A Revealing Summer Ch. 07

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==Part 7: Through the Woods==

We were standing around in the landscapers’ trailer; I had put my sports bra and running shorts back on, and most of the guys were starting to dress again. But Michelle was still totally nude in front of the six older men. Tim was holding her clothes out of her reach, having just declared that they needed her bra and shorts as a “memento” to the fun afternoon we had all just shared.

“Okay, seriously!” Michelle said, sounding both nervous and annoyed. “I need those back! I can’t run home naked! I’ll get arrested!” Her medium-sized breasts jiggled slightly in her agitation, and her nipples were very hard.

Tim, who was also still nude, hard cock sticking straight towards her, responded, “Well, maybe we can come to an arrangement.” Then he winked at her.

Michelle paused, and looked around the room at the men staring longingly at her naked 18-year old body. “What sort of arrangement? We already said we aren’t fucking you guys.”

“Fair enough. How ’bout this: if you give me a blowjob, I’ll make sure you don’t leave this trailer naked.” the big black landscaper replied.

She hesitated a little before responding. “Just you? Not them, right?” she said, gesturing to the rest of the guys.

“Hey now! Let’s not be too hasty!” Eric chimed in. “I mean, you two sexy ladies have been getting us all horny! Why should Tim be the only one getting any action?”

Tim laughed, and said, “Because I’m the one holding her clothes, you pervert. Besides, the rest of you already jacked yourselves off watching the girls. You didn’t have patience, so you don’t get special attention.” Then he turned to Michelle, and gestured down at his big, hard dick. “Ok sexy thing, do we have a deal? One blowjob for something wear.”

The guys didn’t sound threatening or anything, and it seemed like if Michelle had just said “no” they would have relented. Still, I decided I should step in to defend my friend. But before I could, Michelle stepped forward without a word. She kneeled down in front of Tim, and took his hard, black cock in her hands, and slowly leaned forward, until her mouth was right in front of it. Then she licked her tongue out slowly, running it gently along the tip. She licked around his whole dick, as Tim grinned and leaned his head back in pleasure. Next she opened her mouth wide and slid his cock into it. She bobbed up and down on it, her medium-sized breasts jiggling nicely as she did.

Tim was grinning and moaning, but Eric was frowning. Tim glanced over at him, and said, “Hey, can’t a guy get some privacy?” Then he threw Michelle’s shorts and bra at him.

Eric caught the clothes and glared at him, but before he could say anything Dean spoke up a little nervously. “Hey, guys, we probably should get back to work before someone comes looking for us. The boss said he might drop by today”

Felipe agreed, saying “Yeah, he’s right guys. Come on Eric, let’s get back to mowing that damn lawn.” Then he turned to me, and said “Thanks for a great show today sweetheart. Encore tomorrow?”

I smiled at him, and replied, “Oh, trust me, you don’t want to miss tomorrow’s performance.” And with a grin I reached out and grabbed his cock through his shorts. It wasn’t fully erect, but felt like it might be on its way.

Smiling, he said “Oh, I wouldn’t dream of missing it.” With that, he kissed me lightly on the cheek, then turned and walked past the curtains and out of the trailer, ushering Dean, Carlos, and an irritated-looking Eric along ahead of him. Miguel was the last to leave, his eyes staring at me hungrily. As he passed me, he reached up and groped my tit one last time. It was crude, but at the same time I felt myself getting horny again. I watched him leave, thinking about how only a few minutes earlier his cock had briefly pushed its way into my pussy. I wondered if he was thinking about that too, and part of me wished I had just let him continue.

Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I turned back towards our little room in the trailer. Michelle was still naked on her knees, sucking happily on Tim’s cock. Tim had his hands in her hair, and was guiding her along his length, clearly enjoying the blowjob from the 18-year old hottie. Her head was bobbing back and forth along his large dick, with one hand wrapped around the base. Her other hand was between her own legs, rubbing her clit. I was getting turned on again watching them, and I slid my own hand down the front of the shorts and slid my finger along my wet slit. I could hear some voices outside, but I ignored them; the show inside was too much fun.

