A Night on the Beach

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Tony wandered aimlessly. The night had covered the sandy beach, and the light from the full moon allowed him to see far enough behind to see footprints disappear into thin air. The crash of the surf against the rocks soothed his bones, and the soft gentle tug of the water against his bare feet lifted his heart. This was by far the most relaxing moment he had experienced all week. Just drifting barefoot along with the curve of the island. It was so freeing.

As he gazed out in front of him, the light of the moon reflecting off the waves, Tony made out a small figure lounging on a beach towel. He approached nearer and could make out the curve of a woman’s body. Now only a few yards away, Tony paused and veered from his ocean path towards the girl. From the moonlight he could make out her features slightly. She was slim, petite, and as best he could tell quite gorgeous. He was now close, close enough to see her eyelids shut and her bare stomach expanding and contracting, her breasts swaying up and down as she breathed in each salty ocean breath.

She was wearing a green bikini that scantily covered her luscious breasts and the other small piece of cloth covering her precious area was tempting his every thought. She had smooth, curvy legs that were shiny and moist from an earlier swim.

Tony sat down on the warm sand beside her and settled down laying his back flat. Quietly, but kindly, he whispered “Mahalo.” Her eyes crept open and peered over at the man beside her. He was handsome, slightly taller than most. He had long brown hair and a scruffy beard. He wore just swimming trunks. She couldn’t help but look at his chest and stomach, which were not chiseled to perfection but definitely sexy.

“Mahalo,” she responded in a gentle voice.

“I couldn’t help but notice you out here all alone. Are you all right?” he asked soothingly.

“Yes, I’m just fine. I like the solitude once and awhile.”

“I see. But don’t you just find the company of someone so much more meaningful and enjoyable though?”

This was so unexpected. He seemed interested, kind, and engaging. She turned her head so it was facing his. She saw his eyes staring right back at her.

It was a moment to be fully enjoyed. Under the moonlight, on the perfect beach in the perfect place, these two strangers locked eyes and looked deep into each other’s souls. And in that most precious of locations, these two knew that this must be fate. No words needed to be expressed. Everything was expressed through emotion, just the raw feeling of desire.

He wanted her. She felt it. She wanted him back. He couldn’t have wanted anything more than that.

Under the sky of white stars and moonlight, a pair of strangers became lovers.

Their embraced gaze lasted what seemed like forever. Their wide eyes stared for hours, but only seconds, and soon, his hand was gliding slowly and smoothly over her cheek. He watched his hand stroke her soft skin, and she let her eyes drift back and her eyelids close as she felt his touch upon her skin.

His firm hand felt like warm heaven upon her cheek. His fingers curled around her chin and then drifted like soft rivers of silk down her neck. His hand reached behind her neck and through her long, thick hair until he stated to pull her towards him. His hand brought him to her, and he leaned his face towards hers. And in moments their open lips met, and, with eyes closed, their tongues mixed together in the most sensual kiss either had experienced their entire lives. His hands became powerful forces of passion as he stroked her soft face and ran fingers through her hair.

Her tongue swirled around his, and his lips departed hers to be quickly pressed against her cheek in a soft, pleasurable kiss. A trail of sweet pecks surrounded her mouth, cheeks, and neck, until his wet lips took her upper lip between them and he kissed gently.

She was whisked up into pleasure as he too came with her into an unbelievably relaxing and intimate moment. Their lips crossed paths forever it seemed and the kisses were the start of the most amazing experience of their whole lives.

It was so sensual and loving although they hardly knew each other. The passion in their souls and the beating in their hearts told them it could be love. Their blood pressures’ skyrocketed and they could audibly hear the beating of each other’s hearts above the ocean tide surrounding them.

Tony began to let his hand go lower and lower upon her elegant body. He circled her shoulder with his delicate fingertips and messaged every bit of tension in her back. His hands were acts of God, and she dissolved into ultimate relaxation. After his hands had caressed her entire back, he looped his fingers around the back of her bra and slowly undid the tie until her bra hung loosely against her breasts.

