A Night at Roxxy’s

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Susan and Celeste had been dorm mates for three months. In that time, they had hardly uttered any more than a few minutes of harmless, meaningless conversation to one another. They had been placed together by the director of student residences simply at random. Neither felt they had anything in common. Celeste was an economics and foreign affairs student with aspirations to work in embassies overseas. Susan was avidly studying to work in the ever growing, and highly lucrative, field of real estate speculation.

Celeste never spent much time in the one room hovel they both had to call home for the lingering year. Celeste coasted by in the curriculum and seemed to garner decent enough marks to earn her degree. Susan spent a lot of time alone and it was starting to gnaw at her.

One Friday night, Susan was sitting up at the head of her bed reading a particularly dull statistics textbook when Celeste flung the door open and came inside. She had a playful smirk in her face, said hello to her studying room mate, and grabbed some things from her dresser. She rushed off to the adjoining bathroom and swung the door mostly shut behind her. The operative term being mostly.

Susan didn’t really pay Celeste any mind. She rarely did. She knew that Celeste probably wanted to be the centre of attention all of the time, but Susan wasn’t going to extend that courtesy. Susan heard the shower turn on. Through the partially ajar door, she caught a glimpse of the undressing Celeste just before she hopped into the shower. At first, Susan couldn’t take her eyes off the reflection as she looked up from her textbook. She couldn’t explain the magnetic curiosity she had all of a sudden.

As Celeste moved out of her vantage, she shook her head and returned to rewarding mathematical insight within her book. She heard Celeste start to sing off key to Juice Newton’s Just Call Me Angel. Susan giggled softly to herself at the off pitch sounds of Celeste crooning in the shower. Her concentration lapsed.

After what seemed like an eternity, Susan started to worry there wouldn’t be any hot water for her bubblebath before bed. It was one of the pastimes she had kept up for many years. Those baths always relaxed her before bed. And Celeste was going to deny her that luxury.

Just as she was about to rap on the door to protest, Susan heard the soft moans. She froze just before knocking wondering what she was hearing. The steam was filling the bathroom and the mirror was completely fogged. Sometimes our curiosities get the better of us in life, and she did something she never would have contemplated. Sometimes we do things we couldn’t possibly believe we were capable of for the sakes of our vivid imaginations. She pushed the door inward just a little more. Susan peeked inside.

Through the myriad layers of steam, she could see through the bubbled glass of the shower doors. The tiny imperfections in the glass shrouded a direct view of the spectacle, but she knew Celeste was leaning against the back wall of the shower. Her back was arched. The shower head in one hand. Between her thighs. Her other hand massaged one of her large breasts.

Susan watched with a trance overcoming her body. She couldn’t move. Didn’t Celeste know that her room mate was only a few meters away? Didn’t she think Susan would hear her doing this to herself? Did she care?

Susan pushed the door open a bit more and slowly entered the room. As she got closer and the steam licked her face, she could feel a sudden arousal between her legs. Susan had never felt that happen before when the subject was a woman — much less an impersonal one like Celeste. But seeing her room mate pleasure herself like this made Susan want to switch places with her. And suddenly it occurred to her that she wanted to be in that shower too.

Somehow she resisted the temptation to shed her clothes and fling the shower doors open. But she couldn’t reign in her wandering hands. Susan reached for her breasts kneading them as she watched Celeste do the same thing. Her lungs betrayed her too as a sudden expression of her own arousal escaped her lips.

Her trance was broken. Celeste was awoken from her personal exploration glaring over at the shape of the intruder.

Celeste — “What are you doing in here, you pervert? Get out!”

Susan — “I’m sorry, I just needed my….brush.”

Susan opened the vanity taking her brush with her and hastily evacuated closing the door behind her. She hopped back up on the bed burying her face in her book. Susan desperately hoped her friend would just drop the matter and go back to their impersonal room sharing for the semester.

Susan waited on pins and needles as Celeste blow dried her hair, primed her makeup, and threw on the robe hanging behind the door. When she came out, she glared over at Susan. Seeing that Susan was painfully trying to ignore her, Celeste wouldn’t accept that. She climbed up on her room mate’s bed sitting cross legged in front of her.

Celeste — “Would I sneak into the bathroom while you had your nightly bubblebath?”

Susan — “No you never have.”

Celeste Bostancı Escort — “That’s right. Did you really need your brush that bad?”

Susan — “I guess I just didn’t really think. My mind is all numb from studying.”

Celeste — “You realize it’s Friday night, right? Everyone deserves a break.”