Tim had his head leaned back, moaning in pleasure. Michelle began to moan too, and started to stroke his cock with one hand while fingering herself more fervently with the other. Her medium-sized breasts jiggled seductively as she worked at getting them both off. Watching the big black dick slide into the 18-year old’s mouth was incredible. Part of me wanted to go join them, but I hesitated. Sure, Michelle and I had played with tuzla escort each other earlier, but that was more for the guys enjoyment, right? I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to intrude on her fun with Tim. Then I heard someone talking with a raised voice outside the truck. I looked over, and considered going to check it out and give Tim and Michelle some privacy.

The big black landscaper had other ideas, however. He looked towards me, and saw my hand buried in my shorts, my fingers moving all over my clit. Smiling, he gestured for me to come over to him. “Well,” I thought, “I guess that’s my cue.” Taking my hand out of my spandex shorts, I reached up and pulled my top off again, exposing my large breasts and rock-hard pink nipples. But before I could step forward to join them, Carlos came bursting into our little curtained-off room.

“What the fuck, Carlos?” Tim asked. “We’re still busy in here.” He put his hand on Michelle’s head, and guided her up and down his cock.

Carlos stuttered for a minute, eyes flashing between Tim and my bare breasts. “Um, guys, um… the boss is here!”

“What? Shit, seriously?” Tim yelled in surprise. Michelle, for her part, kept sucking greedily at his rock hard dick.

“Shhh!” Carlos warned. “He’ll hear you! He’s asking where you are, Tim. You have to get out there!”

Tim pulled away from Michelle, his dick sliding from her mouth with an almost funny “pop”. “Shit shit shit!” he moaned quietly. “I was so damn close!”

Michelle, still on her knees fingering herself, looked up at him. “Hey, we can still finish, there’s time”. But Tim was already pulling on his short and his shirt.

“Sorry babe, I’d love to…” He looked down at her naked, perfect body again, taking in her sexy breasts, flat stomach, and smooth pussy. “Damn, I seriously would love to, but I have to go! The boss will fire my ass if I don’t get back to work!” He jammed his still erect dick into his shorts in what looked like an uncomfortably position, and ran out the back of the truck.

Michelle looked dumbfounded, kneeling on the old futon mattress totally naked and exposed. I felt just about the same. “What the hell just happened?” I wondered aloud.

Carlos was still there. “Sorry girls, but the boss is here. He likes to do these random spot checks. And now he’s pissed that the golf course isn’t done yet. You have to go! If he catches you in here, he’ll fire all of us! Hell, he’ll probably call the cops!”

“Okay,” I said, my head spinning a little. Things had got from “hot and horny” to “Oh shit!” really fast. I pulled my sports bra back on, and adjusted my breasts back into the cups.

Michelle stood up. “Um, I don’t have my clothes! Eric took them when he left!”

“Shit!” Carlos said. “Let me see what I can do. Wait here” And with that, he hurried out of the truck.

“‘Wait here’,” Michelle said mockingly. “As if I was going to leave here naked!” She was now covering her nipples with one arm across her chest, and had her other and down to cover her pussy, even though no one was around to see her but me (and I had my tongue in that pussy only a few minutes ago, I remembered with a smile).

After only about a minute, Carlos came back into the truck, carrying something bright orange in his hand. “The boss sent Eric to the other side of the golf course, I don’t know where he put your clothes. This is the best I can do.” He tossed her the orange thing. She unfolded it, and held it up; it was a bright orange safety vest, the kind that the landscapers would wear when working near the road.

A look of horror crossed her face, but I burst out laughing. She glared at me, and then turned back to Carlos. “I can’t wear this! Are you kidding! I might as well be naked!”

He looked at her uncomfortably, although his eyes kept darting down to her exposed breasts. “I’m sorry, it’s the best I could do…” he repeated. “Now you two have to get going! The boss might want to check out the truck, and I have to hide the room back here!”

“Give me your shirt at least!” Michelle begged, with a desperate tone in her voice.

He looked at her incredulously. “I can’t! How could I explain that to the boss? Wear would my shirt have gone? Now seriously, you have to go! Felipe and Tim are gonna show the boss the hedges at the edge of the course, but then he’ll be back over here!”

I looked at Michelle nervously. “We really should go… Just try it on, it looks long enough to cover up everything…” She sighed, and pulled the vest on. When she velcroed the front, it did sort of cover everything; her breasts were covered, and it went down to just below her pussy and her ass. But there was almost no material on the sides; from my angle of view, I could see her entire side boob, almost to her nipple. Plus, the vest was a plastic material with lots of tiny holes in it, so if you were really looking you could see her darker tan nipples through it. Anyone who saw her would definitely know she was naked underneath, and since it was bright göztepe escort orange, it was a pretty good bet that someone would see.

