deliberate motion and while a hand job is good this is so much better as she can encompass my whole cock. Yano’s saliva and my precum give her enough lube to show me a trick of hers, I feel her right breast go up but the left one doesn’t move, then the left one goes up and the right one goes down. She keeps this alternating up for I don’t know how long but if it wasn’t for the lube she would have rubbed me raw before I start to feel my orgasm building.

“You need to do it hard right now so I can cum on your face,” I more order than ask gritting my teeth.

I look at Yano and see her smiling as she knows I’m cumming soon and decide to get her attention. Using both hands I take her nipples in my thumb and index finger and start to pinch them lightly. Yano moans at my touch and gasps with the pinching but it’s when I use her own nipples to help her set the pace that I feel more like I’m going to cum that before. Yano’s hands and part of her forearms barely contain her tits as the room echoes with our moaning and her tits slapping against my hips. I let go of her nipples and grab the hair on the side of her head lightly turning Yano’s face down as I shoot my first shot right onto her glasses, the next to connect with her cheek and mouth before the remaining just goes onto her smooth breasts. I feel her breasts let me go after a few moments and we both sit in silence before I gather my senses and look at my newest possible ally. My cum is on her face and tits but she’s not cleaning it up as she looks to me for the next thing. I grab her panties and hand them to her to clean up with. Once she’s done I have to stop her again from putting them away.

“I want you to wear them for the rest of the day. I want them to remind you that if you do what I want the next time I’ll be cumming in your pussy,” I tell Yano getting a big smile.

We get dressed again and with my cum on her panties I can tell the feeling has her a little off but she adjusts and lets it do what I said it would. I start to leave but pause to address her one more time.

“Tomorrow you get them to vote against the dress code and afterwards please wear some underwear that sends the right message,” I tell her unlocking the door.

“And what message am I trying to send you,” Yano asks a little confused.

“One that reads ‘I did what you told me now please fuck me like a whore’,” I tell her getting us both to smile.

I get out the door and nearly run into a white kid in preppy clothes, doesn’t look like a moralist but when he sees me he freezes in place. The guy is smaller than me and has his brown hair parted like a good little stooge should. I nod to him and watch as he goes into Yano’s office and closes the door, must be her assistant is my thought as I head off to the gym. I get to home period earlier than everyone else thanks to my pass for today and just watch as Mathilda, Tracy and Hanna go through practice with Coach Campbell and the rest of the girls. It isn’t long before everyone joins me thankfully and I catch up on my missed class work with assistance from Jun. As the bell rings I see Isaac and Allison having a tense conversation and while it doesn’t look like they’re fighting I can tell something is wrong as Isaac follows me to my bike with a purpose.

“Hey man, we might have a problem,” Isaac says getting my attention in front of Kori and Imelda,” Allison says that her brother has been like a little psycho at home and she says she saw him talking with Taylor today and they stopped when she got close to them.”

“What do you think he’s trying to do,” Kori asks concerned.

“That’s the problem, Greg doesn’t like Taylor and now they’re all planning something. I think we need to be ready cause he’s going to try to come after you sooner than later,” Isaac warns me.

“I’ll handle it myself if and when he tries something, just make sure everyone else is covered,” I tell Isaac brushing the threat off.

“Baby you need to keep an eye on yourself too, anything happens to you and we all feel it,” Kori says taking me by the arm,” I’m not going to be okay with you running around and taking on the world and getting hurt or worse in the process.”

“Kori look at me, I’ve been running around like a madman ever since this whole thing kicked off in the worst way,” I tell her as I start to become unhinged.

“I am looking Guy and we all love you enough to know that you need help sometimes, you do it all alone and then we have to pick you up and put you back together,” Kori says desperately,” I remember what happened with Derek and the after, the hospital and the healing. Even before that after you got hurt the first time you were so hung up on how I felt that you didn’t even bother to heal up before you ran off for vengeance.”

Kori has tears in her eyes but determination to make her point as well. I take her head in my hands and give her a soft kiss before letting Imelda take her home, I notice that they don’t use Imelda’s bike and have been using the van for the school runs. I see everyone else in the group is staring but I wave them off and to home before hopping on my bike and heading there myself.

It’s after dinner at home when I get a text from an unknown number. It’s Greg on the line telling me he’s got Taylor out in the open with talks about planning something against me. I ask why he has him out and Greg replies that I can get to him about Kori. It’s more than enough for me as I tell him to meet me at the park where I did my speech before grabbing my coat and heading out the door. About half way down the hall I’m stopped by Liz.

“Where are you going,” She asks taking my arm.

“Got something to handle sis, I’ll be back in a few hours,” I tell her pulling away.

“Kori says someone should go with you,” Liz tells me grabbing my shoulder and stopping me in the living room in front of everyone.

“Where are you going,” Dad asks halting any chance I had of getting outside.

“I’m meeting up with Greg, he said he has Taylor out in the open and can bring him to me,” I tell him trying to get out the door.

“You sure you don’t need any help,” Dad asks.

I shake my head but to be honest I just don’t want any, this all seems to be my fight so I can do it all myself. I get on my bike and head out towards the park. It’s cold outside after a light rain and I park my bike and get into the main area to find Greg and another person standing by the tables talking. Greg sees me but his friend doesn’t and I get close keeping my hood up and get ready to bring some fucking pain. I’m about five feet away when I see Greg’s face go from casual to staring directly at me and smiling, not happy but like there’s a joke I don’t get. I see Greg’s hand come out of his coat and the small black toy in his hand get’s leveled at me before my world lights up in pain. I’m lying on the ground and while I know there is talking I can’t hear shit, all my muscles are on fire and I’m convulsing in pain. I feel myself getting dragged and my arms are almost dead weight as I feel one put up against a table leg and a belt is used to secure it.

“Now I see the demon isn’t so much of a threat when the righteous act in his name. I have laid the demon low and now he will repent his ways,” Greg says as I start to gain my senses.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing,” I ask looking at Greg’s new partner.

“I’m going to purify you and then I’m going to do the same to both our sisters,” Greg says giving me a jolt from what I now know is a taser,” I’ll have a place with people of good standing and you’ll be a servant in his kingdom.”

“I need to get my stuff from your car,” I hear the accomplice say as he starts to leave.

“I’ll be fine, when met with the power of the lord no demon can stand before me,” Greg says kicking me in the chest.

I hear the partner leave and now I can see Greg’s face, he’s definitely lost his mind and the situation doesn’t seem so good but I still have a free hand and if I get a chance I can get hold of him and then get myself free. Sadly I’m not feeling a hundred percent and my trying to move my arms is more of a baby flailing than me lashing out at Greg.

“And still you fight against that which was ordained,” Greg says taking a hold of what I can now feel are barbs in my chest and rips them out.

I discover that I don’t have the strength to scream in pain and while I’d really want don’t want to push myself I’m starting to feel my blood boil. A quick shot to my face from Greg starts to bring around my sense more and I can see that my hand is secured by a belt but it might as well be iron manacles with how weak I’m feeling.

“Sam what are you doing get over here,” I hear Greg call out to his friend.

I must be delirious because while Greg is looking one direction it’s the guy behind him with the baseball bat that he should be talking to. A tap on the shoulder gets Greg’s attention just long enough for the assailant to wind up and swing for his gut, Greg goes down hard and a second blow across his back has him down for good. My bat wielding friend comes into view with his hood up, Jun’s grabbing at the belt holding my hand in place.

“Why are you here,” I ask pulling myself up.

“Allison called Isaac while we were hanging out and we got Devin to bring us down here after calling Liz,” Jun says nodding to Devin who has a slumped form over his shoulder,” the rest of the crew will be here soon man.”

I get seated away from Greg and his friend Sam and after resting for a little bit and sure enough my blood is boiling. I can see that Devin didn’t have to do much to the friend but the both of them aren’t going anywhere after Isaac duct taped Greg and Sam’s hands behind their backs. It’s maybe fifteen minutes of rest before I see more of my friends start rushing through the clearing minus Hanna, Liz and Natsuko. Kori is at a dead sprint to me but Jun cuts her off. I don’t care what I look like right now but everyone of my friends is staring at me as I start to get up from my spot.

“Kori who is that,” I ask pointing at Greg’s new friend.

I watch the two of them make eye contact and while she is frozen with shock his face is full of fear and that tells me all I need to know about who he is and what he did to Kori. I stand him up and take a blade from Isaac to cut the tape off his wrists, I let him get his hands in front of him before dropping the knife and slamming my forearm into the back of his head. He staggers forward a few steps giving me an opening to rush in and wrapping my right arm around his neck from behind start punching him in the kidneys. He drops down from the repeated shots but with me on his back there is no getting away, I pin an arm up in a hammer lock and start punching anywhere I can get at his soft tissue. I can feel the fight draining out of him as I roll him over before pulling his shirt up and aiming for the ribs proceed to try to break every single one of them. Large and small hands pull me off and I can see Imelda and Katy checking my latest victim before I see the horror on everyone’s faces, I shake Devin and Jun off and turn my attention to Greg who is crying as I approach. I can see the belt he used to hold me in place on the ground and as I pick it up I don’t notice if anyone is going to stop me. I get Greg onto his face and rip open the back of his shirt exposing his bare back, I get the belt wrapped around my hand with the buckle on the end away from me before I swing with everything I have. The sound causes every other noise in the area to stop; I keep raining down blows from the belt across Greg’s back. He’s crying out from each one and I can see the welts along with the spots where the buckle has started to bruise. I get grabbed hard and pulled off balance as I try to bring another blow down, I get my balance and find myself staring down Kori who as put herself in between Greg and I. Most of my friends are now in a circle around me with their hands up and I’m looking around with more rage than I’ve felt in a long time.

“Guy you need to stop, you’ve done enough and we need to leave,” Kori says trying to calm me down.

“IT’S NEVER ENOUGH! What part about that do you not understand? They will never stop until I make them stop,” I scream shocking Kori into backing away,” They will beat us like animals; they will never stop trying to hurt us until we’ve taken every one of them and beaten the life out of them!”

“Guy you were really going to kill him,” Imelda says pointing to Kori’s original assailant.

“Then either finish the job for me or leave,” I yell to my assembled friends,” You wanted me to lead and this is a fucking war, kill or be killed.”

“Then why did you come here alone if this is a war. Why not let us help,” Kori asks trying to reach me.

“Because you will hold me back,” my words get everyone to freeze,” Everyone of you is so scared about what happens in a year that you don’t even see the fact that I’m going to die during this. I have to do as much damage as I can before they finally take me out so that there aren’t any left to hurt you.”

I start to move back towards Greg’s prone body when the exhaustion of everything that happened finally hits me hard and I only get two steps before collapsing to the ground. I can feel hands on me taking the belt out of my hand and then picking me up. I know Kori is on her phone and it sounds like she’s calling someone about getting together but I’m so exhausted that it could be a wedding and I’d have no ability to stop it. I’m loaded into Devin’s truck and while I’d rather ride my bike I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make it two feet before falling over. We’re down the road and at our destination in for me what feels like mere seconds before I’m pulled from the truck and carried into a house and am placed down on something soft. It’s moments again before I’m being peeled out of my clothes and I can feel the sting of antiseptic on my chest and face before I hear more talking that I can make out.

“Okay why bring him here if he’s losing his mind,” it sounds like Mathilda asking the question.

“Because either we bring him out of this together or he’s going to get himself killed and I didn’t travel thousands of miles to lose him,” Imelda answers.

“But he’s doing what we asked him to do,” Katy says taking my side in the matter.

“We did, I did, but I pushed too much and it has nearly broke him. I can do this alone but we all should be here,” Kori says quietly.

I drift off to sleep feeling warm and exhausted. I don’t know how long I’ve been asleep but there are limbs all around me and my first view is of Katy’s pajama clad breasts next to my head. I start to look around and realize that I’m definitely in Mathilda’s room and all of us are spread out on the floor with all my girls around me either draped over me or clinging onto a limb. It takes me a few minutes to get myself free and I can see that the sun hasn’t come up but more than that I stumble in my underwear to the bathroom to pee. I don’t even try aim in the toilet and just point towards the shower and lean my shoulder on the wall before letting loose. I finish and stagger around to find my clothes but get stopped by Imelda who has come searching for me.

“What are you doing up,” Imelda asks groggily.

“Trying to get dressed and get back to the park,” I tell her looking around for my clothes.

“Guy that happened last night, it’s three in the morning and we took care of the clean up,” Imelda tells me pulling me back towards bed.

“I don’t need to go back to bed,” I say as I get dragged into Matty’s bedroom.

Kori and Katy are still out but Matty is awake and the two of them overpower me into lying back down. I feel weak and restless when Mathilda pins down one of my arms.

“Hey there, you really did do enough okay,” Matty says quietly,” Now it’s time to rest so you can do more later.”

“I’m wasting my time resting,” I mutter trying to get up when Imelda lunges on top of me pinning my shoulders to the ‘bed’ and waking everyone else up.

“If you’re wasting your time then just tell us you don’t love us and we’ll let you go,” Imelda says getting a wide eyed look from the other girls.

“Imelda what are you doing,” Kori asks waking up.

“Kori you need to listen and shut up,” Imelda says turning her attention back to me,” You love us so much that your trying to get yourself hurt and killed just to prove it. Now listen to me asshole, you want to prove that you love us lay here, heal up and tomorrow keep fighting for us. If you want to go right now just tell each of us that you don’t love us and I will let you leave.”

I can’t do it, I feel like shit and I just break down as my girls start wrapping themselves around me to let me feel loved and safe. I fall back asleep again and am woken what can only be hour later by panicked voices and being shaken.

“Guy wake up we’re late,” Kori exclaims causing everyone to start panicking.

“What? You’re all pregnant,” I ask confused and groggy.

“No smart ass,” Imelda says showing me the time,” You have school and a meeting to get to.”

The clock tells me that school starts in twenty minutes and all five of us start to rush like crazy people searching for clothes and trying to get ready as we head out, I take Imelda on my bike while Kori and Matty drive their own vehicles. We get to school and rush into our first classes as the bell rings.

Lunch time on Thursday after the Wednesday evening that I had is a drastic difference with my crew. Everyone of the followers is fine and greets me normally but my crew sees me and get’s overly quiet as I sit down save for my Kori and Katy who are making it a point to sandwich me in my spot. I start glancing around the table and most everyone is avoiding eye contact when I look at them.

“Did someone die,” I ask quietly getting odd looks from all around,” I asked if someone died?”

“No Guy, nobody died,” Ben replies.

“Then why is it so quiet I’m mistaking our lunch for a funeral,” I ask taking my hands off the table and placing them in my lap.

“We’re just trying to figure out if you’re okay,” Hanna says getting nods of agreement from the rest.

“Okay well here’s your answer,” I say pulling my hood back,” I’m about as okay as I can get. What happened to yesterday?”

I let Jun and Isaac quietly explain how they ‘cleaned’ the scene and how Allison was with her brother to help him ‘explain’ how he and his friend were ‘attacked’ and how they bravely tried to fight off their attackers. I shake my head and start to chuckle at the new story.

“Honestly that’s really good,” I tell them getting more odd looks,” No really, it’s good work. Thanks guys.”

“Okay, is he really alright or are we about to see another manic moment,” Isaac asks Kori and Katy.

“He says he’s okay then he’s okay. Maybe some of you need to remember that Guy leads and we follow. When he falls we help him up just like he helped us up when we were being walked on,” Devin tells the whole crew.

I see other’s nodding in agreement and while Isaac doesn’t seem so sure it’s Allison who I’m worried about considering it’s her brother I beat with a belt. As we start to head off to classes and I begin to head to my meeting but not before pulling Allison aside.

“Are you really okay,” she asks taking my hand.

“I should be asking you that, Greg is your brother,” I ask her in return getting a grimace.

“My brother got taken care of before either your sister or I found out how far down the purity path he was going to put us,” Allison says with a solemn tone,” and honestly aside from you screaming at us most of the non-girlfriends here thought you were like an animal.”

I nod in agreement until I see the smirk on her face, damn girl needs to shake me off before Isaac and I have to fight about it. I gently push Allison towards her next class before heading to the council meeting. The room is mostly empty save for a few students representing their groups. I take a center aisle seat and wait for the meeting to begin. I have my hood up in the room but nobody says anything as the school council starts to take their seats. I make out Yano at the center of the table wearing a pale blue blouse and long beige skirt, I don’t see her acknowledge me but I figure we’ll have time for talking afterwards. The meeting starts and they get into old business first going through financial requests for the upcoming dance and clubs are asking for field trip money to visit the museum or zoo, mostly I pay attention to Yano as she weighs everyone’s request. Finally they get to their ‘new’ business and call Kyle up to present his proposal.

“Thank you for letting me speak here today. Our school like our society has a sickness, people have stopped trying to be people and are going out of their way to prove that humanity should hurt and deform itself so that the individual can feel unique. I have looked at the matter with my peers and we have decided to present a new, more strict, dress code for the school,” Kyle starts in presenting a small packet to Yano’s assistant who hands it to her,” if we prune back the eccentricities of our appearance then we will have more people who will express themselves in more productive ways, they will join positive groups like the chess club or the choir. The will be able to be a part of the band and orchestra which have been a solid point of unity for members of our school. And they will not have to feel afraid or like an outcast just because they don’t have the ‘right look’ or the ‘right clothes’. This dress code can be a stepping stone for putting our school and maybe even this district back into a more respected and traditional attitude.”

There is a light amount of clapping for his speech and Kyle seems like he’s happy with it when Yano decides to chime in.

“Do we have anyone here who has anything to say concerning this new proposal,” Yano asks the crowd while not staring directly at me.

I stand up and it’s like Kyle finally notice that I have been in the room the whole time. I can hear a few students whisper as I pass and make my way to the front table where the council is waiting. I pull my hood off my head and smile.

“A uniform dress code, I can’t think of anything more basic as a start to drown out the individuality of a person than making them all dress the same. Kyle has done a wonderful job pushing the positives that it could bring and has named a lot of positive groups in our school but here’s where my problem starts. What do we lose after we all dress the same? It’s a question nobody thinks about until the answer has already crept up on them and taken something else. Now I look at myself and while I’m physically damaged I am strong in my heart. My freedom to be who I chose to be and how I dress is something that has enabled me to express and impress onto others so that they can find their own self confidence,” I say turning to Kyle,” Not the confidence that a group gives you just because you look like them. I walk into any class in the school and people know me not because of what I’ve done, most of that is a rumor at best. They know me because while I’ve stood my ground for my own personal reasons I’ve never backed anyone into a corner just because I didn’t like their shirt, or coat, or hair. And while I may not have the ‘right look’ or the ‘right clothes’ I know for sure that I have never been afraid to be myself and to speak out when I feel that something is wrong.”

I get more applause as I finish and Yano calls order to the room as I take my seat. I watch Kyle as he takes a seat across the aisle from me and we both listen in as the council decides to call a private recess to discuss the issues of the day. Most of the groups clear out to the commons and the council follows leaving only Kyle and I alone in the same room. The quiet is calming but it’s not long before I get hit with a whim to try something new.

“I thought your speech was pretty good,” I tell Kyle getting an odd and sudden look.

“You don’t need to brag about your speaking ability,” Kyle says with a little venom in his voice.

“I’m not, I just shot from the hip and spoke what I felt. You had the speech nailed down, if I didn’t know why I was here I’d have agreed with some of it,” I tell him showing a look of honesty.

“Really, I nearly converted the school’s most dangerous student in one speech,” Kyle scoffs crossing his legs.

“You believe in what you are doing but it’s just not for what I see are the right reasons,” I say turning my whole body to face him,” I want you to think about something, why do you hate me? Did I do something to you or did someone tell you something that made you want to hate me?”

I can see the wheels turning as Kyle works it over in his head, we have never really gone after each other. It’s always been a side note but I can tell he’s got something.

“I saw that you were someone who was going to try to derail my plans to bring some decency back into school,” Kyle finally says turning to face me.

“That’s crap, you didn’t care who I was when we first met. And the second time we started to get face to face you saw me as someone who was just being rude but I never insulted you, just what I was looking at,” I explain my side getting a thought provoking look,” But there was a problem for someone, you weren’t taking me seriously were you. You could have just come at me but someone said to scare my girlfriend.”

“Yeah I think I heard something about that,” Kyle says avoiding any involvement,” But ‘they’ didn’t do it right.”

“No ‘they’ didn’t and here’s why. The story looks like this; a girl had a monster, the monster realized it was being used in a way it didn’t like and left. Now the girl became a queen and built herself an army but didn’t tell them why she did it, oh sure she said that they were bringing a better idea to the kingdom but in truth that was a lie,” I start in with my story,” She didn’t want anything better for the kingdom, she never cared about the kingdom. All she wanted was her monster back because that monster had grown in power and had left just to live a life in peace with others like him. The new queen couldn’t take the rejection so she decides recruits a white knight and a wicked advisor to come up with a plan to hurt the monster.”

“And the ‘monster’ was hurt,” Kyle says reading into my story.

“Yes and that’s where her problems began, she didn’t hurt the monster. She went after what the monster cared about most hoping it would return to her. The monster didn’t leave its kind, it felt the pain but that only made it stronger and more determined. Now the monster is stalking the kingdom only this time it’s hungry for pain,” I say reaching my moral,” You never hear a story about people trying to recruit the monster, you kill the monster.”

“And the point of this,” Kyle asks not amused by my story.

“Because what we’re doing isn’t a fairy tale, it’s a horror novel,” I explain getting a wide eyed look,” the White Knight and the Wicked Advisor don’t slay the monster, they are destroyed by it.”

“Say any of this is true then why even try to explain it to me,” Kyle asks looking for the easy answer.

“Because I believe in people for who they are and while we may be on opposite sides of this I’d like to think you’re smart enough to see that you’re being played for a fool,” I tell him with genuine honesty,” You give me Taylor and the other three people, turn your group into something that doesn’t have to force itself on others through fear. You do that and you kick Heather out. All that happens and I’ll let you walk away, no harm, no jokes, no mocking. This is the one chance I’m offering, after this I will come for everyone. I will not stop and Kyle I want you to look me in my eyes when I say this, I will scorch the earth and raze everything to the ground to do it.”

We both hear the door open and the council come back, I sit straight in my seat and Kyle does the same as we wait for the verdict. The council tells which groups were approved and which ones were denied their money requests when Kinate steps up to speak.

“In the matter of a stricter dress code to be enforced on the school the council has voted four to one against putting this proposal into effect,” Kiante says getting a disgusted noise from Kyle.

The room starts to clear and I get a nod from Kiante but Kyle still hasn’t left and I figure I can wait to hear what he has to say.

“You’re not an idiot like everyone thinks. But you should know that this was our last chance to do this without hurting anyone. You will accept the consequences of this failing to pass,” Kyle spits out leaving the room angry.

I watch him go before turning my attention to Yano and her assistant who appear to be clearing up the last of their paperwork. I get up and walk up to the table and while her assistant is confused Yano has a very interested look on her face. I take a paper from the desk and write my number down with the words ‘time and place’ before folding it twice and handing it to her. I let her take it from my hand before turning and leaving for the gym. I watch the girls practice and as my family starts to get onto the bleachers I sit quietly leaning my head against the wall. It’s Kori who sits next to me trying to coax me out of my thoughts.

“Okay so how bad is it,” She asks leaning her head on my shoulder.

“We won for now and I have a debt to pay,” I say getting her hand on my arm in a level of comfort.

“Okay well what bullshit rule are they going to try to put in place next,” asks Lilly who has her arms wrapped around Jun’s neck from behind.

“They’re not, this was their shot and they failed. Now they will plan and come at everyone who doesn’t fit into their mold,” I tell everyone getting looks of apprehension.

“Okay well we got my friend and I’ll see what we can do there. Ben has his eyes and ears open so what do we do next,” Devin asks with more courage than I’ve seen him with.

“I need to be heard by our people. I need them at Johnny’s place today and I need them ready for what we will do for them next,” I tell everyone before turning to Katy,” Tell Johnny that I’ll need somewhere to speak, up away from everything so that people can see me.”

“Got it babe,” Katy replies sending a text and then stops me as she gets a reply,” Johnny says he’s got something special and he’s going to try to throw a party if you could help with that.”

I chuckle as I watch as the cell phones come flying out and my family starts texting like crazy when my own phone goes off. It’s Yano with her time and place, seven tonight and an address. I show Kori and she nods in agreement before I reply that I’ll be there. As we start to leave school I can see people watching us, most friendly but some more menacing as all my family heads to their homes.

I arrive at home but don’t get more than two feet in the door when one thing I almost forgot about starts to rain down anger and light pain upon me, my Mom. I’ve seen her mad before and unlike last year with Derek I’m not so hurt that she doesn’t stop from punching me in the arm. Dad pulls me aside to the gym for a man to man but as soon as the door closes he just sits down and waits for me to do the same. I explain to him how I’ve been feeling with everything I’ve had to do and how I feel like it’s getting too big to walk away from; he listens before giving me his help.

“Your grandpa, my dad, called it shell shock. He had done so much in his time overseas that a routine assignment nearly got him kicked out of the Navy. All they were doing was watching over a few buildings under construction but he started shooting at random shadows before they locked him up,” Dad tells me getting my full attention about my grandfather.

“What did Grandpa do,” I ask in awe of the idea that my grandpa went nuts.

“He blew his head off with a pistol,” my Dad says taking the wind out of the conversation before giving me a sarcastic look,” What do you think happened Guy? You’ve met your Granddad. What he did was first he rested and got his head on straight, and then he went back to work. You are going to take a break and do something tomorrow afternoon and evening that has nothing to do with any of the revenge.”

“Okay but what about Mom,” I ask coming back to my senses.

“Well it’s your Mom’s idea to get you away from all this for the weekend but I am going to give you an evening then see how you are doing before I decide to take away your weekend,” Dad says leading me back to the rest of the house.

We all have dinner early with Mom staring at me the entire time we’re eating. I know she wants to give me the riot act again and I wait till we’re all done eating and help clear the table. Mom is quiet but I wait till she’s distracted before giving her a hug from behind, it startles her a little but I let her turn around before getting a real hug from my Mom.

“Stop worrying me and go change your clothes before you leave,” Mom says pushing me out of the kitchen.

I do as Mom said and get changed into a sleeveless black shirt and camo pants before heading out on my bike while being followed by Katy and Liz in the car. It’s just after six when I arrive but the entire open area of Johnny’s place is packed with students of all shapes and sizes, I know some live there but I am staring at about a hundred people and my whole crew is at the back waiting quietly. I kill my bike and see a few of Johnny’s people take up position watching our vehicles. Everyone is dressed in their Saturday worst and we all have our hoods up when I start to move, I tap Devin and tell him rear as we start to press through the crowd. Once I reach a point where I can only guess Johnny can see me I hear music kick on. It takes a second but I recognize the song ‘Cult of Personality’ blaring over a sound system that could buy Johnny the gear he needs to get his business into full swing. I almost want to laugh at the choice but people are parting the way and I press on until Johnny himself steps out and starts to lead me to a spot away from the others that has some stairs up to the top of a busted RV. I don’t normally feel nervous but staring at what could be over a hundred of my fellow students has my stomach in knots. I turn and motion to Kori to get up here with me and she does while bringing the rest of the girls with her. Each one takes a seat with their legs dangling off the side. I’m standing with my side profile towards the crowd and the lights are not too bright blind me when I raise my hand for silence and I get it in spades as I can barely hear people talking. Time to nut up and speak up.

“When I spoke in riddles you couldn’t help yourselves. Then I told you the truth about what I believe in and you didn’t hear it, you felt it. Now I stand here again and I’m here to tell you that I never stopped speaking in riddles, now you understand and believe in yourselves like I do. You believe in my family and you believe in what we are doing. Tonight marks the beginning of the end, my family will do what you need us to do but I must ask you. Are you ready to help,” I speak keeping my tone steady and confident.

The crowd erupts in cheering and while I look calm I’m honestly a little terrified at the prospect of pointing them at Heather and saying ‘get her’. I take a moment and hold my hand up again getting them to calm down enough for me to speak.

“My family will need people to not look at what we do; people who won’t see us bring the fight. People who will say they don’t know what happened even though it’s happening right in front of them. And we will need a few of you to find all their leaders, all the little people who live for pushing and demeaning you, tell us their names so that we find them. When they run we will hunt them down, when they hide we will pull them out into the light,” I say raising my voice before starting to chuckle and calmly finish,” And when they try to shut us out we will pry their eyes open and make them watch what happens next.”

I’m laughing and my crew has moved in front of the RV except for the girls who are on the edge or standing off to my sides. I can see Johnny in the crowd and he gives me the signal to lighten the mood a little.

“All this will be done soon; you know where to bring the names. But for now my friends, for we accept each other for who we are and that makes us friends. Now friends, you party,” I finish as more music kicks up and people start to mingle about.

I tap the girls to get their attention and we head down the back steps and once the rest of the crew is gathered I start in.

“Okay I have to go take care of a debt so be ready when they start giving us names, run all of it down because some are going to name everyone they don’t like and we don’t have time for that. And everyone watch your backs, this is when I would try something and I don’t put it past them to come at us now,” I tell everyone before leading them out.

“Okay, all us girls are going to be waiting at your place so we can see you when it’s done,” Kori tells me getting into her mom’s van.

I nod and punch the address into my phone’s GPS, once I have the directions I’m off and down the road. I’ve come to learn that I should never judge people by their status and as I arrive at a two story house with a pair of cars in the driveway and only one light on I begin to think I was set up and start to look around paranoid. I don’t see anything and the neighborhood is quiet. I text Yano back asking her if she’s home and to come to the front door after dismounting my bike. I only wait a few moments before it opens and I see Yano in a bathrobe and slippers.

“My parents are asleep, they work early in the morning,” Yano tells me inviting me inside.

I get inside and close the door behind me and while the house is cluttered it’s not dirty. I follow Yano up stairs and she opens her bedroom door for me. My first view of Yano’s room is one you’d expect. Everything is nice and neat, the bed is made and her coat is even hung up properly on a damn coat rack. I let her lead me inside and after the door closes I sit on her bed. She’s not hesitant like yesterday but she’s a little concerned about what comes next.

