A New Mistress

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Angela sat there, staring across the table, smiling sweetly . “That was one of the most fantastic dinners I have ever had, Miranda.”

“Anything for my sweet mistress,” Miranda replied, rising to gather the dishes.

Angela puts her hand on Miranda’s arm, “Why don’t we leave the dishes for later, sweetie.” Miranda’s eyes grew wider as Angela gave her a slightly mischievous smile. Angela rose, and taking Miranda by her slightly trembling hand, led her to the bedroom.

“Excuse me for a moment,” said Angela as she walked toward the bathroom.

Miranda looked around the room, slightly awestruck by all that had happened. Here she was 500 miles from home, with this beautiful, seemingly too perfect woman whom she’d met online. They’d talked for months, instantly hit it off, and became great friends. Miranda knew by Angela’s tone, and the way she spoke of mutual respect and admiration, that she was different than other mistresses, at least any she had previously imagined.

The bathroom door opened, Angela stood there in the doorway, she could’ve stopped a freight train with that look. She wore a sexy, black, lace and silk bustier, with garters, stockings, and heels, her hair cascading over her shoulders and those beautiful eyes looking straight at Miranda. Miranda sat there, dumbfounded at her beauty, unable to move as Angela approached.

“God, you are more beautiful than I even imagined,” Miranda finally was able to say.

“Yes, and so are you my little toy,” she replied, reaching out and lightly touching Miranda’s hair. Stepping closer, she asked “Would you do something for me, Miranda?”

“Oh, anything for you, my beautiful mistress!”

“Would you undress for me?”

Without saying another word, Miranda rose, moved to the center of the room. She ran her fingers through her hair, closed her eyes for a moment, and slowly swayed to the jazz music softly playing. Angela sat on the nearest chair, crossing her sexy legs and never taking her eyes off Miranda. Miranda slowly danced across the room, slowly unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her sexy, white lace bra, just barely containing her breasts. She moved toward Angela, walking her sexiest, her blouse pulled down from her shoulders, smiling straight into the eyes of her mistress. In front of her mistress, she turned, let her blouse slide off into mistress’s lap, and took a few steps away. She grasped her skirt, slightly, letting it slide just a little over her hips, slowly moving her behind to the music. As she slowly turned to face Angela, she slid her hands down her body and unzipped the skirt, which dropped to the floor. There she stood before her mistress, in her white bra, panties, nude stockings, and heels, softly swaying to the music, and running her hands over her body. Miranda slowly canlı bahis şirketleri unhooked her bra, let it slide from her shoulders, arched her back a bit and slowly danced in a circle. Stepping closer, Miranda held her breasts together, offering them to her mistress, who leaned forward to plant a kiss on each one, then promptly sat back, watching Miranda. Miranda stepped out of her heels, and planted a foot on the chair in which her mistress sat. She ran her hand down her leg, bringing her stocking with it, which she then dragged across the body of her mistress and let it fall. Switching legs, she repeated, but this time Angela couldn’t resist leaning forward and planting a kiss on her thigh. Miranda closed her eyes as electricty seemingly shot through her. Miranda danced softly across the room once more, her white panties visibly wet. She moved to within 3 feet of her mistress, turned her back to her, and slowly, sexily, slid her panties down, feeling Angela’s gaze as she bent over to slide them down. Slowly turning around, she saw Angela looking her up and down, smiling.

“Such a sexy little toy, my sweet Miranda,” Angela said as she rose to her.

Miranda stood there, slightly blushing. “So sexy,” as she leaned forward to kiss her.

Miranda parted her lips as her mistress slid her tongue inside. She had kissed quite a number of women before, but something about Angela left them all in the dust. Angela’s lips seemed softer, her tongue smoother, her scent, more intoxicating. In all, Miranda could barely hold herself together, and she already felt that tingling in her legs, which she had felt all night, building. She wondered if Angela felt the same.

They kissed for five minutes or more, their tongues exploring each others mouths, their hands roaming each others bodies. The silk and lace of Angela’s lingerie, along with her soft, warm skin, nearly drove Miranda to orgasm right then, but Angela pulled back, smiling her warm smile into Miranda’s eyes. Miranda leaned in and kissed her neck, gently breathing into her ear. Angela took Miranda by the hand and led her to the bed. Miranda genttly pushed Angela back onto the bed and kissed the tops of her breasts. She gently slid one of Angela’s breast out and proceeded to lick all around Angela’s nipple, gently breathing on the nipple itself. Angela let out a soft moan, and Miranda felt her body shudder slightly. Slowly, Miranda took her nipple into her mouth, rolling her tongue over it. She slowly slid her hand down, down to the warm wetness between Angela’s thighs. Slowly, she slid her finger through Angela’s wet slit, biting her nipple slightly as she did. Rising from her breasts, Miranda put her wet finger into her mouth, tasting the treat she would soon be getting. God, it tasted so good.

