A Night With Kelly Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I made it home Friday night undressed, and crawled into bed next to my husband. I had to lay there on my side because my ass was still swollen from the thrashing Kelly gave me. I laid there contemplating what I had just done. If I wasn’t as exhausted, and spent as I was, I never would have been able to fall asleep.

I got up at about 8’oclock and went downstairs to make breakfast for my family. I heard a beeping coming from my purse; I must have a message on my cell phone.

“Good morning Laura.” It was a message from Kelly.

“How’s that ass feel babe? I wouldn’t let anyone see it for a while,” she said. I could also hear people in the background laughing.

“OK doll, I only have a minute so listen closely. Go to your computer and get on the net. Go to the Internet, and make an email account for yourself. The name you are going to use is Kellys underscore milf underscore pet, got it? Kelly’s milf pet…you like that?”

“I’ll be sending you an email about noon today, so go go go little Laura.”

“See ya milf.”

Before everyone got up I went to the study and logged onto the Internet. I wasn’t sure if I should do it. I am a strong woman, and saying no to things was normally easy for me.

There was nothing normal about my relationship with Kelly, and instinctively, I did was I was supposed to do.

Saturday 12:30 PM

My husband and the boys had left to go to a car show. I was all alone, and trembling as I logged on to check my new mail account.

To: “Laura Hayden” kellys_milf_pet@… Subject: Cum On Down! YOU are the next contestant on the prize is Kelly!

From: “Kelly Strelling” cheer_this@…

Laura, Let me start by saying that last night was a lot of fun. I can still smell your pussy juices on my fingers. You’re a real fox, and I can’t wait till we meet again. Which is going to be real soon baby. Now, like I said. You are going to take your credit cards and go online shopping for us. You find a web site where you are going to be able to get exactly what I tell you to get. IF… you show up for our next party without even one of the items on my list, you aren’t going to be able to sit down for a fucking week, understand? 1) A large black dildo 2) A large strap on dildo 3) Nipple clamps 4) A butt plug 5) A whip 6) A pair of 6 inch clear, and black strappy high heeled shoes (for you) 7) A pair of thigh high black leather spiked boots size 7 (for me) 8) Thigh High nylons, assorted colors. Get a bunch of these! 9) And fucking surprise me with something too. I like surprises. Get overnight shipping, because we are partying again this coming Friday. You need to reserve a large room at the Hilton. We can’t do this at my house. DO NOT email me back! Just do what you are told, and be at the hotel, dressed in black nylon’s, and the fuck me shoes; nothing else, at 9PM sharp, Friday. Oh, and shave that sweet pussy completely bald for me. I will find out what room you are in at the front desk and you better fucking be there. This is probably the ideal time to let you know that last night I had a Video camera hidden, and I got it alllll on tape! LMAO! My friends and I watched it when they got here after you left. They all want to fuck you too. Hmmmmmm I wonder who else may like to see you having you ass slapped, and being fucked with a cucumber? BE THERE!


When I left Kelly’s house last night, and went home I was nervous, ashamed, and sexually fulfilled. I was nervous of being found out, ashamed because I have never had much more than traditional sex with the three men I have been with. But I can not, and will not deny that what happened last night was the most sexual night of my life, and the most exciting time I have ever had.

Am I crazy? I have a husband for god’s sakes. I have kids, a career, and I go to church!

Yet last night I allowed an eighteen-year-old high school girl to seduce me.

She humiliated me, and made me basically made me agree to be her sex slave. I knew it was wrong. I knew it was dangerous, and probably self-destructive. But, in a matter of one week, and one physical experience with Kelly, I was addicted. In no way was I in denial of the issues and ramification’s of continuing this, but I could not help myself.

When she told me she had what we did on tape, I just about fell off my chair. Other people have already seen it? What would she do with the tape if I didn’t do exactly as she said? Now even if I could, or wanted to say no, I couldn’t. I was too afraid of what she might do.

So I am sitting here with all these emotion’s and worries uncontrollably dominating my thoughts. I can barely look my children or my husband in the eye, and like a moth to a porchlight; instinctual, and possessed, I find myself browsing the Internet looking for a web site where I can get everything she demanded.

I found a good site that had everything on her list, and began to fill my virtual shopping cart. I was turned on just browsing the site, and started rubbing my pussy as I shopped. I had Bostancı Escort seen and heard of some of these things before, but ordering them, and imagining what she would do with them made me horny as hell.