“Okay so I’m on birth control so we can do that, I’ve never had an orgasm with a guy so I don’t know how I’ll react, I’ve played with both my holes but I’m nervous about my ass,” I stop Yano as she starts to give me her sexual history.

“What the fuck are you doing,” I ask standing up.

“I’m just telling you what you need to know about my history with sex so you know what to do,” Yano replies confused.

“Right, yeah so here’s what you should know, as of right now that means nothing,” I tell her getting a wide eyed expression,” but since you wanted to share history let me tell you some things. I’ve never been with a girl who’s as big as you in the chest, I don’t often use sex as a form of payment but when I do I make sure I’ve paid in full the first time, and finally in the case of you and me this isn’t love or sex this is a fucking. Now say it.”

I see Yano is a little confused by what I’ve said; I drop my coat off my shoulders and get up in her face and while she doesn’t back away this time she’s uncertain about what I’m going to do next. I end the confusion for her by grabbing the hair on the back of her head and pulling just hard enough to shock her and turn her face up towards mine.

“I told you to say it, speak slut,” I growl intensely.

“Oh god…. Please fuck me,” Yano says before I jerk her head a little,” Please fuck me hard Guy.”

As soon as my name comes out of her mouth I jam my tongue inside and feel her go rigid at the shock. I feel Yano’s hands pawing at my chest and sides but it’s not like she’s trying to get away as much as reacting to having me invading her mouth. I break our ‘kiss’ and step back motioning for her to strip off her robe. I pull my shirt off and I let her see my chest, working out is wonderful a woman can appreciate it and while I’m not sculpted I’m a little more defined than the average guy in school. I fold my arms in expectation which causes Yano to take off her robe unceremoniously and that’s when I see something that I didn’t expect. Yano is wearing a black corset that pushes up her large breasts but doesn’t cover them, I’m marveling at the suspension power in the her top piece but it’s her the lacy thong that I can see in the front that makes me walk around her. I get to her back and sure enough Yano’s large beautiful ass has devoured that thing in between her cheeks. I move back in front of her and sit on her bed again before beckoning her over, she’s a still a little nervous as I take her hands and put them behind her back. I make sure she knows to keep them there before latching onto one of her nipples with my mouth and pawing at the other with my hand. I can hear Yano moaning a little as I suckle and I can smell the vanilla of her body wash much better than I could yesterday. I know she wants to move but I’m having fun as I switch nipples only this one I go in hard and start sucking like I’m going for blood or milk. I feel a hand on my head and reach my free hand around Yano’s back slapping her ass causing her to remove her hand.
“Ow, that stings,” Yano tells me weakly.

I pinch her nipple lightly and nibble on the one in my mouth before smacking her ass again in reply. I feel her shake a little as I tire of groping and move my hand from her breast to her panties, I don’t know if it’s the uncertainty or the lingerie but Yano’s thong is damp at my touch and when I pull them aside I feel her start to push her pussy towards my hand. I stop sucking on her nipple and back Yano up before standing, I turn her around and put her against her bed then down onto her knees.

“Take it out,” I order her.

I watch as she goes after my buttons quickly and wastes no time pulling my pants and underwear down. It’s funny how anatomy works as I watch my short go down too fast and my half hard cock bounce up and catch Yano off guard in the face. She giggles at it a little and I let her enjoy the moment before using one hand to move her head towards my cock. Yano opens her mouth and I get the first three inches in before she backs up and starts to bob lightly. It’s not the most inexperienced blowjob I’ve had and she’s using her hand to work my shaft. I figure out what she’s doing as I watch her, she pulls her head back and then uses her hand to rub her saliva down my shaft. She’s clever and I’m a bit more excited than I was yesterday.

“Get your ass on the bed,” I order Yano.

“Am I doing it wrong,” Yano asks as she sits down in front of me.

I push her back so that she’s leaning back on her hands and spread her thick legs exposing her lace covered pussy. I can see where it goes from fabric to string and pull it aside with one hand while lining my cock head up with her folds. I rub the head up and down her slit and watch as Yano closes her eyes and starts to lay back. I take the back of her head in my hand again and point her eyes towards her pussy.

“Look at it slut, watch as I start to fuck your slutty pussy,” I tell Yano putting my cock head against her hole.

Yano is almost sucking me in as I sit at her entrance and while normally I like to go slow with a girl for the first time I’m not interested in making this pleasurable in the soft and erotic sense. I use my hand on Yano’s head to pull her forward as I slam my cock half way down her hole. As wet and warm as she is Yano’s pussy is so tight enough that I’m not able to shove the whole length of my cock in her on the first try. Yano’s face on the other hand is priceless as her eyes widen from me backing out and my slamming the whole length of my cock in on the second thrust I watch her open her mouth and her tongue come out like she’s panting.

“Are you going to cum so soon slut,” I ask shaking some sense into Yano.

“Oh fuck I’ve never put anything this deep. If you move right now I can cum soon,” Yano gasps quietly.

“Then look at your pussy while I fuck it,” I order her starting to back out again.

I get my cock halfway out before taking short hard thrusts, the room starts to fill with the sound of our hips smacking together and Yano is quiet save for her gasping. I’m watching her large tits bounce with each thrust and I feel her start to clench up from her first orgasm. I watch Yano’s eyes glaze over in sweet bliss and while that’s good I’m going for great. I wait for her sense to start to come back before I take my free arm and lift it up under her knee and still griping the back of her head pound her pussy like a hammer. I feel her lock up again and this time she’s not able to blissfully glaze it over as the orgasm intensifies, inside Yano it’s a soppy furnace as her pussy tries to clamp down on me. I can see some desperation in her eyes and one of her hands is covering her mouth.

“Don’t cover your fucking mouth slut, let me hear it,” I order her going for broke to make her cum.

“Oh shit I’m cumming to hard…. Oh FUCK…,” Yano squeaks out before she surprises us both.

I get blasted on my hips by Yano as she squirts hard, I feel her hand grab my head and this time I’m on the receiving end of a mouth invasion. We battle with our tongues for a minute before I back out with a wicked idea. Yano is dazed but she starts to gain her senses back as I start to get my clothing together.

“Wait I didn’t feel you cum,” She says checking herself,” Why didn’t you cum?”

“Probably because I don’t think you’re ready to get me off, because if I fuck you till I cum I know I’m going to make you cry and scream,” I tell Yano moving back over to the bed.

“I want to feel you cum Guy, please can I feel it,” Yano pleads taking my cock in her hand and stroking it,” I’ll do whatever you want to I can feel you cum.”

Music to my ears and I smile at her response which gets a smile in return. I move Yano onto her hands and knees towards the head of her bed and pull her lacy thong off. I slap the corset and Yano takes my cue by undoing it and throwing it to the floor. Once completely naked I lay her all the way down and lightly push my cock back into her pussy. She’s more accommodating this time and I’m using long slow strokes getting my cock wet again with her juice. I bury myself deep and spread her ass cheeks taking a look at her tight little asshole. I keep her cheeks spread and pull out of her pussy only to line my cock up with her asshole. I can feel her clenching her asshole and I grab the back of her head to make sure she knows what I want.

“Slut I’m going to fuck this hole and you are going to let me aren’t you,” I growl pushing my weight down on her ass.

“I don’t know if I can,” Yano whimpers gripping her pillow in her hands.

“Say it or I leave and you are just a greedy selfish slut who can’t make me cum,” I tell her letting go of her head.

I don’t hear a word but I watch her bite down on the pillow while taking her hands and spreading her own ass, I can hear her breathing and she starts to relax as I press my head into her sphincter. It’s tight and our cum is okay for lube but I get two inches in when I hear her screaming into her pillow, I keep myself inside and using my arms for balance lean down and start to lick her ear.

“Such a good little slut letting me fuck your ass. Are you ready for more,” I whisper into Yano’s ear.

I watch her violently nod her head and keeping my weight on her push more of my cock deep up her ass until I’m resting my balls on her pussy. I don’t move or grind into her; I just let the feeling of being filled up take her over. It’s only a minute before I do start moving, only back out a few inches before pushing it back in hard. Slowly backing out and hard pushing in every time I hear her grunt and yelp into her pillow. I’m not taking it too easy on her but she’s not Katy who is used to fucking me with her asshole. I start to feel like I’m getting closer but I want her to really feel me like this. I pull her hands away from her cheeks and interlace our fingers up by her head and under her pillow which puts my weight on her body. I almost want to ask her if she’s ready but that would spoil my fun. I put more of the pillow she’s biting into against her face with our hands and start jack hammering into her tight ass. It’s not a pretty sight but I’m fucking her hard and fast with one purpose, cumming into Yano’s asshole. Yano on the other hand is screaming into her pillow and while her hands are struggling her asshole is wide open for me and taking me in as I reach my breaking point.

“Time to feel it slut,” I moan in her ear.

My own orgasm hits me harder than I’d expect and I bury my cock as deep as I can trying to shoot my load up into her stomach. As I shoot I feel Yano lock up again and bury her head while screaming something into the pillow gag we’ve been using to muffle her noise. I feel spent and like I’m softening as I pull from her ass, my cum is barely leaking out and I move to the end of her bed and watch Yano as she lays there trying to either recover or figure out if I broke her ass. After a few minutes I watch her move her feet to the floor and start to get up before catching her balance on the bed.

“Did I do good,” Yano asks looking for approval.

I gesture for her to go clean up and watch her pull her bathrobe on and head out of the room. I clean up with a pair of dirty panties from her hamper and get dressed save for my coat and wait for Yano to come back. I see her stumble back in and watch as she lies down on her side.

“Do I need to do more,” Yano asks again looking for approval.

“You did everything you could and you did it despite yourself,” I tell her smiling,” Yes, Yano. You did good.”

My use of her name and not slut has her smiling and I let her relax for a few more minutes before grabbing my coat and quietly making my exit out of her house. I let her follow me down and I give her a smile before crossing the yard and hopping on my bike. I am down the road and feeling great as I try to figure out where I’m going to get back home.

I’m on the road cruising a little lost in a different neighborhood when I see something that draws my attention more than a naked woman, okay almost as much as a naked woman. It’s Masha getting out of a van and following a guy into a wooded area. I can see the driver still inside and I calmly drive past and park a little distance away before locking my bike up and sneaking through the woods. I am in the dark and having my hood up and wearing a leather jacket gives me the ability to not feel branches that scrape past me when I hear voices talking and move to cover flanking them to listen in.

“You know what you’re supposed to do so let’s try to have a little fun,” I hear the guy say.

“I don’t think this is what Kyle wants for me to do,” Masha replies stepping away from the guy.

I watch him take her by the arm and back her up against a tree, both are dressed in jeans and light jackets but Masha has a button up shirt while the guy is wearing a t-shirt. Masha looks pissed but the guy is cocky and thinks he’s god’s gift as he moves in for a kiss. Masha isn’t interested and greets him with a slap.

“You little bitch you better warm up to me real quick or I’ll tell Kyle that you didn’t go along with what he told you to do,” the guy says moving in again.

I hear more footsteps and see the driver from the car, looks like a black kid in slacks and a sweater, starts to join the scene.

“Man I told you she likes dark meat,” the driver says chuckling.

“I don’t like either of you, you should leave so I can do what Kyle asked me,” Masha says trying to get herself out of the corner.

Both guys take an arm trying to hold her in place and while Masha is strong she’s not going to overpower them. The whole scene is surreal to me when things start to click again, they know what they’re doing and they have a van. Kori was taken in a van and when they stripped her in the stone field she said they knew what they were doing. I don’t thank a higher power just yet as I watch Masha’s face get desperate as the black driver puts his hand up her shirt.

“Bitch doesn’t have much tits but I bet her pussy is sweet,” He tells his partner trailing his hand down Masha’s stomach.

I’m not sure I can take both guys at once and I am a monster but this is not going to happen today. I circle to where Masha would be facing me and come out of the brush singing one of the last songs I heard when I was going through music with Jun a couple weeks back.

“He won’t see the sun again, for years to come, he’s broken out in love,” I creepily and softly sing out to my new audience.

I watch everyone freeze and while the two guys are confused Masha looks scared. I start to cover the distance when the white boy starts to talk.

“Hey man this is a private party, go somewhere else,” the little shit spits out taking his hands off Masha.

“Doesn’t look like much of a party for her,” I calmly say moving till I’m about ten feet away from him.

“Yeah well there’s nothing for you to see here tonight so fuck off out of here and we won’t kick your ass,” the driver says now turning to face me.

I’ve got both of them off Masha and I can see that she doesn’t recognize me in the dark like this. I smirk at the thought and remember my crazy moments.

“Now that’s what I want to hear, come on man,” I say keeping my face hidden,” Sex and violence are America’s past times.”

“Dude you are fucking psycho,” the white guy says confused.

I let him approach and wait for his first swing, high and to my left I see it coming and I lower head and feel it connect with the top of my skull, still one of the hardest parts of the human body. I hear the pop of his knuckles and instead of waiting for him to recoil I step in slamming my fist into his sternum knocking the air out of him, then following it up with a shot to the throat as he starts to buckle over. As he grabs his chest and neck I take the back of his head and push down while bringing my knee up hard and fast into his face. I don’t hit his nose but he drops to the ground before I turn my attention to the black driver, who has run his ass out of the area. I drop his buddy and he runs away leaving him to my ‘mercy’. I turn my attention to Masha who even in the dark I can see shaking in fear, I smirk and make my approach.

“Well hello beautiful, I’m guessing you owe me one don’t you,” I say showing Masha my face.

“Guy, how are you here? How did you know I was here,” Masha asks confused by my presence.

“I’m just lucky,” I tell her turning to her friend,” Who the fuck is that?”

“That is Ryan, he and his friend Michael do things for Kyle,” Masha says explaining.

“Wait a fucking minute, you know their names. This fucker and his friends did Kori,” I tell her getting a scared look.

I need to think about what to do here, I have Masha and I got ‘Ryan’ which makes number two on my list of people to punch the clock of. I take my phone out and send Devin a text before telling the girls I’m going to be a little late and will have something to show them. I keep our friend on the ground and when I hear the familiar rumble of Devin’s truck in the distance and listen as he stumbles through the woods towards us.

“Guy I got your message but, Masha, what are you doing here,” Devin asks seeing the situation.

“That seems to be the question of the day but I brought you here for something else,” I say turning from Devin to a waking Ryan with a smack,” Hi there, we haven’t been introduced so I’m just going to get the basics out of the way and cut to the chase. The girl you and your boys beat with belts a while back, she has a boyfriend. That’s me. Now Masha over there, guess what? She has a boyfriend too.”

“Kyle didn’t say she had a boyfriend,” Ryan says standing up shakily,” so who’s the big guy?”

“Oh him, that is a very good friend of mine,” I say turning from Ryan and stepping towards Devin,” Devin they wanted to make Masha look like Kori did, you remember the marks? And guess what’s worse, they wanted to have sex with her and she just wasn’t interested.”

Masha’s face is ashamed, Ryan is scared but it’s Devin’s that has me happy. I get to see all the rage boil up in his body before he charges Ryan. I watch him lift Ryan off the ground with one hand holding him up against a tree by his neck before slamming his fist into Ryan’s gut with enough force that I can almost see the organs being rearranged. I watch a second and third shot hit him before watching him drop Ryan and put his boot on his face. I could let him crush the skull but I know damage when I see it and enough has been done as I pull Devin off balance with all my strength. Devin staggers back and I can hear Ryan wheezing as life tries to creep back into his body.

“Let me finish him,” Devin growls.

“Or maybe you should finish her,” I tell him pointing his attention at Masha.

Masha is hot and I know exactly why, she just watched her gentle giant smash his way through a guy who wanted to forcibly screw her. Devin takes a minute and with his blood pumping I watch him rush Masha before picking her up and kissing her like I would one of my girls. The two of them start pulling at each other clothes and while I’m usually very focused on what I’m doing I decide to take a seat on Ryan and watch the festivities. Masha and Devin are going at each other hard and when his coat hits the ground and hers afterwards I figure I might want to stop them before I have to ruin the mood.

“Ummm kids, I think you two might want to find a different place to finish the moment,” I tell them from my new stool,” I’ll finish up here but ummm Masha? Keep this quiet, at least when you’re around Kyle.”

I see them nod and she’s smiling as they head out of the woods leaving me with Ryan, who is groaning under me. I get up and make sure I have his attention by sitting him up.

“Now here’s what you’re going to do, you are going to go dark on your friends right after you tell me how to find them the other two,” I tell him before grabbing the hair on the top of his head,” Now I am letting you off light for the information but your friend from yesterday, yeah that was me, and I will make what I do to you worse if you try to hold out on me.”

Ryan tells me about his remaining two friends, Michael and Derek. I freeze at the second name but when he gives me the information and shows me his face book page I smile as I get more intel on my last targets.

“Good, now when I say go dark that means you are going to stay home and you’re not talking to any of your old friends,” I tell Ryan helping him up,” you’re going to call your family and say that you got beat up and you’re going to stay home and heal up.”

“Okay, I’ll heal up at home and I talk to nobody,” Ryan tells me trying to walk away.

“Actually you’ll need to call them cause you’re in no condition to walk,” I say getting a weird look from Ryan.

I smile and take a step back before slamming my boot heel into Ryan’s knee, it hear it pop a little and Ryan goes down screaming and holding his knee. I remember something my dad said to me, I take my phone out and take a video of Ryan lying on the ground in pain and get a shot of his face before making sure he has his phone before marching back to my bike and heading towards home. I get in around eight thirty and all the girls are waiting in my room as I hand my phone to Kori and tell her to pull up the video. I see the recognition in her face and watch as she goes from a little happy to questioning.

“Baby I thought you were dealing with the President,” Kori asks setting my phone down.

“I was then I saw Masha and some guys heading into the woods, I saw the van and when they started to try to rape her,” I let my words trail off as all four of my girls faces show the horror of the option.

“Baby you didn’t let her get hurt before you did this,” Kori asks concerned.

“Actually I didn’t, and after letting Devin put his fists nearly through Ryan’s torso I turned his aggression into something more productive and pointed him at Masha. And by the way, she’s still under cover,” I say smirking,” and with the way that Devin and Masha were going at each other I’m pretty certain that they’re both undercover right now.”

All the girls get my reference and I’m being showered with affection for my work, I’m beginning to like this therapy. I get pulled into bed and recap my night in full to all of them in full. I’m feeling good and figure one day off won’t kill me. Now I gotta figure out what I’m going to do with a day where I’m not supposed to do anything related to Kori, this war or taking people out. How hard can that be?

Part 9
I’m groggy and waking up Friday morning to a pleasant surprise in my bed, Mathilda. I remember her saying something about not wanting to drive home last night and I guess or hope she cleared it with my parents or I’m going to get my ass beat by Mom before Dad can kill me. I wrap my arm around her and pull her body into mine spooning us together. It’s earlier than normal for me and while I could sleep I have a rare opportunity and I’m not wasting any good time with her. I can tell she’s got some clothing on and when I start to press against her I can feel her rousing.

“Mmmmm, I promised them no,” Matty tells me groggily.

“Who did you promise no,” I ask putting my full body against hers.

“Your parents, I said I wanted to sleep here tonight and they said I could but no sex. Your Mom was very specific and made me swear or I can’t come over here for a month,” Matty tells me starting to wake up a little.

No sex, my parents knew I’d try to and Mom of all people shot me down. I lay there thinking about ways around it but knowing Mom she will take anything as a breach of her promise. Regardless I start to nibble on Matty’s ear and continue my grinding against her ass. My Amazon is moaning in light protest and finally after a few moments starts to shake me off.

“How am I to keep my word to your mom if you aren’t going to help me,” Matty asks rolling over to face me.

“Better question, how am I to show you that I appreciate you staying over the night and surprising me this morning,” I reply to her questions smirking.

Mathilda smiles sweetly before using her strength to ‘convince’ me to roll onto my back. I feel her cuddle up next to me and I get my arm around her. She settles down and I can almost hear her thinking as we lie in the dark of morning.

“You’re not all better are you,” Matty finally asks.

“I don’t know, sometimes it feels fine then others I feel like a maniac,” I answer her quietly.

“I think you’re wanting to lash out more,” Matty tells me rubbing my chest.

“I have to lash out more, I can’t expect everyone else to do it,” I tell her quietly.

Matty’s head shifts and she looks at me before crawling over top and straddling my body with hers. I let her pin me down with her hands on my wrists as I see she has a point to make.

“I’m not weak, Imelda might be a better fighter but I know I’m the strongest girl you got,” Matty growls at me,” Now tell me why you think I can’t do more.”

“Because a fight isn’t about who is strongest or best trained, it’s about who is willing to do the most damage,” I tell her calmly,” it’s not about knocking them down, it’s about reminding them that they can die and you are how it can and will happen.”

Matty pauses above me, I can barely see her face but I know my words had an impact. I feel her grip on my wrists lessen and I free my hands before wrapping my arms around her and pulling Matty back into my chest. She settles in and I’m able to relax for a while before my alarm goes off, I pull myself from Matty and get into my workout clothes and head to the gym. I’ve been slacking recently and Dad has been looking to get me back on my toes. He’s already in and waiting for me. It feels like an old boxing movie with Dad taking a different approach to getting me ready. Katy enters shortly after my first break and I let Dad take over her training while I get into the heavy bag. A third door opening gets us all to pause and I see Matty in some school gym clothes looking a little out of place.

“What are you doing in my gym,” my Dad growls to Matty giving her his full attention.

“I need to learn a few things, I thought you could show me some stuff,” Matty replies with a little fear.

“This isn’t a dojo or self defense class; here I teach my family how to attack. This is up close and brutal,” Dad tells Matty walking around her.

“I understand, but if I’m going to do something in this fight I need to know how to do it right and I can’t think of anyone else who can teach me,” Matty replies trying to stand her ground.

Matty is looking to Katy and I for help but the two of us are like statues waiting for the show to start. Dad is sizing her up and I know he’ll help her if I asked but sadly it’s not about me asking. You want in you need to show you want in, I did it and Katy did it.

“Why are you in my family’s gym,” Dad asks again.

“Because aside from my father the only family I have is right here,” Matty says swallowing,” And I need help.”

Dad smiles and pats her on the back before having me move to work with Katy while he starts going over the basics and covering some of her strengths with Mathilda. We’re in there for another hour before Mom interrupts with breakfast and sees the four of us working. It’s an odd sight for Mom but she smiles before shaking it off and tells us that there is food on the table. One thing I will tell you about working out with my father is that we eat like horses. My Mom and Liz sit at the table in mild shock as three of us proceed to devour oatmeal, toast and sausage like we were starved for a month. I let the girls take the shower first and get the cold water treatment for myself. We all head out to school and the arrival of Matty with us has my girls talking. I start to shake it off and head to class when I see something that is about to make me a liar. One of the moralists has a few of his boys and is going after someone right in front of the library. It’s a one on four situation and the freshman punk looks like he’s about to get his stripes whether he likes it or not. I think I recognize the ring leader from one of my classes last year as I head over behind the moralists.

“Now maybe you want to explain to me why you have those piercings in your face here at school after I told you what would happen,” I hear the ringleader say to the punk.

The backup is a few white kids like the punk but the ring leader is a tall Asian kid. I almost laugh at the sight before coughing loud enough to get everyone’s attention.

“Why are you threatening him for something that it’s not your job to enforce,” I ask dropping my bag.

The backup doesn’t quite do its job of backing up their friend and start to make a hasty exit leaving me, the Yao Ming look alike and the punk alone close to class start.

“You think you can take me,” Asian giant asks with some authority.

“Honestly I don’t know and I don’t care. I do know that it’s not your place and I will stop you,” I tell him smiling.

“You threatening me,” He asks covering distance.

“Hao right, that’s your name? I remember we had third period last year,” I tell him reminding him of me as the punk makes a break for it,” we had to do that crappy project together.”

“Yeah we were in class together, so what,” Hao asks defensively.

“This isn’t you; you had me listening to Chinese rap for almost three weeks. You translated it so I could learn from the ‘liberated lyrics’. You even told me you thought my girlfriend Katy was hot,” I tell him remembering the point,” Now you’re an enforcer for someone who knows less about you than the guy who you worked with on a project last year?”

“Kyle and Heather believe in making our school better,” Hao says still defensive.

“Kyle is a prick who thinks that anyone who doesn’t follow what he says is someone that needs to be hurt and treated like crap. He doesn’t want better he wants submissive. And Heather is crazy, she’s my ex I know,” I tell Hao sitting down on a bench.

“And I should listen to you why,” Hao asks confused.

“Since you haven’t heard I am going to tell you personally. I believe in people being who they are not who other’s force them to be,” I say as Hao sits next to me,” Honestly I don’t know why you decided to join up with them but let me be the first to tell you it doesn’t suit you.”

“And you would know all this how,” He asks a little put off.

“I’ll make you a deal, you go to your meeting today and you ask them if you can have a seat at the decision makers table and if they don’t at least hear you out I’ll be waiting with my people in the gym,” I tell him grabbing my bag.

I leave him to his thoughts and head to first class. Most of the day is quiet and a few more small fires of people getting pushed around get put out by the numbers game, punks backing nerds, a couple nerds backing up a Goth. It’s nice to see people getting together for the right reasons and when I get to the gym during homeroom I have Jun and Isaac get started on their task.

“So here’s what I got with the leaders over the course of the day,” Jun says showing me his work on his laptop,” we’re looking at about eight real action takers along with Taylor, Kyle and Heather.”

“Okay well except for the last two we need to add these two,” I tell Jun showing him my data from Ryan,” Those are the last two names on my list and I need that list summed up by tomorrow evening.”

“How far are we supposed to go with information,” Isaac asks taking down notes.

“I want daily plans, I want locations and I’m going to want them as soon as it happens,” I tell them getting a weird look from Isaac and an expectant look from Jun.

As my two info gatherers get about setting up their consolidated findings I turn my attention to more pleasant matters. This mostly involves moving over to Kori and sitting with my back in between her legs and enjoying as she latches onto me in a warm embrace.

“How are you doing,” Kori asks quietly.

“A little hot but that’s because of this morning,” I tell her still a little put off about Mathilda’s promise this morning.

“Yeah honey, we didn’t know who was staying but that is what we were told was the terms and your Mom can get scary sometimes,” Kori tells me rubbing my shaved head.

“So you all decide to have someone stay the night but I can’t love up on you while you’re there. Am I being punished,” I joke leaning my head back.

“Hey it’s not like Matty didn’t want to break the rules either babe, but with her trying to get in on the training in the morning you might want to do something for Katy,” Kori tells me in a warning,” Her area is getting pushed in on a lot and she’s not one who complains.”

“Area, you all have defined zones now,” I ask confused.

“Baby she lives there and trains with you and your Dad, Matty wants to learn a little and Katy says she’s okay but she needs some one on one time,” Kori tells me before kissing my head.

Wonderful, Katy is feeling like she doesn’t have any me time anymore and I’m being asked to help fix it. My phone going off get’s me to pause and I catch Rachael’s number and show Kori who smiles at the call.

“Hey Rachael, you do know this is during classes right,” I joke answering the phone.

“Oh my god if you brush me off again I swear you will be finding a different girl friend Kyle,” I get yelled at me through the phone.

“Rachael, this isn’t Kyle,” I tell her getting her attention,” you called Guy, look at your phone.”

“Oh crap I’m so sorry, Guy,” I get after a pause,” I’ll call you back.”

“Wait Rachael don’t hang up,” I say stopping her,” I don’t know what happened but I can try to make it better.”

“Wait why are you trying to make it better for Kyle,” Rachael asks confused,” You don’t know him.”

“Not for him, I can for you,” I say getting a pause,” I’ll come by and pick you up today if you want and I can introduce you to my girls.”

I get a playful shove from Kori, and Katy starts to listen in. I can tell Rachael is debating it and I get told to hold on for a minute and wait. I don’t hear anything but I figure she’s doing something with her phone and after a few minutes I hear her pick up the line again.

“I’ll be waiting at my school for you, don’t keep me waiting,” Rachael says before hanging up.

“Okay so we get to meet the other girl today,” Katy says a confused.

“Yeah but we’re doing it at home,” I tell them,” Mom and Dad should be gone today but that means I want her treated nice.”

Kori is a little excited but Katy is not too enthused about another girl in our home. Class ends and we start to head out when Ben waves me down as it looks like a fight is brewing in the grass field by the busses. I hand my bag off to Kori and haul ass with Ben, Devin, Jun and Isaac following me fast. Sure enough I see Kyle and a few cronies squaring off against Hao. Looks like five on one but I never liked those odds and step in.

“Back off this is our club business,” Kyle warns me as I step in between him and Hao.

“Please Kyle, make me back off,” I reply smiling.

The crowd gathering has a good circle around us and while my people back off with a gesture Kyle’s are more skeptical and don’t leave quite so quickly. I am starting to feel like a fight is working up when I hear adult voices and it’s Kyle who breaks ranks and leaves. I watch the crowd disperse and turn to Hao who is a little worse for wear but still angry.

“They wanted to beat some obedience in me for challenging what Kyle had to say,” Hao tells me still hot.

“I know, and I tried to tell you didn’t I,” I tell him folding my hands behind my back,” Now you see what happens when you challenge the weak when they feel their power threatened.”

“And what about you and your power,” Hao asks pointing out my boys flanking me.

“We want him to lead but he listens to us as much as we do him,” Jun explains,” We chose him to lead and we follow him because he doesn’t push us around because we didn’t agree with him.”

Hao is considering Jun’s words as I start to leave and head back to the girls, He doesn’t follow but I see him get onto a bus alone. I’m back at the vehicles with the girls when Jun and Isaac start to give me the ‘hey boss’ look.

“Alright guys, let me hear it,” I tell them.

“He’s a mark,” Isaac says starting,” I got word that someone is going to try to get in with you so that he can help Kyle plan the next attack.”

“Isaac isn’t wrong on this Guy. We’ve pushed a lot and they’re not seeing any good news from their ‘recruitment’ teams,” Jun tells me warningly,” I think we should keep him at a distance or maybe plan something for him.”