Such delicate gestures were calm and relaxing to both, but the fiery passion had been building inside of her, and, now, once her bra had been undone, she decided to take things to güvenilir bahis a more visceral arena, and quicken the pace of this joyous moment.

She placed her arms around his muscular body and rolled him on his side so their bodies were pressed tight together. Then, in a smooth motion she tilted him back on his back, and she held tight so she came with him. She now lay straddled upon him. Her crotch now pressed against his. Their eyes met, him looking upwards deeply into her eyes. She looked down lovingly back.

She lifted her arms into the air, and her bra slipped quickly from her body to the ground. In the moonlight, Tony looked up onto this woman, her body naked to him. He gazed at her perky, luxurious breasts. They stood firm and small yet so round and gorgeous. Her nipples were erect already from the intensity. After taking her spectacular picture in, he lifted his head upwards and, holding her waist with both hands, took her left breast into his mouth and sucked softly upon her delicious nipple. He encircled her breast with soft kisses and loving licks, and then again took her nipple into his mouth. Soon, Tony took his attention from her one breast to other leaving a soft trail of kisses between. The whole time his tongue massaged her breasts, she was leaning back in ecstasy enjoying the delicate attention he focused upon her lovely breasts.

His tongue quickened pace and she grew more and more excited. His hands descended lower and lower until they were gripping her ass cheeks firmly in both hands. Although she could only feel his hands through the fabric of her bikini, she couldn’t help but become overwhelmingly turned on and almost out of breath. Quickly, her pussy began to wet, and she soon couldn’t help her body from rocking slowly back and forth against him.

With her breasts in his mouth and her body starting to grind against him, Tony started to develop a great desire within his shorts. His cock began to grow and harden, and he joined in the rocking back and forth. Every time her pelvis rubbed against his penis, he grew firmer and firmer and his lips sucked harder and harder.

Grinding on the beach together, his cock was now so hard that it was becoming difficult to keep it contained within his trunks. As they humped on the sandy beach, she reached her hand down between his legs and squeezed at where she knew his cock would be. When she wrapped her warm hands around his member she could hardly control herself. She felt his incredibly erect cock standing firm out against his body, and it was so erotic for her to feel his manhood in between her small fingers. She could feel his desire all in the grip of her palm.

She was quite impressed with what she found when she let her hand squeeze his package. She let her finger graze softly up and down his tool with only the thin layer of material between her warm fingertips and his fiery erection. Tracing his cock with her finger she was quite pleased by his size, not huge but a well-shaped. To drive him mad, she raised her head from the sand to his ear and licked gently, and then whispered the words she knew would drive him madly, “You have a very nice cock.”

At that he let out a deep moan of enjoyment. She let her tongue swerve softly over his outer ear driving him insane. He began to buck his hips erotically into her. She straddled him and let him thrust his cock against her bikini-covered pussy. It was so hot for both of them. Dry humping on the beach, his cock just so close to penetrating her. He wanted her so badly. He wanted his cock surrounded by her tight pussy squeezing his manhood.

Her desire to feel his cock in her hands grew so great. She leaned her head beside his and whispered, “I want your cock in my mouth, baby.”

He barely managed to speak out, “Oh baby.”

She began to crawl down his body. Her tits swaying as she kneeled farther and farther away. He watched as she departed, slowly lowering herself on his body kissing his chest as she went with soft, delicate, and delicious kisses.

He could feel the warmth of her fingertips slide down his body while she twisted her tongue across his sensitive nipple. And lower still she went until she lay face to face with his erection that stretched ever so much against his swim trunks.

At this level she could see perfectly the outline of his member. The moonlight allowed her to admire his package as it tried to exit its prison of cloth. She was flattered at his visceral desire. He could hardly keep himself in his pants. He wanted her so badly.

She began to nibble at his cock through the thin material. He could feel the saliva of her tongue seep through his shorts and drip across his firm cock. Feeling her soft, biting teeth against his rock, hard erection drove him practically over the edge with passion.

Her pussy was roaring now. This was the most sensual yet sexually liberating experience of her whole life. This man she had never met, the way he looked at her with such want, the way he touched her skin and türkçe bahis sent shivers up her spine, the way his massive cock needed her lips. He wanted her for her body, and that made her furiously horny.