Susan — “Yeah I guess you’re right. But I had nothing else to do so I guess I just wanted to get through this next chapter.”

Celeste takes the book from Susan and takes a glance through it.

Celeste — “Statistics? Oh how pedestrian and dull. Poor you. Turn around.”

Susan turned around on the bed and crossed her legs like Celeste. Celeste picked up the brush and crouched behind her room mate. She began to stroke the brush through Susan’s hair.

Celeste — “Feels pretty straight to me, sweetie. Not a knot to be found. You’re all good.”

Susan — “Thanks Celly.”

Celeste had been called Celly by many people and she gathered Susan had heard her nick name before. She took that as an invitation to friendship. While she wasn’t sure she and Susan had anything in common, Celeste was suddenly struck with a mission. At least a one night mission. She wanted Susan to have a little fun tonight. Maybe, just maybe, it might make their stay at the dorm a little more pleasurable.

Celeste — “Wanna come with me tonight? We’ve never hung out.”

Susan — “I dunno. Where you going?”

Celeste — “That would be the surprise, wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t dare spoil it for you.”

Susan — “I’m not sure.”

Celeste — “Please? Cmon it’ll be all shits and giggles. Promise.”

Susan nodded. Celeste hopped off the bed taking Susan in tow to the closet. Celeste ran her fingers through the rows of outfits, picking out a couple blouses and chucking them over onto the bed. She pulled Susan along to the dresser digging out a couple pair of way too tight shorts and threw them too on the bed.

Celeste — “Pick.”

Susan — “I do have my own clothes.”

Celeste — “These are your options. Pick.”

Since they were pretty much the same, Susan picked the silk blouse that was missing the top three buttons and appeared would dip practically to her navel. Handing Susan the outfit, Susan toddled off to the bathroom to change. Celeste changed in the middle of the room while Susan did the same in the comforts of the bathroom.

It had occurred to Celeste that Susan may have been peeping on her. So she really took her time changing so Susan would awkwardly wander back into the bedroom while she was still naked. Watching the bathroom door, she remained entirely naked for longer than she had to. When Susan emerged, she looked over and her eyes widened as Celeste was just wiggling the jean shorts over her curvy hips. Celeste winked at her room mate as she pulled the muppet skin cardigan over her naked breasts, closing the two buttons that were well below her bulging chest.

Celeste went over to her bed and lifted the mattress. She took out a handful of money from her hiding place and stuffed them into her tight pockets. Susan knew Celeste’s mother was lining her daughter’s pockets so she could have the time of her life. When Celeste’s mom visited once, it was clear that the “like mother, like daughter” aphorism rang true in their household.

Grabbing her packet of cigarettes and her keys, Celeste latched onto her new friend and dragged her along to the car. Susan was bewildered and looked out the window as they drove down the familiar campus roads. They were heading to the outskirts of town. When they pulled into a parking lot crammed with cars and motorcycles, Susan noticed the blinking neon sign. Roxannes. Celeste had brought her to a strip club.

Before Susan could protest, Celeste was already skipping off towards the front of the building. Susan could walk home in disgrace and have to face her room mate later or she could follow her friend inside. Susan marshaled her courage and followed Celeste up to the growing line at the front of the club.

Celeste skipped past the waiting customers to the front of the line. Flashing her blue eyes at the muscle bound bouncer in leathers at the front door, she spoke to the big man as if she had known him for many years.

Celeste — “Vinnie. My friend and I don’t have to wait in line do we? Do you want us to get bored and go somewhere else?”

Vinnie — “Roxxy would kick my ass if I let that happen, sweet stuff.”

He opened the red velvet rope and let Celeste and Susan go inside as he winked at Susan as she passed by. Susan and Celeste entered the crowded club. The club had a tall look to it. The ceilings were nearly twenty feet high. A catwalk around the perimeter of the building was filled with men and women with hungry eyes and thirsty tongues. There were men and women, young and old, bustling around throughout the place. There were three stages with runways that intersected at the middle of the biggest stage. Each had the required poles. But at the centre of the biggest stage was a complete stage set. A bed. A couch. A shower. Susan Bostancı Escort Bayan was mesmerized and her jaw became slack.

Celeste had obviously been here before. Susan knew she was a social butterfly, but Celeste could barely walk five feet before another unruly customer stopped her in her paces. Slowly, Susan and Celeste approached the bar.