Now I have never been one to masturbate that often, but I stood up and pulled off my shorts, sat back in the chair with my feet up on the desk, and started fingering myself, and flicking my clit.

I’m 37 years old, married with children, and have had a pretty traditional sex life. But here I am half naked, legs up masturbating in the room where my kids do their homework. I continued stroking and fingering my pussy to an intense orgasm.

I placed the order, and ordered Kelly her surprise too. It is a beautiful, sexy black mini dress. I hope she likes it.

That was Saturday, and the package was waiting on the porch when I came home on Tuesday. I was glad the kids didn’t see it, or mess with it when they came home from school. I quickly took the package to the garage, closed the door, and opened it to make sure everything had come. I was afraid that something may be out of stock, and wasn’t shipped. Kelly said that if I showed up and was missing anything that I wouldn’t be able to sit for a week. I knew exactly what she meant by that. Submitting to Kelly and her subsequent spanking of me on Friday turned me on. I also knew she planned on spanking me even more, but I didn’t want to make her angry.

Everything she wanted was there.

That night I called the Hilton and reserved a room. I sat back in my chair and tried to absorb all of this. Friday night I am going to be in a hotel room with Kelly, and allow her to do with me as she pleased.

Again I was nervous, concerned, and frankly afraid. Friday night with Kelly was planned, and there seemed nothing I could do to stop it, even if I wanted to. The next three days were the most anxious days of my life. I could barely think about anything except my emotion’s…and Kelly.

Friday night.

I had gift wrapped the box of things, and had already told my husband that I was going to a baby shower for a girl at work. I took a shower, and paid special attention to shaving my pussy bald just like I was told. I dressed casual in jeans and a sweater, and headed out the door at about 7PM.

I got to the hotel room opened the box and took a real good look at what I had ordered. There I am sitting in a hotel room surrounded by dildoes, nipple clamps, a whip, and a butt plug for god’s sakes. The shoes she had me order for myself were slutty as all get out. I imagined how she would look in her thigh high boots, and what all she had planned.

I took off all of my clothes hanging them up neatly. I slid the sexy black thigh high nylons over my legs, and put on the shoes. Now I wear high-heeled shoes every day, but these…these were truly fuck me shoes like she had said. I walked to the full-length mirror and looked at myself.

I have to admit I looked hot. Like a slut, but hot. I reached down and gently spread my pussy lips then fondled my tits, as I admired myself in the mirror.

It was 8:30 and I did my hair and makeup, preparing for Kelly’s arrival. I set the toys, her boots and her dress out on the bed, and sat in the chair. I knew she would be here soon. She said 9PM, and I was getting the impression that Kelly was very dependable, and would be here right at nine.

Nine o’clock came and no Kelly. Nine fifteen, and then nine thirty, and no Kelly. I started to wonder if she was coming, or not. Then there was soft knock. I got up and walked to the door, and looked through the peephole. It was her. My mind was saying “Yes!” it’s her, and “Oh no!” it’s her at the same time.

That’s the way it was all week for me. My mind was going from one end of the spectrum to the other. I cant, but I want too. I shouldn’t, but I have too.

I opened the door, and she entered. She placed her purse and a gym bag on the table. Closing the door I turned around and she was standing there just looking at me. From my feet to my face she was checking me out. I could see the approval in her sexy eyes. She looked away to the bed and saw the things there. She looked back and walked to me and put her hands on the sides of my face and French kissed me. Her mouth left mine and she released my face and softly grabbed my swollen tit’s. Cupping them from the sides she ran her thumbs back and forth across my stiff nipples. She stood back and placed a hand on my upper thigh, and looked at my naked pussy. Once again she looked at me and managed a small grin. I knew she was pleased with what she saw.

“I knew you would be here Laura.” Kelly said in her confident almost arrogant manner.

“What choice do I have Kelly?” “You have me on video tape.”

Kelly stood very straight up and her eyes got very large. I knew I had made a mistake saying that.

“What CHOICE DO YOU HAVE?” “ I cant fucking believe you said that. If you are trying to tell me that you don’t want to be here you are full of shit, because Ümraniye Escort I KNOW you want to be here.”

“Bend over and grab that chair NOW Laura.” Kelly moved behind me and started to slap my ass with her open hand. “Pleaseeeeee Kelly!”

“That’s right you slut. You better say please when I spank you!” she said as she continued.

