A Night to Remember

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I hope you guys will enjoy this story! I’m working on my editing skills I promise ^ ^


Robyn carefully sped up as she drove through the green traffic light and took the right turn leading to her home. She was one of the lucky ones who really enjoyed their profession but nothing could compare to the joy she felt every time she headed home. She felt all sorts of excitement and that was solely because her favourite girl would be there, waiting for her.

Robyn glanced at the little box sitting on the passenger’s seat next to her and grinned widely. “Just a few more minutes and I will be there” She whispered, gripping the steering wheel.

In less than 5 minutes she was in her neighbourhood, she parked her black Volvo V4 Cross country at the entrance of her apartment building, smiling to herself when she saw lights in the building. She glanced at her watch, it read 08:23pm

She should have bought candles and scented oil for tonight. She should have pampered the room with petals of flowers and turned on some sweet Latin song she knew her girl adored, but this month Robyn was on the 2nd shift, meaning Emily would be the one waiting for her at home. Sometimes she would get home to meet a sleeping Emily, so no way to surprise her with something romantic.

They met during a shared company’s excursion when she was working for an architecture firm and Emily for an employment and labour law firm. Their relationship had begun rather roughly. Robyn was being rude to someone and Emily came in to humble her.

Robyn had always been carefree and inappropriate because she didn’t give a damn about people’s opinions but Emily’s single mindedness and her sense to fight for what was right attracted her. She honestly didn’t believe such people still existed and was captivated by that,

Robyn always knew she was the first to feel something in their relationship, she was the first to feel the spark, the desire and It wasn’t until after sometime that she understood she was in love. Then there was their first date, then another one and now it was almost three years and she still couldn’t stop her excitement about meeting the woman she considered the love of her life.

The October leaves ran over Robyn’s legs as she stepped out of the car with the gift in hand. She closed the door and rushed inside the building. Her senses were filled with the sweet scent of vanilla and roses as she stepped inside.The apartment was quiet, lit by a faint light in the bedroom. She hummed the smell in appreciation, took off her shoes and hung her jacket near Emily’s, then walked in the direction of the light.

Robyn entered the bedroom, and there she was, her heart did that little jump after a long day without seeing her. Emily sat on her bed with her laptop on her lap. Wearing glasses, she typed with a faint frown on her face. Feeling someone’s presence, Emily looked up and met dark brown eyes looking at her.

“Hi baby” Emily said with a smile, her melodic voice immediately soothing Robyn. Her long brown hair looked humid on her shoulders, She only had a night robe but her appearance was one of gentle intelligence as even her smart eyes had a seductive quality.

“Hello, my love, I missed you today” Robyn said, moving slowly to the bed, she sat side next to Emily and kissed her, enjoying the feel of her sweet, soft lips.

“I missed you too” Emily finally replied when they parted from the kiss. Her hands ran over Robyn’s body, enjoying the feel of her presence, She lowered her nose to Robyn’s neck and kissed it ” You smell very nice”

Robyn chuckled from the ticklish sensation “Today was a tough day, we did most of the work so I took a shower before coming back”

” Are you hungry? I can go fix you up something” Emily started to rise but Robyn interrupted her with a hand on her chest.

” Don’t worry, we had some sort of buffet at work today, I don’t feel hungry…” then, with a corky smile, Robyn’s hand slowly slid down to Emily’s thigh “Actually, I am kinda hungry for something else” she said with a speculatif look and leaned to kiss Emily’s neck, emanating a throaty laugh from Emily. She took off her glasses and moved her laptop to the other side of the bed.

” I have work to do” She said but didn’t push Robyn away.

“You always have work to do” Robyn countered, she’d been dreaming about this very moment for a few days now, she desired Emily so very much.

Emily chuckled ” I see you already had plans for tonight” she was enjoying what was going on. It had been long since they had been intimate. The blame definitely came from their work life invading their private life. Tonight, Emily was pleasantly surprised and very much enjoyed Robyn’s initiative.

Robyn slowly undid Emily’s waist belt as she spread kisses all over Emily’s neck. “These last few days, my imagination has been making love to you like crazy” she licked the neck of the only woman she craved for in her life.