Three gorgeous young barmaids stood behind the taps. Two of the girls Susan recognized from school. The third was definitely older. Susan estimated she was in her late thirties. She was dressed entirely in leather, but it snuggly cropped out the contours in her body. Susan soon figured out this Mrs Robinson type was definitely the owner of the watering hole. Roxxy approached Celeste and Susan with a snicker.

Roxxy — “Glad to see you again Celly. Who’s your sexy friend?”

Celeste — “This is Susan. My room mate at the dorm. Isn’t she adorable?”

Roxxy — “Adorable ain’t the word. The word escapes me. Surprised she hasn’t been here with you before, Celly. You been depriving me of her company?”

Celeste — “Susan is a bit shy, Rox. But I think I can lure her out of her shell.”

Roxxy — “If anyone can, you will, you bad girl. Have some time for me later? At last call?”

Celeste — “Depends on my company. I think we might be persuaded.”

Roxxy — “I’ll be waiting with bated breath. Drinks are on me tonight, you sexy ladies.”

Susan and Celeste ordered their drinks and found a seat up front. The crowd’s eyes seemed to follow the two of them as they walked through the club. Susan felt out of place, sticking out like a sore thumb, but Celeste acted as if this was commonplace and entirely expected. They sat down on the comfortable chairs right at the biggest stage.

Celeste reached into one of her tight pockets and unwrapped something in foil. Inside were a few tablets with little hearts stenciled on them. She popped one in her mouth and handed a second to Susan.

Susan — “What is this, Celly?”

Celeste — “Trust me. You’ll like it. Let the freak flag fly.”

Susan — “That didn’t answer my question.”

Celeste — “Ecstasy. One hit. Sex in tablet form. Trust me.”

Susan — “Am I gonna pass out?”

Celeste — “Would I let you pass out in a place like this? Or would I take one if I was gonna pass out in a place like this?”

Susan — “Probably not.”

Susan threw the pill in the air and caught it on her tongue. She let it dissolve under her tongue and winked at Celeste. What kinda trouble was she gonna get her into?

The first dancer of the night came out onto stage. Celeste watched the first woman sashay out onto mid stage and beginning to dance to the upbeat tunes.

Susan — “I’m a little surprised you brought me here. I guess it’s safe to say you like women, Celly.”

Celeste — “Pretty safe assumption. Good and easy money is on that chromosome.”

Susan — “You know I’ve never been to a place like this. Not even seen a naked woman before today.”

Celeste — “Before you saw me in the shower playing with myself, that is.”

Celeste wasn’t looking at Susan and was gawking at the woman with a Mediterranean olive complexion at centre stage. Celeste took a sip from her drink waiting for her room mate’s reply.

Susan — “Maybe it wasn’t a complete accident.”

Celeste — “Maybe it wasn’t an accident at all.”

Susan — “Maybe.”

Celeste — “You know I hate the word maybe. If it was up to me it would be stricken from the English lexicon. I’m all for absolutes. Kiss the girl. Don’t kiss the girl. Not maybe kissing the girl.”

Susan — “Maybe I’d kiss the girl.”

Celeste — “Maybe I’d let her.”

Susan — “Maybe I’ll think about it after a couple of drinks.”

Celeste — “Maybe you better drink up.”

With that, Celeste looked over at her and blew Susan a kiss.

Celeste — “The first dancer of the night always sets my mood for the remainder of the evening. Macy here always strums my harp strings. She can really dance like hell. And she’s a sexy little beast.”

Susan — “You know them by name?”

Celeste — “Shhh….that’s her real name. She goes by Elexus in here.” *mocks buttoning her lip*

Susan — “Mum’s the word.”

The two of the girls stared off at Macy as she slowly removed her clothes. After a few songs, Macy was completely undressed and rolling around on the couch at centre stage. Susan watched as Celeste drew twenty dollars out of her tight shorts, rolled it up, stuffed it into her yap, and climbed up on the stage. Laying down on her back, Susan watched as Macy crawled over to her at the base of the stage merely a meter or two away from her friend. Macy smiled at Susan and then hopped on top of Celeste. Sliding her body over Celeste, she pressed her breasts against the prone customer. Watching Celeste’s body wiggle under Macy’s, Susan watched as Celeste’s breasts heaved under the attention of the dancer. Macy lurched forward bouncing her breasts all over Celly’s face then pulled back. Macy’s naughty fingers ran down Celeste’s Escort Bostancı top down the deep low cut of her sweater. She sat up facing the audience with a mocked look of disappointment.

Macy — “She isn’t wearing a bra again, boys and girls? What will we have to do about that?”