Kelly stopped abruptly and went to the bed and picked up the toys one by one inspecting them. Then she grabbed the boots. “Ohhhhh I love these. Kickass.”

“Laura did you bring anything to drink, I’m thirsty”

“No, I’m sorry Kelly.” I said in a low fearful voice.

“Well take a few buck’s and go to the pop machine at the end of the hall and get some drinks. Get me a diet coke.” she said as she took the boots to the chair and sat down.

I went and started to take my shoes off to get my jeans on. “What the fuck are you doing?” she said.

“I’m going to…” “Yeah, you are going to get drink’s and you’re going just like you are! So get the hell moving sweetie, sheesh.”

“But Kelly.”

“ Kelly dropped the boots and stood up. “ BUT KELLY NOTHIN! You are going to walk, or run if you want to, I don’t fucking care but you are going just like that.” Kelly walked to the door and opened it wide. I was freaking. She was going to have me walk down the hall completely naked except for nylons and these shoes!

“Oh my god” I said. Kelly started laughing, and said in a cute voice as she was waving me on with her fingers “ Comon slut, scoot …scoot, I’m thirsty.”

“Oh my god” I said to myself as I grabbed a few dollar bills from my purse. I walked to the open door and peeked down the hall either way. I looked at Kelly and she winked at me. “Scoot scoot scoot little Laura, heh heh heh.”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I walked out the door. There are people all over this hotel what if someone gets off the elevator or comes out of their room I thought to myself. Like a first time cat burglar I walked slowly down the hall past a few door’s.

I looked down the hall and thought, SHIT; the pop machine must be the other way! I turned around and started back. Kelly was watching me from the doorway the whole time and when I approached our room I made for the door. She put one hand on either side of the doorway and Laughed, “ Ah ah ah, it’s that way baby” dropping one hand and pointing.

“Grrrrrrrrr” I looked down the hall and started walking at a pretty good pace. My tits were bouncing and I was almost falling off of these six-inch heels. I made it to the pop machine without being seen. I put a dollar bill in, and wouldn’t you know it, the machine spit it back out to me! I grabbed it and straightened it out, and tried again. It took it and I pushed the diet coke button. The can fell in the tray, and I bent over and grabbed it. I was thirsty too but the only thing on my mind was getting back to the room, so I started walking fast.

Then I heard the elevator bell ring. “Oh my god!” The elevator is stopping at this floor! Kelly was still watching me as I neared the door. She had heard the bell too and started to close it. I got to the door and she HAD closed it! I started banging on the door furiously as the elevator doors opened and a man got out. He was walking towards me and I know he got a great view of me standing there dressed like a slut. “Please!” I said as I continued banging while looking at the stranger coming toward me.

Kelly finally opened the door as the guy was a few rooms away, and I practically dove in the room.

“Damn you! I said. I didn’t care if she got angry at my comment. She didn’t, but started laughing at me again.

Kelly took the drink from my hand and said “ Now, wasn’t that fun Laura?”

I exhaled loudly showing my relief to be back, and Kelly opened the pop and took a drink. “No drink for you? I think you better go back and get one,” she said chuckling.

“No, I’m fine” I said as I sat down on the bed.

“Did I fucking tell you that you could sit bitch? Get the hell off your cute ass and come here.”

Kelly had taken a seat in the chair and motioned me to her with her index finger. “Kneel down in front of me and take my shoes off” I followed her orders.

“My feet are tired, rub them for me” She had beautiful feet and perfectly painted toenails.

“That’s a very pretty red polish Kelly,” I said. She sat back in her chair holding the pop can loosely in her fingers dangling it in front of her mouth and said “ Yeah, its ok.”

“Allright Laura enough of that. Go grab me a pair of black nylons.” As I did she got undressed.

“Give them to me and squat in front of me.” Kelly took the nylons, stretched them out a bit then rolled one up, and inserted her foot into it. She fell back in the chair and raised her athletic leg in the air pulling the nylon down to her thigh. She did the same thing with the other nylon and when she brought her leg down she put her foot in my face and said “Suck on my stocking toes.”

Taking Kelly’s foot Anadolu Yakası Escort I began to suck on her toes as she had told me to do.

“Yeah baby… that’s it. Suck those toes. Slurp on those things.”

I sucked on Kelly’s toes and felt like her slave then she placed her right stocking clad foot directly on my face and gently pushed me away. I fell backwards and she said, “Get my boots pet!”

