A Ride to Remember

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“Hey, I’m having a really rough day, can I come over and hang out?” I ask you over the phone.

“Sure. Come on over.”

When I get to your house, you open your door with a welcoming smile. You give me a comforting hug, and I start crying.

“Woah, what’s going on?” You ask, concerned.

“I don’t even know. Nothing. Everything. I’m just tired of being lonely. Tired of being treated like I’m nothing until he wants sex. Mostly, I think I am just plain tired. I stay up late to avoid having to go to bed with him, the sex is all about him and I am left feeling empty every single time.”

You let me cry for a while in your warm, comfortable arms before guiding me to the couch to sit down. Resting my head on your shoulders, we sit in silence for a while.

“You don’t deserve that.” You say after a few minutes. “He is a selfish, worthless excuse for a man, and you deserve more. You need more, or you will go insane.” You say as you move to look me in the eyes. “When was the last time you felt safe and secure?” You ask.

“Honestly, right now, being here with you. I always feel safe over here. You are the only one who doesn’t excuse his behavior because of his gender. You don’t tell me it’s normal. I know it isn’t normal, and you are the only one who listens.” I say, on the verge of tears again.

You gently slap my knee and stand up.

“Let’s take your mind off of this and do something fun.” You say.

I look at you, unsure what you mean. Taking my hand, you pull me off the couch and lead me to the garage. You grab a motorcycle helmet and hand it to me.

“Seriously?” I ask. “I have never ridden one before.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t go too fast unless you want me too.” You assure me.

Because I trust you, I climb on the back of your black and chrome motorcycle, wrapping my arms around your waist for stability. As you start up the bike, I notice how the engine vibrates underneath me. It is a very pleasant sensation.

We back out of the garage and down the driveway onto the street. As we take off down the road, I am already casino oyna feeling better as the fresh air hits my skin. We ride around the neighborhood a while before you head onto the main road. Moving faster than I expected we start heading out of town. I want to ask where we are going, but I know I won’t be heard over the engine.

After a brisk ride down the highway, you turn off into the woods. Slowing down significantly, you expertly guide the bike down a path deeper into the woods. We finally come to a clearing where you stop, put down the kickstand and kill the engine.

“Well, what did you think?” You ask, a smile on your face.

“That was the most fun I have had in a very long time!” I reply.

We sit down on the bed of dry grass and leaves and spend the next several minutes talking about nothing in particular. I feel you move a strand of hair out of my face, and the feel of your skin on mine sends shivers through my body that I hadn’t felt in years.

Our eyes meet. Moving quickly, you grab my head in your hands and pull me into a deep, passionate kiss. Your lips are firm and sweet. You tongue is moving into my mouth as you taste me, your hands moving down my body as you pull my shirt off. I reach up and begin to unbutton your shirt, you begin kissing my ears. Sighing with pleasure at the feel of your warm breath against my flesh, the sensation sends sparks of desire throughout my body. As I finish with the last button you hastily remove your shirt and your t shirt. Running your hands down my back, you kiss me again, this time harder, with more need. You lay me back onto the ground and continue kissing down my body.

“Should we go back to the house?” You ask.

Shaking my head I look over at your motorcycle, sitting there, the perfect place to play. You raise one eyebrow, looking skeptical.

“Trust me.” I smile.

We sit back up and I stand, grabbing your hand to guide you to your bike. Hopping up onto the seat, I sit sideways and pull your body towards mine. I bring your mouth to mine and we continue to kiss passionately, fervently. canlı casino Unfastening my jeans, you slide one hand into my panties, and begin rubbing my clit. I move my hips upward to meet your hand and beg you to move lower, needing to feel you inside me. Pulling your hand away, you try to mount the bike and get in position for fun.

“No, not yet.” I say, trying to catch my breath.

“Then what do I do?” You ask.

Grinning, I point to the ground, and you kneel obediently. I unfasten my jeans and slide them off. You grab my panties, pulling them off completely. Sitting back down on the bike, I open my legs to you so you can see my wet and ready pussy. Placing your strong hands on my butt for leverage, you bury your face between my legs. Your tongue begins circling my clit, and you begin to nip and suck on my labia, causing me to gasp in pleasure. I grab your hair in my hands trying to make you move deeper. Your tongue moves down starting to probe my wet and juicy pussy, making me start thrusting my hips into you, wanting more of you.

The oral pleasure brings me close to orgasm when you stop, and stand up, removing your trousers to reveal your long, hard cock. I lick my lips wanting to taste you, and place one hand at the base of your shaft and start giving you a hand job. I bring you into my mouth, swirling my tongue over the sensitive tip of your cock, moving down, I lick each and every inch of you. I lick back up to the tip of your cock taking your head in my mouth. I’m moving my mouth up and down your cock, letting my tongue swirl over your tip, darting into that sensitive opening, hoping for a taste of your semen.

You pull yourself out of my mouth before you cum. I reposition and straddle your bike, leaning back against the gas tank and handle bars. Climbing onto the seat of the motorcycle you insert your middle finger deeply into me, the tip of your finger grazing my G-spot.

“Oh god right there!” I cry out.

“That’s the spot huh?” You tease.

Inserting another finger, the pleasure intensifies. I start rubbing my clit against kaçak casino your palm. Taking the hint you move deeper, making sure you are massaging my clit and g-spot simultaneously.

“Oh my god! Fuck me, please! I need you cock, I need you inside me now!” I beg, my orgasm so very close.

Instead you shove another finger inside me and I instantly cum around your hand. My juices flow over your fingers and you use them to lubricate your, once again, hard cock. As you move closer to me, I wrap my legs around your waist, pulling your cock deep inside me. I start bucking against you, needing to feel you as deep as you could go.

Slowly, you pull yourself out of my dripping wet pussy until just the head is left inside. Then you inch slowly back inside me, watching each inch disappear inside my small frame. The slow movement is driving me crazy with need. Grabbing my waist, you position me on top of your cock so I can ride you. Reaching one hand up you grab one of my size D boobs and start playing, pinching the nipple. All I can think about is the feel of your cock inside me, hitting all the right spots, another orgasm already building. Grabbing my waist you help me continue to ride your cock as you get closer to cumming.

I starting cumming and I give myself over to the pleasure, my body is trembling with ripples of pleasure moving through me, blocking out all awareness of anything except your cock in my pussy. I feel your orgasm as you unload inside my pussy. You bring me down as far as I will go over your cock and hold me tight as your cock convulses inside me, releasing the tension that had been building inside you for so long.

After a few minutes, I lean back onto the handlebars, the metal cooling my hot skin. As we try to catch our breath, you climb off the bike and look down at me, laying there in our juices reveling in the pleasure you created for me.

“We need to get back to the house and clean up this mess.” You say, with a teasing look in your eyes. I sit up, intrigued by what you could be thinking. We get dressed and get back on the bike. The engine vibrations nearly send me into another orgasm when you start the bike. You guide the motorcycle back to the road as we head back to your place. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me when we get there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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