“Isaac, are you sure enough to put Allison in the line of fire if we let him in,” I ask Isaac getting a wide eyed look.

“No man, I wouldn’t risk anyone just to make a point that we can find a spy,” Isaac says with no hesitation.

“Well some ancient Chinese warlords would disagree with you,” I say turning his face sour before smiling,” Add him to the list. We’ll come up with something.”

I get a wave off from the two of them and head off towards Rachael. It takes me a little bit to get there and I don’t greet her by getting off my bike but instead take out the spare helmet and while I don’t see her I start revving my engine in front of the school causing what few people there to stare. It takes about a minute before I see Rachael come out of a building; she’s wearing a beige coat and capri pants with some heeled boots. She has an odd look on her face seeing me like this. I hand her the spare helmet and once she’s on I leave the parking lot with as much speed as I can put out. The trip home isn’t brief with the traffic but we get there safely and once I’m off my bike I can see that I was right about Mom and Dad being out, thank god for parent date night. I can hear the girls talking in the living room and when I get the door open and step in with Rachael on my heels I can see all four of my tigresses staring at the new meat. Kori is wearing a purple turtleneck and blue jeans; Imelda is wearing one of my button up flannel shirts and a loose fitting pair of jeans also. Mathilda is in her basketball warm up suit rocking our school colors of white, red and black. Katy on the other hand is wearing a pair of tight black short shorts and a white button up dress shirt with a black tank top underneath.

“Hi girls, I’d like you to meet Rachael,” I say closing the door and turning to my girls,” Rachael this is Korinna, Imelda, Mathilda, and Katy.”

“Hi I didn’t think you’d all be so….,” Rachael starts but Kori cuts her off.

“Thought we’d be so what,” Kori asks sharply.

“Honestly I didn’t think you’d all be so attractive. I’ve heard about people having multiple partners but usually you see ugly people in the pictures,” Rachael says not realizing that she’s in the hunting grounds.

“So you think we’re too pretty for Guy is that it,” Imelda says almost growling.

“Oh no he’s handsome too, very rugged and fit,” Rachael says back pedaling.

“So we’re only barely good enough for him or too good for him,” Katy asks starting to show some anger.

“Whoa I’m not here to fight with anyone I just didn’t expect to see four attractive girls is all,” Rachael says almost reaching for the exit.

I can see it in my girls’ eyes, they’re toying with her and all of them start laughing about it hard. All of them stand and shake her hand with Mathilda getting the strangest look being so much taller than the others. I let Rachael take one of the recliners and I sit on the floor and listen in as the questions start. Who was first, what makes Guy different, what about other girls. All really standard questions considering the difference between me and my girls and every other couple our age.

“So you know he has sex with other girls and that’s okay,” Rachael asks trying to clarify,” It doesn’t worry you that someone is going to try to steal him away?”

“Not really, Guy’s heart is here,” Kori explains motioning to the other girls,” When he comes ‘home’ he comes home to us. So he fucks some girl and she develops a crush or something it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day he sleeps with one of us or sometimes all of us.”

“So no more girlfriends,” Rachael asks me getting all the girls to look with intent.

“Honestly I don’t think I could handle anymore,” I say getting an approving look from all my girls,” I thought three was it then I went down to Texas and met Imelda. She was a piece I was missing.”

“Okay I don’t understand what you mean by a piece of you,” Rachael says now a little more confused.

“Each of my girls is a part of me and I’m a part of them,” I say starting to take off my shirt and show my tattoo,” I feel like each of them is a piece of me and now that we’re together we feel whole.”

“Okay but what about them,” Rachael says still staring at my tattoo,” Do they feel like each other is a missing piece of them? Or are you a piece of them they were missing?”

“He’s that part of me that I keep hidden. All my anger and darkness, I can’t let it out and I never could,” Mathilda says getting looks from everyone,” but I don’t have to because he is that for me, for all of us. We keep him happy and warm and he feels our love. I might be the will or conscience, Kori is the heart, Katy the spirit and Imelda his passion but Guy…. Guy is unbound rage. I’ve seen him go after someone, he doesn’t hesitate or show remorse when he does.”

All the girls sit in quiet after Mathilda’s explanation and while Rachael understands she’s more worried about me now than any of my girls. More talking ensues and she starts to explain her problems with Kyle and his ‘secret’ life. I can tell Katy just wants to spill the beans but she keeps her mouth in check as we get into her growing frustration with him at his new school and the mysterious girl he talks to that isn’t her.

“Honestly if I didn’t know any better I’d say he was cheating but I don’t think he can,” Rachael says getting odd looks from my girls.

“Okay so chica, you think he couldn’t cheat on you why,” Imelda asks smirking,” because he’s a man? Or how about because he said he’d never cheat?”

“No nothing like that, I don’t know how to put it,” Rachael says before sighing and letting go,” I don’t think he’s adventurous enough to try.”

Everyone gets a little chuckle at the comment and I can finally tell that Rachael is relaxed around my girls. We’re all sitting there chilled out when I stop feeling chilled, I can feel my blood pumping and it’s not turning into a fight mode but I know I’m starting to get amped up. I get up without causing a scene and head back to my room to get a handle on this feeling. I’m in my room for about a minute when I hear my door open and turn to see Katy staring at me curiously.

“Hey are you okay,” Katy asks touching my cheek with her hand.

I feel a spark and I know what’s been bothering me, I haven’t been denied my girls in a while and after this morning it was just a matter of time before I needed my fix. Katy isn’t so much freaked out by the look in my eyes and since my shirt is still off it makes it easier for me to move her hand from my face to my chest.

“Feel that, I’ve been building up like this all day now,” I tell Katy almost growling.

I watch as she steps back from me for a second and turns to close the door. I can see she’s interested but I’m feeling a lot more aggressive than I have in a long time and while normally I like to play around I’m not in a playful mood.

“Okay Guy, we have to be a little quiet so they don……,” is as far as Katy get’s before I slam our bodies together against the wall next to my door.

My mouth is all over Katy’s neck and mouth nibbling and kissing hard, she tastes like metal and mint. I get her shirt off and start go for my pants only to find she’s doing that part herself as they hit the floor. I don’t back away and almost tear open the button on her shorts before yanking them down, Katy leaves one leg in them around her ankle and I pull one of her tits out of the tank top arm hole and latch on with my teeth, lips and tongue.

“Oh fuck you are on fire today,” Katy purrs pawing at my back.

I reach a hand up and grip the hair on the back of her head and shake a little to get her attention, I let her tit drop from my mouth and glare into her eyes. I let her bend over at the waist and feel one of her hands move my cock into her mouth before pushing her head down. It’s wet and while I feel some teeth it’s more because of the force than her trying to bite me, it takes a second but she opens up and I get all but the last inch of my cock in Katy’s mouth and throat before I feel her start to gag and drool. I feel her slap my ass a little and I use my free hand to slap her cheek a little getting a moan out of her. I’m not marveling at the feeling like normal because this is my warm up. I finally pull her mouth off my cock and am met with some resistance when I put Katy up against the wall.

“Not this wall,” Katy says walking me with my hand still holding her hair,” this one.”

We’ve moved to a spot where you couldn’t see in the window since it’s only a foot away from me and I move back in close to get the other advantage. Katy takes her hand and starts to rub in her spit on my cock while putting one leg up on my computer desk for balance. I start to move in and Katy uses her hand to line me up with her slit. As soon as I’m at her hole I thrust my whole cock deep inside pushing the air from Katy in a gasp.

“Oh fuck you’re bigger than usual,” Katy says as I start pounding.

I can hear Katy’s head banging against the wall and while usually I’m one to stop but today I’m a different creature and hammer into her harder using the full length of my cock. She’s getting wetter as I fuck and I feel her arms around my back gripping me to either keep her balance or hold on for her life. I’m not close as I’d like to be and speed up my pounding taking none of the strength out of my thrusts. Katy’s arm locks around my neck as I lift her standing leg up off the ground. I can get all of me in and out easier and I can hear Katy whispering.

“Jesus fucking holy shit you’re deep,” She whispers in my ear before getting louder,” Oh FUCK ME!”

I feel Katy’s pussy clamp down with a tightness that I haven’t felt from her in a while and it almost puts me at a complete halt with my pounding but it’s her moaning that can probably be heard from the other end of the house that is music to my ears. I feel Katy catching her breath and finally pulls her leg off my desk before trying to stand up. I shake her a little getting a startled reaction and hook my arm under her other leg and lift her whole body off the ground, Katy’s eyes show me some nervousness and I slam her back against the wall with my first thrust. All her weight on my arms has me using the wall for my balance as the room fills with our grunting and the sound of my hips slamming against Katy’s.

“Oh god baby this is too much, I need to lay down,” Katy gasps between moans.

I hike her up and latch onto her neck with my teeth getting a scream out of her, I know the girls in the other end of the house heard it but since there’s nobody stopping me I keep fucking as I feel some liquid start to coat my balls. I let go of Katy’s neck and see she’s got tears going down her face. I watch her shake her head and latch onto my face with her hand.

“Either break my fucking pussy or put me through the wall and you fuck me in the yard,” Katy growls at me,” Now you fuck me like an animal.”

I let go of her leg and put my fist through the drywall next to her head, it doesn’t faze Katy in the slightest. I’m starting to finally feel my own orgasm and I don’t stop slamming into Katy’s pussy until it’s almost erupted. I don’t speak so much as grunt loudly as I start to coat the inside of Katy’s pussy with my cum, I feel her clamp down on me again and I pull my body against her hard as she starts grunting with me. I am spent and I feel Katy holding onto me weakly before slowly letting her legs fall to the ground and pulling my cock from her pussy. I watch her start to stagger before flopping down onto my bed face first. The click of my door closing has me on alert but not as much as Katy laying there partially coherent. I lean over my punk girlfriend and kiss her on the cheek before throwing my pants on and a shirt and heading back to the living room. I get there to see all my girls and Rachael sitting there and while Kori looks like she’s the cat that ate the canary, Matty and Imelda are noting the blood on my hand. I finally look and see a little scraping on my knuckles which gets Imelda into the bathroom for the first aid kit and Matty down the hall to check on Katy.

“Jesus Guy did you kill Katy,” Imelda asks me disinfecting my hand.

“I left her breathing I think,” I reply smirking.

Imelda gives me a questioning look and when Matty comes back into the room she’s got a huge grin on her face. Imelda shrugs at Matty questioningly.

“Oh she’s completely knocked out,” my Amazon says before clarifying,” Oh he didn’t hurt her like that but the hole in his wall is going to need some explaining.”

Imelda’s eyes widen and I get left hanging as she heads off to my room. Kori takes Imelda’s spot and I see Rachael head down the hall towards my room curiously.

“She snuck down there and saw you,” Kori whispers finishing the bandage job.

“Rachael? Well how’d that go,” I ask curious.

“She’s hot, scared the shit out of her but I know what you mean when you say you can smell us because she was ready to get tagged in for Katy,” Kori tells me grinning,” I ‘caught’ her and was very encouraging.”

“Now that’s why I love you baby,” I tell Kori giving her a sweet kiss.

“Okay but why does Katy get all the rough treatment, you could spread that out so she doesn’t have to feel abused like that all the time,” Kori asks a little confused.

“Baby, you girls like the sweetness and the dates. I know you like me when I’m trying really hard to get you to cum all over me but Katy is different,” I explain getting a wide eyed look,” She doesn’t have a safety switch, she has a line that when crossed means… well you take a look at her and my room and you tell me.”

Kori gets up and heads down to my room and when the rest of the girls get back I’m on the couch relaxing as Kori cuddles up on one side and Matty on the other. Rachael is still at a loss for words and I can tell she’s got only a few thoughts about what happened and all of them are sparking that wild side she’s keeping repressed.

“Okay well she’s asleep and I did what I could getting her tucked into your bed,” Imelda says entering the room and pouting at the lack of space next to me.

“Thanks honey, get over here and sit down,” I tell her smiling.

Imelda smiles and it looks goofy with her sprawled out on all three of our laps but it’s warm and more comfortable than one would think. Rachael is still wondering what to say when Kori decides to break the silence.

“Are you okay Rachael, your face is about as red as your hair,” Kori asks while cuddling in.

“Okay, he just had sex with Katy and put his fist in the wall. She is passed out on his bed and you all are okay with the fact that she look like someone just about drained her dry,” Rachael says getting up and pacing.

“Well he did drain her dry and if you saw the smile on her face you’d know she’s in a happy dream land right about now,” Imelda says getting up and sitting Rachel down on the loveseat.

“But I mean that can’t feel good for anyone,” Rachael says still embarrassed.

“You’ve made love to your boyfriend right? What Guy did to Katy was more than love, it’s a primal and we girls know that you wanted some too,” Imelda says smiling.

“I have a boyfriend,” Rachael says quietly.

“And your boyfriend is a good guy,” Matty adds sourly,” Guy is nice sometimes, but he’s not good. And we love that about him, sometimes harder than others.”

All the girls chuckle a little bit and when Liz shows up and sees the new guest she gets quiet until the introductions are done. Imelda takes Liz into her room to bring her up to speed, Matty helps Rachael relax. Everything is nice as it gets to be about seven when Rachael says she needs to get home. I start to get ready and I can see she’s a little apprehensive about it, I don’t press her but Kori swoops in and a few words later she seems okay with me driving her home. The trip is nice and quiet considering we can’t talk while on the bike and when I finally get to her home I am treated to a very expensive looking two story house. There are no cars out front and I start to take back my spare helmet and put it away when I hear something I didn’t expect.

“Do you want to come in for little bit,” Rachael asks shyly.

I shut my bike off and watch as she opens the garage for me to park it inside. I get in through the side door and I find the house to be quiet save for Rachael pattering in the distance. I follow the sound and see she’s up the stairs and hear what sounds like moving around from a lit room. I keep my boots on and wait at the bottom of the stairs and finally catch a glimpse of Rachael heading down the hall frantically. I clear my throat and watch her stop in her tracks before looking down the stairs at me; I can see the reality of me standing there is starting to set in.

“Ummm I need to straighten up my room,” Rachael says trying to distract me.

“No you don’t, you’re stalling because you’re scared,” I tell her climbing the stairs.

“Listen I know what you’re thinking but I didn’t invite you in for anything other than to try to talk about something important,” Rachael tells me heading into her room.

“Well I’m here and we could do this in front of my girls,” I say following her into her room.

“Well that’s the problem, I think they know my boyfriend,” Rachael says before narrowing her eyes at me,” And I think you do too.”

I don’t know how she figured it out or even if the girls said something to her but I keep my expression as blank and uninterested as possible.

“I’ve heard the name Kyle a lot but honestly I don’t think I know one personally,” I tell her remaining calm.

“I am pretty sure you do, I think he sent you around to keep an eye on me,” Rachael tells me nearly taking the air out of the situation.

“He sent me to do what,” I ask confused.

“Don’t lie to me, Kyle has been more secretive than usual and all of a sudden you come out of nowhere, you probably didn’t want him to find out that we kissed the other day so you either tell me why you’re keeping an eye on me right now or I’m going to turn you in to him,” Rachael tells me more upset than I thought she could be.

“Kyle didn’t send me to do shit,” I spit the words out,” I went to the park that day to meet you. You want to know the truth, I’ll tell you. Your boyfriend is a moral majority asshole who makes it a point to scare and intimidate everyone who won’t do what he says and the girl Heather you keep hearing when you call him? She’s my fucking psychotic ex girlfriend from over a year ago.”

“What are you talking about,” Rachael asks stunned by my admission.

“Did you hear about that girl that got beaten,” I ask getting a nod,” Your good boyfriend did that; he had his boys take Kori and kidnap her. They took her to a field and stripped her down to her panties before they beat her.”

Rachael starts to turn away but I move in front of her and get in her face. She’s a freaked out and I can see she’s more scared of me now than I was with Katy a few hours ago.

“You brought me here and I will finish telling you the truth,” I growl startling her more,” He has had his friends, Sam, Michael, Derek and Ryan. They took her out there and did it. He knew they did it and you really want to know the worst part about it Rachael? Yesterday I gave him an out after all that because I actually like you and didn’t want to see you hurt too badly by all this. He told me that now he was going to get violent with my girls and my friends.”

“But Kyle isn’t someone who hurts people,” Rachael says trying to defend him.

“Why do you think he’s keeping secrets from you? He doesn’t want you to see him for who he is,” I tell her still angry.

“Why didn’t you just tell me this when you met me that day at the park,” Rachael asks trying to keep me talking,” You could have just told me what you knew then?”

“You wouldn’t have believed me,” I spit out,” some random guy just shows up and tells you all these bad things about your secretive boyfriend. You’d have told me to ‘fuck off’ and that would have been it. I wanted to show you that the person your boyfriend hates the most isn’t as sick and depraved as he is. I had people telling me that I should have hit you like he did Kori.”

“Why not if you’re so damn determined to hurt him then why even talk to me,” Rachael asks raising her voice.

“Because I don’t do collateral damage! I do not go around punching and torturing everyone close to the people who hurt my family! I pick the people and only the people who hurt them and I beat the life back into them after I’m done,” I yell extremely hot.

I step past Rachael and start to leave, I get to the door when I here Kyle’s voice. ‘Hey beautiful your prince is calling’ starts coming out of Rachael’s phone. I turn and see her quietly answer.

“Hey Kyle… No I just got in… I was talking with some friends… They’re my friends Kyle… No I don’t have to tell you… Okay then tell me what you are doing at your school… No it’s not different, I have friends and I don’t have to tell you if you don’t have to tell me about your life… This relationship needs some more honesty and I think you should start considering I have been honest until now… No you cannot come over to explain why you can’t talk about it, you either tell me now or I hang up,” Rachael’s phone conversation is about as self explanatory to me as it could be.

I watch as she hangs up her phone and sets it on her night stand before walking to the foot of her bed quietly. She hanging her head and wringing her hands together nervously. I’ve got options and while the nice guy in me is telling me to talk to her the pissed off asshole is saying walk out the door.

“What are you going to do now,” Rachael asks quietly.

“I’m going to go circle the wagons and get my people ready to do what I seem to do best,” I tell her defensively,” I’m going to have to once you tell Kyle about me.”

“I won’t tell him, but I need you to answer me honestly. Do you know if he’s cheating on me,” Rachael asks.

“I’d say no, he’s too busy keeping his world from falling apart. Why are you asking me,” I reply still frustrated and confused.

“Because if you said yes you were lying and trying to get into my pants,” Rachael says covering the distance between us slowly before unzipping my coat and wrapping her arms around me,” but you said no.”

I am finally taking in the fact that Rachael is about five eight, she’s got a cream colored button up blouse on with her brown capri pants, she’s done her straight strawberry blonde hair back letting me see her near milky white facial features, her eyes are a pretty pale green and they have a look of sadness and desperation. I don’t hesitate to kiss Rachael hard, the first time she was tentative and a little scared but this time she’s more ready and it’s her tongue that invades my mouth. I pick Rachael up and move us over to her bed. Again she puts on the brakes once we’re there and I let her down to her feet. She still has her eyes closed as I can tell she’s thinking about what happens next, I feel her shift her weight to turn me around with her till my back is towards the bed before shoving me onto it. I start to crawl backwards up the bed to and stop when she grabs one of my feet and pulls my boot off, then the other before smiling lightly and crawling up my body. I wait and watch as she starts to undo my jeans and with my assistance pull them down off my hips. I grab at her shirt and start to pull when she shakes her head and backs off the bed, I watch her turn the bedside lamp on and shut the main light off before taking her spot at the foot of the bed. Slowly Rachael starts to strip out of her shirt, taking time with each button until I’m looking at a pretty white bra with pink trim her two barely b cup breasts. Next comes her capri pants which take less time but as she’s pulling them down Rachael turns sideways and bends over giving me a view of her small but firm little ass. I strip down as she finishes leaving nothing to hide and seeing me naked I catch a glimpse of doubt in her face.

“Come here and lie down,” I tell her moving out of the middle of her bed.

Rachael crawls onto the bed and I lay her on her back before cradling her head under my arm and kissing her again. I’m a little softer with this kiss and I can feel her smooth skin under my free hand has goose bumps as I trail my finger up and down her stomach. Her eyes are closed as I push my hand slowly into the waist band of her pink panties; instinctively Rachael starts to spread her legs. I can feel a little fuzz at the top of her pussy but as soon as I get to the slit it goes away giving me the big surprise, her clit is a bump that is almost sticking out of her folds. I touch it gently and feel her tense up at the sensation. I break the kiss and stare at her smooth skin and flick her little bump again.

“I could watch you react like this all night,” I whisper sweetly,” How many times do you usually cum during ‘love making’ with Kyle?”

“Do not talk to me about that deceitful bastard unless you want this to stop,” Rachael growls.

I press my fingertips against her clit applying pressure and rubbing in a smooth circle. I can feel a little bit of wetness and push down further finding her hole. I use my middle finger to tease Rachael hole while rubbing her clit with my thumb. The whole sensation has Rachael clenching her blanket in her hand and I kiss her getting a moan in my mouth. I speed up my handiwork feeling Rachael’s pussy get wetter and wetter as we go from me fingering her to her pussy fucking my hand. I’m barely moving now as her hips are bucking and shaking the bed, a bad adjustment sends my finger too far into her and I feel Rachael bite my lip and whimper a little as she cums, the whole orgasm being fed by her grinding her hips against my hand. I feel her finally relax and as she finally let’s go of my lip I feel her smile.

“If I made you cum like that with my fingers imagine what the rest of me will do,” I tell Rachael sliding down her body.

I get to her hips and can smell her sweet scent and see that her panties are soaked before pulling them off and throwing them over by my clothes. I take in the sight of Rachael’s pussy glazed over with cum from her first orgasm; pulling her lips aside with my thumbs I gently touch my tongue to her sweet hole. I nearly get my nose broken as Rachael’s hips come shooting off the bed and instead of pulling her back down I go up, pulling my body under me and resting on my knees. I use my arms to holdup her ass and I figure I have her in a head stand as I start to dive back into Rachael’s pussy, this time no testing just straight in with my tongue and trail circles around the inside. I can feel Rachael thrashing around as I lick at the juices coming out of her pussy, she’s whimpering again I figure I’m in for a shower but I can take it as I grip her hips and start tongue fucking her pussy. It’s frantic and Rachael’s legs try to lock around my head when I get a flood on my tongue and she locks up in her second orgasm in minutes. Not being able to buck her hips against me I take the time to swallow and clean her pussy with my tongue as I lower us back down to the bed slowly. I remove my mouth from Rachael’s pussy and crawl up the bed next to her. Her eyes are open but she’s staring blankly into space, I wait a few moments before signs of life come back to her.

“I can’t describe how awesomely hard you cum,” I tell her smiling.

“Second one… too much,” Rachael stammers out almost incoherent.

“Okay well since you’re done I’ll just leave, do I need a code or something to lock up after I exit the garage,” I ask smirking and starting to get up.

A quick hand grabs my arm, I lie back down on the bed and feel Rachael cuddling up before she shakily starts to move herself on top of me. She’s straddling my hips and using one hand for balance takes the other and starts to rub my cock head against her slit. My cock head finds her entrance easily enough and I feel Rachael lower herself onto my cock, I groan a little at the vice like grip of her pussy as I get halfway inside. Rachael lets go of my cock with her hand and tries to push herself deeper onto me, her face contorted in a pain/pleasure that I love to see on a girl. Our hips finally meet and Rachael leans forward pressing her body against mine before I feel her grinding her pussy against my cock. It’s tight and I don’t move much letting her do the work. It’s a slow process and I decide to speed things up a little bit by gripping her little ass in my hands and I start to thrust up in Rachael’s warm hole. I feel Rachael’s pussy clamp up to try and stop me from thrusting but I’m determined and keep at a slow pace only using half of my eight inches to fuck her. Rachael finally props her body up on her hands and I can see her pale green eyes are locking onto me. After a few minutes of fucking her from below Rachael starts to move her own hips against me. We’re slamming our bodies together and I start to feel like I could cum when we both freeze at the sound of ‘Hey beautiful your prince is calling’. I watch her shake her head and I nod in reply before I grab her phone. Handing it to her I help her sit upright on my cock and motion that I’ll be quiet.

“Kyle, why are you calling me now,” Rachael asks distracted,” Yes I hung up on you because you wouldn’t tell me the truth. I don’t care to hear why it’s important I want the truth and you are incapable of giving it to me.”

At her last words I start thrusting up into Rachael causing her to gasp and shut her eyes, I know Kyle can hear her and but I keep my pace slow letting her talk.

“No Kyle I’m trying to do a yoga pose with you on speaker but I can’t… I started taking yoga this past week for your information,” Rachael says trying to halt my pace with her free hand,” I’m out of breath because this pose is difficult to take… hold… it’s just hard okay.”

I’m grinning from ear to ear and start to feel myself get close, I lean up and with Rachael sitting on my lap start wrap my arms around her and start to bounce her on my cock fast. I can hear Kyle asking if she’s okay over the phone.

“I’m fine but we’re not… No you cannot come over I don’t want to see you right now… I said don’t come over,” Rachael nearly yells bursa üniversiteli escort bayan before ending the call and dropping her phone,” Oh fuck you feel like you’re getting bigger, I’m going to fucking cum again. Don’t stop please don’t stop.”

Her crying out and listening to her lie to Kyle over the phone have me in the best mood when I get a twinge and instead of fucking through my orgasm I slam my cock in once really hard at the end and feel ropes of semen shoot up into Rachael’s now well used pussy. Rachael is moaning and breathing heavy as I feel her pussy start to milk my cock for every last drop of cum. I lay back down taking Rachael with me and roll us over onto her back keeping my cock inside her warm pussy. Her soft hands take my face and I’m greeted with a ravenous kiss, my cock jumps a little at the surprise Rachael smirks as we tongue wrestle. I don’t know how long we kissed but when we stopped I was almost out of Rachael with our second surprise hits as the front door bell rings. We both freeze and I see some panic in Rachael’s face.

“Oh god Kyle came over,” she says a little afraid,” You need to hide while I get rid of him.”

“No I want him to see me here,” I growl almost trapping her under me.

“Please, not like this. I don’t care about that but not tonight and not like this,” Rachael pleads desperately.

“You’re mine now I don’t care if he knows,” I tell her with a little aggression,” You will go down there to get rid of him but you will do it with my cum running out of you.”

I see Rachael nod and I let her up after pulling my cock out and both of us groan at the sensation. I watch as her little ass waddle over to her bathrobe and see her exit the room. I wait till I can hear her get to the bottom of the stairs before exiting the room quietly and taking a seat half way up the stairs, I hear the door open and listen in.

“Baby are you okay, I thought you were being hurt or something,” Kyle asks concerned.

“No Kyle I’m fine, I was doing yoga,” Rachael says exasperated.

“Well why are you in your robe,” Kyle asks noting her red bathrobe.

“Because I’m sweaty and I want to shower before I go to bed,” she says a little annoyed.

“Well your parents aren’t home, can I come in for a little while,” Kyle asks almost hopeful.

I get into a position to tackle him as soon as he gets into the entry way but Rachael is standing her ground.

“No Kyle, you keep secrets, you don’t answer my questions and when I don’t tell you what I’m doing you freak out on me like I’m some cheating girlfriend,” Rachael spits out almost causing me to laugh.

“Baby I’m not accusing you of anything,” Kyle stammers trying to defend himself,” I am just trying to talk to my girl. I know your folks are gone babe, just let me come inside, we can shower together and I’ll try to stay the night.”

The thought of him being over here with her tonight turns my anger on high gear. I’m ready to step into the entry way and rip Kyle’s head off when Rachael cuts me off.

“You don’t get it Kyle. I’m not letting you in because you’re keeping secrets from me, we’ve been
together for over a year now and you don’t want me to even know you. You have some girl’s number in your phone and you leave me behind when it’s just us during the week to run off and help her,” Rachael says taking the defensive and I think I heard her getting choked up,” You should just run back to your new girlfriend and leave me alone. I don’t want you here right now.”

Kyle is speechless and Rachael is starting to cry, I on the other hand am about to start doing and end zone dance on the stairs nude. I try to contain myself and wait till the crying start to calm down a little.

“Rachael I’m sorry, look I’m not cheating on you with Heather, she’s just a friend in the same club as me,” Kyle starts in before something cuts him off.

“No Kyle, no more secrets and I don’t want to hear your excuses,” Rachael says with new resolve,” Go home, I will call you tomorrow. You don’t call me at all. And don’t wait around for me to change my mind because I’m not going to.”

I hear the door close and I could have sworn I heard Kyle say that he loved her but with the door closed it doesn’t matter. I can tell he has stepped away and I hear light switch click before watching Rachael stagger into view. I see the tears on her face and when I start to move to her I see a wicked smile crawl across her face.

“I’d like to thank the academy, all my fans and fellow girls who’ve been thoroughly screwed by his penis,” Rachael says pointing to me starting to laugh.

“I’m guessing some secrets are pretty fun huh,” I ask starting to help her with balance.

“I didn’t say it,” I hear Rachael say quietly,” Not to you or to him.”

I stare at her confused as she leans up against the wall expectantly. I place my hand on the wall next to her head and use the other to take her face in my hand. There’s no fear this time and feel my demeanor change back from my happy triumph to angry dominance.

“Your mine now, I will do with you what I want when I want and you will like it,” I growl at her,” Say it.”

“I’m your girl now, I do what you want when you want,” Rachael says softening,” and I’ll love you for it.”

I pause at the last words before scooping Rachael up and carrying her up the stairs to the bathroom. Our shower is a more calm and relaxed than our sex and after getting clean I watch as Rachael takes out my phone and starts to go through before making a phone call. I get ushered into the hall and while I can’t hear what is being said I know plans are being made. I get let back into Rachael’s room and get dressed before being directed to wait down stairs. The front living room is as big as my parents’ living room and dining room put together. I sit on a long beige couch and wait for my new predicament to surface. I’m waiting on my own for about an hour while I hear Rachael trying to do or find something upstairs when I hear a knock at the door.

“Guy please get the door,” Rachael calls down.