Miranda canlı kaçak iddaa could feel herself dripping with anticipation as well. She slip down to the floor, ran her hands up Angela’s stockinged legs, and kissed her thigh at the top of her stockings. She paused for a moment to look up at Angela, who was sunk back deep into the chair.

Without even opening her eyes Angela cried “Don’t stop.” Then opening them, she added “Please”, flashing that sweet smile Miranda could never say no to.

Miranda once more planted a kiss at the top of her stocking. Then a series of wet kisses and licks across her thigh. As she moved close to Angela’s pussy, she breathed hotly onto it, taking great care not to actually touch it. She kissed up her thigh, across the top of her pelvis, and down the other side. Kissing the other stocking top, she paused again looking up for just a second.

“Please…..Please,” was all she could muster.

Miranda slowly worked her way back up her thigh, again breathing on her trembling mound as she did so. The sweet scent was intoxicating to Miranda, and she could not wait any longer either. She, very lightly drew her tongue across Angela’s slit, from her ass to her clit, feeling the shocks shoot through Angela, and reverberate through both their bodies as she did. She repeated this a few times, then gently pushed her tongue against Angela’s dripping hole. Reaching in to part Angela’s lips as she did, she slid her tongue inside as deeply as she could, she began swirling her tongue inside Angela, getting as much sweet nectar on her tongue as she could. Miranda couldn’t help but think that this was by far the sweetest woman she had every met, definitely the sweetest she’d ever tasted. She stole a quick look up and Angela, so sexy lying there with her eyes closed, barely taking her tongue away for more than a second. Angela spread wide as Miranda went back with renewed vigour. Softly taking Angela’s clit in her mouth, Miranda rolled it across her tongue, as she pushed a finger gently against her ass. Angela raised her head for a moment to see Miranda down on her, her ass sticking up in the air. She knew it wouldn’t be long. Miranda began sliding her finger in and out of Angela’s ass, as she slid her tongue across her lips again. She could feel her finger sliding against her tongue. She could also feel the tension building inside Angela, as well as herself. Angela let out a loud cry, that was the cue. Miranda moved to Angela’s clit, rolling it across her tongue, sliding fingers now into both holes. Angela’s body began to shake, Miranda thought she was in heaven, she barely even noticed ( or cared) when she felt something pushing against her dripping pussy. But as a wave of orgasm began to overtake her, Miranda sensed someone else in the room, instantly canlı kaçak bahis she knew who it was, as he slid deep inside her. Angela was now pushing against Miranda’s fingers, as Miranda slowly managed to get her tongue back to work.

Angela raised her head to take in the scene she had been dreaming of. Her newly acquired girl? student? slave? slut?, going down on her. Her sweet ass sticking up in the air, getting fucked by her dear teacher. Almost as quickly as she took the scene in, she felt Miranda’s tongue and waves swept across both their bodies.

Miranda could no longer continue licking as she was getting pounded. She laid her head on the bed between Angela’s legs moaning, as teacher slid in and out of her.

Angela slowly rose. Miranda looked up. Angela put a finger to her lips, “Enjoy teacher’s lesson,” was all she said. Miranda closed her eyes as she felt him pound even deeper. Angela walked over to teacher, put her arms around him, whispered in his ear. In a moment, his pace slowed, and he pulled out of Miranda, but only for a second. Before Miranda had time to realize what was happening, she felt him pushing against her ass.

“OOhhhh god,” was all she could muster as his big cock slid into her tight ass.

“Go easy,” she heard Angela say, but he didn’t need to be told. He held still a moment, slowly sliding deeper. Then pulled back, slid just a little deeper, then so on, driving Miranda wild. Miranda rose to all fours and tossed her head back, moaning. Angela moved to her head, leaned in and kissed her deeply. Teacher quickened his pace.

“Do you like this Miranda?” Angela questioned.

“Unnhuh,” was all Miranda could muster.

Angela reached back and smacked Miranda’s ass. “It’s yes or no, my little pet. Now, do you like getting fucked in the ass like a little slut?”

“YES,” Miranda nearly screamed.

Smack, again. “Am I your mistress?” Angela demanded.


“Yes, what?”

“Yyes, Mistress.”

“That’s a good little whore,” Angela smiled and kissed both cheeks of her ass.

Angela reached down between Miranda’s legs, and gently flicked her clit. Miranda nearly passed out.

“Fuck her harder,” Angela said. Teacher began pounding her ass even harder, Miranda could feel his balls slapping against her pussy. Angela slid a finger inside Miranda, that was all it took. She exploded into the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Angela slid a second finger inside, just as teacher shot hot cum in Miranda’s ass.

Miranda laid there, unable to move, for several minutes after teacher pulled out. Angela leaned down and kissed her on the lips. “Miranda, I’d like you to meet my teacher.”

Miranda mumbled some sort of acknowledgment.

“I’m going to see him out, I’ll be right back.”

When Angela returned, Miranda was out cold on her bed. She thought about waking her, then thought, “No, I’ll let her sleep, she will need her strength tomorrow.” She chuckled, then covered Miranda and climbed into bed next to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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