As if it was rehearsed many times, the crowd piped in “Spank the Brat!”.

Macy hoisted Celeste up leading her over to the couch. Sitting down, she pulled Celeste right over her lap. Macy leaned down whispering into her ear and they both burst out into laughter. With that, Macy laced into Celeste. Her tight little denim shorts didn’t leave much to the imagination. They really were indecent, racy, flirty, and … fun. And they reminded me of Daisy Duke.

Macy didn’t go all out. Ten spanks in all. Good spankings. Lots of gusto. On uncovered skin in a few cases. The crowd was happy. Celeste was happy. Macy was definitely fucking happy. Susan was stunned. But happy too.

Celeste got up and took a bow to the cheering audience, gave Macy an I forgive you hug, and returned to sit beside her bewitched friend.

Celeste — “Next time it’s your turn.”

Susan — “Methinks over my dead body.”

Celeste — “Give it another couple of drinks. Speaking of drinks….”

Celeste called a young, yummylicious waitress over carrying a tray with a rack of test tubes of various flamboyant and glowing in the dark colors. Pointing to the deliciously pink concoction, the waitress set down the tray beside Celeste. The waitress took the chosen tube while Celeste spun her seat around at its base. The waitress stuffed the drink down between her ample cleavage and straddled Celeste’s lap. Celeste reached behind the waitress, grabbing her ass, as she gulped down the yummy contents of the glass tube.

When she finished, she held the waitress in her lap and they both laughed. Celeste looked over at her overtly curious guest.

Susan — “I’ll take two of those.”

All three girls busted their guts in laughter. The waitress got up off of Celeste, opening another button in her top, as she sauntered over wiggling her hips. Taking with her two of the “Pink Pussies”, she scaled Susan with mischief in her eyes. Placing the first deep in the canyon hiding beneath her bulging shirt, she watched as Susan licked her lips and then drank from the tube. When the last contents had dripped down the back of Susan’s throat, the waitress remained there for a tick tock or two after taking the tube away. She pulled Susan right into her and gave her a room with a view.

Celeste — “Nice touch, Sarah. I think Susan enjoyed that. Didn’t you, you naughty girl?”

Susan simply nodded emphatically.

Sarah — “Shall we share this one, Susan?”

Susan took the second drink, opened the slackened jaw of Susan, slowly pouring the pink drink into her mouth. With a sudden move, she leaned in and kissed Susan square on the lips…her tongue tasting the contents still in her mouth.

Sarah pulled back from the kiss. “Tasty.”

Susan blushed softly and thanked Sarah as she picked up her tray and continued her rounds.

Celeste — “There’s some life in you, Susan. I think I might bring you home.”

Another dancer came out onto stage at that moment. In fact, two dancers. They were introduced as the Santini Sisters. Petite, the physique of Olympic swimmers, and long dark manes of hair. Celeste had been waiting for these two. You see, they were identical twins. I’m sure there are a few men out there that pine for that shallow fantasy, but Celeste catered to it too.

The twins filled the stage with sights to see. For several songs, things got a little heated. But when they were both entirely naked, Celeste threw fifty bucks in her mouth and climbed up on the stage again. She remained as still as she could and looked up at the ceiling way above. Mirrors adorned the ceiling and she watched through the twirling ceiling fans as the two twins approached her. But with unexpected alarm, she looked beside her to see Susan lying beside her with a large bill tucked between her rosy lips.

Celeste was suddenly on fire. Now they had given the twins a run for their money.

The twins climbed over top of the two impatient women. With a subtle lust in their eyes, the girls climbed on top of them. In the next couple of minutes, both Celeste and Susan — rest assured — were eased to the edge of ecstasy and both of their pairs of shorts must have been starting to soak from their misting lips.

Both of the twins looked at each other planning something telepathically. They climbed above the two women, and looked out at the crowd as they reached for the girl’s tops. Looking for an acknowledgement that the audience wanted a peek, and meeting with unmitigated noise, the twins looked over at Roxxy behind the bar. Roxxy nodded at the twins, and the buttons were opened.

There were now four pairs of beautiful breasts exposed for all to see. The twins reached down to tease the nipples on Celeste and Susan…each hard as nails….and then leaned down to give each a kiss. One of the twins whispered to the other as Celeste was flipped over onto her tummy with a yelp. The other twin flipped Susan over too and the both of them climbed up hovering over the two room mate’s backs. With that, they slapped each of the girl’s cheeks a few times amidst the howls and wolf whistles of the crowd.

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