I get up and open the front door to have Katy push past me carrying two large bags. Kori follows carrying one herself. I look in the driveway and see Imelda on her bike and Matty in her car, Matty waves me over to the garage. I get the door open for them and help them park. I’m happy to see my girls but all of them are less interested in me right now which puts me ready to defend myself as I get back into the house. I’m watching the machine that is my women set up a full bed area in the living room. I try to help or ask questions but Kori stops me and makes me sit down in on the couch. The whole assembly gets done and the girls start relaxing on their beds while I’m still stuck on holding the couch down. I see Rachael enter the room with a box from another part of the house then leave and come back with a bunch of robes, she still has her bathrobe on but it’s covering some cotton pajamas. All my girls are staring intently at Rachael.

“Okay I know I met you all today and inviting you over here was to explain to you what I told Kori over the phone,” Rachael starts in tentatively,” I know what Guy was doing with meeting me ‘unexpectedly’ in the park and all our conversations. I know that he wanted me to meet you so I could see you for who you really were. But I now want something, I want in.”

“Okay so you want to help us break your boyfriend in half no big deal why the overnight stay,” Imelda asks looking around.

“No girl, she wants in with us,” Kori says gesturing in between her and the rest of my girls.

“Oh fuck that, you’re nice and all but there are enough of us already,” Imelda says getting upset.

“Well I think since we’re all here we should decide it together,” Matty says taking control of the conversation.

“Okay well if we’re voting I say we don’t know her, she’s only known Guy a week or so,” Imelda says before staring at Rachael,” And this is a bond, not a fucking club. We bonded here, and I might not be the most acclimated to Katy and Matty but they are family to me now. You don’t back out in a few weeks when it doesn’t work out.”

“Okay you said your piece and I’m guessing your vote is no,” Matty says taking over,” I knew guy for about twenty minutes and that was the sex we were having when I wanted him. So she’s got a little more time than I did and he took me in right along with Katy and Kori. I say yes.”

“Wow, we’re all so tense it’s exciting. Did he have sex with you,” Katy asks Rachael getting a nod,” And was it good or something earth moving?”

“I honestly don’t have words for it, I was so tired of secrets and he just took me. It still feels like I have him inside me,” Rachael says quietly and a little embarrassed.

“I say yes,” Katy replies smiling at me.

Kori doesn’t say anything as I watch her get up and straddle my hips, she’s in my lap and has my head in her hands as I feel her steely grays lock onto me. I grip her hips with my hands and feel her press against me as she looks into my soul. After a few minutes I get a kiss and Kori get’s up.

“It’s a yes from me, she’s in there like we all are,” Kori says getting a questioning look from the rest of the girls.

“Oh shit, Kori are you fucking with me,” Imelda asks.

“He can’t lie to me and she’s one of us. She gave herself up to him, didn’t you,” Kori asks standing Rachael up,” She’s a little ball of innocence. And Guy doesn’t have much of that.”

All the girls start talking but the more they talk the more I see Imelda shut down to listening. She the odd girlfriend out and I won’t have that, not ever. I stand up and grab my coat and get about half way across the living room before Imelda stops me.

“Guy where are you going,” she asks coming after me.

“Somewhere not here, this only works when you all understand that either it’s get along or I walk,” I tell her halting all conversations,” And right now you’re not happy being out voted. You have your opinion and I feel that just as much as I feel each and every one of you. What my real problem is I have four girlfriends who are debating something that is MY decision and if I make one unhappy I’m not happy. So my answer is I’m out.”

I get another two steps when Kori takes my arm and leads me to another room in the house, I can hear some tears behind us and when we get into what looks like a den she closes the door behind us and I have upset girlfriend number one staring at me.

“What the hell are you trying to do,” Kori asks me upset,” You realize that Rachael is probably crying and Imelda is pissed off about shoving you out the door.”

“Yep, and now she’s thinking and feeling. Give it a minute and they’ll start talking,” I explain to Kori,” after a few moments when I go back out there they’ll be trying to keep me from leaving which I won’t do anyway. Yes it’s a little mean but Imelda isn’t going to be persuaded by anything other than an act of god.”

“So what would you do if I didn’t grab you,” Kori asks a little mad at my manipulations.

“I probably would have waited for a moment in the garage before taking a ride on my bike,” I tell her plainly,” I can’t have you all fighting because it hurts me, I’d rather take everything done to you and Derek’s ambush before being dragged by a car over hot coals and broken glass then me strip…..”

“I understand better than you know honey,” Kori says covering my mouth with her hand.

I wrap my arms around her and we just hug for a few minutes while we let the situation play out in the living room. A quiet knock at the door followed by Katy poking her head in and smiling, we follow her out and back to the living room. Matty sitting quietly while Imelda holds a calmed down Rachael, I get all the girls sat down before taking a seat on the couch.

“Okay can someone tell me what’s in the box,” I ask trying to relax.

I watch as all sorts of girl stuff comes flying out of the box, Rachael starts going over face treatments and manicure stuff. All the girls start going over getting prettied up and what they want to try, apparently Rachael’s father works as a beauty supply wholesaler or something. I let the girls work and find that someone packed a bag for me in the pile and start to set myself up with a spot on the couch. I shoot Jun a location text message from my phone and tell him I want us all rallied at his place tomorrow at eleven for a final briefing. I get a positive response and put my phone away.

I don’t know when I fell asleep but I wake to find all the girls bedded down on the floor. I get up and stretch out before doing some basic workout in my shorts. I’ve been working for about half an hour when I hear giggling, I turn my focus to the girls who are all sitting up and watching me.

“I need a shower,” I tell them grabbing a towel.

My small army of women rush after me and I get lead into the master bedroom and then to the master bathroom, the shower is big enough for Matty and Imelda to fit in with me and I’m treated to a scrub down by my most imposing girls and while there’s no fun time it’s a nice feeling. We dry off and the girls all take turns going through their showers before I round everyone but Rachael up and post notice for us to roll out to Jun’s.

“Okay but why can’t I come,” Rachael asks.

“Because I need you to talk to Kyle, I want him to think that there are problems but you are still with him,” I explain,” I’ll be back later to see you, just keep him at bay like you did last night.”

“It’ll be easier than last night, I won’t be holding you inside me while I do it,” Rachael says smiling.

I get a quick kiss and mount up my bike. Imelda and I lead the group over to Jun’s and we all disembark and get inside. Jun’s mom, Kimiko, is home and plays happy host as we all talk and go over school stuff waiting for the rest of the crew to show up. Once we’re assembled I get all the info from Jun and we start to all track where people are going and what they’re doing. It’s a long process taking several hours I get everything formed and start to tell people their jobs; I go down the list explaining who and where and make sure everyone has their assignments. I give my family one last look; I see no fear or apprehension on their faces this time. Everyone is ready to take care of their assigned task.

“I know it seems like I’m leaving you all out to do the work this time but I want you to know that if I could I’d be with each and every one of you out there,” I say calmly.

“Guy, you and I haven’t always gotten along. Honestly there are points where you piss me off but this shit ends tomorrow,” Isaac tells me getting nods from everyone else,” We’re not going to let you down.”

People start to trickle out of Jun’s home and I walk my girls out to their vehicles getting a kiss and smile from each of them before heading back in and hearing Jun and his mother arguing. I’ve not seen Kimiko like this since she found out I recorded us last year.

“I will not have you or your sister risking your health over some revenge. I like Guy and his girlfriends but they are not making the decisions here,” Kimiko says angrily.

“I am doing this for everyone, not just Kori and Guy. I have a chance to be a part of something that matters,” Jun says grabbing his keys.

“Where are you going,” Kimiko asks confused and still angry.

“I’m walking Lilly home Mother, I’m going to take Natsuko with me so we’re not alone out there,” Jun says turning on some interesting anger.

I watch as the three of them head out the door and close it behind them leaving me and Kimiko alone in the house. I start to believe nobody saw me there for a few minutes as Kimiko starts to clean up and is standing quietly in the kitchen. My phone vibrates and it’s Natsuko asking me if I’ll talk to her mother like Jun says I did last year, I blanche at the idea of trying to blackmail her again but respond that I’ll try. I get up and head towards the kitchen and see Kimiko there in her blue blouse and a white skirt that goes down to mid calves on her. She has her long black hair done in a long ponytail and I can tell she’s still recovering from having her son tell her off.

“Are you okay Mrs. Nakamura,” I ask stepping into view.

“Oh Guy, I didn’t know you were still here,” Kimiko tells me startled.

“Yeah I was gonna leave but I heard people arguing and hung around,” I tell her leaning against the doorway to the kitchen.

“Well I guess you know that I’m not letting my children go with your plan tomorrow,” Kimiko tells me standing her ground.

“Well I could try to force this, but you’re a strong woman. I could just have your children sneak around, but I respect you too much to tell them to do that,” I tell her moving to the counter next to her and resting my hip on it,” so what is it going to take to get you to let this go?”

“If you were going to be with the two of them I’d feel better about it,” Kimiko tells me leaning next to me with her arms crossed.

“I can’t do that but I chose these teams so they would have strong people backing them up,” I tell her.

“Well we are at an impasse,” Kimiko says rubbing her neck,” What else do you have?”

“Only my bike and what I have on me,” I tell her.

“Well then that’s what I’ll have to take then,” Kimiko says pulling me by my coat and leading me up the stairs.

I follow her up the stairs and to her bedroom; it’s about the same as the last time I was here almost a year ago. Kimiko leads me to her bed and sits herself down at the foot of it with me standing in front of her by only a foot of space. She has a very predatory look on her face and I brace myself for some interesting times in my immediate future.

“Take off your clothes. And do it slowly,” Kimiko tells me softly.

I strip my coat off, followed by my shirt. As soon as she sees my tattoo I watch her eyes light up with interest. I try to sit down to get my boots off but Kimiko makes me stand where I am and while difficult I kick them to the side before taking down my pants and my boxer briefs at the same time. I don’t know what it is about Kimiko but every time I get near her I start getting hard and right now I’m at half mast. She has a wonderful smile on her face as she eyes me up and down.

“Well someone has been keeping in shape,” Kimiko says running her hand up my torso.

Her touch is delicate but firm and does nothing to curb my erection and Kimiko knows it. Her hand pushes me backwards a step and Kimiko stands up and walks around behind me. I can hear clothing moving behind me and after a few moments I get turned around to see Kimiko naked. She backs me up to the bed and I have to sit before she backs me up the bed till my head is at the pillows. I’m being stared down by a milf predator and decide either take action or I’m gonna get hurt. Kimiko is right over my body with her own when I wrap my arms around her frame and pull her against me; she’s warm and soft to the touch. I start to kiss her neck and feel her pull back before rotating her body around till her neatly trimmed pussy is in my face. I take a tentative lick of her folds and while it tastes like peach body oil it’s the full body shudder that has me moving in for more. I’m taking long slow licks of Kimiko’s sweet pussy and while I thought she would start to give me some repayment for my work she’s more interested in my work. I can feel her juices flowing and using one hand start to rub her clit and spread her lips with the other. I’ve got Kimiko’s pussy splayed out in front of my eyes and shove my tongue deep inside her. Instinctively she backs her hips up pushing my tongue a little deeper.

“Mmmm, you do that really well. It’s been a while but I’m ready for the main event,” Kimiko tells me pulling her hips away from my face.

I back up a little and watch Kimiko turn around to face me, I’m sitting up against her headboard while she straddles my hips and using her hand starts to push the head of my cock into her pussy. I’ve been away for a year and supposedly she’s been having sex with her husband but either he’s smaller than his ‘son’ or he doesn’t do it very often. Her experienced vagina has me in a firm and soft grip as I look straight at her breast then up to a very contented face, her hands grab the top of the head board and I feel her start to ride me with long strokes. I grab her hip with one hand using the other to slow down one of her breasts before latching my mouth on her erect nipple. Kimiko must have used body oil on her whole body because I’m taking peach and sweat as I suckle. Her pussy is working me over with long hard strokes and if I hadn’t been going hard with my girls recently I’d probably be closer to cumming. I use my teeth on her nipple and slap Kimiko’s ass, I hear her yelp a little at my boldness but instead of slowing down she speeds up her pace. It’s fast and frantic as she fucks the bottom half of my cock, she’s not letting me get away but I’m not in a rush to finish. I let her nipple go and using both of my hands on her hips helping Kimiko impale her pussy harder onto my cock. The whole time she’s open mouth moaning and finally I hear her start talking.

“How my daughter can keep off of you I will never know,” Kimiko says bouncing hard and fast.

“How does your husband go a day without fucking this tight pussy? I swear if I never met them I’d never guess you had children,” I say both insulting her husband and complimenting her at the same time.

“You are such a sweet talker boy now let’s get ready really see what we can do about giant fucking hard on in me,” Kimiko growls shaking her ass even faster.

The two of us are going hard at each other and I start to feel like she’s going to cum. It’s so hot and heavy I almost wish we were recording it.

“MOTHER… GUY…. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING,” Natsuko yells ruining the mood.

Kimiko freezes and I’m looking over at Natsuko who has dropped her coat on the floor and has the face a girl would probably have seeing a guy she’s had sex with giving it to her Mom. Kimiko gets up off of me and while I want to try to deal with Natsuko on my own, Kimiko motions for me to stay where I am.

“Natsuko you need to calm down and let me explain this,” Kimiko says calmly.

“What that your cheating on my father with my friend,” Natsuko spits out.

“Yes actually, you father is a good provider and good worker at his job but when he’s home he is absolutely atrocious. He doesn’t know how to balance a budget or fix anything,” Kimiko says laying out her harsh truth,” Not to mention the fact that the only reason you are here to see me fucking Guy is because I had to jerk your father off and push his cum inside me to get pregnant.”

I’m pretty sure my eyes are about the size of saucers and while I’m keeping from laughing Natsuko is shocked. I know she’s taking this hard but her mother is right there naked and still warm from our sex.

“But why Guy, why not just find a guy from the gym or something,” Natsuko asks as Kimiko leads her to the bed.

“Because Guy can keep a secret and is very good at what he does, but you know this,” Kimiko says sitting with her daughter,” There are many things that I have kept from doing for the sake my children and you my daughter are almost as much of a free spirit as I was when I was your age.”

“But what about Dad,” Natsuko asks quietly.

“He will not know of this and he will not know of tomorrow either. Now daughter either I need to finish Guy off or I can let you help,” Kimiko says looking back towards me.

“Mother you want me to help you have sex with Guy,” Natsuko asks again shocked.

“No I want us to have sex with Guy,” Kimiko tells her taking an authoritative tone,” Now daughter strip down and get on this bed so I can use Guy to punish you.”

I’m a little confused but I watch as Natsuko, nervous for the first time, and slow start to strip out of her clothes and down to her underwear. Kimiko is no satisfied and moves behind her daughter, undoing her bra and letting it fall to the floor. Natsuko is more nervous with her mother than with me as she pulls her own panties down and off. I’m in awe as mother leads daughter onto the bed and starts to calm her down or heat her up, I’m not sure which.

“You’ve seen his penis before my daughter, get on top of it and let us do the rest,” Kimiko tells Natsuko almost purring.

“Mother it’s feels odd doing this with you here,” Natsuko replies starting to straddle my cock.

I’m looking up at my sweet little Asian punk girl’s face when her mother turns her around to face away from me. Kimiko lines my cock up with Natsuko’s pussy and starts to shove her daughter down on onto my cock. Both mother and daughter are tight as I invade Natsuko’s pussy and I watch as she starts taking long slow strokes moving her hips. It’s only slightly different texture than Kimiko who has more experience but Natsuko leans forward and starts to shake her ass with a little more speed, I grip her ass with my hands and lean my head back and enjoy. I feel a weight shift next to me and look to see Kimiko smiling at me while her daughter fucks me.

“No matter what happens you do exactly what I say,” Kimiko whispers in my ear before moving to face her daughter.

I watch as Kimiko sits Natsuko upright till she’s sitting straight up with me still inside her. I am about half way deep inside and I continue to watch as Kimiko folds her daughter’s arms behind her back putting the forearms together. A light tap and I move my hand to hold Natsuko’s arms in place. Kimiko’s mood goes from gentle to hard as she grabs the back of Natsuko’s head by the hair pulls her face to look up at the ceiling. I can feel Natsuko squirming on me when my attention is drawn to Kimiko’s face; she has a very predatory grin on.

“Guy, I want you to take your cock and fuck my slutty daughter’s pussy hard and fast right now,” Kimiko orders me.

I grab Natsuko’s hip with my free hand and start fucking her hard and fast showing no mercy on her pussy. Natsuko’s body locks up from the sensation of me invading her and I hear her start to whimper and moan. It was tight before but now she’s trying to lower her hips to keep me from moving too fast but her mother has her by the hair and is keeping her from succeeding. I’ve done Natsuko hard before but this is new.

“Is Mommy’s little slut liking her punishment,” Kimiko asks using a hand to pinch Natsuko’s nipple,” I wish you would have developed a little more up here daughter, I have barely anything to pinch.”

I’m keeping my orgasm at bay easily for now and the scene of pain and pleasure in front of me almost have me wanting to stop and let Natsuko breath.

“Tell Guy you like us punishing you,” Kimiko tells her daughter.

“Guy I hurt so much I’ve cum once already, please fuck me like a good little slut,” Natsuko whimpers,” I’m just like my mommy and I need to be punished.”

I take my free hand off Natsuko’s hip and slap her on her tight little ass hard, Kimiko has moved her free hand to Natsuko’s throat and is forcing her down as I fuck upward. I’m hammering away and it starts to feel more wet than usual as I try to break Natsuko’s pussy. Kimiko lets go of her daughter’s hair and wets a finger in her mouth. I watch as she spreads Natsuko’s ass cheeks and buries her finger inside.

“OH FUCK BALLS SHIT CUNT FUUUUUUCK,” is the last thing to come out of Natsuko’s mouth as her orgasm hits.

Then next few moments Kimiko and I hold onto Natsuko as she convulses in a powerful orgasm, I keep my grip firm but not enough to hurt and as my feet start to get a little wet I figure out that my little Asian punk is squirting hard. Kimiko holds her daughter gently, letting her head rest on her shoulder before we lay Natsuko down and survey the damage. Natsuko is unconscious but breathing soundly as I see the wet spot where Natsuko shot off like a small hose.

“My daughter definitely enjoyed that,” Kimiko says hopping off the bed.

“I’ve gotten her like this before but not that hard,” I reply following Kimiko.

“Well it’ll be a few minute before she comes to. I’ll start to clean up while we wait,” Kimiko tells me starting to pick up the clothes.

I grab the ponytail on the back of Kimiko’s head and lightly drag her back to the queen sized bed. I shove her face first down and watch her get up on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed before lining up behind her and shoving the head of my cock into her tight pussy.

“Like Daughter like Mother right,” I ask Kimiko pulling the ponytail backing her pussy onto my cock,” Fuck me bitch, make me feel it.”

Kimiko moans as she starts working her pussy on my cock taking slow long strokes. I watch as Kimiko starts shaking and grinding her ass against me trying to please me. I smack her ass with my free hand once then getting a yelp in surprise then switch to the other cheek. I keep spanking her every time Kimiko get to the base of my cock. Its tight warm and wet but I want to make this hot bitch pay a little like she did to her daughter. I thrust forward meeting Kimiko’s tight ass and causing her to groan at the feeling of me being buried before pushing her forward and off of me. Kimiko falls to the bed and rolls over as I crawl on top of her and between her legs. Kimiko backs up the bed like she’s going to get away before I latch onto her with my hands.

“This will not be soft slut,” I growl at Kimiko,” Now pull my cock into your cheating hole.”

Kimiko reaches between us and start to pull me back inside her wet pussy. I bring my knees up and wrap my arms under her body before fucking her fast and hard. Kimiko responds wrapping her arms around my back and her legs around my ass trying to pull me in harder. We’re fucking each other hard we me doing most of the moving, the room fills with the sounds of our groaning and my hips slapping against Kimiko’s. I start to feel my orgasm coming on and in response Kimiko tightens her grip on me.

“Fuck me like my husband can’t. Fuck me and make sure you get every drop inside so I can make him raise another child that isn’t his,” Kimiko growls in my ear.

The shock of her statement lasts for about a second before my orgasm hits; my body feels like its on fire as I erupt shooting ropes of cum into Kimiko’s experienced pussy. I feel her orgasm hit about the same time and Kimiko’s pussy milks me adding to the sensation of my orgasm. We’re exhausted and I’m spent when I start to pull away from Kimiko only to feel her latch onto me for a few moments more until she lets me go and I pull out and get up off the bed. I watch as Kimiko just lies there for a moment before she slides over to her daughter and cuddles up. They lie together while I use the master bathroom to relieve myself. I can’t help but think about what Kimiko said and when I get back into the bedroom mother and daughter are talking quietly.

“You ladies want help getting this place cleaned up,” I ask getting dressed.

“No you should get home and rest,” Kimiko tells me giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Mom aren’t you going to clean out,” Natsuko asks confused and getting up off the bed.

“I will after I take care of the bed and we shower,” Kimiko replies pulling up her panties.

Natsuko gets a wide eyed look on her face and I shrug a little before grabbing my coat. Kimiko gives me a wink before starting to remove the blankets from the bed and Natsuko follows me out. I ask about Jun and Lilly, She tells me they took a short cut to the house and wanted alone time. I chuckle about her heading back early and give her a kiss on the forehead. I mount up on my bike and head home.

My arrival home has my father demanding an explanation about my room and I can only reply with the basics leaving out what I did with Katy. He tells me that I’ll have to help repair it and I get into Liz’s room to see my sister is grumpy.

“I don’t know why I’m supposed to be back up,” Liz says grumpy.

“Because I need you to run communications sis. You are the best person for it because you can process text messages faster than Jun,” I tell her as I start to go through her old clothes.

We pick out the most covering outfit we can find and I send a message to Rachael asking how she’s doing. She replies that she’s fine but wants to help out with my plan; I reply that I will be there to pick her up tomorrow at ten in the morning to get her ready. I get a smiley face and a kissy face as a reply before I head out of Liz’s room and into mine and make my final set up call.

“Hello, may I ask who is calling,” I hear Kyle ask over the phone.

“Hey Kyle, It’s me Guy. Don’t ask how I got your number because it’s kind of a moot point,” I say happily,” I’m feeling like we should stop fighting and start to talk about peace, can you meet me in the park downtown tomorrow so we can actually discuss peace?”

“What kind of trap are you laying for me,” Kyle asks upset.

“No trap for you, but I need you to bring Heather,” I tell him plainly,” If she leads with you then she needs to go over this with us.”

“I can bring her but what about your crew, how are they going to handle this peace talk,” Kyle asks.

“I’m the leader, you know what that means. If they don’t like my planning then they can leave,” I tell Kyle lying out my ass,” I’ll bring one girl with me and you bring Heather, I won’t hit her and you won’t hit the girl I’m bringing so we’ll be on even ground. I’ll even show up first so you can see that there is nobody around to back me up, Deal?”

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Kyle says hanging up the phone.

I’m smiling from ear to ear. The board is set, pieces are in place. I think I’ll open with King’s bishop and Queen’s Bishop to Queen’s Bishop. Time to play the game.

Part 10
It’s fifteen after eleven in the morning and I’m sitting in the park with a mysterious new friend who is all bundled up for the cold. The face is covered in a scarf, a hood covering their head, even gloves and a pair of sunglasses covering the remaining skin. I’m beginning to wonder about the people I’m supposed to meet. Confused at my looking around my friend shakes my sleeve to gain attention and motions for phone, I pull my phone out to call Kyle. My call goes almost straight to voicemail, I scowl a little and send off a text message asking where he is and that he’s late. The reply takes a minute or so to come in but I can see the smug look on his face as he sent it, ‘I’ll be there as soon as I’m not busy taking care of important business, just wait a little longer’.

I’m fuming mad but my silent friend takes my hand and calms me down when another text comes in, its Liz saying that all teams are on standby and awaiting my word. I show all the text messages to my friend who solemnly nods in agreement. I give the go order to Liz and rest my head in my hands, I gave them the chance.

Mathilda 11:20 a.m.

Okay I’m sitting in the mall food court with Hanna, Hanna who can’t lay down a pick to save her life and I’m supposed to take out four girls with her. I recognize the two blonds, Sara and Karmin. Both are cheerleaders who practices abstinence but that’s because girls don’t count to them. The black girl in their group is Arisha, bad attitude and loves to show it. Also I’m pretty sure she’s the one who used the lighter on Tracy’s hair. It’s the last girl I’m not so sure about, Asian and does more listening then talking. The big difference she’s not one who looks like she’s going to move somewhere that isn’t safe. Hanna slides up next to me in the chair with no subtlety.

“Okay I got the word from Liz that we’re a go. I also checked the bathroom at the end of the food court, it’s clear and away from everything,” Hanna tells me eagerly,” How we gonna get the bitch brigade in there?”

I shrug at the question; honestly I don’t know how we’re going to get them over there. I’m way out of my league with all this warfare talk. I mean his dad gave me some good pointers but what do I do in a fight with four people?

“I got it, just get to the bathroom and wait behind the door for them,” Hanna says smiling as she heads across the way to one of the Asian food lots.

The girl is gonna get hurt but I figure she’s got a plan and I’ll bail her out if she’s not there in three minutes. I walk as fast as I can without drawing attention and get inside the ladies restroom. Church is still going so the mall isn’t as busy as it will be in an hour or so. I get myself behind the door and find myself shaking a little at what can happen next. I hear feet running in my direction and wait patiently as someone comes flying into the ladies room with more footfalls behind. I hear them slow down right in front of the door and voices start in.

“You fucking bitch, you think it’s funny to spill a soda all in my hair,” must be Arisha,” Well we ain’t in school and there’s no teachers to save you from us.”

“Yeah well maybe I don’t need to get three friends just to fight one person,” Hanna says across the restroom.

“Miki, close and lock the door. We get to do punish a little bitch today,” Arisha orders to what I think is the Asian girl.

I watch the door move away from me to close and the Asian girl sees me for a second as I grab her throat and use her to slam the door shut and watch her fall to the floor afterwards. I lock the door and see Hanna across the room and the three girls finally turn to see me. I grab Karmin and slam her head against the counter with a hard thud. I see Arisha start to move until Hanna jump on her back and try to choke Arisha with her arms around the neck. I turn to look at Sara when something softer than a fist hits me in the face. I finally look and see Sara holding her purse and everything Guy’s dad told me comes flooding back. Left hand grab opponent by the throat, when her hands come up to remove my hand use my right fist to take the wind out with a straight shot to the gut, as she doubles over remove hand from neck and bring my elbow down on the back of her skull. I’m standing there a little confused as I’m now standing over Sara’s unconscious body when reality hits me with what I just did. Hanna and Arisha are still struggling and I wait till Arisha’s head is facing me before dropping her with a wide swing to the face. Hanna gets up from the floor with where she fell with Arisha and start to look around at the mess I just made.

“Holy shit you dropped all four of them,” Hanna says a little shocked but smiling.

“Lock the door, we need to figure out what to do next,” I tell Hanna moving the girls into the handicapped stall.

“Don’t worry; I have been seeing Natty for a week now,” Hanna says helping me with Miki,” She’s got some really hardcore shit on her computer.”

“Seeing as in you two are a couple,” I ask dropping Miki’s feet.

“Not really seeing like that, we just hang out and sometimes have sex,” Hanna replies pulling out an exacto knife and duct tape from her pockets.

I stand confused at what Hanna said for a moment before helping with a strip down of the girls. Mostly it involves me holding them up as Hanna pulls them out of their clothing and then we start the binding process, wrists to the hand bar around the stall and interlinked with each other save for Arisha. I wanted this bitch since I heard she burn Tracy’s hair and I figure that box knife could come in handy for more than cutting clothes and tape. I step back and survey the whole scene; Sara, Miki and Karmin all with their hands taped to the safety bar around the actual wall of the stall in that order. I did the hands behind their heads and laced in their hair to keep them from struggling too much and taped Sara’s left leg to Miki’s right one and Karmin’s right leg to Miki’s left. All of them are stripped except for their panties and Hanna somehow used their bras as a gag to keep them from making too much noise. Arisha is different; we had to bind her to the toilet with her hands done to the same bar but her feet we managed to tape together with her pants behind the toilet. All girls are left with their tits exposed and finally I see Hanna start to begin with the wake up.

“Alright bitches it’s time to rise and shine,” Hanna says shaking each one awake.

They’re all a little groggy from me knocking them around but it doesn’t take too long for them to start trying to talk with the ‘gags’ in their mouths and struggle against the tape on their extremities. They’re confused and afraid, I’m glad they are because I’m starting to feel a little nervous about what we’re going to do. Hanna starts looking in between the two blondes, Sara and Karmin, with a little confusion.

“Okay so which one of you is the bitch,” Hanna asks getting muffled responses,” I need only one to answer.”

Sara on the left end starts to move her head over in Karmin’s direction, Hanna smiles and shows Miki the tape and exacto knife. A little more panic and finally Hanna get’s Miki’s attention grabbing the hair on the top of her head.

“Listen to me bitch, you tell me who’s the bitch between them and I promise you that you’ll get the first chance to get free,” Hanna tells her calmly,” Now who is the bitch in their relationship?”

Miki is a lot more honest and nods towards Sara getting a smile from Hanna who is enjoying the situation a little bit. I watch as she cuts a strip of duct tape off and holding it adhesive side facing Miki she pulls her panties open and applies the tape to the front of Miki’s pussy.

“You got a lot of hair down there girl so just think of this as a Brazilian and you’ll only bleed a little bit,” Hanna says looking to Sara,” Now for you bitch, I am going to do to you what every bottom hates.”

I turn my attention to Arisha who is watching us with a glare on her face, I pull her face to see me and slap her tit hard getting a muffled groan out of her. I grab the tit again and hold it up and raise my other hand, immediately she winces in pain before I even hit her. I wait for her eyes to open.

“Bitch you better drop that glare out of your eyes. I’m in charge here, understood,” I tell her quietly getting a nod.

I get my attention back to Hanna who is struggling with Karmin who is using her free leg to keep Hanna from getting at her pussy. I get down and grab Karmin’s leg by the ankle and pull it up and out helping to spread her wide open, Hanna starts to chuckle a little bit.