Emily groaned, warmth spreading all over mersin escort her body from that single thought. Robyn knew just the right words to turn her on. She had planned on finishing her report tonight, but to hell with that. She needed Robyn to satisfy the fire she’d just ignited.

“Remember those days you used to wake me up with your tongue?” Emily murmured, enjoying Robyn’s slow kisses on her neck, she leaned further on the bed, letting her body react to the sweat, sensual touches.

Robyn moaned, Emily’s hands were making light circles on her back, she always did it when she was aroused and wanted to focus on something other than her raging desire. ” ofcourse, I vividly remember the noises you always made”

Emily felt a coil spring inside her body ” Yes, we need to bring back those days”

Robyn unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her bare chest ” I will fix that in just a bit” She laid down until she was completely on top of Emily, her thigh between Emily’s, she began a gentle thrust as she kissed her. They both groaned as pleasure took over them.



” We need to talk first,” Emily said, groaning again when Robyn bit her lip in protest and Robyn’s hand slid between her legs, slowly going up to the spot that needed attention.

“It can wait, I want you right now” Robyn said, shuddering as her need also surfaced, touching Emily always drove her crazy.

” Sadly, it can’t,” Emily replied with another shudder. “… remember the project in Florida I told you about?”

Robyn groaned again ” Yes” She didn’t want to think about that right now, being away from her for two weeks, that would be the longest they’d been away in more than two and a half years and the last one had been only three days. Nothing could be worse than that inevitable day.

” It has been approved by the committee and I will be travelling next week”

” Damn, two weeks without you, I don’t think I will survive” She bit Emily harder on the neck, her hand roaming over Emily’s pleasure spot but not going there, wanting to torment her because of the news. Emily reacted to the tease by pushing herself upward and moaning at the denied attention exactly where she needed it.

” I’ll also miss you..” she gasped. There was a moment of silence, and Emily added. ” I won’t be travelling alone…. Nate will be travelling with me”

Robyn froze, she stopped everything and leaned up, trying to focus. Maybe her fuzzy mind was playing games, she looked down at Emily

” Who is travelling with you?”She asked again. She saw a flicker of panic in Emily’s eyes and her chest constricted.

” Nate is travelling with me for the event” Emily repeated.

Robyn further leaned up, disengaging their bodies and stood up from the bed. Something replaced the warmth she’d felt seconds ago, she was boiling, but not from arousal anymore, it was anger, anger and something else.

She walked to the other end of the room, buttoning her shirt. She needed some distance to think.

” I was informed this morning and didn’t want to go to bed without telling you first” Emily said quietly as she fixed her robe and tried to get her bearings.

” Why is she going with you?” Robyne asked with a quiet voice she didn’t feel ” Why not someone else?”

” We work for the same client and she is good at what she does, the chief thought it would be an advantage to bring her”

Robyn knew she should act like the adult she was, she had to think before talking, but when it came to Nate, she couldn’t.

” Fuck!” She hissed louder than she intended, startling Emily. she looked at Emily “Isn’t there any other qualified person in that firm? Why should she be the one?

Emily stood up from the bed and walked a few steps towards Robyn

” Darling, it’s just a seminar, a few meetings, a lot of talking and paperwork and that’s it”

Robyn’s mind had already drifted to some dark place and before she could think she asked

” Where will you two be staying?”

When the silence stretched Robyn looked at Emily and read pain in Emily’s eyes. She’d messed up there, Emily was clearly hurt by that question.

” In a hotel the company booked” there was a stop and then Emily asked “Are you accusing me of infidelity?”

” Of course not,” Robyne replied with a calmer voice, regretting her question. That piece of…Robyn could see the smirk and Nate’s face knowing how she would react to news, and just that thought further drove her insane “I just don’t feel her guts”

Emily took a few steps away, clearly hurt by Robyn’s reaction and Robyn immediately followed, not wanting the distance. She took Emily’s hands within hers.

” I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean it that way, I…” she blew out her frustration looking around the room ” I don’t like her been around you, ever since she’s moved back in town she literally follows you around like a puppy”

Robyn met Emily’s eyes and she knew Emily could read through her thoughts and understood her concerns. Feeling mersin escort bayan raw, Robyn turned away. Emily gently held her face, bringing their gaze together ” Darling, It was years ago…Nate and I aren’t together anymore, we are done, you shouldn’t worry.”