I crawled over next to her chair and got her boots and gave them to her.

“Ooooo Laura, I like these thing’s; they are sweet. Oh and where is my surprise baby?” she said as she slid her foot into the boot.

I went and retrieved a gift-wrapped box with her mini dress inside. I was hoping like heck that she liked it. As Kelly slid her other foot into a boot she saw me walking with the box towards her.

She sat back in her chair, looking very hot in the nylons and spike heeled boots. She hadn’t zipped the boots up yet and they were still lying to the sides. A coquettish smile was on her face. She almost looked like she was blushing.

“Gift wrapped Laura? Aweeeeee how sweet; you’re learning.”

Kelly giggled as she unwrapped the box saying how much she liked surprises. It was a sweet innocent side of her that I haven’t seen.

She opened the top of the box and pulled the dress out and held it up.

“Ohhhh Laura, I love it!”

“I hope it fits, I guessed your size. Please don’t be angry if it doesn’t fit; I can send it back and get the right size.”

Kelly placed the dress back in the box and said, “It looks like it will fit.”

She stood up, and said “Zip up my boot’s for me.”

I did and she walked around the room and over to the full-length mirror and admired herself. I admired her too as I knelt on the floor. She looked awesome; her long brown hair cascading down her back; perfect ass, and with the nylons just showing above the tops of the leather boots, she looked like the dominant girl that she was. She turned and walked back to me. She walked in those five-inch spiked boots like a pro.

I was still kneeling on the floor, and she walked right up to me. Her smooth pussy was right at my face. She scooted her legs as far to either side of me as she could, and without saying a word reached down and grabbed two handfuls of my hair at the sides of my head and pulled my face right in to her.

She rubbed her pussy all over my face. She smelled so good.

“Stick that tongue out pet; lick that cunt. You know what to do.”

“Ooooooooo yeah baby; suck that clit; fuck that pussy with your tongue”

She started wiggling her hips as I tongue fucked her, and sucked on her swollen clit. Kelly was very wet; wetter than she was the last time. She released my head, and tilted her head back; running her hands through her long hair; moaning as she moved her head from side to side slowly.

She almost lost her balance but recovered. She bent down, and held my face in her hands as she kissed me. She stuck her tongue right in my mouth, and I sucked on it like I was sucking a cock. She pulled away and said, “Mmmmmmmm; I taste good don’t I pet?

Her tongue was still in my mouth as I moaned “Yeah you do.”

We parted lips and Kelly went to the bed and moved all the toys and things from the bed to the night stand and brought the nipple clamps back with her.

“Stand up pet; Let’s see how these clamps fit those knobs of yours.”

I started to stand up but my legs were cramped from kneeling.

“Hurry the FUCK up…Jeeesus Christ”

I stood straight up as quickly as I could and Kelly bent over and sucked hard on each one of my already stiff nipples. “Ewwwww those are great tit’s and your nipples are huge Laura.”

“Thank you Kelly.”

Kelly took one of the clamps and released it on my nipple. “Ahhhhhaha ohhhhh godddd.”

Kelly laughed as she placed the other clamp on my other nipple, “Owwww ahhhhhahaha easy easy easy”, I said.

“Relax pet, I haven’t even tightened them up yet,” she said as she began to tighten the screws on the sides of the clamps.

“There we go little Laura,” she said as she flicked them up repeatedly with her fingers. “They won’t hurt to bad now until I take the clamps off.” Kelly said laughing.

“Look at them pet, don’t they look great? Go ahead feel them.”

I looked down at the clamps squeezing my nipples, and reached up and touched them with my hands. I have never felt anything like this. Here I am standing in front of this hot teenager wearing nothing but nylons, slut shoes, and nipple clamps.

“OK, come over here sweetie.”

I followed Kelly to the side of the bed still looking down at the clamps. My tit’s bounced lightly and with each bounce I could feel the clamps. I didn’t want to admit it, but they felt great squeezing my nipples.

Kelly grabbed the strap-on dildo, and told me to kneel in front of her and help her put it on. I helped her put it in place and connect the leather straps at her sides, the nine-inch rubber cock flopping near my face the whole time. Once in place Kelly said “Yeahhhhhhhh baby,” as she reached down and grabbed the cock with one hand and started waving it around in my face.

“I’ve always wanted one of these,” she said as she went to the mirror and checked herself out. “Fucking awesome.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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