“Well slutty panties must be the rage for the moralists this season,” Hanna chuckles pulling Karmin’s panties aside.

I watch Hanna lick her fingers before using the tips and working her middle and ring finger into Karmin’s pussy. Karmin goes rigid at the invasion and I have to use both hands to hold her leg in place I can see Hanna’s hand going slowly as she explores Karmin’s pussy. Suddenly Karmin’s body goes rigid for a moment and Hanna looks up at me with a smile before moving to the side over Miki. Hanna starts to rapidly thrust her fingers in and out of Karmin’s pussy filling the restroom with the sound of her hand smacking into her pussy.

“Oh god you don’t let her finger you much at all, I wish Heather would have let us bring Guy,” Hanna tells me smiling,” He’d love to fuck this pussy.”

“Well Heather is the one who said they needed to be the examples so everyone else learns how to act properly,” I reply in a lie to Hanna.

I can see the shock in the girl’s faces at the thought of Heather setting them up. It’s working but Hanna is more interested in her new toy as I watch Karmin start to tense up with an orgasm. Quietly Karmin starts moaning into her ‘gag’ and I watch as her body betrays her as she starts pushing her pussy onto Hanna’s fingers. I watch as Karmin’s body tries to relax but Hanna is possessed and is fingering Karmin’s pussy harder and faster than before. The other girls start to whimper and moan but Karmin is getting louder as I get to watch Hanna take her over the top. Karmin is shaking hard and her eyes are rolling up in her head as the next orgasm hits and all of us watch as she starts to squirt all over Hanna’s hand and arm then onto the far wall and floor. Hanna is and finally stops to watch Karmin come down from her orgasm. I’ve never seen anyone shoot off like that but Hanna is the one with lesbian cred, I let go of Karmin’s leg and as it hits the tiled floor with a light smack watch Hanna move over to Sara and start to rub her girlfriends cum on her face and hair.

“See bitch, I can make her cum like you can’t,” Hanna says wickedly as Sara tries to squirm away.

“Hanna, give me the knife,” I tell Hanna getting an odd look from her and a fearful one from the rest of the girls.

Hanna hands it off and I push the blade out taking a place in front of Arisha. She can see the blade and where normally she’s staring me down the little bitch has some fear in her eyes. I grab the hair on the side of her head and start to ‘shave the lion’. The whole restroom has gone from moaning in orgasm to crying in shame and fear in a matter of a minute as I move to the other side or Arisha’s head and proceed to finish my turn as a hairstylist. I step back and show Arisha the clumps of hair I have in my hand and honestly think her new hairstyle came out of something you’d see from Katy. Hanna stands back and moves the girl’s clothing pile into view as I take center stage.

“Heather wanted the four of you to learn your fucking place and to be honest she told Guy to have us do some seriously fucked up shit,” I tell the girls with all of them glaring at me indignantly,” Don’t believe me, ask yourselves this. How did we know exactly where you’d be, especially if you are so close as group?”

I watch the glares change to shock; I start to put away the blade but stop and crouch down in front of Miki.

“That I did for Tracy,” I tell her pointing at Arisha,” This is the mercy we show people where I’m from.”

I pull the gag from her mouth and put the handle of the knife in her mouth; I watch her clench down and lightly nod her head.

“Well leave the bathroom and once we’re gone you can free yourselves,” Hanna tells the girls stepping out.

“You ever breathe a word of this and next time Guy will come find you,” I tell them quietly,” After all, Guy is the only one that Heather wants anyway right? I mean, she never wanted anyone to go after him. She wanted him protected.”

I close the stall door and get about ten feet out of the bathroom when I see Hanna squaring off with Heather’s enforcer who looks shocked to see us.

“Masha,” I ask trying to remember her name.

“You are one of Guy’s women,” Masha responds taking her eyes off of Hanna.

“How do you two know each other,” Hanna says looking between us.

“She’s Devin’s girlfriend, and Guy’s woman on the inside,” I tell Hanna moving past and getting clear of the bathroom.

I don’t waste time getting into the parking lot and I see Allison there in my car waiting for us but she starts pointing behind me. I turn and see Masha following us with an expectant look on her face.

“This is the big plan isn’t it,” Masha asks me as I hear Hanna getting into the back of my car.

“Yes, what did Devin tell you,” I ask her.

“To stay home and only leave when he called me. I am not weak and when I tried to see him today they told me he was at the mall but here I find you,” Masha says a little lost in the situation.

“I think you’re done with Heather and her people as of right now,” I tell her smiling,” Come on, let’s go give Devin a surprise.”

We get into the car and on the way to Johnny’s I explain Masha’s situation to Hanna and Allison who like the change in the situation. Allison tells me its noon and relays to Liz that our task is complete. I wonder how the others are doing with their assignments.
Devin 11:55 a.m.

I’m at some park where the kids just stand around and watch each other play on skateboards. I’m watching Natsuko from behind a shed or something, I really don’t know how she’s supposed to help me when I’ve got three people to drop and I’m pretty sure I can only take one of them. She’s just relaxing while I stand here lurking like some cattle rustler. I see the tall Asian kid that Guy was talking to, I think he called him Hao, he’s got two buddies but they’re more interested in their boards than anything around them. I’m standing here for about twenty minutes before I finally see Natsuko start heading away from the park and into a back lot. I soon as she walks past Hao and his boys they notice her, short jean shorts with black leggings and a hooded denim jacket with patches I don’t recognize. She’s walking to the spot she told me about and I can see Hao and the other two following her at a distance, what amazes me more is that they’re staring at her and not at me.

It’s only a couple minutes from the park and sure enough I have to duck behind a dumpster just to keep the three from noticing me. All of them have on pads for skating; Hao’s two friends are both white, one with a shaved head and the other sporting some weird Mohawk or something.

“Dude are you sure that’s Jun’s sister,” Mohawk asks Hao.

“Yeah man, she’s hot too. I say we get over there and have us some fun,” Hao tells his buddies probably smiling.

“But what about Kyle, didn’t he tell you to get close to Guy and his people,” The bald one asks.

“Doesn’t matter now, Kyle’s got Guy where he wants him. He’s meeting with him today and apparently Guy wants to talk peace,” Hao says as I hear him round the corner.

I poke my head out and see Hao and his buddies have left their spot. I move up and peek around the corner, two dumpsters on either side and the back wall is a boarded off building. Natsuko has spotted all three of them and is backing up a little further into the alley.

“Hao what are you guys doing here,” I hear Natusko asks feigning fear.

“Getting me some rebel pussy, don’t worry, if you take care of all three of us we won’t smack you around or anything,” Hao says chuckling.

I’m feeling pissed off, I move up till I’m about five feet behind the three of them. Natsuko is backed up to the far wall when she smiles wickedly.

“I have to ask did you guys bring protection,” She says staring at me.

I watch the one on my left, shaved head; turn just in time to see my hand going for his throat. I get hold of his neck and use my other hand to grab him by the crotch of his pants before lifting him over my head and throw him head first into the dumpster. I am blinded, something hit me but I don’t know what it was. I put my hand on my head and pull it away to see blood; I look and see Hao holding his skateboard. I straighten up and I finally understand Guy when he goes all crazy, taking bad Mohawk by the hair I slam his head into the dumpster. Over and over again I keep slamming his head against the dumpster till I lose my grip. I’m still seeing red as Hao and Natsuko stare at me in awe.

“You… hit… me…,” is all I can say glaring at Hao.

“Dude I’m so sor…,” is as far as Hao can get before I palm his head.

Asian wonder boy is pawing at my hand when I latch the second one onto his the back of his head and start to squeeze. I feel him squirming, then a light crunch from his nose, then he just stops moving all together. I drag Hao to the dumpster with shaved head and watch as shaved head starts to pull himself up and out of the dumpster. He sees me and my only response is to slam my fist into his face, I feel a little give as he hits the trash in the dumpster. I deposit Hao and bad Mohawk in the dumpster before closing the lid and heading for my truck. It takes me a second but I realize that Natsuko is following me quietly.

“Are you okay,” I ask holding the bloody lump on my head.

“You just went ‘Guy’ on them,” Natsuko tells me with some awe.

“I don’t know what I did. How bad was it,” I ask boosting Natsuko into my truck.

I have Natsuko give Liz the news on our end before heading to Johnny’s like planned. Natsuko is quiet for a while but I’m not going to ruin the mood, I did it. I took out three people and have a witness, I gotta make something up for my parents but I’ll ask someone to help with that after I get bandaged up. We pull into the front lot of Johnny’s and I see Mathilda is here along with Jun and his group. As soon as we’re out of the truck everyone is trying to sit me down so they can patch up my head. I stopped bleeding halfway here and start to just wave everyone off when I hear a voice I didn’t expect.

“Devin, sit down and let them patch up your head,” Masha tells me coming out of one of the trailers.

I want to be tough but Masha takes me by the hand over to a couch like a puppy and sits me down so Mathilda can clean me up. My coat and shirt are stained and for some reason I’m being told to strip down so they can be cleaned up as well. I start to resist when Masha again leads me off to a trailer. I can hear people inside and Guy’s friend Johnny heads in first to clear it out before we can go inside. Masha sits me down on a couch/bed thing and I finally get out of my jacket and shirt before covering up with my arms, I am sitting on the blanket and there are pillows like people sleep here. Masha comes turns back towards me and cocks her head at me confused before coming over to me on the couch thing. I’m looking up at the first girl I’ve ever kissed or touched and I’m half naked and embarrassed when she uses her hand to close my eyes. I can hear some rustling and finally feel Masha’s hands pulling mine away from my chest before I am pushed against the back of the couch. I can feel Masha sitting in my lap and when I open my eyes I can see she’s taken her top off.

“You were so nervous the other night. Do you not like me? Is that why we didn’t make love,” Masha asks quietly.

“I’m not very attractive M,” I tell her quietly.

“Why you say this like I am someone who does not know you? You are large and strong, you have soft kind face and pretty eyes,” my girlfriend tells me quietly pulling my head to her chest.

We sit quietly when I finally raise my head and kiss her, it’s soft and sweet like I hoped it would be this time around for us. Masha breaks the mood confusing me as she gets up off my lap and starts to take off her jeans. Masha’s frame is more muscle and less girl than even Mathilda but even her small breasts and well defined build have me harder than when I saw a few of the punk girls having sex at the rally a few nights back. Masha’s fully bare and I can see her smile as my face must be in total shock but it’s when she starts to undo my jeans I try to help her by standing up. We get my pants and underwear down before Masha sits my bare ass back down and finishes undressing me. I watch like a fool as she leans me back and starts to sit on my lap, I can feel her hand touching my thing and I’m honestly the hardest I’ve been in my life. It hits me like a shock that there are so many things we’re not doing that I try to stop Masha from jumping the gun.

“Baby, there is more that we can do before this,” I say nervously trying to halt her advance.

“My love we will have time for that. Now I will have you inside me,” Masha whispers determined.

I feel my head start to press inside Masha, it’s warm and so tight but I’m barely inside and the feeling is awesome. I feel like I’m touching a live wire as my beautiful girlfriend continues to press herself onto me. Masha’s eyes are closed and she seems very intense as we’ve stopped with me only half way inside her, I watch as she bites her lip and I feel a rush as warm womanhood slams down to my hips and engulfs my manhood with tight warmth I am learning to love. Masha sits still shaking a little and the only thing I can think of is how badly I want to start moving but with her pinning my hips to the seat I am stuck waiting on her. Finally she leans back and looks down at our hips; I follow her gaze and see a little blood. I panic slightly but seeing her face and the smile she has starts to calm me down.

“I am a woman now, my love. Now let’s make a man out of you,” My beautiful Russian girl whispers.

My hands are on Masha’s hips as she starts to move up and down my member, I take my mind off the blood and feel a shiver up and down my body as she moves. It’s so warm and tight that I’m worried I might have hurt her when she pushed me all the way into herself. Masha keeps her pace slow and leans me all the way back before kissing me hard this time. I can feel my blood pumping through my body and I feel like I’m going to explode when I grab Masha’s hips and help her slam our bodies together. I’m in a rush and Masha’s biting my lip a little but we’re hard bent into each other when I bolt hits me and I watch as Masha’s head rolls back and I feel like everything I had just drained out of my manhood and into my girl. My girlfriend keeps moving lightly but I’m spent out and in the happiest moment of my life. Masha finally relaxes on me and I hear the door pop open and a head pop in as she turns around and starts yelling at the ‘visitor’ in Russian. The door slams shut and we both start to chuckle as Masha gets off of me and starts to clean us up. I find a cloth to wipe my member down with and watch as Masha transforms the couch thing into a bed and lies down under covers.

“Come lay with me my man. We will hold each other and be loved today,” Masha says sweetly with her accent.

I crawl in after my now confirmed girlfriend, we don’t have to hide anymore and that along with us losing our virginity to each other has me feeling like nothing in the world could ruin this day. I have to thank Guy when I see him for his help and ask him how he keeps from finishing so soon. I have great friends.

Jun 11:05 a.m.

I have the horniest girlfriend ever. I’m sitting in the back of Tracy’s car while we wait for Isaac to figure out when Taylor is getting out of his church and where he’s going afterwards, however Lilly is not so patient and has me leaned back against the door with my penis out in the open. Her hand is warm to the touch but I’m more worried looking around to see if anyone can see us. Lilly’s wet mouth replaces her warm hand and I’m finding myself less concerned about other people and refocus on her. She has a jean skirt on with white leggings and a sleeveless blouse to match. Slowly she’s working up and down my length making sure she has my full ‘attention’.

“I think you’re hard enough,” Lilly tells me pulling her mouth off and moving onto her back.

I watch as she spreads her meaty legs and pulls the white thong panties she’s wearing aside giving me a familiar view. She’s been shaving her vagina more since Guy and I gave her a threesome but thankfully she’s also not pressured me since he helped me give her a good fucking. I get a condom rolled on and get on top of Lilly as she uses a hand to guide me into her. It’s still tight inside Lilly but the condom keeps me from feeling everything else as I start to thrust in and out of her vagina. Lilly’s eyes are closed with quiet contentedness as I keep an even pace and she kisses me as our faces get close. I’d rather us be at a home and in a bed so we can move around more but it’s still kind of kinky to think that if Tracy found out what we did in her car she’d kick my ass. I can feel Lilly start getting close to her first orgasm and speed up my efforts when Lilly starts to slow my hips down. Delicately she backs me out of her before starting to pull the condom off of me, I stop her quickly.

“No Lilly we’re not going without a condom,” I tell her in a quiet tone.

“Why not, it’s not like Guy gave me a disease or anything and I’m on the pill,” Lilly retorts getting upset,” Why can’t we have sex like everyone else seems to?”

“Baby it makes me nervous, I’ve told you this before,” I tell her trying not to spoil the mood.

“Junichi you will take that condom off and treat me like a real girlfriend and stop making me think you’re saving that for the real woman you plan to be with,” Lilly snaps a little emotional at me.

I pull my hands back from hers and let Lilly take the condom off of me and quickly she pulls me back inside her. The sheer difference in sensation is astounding; I went from feeling just the tightness and a little warmth to the full wetness of Lilly’s womanhood. The first thrust in has us both gasping and I can’t seem to stop pressing harder and faster into her. Lilly’s hands are holding my face when I feel her legs wrap around my butt. I’m pushing harder and faster and while I love it Lilly is moaning loudly as I start to feel my orgasm coming on.

“I know you’re coming honey, don’t pull out,” Lilly pleads.

I’m a little nervous as she tells me to stay inside but at the last thrust my orgasm over takes me and I’m groaning as I release my seed into my beautiful girlfriends warm wet womanhood. I keep pushing and after a few moments start to relax when Lilly kisses me again. This kiss is much more passionate than the last one and I’m wrapped up in her arms for what feels like forever. Finally breaking the kiss we start to clean up and get our clothes back on properly.

“Now that we have that out of the way no more condoms,” Lilly tells me a little sternly but cute.

“I just don’t want to take the risk yet baby, it’s not that what we just did wasn’t unbelievable it’s just me wanting to play it safe with us until after college,” I reply to her but focusing my attention outside the car.

“Well I said no and that’s final. Besides I already spoke with your mom and if I get pregnant it’ll be fine,” Lilly tells me causing me to choke in shock.

I am about to go into a freaked out tirade when I see Isaac come running out of the church and hop into the car. Quickly he starts up the engine and we’re down heading down the road before I can ask what is going on.

“Taylor left early, found out Kyle and Guy were meeting and he’s setting up an ambush with the last two guys on Guy’s list,” Isaac says peeling down a side road and into downtown.

“Okay so what’s the plan,” Lilly asks getting ready.

“He’s on a bus then he’s gonna wait behind a couple old business for the others,” Isaac says rushing us to either a car accident or our target.

We’re quiet as Isaac gets us into the heart of downtown and we even pass Guy who is sitting at a table with someone who looks cold and bundled up. I few turns and Lilly is the one who spots Taylor ducking into an alley.

“Pull into the alley,” I tell Isaac.

He nods and we get in the alley and all of us see Taylor staring at the car confused. I motion for Lilly and Isaac to wait in the car as I get out and as soon as Isaac sees me he starts with the insults.

“Hey it’s the slanty eyed side kick. Where’s your boss,” Taylor asks looking into the car.

“Don’t need him here for this. It’s just you and me,” I tell him getting in front of the car and face him.

“Really, you actually fight? I thought you were too pussy to get your hands dirty,” Taylor sneers.

I don’t waste time playing around and rush him, grabbing his shirt and wrestling him down to the ground. He grapples me back and we roll around trying to get the advantage before I let a hand go and punch him in the face, I feel pain in my hand as I crack his glasses into his face. I feel him let a hand go and it connects with my ribs again and again. I am losing it and using my free hand grab his head and jam my thumb into his eye. Taylor stops punching and starts clawing at my hand to get it off his face. I roll on top and try to push harder into his flesh, I haven’t broken the skin but he’s hurting and getting more aggressive as I use my free hand to grab one of Taylor’s hands and get it pinned under my leg.

Now one hand down I can feel Taylor scrambling with one hand trying to pull me off and the other to get free. A sharp pain in my leg swings the tide and I lose my grip on Taylor’s face when it’s followed by a second and a third pain get me to roll off and I look to see that I’m bleeding through my pants. Taylor lunges on top of me with a small folding knife, like a Swiss army knife, and I barely grab his wrists to keep the blade from going into my face.

“You stupid little rice eating fuck, I’m gonna carve my name into your face after I cut your fucking heart out,” Taylor gloats trying to put his whole body weight behind the blade.

I’m losing my strength with this and he’s angling the blade towards my throat, I’ll be dead in a matter of seconds is what my anatomy classes keep telling me as I start to panic and desperately push back to save myself. I go from struggling against Taylor’s need to kill me to watching Isaac beat him with a tire iron from the car, in the commotion he must have gotten it and was waiting for me to need his help. Lilly is out as well and is helping me up and Isaac has Taylor down on his face and pinned.

“Lilly help me over,” I tell my shocked girlfriend.

I’m limping and bleeding but I have to tough it out, this fucker has been gunning for me and it’s my time to make people fucking scared of me for a change.

“Lilly hold Taylor’s arm out,” I tell her balancing on the wall of the alley.

Lilly let’s me go and after a brief struggle her and Isaac get Taylor’s right arm straightened out and flat on the ground. I limp around so that Taylor can see me as I look down at him.

“You want to kill me but unlike Kyle and Heather, Guy doesn’t send us out alone. Now you fuck I was just gonna kick your ass and leave it but you fucking stabbed me,” I tell Taylor quietly.

“I’m gonna fucking slit your throat,” Taylor grunts struggling against my girlfriend and Isaac.

I keep my hand on the wall and test my leg stretching it for a second before bringing the heel of my hiking boot down onto Taylor’s hand. Isaac covers his mouth so his screams are muffled but I am more feeling it as every time I stamp down my hip lights up in pain. Somewhere in the stomping Lilly grabs me and pushes me against the wall.

“Baby we need to go, you’re done here,” My sweet girlfriend tells me quietly.

I look and see Taylor’s hand is bloody and a bone is sticking out from the side of it in a grisly monument to my rage. Lilly helps me into the car and Taylor proceeds to drive us back to Johnny’s. We’re back before everyone else and as soon as the car stops Isaac starts yelling for a first aid kit and thankfully Johnny comes running with a duffel back full of supplies. I let one of Johnny’s friends pack my stab wounds with gauze after Lilly helps me take down my pants. The whole time I’m being bandaged up she sits there holding my hand quietly. I my disinfecting and bandaging gets done just before Mathilda and her girl brigade bring in Masha, Heather’s bodyguard, into the yard. Everyone goes on defense but Matty speaks with Johnny and I nod in agreement from my seat before turning my attention back to Lilly who is too quiet.

“Baby I’m gonna be okay,” I tell her quietly,” I’ll be walking and moving just fine in a few weeks.”

“I hope so, I’m getting horny as hell after watching you fuck him up I may need to have you finger me or something soon,” Lilly tells me with a wicked smile.

I chuckle and remind myself: Horniest Girlfriend Ever.

Katy 11:55 a.m.

I am literally standing in front of the worlds horniest guys with absolutely no balls. I’m at a comic shop in downtown in the shortest shorts I own and no leggings with one of Kori’s bras on pushing my girls up high enough to lick the tops of them, I’d wear it for Guy but I’m trying to get the last two guys on the list to notice me. The button up sleeveless top and heeled boots has me cold every time I get near a door and my nipples are like rocks because of it. Only four other guys in the store and creepy comic book guy with the bald spot, friar tuck hair and girl’s lip gloss seems to be the only one who wants to talk to me.

“So you like DC comics? I’m a fan of the old Batgirl, she was so much more realistic than the assassin girl they brought in,” creepy comic man tells me as I’m apparently in the DC section.

“Not really sure about who is in what comics,” I tell him looking over at my targets before turning my attention back to him,” Do you have anything with nudity? I need to pick something up for a friend.”

“No we don’t sell a nude comic here, that’s more of a specialty,” He tells me licking his lips,” I can have the boss order it for you when she gets in.”

I walk around the counter and step past my targets Derek and Michael, the black kid is the one going through the comics more but as soon as the larger white friend with black hair slicked back notices me shake my ass I have his attention.

“What about these statues,” I say to creepy guy bending over at the waist.

“Those are busts,” I can hear the guy snicker as he’s probably more focused on my ass than what I’m looking at,” And they don’t come in nudes either Miss?”

“Miss? Miss Demeanor, Miss Behavior, or how about Miss ‘So out of your league you’d need to start having sex with animals before you’d ever touch my dirty socks’,” I tell creepy guy standing up and facing him with my full on attitude,” Now do you have a store in the area that I can get what I’m looking for or are you just jerking me around.”

I watch the comic creeper step back behind his counter and looking through some numbers. I get back to looking at statues, more like looking at the guys behind me in the reflection and while the black guy is watching it’s his friend that that is taking the initiative.

“Hey are you looking for something hot or just browsing,” Derek gets out with the worst pick up I’ve heard in over a year.

“Actually I’m looking for something hot and hard,” I reply turning on him and I see a little confidence waver before continuing,” My problem is my girlfriends would get jealous if I only brought one guy to play with.”

I get out the door and head back to where Imelda is waiting with my coat and her bike. I’m about half way up the parking lot when I hear people coming up behind me.

“So if I brought a friend would your girlfriends be down for hanging out,” I hear Derek ask catching up.

“Depends on what’s hanging out,” I say waving Imelda over,” See I play with my food, I’m not fair and I will leave marks.”

“Hey I can give as good as I get babe,” Derek tells me with some swagger.

“Who are the boys,” Imelda asks coldly handing me my coat,” I don’t think she’s going to want company.”

“Oh come on, they’re party favors and I got one that wasn’t white for you,” I tell her pleading,” He’ll even let you toy with him.”

I watch as the black guy, Michael eyes up Imelda’s tight body before nodding in agreement. I pull my coat on and we give the boys the image of me riding behind Imelda before I put on my helmet and we start to leave. I look behind us to see them running to a van and hopping inside, I tap Imelda and we’re down heading down the road to the meet up point with Kori and Ben. It’s a bit of a trip but we’re at an old pump house in a more barren neighborhood that never got fully developed. Imelda and I hop off the bike and start to head inside when our ‘friends’ pull up in the van.

“What the fuck are we doing here,” Michael asks confused.

“Do the best parties happen where the adults are,” Imelda asks plainly.

I see him thinking but when she starts unzipping her riding coat and show’s she has a bikini top only underneath you can see the thoughts change almost immediately. The door is open and waiting for us inside somewhere is Kori. We lead the moron twins from another mother inside the pump house, it’s not big until you get to the underground where some of the machinery is but for me this is almost a rave spot. Our friends are a little spooked by the low light and shadows but I take a little initiative and back my ass up against Derek to keep him ‘focused’.

“Relax, we’ve been here before and it’s perfectly safe,” I whisper to him grinding back,” You’re not scared of a little darkness are you.”

“No babe, I’m good to go,” Derek tells me feigning confidence.

“Good, I will make sure our friend is wanting visitors,” I hear Imelda whisper joining the conversation,” She’s a little shy but she is gonna love you two.”

Michael and Derek are damn near drooling as Imelda’s tight little ass heads into a room and I hear talking from inside. Its a few moments and I see Imelda wave me over and I leave our boys behind to see what she’s got planned. Quietly she hands me a stun gun and we give the boys a smile welcoming them over. We let the boys get in front of us and I can finally see the room, candles are all lit up and there are some curtains with two silhouettes behind them, shapely girl and a guy standing upright against the wall. Derek looks at me and I nod for him to go forward.

“Hey baby, we were told you like a good party with hot guys,” Derek says pulling back the curtain before the shock hits him,” WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?!?”

I didn’t think Kori would pull anything like this but I must say she’s got a flare for the dramatic like Guy does. Ben is in the room and bound somehow to a wall with a gag in his mouth and covered in blood while Kori is standing there holding a knife and wearing an apron.

“Sisters you brought me something special today,” Kori says smiling,” Remember me boys?”

I can only imagine the horror on their faces but as soon as they turn Imelda and I shock the shit out their asses with the stun guns. Both hit the ground when I turn my attention to Ben who pulls his hands out in front of himself and takes his gag off.

“Okay that was just creepy seeing you like that Ben,” I tell him shaking off the image.

“Kori wanted to scare them badly, I just figured something like Texas chainsaw massacre would be right up her alley,” Ben says pulling down the curtain.

We get our prep work started, which mostly consists of clearing out all our stuff and stripping the guys down to their underwear and while Derek isn’t bad of in the package department Michael proves to me that even black guys have smaller cocks. We leave only one light on and taking their clothes shut the door and wait for our guests to wake up. It doesn’t take too much longer but the what happened and where are we are out of the way quickly when they feel cold and mostly naked before Kori decides to start talking to them through the eye slat in the door.

“You boys do remember me right? You beat me with belts and one of you even said you should fuck me for good measure. Well here’s the thing, I have the way out and you can stay in there and die for all I care unless my demands are met,” Kori says with a creepy level of sinister in her voice.

“Let us out you crazy bitch,” Michael yells scared.

“See that’s why you need to listen Michael,” Kori says using his name and scaring him more,” You either meet my demands or we leave you here to die cold and hungry.”

“What do you want,” Derek asks shivering.

“One of you two, I don’t care which, must fuck the other one,” Kori says getting a stone quiet response,” And my friend here will be watching the whole time to make sure you ‘seal the deal’. Do that and I’ll let you out after we leave.”

I watch Ben take his spot at the door and quietly using a recorder start to take video. Imelda is leaning against the wall shaking her head at the whole thing while Kori decides to sit down next to me and we start to giggle as we hear the debate start up.

“Okay man, let me just do you then we can get out of here,” Derek tells Michael.

“Fuck that, you are bigger than me,” Michael snaps back,” I’ll hurt you less than you’ll hurt me.”

“Dude either way we need to get out of here before they get bored and leave us,” I hear Derek say while I guess he’s dropping his underwear.

We hear them shuffling around and trying to figure out how to get it started when our first laugh real laugh of the day comes out of the room.

“Dude that hurts like hell, you need to go slower or something,” Derek groans to Michael.

“Well we need lube or something,” Michael says with his voice trailing off.

“I am not sucking your dick you piece of shit,” Derek barks causing Imelda to have to gag herself to keep from laughing.

We hear more noises from the room and what sounds like spitting before a loud moan and Ben giving us the thumbs up for them actually getting started. The sounds coming from the room are groaning and Ben motions that they’re taking things slowly when more conversation comes out of the door slot.

“Dude seriously just fucking get it over with already,” Derek groans quietly getting me to snicker.

“Well the ladies say I have a lot of stamina and it’s fucking weird doing this,” Michael replies as we hear some light smacking from the room.

“Well remember one of them and get this over with man. My ass is starting to burn,” Derek groans.

“Oh Denise, you and your big ass from choir camp,” Michael says taking on a journey down memory lane,” you like it when I fuck you like a good bitch.”

Not a single one of us save for Ben is able to keep from biting down on our coats or hands or something to keep from dying of laughter. I motion to Ben to see if he’s getting turned on but he shakes his head and makes an ugly face which cracks me up more. Too ugly for the bi guy.

“Oh shit Denise I’m gonna cum baby,” Michael groans.

“Man just pull out, this is already embarrassing enough,” Derek whimpers taking the ass beating of his life.

“Oh fuck, Derek I’m cumming too quick, SHIT,” Michael yells.

The groaning and sounds of guy on guy orgasm are just hilarious when Ben leans over and whispers to Kori who almost dies laughing in my breasts.

“He got him to cum,” Kori whispers with tears running down her face.

“Who Michael came,” I ask confused.

“No, Michael got Derek to cum,” Kori blurts out sending us all over the edge into near maniac style laughter.

We can hear the two ‘lovers’ from the room start to get themselves situated and Ben takes the recorder away from the slot before stepping back and after a few minutes Kori regains her composure and moves up so they can see her.

“Now I must say while I loved listening to that how stupid are you two? I mean aside from the fact that you didn’t even try to fight over who fucks who and object to the idea you didn’t see the door,” Kori says starting to laugh,” the lock is on the inside of the door, I couldn’t lock you in if I tried.”

