A New Life Ch. 03

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Two more days until the big event and Benjamin’s name had been dragged through the mud, he had just won a high-profile case that went nationwide a few months ago, and then he was running for political office on a family-first, tradition-based platform, only for the video of his cheating to go public.

The mayor had already come out a few days ago and rescinded his backing of Benjamin, calling it appalling and against the principles of his new campaign.

Benjamin himself had yet to come out of his hotel room downtown for days as news reporters haggled to get a single word from him.

They were also at my doorstep and workplace, wanting interviews and stories. All I told them was that everything they needed to know was in the video I put out, and other than that, I had no comment.

Charlize ran with it. With the fame and the pictures all over the internet, she was on cloud nine. She ignored the people that called her names or sent her horrible letters and threats. All she wanted was her name up in the lights.

Sheila came by the other night to tell me that Charlize had already been offered high-paying porn jobs and photo opportunities. I was glad I had just made this woman’s new career in porn.

Then Charlize made the biggest splash last night. She went on an interview online and revealed that it wasn’t just herself, that there were others, other friends of hers that had slept with other high-profile members of our so-called community, including Stuart, she didn’t reveal her friend’s names, but she did say there would be more video releases.

I cringed at the thought of what was going to happen next. “What had I started?” I asked myself.

“Not your fault mom,” Sheila said as she met me for breakfast. “These people did it to themselves,” she tried to reassure me.

I knew this was my doing deep down that I had started the ball rolling down the hill, and now it was just a matter of time before it got out of control.

Reporters were everywhere trying to get their hands on the following videos of politicians, lawyers and law enforcement leaders, which Charlize had said were part of a vast web of cheating and lies.

Of course, it was all over the talk radio, some of them saying it was all a hoax to bring down the chain of government and slandering people’s names.

I wasn’t slandering Benjamin’s name; he had said many bad things about me on that video. None of it he could take back with an apology or money. He deserved what was coming to him. I didn’t feel bad for any of the others. I only felt bad for their wives and their families.

“I have to get in front of this,” I nodded.

“What are you going to do?” Sheila asked.

“I have to talk to him,” I nodded.

I knew it was a long shot, but if there was any saving grace in this matter, I knew I had to tell Benjamin, to tell the truth about everything, kill it before it got the chance to be too big, sure it would bring down some of his friends, but if it came from him it would be better than the alternative.

“No way!” Benjamin yelled at me as I tried to talk to him over the phone. “Do you know how far this goes?”

“I have an idea,” I replied. “Charlize told Sheila about your little boys club downtown,” I said. “How all of you sit down with cigars and drinks while girls dance around in skimpy clothes, while you guys talk about….”

“Fuck, that stupid little bitch!” Benjamin yelled. “She’s going to get herself in trouble she can’t get out of,” Benjamin said.

“Yes, Ben go ahead and threaten a twenty-year old,” I shook my head.

“Anything happens to her, her friends or her family it will be on the news before you could bat your eyes, then it will get really out of control.”

“I wouldn’t do that, but there are some others that would take that risk,” Benjamin said.

“Let them, but you have to get out before it swallows you up,” I pleaded. “If you go….”

“Alison, bahis siteleri I can’t,” Benjamin said as he hung up.

I shook my head as I looked at Sheila. “Any luck with Charlize?” I asked.

“Nope the stupid bitch intends on releasing a video today of the boys club, supposedly Nadine has had it for months,” Sheila said, sitting back in her chair.

“Call your siblings, I want them all here,” I nodded.

I knew the shit was about to hit the fan and hard.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I called Charlize and told her to meet me at my house once everyone had come. My thought was that maybe I could beg her to drop all of this. She seemed like a reasonable person the first time we talked.

“You started this Alison,” Charlize said as she sat in my living room. “Benjamin said you would walk away with his offer, if anything happened, but you put out that video for all to see, why shouldn’t I?”

“Because it was just you and him,” I shook my head.

“How did you get started with all of this anyway?” Dawson asked.

They had all come as quickly as they could. Even my grandkids were here, not at the house at the moment. They were out and about doing fun things.

“I got invited to a party,” Charlize shrugged. “One thing led to another and the next day I got invited to show up downtown, was told it would be fun, a few drinks with some people that would help my dancing career, and maybe meet a few people in the business.”

