A Quickie

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Copyright 2007 by Dwight Scott

All rights reserved. Other than downloading one copy for strictly personal enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, except for reviews, without the written permission of the author. However based on real events and places, “A Quickie ” is completely factual. Comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to the author through the link below. Please list the story title so I know which one you are talking about.

One of the first experiences in my late 50’s involved a match up on the net. He was young and I was old. He was looking for a daddy to suck and I wanted to get sucked. It seemed just perfect. I had wanted to act on the growing impulses of feeling a warm cock again. I had played when I was very young with a neighbor and played with an older guy when I was in high school and college. When I got married, it stopped and I never thought about it. I continued to masturbate at least once a day but I became more interested in lesbian scenes or regular fuck scenes. The internet brought greater opportunity to see anything I wanted. I started to look at some of the gay stuff and read some of the stories in magazines. When I traveled, I would buy Penthouse, a Lesbian Magazine and a Gay Magazine. I would masturbate looking at all of them. As time went on, my desire to feel another man’s cock again got stronger. I was finally going to act on it.

We talked for awhile as I did not want to go somewhere and be ambushed. He explained he lived with his brother who rus escort was at work until 10:00 PM. It was around 7:00 and my wife was at work. She would not be home until 10:00 and his place was only 10 minutes from me.

I go to his apartment and he is around 7:30. He is smooth and around 5’10 and a medium build. I am shorter but wider and while not smooth, I am not very hairy. We talk briefly and go to his bedroom and get undressed. I gently stroked my 6″ cut dick and saw that he is about the same size and also cut. It is strange, but I have never felt someone that was not cut and was glad he was like me. He strokes his cock for a minute and I make the first move. I get closer and put my hand on his cock. It is not totally hard and I get to feel it grow in my hand. He is warm to the touch and does the same to me. We stand there stroking each other and it feels so good. I am getting harder by the minute. So is he.

We turn so that we are face to face. We rub our dicks together slowly. It is a wonderful sensation because we are about the same height and our similar sizes make the rubbing sensation very, very, very nice. He backs up just slightly and takes both of our cocks into his hand and strokes them at the same time. The feeling is new and very nice. He suggests we go to the bed and I agree.

Slowly we lie down and fondle each other again. We are in a 69 position and it was at that time that he lowers his soft mouth and lips onto my shaft. It feels so good he moves to get a better position so that I am left with merely reaching yenimahalle escort to play with his dick as he so expertly give me a blow job. He is slow and methodical and his hands work their magic on my balls and the combination is sending sensations up my shaft and I feel a wonderful orgasm building. I am able to play with his cock and balls. They are smooth as a baby except for a small patch of hair above his cock. He feels good to play with.

I love being played with and sucked. I love when my wife does the same things but is different when a man is sucking on your dick. I think it is part wickedness because we are not supposed to be doing this with another man. I think it is part because you get to play with and hold another cock while yours is being played with. That makes this special.

After a short time I tell him that I am close and he proceeds to suck me and pump my shaft quickly and with greater feeling. I feel the tingle start at my balls and it slowly builds until I feel the release of my cum into his mouth. He does not slow down until he senses that I am done. I do not shoot much at my age. The feeling of calm spreads and he lets go of my now soft little dick. I feel the cold air on the wet noodle. He asks me if it was as good and I thought it would be and I said yes.

I reminded him that I would not do oral but he said don’t worry about it he had another idea. He proceeded to suck me again until I was hard. He reaches over to his dresser and puts oil on his cock. I stroke him again and he is enjoying this feeling. He has me lie down and he puts some oil on my cock and proceeds to sit straddling my legs. I ask him what he is doing because I do not want to go up his ass. I am very, very concerned about being clean and disease free. He assured me that it would not be fine – not to worry.

He positions my cock so that he is sitting on it with the tip pushing against his balls and slightly visible to me. The rest of my shaft is under his balls and the feeling is both warm and exciting. He rocks back and forth. He is stroking his cock while I feel a wonderful sensation going up and down my shaft. He says that this is one of his favorite ways to come. I tell him this reminds me of when I was small and I would ride my dick “on” my neighbors ass crack like a hot dog in a bun. He tells me that when he was young he would hump his pillow. I told him that I would do the same thing and we smiled and wondered how many other people did the same thing. I told him I forgot all about that.

He said he is getting ready to go and in only five minutes he has worked himself into an orgasm. He asks if it is OK to cum on my stomach and I said go for it. Just three more strokes and he shoots three hot ropes onto my stomach. Then another two and he is finished. I ask his if he is OK and He asks me if I want to go again. I tell him I can’t that I needed to get home.

It was the first time I had cum one me that wasn’t mine. It felt good. I plan to do it again. The next day, when I had the time and privacy, I proceeded to get naked and hump my pillow thinking about what happened last night. I forgot how good it felt and proceeded to slowly work myself up to a great orgasm. Then, when I was about to shoot, I turned over and came on my stomach. I got two good shots of cum. Here I was in less than 24 hours I had cum on my stomach again.

Stay posted.

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