I can hear both guys rush the door and Ben and I get Kori out of the way as it comes flying open. Both Derek and Michael are angry as all fuck when Imelda nearly scares the crap out of all of us by pulling a gun out and leveling it at the two of them.

“You fucking pendejos think you can fuck my mi familia and shit not gonna come back on you? You listen to me and you listen good, you come at her again and I burn you alive, you even come near her and I’ll make sure the tape you two just made is all over the internet,” Imelda growls,” I’ll make sure that no girl you ever try to speak with will be able to get the image of you two saying each other’s names while you fuck out of their minds, comprende?”

We watch as the two of them nod and Imelda gestures to where we piled up their clothes before motioning them back to the room with her pistol. Once they’re inside we hurry up and clear out fast with Imelda on her bike and Ben driving what I guess is his car back to Johnny’s. We get in and I guess we were last ones to get shit done today because everyone else is here. Kori heads over to Lilly and I can see that Jun has been bleeding but it’s Ben who waves me over as we find out that Liz is already here but Guy isn’t.

“He’s still there,” Liz tells me about Guy waiting for Kyle.

“Okay but if he’s still there then who was the mummy we saw him with when we drove past,” Isaac asks joining the conversation.

“What fucking mummy,” I ask confused by all the plans.

“When we drove past looking for…. Our target we saw guy sitting with someone at the park waiting,” Lilly tells us bringing the conversation over to where Jun is resting.

“Wait a fucking minute, if all you girls are here, and now the rest of the crew is here then who met Guy at the park,” Johnny asks confused.

Oh Guy, you fucking asshole. You’re lucky we love you because if we didn’t we’d leave your ass for keeping us in the dark about your ‘nail in the coffin’.

Guy 12:35 p.m.

I’ve been here over an hour and received a few messages from Kyle telling me that he’ll be here soon, jackass really doesn’t have any idea what I’ve unleashed but then I didn’t warn him either. More to the point I’m pissed the hell off and my anonymous companion is trying to help me keep my cool but there’s only so much bullshit I can get through while sitting for ninety minutes and waiting for an asshat. A quick tap on my hand and I finally see Kyle and Heather coming towards us from across the park.

“Wow, you really were here waiting this whole time,” Kyle asks sitting down across from me.

“Yeah and I told you to be here at eleven,” I reply keeping my tone flat.

“Well I was busy, who’s your friend,” Kyle says looking at my companion in disguise along with Heather.

“Someone who is here to keep me on point and knows you very well,” I say looking at Heather before turning my attention back to Kyle.

“Fair enough and it really doesn’t matter if we’re here to talk ‘peace’. So what are you thinking, you all come under our banner and start putting a good foot forward for a change,” Kyle asks me smugly.

“Ya know I’m really kinda happy you decided to brush me off, because in ninety minutes the object of our conversation went from a peaceful and nonaggressive resolution to surrender,” I tell Heather and Kyle getting amused looks.

“So you’ve finally decided to surrender,” Heather asks almost happy.

“Oh me, fuck no. I’m talking about you two,” I reply keeping my face blank.

“Wait you want us to surrender? Whether you want to admit it or not we still have more people than you, those degenerates and crybabies you have following you around en masse aren’t gonna stand up when pushed and you know it,” Kyle says getting excited,” But here’s what I’ll do, I’ll grant you and your girl’s free access and safe passage. The rest of your group will be punished for their defiance or leading you astray. Deal?”

“No, only Guy gets a pass and that’s only if he breaks off his sick relationship with all four of his whores,” Heather interrupts hotly.

“Here’s where you’re both wrong but if you want me to consider your offer just be honest with me about one thing,” I tell them getting a intrigued look for my query,” Why come after Kori and not just come at me if I was so horrible? You could have just done this straight and simple but instead you decide to hurt people close to me, why?”

“Because you’re a tool, plain and simple. I know that Heather has had it for you bad and to be honest I don’t care why she does. If you don’t think you’re a tool then just look around when you are at school, you’re doing everything for everyone else and nobody is going to give a shit about you once you’ve won or lost,” Kyle says almost laughing at me,” Hurting that budding prostitute you call a girlfriend was just an added bonus.”

“And besides that Guy you need to learn that you can’t protect all of them, you should have just taken my offer and broken it off with them the first time so I wouldn’t have had to have Kyle get his friends and Taylor to beat her like the bitch she is,” Heather tells me with a level of arrogance to match Kyle’s.

“Is that everything, you recruit people Kori wouldn’t recognize so that you can humiliate her and make me into your personal violence captain,” I ask calmly looking at the messages on my phone from Liz and smiling.

“Yes I did, you’re scum and why we’re still talking about it when you should be weighing your options before I call my boys and have them find that Mexican bitch you fuck and give her road rash on her bike,” Kyle threatens with a level of sinister I’ve been waiting for,” Or have them take that punk bitch you live with and see if a dog will fuck her. You may think your bad but I’m damn good at making sure everyone around you pays for your stupidity.”

I start laughing, just a quiet chuckle but it’s enough that Heather starts to remember when she lured me with Kori’s phone and gives a warning glance to Kyle who looks ready to fight. I wave them both off and regain my composure.

“Wow, after all that we’re back to the threats. I don’t threaten people, I warn them and then I promise them. Like I made a promise today that the truth of it all would come out and that everyone would be seen for who they are,” I tell my guests before turning to my companion,” I kept my word, you’re free to do what you want.”

I watch Kyle and Heather as my friend pulls off her glasses first then the scarf and hood to reveal Rachael sitting at the table. Heather looks confused but Kyle is mortified as Rachael turns her full attention to him.

“You sick fucking bastard! You sent your goon squad to hurt a girl who did nothing to you just so that you could manipulate her boyfriend? I didn’t believe it when she told me and I couldn’t help but remember that when you were with me that same day you were looking at your phone and laughing about some ‘school thing’ before we made love,” Rachael says turning on her full anger.

“Rachael what are you doing here? Why are you here now,” Kyle says trying to grasp his crumbling reality.

“Why am I here? Because someone wanted me to know the truth and it wasn’t you, then I approach a girl in bandages and we start talking and she tells me all about this war between her boyfriend and some asshole at her school named Kyle. Now here I am after you not only admitted to being a sick piece of shit but you want to hurt more women,” Rachael yells standing up and glaring down at him.

“Wait a minute Kyle who is she,” Heather asks confused.

“Heather not now,” Kyle says brushing her off.

“I’m HIS girlfriend you psychotic cunt,” Rachael spits out at Heather.

The table is more intense than I could have expected but I’m smiling like the Cheshire cat as Rachael starts to storm away from Kyle. Kyle like a good little prick leaves Heather alone with me which under normal circumstances would make my skin crawl but on this occasion I’m not that upset about it.

“What did you do to Kyle,” Heather asks still confused.

“What I didn’t do is take his girlfriend to a field and beat her with belts or threaten to rape her. But this isn’t about Kyle, it’s about you,” I tell Heather before taking out her cell phone,” And I think this is yours, thanks for the help.”

“What help, I didn’t do anything and my phone has been missing since…,” Heather starts to trail off with her sentence.

“Since last Friday at school? Yeah, but this whole time you’ve been texting me and letting me know all the details I’d need to know about how you were planning to kick Kyle to the curb for being too weak and how you wanted me to get my revenge and make sure your subordinates would be kept in line after some pretty savage and humiliating revenge attacks,” I explain to Heather who’s face has gone from confusion to horror.

“But you can’t, I started that group. I did most of the recruiting and even picked the advisor,” Heather pleads to me weakly.

“Yeah but now we all know why you did it, just to get me. You set up everything, sacrificed everyone else just for me,” I tell her dropping my smile and glaring at her,” You have my attention now, I have ruined you and your friend along with destroyed the basis of everything you stand for and I haven’t even had lunch yet. I warned you, Heather, to leave me alone. So after all this I have to ask you again, am I everything you hoped for?”

Tears start to run down Heather’s face and I sit back and smile as the arguing couple head back towards us and Kyle is torn between the aftermath of his relationship and Heather’s breakdown.

“Kyle I am leaving it’s not going to be with you,” Rachael says walking straight up to me,” I need to leave now and you’re the least offensive person around with a car. Can you take me home please?”

“Sure but I am not going to your house first so you’ll have to ride with me to a couple places first,” I tell Rachael like we’re strangers.

“That’s fine,” Rachael says turning to Kyle,” You do not fucking speak to me. I don’t know you and I know now that I never did. You are sick and need help, you and your ‘club buddy’.”

I point Rachael towards my bike and take two steps before stopping and turning back towards Kyle who looks wholly defeated and Heather who is bawling at her new situation. Calmly I take Heather’s head in my hand and leaning down lick the tears off her cheek. I pull my head and tongue back and sample the salty sweet goodness before looking at Kyle whose thoughts have derailed at the station and smile sadistically.

“You stand in the presence of a real monster. And I find you to be false and weak,” I tell Kyle,” I have nothing left to accomplish with you two, this is over.”

I walk away calmly and catch up to Rachael and hand her the spare helmet before we mount up and head off to Johnny’s. Apparently I’m in a bit of trouble as I pull up and my girls are staring me down with a purpose as I dismount with Rachael.

“You just had to get the last shot in didn’t you,” Kori says grumpily.

I timidly move in front of her and suddenly take her in my arms and kiss her hard and deep. My tongue swirls around her mouth for a moment before she starts kissing me back. We break our kiss and I see her confused.

“What did you eat while you were waiting,” Kori asks confused.

“That my dear was the tears from Heather’s face as we ruined her world,” I say looking around and seeing one person missing,” Wait a minute where the fuck is Devin?”

Apparently my voice carries pretty well because a trailer thuds and I hear a commotion from inside before Devin opens the door and pokes his head out.

“Sorry Guy, I was just in here… napping,” Devin tells me shyly.

“Why the fuck aren’t you out here with the rest of your family,” I ask starting to get a little hot at his laziness.

“We are sorry Guy,” Masha says to me from a window slat,” We were in here for a while and just lost track of time.”

My deductive reasoning kicks in full blast and I go from real angry to mock angry in record time as Devin steps out pulling his pants up.

“Boy what the fuck are you doing,” I yell getting some confusion and halting Devin in his tracks,” You have a woman in bed and you’re coming out here? Get your big ass back in there and I don’t want to see you until her face hurt from smiling or she lets you leave! Masha help him!”

I get laughter all around and Devin even chuckles a little before being pulled back inside the trailer. I settle in with all my girls and we go over the who did what’s and what fully happened. Jun’s not going to need stitches and Devin’s head is rubber cemented shut but other than that and Kori being the scariest woman alive, and I love her for it, I’m smiling as I cuddle up on a couch and have woman splayed out around me.

Its a few hours later and starting to get dark when I gather everyone around for my final briefing on the day.

“Okay everyone I know you are really amped up from today and we did a lot of stuff but now you have to do the hardest thing ever,” I tell them getting some concerned looks,” Nobody here can ever speak about what happened. We don’t talk about it to each other, we don’t joke about it. We see the people that it happened to we do nothing. Revenge is what you keep inside and you never get to let it go. Am I understood, because if not then we have a real problem in this family?”

Everyone agrees and understands and I watch as slowly we all trickle off and I give all my girls a kiss goodbye and even catch Liz and Ben having a quiet moment before heading their separate ways. At the end of it all it’s just Rachael and I standing in the compound at my bike when she gets a serious look on her face.

“I want something,” Rachael says quietly gaining my full attention.

“I’ll do what I can but I’m not a miracle worker,” I joke but see she’s serious.

“I want to be conquered, I want to be that princess who get’s taken when the barbarians come rampaging through her kingdom,” Rachael tells me with soft eyes,” I want to be made one of your women and I want Kyle to know that he’s lost me forever. I think I can get him to make the final mistake but you’ll be in for a fight. Can you fight for me?”

“For my girls I don’t fight,” I tell her smiling as I lift her face to mine,” I destroy.”

Part 11
Monday morning. I’m pulling up to school all alone for a change, before anyone else has had a chance to get here. I do this to give myself some time to think about what I’m becoming; A leader? A vigilante? A monster?

I lock my bike and head into the cafeteria to sit inside and away from the gathering crowds as students get off the buses. I get about five minutes of alone time when my phone goes off and I see that Kori’s wondering where I’m at. I tell her to send everyone to class, and to spread the word that I’ll be in the field at lunch.

It does amaze me how the world can change in just two days. Friday, there was a tension that had the school gripped in anticipation and fear; even the teachers were feeling it. Now, here I am on Monday, after third period, and instead of heading to get a lunch, I head to my spot at the bleachers and find that people are waiting for me and wondering where I am. My girls and friends are there too, but, it’s the crowd of onlooking students that are doing the majority of the talking.

I calmly walk up behind a simple looking student and say “excuse me”. I watch the kid turn and as soon as others notice where I am the mass of students parts at my
presence and I quietly head over to my family. I give a kiss to both Kori and Katy before ascending the bleachers to my spot–top corner–and face the assembled crowd. I can see everyone is waiting with anticipation as to what I’ll say or do; they have reason to be. The rumors of ‘what’ happened and ‘who’ got taken care of are buzzing around the school.

I look out and can even see Mrs. Jackson has reached the back of the crowd and is staring when I decide to show some real respect. “People, move aside. Our principal is here. Let her through,” I tell the crowd. I watch the crowd turn their attentions to her, make a path for her and start to whisper as to her intentions. Mercifully, I’m not stupid and don’t plan on any grand display of power that I don’t have.

I wait for her to get to the front before speaking. “Do you smell that? Do you hear it? Can you see it?” I get some confused looks from the crowd,”That is the lack of oppression in the air.”

I get cheering and applause for my words and I let it go for a few moments before raising my hand and quieting the crowd.

“Now, here I am with our principal in front of me and this is what I have to say to that: Welcome out to your field, Ma’am. Would you like a seat up here or are you okay down there?” I ask with genuine politeness.

“No, Mr. Donnelly, I’m fine. I’m just hearing what an unelected student leader has to say,” Mrs. Jackson tells me in a matter-of-fact tone.

“All right, Ma’am. I’ll get to the point, but, honestly, thank you for coming, because it helps me illustrate,” I tell her before turning my attention to the crowd again, ”…that this, here, is the person who tells us what we can and cannot do at school. Has she ever told you not to wear your clothes a certain way? Has she ever told you that the way you look is wrong? Has she *ever* just told you that who you are is wrong?”

I get murmuring from the crowd and even more confusion. Mrs. Jackson, on the other hand, doesn’t look phased by my questions for the crowd.

“I’ll help you out; she hasn’t. It’s not who this woman is. She looks out for you *because* of who you are, *NOT* what you dress like. This is the leader that I looked up to when I was chosen to be the person you see in front of you. This woman, Mrs. Jackson, has the power and the authority to tell you what to do and when to do it. She doesn’t. Why? Because she respects you.”

I get a level of awe with the crowds’ silence. ”As you walk your NEW school grounds, remember that you are not oppressed, you are cared for. You are treated like people because you *are* people.”

I get applause and more cheering from the students and find Mrs. Jackson waiting patiently for me when I get to the bottom of the bleachers with my friends. We walk with her back to the office and the whole of my family waiting in the office has the secretaries a little confused when Mrs. Jackson pulls me into her office alone.

“That was quite a speech, but, the question is, how much can I trust you?” Mrs. Jackson asks sitting down.

“Ma’am, you have real power, here, and I know that. I’m just telling people that when I stood up to something, I didn’t stand up against everything. I do respect you Mrs. Jackson,” I tell her still standing.

“Well, you made a very good point out there, I was wondering what those crowds I’ve been seeing were about, but, since I seem to have student support, I can’t really tell you to stop,” Mrs. Jackson says leaving a pause,” But, I will not have this ‘rumored’ aggression running around my school and I will not tolerate any bullying from either side.”

“I understand, Ma’am, and my people know to treat people with respect first. It’s when we aren’t left in peace that we return in kind what we were given,” I say politely.

I get dismissed and rejoin my friends and girls as we head to get a quick bite from the cafeteria before class. The rest of my day until homeroom goes by smoothly, save for a quiet level of peace that has been around all day long. I get to the Gym and see my whole crew and Kiante waiting for me. I beeline it to the Class VP with a level of urgency that puts everyone on edge till they see my smiling face.

“Class Vice President how good of you to come around to my neck of the woods,” I tell him smiling in a way that should creep people out,”What brings you to the gym during girls’ practice?”

“Business, mostly. I need to bring you to a meeting after school, you and one representative from your group to meet with Kyle and one representative from his group,” Kiante tells me in a more official tone than I expected.

“Really? Why would I want to do that?” I ask politely.

“Because I’m asking you to. Despite the change of mood there are still people walking around scared only now it’s reversed from them scaring students to you scaring them,” Kiante informs me.

“Really, I’m scaring them? *We’re* scaring them?” I ask starting to laugh,” How are we scaring them? What could we have done to evoke such a strong response?”

“Listen, man, I’m not here to accuse anyone of anything,” Kiante says dropping his official tone and talking to me plainly,” I’m here because Kyle came before Yano at lunch and asked for her and I to sit in while you discuss some sort of a quick resolution to the fighting that’s been going on.”

“What is there to discuss? It’s not like we’ve done anything but stand up and not back down,” Jun says slowly standing up.

“What my associate means is there’s something going on and either you don’t know or you won’t say,” I tell Kiante leading him towards the door,” I will only meet in the cafeteria and I will only do so in public.”

I get a nod and head back to my friends at the bleachers and sit down before realizing that everyone is staring at me.

“I’m meeting him in the cafeteria. Think we can get everyone there in under an hour?” I ask my friends.

The phones come flying out and I even see Masha on her’s texting someone with the update on the day. I get through some homework while getting a pair of arms around my neck from Kori, who’s in lovey mode since yesterday. It’s not a long wait till the bell rings and we head out to the cafeteria to see that it’s packed with students. I get my new treatment of people parting for me and my crew, but, see only Yano sitting at the table confused. I smile and sit down as my family takes other tables flanking me.

“Is all this really necessary?” Yano asks confused.

“Necessary, no. It’s fun, watch this,” I tell her before leaning back and raising my voice,” Can I get a round of applause for our class president for inviting you all out here?”

The cafeteria becomes deafening and after a minute I raise my hand and all goes quiet suddenly. Yano looks around and finally I have to laugh at the scene which gets everyone else to laugh. I’m waiting patiently for a minute when I see the crowd start to face away from me and towards Kyle and a bruised Hao. His nose has been reset and I can see his eyes got blackened by some great force; I casually turn to Devin and motion for him to get the crowd to part.

“Everybody clear a path and let them through. Guy has business with Kyle,” Devin bellows loud enough to make Yano jump a little in her seat.

I watch Kiante bringing up the rear as Kyle and Hao get to the table I’m sitting at. Kyle takes a seat across from me, but, Hao is looking around for his place with no luck until I wave Natsuko to have someone get him one. After sitting down and looking really nervous about having Natsuko so close to him Hao moves a little closer to Kyle. Kiante is seated to my left, and Yano at my right. Kyle’s across from me and Hao’s behind him looking worried; my crew’s at my back and my believers surrounding us all. I feel so good, I pull my hood off and smile as Yano starts to speak.

“I was asked today to have two leaders of two decidedly different groups in this school meet so that a quick resolution to this tension could be resolved. Since Guy has decided to meet in a more public forum, I will ask that the students not at this table please remain as quiet as possible while this meeting takes place.” Yano starts looking between Kyle and myself.

“Well, I can ask them for quiet, but, sometimes they have a mind of their own,” I reply smiling and looking at the crowd while making a ‘shhh’ with a finger on my lips.

The whole time I’m smiling and making nice Kyle is sitting across from me with a serious look on his face. Not menacing but dire and desperate. I fold my hands in my lap and wait for someone to begin.

“A lot of violence and pain has been done to people on both sides from both sides…,” Kyle starts before I interrupt.

“Allegedly done by both sides,” I say smiling,” I don’t remember there being anyone caught when people were attacked over a week ago.”

“Fine, allegedly done by both sides. Now I’m here just to settle some differences and make some changes in how things work in my organization. Heather has been given a leave of absence until she is ready to take a more restricted role.” Kyle says barely choking out the words with his temper,”However, I’m here to see all this violence stop and to propose something very simple to end it all.”

“Ohhhhh, what’s that gonna be,” I ask with mock anticipation.

“We fight. Not our groups, not our friends, just you and me,” Kyle says taking a serious but aggressive tone,” You need someone to teach you some boundaries after bringing people in that had no business being involved in what happens at this school.”

“Do not try to tell me that I’m the first one to pull that. Look Kori in the eye and tell her that I’m the first one who went outside of our groups and decided to recruit some help. I did just what you did, Kyle…” I pause to bite back my growing rage before smirking,” …but, I did it better.”

“Both of you need to calm down.” Kiante says intervening. ”So, we have a proposal for a fight, but, what are the terms?”

“Easy. I win, and he lets my people walk the school unhindered, we don’t bully, but, he leaves them all alone,” Kyle says plainly but with controlled anger,” You win, and the whole thing is disbanded. We all walk away and we don’t get bothered about it anymore as a result, since it doesn’t exist. You can say you officially destroyed the group.”

“Terms are set. Guy, do you have an answer?” Yano asks keeping a good level of decorum.

“’I win, you disband? You win, we let you do what you’ve been doing?’ I’m not sure how I feel about this.” I turn to the crowd. ”Should I fight him?”

The assembled students start cheering “Yes!” loudly, and I can see even my crew smiling, but, I turn my attention to my three girls; they know where I’m going with it when I raise my hand to get the crowd to stop. I stand up from the table and stare Kyle straight in his eyes.

“No,” I hear a level of discord and unrest in my believers and I let them speak their piece before silencing them with a quick wave of my hand. ”I say ‘no’ because you have nothing I want. Your people won’t bully anyone ever again, period. We beat you. I beat you. I have nothing to prove and nothing to gain by it.”

I sit back down and see some of the crowd is working over what I said. However, I am watching Kyle’s reaction to my refusal. I’m watching the gears turn in his head when I sit back down and Kori squeezes my shoulder, lightly getting my attention. I turn and see her face; a light smile and wink tells me it’s time to make a move.

“But, there is something I want *and* there is something you want, isn’t there?” I tell him leaning back and looking at my hands,” and I’ll be the first one to say, she is a real beauty.”

“What…No. You will not even think about going near her,” Kyle says coming to his senses about my direction for the conversation.

“Here’s the thing, I think she likes me, and I have room for another tigress in my life and on my body…” I tell him rubbing my tattoo through my shirt, ”…but, I think I know a little bit about her and she’d like to see two guys fighting over her, so, here’s the bet. No clubs. No school. No bullshit. No holds barred. One on one. You and me. Winner gets Rachael. Oh, and for an added bonus you have to either admit defeat OR your girl has to throw in the towel when she thinks it’s been enough for you. Now, I like this game, what do you think?”

“Fuck you. I’m not putting her on the table just to fight you,” Kyle says standing up and pissed off.

“Not my problem, I can put her on a table soon enough.” I reply smiling with confidence.

I can see Kyle shaking his head and sitting back down in his chair. Hao is whispering something into his ear. I let them talk when a faint memory hits me and gives
me a smile as I sit my chair right and start talking behind me.

“Hey Kori, you’ve met Rachael. Doesn’t she smell like strawberries?” I ask like Kyle’s not there.

“Yeah, a little bit, I don’t know if it’s body wash or perfume,” Kori answers me not hiding our conversation.

“You two stop talking about her,” Kyle snaps getting a hush from the crowd,” The bike ride home you gave her was as close as you’re going to get to ever touching her.”

“Really? You really think that, Kyle? Would you look behind me at the three girls here? Or, maybe outside at the hot Latina biker waiting for us? You really think I have a
problem getting women?” I say smirking. ”Let me prove my point; Miss President, you must see how attractive you are in that sweater top.”

“Ummm, I didn’t think it was much of a fashion statement,” Yano stammers getting a giggle from the crowd that I silence with a raise of my hand.

“Oh it’s not the top as much as the person who fills it out, and I wish you’d get contacts but the librarian glasses work for you,” I tell her like nobody else is there.

Kyle’s confused, my girls are almost purring behind me, and the crowd is a hush, but, I drown all that out and focus on Yano. She’s a little flushed and definitely turned on when I take her hand and calm her down a little before giving her a wink.

“Yeah, I don’t lie to women or keep secrets. I treat them like the goddesses they are when they need it and the women they pretend they’re not when we’re alone. Oh yeah, I’ll ‘never’ touch her again… until she wants me to,” I explain to Kyle plainly.

I got him. He’d never admit it, but, it’s like when you’re playing a game with someone and they realize they just lost after your turn. Kyle’s angry, a little confused and I know he’s hurting after yesterday with Rachael. Not to mention that everyone around him in his group is watching him to see if he’s going to get them hurt, now. I’m waiting for him to make his move or accept the challenge when he starts to get up from the table and tries to walk out. A level of disgust comes from the crowd, but, I hear something that almost makes me cringe come from Kyle’s pocket; ‘Hey handsome, your Princess is calling’. Kyle freezes in place and calmly answers his phone.

“Hey, Rachael… No, I’m still at school… Are you home…? You’re here at school now…? Yes, I did like you said but he said no… No, he didn’t like my terms and he has his own, but, I said no,” I listen as Kyle start to answer to ‘his’ better half. ”We’re in the cafeteria, honey. I’ll come out and meet you.”

I watch him hang up and start to try to reach the door when I see people turning away from the conference and part to let Rachael through. Kyle starts to try to lead her
out, but, she moves towards the table. I watch as one of the crowd gives her a chair to sit in. Quietly, Kyle moves back to his chair and sits back down across from me.

“Hi, Rachael,” I say smiling from my seat.

“Hello, Guy, What’s wrong with you two just duking it out once and for all,” Rachael asks politely.

“Honestly, I just don’t get anything out of his terms. Now, MY terms are much more interesting,” I reply with a casual smile.

“Honey, he wants to fight me for you,” Kyle tells Rachael who seems a little put off at the idea.

“Okay, but what do you get if you win,” Rachael asks confused.

“We’d be fighting for you,” Kyle tells her quietly.

“Well, I think you need to,” Rachael says dropping the bomb on the room hard. ”You’ve been hiding and keeping secrets from me for over a year and I think either I should start looking at a new relationship or maybe you need to do something to show me that I’m more important to you than some club.”

“I like you,” I say standing up from the chair and staring down at Rachael.” But here’s what you don’t get, girl. I don’t want a fight, I want to hurt him. IF he gets into a fight with me I will not stop until I’m dead or he’s broken and bleeding in at my feet. And when I’m done ‘princess’, I want to fuck you like an animal.”

Kyle bolts up from his chair and slaps me right across my face with more speed than I thought he had and the whole crowd start to erupt. I am still standing and my head is turned from the slap but I simply raise my hand again and they start to calm down before turning my face back towards Kyle and smile. I can almost taste his rage but I watch as Rachael pulls him back into his seat. I am still standing as Kiante motions me to sit down but I’m not in a mood to listen.

“This will come to order, Guy you need to sit down,” Yano says regaining control of the situation.

“I’m done here unless Kyle’s answer is ‘yes’,” I tell them. I turn from the table and I’m being led out from the cafeteria by Kori, Matty and Katy, but, I don’t get far.

“YOU WANT HIM, YOU BASTARD?!?!” Rachael screams over everyone.

I turn and see her standing up. She’s really pulling out all the acting chops for me. I turn back to the table and stare her down as Kyle stands up to face me.

“I’ll fight you. Name the time and place, and my girlfriend will get to watch me kick your head off,” Kyle says with more determination than I’ve seen from him, today.

I start to laugh; it’s a laugh that I’ve become known for when something really bad is about to happen and I can hear the cafeteria get silent as my laughter dies and I turn to leave.

“Time…Is on my side…,” I sing while being lead out by my three girls.

I get to my bike and watch as students pile out in droves and start talking about the fight. I sit back and come to terms with the fact that I don’t have a time or place yet, but, he agreed and that’s what is most important. My girls, on the other hand, seem to be handling the logistics as I listen to Katy on the phone with Johnny about a spot to use. As I watch, I shake my head as Devin and Ben go on alert; someone is approaching our group. I step off my bike and see Yano being held back. I nod to Ben, and they let her through.

“What the hell was that display there all about,” Yano asks a little flustered.

“I was making my point to him and her about what I really am and what is going to happen once I get a hold of the both of them,” I tell Yano as Katy moves over to us.

“No, not that, I mean the flirting,” Yano says a little put off,” Were you just making fun of me in there or were you serious?”

“Oh, girl he was serious, I think he left you with a bug,” Rachael tells her coyly,” You want us to come by today and help you out with that?”

“Wait, ‘us’? What do you mean ‘us’,” Yano asks a little embarrassed.

“See, he told us about you, and while the others thought it was hot,” Katy says with a quiet dominance,” I thought that sometime soon we need to fuck us a little slut. Now, take my number, and you call me when your free today. Yes?”

I watch as Yano calmly takes Katy’s number into her phone and slowly walks away towards her vehicle. Once Katy turns back towards me, I get Kori’s attention from her call, and listen as she’s talking to Johnny.

“No, I don’t know what the odds are but apparently the guy studies martial arts or something.” Kori says before turning her attention to us. ”What? I’m trying to work the details out.”

“Katy wants to take me away to make the Class President our bitch,” I tell Katy getting a wide eyed response” …Can we go when she calls, please?”

“Oh, and can we grab a few toys from the chest?” Katy asks cuddling up to Kori like a child.

“No, not for you, Johnny; Guy would kill you,” Kori says in the phone, ”I want a ride home and Guy you need to talk with your Dad about the fight, we got a window for Saturday night and Johnny has a few spots for you to look at.”

“Okay, but, look at Katy…she really wants to go have some fuuuuun.” I cuddle up on the other side of Kori.

“You can go when she calls, but, for now, can we please attend to the fact that you are going to be fighting for our new sister in less than a week,” Kori admonishes me.

