A Night I Cannot Forget

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It’s easy to look back on events in your life, and think how things could have turned out differently. Maybe if you did or said something different, things would have gone a different way. They say your vision is always 20/20 in reverse. This is an account of a night, that no matter how hard I try, I will never forget.

I was younger in my early twenties, and enjoying the entirety of what life had to offer. I had a good job, steady girlfriend, and a place on my own. I worked hard, and thrived well in my professional career early. I was a modest looking man at that time. I towered over my peers at six foot tall, and was well built and broad in my frame. I worked out alot in my down time, and it showed, although I didn’t have a six pack or anything. The diet required to maintain a shredded physical appearance never suited me. But I was happy with my apearance, and my confidence showed.

On this specific night, I had just finished a heavy upper body workout, and was on my way home. On days like this, after such a good workout, my arms and chest we’re so tired it was a struggle to even drive my car. Mid drive I decided to detour towards a local creek that people loved to swim at. It was late, sun completely down, and the darkness of the night consuming the sky. I wanted to go for a swim to ease my muscles, and since I hated crowds, this seemed like a fit opportunity.

I arrived and parked my car, grabbing just my spare gym towel and heading down the trail to the waters edge. From the parking lot, you had to walk down a wide gravel trail about three or four hundred feet long, that winded through the forest. Normally this trail would be enviting, and warm with the changing of the Fall foliage. Tonight it was cold, and dark, and if it wasn’t for my confidence and stature, I may have thought twice about the endeavour. Looking back, I should have.

At the end of the trail, it opened up directly on to the small beach that followed the edge of one bank of the creek. I was completely alone. It was quiet and dark, the only light coming from the moon that now hung high in the night sky.

I decided then that I wanted to take full advantage of this rare opportunity and try a dip without the hinder of clothing. I had never done this before, and was suddenly overcome with excitement. It felt naughty and wrong, and I was driven by the thought of being escort london naked in the water.

After undressing I piled my shorts and shirt, underwear and socks in a nice spot near the water. I thought, in case someone happens to have the same night swim idea that I had, I should be prepared.

I dove into the water, and immedietly was in heaven. The water envoloped my body, and carressed my swollen and sore muscles. It felt incredible. I began floating gently on the water, enjoying the flow from the stream over me, careful not to float away. I positioned myself so that one of my feet was wrapped in a tree root hanging from the edge of the opposite bank. I felt safe and calm, and peaceful. It was most likely the stress of the day melting away, or the feeling of the water, but regardless the reason, I soon drifted off to sleep…

I was awoken violently, with a heavy pain in my stomach. As I tried to find my bearings, I realized I was no longer in the water. In fact I was being dragged up on to the shore by a dark figure. I tried desperately to free myself, only to get hit once more in my stomach, by a man who was walking beside me. Now, I’m no stranger to a fight, but this man hit me hard, twice in the same location, and it was clear I wasn’t leaving without some pain. The man dragging me stopped, and together with the second figure, picked me up, effortlessly throwing me on to one of the picnic tables set off to the side of the beach. As I landed my face bounced off the table, rattling my teeth and throwing off my equilibrium.

One of the men, then jumped up onto my back and sat down, strattling my shoulders. I was lost, I couldn’t really see, and now I could barely breathe with this giant man on top of me. He had to weigh close to three hundred pounds. Even in peak shape I would have struggled to move him, and with my weakened post gym muscles, I was stuck. This was the moment I realized I was also still naked. I pleaded as much as I could muster, I could barely breathe let alone beg for mercy.

I heard the men talking, “damn buddy, we sure lucked out tonight”. “I can’t believe our luck, this perfect piece of ass, just waiting on us to arrive”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. They couldn’t be serious, were they really going to violate me? I couldn’t comprehend what was happening, and it was moving so fast.

The man escort service still standing, moved behind me and started to fondle my legs and ass. He was teasing me, like he expected that I wanted this situation. Closer and closer he got to my virgin hole, before gently pressing his thumb to my sphincter. I yelled out in fear, and pain, which only made both men laugh out loudly. He spit on to my ass, rubbing the fluid into my rosebud. I felt him grab both sides of my hips, pulling himself closer to my rear. Then I felt something I’ll never forget. His cock sliding up my crack and encircling my asshole. I begged for him to stop.

In one violent motion, he buried his dick into me to the hilt. I blacked out….

When I awoke I wasn’t sure how long I was out, but the men had switched places. It was clear the first man had done serious damage. I was numb to the pain, and could only feel the intense pressure of the man pistoning in and out of my rectum. I don’t know how big he was, but his cock felt enormous. I could feel him pressing into my stomach on every forward thrust. I suddenly became aware of another male standing to the side. He pointed out to the others that I was a “good little bitch” and that he loved seeing my “clitty get hard”. As I tried to comprehend his statement, I realised I was indeed hard. Why? My body had betrayed me, how could I be arroused during such a violation? With this realization, came an enormous rush of pleasure through my body. It was as if all the pain was gone, and all I could feel was pleasure. It was the warmest I’ve ever felt. The man inside my cavity became still, stopping deep inside my ass. I felt him empty his balls into me, and the feeling made my own cock erupt violently, spraying cum everywhere beneath me. He pulled from my abused and badly broken hole, letting all of his seed pour out around him. He moved from behind me, letting the third man take his spot, and the fucking resumed. This time however, it felt different. I was overcome with lust, and the need to feel this man cum inside me as well. I thrust my ass against him as he pushed inside, milking every inch of dick that I could. We continued like this for a few minutes before he indeed emptied his balls inside me, adding to the cum already there. I again came with force, feeling the cum enter my hole. Now that I was willing, the men took turns fucking escorts in london me, over and over until they we’re spent and satisfied. Each time one of the men deposited a load inside me, I too came hard and gloriously, never once touching my own dick.

The men thanked me for my service, and quickly ran off in different directions, but not before one of them shouted back “now you’re a bitch forever!”

I laid there on the table for what seemed. Like hours. What just happened to me? How could this have happened to me? Why did I get such pleasure from this? Am I gay now? What do I do now? Who do I tell?…

I cleaned myself up as much as I could, using my towel to wipe away the blood from my torn ass, and all of the many many loads of cum seeping from inside me. I hobbled down the trail to my car, getting inside I found a note on my dash. It had a simple “thanks for the cum bitch” and a number written inside.

I eagerly left and returned to my home, needing a shower and sleep and hopefully a plan of what to do next.

I decided to tell nobody, I know that seems crazy, but who would believe me? And on top of that, I thought if it got out, I would lose my girlfriend, and my job. I couldn’t take the risk. What I didn’t know then, was I was no longer the same person…

My girlfriend left me in the following months, because we couldn’t have sex. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get hard. It was embarrassing and it took a toll. It wasn’t until a year or two later when I found out the cause. I was sitting at home on my computer, surfing some porn sites, trying to get an erection. That’s when I came across a video of some sissy gay hypnosis. It wasn’t intentional, just one of those clickbait options at the bottom of every video. As I watched the “man” on the screen bend over and take a very large cock inside his ass, I got hard immedietly. I was so lost at this. What does this mean? I tried to take advantage of the erection, but no matter how hard I jerked off, I just couldn’t cum. What was wrong with me?

I found out some time later, while getting raped for the second time…that I indeed could still get hard and cum. But it would only happen when I was getting fucked in my ass, and I could only cum from the feeling of being bred myself. I indeed was to become a bitch forever, just like I was told that night long ago. But that’s a story for another day..

If only I had decided to just go home…..

If you enjoyed this story, I can continue with the story of my second forced meeting. Hope you liked it!

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