A Pornosexual’s Revenge

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Big Naturals

I don’t condone any of the illegal acts in this story. It’s all just a bit of fun and nothing more than a fantasy. But we can all have a bit of fun in our minds, eh?


I took a final drag on my cigarette, then stubbed it out into a pot-plant on the patio. It was getting on for late afternoon, and I probably only had a few hours before Jackie would arrive home. Boy oh boy, did she have a surprise waiting for her when she got back.

I’d been planning this little ‘treat’ for my line manager Jackie ever since she caught me watching porn at work. She’d reported me to the boss, and had me dragged into a meeting where she went on and on about how disgusting and debasing it was. Just the sort of shit I expected from an uptight bitch like her. The last time she got any dick must’ve been school, so I guess she resents anyone else getting any.

I lost a promotion opportunity as a result of that little incident, and was humiliated in front of all my colleagues, just cos she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. I originally planned to get revenge on her by keying her car, but when I went to do it I noticed the stupid cow had left the window wound down, and the keys to her one-bedroom flat were on the front seat. One quick trip to a key-cutters later to get them cloned, and I had unlocked the opportunity for revenge on a much grander scale.

Cos she’s such a loser, I knew Jackie would use the upcoming bank holiday to visit her sister up in Glasgow. Says something about a person when you’ve got so few mates you’ve gotta hang out with family on your days off. This gave me the perfect opportunity to execute my plan.

See, the reason I got caught watching porn at work is cos I’m a pornosexual. That’s a person who’s entire sexuality is based around watching porn. And I watch a LOT of it. Every spare moment I have, I’ll be gooned out, pants around my ankles, leaking precum over hot starlets getting ploughed. That doesn’t mean I’m going at it solo though; I’ve got a whole community of other guys (and a couple of girls, too) who share my love of smut. We chat on forums, webcam while we’re jerking off, share new vids and pics that get us off. It’s a real, smutty love-in with my bate mates.

When I realised Jackie’s house would be empty for three whole days, I got online to tell my buddies. Opportunities to meet up in real life and wank together are rare. An opportunity to do that AND wreck the flat of prude in the process was too good for my mates to pass up.

I had told the gang to start showing up on Saturday, but I arrived at Jackie’s flat late on Friday night, waiting across the street until I saw her pull away in her car. I’d told my gooner friends they could stay as long as they wanted and do whatever they wanted with the place, and I’d got over 50 responses from people saying they would show up, some even flying to the UK just for the chance to wreak a little filthy havoc.

They had not disappointed Ümraniye Escort me.

I turned back to the house, preparing to survey the destruction we’d caused and put the finishing touches on my vengeful masterpiece. As soon as the front door swung open, I was greeted with the sounds of groaning coming from both the screens in the house, and the guys watching them.

I studied the cream-coloured wall beside the door, looking at the graffiti drawn in permanent marker. A giant, throbbing boner stood next to the words ‘COCKS IN ATTENDANCE’. Scored off underneath this were 42 strikes, which was not a bad turnout at all! Beside this was a similar doodle of a full pint glass, annotated with ‘NUTS BUSTED’. I couldn’t even count all the strikes underneath this one; all I knew was my buddies had done me proud.

I stripped off my clothes and left them in the hallway, handling my swelling prick as I made my through into Jackie’s kitchen. A laptop I’d brought with me was set up on the work surface, a video of two guys forcing their pork-swords down some chick’s throat playing on the screen. A pile of porno mags I’d brought sat beside it, along with several tubes of superglue. I noted with glee that the pile was substantially smaller than it had been on Saturday. My instructions to tear out whatever got you stiff and glue it to the walls and ceilings had been taken to heart, and all around the kitchen, pictures of ladies getting stuffed full of cock stared back at me.

The table in the middle of the room was littered with glasses, mugs and empty bottles of beer. Nobody had been drinking from the mugs or glasses this weekend, but they’d been using them to spunk into, and slimy ribbons of baby-batter coated the insides of all of them. As I stood there watching, one of the four guys currently occupying the kitchen snatched up an already full wine glass and pumped his load into it, swirling the vessel round and round to mix his spaff in with the previous donations. His balls drained, he put the glass down and made his way over to the oven, picking up a tea-towel and smearing his still-drooling knob over it to leave a trail of cum.

Beside me, two other guys had the fridge door open and were fisting their stiffies, bathed in the light from within. The outside of the fridge had been scrawled all over in permanent marker, with offensive sexual phrases and lewd doodles, making it look like the walls of a pub toilet cubicle. The contents of the fridge was festooned with stands of sperm, and the two boys were clearly working on adding to the sticky webs covering all the food inside. I patted them on the shoulders to encourage them and made my way through into the living room, stroking my now completely stiff pecker as I walked.

The room was crowded with naked men and stank of stale sweat and cum. The far wall had been pasted with centrefold pictures, a particularly crass one of Ümraniye Escort Bayan a girl with two cocks stuffed in her arse drawing my attention and causing me to tug on my boner more vigorously.