“Look in my eyes, Kori. He’s a martial artist in America. He fights in soft-striking tournaments at best. What is he going to do to me?” I ask with a little more sarcasm than expected.

“He slapped you, and you didn’t stop it. You can play it off like you wanted him to slap you, but, you didn’t stop it.” Kori’s retort gets some seriousness from everyone. ”You need to talk with your father about a plan.”

I got to admit it when she’s right, and she is. I didn’t quite see that shot coming and that *is* a problem. He’s fast. Very fast. While I have some speed and power, my only real trait is how well I can take abuse and keep from tiring out under normal circumstances. It gives me pause for thought as everyone heads out.

I take my bike back home; as soon as I’m inside the door, I start to go over what I know in my head about this fight, almost immediately I find myself in workout gear in Dad’s gym working on my striking. Liz is the first one to come in and try to break me out of my mindset.

“Hey, bro? Aren’t you jumping the gun a little?” Liz asks taking a seat.

“Nope, Kyle might not fight like I do, but, he can fight, and that means getting myself ready,” I reply without breaking my concentration.

“Okay, but, I think you should wait for Dad to get home and have him run you through this,” Liz says trying to break my mindset with words.

“If I’m not busy when he gets here, I will,” I reply putting my fists to the bag.

I can hear her thinking. Something is up and I’m pretty sure I know what it is, but, I’m figuring she’ll either tell me or she’ll just explode it all over me when it becomes too big to hold inside. I’m working out for what feels like another thirty minutes when Katy comes bounding in with a purpose.

“Hey, Sexy, we got a date and I got what we need,” Katy says almost chipper,” You ready?”

I stop my workout and back Katy up against the wall and start to sniff up her neck, I can see the goose bumps forming on her neck and shoulder. I back up and see it in her face; she’s almost considering not heading out and keeping me here. I towel off and get jeans and a tank top on before putting my leather jacket on and we head out on my bike with her hauling a small backpack. We pull up to Yano’s house and I see an overweight white woman about to get into the only car out front.

“Are you the kids from school my daughter is waiting for,” She yells getting into the car.

“Yes, ma’am; is she home?” Katy asks politely.

“She’s inside, just go on in. I’m glad to see she’s having friends over.” She closes the car door and Katy and I smile and wave at Yano’s mom as she pulls away from the house before heading inside. I’m greeted with the familiar clutter and don’t waste time heading upstairs to Yano’s room. It’s the same as when I was last here except Yano is sitting at her desk and jumps a little as we enter.

“How did you get in?” Yano asks confused.

“Your Mom said for us to go on in,” I tell her closing the door after Katy.

“Okay, well why did you bring a bag?” She asks Katy.

I watch Katy drop the bag and start to strip down, I follow suit and soon Yano is the only one in the room still fully dressed. Katy’s opted out of her bra, but, the thong she’s wearing has my attention. I, however, am completely naked and showing a little life. Yano’s still confused and still sitting at her desk as I figure I need to help this situation along a little and grab Katy lightly by her hair. I pull her ass against my hips and feel my cock go between her cheeks. I let her head go and move my arms around Katy’s body to her front taking one hand up to fondle her breast and the other down into her thong and start pushing her mound. Katy leans her head back and I get to bite her neck lightly which gets her to moan a little. I’m glad that even after the hardest fucking she’s had in a while from me last week, she’s still a horny little minx.

I can feel a little moisture from Katy and with her grinding against me, I’m already half hard and I want more. I take my hands away from Katy’s mound and breast and turn her around; as soon as she sees my face, I don’t even have to help her. Katy gets on her knees and puts her arms behind her back before taking me in her mouth and working up and down my shaft in long, slow strokes. Katy is getting me most of the way in and it’s wonderful as I see Yano looking over at us with confusion and anticipation. I stroke Katy’s cheek as she’s working me over and glance in Yano’s direction, I can feel her smile while my cock is buried in her face and it’s a bit funny to me.

“Are you still fucking sitting there?” Katy asks pulling her mouth off me.

“I guess.” Yano answers nervously.

Katy gets up and asks, “Well, do you want to fuck and get fucked, or do you want to just sit there?”

Yano stands up and I move over to her. She still has her skirt-sweater combo on from school, today, as I start to pull it off over her head. I get it off and see a similar button up blouse from last week and decide to take a different route.

“Take your panties off,” I tell Yano.

I can see she’s nervous, but, she remembers last time and pulls them down under her skirt before handing them to me. I motion Katy over and we both watch as she crawls over and starts to help me undress Yano. We get her skirt and blouse off and I watch Katy’s eyes widen at the sight of the blue bra that is barely containing Yano’s breasts. We sit Yano back down and get her bra off before I watch Katy latch onto a nipple and start to suckle frantically.

Yano’s moaning and I make it a point to get Yano to lean back and spread her legs before I take the other nipple in my mouth and start to rub her clit in small circles. Now, Yano’s moaning and writhing as Katy and I work her breasts when I feel another hand and glance down to see Katy start to push two fingers inside Yano’s pussy. I can feel Yano gripping at me and while normally, I’d enjoy it, she needs to learn some control. I grab the back of Yano’s head and let go of her pussy before standing up.

“Suck me, slut,” I order her.

Almost like she’s hungry, Yano pushes more than half my cock into her mouth. I can feel Yano moaning as works me over, her soft face greedily taking me in with a sloppy noise. I look at Katy who has a smile on face as Yano’s tit fall from her mouth. Then, I watch as she uses her free hand to grab Yano by the hair and pull her face off my cock.

“Are you going to cum, you fucking slut?” Katy asks fingering Yano harder and faster.

“Yes,” Yano gasps looking up at Katy and me.

Katy shoots her a glare. “No, slut. You didn’t ask. Now, you hold onto that orgasm until I hear the right words, you pudgy cum dump.” Then, Katy moves back down to Yano and continuing to finger fuck her harder.

“Please, Guy, can I cum? I really need to cum,” Yano pleads to me.

“I’m not the one finger-fucking your pussy, am I?” I tell her turning my attention to Katy.

Yano is shifting in her seat and trying keep from cumming, but, I’ve seen Katy go to town on the other girls; she’s a determined little thing. I can see Yano is desperate to cum and soon without permission she starts squirting all over Katy’s hand and on the floor. I watch as Katy stops completely, I can tell she’s waiting for Yano to stop shaking from her orgasm and as soon as I see Yano start to calm down I watch as Katy slaps Yano in the pussy hard. Yano yelps and covers up before Katy grabs her by the back of the head and drags a crawling Yano to a bed post.I get to see the first tool in Katy’s bag of tricks, handcuffs and Yano is secured to the post by one hand before Katy start to admonish her.

“You stupid, fucking cow. You ask permission, you dumb slut. You really must want me to punish you, so, now you get to watch as Guy fucks me like he was going to fuck you.”

I move behind Katy, push her down to her knees and drop down myself as she leans forward and rests her forearms on the carpet. I line my cock up with Katy’s pussy and both of us are staring at Yano as I push inside Katy. Katy’s a soft, warm glove compared to the hole-in-the-wall making fuck-fest I gave her last week; we keep our pace slow and I spank her ass a little as we watch Yano languish attached to her bed. I pull Katy’s hair a little and speed up lightly and while I’m enjoying the softness, I’m not really in the mood for it.

I make eye contact with Yano and she sees that I’m trying to get her to speak or do something. “I’m sorry, Ms. Katy; I was being a selfish slut because I haven’t been fucked like you have. Guy is so good at fucking and you made me cum so quickly, I didn’t know how to stop. I can’t get better if you don’t help me learn how to be a patient slut.” She says it meekly, but, she says it loud enough to get Katy’s attention.

Katy stops my slow advances into her pussy and crawls the few feet to Yano and takes the cuffs off. Yano sits up and Katy shoves her tongue into Yano’s mouth, and they start kissing. Hard. I’m waiting on the floor for my next turn as Katy stands up and guides Yano’s face to her pussy.

“I know you can make me cum. Get to work, slut,” Katy tells Yano.

Yano wastes no time shoving her face into Katy’s mound. I watch with interest as Katy takes Yano’s hair in both her hands and bends her head back to ride Yano’s face. I can see Yano’s hands gripping her knees and while she might not be the most comfortable right now, Katy’s breathing hard and moves her hips a little fucking our new Asian slut’s face. I stand up and move behind Katy and spank her ass again getting a little yelp as I see Katy looking back at me.

“Save that fucking cock, I’m gonna make sure you get off, baby,” Katy tells me quietly.

“I wanna see this slut give you an orgasm then I’m gonna fuck her,” I growl to Katy who smiles wickedly.

I watch the orgasm creep across Katy’s body and she’s leaning forward almost too far bending Yano’s head at a bad angle before I help her lean back. Katy steps back on shaky legs and I watch her move over to the chair and take a seat as I move onto Yano’s bed and beckon her up with me. I watch as Yano, confused, starts to try to get me to lie down on top of her.

“Slut. I am on my back for a reason. Now get your pussy on my dick now or I’m gonna fuck Ms. Katy,” I tell her sternly.

I watch Yano hesitate a bit–probably about her weight–before she moves over me and straddles my hips. I feel her line me up with her pussy and I get a feel for her warm folds again as I push up and inside. Yano’s leaning forward and using her hands to keep her weight off of me and it leaves my hands free to squeeze her huge tits. I take long hard thrusts into Yano’s warm cunt and it’s a good fuck as she is moaning almost happily and starts to fuck me back with her pussy. As I move my hands down to her ass and we start slamming our bodies together in hard slapping thrusts, I can see Katy rummaging around behind Yano. I then pull her back to lie flat on top of me so I can take hard fast thrusts into her pussy. I start to feel her clamp up and watch her face go from enjoying herself to concentrating.

“Are you waiting to cum,” I ask Yano playfully.

“Yes, sir. I really want to be a better slut since you and Ms. Katy came over to fuck me,” Yano tells me as she slows down her movement, allowing me to make her cum.

A shift in weight on the bed and I can feel Katy standing up behind Yano, both of us are confused and I only slow down as I see Katy’s face come into view before she pulls Yano’s face towards her so they can see each other.

“You really wanna cum hard, Yano?” Katy asks Yano who nods emphatically,” Now, Tell me who is in charge.”

“You and Guy are in charge. I’m a greedy slut who needs to learn,” Yano gasps trying to focus on Katy.

“And what if I want to do something to you that would hurt, but, make you cum hard and have Guy come in your pussy?” Katy asks with a wicked grin. ”Do I get to do that, or are you just selfish?”

“I want him to cum hard. Can I cum with him, Ms. Katy?” Yano asks while consenting.

I’m buried in Yano’s pussy when I feel Yano’s body go rigid and watch her eyes widen. Then, I feel another pressure inside Yano and I see her eyes start to tear up. Yano’s frozen in place and I see Katy’s hands on her shoulders as she winks at me; The pressure starts to feel more and more like a fucking other than me in Yano’s pussy. I take my cue from Katy and the idea of the two of us making Yano our fuckdoll is good enough for me to push myself into a hard fast pace to match whatever Katy is using on Yano.

“Are you a good slut, Yano?” I ask hammering her pussy.

“Yes…Guy…I want you…to cum in me…hard, sir.” Yano whimpers shaking from the team fucking she’s getting.

“Tell Guy what I’m doing Yano; he’ll cum faster, if you do.” Katy takes a fistful of Yano’s short brown hair.

“She’s fucking my ass…It’s almost as big as your cock,” Yano gasps arching her back.

I have the mental image of Katy pounding Yano’s ass as I’m fucking her pussy and the two of us start to harden our thrust into Yano trying to break her holes as I start to get close. I watch Katy’s hands pull Yano’s face back and Katy starts to lightly slap Yano’s cheeks taunting.

“Cum for us, slut. I wanna hear that fucking sow face of yours making noise,” Katy says with sinister glee.

Yano start to make whimpering and squealing noises as Katy stops slapping her and focuses on bringing her orgasm around for the second time; I’m also starting to feel mine. Yano’s soft, warm folds start trying to push me out as I jackhammer my cock into her and shoot my load into her. I tense up and grip onto my hefty Asian as my cum fills her up. Yano groans loudly enough that if anyone were home, they would have heard. I feel liquid all over my legs and feet and I watch as Yano convulses in a mind breaking orgasm. Katy and I hold her in place as she collapses on me and I feel Katy’s strap on come out of Yano before she helps me roll our now exhausted toy off of me.

I finally pull myself out of Yano’s worn pussy and survey the damage. Katy is standing next to the bed with me as I get up and I see Yano squirted off like a hose drenching the foot of her bed in her cum. Katy takes the strap on off and pulls the blankets off from under Yano which gets no reaction before kneeling in front of me and cleaning me off with a corner. Once I’m clean, we both pin Yano in and slowly rouse her back to the land of the living. After what seems like ten minutes, Yano starts to wake up; She has a confused look on her face as the two of us are tending to her.

“How was that?” Katy asks quietly.

“That was unbelievable, Ms. Katy,” Yano says submissively.

“You really are a good girl, but, after that, I’m just ‘Katy’ until the next time we come by and fuck you silly,” Katy says grinning.

“I didn’t know I could cum that hard…did I do anything bad?” Yano asks politely.

“You’ll need to do the laundry and get a different bed set…and you’ll want to clean me out of your pussy,” I tell her standing up.

The three of us get dressed and talk a little about school. Yano tells me that she’ll be there when I fight Kyle. I thank her and I get a kiss on the cheek from her, and one on the mouth from Katy. I feel my member twitch at the sight. Katy and I head back home on my bike refreshed and alert. Thankfully, we get in just in time for dinner. Katy and I sit down and nobody says anything until the plates are clear, when Dad is staring at me, looking like he’s expecting something.

“Boy, how long are you going to wait to tell me about what happened today,” Dad asks in an aggressive tone.

“It’s nothing, Dad. I’m gonna fight Kyle one on one this Saturday,” I tell him before looking to Mom,” Is there a desert?”

I don’t often get manhandled by my father, so, when he pulls me out of my chair by my shirt collar and walks me to the gym, I take it as a serious moment. He shuts the door after getting us both inside, and I watch him take a seat.

“You got a fight coming, and I have to find out from Kori. That girl is sounding a whole hell of a lot smarter than you, today,” Dad tells me starting in with how I fucked up,” I already got all the information from her, so, now you get to go and change into your workout gear before we go over the rules.”

As I head back to my room, I notice how quiet all the Mom and the girls are when I pass. I get changed and head back into the gym to find Dad is wearing his fight gear. I got a feeling what is coming and I know I’m not gonna like it as I take my seat and start gearing up.

“So, this is a surrender match and Kyle is faster and trained up in martial arts. That Jun boy told me he’s won a few tournaments and that means he knows how to win. Now, here are the rules until the fight is over: No girls, no sex, and nothing outside of school, homework and this gym. Do I make myself clear?” Dad tells me as I blanch at the rules.

“Dad, I don’t think we need to go that far,” I tell him getting my fist pads on.

I get to my feet, and as soon as I’m standing, Dad knocks me down with a straight shot to the face. I start to get back up, and a second one I didn’t see coming hits me in the temple, leaving me struggling to get away. I finally get back and see Dad is waiting for me on the mats.

“Boy, you might be good; you need to be in front of a gun for this whole fight. Each move is a game ender, and this kid can probably kick your head off before you see it coming,” Dad says as I get back onto the mat.

My world–’til Friday–is literally:
Wake up at five in the morning to work out with Dad until I have to shower for school…
sit through the classes…
not touch my women sexually…
go straight home after school,
back into the Gym for more fight training,
eat dinner,
more fight training,
then sleep to repeat the next day.

I am looking at Friday lunch and everyone is wondering how I’m doing considering I haven’t been talking or letting my feelings be known to anyone. To be honest, I’m feeling really angry all the time. Finally, Jun is the one to try to talk to me.

“Hey, man. We got everything arranged for Saturday night. Apparently, Johnny’s arranged a few other fights and your girl, Imelda, made a few calls to get some people you know to make the place secure. I’ve been to the site and we have everything set up,” Jun says starting to show some pride,” It’s gonna be a fight night, so, we need to go over some details with you on feel and music.”

“What fucking music?!” I ask nearly spitting my food as I talk.

“Honey, he’s got this fight theme idea to make it a big event. Johnny’s taking money on this and that helps to pay him back, but, he needs us to be in on the thing, since you and Kyle are the main event,” Kori says trying to cheer me up before asking,” Any ideas?”

“Okay, the two of you need to not be asking him so many questions. He’s got Dad on his back driving him forward and this is a distraction,” Katy says getting an odd look from the table.

“Katy, this is important too,” Kori says.

“I get that, but, Guy isn’t going to be able to help considering his Dad has him on a regimen of work, training and school,” Katy says informing people as to what I’ve been doing,” He doesn’t get any free time or playtime. We don’t get to have him until after he’s done with Kyle. Hell, I tried to get into the gym when they were training on Tuesday, and I got a locked door and a ‘go away’ from Dad for my trouble. Whatever they’re doing in there, I know it’s going to be for the best.”

I *could* tell them what the entire plan is, but, that’s for Dad and I. I don’t like keeping secrets from everyone, but, this isn’t negotiable considering my Dad is the one with the plan.

“I want the four of you to try to come up with something to wear. Try to look as similar as possible and as hard as hell,” I tell them.

I get some approving stares before Natsuko quietly says, “Okay, but define what you mean as hard.”

“He means ‘bad ass bitches’,” Katy says with a wicked grin.

I let the girls get into the planning and I find out that Natsuko is set up for a fight on Saturday against some girl that volunteered to a fight. Thankfully, their fight
restrictions aren’t as hardcore as mine are, but, then again, I got a fight the way I want it and–better than that–I have a plan.

After school, I get home and go right into the gym where Dad is waiting and I give him the update on the fight progress as we begin my getting worked over.

Its a few more hours of punishment before Dad finally lets us break for dinner and Mom is the first one to notice something is wrong. “Guy, baby? Your nose is bleeding…”

“He’s fine, honey. I got it blocked off so he can train,” Dad replies without missing a bite of food.

“Okay, that’s it. This is going no further. You have been beating on him for days, now and if you don’t let him relax, he’s going to walk into this fight tomorrow a bloody
mess and leave on a stretcher,” Mom says exasperated.

“Mom, it’s okay,” I tell getting a look from everyone but Dad,”I’m okay. Dad made sure every time that I’m okay. It’s hard, but, I need this to be hard or I’m gonna lose.”

I see the shock, but, when we get done with the meal, Mom has Liz and Katy clear the table and she decides to join us in the gym. While Dad would normally protest, Mom isn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. Dad continues his manhandling of me and I get some good shots in before Mom makes us call it a night and tells me to meet her in the bathroom after I get out of my workout clothes.

I get to the bathroom after changing and find a bath drawn. I’m not a fan of lying in my own dirty water, but, Mom is insistent and leaves so that I can soak. I get in the warm water and I don’t know what Mom did, but, my limbs feel like jello, and it’s not too long before I pass out.

I’m guessing its Saturday morning by the sunlight creeping through my window and I’m sore as fuck when I see the clock is past nine. I start to rush out of bed only to be met by Katy who pins me to my bed and cuddles up.

“Dad said no training on fight day, so after breakfast we need to take you to Imelda; she has some people here for you to meet.” Katy tells me.

“What happened to me last night?” I ask confused.

“Mom gave you some sort of a rejuvenation bath that kicked your ass,” Katy says smiling,” Dad dried you off and we brought you in here and got you in some underwear.”

“So, I get today off,” I ask starting to cuddle in when Katy puts the brakes on.

“No, that is not happening till you win tonight,” Katy says getting me to relax.

Well, that’s just fucking perfect. Go get the shit beat into me, *then* get to have some fun. My day seems all sorts of backwards, but, I try to take it in stride as we eat breakfast with the family and I get dressed so that I can head to Johnny’s place. I ride up and see something that has me feeling like I’ve been transported back in time as eight large and heavy bikes are sitting in the main area and I can see Imelda and Kori with Johnny talking in a group of Union bikers. Johnny parts the sea to let me in. I watch as the girls wave bye to me and leave on Imelda’s bike.

“Okay, where the fuck are my girls going?” I ask Johnny confused.

“They said they were here to keep people company ’til you got here. Then, they needed to leave so they could get ready for tonight,” Johnny tells me leading me into the bikers.

I get past the small wall and see the Old Man sitting down on an old car backseat that has been turned into a couch and rush over to shake his hand. He smiles at the respect and I don’t even try to get him to stand as I sit down next to him.

“Sir, it’s good to see you out here, but, what brings you around to this area?” I ask him.

“Well, your girl called me and said that there was business up here. She said that you needed some people around to keep the peace for a little fight you were running,” the Old Man explains, ”So, I took a plane up here, and got the Tacoma chapter to bring me down so we could see what you’re doing.”

“Well, I’m really glad she did that. I did want to bring you up here to look at Johnny’s place because I think you can help each other,” I explain as we get up and I start to show him around.

As we go over the grounds, I talk to him about what Johnny has planned; how he has workers already on site and about half the machinery he needs. Johnny goes over his basic distribution system and advises us on how much more space he can have if he’s going to produce more product. All the walking and talking is good, but, I can tell the Old Man needs something a little more direct after the grand tour gets done.

“Okay, boy. My Pariah’s girl brought me out here to hear business and I’ve heard everything, but, what am I needed for?” He leans on his cane and asks.

I watch Johnny smile and light up a joint right in front of a visibly unimpressed Old Man. He’s also a little put off when Johnny tries to hand it off to him.

“Boy, you do realize that you’re handing me an illegal substance and I don’t have a Glaucoma card on Me.” the Old man says as I chuckle a little.

“It’s not a jail sentence here sir,” Johnny says explaining,”After the legalization in this state, people haven’t really jumped on a distribution or even a mass production market. I can produce, but, I need seed money and businesses to connect with.”

“’Seed money.’ Are you trying to be funny with me, kid?” an agitated Old Man asks.

“How much does it take to find a supplier for a Marijuana distributer? You usually have to go through a medical outlet and that produces a reduced strength product. If you get a hold of the business and help me with some funding and distribution locations, I can put out a product that would make people avoid the hospitals and bring anyone with a prescription or plan right through your doors,” Johnny says laying out his full pitch.

I watch the Old Man wave him off and Johnny heads away as I get left alone with him. I lean up against the wall with him and we stand quietly for a few minutes when he finally starts to talk to me.

“This punk kid you got has a great plan. Problem is, it’s a lot of money he’s looking at having someone dump into his business venture,” the Old Man asks.

“I’ve known Johnny for a little bit now and he’s been good by me for a lot of things,” I explain to him, “I’m not saying give him everything, but, I’d see about getting him some equipment to make more out of before you commit seriously. If he fails, then you just pull out and take your equipment back.”

The Old Man is weighing the options. While I don’t know what he’s going to do, I do know that he knows a good option when he sees one. I’m concentrating on the deal when he brings up a more pressing subject.

“So, five girlfriends now,” Old Man asks smirking,” Kid, you’re going to be grey by twenty if you keep this up.”

“Maybe, but it’s a labor of love,” I reply getting a chuckle out of him.

“So, this fight tonight…do you think you can win?” The Old Man asks me with a tone of seriousness.

“Not about winning, sir…” I reply calmly, ”…It’s about pain and who can take more before they quit.”

“What about your girls? They throw in the towel and you lose,” he tells me with concern.

“No one is throwing in a towel. That’s just for show,” I tell him getting an odd look,” I will hear him scream that he quits, and I will take everything from him in a few hours.”

I watch the Old man shake his head at me chuckling. I don’t know if it’s at my confidence or the straight forward approach to the situation that has him laughing, but, I smile with him and enjoy the moment. I walk the Old Man back to the main area, where the local Union bikers he brought are mostly relaxing. They perk up as we approach; I let them handle their business with Johnny before heading back home.

I get in and check with Dad, fight time is eight tonight, but, I need to be there by 6:00 for setup and rundown with Johnny and Jun. The two of them have been spearheading this whole thing, making it into a grand event. With the Old Man and some friends running security and probably taking bets, I turn to my father for focus. I leave Johnny’s place and head home for a final strategy session and prepping for the fight and I get in around one to find Dad in the living room watching TV watching sports. I stay quiet and try to relax or wait for him to start telling me what to do; I actually doze off to find him waking me up. I check the clock and see it’s five after five as Dad leads me to the gym.

“Boy, it’s time for you to get some clothes on that you can fight in,” Dad says as I strip down.

The shorts and protective gear are form fitting and the only piece Dad has me wear is the one that covers my crotch. I almost want to joke about Kyle going for the vitals, but, I can tell Dad is in no mood for comedy as he starts taking his time going over the game plan we worked on. My hands and feet get taped up; I can move my fingers, but, mostly for grabbing than fine motor skills. My feet are poised up so I can lunge forward with a bit more spring, but, side stepping isn’t as easy. I put some light weight pants on and grab my jacket I get already and find that my girls have grabbed their gear and are ready to drive me out.

We all pile into the family car with Katy driving and head off to a warehouse past downtown. Arriving there is easy enough and we get a preferred parking spot with some of the bikes surrounding and I get lead by one of Johnny’s people inside the building. The space has been cleared out and there are some side offices that have been ‘converted’ to be locker rooms. The girls get me inside and I watch as they pull out long cloaks and hoods and we all sit, with me being in quiet thought and wait to be called for.

We can hear music playing, as well as people arriving after a time. At one point, Natsuko comes in to change and the girls start talking. I don’t know when it started, but, at some point in my concentration someone started talking to me. I open my eyes and see Natsuko standing there in some tight fitting sports top-and-bottom combo; they’re black and bright blue. She also has pads on like she’s sparring with someone.

“Guy, are you in there? Did someone break him?” Natsuko asks poking at me.

I start to move and immediately Imelda backs Natsuko off a little as I stare almost through her. My gaze and focus are out in the arena; my target is there waiting for the time. I’m in such a mindset, that I don’t really notice the time passing and my girls talking among themselves. Even when Natsuko comes back after her match and is being toweled off, cooled, helped out of her gear and into some comfortable clothes, I can hear her wish me luck, but, right now, I’m ready to run on all cylinders.

Kori snaps me back to the world for a moment. “So who holds the towel, Guy?”

“You do, and no matter what happens, don’t throw it,” I tell her quietly.

“But, what if he starts to really hurt you…?” Kori asks with slight concern.

“You. Will. Not. Stop. This. Fight.” I tell her in a quiet tone.

I get my nod from Kori and while the other girls are very determined, I see her pause as I get back into my zone. Jun comes in about five minutes before the fight with a headset on and is talking through it as he walks in.

“Okay, Guy, I’m gonna lead you to the side entrance, where you’ll come into the stage. Please wait till your music starts to enter; the announcement will come as you enter.” Jun finally notices my mood. ”…..aaaaand he can’t hear me right now, can he?”

“His mind is on more important things,” Imelda tells Jun before turning to me. ”Guy, we’re going to flank you on your way in. Keep your hood up ’til we get to the pit and we’ll take your gear off.”

We all leave the locker room and after a few turns in a side hall, I can see all the bright lights and all people waiting. The pulse of the warehouse is electric and I’m very amped up as I hear someone on a loudspeaker start talking.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now is the time for the main event of the evening. A no-holds-barred, no-time-limit surrender match! Introducing the first combatant…”

I hear an old familiar piece of music kick on over the speakers, it’s that same music you hear at a graduation and it sounds so regal and arrogant that I almost want to vomit. Katy taps me and smiles as the announcer comes back over the microphone.

“Now entering the arena, wearing the white, Kyyyyyyyle Traaaaaaaaviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!”

I can hear people actually cheering for him and I figure he’s enjoying the spotlight; I almost smile. I get my mouthpiece and all of us get our hoods up when I hear a talented guitar come over the PA systems. It’s almost country and I’m dumb founded until I hear a familiar voice–Johnny Cash–start singing.

Ain’t no grave can hold my body down,
ain’t no grave can hold my body down,

I try to listen but my girls start to walk and I follow all of us hoods up to the ring.

When I hear that trumpet sound,
I’m gonna rise right out of the ground.
Ain’t no grave can hold my body down.

We enter and I hear people cheering me, I almost want to shake my head but I keep my gaze down cast as the girls and I slowly enter the arena and I get lead to the mat by my girls and as they take my coat and boots off of me the announcer comes back on cutting the song off.

“Now in the arena, wearing the black and red boxing trunks, Guuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyy Donnellyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

I can see Kyle now; he’s wearing a white kung fu suit and is staring at me with a confused look. I’m in a lot less clothing and finally the referee steps forward and starts going over what few rules there are in the fight. Kyle’s on his knees like he’s waiting for something to happen. The referee backs out of the way and while I can hear the crowd, Kyle is the first one to step forward. His hands are down at his sides and he’s looking like he wants to speak. I step forward and start pacing back and forth in front of Kyle as he looks like he’s finding words to say.

“Listen, Guy. I know you think this will win you Rachael, but, she doesn’t love you,” Kyle says attempting to plead his case,” Stand down and surrender. Now.”

All I can do is sneer at him with my mouthpiece in. He figures out that I’m not interested and takes a defensive posture. I take a wide and unguarded stance.

The ref stands in the middle of the ring, keeping us in our corners until I hear it….


The bell. I lunge full steam at Kyle. My first volley is hammering swings, wide and hard. Kyle is deflecting my shots and keeping on the defense, I’m keeping the pressure on when Kyle does a hard push against a haymaker and shoves me back before delivering three straight shots to my chest, making me stagger and falter for a moment. Kyle sees the opening and I can barely see the next shot, a strong left that I barely get my jaw out of the way of as it connects with the side of my head. I reel back and take a second to shake my head before lunging back in. I’m shaken, but still swinging bombs back and forth like I’m wielding hammers in my hands.

Kyle’s confident; even when I bring a foot up to kick him in the face, he bats it away and I’m off balance and I can barely get my hands up as Kyle’s right crashes in them and pushes them into my face hard. I hit the ground and roll a little but not before I get my head up in time for Kyle’s covered foot to crack me in the forehead. I’m a little dizzy and I shake it off.

“Do you want to give up,” I see the biker/referee asking me.