I nodded. Of course, it was to rope her in.

“It was a bunch of old men, sitting at this closed club, well it looked closed from the outside, but inside, it looked brand new,” Charlize smiled. “There were tons of other girls dancing on poles and drinks were flowing as well as other things, and that’s where I met Ben.”

“So, this place, is it still there?” Sheila asked.

“No, they move it, from time to time. It would always be in a different spot, sometimes we would go back to a location, but it was never the same place twice in a row,” Nadine said.

Nadine and a few other girls had come along. We were taping it for their security. The questions were relentless as my children got all the information they could get out of them.

When all was said and done, the truth was all out to bare. I knew of only one person that could release this video and not face significant consequences.

“Jesus, Alison,” Alexander said as he watched the video for the second time around. “You know what this could do?”

I had met him in a hotel room just on the city’s outskirts. “You’re friends with most of these guys,” I said as I tried to reason with him. “So far they have done nothing illegal….”

“Illegal? Ha,” Alexander laughed. “Most of these men have very high paying jobs in the foundation of this city, they are cheating with women half their wives ages, who know what else they are doing in that club!”

“You knew about this club?” I asked.

Alexander looked at me with a look that made me instantly regret that question. “Don’t you dare lump me up with those fucking idiots, of course I knew about it, half the city knows about it, why do you think it moves around so much? Those girls should have kept their mouths shut!”

“What’s going to happen?” I asked.

“You think this is the first time something like this comes out?” Alexander smiled. “Oh, of course at first there will be chaos, names called out, bridges burned, new elections, but as usual some new scandal will come out, and it will be water under the bridge, as usual, the club will continue with new members, new locations.” Alexander nodded.

“The girls?” I asked.

“Tell them to meet me here, I got a few places I can hide them, until the dust settles,” Alexander nodded as he handed me a piece of paper with an address on it.

Alexander’s family roots went deep in this city, the rumour was his grandfather knew the founding families canlı bahis siteleri and so on, but Alexander never ran for anything political he was happy with his many contacts and businesses around the ever-growing city.

“Don’t worry, once people see they are with me, they won’t dare do anything to them,” Alexander nodded his silver-haired face.

The other rumour was Alexander ran an underground crime family; I couldn’t count how many times the FBI or some other group would come and ransack our papers looking for something.

It was one of the many reasons I liked working for him, the excitement behind it.

Alexander would always say that it was because he knew certain people that shouldn’t be named. I always laughed at him as he said it, as he always made it sound more prominent than it was, or smaller, whatever needed to be told to put us all at ease.

“Go home Alison, take care of everything else, I will take care of this,” Alexander nodded.

“Thank you Alex,” I said as I left.

I stopped at Benjamin’s hotel on the way home. I wanted to see him. I didn’t know why exactly, but I thought it would be right.

“One last look, huh?” Benjamin asked as he opened the door.

“It’s all over,” I said as I told him what I knew after sitting down across from him.

“The final nail in the coffin,” Benjamin nodded. “He’s right though,” Benjamin said as he poured himself a glass.

“This will be a huge scandal for a couple of weeks, maybe less, something new will pop up, and it would be like nothing happened,” Benjamin shook his head. “I was so close,” he said as he slumped back in his chair.

“You will still be remembered as ….” I started to say.

“As what the lawyer that won, one high profile case,” Benjamin laughed. “No this, right here will be my legacy, this is how I will be remembered,” he shook his head.

“You could leave the city, start over, forge a new path, be remembered elsewhere,” I smiled. “There are plenty of places out there that haven’t heard of you, or care what you have done, hell even places that need a good lawyer.”

Benjamin nodded. “A fresh start for both of us?”

“No,” I shook my head. “That ship sailed the moment you decided I was too boring, and you needed a young mistress,” I smiled.

“We had a good run though, right? The first few years?” Benjamin asked.

“Definitely,” I nodded. “See you around.” I said as I got up and left.

While I was in the elevator, I remembered those first years. We were inseparable, always wanted to be around each other and always touching and showing each other our affection, even in the most public of places.

Things in the bedroom were just as crazy; we would go days in and out of the bedroom, not wanting to leave the bed or any of the other places we would end up fucking each other’s brains out.