Blowing out an exasperated sigh, Robyn said ” You were going to marry her and she is clearly still in love with you”

Feeling overwhelmed by everything and the distance she’d created between her and Emily, Robyn walked out of the bedroom and headed to the other side of the counter that separated the kitchen from the living room. Just like that, their night was ruined. Frustrated, she opened the fridge and took out that one bottle of beer that they’d decided to keep. She opened it and stared at it for a long time, then dropped it on the counter.

Emily followed to the living room. She was about to say something but Robyn was faster.

” I mean, she miraculously joined your firm this year and now she gets to travel with you…I just find it too accommodating for her. We both know she is still in love with you. I won’t be surprised if her dad whispered something to your CEO “

” Don’t say that, she is talented and valuable to the company”

” But you don’t negate that she is still in love with you,” the fact that Emily would defend Nate infuriated her even more. She couldn’t think straight anymore ” Do you still love her?”

” Of Course not, you know I don’t” Emily replied vehemently

” Actually I don’t, I don’t know”

Robyn saw confusion and hurt on Emily’s face. ” Robyn, why would you say that? You know I love you “

Robyn was too frustrated to think. “then, don’t go”

” What?”

” Don’t go with her to the seminar if you love me”

Emily’s delicate face frowned in disbelief.

” You can’t be serious”

” I am”

There was a pregnant silence, dark brown eyes stared at hazel ones. They were just a few steps away from each other but it seemed like a huge void separated them. After a moment, Emily answered.

” I… I can’t make that choice right now”

Robyn looked away. She felt an ache all over her body and bones. Her heart hurt. ” Well, you already did,” She said as she walked towards the door. She walked out, closing the door.


Emily could only hear the door close behind her, footsteps of Robyn as she opened what seemed to be her car and closed it.

She couldn’t believe what had just happened. She knew Robyn wouldn’t like the news but this was actually worse than she’d expected. They’d had a fight, a real one and Robyn had just left thinking that she’d chosen Nate over her.

Overwhelmed, she walked to the opened bottle of beer Robyn left on the counter, she stared at it before sighing and putting it back in the fridge. Robyn was clean from alcohol for almost two years and thinking that she was this close to breaking the cycle scared Emily.

She walked to the sofa in the living room and sat down. She closed her eyes and stayed in silence. Robyn strongly disliked Nate since the day they’d attended the firm’s party three months ago and she’d met her. She doesn’t remember them having a conversation but the animosity was obvious.

If Robyn really thought she would have an affair with Nate, then maybe she was doing something wrong after all. Emily had avoided any relationship with Robyn when they’d first met because she considered her an eye candy and such people always came with a huge trail of problems.

She was not only strikingly handsome with a lean body that did a pretty good job at hiding her well defined muscles. Her short wavy, dark-midnight hair always cascaded over her face and accentuated her sculpted cheekbones. She also exuded a soulfire energy and carried a self assurance in an all encompassing corky nature that screamed ‘danger’ miles away.

After getting to know her, she’d quickly fallen for Robyn’s vulnerability, her gentleness, her warmth, and a comfort Emily never knew she’d been searching for. Before she knew it, she was madly in love with her.

Emily sighed, a long slow and exhausted sigh. She hoped Robyn would come back to her so that she would clear things out.


Robyne sat inside her car, It hadn’t even crossed her mind to turn on the ignition. Leaving Emily in this state was completely out of the question. She was stubborn, not stupid, she just needed some space to think. She was the one at fault here. If she wasn’t so jealous of Emily’s relationship with Nate she wouldn’t have reacted so drastically.

She knew she’d crossed the line when she told Emily to choose between her work and her. How could she even ask her to quit the event considering Emily sacrificed so much to get where she was!?.

” Shit, Robyn, you can’t handle little competition can you?” She said to herself, dropping her head on the steering wheel.

Anything involving Nate always struck a sensitive spot in Robyn, and that was because, no matter what Emily would say, escort mersin she still cared for Nate.

They were childhood best friends who later became lovers and were about to get married. How could she compete with that? Emily had told her the reasons she’d ended the relationship, but such a deep connection couldn’t just go like that and Robyn’s competitive brain wouldn’t let that go.