I stagger to my feet before turning my attention back to Kyle. He’s on his knees again, but, quickly bounds up and comes at me this time taking the full offense. I’m hit with a barrage of kicks and knees, punches and palm strikes. Kyle is good, I keep my defense up and weather the storm of blows, but, it’s more than I can guard against as a few shots slip past and have me looking a little winded as I see a smirk come across Kyle’s face.

I start to bring the hammer fists around again, but, instead of dodging, Kyle blocks my first big right with one hand and slams my jaw with the palm of the other. I’m reeling back as a second shot connects with my gut and I buckle to my knees at the force. I must look drained as Kyle has backed off and I push myself to my feet, I can see the girls have their hoods off and are watching but the only female in the front who looks concerned is Rachael as she’s gripping the towel in her hands tightly. I turn my attention back to Kyle just in time to turn my head to the glancing shot from his fist as it connects with my nose. I roll out of the way and while my nose isn’t broken I can see the blood dripping from it onto the ground. I make a pained effort to stand and as I get to my feet and raise my fists, I have about a second before Kyle resumes his assault.

I’m blocking shots but things are getting fast and hectic and while I’m keeping my vitals protected I don’t see the hard shot to my right knee and it buckles me down. I grab at my leg and start to try to move it when I hear Kyle over the crowd.

“Ask him. He’s broken down and can’t stand,” Kyle yells at the referee,” Ask him!”

I watch the Referee walk over but I shake him off and he backs up. I can see Kyle is confused and disgusted as he turns to Kori holding my towel in her hands. I watch him walk to the edge of the mat and start to address my girls.

“I will kick his head off if you don’t throw that damn towel in, right now,” Kyle yells at Kori.

I watch my Kori, my best girl, shake her head and calmly tuck the towel into her pants. Kyle’s frustrated and rightly so. I spit my mouthpiece out. I’m down, and he’s got the chance to beat me. I watch his long, striding steps and as his right foot leaves the ground sailing towards my face.

Perfect timing. I bolt up from my spot, grab Kyle’s right leg around the knee with my left arm and grab his throat with my right hand. My speed isn’t great, but, when you
see the shot coming, you have a chance to react and while it’s not perfect, Kyle’s confused as now I’m standing there holding him as he tries to break my grip on his throat.

I staggered and faltered because I wanted to. I went on a wild offensive of easy-to-deflect shots because I chose to and I let him rain blows down on me because I spent a week taking harder shots from my Father. Honestly, Kyle doesn’t hit half as hard.

“My turn, Prince,” I growl.

I lift Kyle up and bend forward, slamming his back against the mat before moving on top of him and bringing a barrage of shots onto his face. He’s balling up and keeping me out a little, but, it’s a defense he’s not used to as every time he turns away from a shot, the next one is right where his arms are going. I pull off of him and back up, waiting for him to stand and face me. Slowly, and with hesitation, Kyle starts to stand up, and that’s when I see it; a small gash over his right eye. I watch him dab at it before coming at me fast with two quick blocks on my part before I bring a hammering shot right into Kyle’s ribs. I can tell he’s never been hit full force before and now he’s staggered. I watch him clutch his torso as I do something off, even for me. I spring up and with all my momentum I throw a straight shot and watch as it connects racking Kyle’s head back and I watch him crumple to the ground.

I hit my feet and can hear people erupting with elation from the shot. Kyle is sprawled out, but, not unconscious. As I see the ref come into view and I wave him off, I can see he’s confused and I hear my girls yelling at me.

“I’m not done with him,” I tell at the ref.

Kyle starts to roll on to his side to stand up; I move in and grab his arm putting Kyle onto his face. I put my knee on his back and bend it into his armbar at a painful angle. Kyle is thrashing to get up but, I have him pinned and keeping his arm up I can hear the crowd going nuts as I raise my hand like its school and I hear people quiet down. I know they’re thinking I’m going to make him scream ‘I quit’, but, I’m not that easy to please.

I take his arm in both hands, and–while pinning his body down with my knee–wrench up and away as hard as I can causing his shoulder to dislocate from the force. The screaming that everyone hears puts a smile on my face and I get up and start to walk away as the referee moves over to Kyle.

“NO! I won’t quit!” Kyle screams out.

I stop and smile big before turning around and seeing Kyle start to stagger to his feet. His right arm is dangling uselessly at his side and he’s bleeding a little from his mouth. I watch him start to stagger towards me and raise his one good hand to fight. I walk up and watch the first shot come from his good arm; I swat it away and deliver a straight shot to the separated shoulder. The scream that comes from his mouth is music to me, but, I don’t focus on it as I bring a hard right into his jaw. I watch him stagger to my left before bringing my knee up into his face, I can feel his jaw loosen with the shot and watch him falter before falling to the mats again. I back away and see him pawing at the ground to get away; this time, I let him. I watch the referee start to head over to him.

“NO,” Kyle yells out in pained tones,” He’ll kill me first.”

There is a little quiet in the arena with that, he won’t stay down. I look at Kori and that grin hits my face as I turn and drop down on all fours, I start slamming my fists against the ground and I can hear the crowd growing excited with anticipation. I figure that he wanted to kick my head off; I’ll kick his off, first. Kyle is on his hands and knees as I rush in covering the distance when white distracts me as it flies in front of my face.

I freeze in place and whip my head around to see Kori still standing in her place…..and the towel still in her pants. I slowly pan over and see Rachael– beautiful Rachael–with tears in her eyes as she looks at me empty-handed. I slowly walk over to the edge of the mat and stare at her, she has fear and anticipation on her face and in her eyes as she looks at me pained. Kori and the girls flank her as they all cover the short distance to me.

“Guy, I can’t let you hurt him anymore,” Rachael tells me as the crowd erupts at the outcome,” If you do anymore to him, you’ll become something you don’t want to be, and I couldn’t allow that.”

I let her go past me and see her talking to Kyle on the mat for a few moments, I can see his pain as she tells him whatever it is she needs to say before returning to my girls and me as I leave the arena. I get my coat on and back into the car as Katy takes the wheel and delivers us back to my final destination for the night… Matty’s house.

We get in and all of us pile out of the car and Matty has just enough time to get the door open before I get inside and head straight to the bathroom and sit down to start cutting tape off. I can hear the girls talking about me but I’m fuming mad right now and they all know it. Rachael is worried and she should be considering she knew the plan. Nobody throws in the towel no matter what. Imelda steps in the doorway and takes a knee in front of me before pulling out a small knife and gently helping me get the tape off my hands. I let her work and see Matty poke her head in and then quickly out, my girls know what’s coming next but they are worried about Rachael and her place now.

“So I’m not stupid and I’m not going to ask you about how pissed you are because I’m a little upset myself. I just need to know what to expect when you head back out there to settle this,” Imelda asks working on the tape on my feet.

“Yeah well she needs to fucking learn fast about how shit works and understand that she fucked up,” I reply getting wary look from my toughest girl.

We get me taken care of and while my body is starting to feel the effects of the fight I’m still running on all cylinders as Imelda leads me to the Mathilda’s bedroom where all the girls have converting the floor into a giant bed again. All of them are still dressed and the only one standing as I enter is Rachael and she looks scared.

“Listen Guy, I know you’re mad but….,” Is as far as I let her get.

“Stop talking. If you know I’m mad then don’t make a noise and listen up because I’m going to say this once. You never get in the way of the plan again,” I tell her in angered tones,” This whole thing tonight wasn’t just about you.”

“But we had the fight so you could win me from Kyle,” Rachael says confused.

“And we had the fight so that I could beat him till he begged for death. And not to forget so that Kori could watch one of the last people responsible for what happened to her get exactly what they deserved,” I explain pointing out Kori who looks a little surprised I brought it up,” In this family it’s not just about you.”

“Okay Guy, I understand that there was more to it but you had won,” Rachael says quietly.

“It was never about winning,” I say with quiet rage,” It was about making sure that the next person to come along and think its okay to mess with MY girls knows that I will maim them or worse. I could have won that fight a lot quicker if I just wanted to win.”

“Okay but you aren’t some *thing* that walks around with no feelings,” Rachael responds growing more emotional,” I can’t just sit by while you call yourself a monster and then try to prove it when I see that you’re not.”

“Girl you might want to explain to the rest of us because I’m not getting it either,” Katy says trying to tone down the drama.

“He’s hard and he’s violent yes but a monster would have done to me worse than what had happened to Kori. A real monster wouldn’t have had Kori in the first place,” Rachael says trying to plead with the girls.

“Damn if you aren’t the most innocent thing I’ve ever met,” Imelda says shaking her head,” No she’s not right but I can’t say she’s wrong either.”

“I’m just saying that he’s still a person and he is fighting to prove that everyone should be equal but he’s constantly saying he’s worse than everyone else,” Rachael continues to plead.

I watch Kori stand up and put her arm around Rachael and start to calm the girl down. I’m still a little amped up from everything tonight and honestly put off by what is being said. I’m not a monster, after engineering major attacks and beating her ex in ways that you use for terrorists or pedophiles? This question has me really wondering if she’s able to handle this whole thing being one of my girls. I look to my girls and sit on the bed to relax while they talk it out among themselves. It’s after a few minutes that I see Rachael get on her knees in front of me with a less pleading look on her face.

“You did everything I asked you for and more than I expected,” Rachael tells me pained,” Do I need to leave.

“Strip. All of you,” I tell my girls.

I watch as my women strip down, it’s a wonderful array of different lingerie that is being pulled off and put to the side. I get my shorts and protective wear off and first women I grab is Mathilda and kiss her hard and deep. I can hear the girls growing a little confused by my choice. Matty puts me on my back and while we kiss and I feel her grinding her hips against me as I feel a different set of hands start to stroke me lightly but purposeful. I’m kissing all over my Amazon’s neck as I harden and once ready she wastes no time pushing her pussy around my cock. Matty is working me inside her as gingerly as she can considering she’s barely wet. I finally get buried all the way and my Amazon pushes up with her hands on my chest and the room starts to fill with the sounds of Matty’s hips meeting mine in a steady rhythm. I can hear my girls moving around but I’m more focused on my first girl tonight and start to hammer my cock up into her pussy. As warm as she was before her wetness and our hammering together is having the right response when more hands enter my view and I watch as Katy and Imelda start rubbing on Mathilda. Imelda is kissing her neck and squeezing Matty’s firm breasts while Katy starts flicking her clit. Mathilda is moaning hard now and I can feel her clamp down on me as I’m doing less of the work and my other girls are doing more. I turn my attention to Kori and Rachael who are watching the show and waiting to see what happens next as Matty starts groaning loud and bucking her hips up and down onto me as her orgasm hits.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming,” my Amazon groans.

I feel the ripple of the orgasm take her over and then she goes still for a few moments before slowly climbing off of me and laying down on a far side of the ‘bed’. I get myself sat up just long enough to have Imelda move into my lap. I get Latina arms and legs wrapped around me as she slides my cock into her furnace like folds.

“Mami is gonna get hers now okay baby,” Imelda asks wasting no time bouncing against me.

My Latina girlfriend is riding me hard and I’m relishing the change in feel and texture as we’re wrapped up into each other. Matty had help but Imelda is rearing to go as she rides me fast and frantic. I’m leaning forward and sucking on her breasts, Imelda makes no noise as I can feel her not clamp down so she doesn’t push me out accidently. I see Kori and Rachael waiting in the wings but I’ll get to them soon enough. I start to push a little bit back into Imelda and wrap my arms around her back as she wraps her around my neck. It’s a hard ride I’m getting and I’m starting to feel it a little more as I know my girl is getting closer to cumming. I love the hard ride and I’m enjoying every little moment as I hear the moaning start coming from Imelda. I don’t speak any Spanish but in moments like this I don’t need to know as my face get wrenched out of Imelda’s chest and her tongue gets shoved in my mouth. I can feel her cum against me hard and I’m thinking of everything but cumming myself. I’m trying to relax as Imelda and I finally separate but as soon as she’s off of me Katy is right there to get her turn in.

“First things first Katy,” Kori says pushing Katy aside and moving up with something in her hands,” I think we need to make sure this lasts baby.”

I watch as she takes my member in her hand and gently fastens a cock ring at its base. I watch Kori get a devilish smirk before backing up and I turn my attention to Katy who has her ass towards me and is staring backwards with a smile on her face. I move up behind her and line my cock up with her pussy before taking Katy’s hips in my hands and shove the whole length inside her pussy. Katy moans seductively as I get buried to the base before backing up to the head and slamming my whole cock back inside. I’m taking long hard strokes in and out of Katy’s warm pussy and she’s moaning softly which I don’t usually hear from her. I can feel my orgasm coming but the ring is going to help me with that as I speed up my pace. I watch and Matty and Imelda both take a spot on either side of Katy’s shoulders as I hear Kori start talking.

“If you are one of us then you must understand that moments like this are a celebration and an endurance trial for Guy,” Kori tells Rachael behind me,” And while Guy is good at pleasing one girl and sometimes three of us five is a big number which is where we help him and show each other that we are together.”

I marvel as Mathilda takes a handful of Katy’s hair and pulls her head backward gently with one hand while the other is underneath groping her breast. Imelda on the other hand has a hand in between Katy’s legs and is lying down sucking on the other breast. My girls have Katy, their sister, moaning and writhing against me as I pound her pussy with reckless abandon. I smack Katy’s ass with my hand and get a yelp out of her.

“I think she’s gonna cum,” Mathilda says pulling Katy’s hair.

“Cum Katy, you know you want to cum,” Imelda purrs still rubbing Katy’s clit.

“OH FUCK, you are making me cum,” Katy groans loudly.

I go from fast thrusting to frantic bucking as I feel my own orgasm start then stop thanks to or in spite of the cock ring. Katy’s body locks up and I feel her cum but instead of stopping and burying myself in her I keep pounding until Katy goes from rigid to shaking and collapsed on the ‘bed’. My cock falls free of Katy as she collapses and I watch as my girls pull Katy off to the side. I’m can feel my body wanting to cum as Kori lies down on the ‘bed’ in Katy’s now empty spot. My first girl is on her back spread before me and welcoming me with her arms and legs wide. I crawl over Kori’s body and feel her hands start to guide me in and I am wrapped in the velvety folds. I get buried up to my base and instead of thrusting hard I feel Kori start to massage me while inside her, we lock eyes and I smirk a little as I make my cock twitch. Kori smiles up at me and we kiss softly while grinding our bodies together. I can almost hear the girls wondering about where to get in on Kori but with me pressed down on top of her and her legs wrapped around me I’m enjoying the more tender moment before the finale. Kori doesn’t start talking or even moan as we start working her toward her orgasm. It’s a long and slow progress but with me wanting to burst earlier than I’d like I try to take my time and enjoy my first real love and how inviting her warm folds are as we rock back and forth softly. I can see she’s enjoying herself and I’m feeling more in touch with her when I start to whisper a wicked idea into her ear. Kori grins wickedly and I watch as her eyes roll up into her head before a warm milking feeling from her pussy almost has me rip the damn ring off. I get untangled from Kori and she sits up and I watch all my girls turn their attention to Rachael who is sitting on the regular bed with a bewildered look. I watch all my girls take up a position around her, Imelda at the head helping guide her down, Katy and Mathilda on either side to hold her down. Kori is behind me as I move up and with Rachael laying on her back with her ass of the bed a little bit.

“I think she’s ready for this,” Imelda says cradling Rachael’s head.

I line up with Rachael’s hips and Kori uses her hand to help guide me inside her new sister. My cock is about to explode as I’m pushed inside the near vice that is Rachael, both Katy and Matty has hands on her to keep her from flying off the bed and I start with a slow long thrust as directed by Kori helping me move my hips. Both Katy and Matty are smiling as I work into Rachael but its Katy who gets a whisper in her ear from Imelda and smirks at me wickedly. I watch as while I’m pushing in and out of Rachael as Katy reaches a hand down and starts rubbing her clit, the reaction is immediate as Rachael starts to thrash against my hips and Katy’s hand. Rachael is bucking against me and I’m pushing harder into her, the moaning and noise coming from her has a smile on my girls’ faces as they watch Rachael start to cum hard. Moaning and thrashing is barely kept under control as Kori backs me out of Rachael.

“Girl’s its feeding time,” Kori says pulling off the cock ring and allowing me to finally orgasm.

Kori is doing all the aiming as the first shot rockets out and hit’s Rachael on her small breasts, the next few are sprayed onto her torso until Kori lets me move back and I’m feeling exhausted from all my activity tonight. I watch as a shaken and calming down Rachael is descended upon by the rest of my girls as they use their mouths to ‘clean’ her up, it’s got Rachael moaning until I see all four of them latch onto her and she starts to go rigid from their attention. Kori is the first one to break away and moves over to me putting her head in my lap and giving me my final mercy of the night cleaning me off with her mouth and then pulling me down to the bed to sleep. I feel my other girls start to follow after a few moments and mercifully sleep comes hard and fast.

I’m woken the next morning by something of a fight and laughing, I start to move but my body is sore enough that my groaning has all my girls’ attention as Matty helps me sit up and I can see the girls are somewhat dressed.

“What seems to be the fight now,” I ask rubbing sleep out of my eyes.

“They left marks,” Rachael says a little grumpy.

I watch as she lifts her shirt and I see four hard hickies on her torso from last night. My chuckle doesn’t get me any favors but Katy surprises her with a hug from behind and everyone gets settled in for my day of recovery.

The next week is a light week for me, I don’t do much and I mostly keep things under wraps as I’m getting back to full strength from the fight with Kyle. People at school however are reveling in the victory for me and it’s only when the moralists have disbanded completely that I make sure not a single one of them is touched. I watch as apologies are made to some and accepted but wounds will take more time to heal than have been given. My girls on the other hand are taking care of the details as I focus on my friends and family for this short time.

It’s Monday a week later and I’m walking into school when Jun tells me that Kyle has returned. I honestly pause at the thought since this whole time he’s been gone. I catch a glimpse of him briefly in the morning wearing a loose flannel shirt and jean but it’s his arm in a medical sling that has my attention even more. I don’t know why but something about it and him is bothering me as I head into the cafeteria for lunch. I’m sitting with my whole crew and am surrounded by other’s who back me when I hear the place get quiet and see Kyle has come in here to eat. I continue to eat and chat lightly but I watch him closely as he sits at a table and I watch everyone from the table clear out and move to a different spot. I continue to observe as other’s have turned their attentions elsewhere, Kyle struggles to get into his bag and remove his lunch before trying to get items out of the bag. I observe closely and see his face is bruised and he’s pained by every single bite he takes out of his sandwich. As bothered as I was this morning I’m oddly more bothered now by seeing the sight in front of me and I’m done feeling shitty about it.

“Everyone I need two free spaces to my right, one for Natsuko and a spare chair,” I tell my group getting a shrug as I stand up and head over to Kyle.

I can tell he’s trying to ignore me as he sees me approach and I’m standing there silently when I hear him start to speak.

“Please, I’m done okay. I just want to be left alone,” Kyle asks waiting for some sort of gloating or abuse from me.

I wave Natsuko over and motion for her to move Kyle’s lunch and bag over to my table. My little assistant does so quietly and without hesitation but Kyle is confused. I help him up and walk him gently with my hand on his back to my table before sitting him down with my crew, my family. Everyone being quiet as field mice would be an understatement for the century to describe the reaction of the cafeteria to my bringing the beaten foe over. I feel a hand on my shoulder and see Kori looking at me with no confusion, just a light nod and smile. Natsuko helps Kyle eat and offers to take his bag to the next class, I watch him agree. We all finish lunch but Kyle is confused and I walk him out with Natsuko privately so he can speak to me.

“Why are you doing this, am I being set up,” Kyle asks defensively.

“Why, because I was hollowed out and left for dead a few times. Had nobody to look out for me, then I decided to become something different. Now I’ve got this little ball of innocence running around and she’s telling me that the fight is over,” I explain to Kyle getting a confused look.

“But you’re helping me, Why,” Kyle asks confused.

“Because he’s not the bad guy,” Kori says getting all of our attention with Katy in tow,” You did some shitty things to a lot of people and now you can see what it got you in the end. This is what Guy does for everyone he sees that needs it.”

“And what is that, I have nothing now. Rachael is his now and I’m past that, my friends have stopped talking to me because of what I got them to do, my own classmates don’t want to be around me because I was the worst person they met,” Kyle says depressed,” So why help me?”

“Because when everything you thought you held dear is taken away from you and you’re all alone that’s when I come in,” I tell Kyle resting a hand on his good shoulder,” I never hated you before all this Kyle and you’re right, that situation is done. Now I do for you what needs to be done. Today I start to show you about how people really are and you get to see what the people are actually like.”

“I don’t know if that is good for you,” Kyle says quietly.

“If people do not like me then they don’t, I have my family and that’s all that matters,” I tell him leading him back to the school.

My new world consists of two weeks of keeping an eye on Kyle and getting my ass through classes and homework. I notice a lot of people staring at the two of us as I take my broken foe into my fold but my girls and crew have no questions or concerns as we get more comfortable around each other. I spend some of my spare time over with Johnny at his place and see The Union has started to help him by getting some of the old motor homes moved and I see more farm equipment. A good Saturday at Johnny’s and I have the entire crew plus Kyle and more than a few of Johnny’s ‘workers’ around laughing and having a good time. We’re all relaxed when I catch an unfamiliar hood moving up and it’s only through me standing up and scaring the new guest that has them hesitate when one of the nearby crowd screams ‘KNIFE’ loud enough to clear a path. I get a good look at the flannel coat, jeans but when the hood is pulled back and Heather is standing there with a psychotic look on her face that everyone starts to get into a defensive mode.

“Everyone back the fuck off now,” I yell getting people to back away from the space between Heather and I,” Got something there for me?”

“You ruined everything. You took everything we could have had and destroyed it because you couldn’t realize that I would have made you happier than everyone of them,” Heather says in measure words.

“I ruined everything you held dear because you didn’t listen, I warned you to back off,” I tell Heather keeping about seven feet between us.

“You didn’t even try, we were something special and you just threw it away,” Heather says pointing the knife at me with a shaky hand,” Now all we have is this right now.”

“Yeah, we have crazy girl here wanting to stab me because she didn’t get her way even after the sick shit she did,” I retort harshly,” I’m right here Heather, take your fucking shot.”

It’s an oddly quiet scene with people staring and waiting for the next move as I’m staring down my ex on a Saturday afternoon in my friend’s job site as she has a knife and a purpose for it in me. I’m ready for her though; I can take that blade away and disarm the whole thing. I catch some movement and watch as Kori steps in between the two of us slowly drawing the attention off of me and towards her.

“Kori move so I can settle this,” I tell Kori from behind her.

“Guy you need to shut up right now, you don’t understand what she’s going through,” Kori says getting a confused look on Heather’s face.

“You don’t tell me what I’m going through you slut,” Heather says keeping Kori back with the blade.

“I am not telling you anything Heather, but I get it now. You were there at the beginning and you didn’t get your chance to make it right. You lost sight of how to make things better and just settled for wanting to get him back by any means,” Kori says keeping her hands up tentative.

“I just want what’s mine,” Heather says to Kori standing her ground.

“And did you think about how to win him back, you didn’t, you just decided to start hurting people until he had no choice,” Kori says and I start to see Heather’s resolve
waver again.

“He’d never want me back if you all were there,” Heather says faltering,” I needed him to be the good guy he was.”

“Did you ever think that you might have started something that made him ‘better’? Now look at him, he’s strong and hard but he takes his guidance from his women and his friends,” Kori says in a calming tone,” And did you ever think to try to be a girlfriend with us as opposed to against us?”

I can see the rest of my girls out of the corner of my eyes and they’re wondering what the hell we’re all listening to come out of Kori’s mouth along with me. The crowd is quiet and I can see Johnny has a pistol but I make eye contact and shake him off lightly as Kori continues.

“I understand you Heather. We can understand you now. You just wanted a place, you didn’t think you could be accepted so you tried to drive us all away and I get why
now,” Kori tells her quietly,” You love him more than anything, just like we do.”

“I do, I miss him and I’ve never had him like you all have,” Heather says crying with the blade still up more as a reflex than a defense.

“I know but we never had the before like you did, you could try to be one with us. You could be another sister in a group of women who have found strength with him and each other,” Kori says calmly placing her hand on Heather’s outstretched knife hand.

“I am not sure about any of this, I just don’t know if I can anymore,” Heather says tears going down her face.

“I know it’s hard but there is one thing you should have thought of when you came here,” Kori says quietly.

I move around a little and see Kori has the knife hand gently in hers, Heather looks up to see Kori’s eyes and I watch as Kori grips her hand tightly and twists the blade around in Heather’s hand before stabbing her in the stomach with it. Heather’s eyes go wide and people start to lose their shit as I rush up to my girl and Heather as Kori follows her to the ground keeping the blade in place.

“I thought…. we could be sisters….,” Heather says weakly trying to hold the knife in her gut.

“You should have known that when you attack a tigress and don’t kill her she will come back and the biggest thought on her mind is vengeance,” I hear Kori whisper with pure menace,” I didn’t steal anyone from you, you lost him and now he’s ours.”

“Someone call 9-1-1! Heather stabbed herself,” I yell out to the people gathered,” Heather you need to lie still so you don’t do any more damage to yourself.”

“But I didn’t stab myself,” Heather says confused and shocked.

“It’s okay Heather, we’ll get you help,” I tell her before looking at Kori.

I see my first girl as she’s holding the blade in Heather’s gut, blood on her hands and on the ground with both of us kneeling in it as the chaos goes on around us. Phone calls are made, police and an ambulance arrive, we are all questioned but the same thing is said; Heather was sick, she has had an obsession with me for some time and as Kori tried to talk her down she stabbed herself. Kori and I get detained for questioning but there are no cuffs and the waiting room at the police station has me thinking about what will happen next.

A few hours after the Heather is stabbed

It’s a quiet room as the girl rushes in and starts to panic a little. She’s muttering to herself about getting everything cleaned up and rushes into her brother’s room for a special little tool of his before coming back in and sitting down at the computer. She starts to separate the files and all the pictures of Guy she’s accumulated, and finally decides to go with a full purge and loads the wipe out virus onto her computer. Slowly she watches the whole computer crash and dies as she starts to cry. Another voice in the house calls out to her and she doesn’t respond as she moves to her bed and continues to sit and cry about everything she’s done. The girl’s mother enters the
room quietly seeing her daughter crying sits down next to her and holds her precious girl in her arms.

“Honey can you tell me what’s wrong,” the mother asks calmly.

“I started it all, I got everyone hurt even Kori and now there is a girl in the hospital fighting for her life because I had to do something for him,” the daughter says crying.

“Honey they are your friends, they will understand,” the mother says trying to reassure her daughter.

“No mom, I drove Heather crazy,” the girl says looking at her mother with tear filled eyes,” I was giving her all these pictures and started with the ideas, it’s all my fault.”

Kimiko sits quietly and holds her daughter’s head against her chest quietly letting the Natsuko cry about her actions. She thinks about the confession and will help her daughter deal with any repercussions later, right now she has to make sure her baby girl is strong so that she can keep moving on with nobody knowing she was the one who saw that Guy needed a push and was the one who made sure it happened.

Several months later in the spring

I’m being checked out by the orderly and again they go over the rules for speaking to patients. I left my coat outside and only have a picture to give with me as they take me to Heather’s room. They’ve kept her relaxed during her recovery months and I’m only here because her parents have told me that she’s been asking for me. It’s not normal for me to want to see anyone I’ve left broken but for me it’s kinda important. Slowly I get to her room and see Heather in her bed with a tube in her arm and a slightly glazed over look in her eyes.

“Hi there Kori,” Heather says to me groggy,” I didn’t think you’d come.”

“I figured you’ve been asking about me so I’d show up at least once to see you,” I tell her quietly.

“Yeah, thank you for coming. The doctors here have been helping me, I really don’t remember everything that happened but I wanted to thank you for keeping me from hurting myself further,” Heather tells me grateful.

“I just didn’t know what to do honestly,” I reply trying to keep calm.

“I know you still are mad at me about everything but I’m hoping we can just push past all of it and try to exist around each other,” Heather says a little downcast.

“I think we might be able to if you don’t try to stab yourself again,” I joke getting a pained smile out of Heather,” I brought you something.”

I pull out the picture from my back pocket; it’s of Guy and all us girls with the rest of the group flanking us at school. We took it months ago, I watch as Heather stares at the picture and smiles lightly.

“Thank you, I don’t deserve this,” She tells me with a little sadness.

“You need to find some way to move on and try to live. And all of us remember you Heather, when you get out you’ll be better,” I tell her solemnly.

“I hope so, I know my parents think I’m still obsessed with your boyfriend but could you please tell him that I don’t like him that way anymore,” Heather says to me with sad honesty.

“I’ll let him know, you take care of yourself and we’ll be waiting for you on the outside,” I tell Heather leaving the room.

I get out of Eagle Crest Psychiatric Hospital with my coat in my arms and see Guy still waiting for me on his bike. I didn’t think I was gone too long but he’s looking away as I walk up.

“Is she still nuts,” Guy asks me plainly.

“She’s recovering but she’s not crazy for you I think,” I tell him sweetly.

“So just you then,” Guy replies wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Me and a few other girls,” I tell him before seeing an off look in his eyes,” Baby what’s wrong?”

“Nothing Kori, just got an idea for something and am trying to work out the basics first,” He tells me trying to deflect the question.

“Okay well tell me and I’ll help and so will the rest of the girls,” I reply bringing him back to me.

“Well I need a vacation and I’m tired of all the crap we’ve been getting into,” Guy tells me before smiling,” So I was thinking of doing a road trip.”

“You want to take a road trip alone,” I ask a little put off.

“No I want all of us that can go to head out on a road trip down to Texas, I want to get away from it up here for a little while,” Guy tells me handing me a helmet.

“No wonder you’re worried, all us women in a confined space with your for thousands of miles, how would you survive,” I joke as we hop on his bike and head off down the road.

Bad year start, vacation is a great idea. Finally we get to work on something important like our future. Now to get the other girls in on the idea so we can make it work for him, he’s done a lot and it’s our turn to give him a good time this summer.

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