He moaned loudly as she softly scratched her fingernails along his lower back, and then she heard another heavenly groan as she looped her fingernails, then her fingertips, then her fingers inside his shorts. He could feel with such sensitive nerves her gentle fingers sliding along his waist, deeper and deeper down his pants.

Her fingers were now trailing across his ass and lifting him up into the air, so she could lower the burden that constrained his cock. He moved with her and raised his body off the sand, and as he did so, she tugged at his trunks. They slid off with ease and finally let his member free. It sprang into view. She could feel his excitement just by glancing at his cock. It was so hard and firm and enormous. It was thick at the base and curved towards his stomach slightly. It thinned as it went higher, but at the top was a large and impressive head that looked so erotic to her. She stared at his tool for a few moments, letting it sink in, wondering what it felt like inside of her mouth, inside of her pussy.

His pants down, he felt a rush of freedom. He looked down and could not believe how erect he was. He felt so hard and turned on. His juices were flowing and the moment could never stop.

She stuck her tongue out and licked against the tip of his cock. His balls tightened immediately as her wet saliva grazed across his dick. She rolled her tongue in circles around him. He would have gotten harder if he were not as erect as humanly possible already. She kissed his head and then slowly parted her lips and took him inside. His cock felt warm and thick in her mouth. She squeezed it with her lips and felt the firm yet soft muscle squirm inside of her. She inched forward into his crotch taking half of him inside her warm, wet mouth. He wanted to explode right there. His body could easily have but he held back. He knew he could make this experience last so much longer. He’d never have something this powerful again.

He lay there on the beach, his swim trunks at his ankles, her mouth fully surrounding his member. She began to work her mouth faster. Swallowing him deeper and deeper, harder and harder. She grabbed his cock with her fist and stroked him as she sucked. His balls tightened closer and closer in towards his body. He just wanted to lean back and come in her mouth.

But, instead, he leaned up forward, the feeling from her sucking making him curl his toes. He rested his hands on her shoulders and caressed her. He held her body and slowed her movement down.

“Baby. Baby, that’s so good. I want you to slow down though. I don’t want you to make me cum yet. It’s your turn anyways.”

He grinned at her. She turned her eyes to look at him and let his cock slowly slide out of her mouth seductively. As it exited, saliva dripped off her chin from all the intense lovemaking she had been doing. She grinned too, knowing how good he’d take care of her needs.

He quickly pulled his body away from her and stripped her of any last clothing. She kneeled naked on the hot sand, the moon over head. Quickly he removed the rest of his clothes and they both sat naked so close. He admired her body. She was just as sexy as he pictured her. Her tits were delicious as they hung unsupported. Her pussy was hidden beneath her tender, firm, long legs.

He moved towards her with lips opening and they met in a long, tangled embrace. He kissed her like he could never kiss a woman again. It was long, and lovely. After he broke the kiss from her she sat there almost star struck. This evening was going so much better than she could have ever pictured.

He moved back in towards her and she slightly parted her lips expecting another long kiss, but his lips did not meet hers, and she was not disappointed. His warm cheek was against hers and his lips were kissing, sucking, worshipping her neck, her chin, her ears, her shoulders.

He kissed and licked and nibbled her everywhere sending her squirming and swiveling on the ground. She was out of control in passion. He leaned over her and she fell softly onto the sand, her body facing up towards his. He got on top of her and kept his kissing. His lips were like soft, warm heaven.

He started to trickle his kisses down her body, like soft, spectacular rain that soothingly switch-backed down her body towards her passionate area. His lips licked and kissed her neck and chest and her breasts. He circled her nipples again and kissed, but only for a few moments. His journey was clear and not staying anywhere for too long. Her tummy was next. So much soft kisses she could hardly keep herself from grabbing his head and pressing him into her pussy.

Finally, finally, his mouth was nearing her slit. He kissed above her pelvis, then at it. Then the sides of her hips, and he neared inside. Delicate, soft, sending güvenilir bahis siteleri delectable thrills of emotion through her nerves.

