A Night on the Trail

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Soon after entering the Program, (I’d rather not discuss what it was) Monica became a good friend to me. The age gap wasn’t bad. She was 17 and I was 18. I was quite lucky to have her; partly because I was in a strange new envioroment but mostly because she had a stunning body. My cock grows hard just picturing her. She was molotto, with black curly hair and a breath-taking body sporting two of the most gorgeous set of tits I have ever seen. Whenever I saw her, all I could think about was figuring out how to put my 8 inch cock between her legs.
However, I still cared about her. She was a good friend and different than what I was used to. I grew up in a slightly racist town so the girls were predominately white. Even though the KKK hadn’t run the town in several decades, they somehow managed to keep minorities away even long after the clan’s demise. It’s always eye candy for me to see a sexy black girl. On top of that, she was smart and funny. It’s quite rare to find a girl with all of that.
One night I asked her to go on a walk with me. I was pessimistic however, something always interrupted me before I could make my move. But still, I never passed up an opportunity to just hang out with her.
She emerged from her dorm wearing form fitting black pants and a form fitting pink shirt. Unbelievably sexy. Together we walked to the trail that was roughly a half a mile away. A still river stretched along the trail as we walked. Conversation always came easy between us. We talked about a lot things as we strolled. I felt so I comfortable with her. I felt like I could tell her anything. It was if we had been friends for years. It never got awkward. We’d often exchange glances during moments of silence and smile. I hadn’t planned it, but after about an hour, I felt like I was going to lose it. Even if I didn’t get to fuck tonight, I at least needed to tell her how I felt about her. No time was better than now.
“Monica,” I said, “I’m just going to be honest with you. I really like canlı bahis you. I am fucking tired of tip-toeing around the subject.”
“Aww, you do huh?” she said with a smile.
“Yeah, I really do.” Feeling a little a more confident from her reaction, I added, “And you have an amazing body. I can’t help but stare.”
She stepped in front of me blocking my path. I could see a look of lust in her eyes which made my cock start to grow hard.
“Well it certainly took a while to admit it, Jake, I’m not sure I believe you.” She said before stepping forward a little. “Prove it.”
It became clear to me at that moment what her intentions were for agreeing to go on this walk. Something like this doesn’t come at random so quickly. It caught me off guard, but I wasn’t about to blow this chance by being timid. I met her gaze with my own and put my arms around her waist and raised my fingers up her shirt feeling her soft skin. I leaned in and our lips locked and our tongues started to wrestle. The slow kiss made my cock grow harder. Without thinking, I clenched my hands on her ass and pulled her against my body. Her ass felt amazing beneath my hands as I squeezed her cheeks. Feeling my hard cock against her pelvis, she stepped back a little and brought her hand to it, rubbing it though my jeans. My breathing became heavy. Her hands started undoing my belt and pants. With a sexy smile, she dipped her hand down my pants and grabbed my big hard cock and began to stroke it. I quietly moaned into her ear.
“Yeah, Monica, that feels so good, don’t stop.”
Her tits were the next thing on my mind. I quickly slid my hand up her shirt. I grabbed one of her beautiful melons and massaged it. It was not too firm, yet not too soft and at the perfect size. We resumed kissing but this time with much more passion and lust. She giggled and brought me to my knees before pinning me on the ground. Her mouth came to my ear.
She whispered, “We should have done this sooner.”
No words were able to bahis siteleri come out so I nodded in agreement. She lifted my shirt and started kissing my pecs and running her tongue down my stomach. Then she sat up straddling me and removed her shirt and unhooked her bra, springing her tits free.
“You like what you see?” she asked.
“You don’t know the half of it.”
I grabbed her back and forced her to bend forward with her tits onto my face. I violently licked and bit on her nipples. She let off a moan and gave light kisses to my temple before she pulled my cock out of my pants.
“Mmm I’m very impressed,” she said taken by surprise. Laying her self on my legs, she slid her mouth onto my meat and began to suck. Her tongue swirled around my shaft and head. Her lips closed over my head and she massaged the tip with her expert tongue. I grunted in pleasure. It didn’t seem possible to enjoy something this much. My cock went deeper into her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down. She looked up and smiled at me as she licked from the underside of the base all the way to the tip. I groaned louder than I intended. Her beautiful head continued to bob – slurping it like a popsicle for several more minutes. To this day, I’ve never experienced a better blowjob. I groaned in delight through out. But as great as it was, I was ready for her pussy. I grabbed her head and brought it up to my lips and I rolled her over on her back. I leaned over her as I slid her pants down her sexy white-black legs. I grabbed her pink thong and ripped it off. Neither one of us even gave it thought at the time. All that mattered at that point was my cock going into her pussy. Spreading her legs apart, I rammed all 8 inches into her. We both gave loud moans of pleasure from the sensation. I gradually picked up speed as my cock went in and out.
“Oh yeah baby fuck me,” she said. “MMMM! Bury that big cock inside of me! Oh yeah, oh yeah!! OOOOOH FUCK!!!!!!”
It was such a turn on being outdoors fucking this screaming hot girl. bahis şirketleri While the trail was away from the public, the risk of someone catching us was still such a thrill.
Her tits bounced up and down as I plowed into her. Her body was just as I had imagined: perfectly shaped and athletic. Her beautiful skin alone was enough to make my cock grow. I smiled as I saw the look of pleasure on her face. Her eyes were shut with her mouth wide open delivering loud moans. After a few minutes, I turned her over on her hands and knees. She began to rub her pussy as I resumed. Nothing is better than doggystyle. The sight of her beautiful ass cheeks bouncing off of me was overwhelming. Getting more horny, I pumped even faster.
“Oh fuck!” She screamed “Yeah, Jake, just like that! Oh yeah! Pound that cock harder!”
After a few more minutes of my relentless humping she demanded, “Don’t cum yet. I want you to fuck me in the ass!”.
How could I refuse that?
I pulled out of her and quickly rammed my cock in her ass just as I did her pussy.
She began to scream even louder because of her even tighter hole. She violently bucked hard with my thrusts. I glanced down at her ass again making me feel adventurous. With one hand I began to spank her left cheek. Her bucking became wilder indicating she was loving it. Unforunately, however I was nearing the point of cumming. I pulled out of her ass and began to jerk myself off to finish. Though to my pleasent surprise she brought her mouth up to my cock opening wide. I grabbed her hair and began jacking my cum into her mouth with a few drops getting on her cheeks. Both exhausted, I let go of her head and we collapsed on the ground beside eachother.
We laid there running our fingers across eachother’s bodies. Still moaning as she caught her breath she said “Jake, you are amazing. We gotta do this again soon.”
I loved this chick right then and there.
I watched her begin to put her clothes on (with the exception of her thong, of course) covering her beautiful body once again. We both got a laugh from her missing thong as we walked back. Our ways parted once we reached the dorms ending one hell of a night.

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