“This isn’t going to work!” she said in a worried voice.

“It will be fine,” I lied. “Get your sneakers on and let’s go! I don’t want to get caught in here!” As she tied on her shoes, I felt a little bad for her. Still, I knew that if our roles were reversed, she wouldn’t hesitate to make me run around in that thing. At least she was mostly covered up. “Besides,” I told her, “most of the run will be through the park, where there won’t be many people.”

“Come on girls, you really have to go!” Carlos said, gesturing us to follow him. He led us to the entrance to the truck, and then held a hand up to stop us. He stepped out quickly, and looked around. “Okay, it’s clear, you have to get going!”

Michelle seemed hesitant to step outside, but I jumped right out of the truck. “Come on Michelle, we have to go!” I said, looking at back her. Mostly I was just nervous about getting caught by the landscapers’ boss, but the horny part of my mind was also excited to see my best friend running down the street in just a skimpy bright orange vest. She peaked outside, the dayglo vest shining brightly as the afternoon sun hit it. Then she stepped down cautiously out of the trunk. The vest rode up as she did so; I saw her smooth, sexy pussy, while Carlos almost certainly saw her tight ass. Then she looked around the side of the truck to check out the road, and I saw through the huge armhole in the vest. I could see her entire breast, and even a quick glimpse of her nipple. I was getting rather turned on seeing her like that; part of me was glad that it wasn’t me in the vest, but the perverted part of me wished it was.

“Shit shit shit!” she said, clutching the vest around her to try and make sure she was covered. “I don’t think I can do this Amanda!”

I looked over at Carlos, who was giving us a shooing gesture, while looking around nervously for his boss or any other witnesses. “We don’t have a choice, Michelle,” I told her. “Let’s just get going, the sooner we go the sooner you’ll be home. Besides, most of the run will be through the park, so at least we’ll be off the streets.”

She sighed, and said, “Yeah, okay I guess…”

I grinned at her, trying to mimic the mischievous grin she always gets. “Alright, sexy thang, let’s go.” Turning back to the nervous landscaper, I called out “By Carlos! See you tomorrow!” I gave him a wink, and then ran across the street. I could hear Michelle running right beside me as I reached the opposite sidewalk, and ran very quickly along, trying to get to the park as soon as possible. The street was basically deserted; other than us and the landscapers, no one seemed to be home. That made sense, since these huge houses were almost certainly owned by bigshot business types, so they were probably still at work. There were a few golfers on the golf course, but they were pretty far away. They might be able to see two girls running, one inexplicably wearing something bright orange, but they definitely couldn’t tell she was naked underneath.

As we neared the end of the street, I slowed a little to let Michelle run alongside me. Her eyes were darting all around looking for any witnesses, and she was holding the bottom of the vest down to keep it from riding up as she ran. But she didn’t look as nervous anymore, instead she had something of an adventurous look at on her face. “Enjoying the run?” I asked her with a smile. From the side, I could see her medium-sized breasts bouncing nicely with each step.

She grinned back. “Actually, kind of. It’s sort of a turn on to run this naked! Although this stupid vest is going to chafe my nipples!” She let go of the bottom of the vest, and instead pulled the front of the vest away from her chest a little. Now I could fully see her aroused nipples through the arm hole. And without her hands holding the vest down, it rode up, expose her ass. Just then we came to the end of the road. After a quick look up and down the cross street, we ran across it and turned towards the park.

But before we reached the entrance, our luck ran out. We could suddenly hear a car approaching from behind us. We both turned to look, and saw a the male drivers eyes go wide; Michelle’s ass was completely exposed to him underneath the neon vest. He slowed a little, and came up alongside us just as we got to the park entrance. I turned to go in, but Michelle stopped for a second with a laugh, and opened her vest up all the way. The driver swerved and hit his brakes, whether out of surprise or just trying to get a better view I’m not sure. But he definitely got to see the 18-year old jogger’s fully naked breasts, with hard tan nipples, and her smooth pussy. After only a few seconds of flashing him, she closed the vest, turned and sprinted into the park. I chased after her, trying to keep up.

We went around a bend, and stopped for a second to catch our breaths. We looked at each other, and üsküdar escort both started laughing. “Oh my god that was incredible!” Michelle said.