Soon she could feel the hot warm breath on her region. His lips were just centimeters away. And then, he buried himself in her snatch. He parted her legs and went to work on her pussy. She could not believe it. Heaven was appearing around her. His lips were working wonders as he swirled his tongue around her hot clitoris. His fingers squeezed at her ass. He pushed his tongue deep in her cunt and let his nose tickle her clit. She threw her head back and her body was sweating. She started to ride his face. Thrusting her hips into him. Desiring more and more.

Wanting it to last forever but come right away.

He quickened his pace and lapped at her pussy with furious swirls. She started to moan, and he reached at her tits with both hands as she wrapped her legs around his face and held him tight to her body. She kept moaning, and started to breathe more heavily.

“Fuck me. Please. Do it now. I’m so close to coming. And I want you inside me when I do.”

He could not have wanted anything more. Quickly, at the instant she requested him, he moved his face away from her pussy. He spread her legs wide around his body and placed his crotch near hers. His cock was still as erect as before. Being so turned on from his pussy licking adventure had kept him ready the entire time. He let some saliva drip from his mouth and drop on his cock. With one hand he spread the lubrication around his cock. And then inched towards her.

She leaned back as she felt the heat from his cock against her thighs. Tempting her, he moved his cock head closer towards her pussy along her thigh. He was so turned on that pre-cum was dripping out of his cock rubbing against her inner thigh.

And finally his cock was against her pussy. Just so close. They could both feel each other near. He lowered his head to hers and kissed her like he did before. It was so deep and loving and sensual. And as the kiss was about to break apart, he slipped his cock inside of her. Slowly he worked it into her. Feeling her tight cunt wrap around his cock. He felt the warmth and tight circle squeeze around him.

He felt spectacular inside of her. His hard member was pressing deep into her and hitting all of her spots. She let go and just enjoyed his presence in her. She felt her pussy walls squeeze against him and work him. She tried to add to his pleasure by flexing and unflexing, flexing and unflexing. It worked. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he moaned incredibly. She knew she would do that again to make him cum. She knew that she only needed to do that a few times and he would cum when she wanted him. All she needed to do was time that with her orgasm.

They looked into each other’s eyes. Their bodies tight together, they fucked hard on the beach under the moonlight. It was erotic and romantic and sensual and sexual. And they both could hardly keep from cumming.

She reached her hands around him and squeezed his ass pulling him into her more. He shot his hips hard into her and pressed his cock as deep as he could go inside her. His balls buried up against her ass. His cock completely disappeared inside her pussy. He looked down and moaned at the beautiful sight of his cock swallowed up by her pussy. He started to move faster and faster, pounding her harder and harder. They were both moaning and screaming now. She ran her fingernails up his back, and he let his mouth suck on her tits that were pressed tightly together giving him the most beautiful view to look at while his cock was worked off by her pussy.

She stared up at this man, this romantic beautiful man with his cock pushed deep inside her. And she watched as he fucked her. She watched as he held himself up against her. His chest looking muscular and tight. She watched as he stared at her breasts and his eyes rolled back. And she just felt the amazing feeling in her pussy from having him fuck her.

He sped up so fast that she moaned loudly. He was suddenly putting every ounce of energy into banging her pussy with ungodly speed and force. At that very moment, with his cock furiously fucking in and out of her, his balls loudly slapping against her asshole, and her nipples erect and being pleasurably licked by his tongue, that she felt her orgasm build.

She knew it was coming. And she wanted him to come with her. She thought he had to be close. The way he was going at her must mean he was about to cum soon.

Her orgasm was so close to her that she squeezed his legs and ass with her hands and began to flex her pussy around his huge cock inside of her. She flexed and unflexed around him as he drilled in and out of her.

Not only was he so close to cum from just fucking this beauty, but she was now gripping his cock from inside and squeezing him in and out. It was unbelievable. He knew his balls were about to unload.

Simultaneously they both arched their heads out towards the other and took one another’s mouths together. They kissed so passionately. And with his cock deep in her, and her pussy doing wonders to him, and his cock rubbing against her spots, they both let go and fell deep into orgasm.

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