A huge guy was sat on the arm of the leather sofa, wiping his heavy bollocks back and forth, steaking it with his sweat. The coffee table was streaked with a gridwork of cumloads, converging on the glass bowl in the centre. Jackie’s spare keys and trinkets were stashed there, but were now floating in a pool of baby-batter.

The cabinets beside the TV were stacked high with porn DVDs, purchased ahead of time and brought with me. I’d binned all Jackie’s foreign, art-house movies and replaced it with the likes of Cumfart Cocktails, Weapons of Ass Destruction, and Two Cocks In The Shitter.

A cluster of guys were currently watching one of the DVDs, Feeding Frenzy , on the flatscreen TV. They had taken the TV down from it’s stand and laid it out on the floor. Just as the dudes in the movie started unloading on the lucky face of the porn starlet, the men surrounding the TV aimed their pricks at the screen and started hosing it down with cock-snot, the sounds of their powerful jets hitting the glass audible over the movie itself. The TV had received many such ‘showers’ over the past three days, and it was starting to become tricky to actually make out the picture.

Jackie’s desk hadn’t fared much better, and was dotted with sticky pools of spunk. Her laptop was displaying a porn tube playlist that’d have even the most mild-mannered person stroking like a goon-fiend. A man was just in the process of squirting another huge load directly onto the screen, causing his jizm to run down and pool between the keys on the keyboard.

I decided to run the tip of my cock across the polished wood of her desk, smearing it with the precum that had built up while I had stroked to the perversion we had all created. Job done, I moved through into the bathroom.

One lad was on the floor, humping the bath matt with his drooling prick while he played a gangbang movie on his phone. Glued to the bath, and plastered with jizz, were a series of pictures from the same photoshoot. They each featured the same gorgeous Latina, surrounded by huge dongs and stuffing them in her orifices while she smiled at the camera.

A man was sat on the toilet, wanking furiously, while another stood beside him, drying his sweaty balls on one of the towels in his post-orgasmic haze. He had clearly been adding his load to the bathtub, into which had been thrown a bunch of Jackie’s possessions. I’d put the plug in on Friday evening and had instructed each new arrival to bust at least one nut into the tub, which was now a slimy pool of spunk. The taps and shower-head had also been hosed down and dripped stalactites of semen down into the bath below.

Pleased with the state of the room, I turned Escort Ümraniye and walked towards the bedroom. This location had been particularly popular, and I’d busted one of my first loads of the weekend square onto the centre of the carpet near the doorway.

There was another movie streaming on a TV set on a bracket facing the bed, a big-titted German girl surrounded by men taking turns to drain their balls onto her face, or slap her about the chops with their veiny schlongs. Two men were humping the shit out of Jackie’s pillows while they watched. I noticed that at some point her bed-sheets had been changed to the spare set, presumably once her current set had been sufficiently sullied. The new ones were dark blue and smeared in cock-secretions of every sort, and as I watched one of the guys flooded the pillow with his salty seed with a roar.

In the corner were two more gooners, one currently spunking into Jackie’s chest of drawers, while the other had a pair of her knickers wrapped around his glistening knob-end as he stroked aggressively to the movie on the TV. Another man on the opposite side of the room had balled up Jackie’s dressing gown and was holding it against his arse. He let rip a loud, wet fart into it, then laughed as he wrapped it around his boner and jacked furiously with both hands, sending trails of precum flying into the air in front of him.

I looked up and the ceiling and saw what might have been my masterpiece; A high resolution, close-up photo of my swollen cock, precum drooling from it’s tip was pasted above the entire room. I’d had to print it out in a series of A4 sheets and then assemble them again, but it was certainly worth it. She’d never be able to remove it, and it’d almost certainly show up under any paint she put over it. My massive goon-stick would be staring down at her as she slept for as long as she owned this flat.

Looking at my watch, I felt it was time to leave my parting gift for my good friend Ms J. Her briefcase sat at the foot of her bed, remarkably unmolested by the Bate Crew. I opened it and lay it down on the floor, beating my meat as I did so. Collecting some of the discarded pages of porno mags scattered around the floor, I stuffed it in amongst the stationary and papers in the briefcase. I left a picture of a girl with her cheeks grotesquely stretched by a huge prick stuff in her mouth prominently on top of it all. I pictured Jackie’s horrified face as she opened her briefcase as I emptied my heaving bollocks into it in a powerful torrent of bate-juice. I bounced my cock up and down to shake the remaining droplets of jizz into the case, then shut it tight.

I made my way back through the house as the last of the Goon Squad started to depart, putting their clothes back on and leaving via the front door. As I switched off the lights and prepared to leave myself, I made doubly sure everything looked as squalid as possible.

At the front door, I pulled my trousers back on, then as a final gesture I flopped my knob free and rolled back my foreskin. I planted a gooey kiss on the wall with my bell-end, then pulled my t-shirt on. Just before I left, I scored down my final load on the tally, then locked the door to my little surprise for Jackie to find.

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