“Hahaha, I thought he was going to crash!” I replied, still laughing. “I can’t believe you did that!”

She looked at me surprised. “I can’t believe you didn’t! We just got naked for a bunch of strangers, what’s one little flash going to hurt?”

I giggled, and said “Yeah, I guess that’s true.”

“Okay, the next guy we see, it’s your turn to flash! Now let’s get going, I’m basically naked in the park!” Then she jogged past me, along the trail. I considered protesting her assertion that I have to flash next, but instead I just followed her deeper into the park.

We went about a quarter mile without seeing anyone else. It was the hottest part of the day, and while it wasn’t the brutal heat wave we had the week before, it was still too hot for most people to be outside I guess. But after coming around another bend, we came to an opening in the park where a man was sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper. He looked like he was in his 50’s, with salt-and-pepper hair and pretty thick glasses. He was absorbed in his paper; if we had just kept running, he may not have even noticed us until we were past him (in which case, all he might have seen was quick glimpses of Michelle’s cute butt under that vest). But instead, Michelle slowed down when she saw him. She looked around, checking to see if there was anyone else there. When she saw there wasn’t, she looked back at me and grinned, and mouthed, “Your turn!”

I shook my head at her, intending to just run past the guy. But Michelle slowed down more, and pointed at me, then at him. He must have noticed the motion, because suddenly he looked up and watched our approach. His jaw dropped when he saw the two teens running towards him; my red hair was trailing behind me like fire, and my big breasts were bouncing up and down in the confines of my sports bra, while my spandex shorts had ridden up a bit, molding around my pussy lips in a perfect camel toe. Add to that my bare flat stomach and well-toned legs, and I must have been a sight to see. But obviously Michelle was stealing the show. As she approached him, the vest blocked most of his view of her body, although it shifted up and down with each step, so he may have gotten quick looks at her pussy. It was still very clear that the girl was naked underneath, and he was staring openly at her while she just grinned.

I decided that Michelle shouldn’t get all of the attention, so just as we were about to pass the guy, I reached up and grabbed the bottom of my bra. I lifted quickly, causing my large breasts to fall out, bouncing along as I ran. My pink nipples were aroused and hard. He was now staring at me instead, watching my tits as we ran past. I thought that Michelle would open up the vest again to give him a show, but instead she waited until we were passing right by him, and then pulled the arm hole of the vest away from her chest, exposing her left breast to the man. I glanced over at him before our backs were to him, and saw a clear bulge in his crotch. “Well,” I thought to myself, “it looks like naked 18-year olds work even better than viagra!” Then I started laughing again, and Michelle joined in. As we ran away from him, I could feel his eyes were still on us. I pulled down my top, but then reached over and grabbed the back of Michelle’s vest. I lifted it, exposing her cute little ass to him, her cheeks swaying with each step. She yelped in a cute sort of way, but didn’t stop me. Then we were around the next bend and out of his view, and we both stopped for a minute, laughing our assess off.

“Oh god, that was so hot!” I said, blushing a little. Part of me was still nervous about all this showing off, but so far everything was fine. We were probably halfway home, and only two guys had seen Michelle’s barely-there outfit.

“Hahaha, I know!” she laughed, smiling at me. She really did look beautiful with that smile, and her dark hair running down her face in a bit of a mess. Her vest was still on, but had come ajar a little, so I could see from her neck down to her belly button in between her boobs, although her nipples were still hidden from my view. “I thought I was going to die before when the guys wouldn’t give me back my clothes! Now I just wish they had taken yours too!” And with that mischievous look in her eyes, she made a playful grab at my shorts.

I pulled away, still giggling. “Oh no no no, I get to stay dressed this time” I said, sticking my tongue out at her. She looked like she was going to make another attempt to strip me, so I took a defensive stance. But suddenly, we heard voices from ahead on the path.

We looked at each other in shock, but before we could decide whether or not to try and hide, three women came around a turn in front of us. All three looked to be in their 40’s. Two of them were rather overweight and frumpy looking, with graying hair and wearing hideous jogging outfits (the type with matching sweatpants and sweatshirt), one in green, the other in blue. The third woman was more fashionable, wearing a pink tank top and a pair of tight leggings. Her hair was brown, but with a few strands of gray in it. She actually looked rather pretty.

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