“Fuck” Robyn murmured. She definitely took this possessive trait from the dad she wanted to forget. Remembering she had so many toxic attributes from him disgusted her. She was lucky enough to not have ended in rehab or prison. Emily literally saved her from self destruction. One more reason she didn’t want to lose her. She would be so lost without her and it wasn’t fair for Emily to carry such responsibility. Robyn knew she had to work on herself and be a better person if she really wanted to be worthy of her girlfriend.


Emily’s eyes were still closed when she heard the door quietly open. She leaned up and turned to see Robyn walk in. She hadn’t had enough time to formulate the right words but she knew if Robyn really wanted her to withdraw from the event, she would do it. She wasn’t ready to lose her for a two weeks seminar.

Robyn walked hesitantly towards her. She was scared Emily would be too angry to listen to what she had to say. She was scared Emily would refuse her apology, when Emily lifted her hand in her direction, she quickly took it and sat beside her.

” I’m sorry, I overreacted and made you take the blame for something that wasn’t your call. I shouldn’t have told you to choose between me and your job”

” Don’t apologise,.. I might have said or done something the wrong way” Emily said in self recrimination, Robyn hurt even more knowing she was the reason Emily felt that way

“No, you didn’t, I just feel…so jealous when she is around you” She stroked Emily’s hand, outing her insecurities and fear. “…I don’t want to lose you…I’m scared of losing you.”

Emily was momentarily speechless, Robyn always had a corky way of expressing her emotions, She rarely let herself be raw. Emily’s instincts kicked in”

” Never, you will never lose me, I love you, Robyn, I’m very serious about you and nothing, not my job, my family or even less Nate would change it”

Robyn looked away out of embarrassment, Emily stroked Robyn’s chick and softly turned so that they could face each other. She wanted to be sure Robyn understood the implications of her next words.

” Only you can make that happen”

Robyn instantly understood and quickly replied “Well, you will wait forever because I’m never breaking things off with you”

Emily chuckled as she joined their foreheads together.



“I love you…a lot, as a matter of fact”

Robyn smiled in contentment, she nuzzled Emily’s nose “I love you too”

Emily leaned for a kiss she hoped would make Robyn feel how much she was precious to her.

After sharing almost a minute-long kiss, Robyn stroked Emily’s laps ” I have something for you” she smiled at Emily’s surprised and curious look. Exactly the reaction she expected. She stood, walked to her jacket and retrieved the little box.

She came back and handed it to Emily who curiously looked around and tried hard to contain her excitement. Emily was always excited over gifts, Robyn found it so cute.

Emily opened the box and gasped when she saw what was in ” Oh my god”. She took out the little figurine and couldn’t stop staring at it, her initials were on it. She remembered talking about it to Robyn on their second date, years ago. She’d said it out of the blue and never talked about it again because it was mission impossible considering the manufacturer had closed shop. The fact that Robyn remembered and bought it for her almost made her heart melt.

She looked at a very pleased Robyn, almost speechless she asked ” how did you get Venus?”

Robyn did that quirky heartthrob smile ” That’s a secret I’m keeping to myself” she’d actually called the Earthbound manufacturers company, spoke with Shigesato Itoi and paid huge sums to manufacture this unique figurine of Venus with Emily’s names behind.

Emily looked at her completely surprised. She carefully dropped Venus on the table and kissed Robyn. A sound, sensual and soulful kiss that Robyne accepted.

“The best present I’ve ever gotten in my entire life” Emily said

” I’m happy to hear that, though I know I can top it”

The kiss grew and when they stopped, they were both gasping. Emily slowly slipped her hand inside Robyn’s neck enjoying the warmth, she leaned forward and whispered seductively in her ear “I remember you telling me you were hungry a while ago.”

Robyn’s pupils dilated, she felt heat envelop her body, leaving her with nothing but desire. She leaned and nestled her nose on Emily’s neck. ” Nothing’s changed, still starving.”

“Perfect ” Emily chuckled. She kissed Robyn and led her to the room. They stood near the bed, Emily silently unbuttoned Robyn’s shirt. Robyn’s heart fluttered, everywhere Emily’s fingers touched her felt sweet. They’d done this countless times and she still felt pleasure as intense as the first time.

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