I didn’t know when exactly things started to fizzle out, maybe if it was after Debra was born, but I knew by the time Sheila came around, the fire in the bedroom had died down to embers.

Sheila was conceived while we were on vacation, and that nearly never happened due to Benjamin’s workaholic attitude.

Now it was finally over, and by the sounds of things, Benjamin was in no shape to argue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hated admitting to Alexander that he was right, but I had to do it in the end. He was right about things blowing over.

After a month after the divorce, things were going back to normal. During the event, reporters were everywhere, trying to catch glimpses of the cheaters that were splashed over the news headlines. Now there was a new national scandal, and no one cared about anything to do with it or the events leading up to it.

I had gotten everything I wanted and didn’t take anything extra. I sold the house and then used most of the money to buy a new car and a smaller home.

It was a lovely house with canlı bahis more than enough room just for me, the car was something I had an eye for a while, and now with the extra money, I decided that I could splurge just a little.

I spread the money around among the children, especially Debra and her husband, as they had hit some tight monetary problems. Of course, they said they would pay me back, but I wasn’t interested. I just wanted to help them out.

The only good thing to come out of everything was the good friends that had gotten, some of the other wives and I had formed a sort of club just for us. We met every week and did things together.

Tonight we were having a sort of adult-themed wine party. And things were getting out of hand as usual.

“Stop it,” I said as Jacquelyn took one of the gel dildos and put it in her mouth.

“There is no way,” Teresa shook her head.

Sure enough, Jacquelyn was deepthroating this eleven-inch marvel. I could see her throat swell as she continued to take it down her throat.

The deal was if she took the whole thing down her throat, I would have to buy one.

“Seriously stop,” I said with a wine glass in my hand and staring at this fifty-three-year-old woman deepthroating an adult toy like it was nothing.

“Here you go,” Sheila said.

Sheila was hosting the event at her apartment; she had gone into selling these toys as a part-time job.

I nodded my defeat as Jacquelyn had completed her challenge. I swiped my card in the mobile machine to take ownership of one of the gel dildos. I had no idea what I was going to do with it. There was no way I could use it or try anything as Jacquelyn had done.

“What color?” Sheila asked as she showed me a variety of boxes.

“The black one,” Jacquelyn said as she grabbed the box and threw it onto my lap.

“Why not,” I shrugged after taking the rest of the wine down.

That’s how things were with the five of us, we once went to a strip club, and the rest of the girls had the poor male strippers trying to get away from us.

By the end of the night, I went home with more adult toys than I had ever purchased. There were suctions, long ones, short vibrating ones. Who knew there were so many toys to get females off?

“Shit,” I yelled as I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw the lights of the police officer.

My new car was a sports model. “I should have gotten the V6 model,” I said as I pulled over.

I had splurged and got the complete eighty thousand package instead of the fifty, mine was, of course, fully decked out with all the bells and whistles, but it was still the driver behind the wheel that caused the most problems. One of them being that I had a lead foot.

I saw him slowly walking up to my car when I realized I still had all the adult toys spread across my back seat. Sheila ran out of black bags to put things in, so she threw them into the back.

Then I remembered how much I had to drink, and I knew I reeked of wine.

“Sorry,” I said as he came into view.

“Seventy in a forty-five,” he said as he looked at me.

“I am still getting used to it, just bought it a few weeks ago,” I nodded as I handed over all the information.

“Had a bit of a party?” he asked as he looked in the back.

“Yes, my daughter threw a party, and it was adult themed,” I nodded.

“Drinking?” he asked.

“Just a bit, not too much,” I nodded.

I was trying to bluff my way out of an even heftier ticket or worse.

“Let me run all of this, and I will right back with you,” he said as he walked away.

I was so screwed. I thought to myself as I tried to relax.

The officer eventually returned with everything, as well as a ticket. “I dropped it to fifty-five in a forty-five, but you need to watch your speed, even if it’s a new car,” he said as he stared at me.

I signed the paper, and he told me all I needed to know about paying it and how not to accumulate even more points, then he let me go.

I obeyed the speed limit for the rest of the ride home and cursed Sheila for throwing my things into the back so carelessly.

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