A Romantic Holiday

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It had been planned for some time and now the anticipation was finally over. They were staying at the ridiculously romantic hotel on the Island of Pang Kor Lao, just for a few days but this was a special celebration, their twentieth wedding anniversary.

Actually the anticipation was far from over as the day rolled on towards dinner. She had decided on an all in one, cat suit, so popular at the time, because she knew it flattered her slender figure and also because she knew he liked it.

They both had delicious memories of the last occasion when she had worn it. She knew it would start the evening with that little spark of eroticism as they cast their minds back to…but that’s another story.

She put the final touches to her make up as the new diamond studs twinkled from her ear lobes, below the short bob of nearly jet black hair that accentuated her slender neck. A final check in full length the mirror revealed the outline of her nipples just visible through the shear fabric.

“Pretty bloody good,” she thought and with good reason, the last twenty years had been kind to her and now at forty eight she looked stunning, small pert breasts, trim little waist and a bum that drew admiring glances everywhere.

“Ready!” She called and he joined her at the door.

“You look ravishing,” he said as he planted a tender kiss on the back of her neck and sensed her little shudder.

Dinner was a delightful affair, several small courses washed down with just enough wine to pique the atmosphere between them. They twirled the last drops in the bottom of their glasses before draining them, caught each other’s eye and stood up in unison.

His hand was around her waist during the short walk in the humid night air back to their chalet. As they walked the rolling action of her hips betrayed the fact that the cat suit was all she wore. She did that sometimes to tease him and it always had the desired effect. Could she already detect a slight swelling in the front of his trousers?

They reached the room and he made his way to the opulent bathroom while she selected some suitable music on the CD player. When he returned she was staring out of the window along he beach. His hands went to her waist and he planted another kiss on the back of her neck, she turned round slowly and their lips met for one of those slow languorous kisses that sent sparks through her entire body.

When they parted he led her to the bathroom. The monster bath was surrounded by candles and open to the sky. He unzipped the cat suit slowly and let it fall to the floor revealing her magnificent naked body. The nipples on her pert little breasts jutted out proudly and her neatly trimmed black bush barely concealed her femininity. escort bayanlar She, in turn, unbuttoned his white linen shirt, ran her fingers through his chest hair and unbuckled his belt.

He sensed the delicious vibration as she pulled down his zip, eased his trousers and pants over his taught buttocks and helped him out of them. There was no doubt what was on his mind, his cock was totally giving the game away, as they stepped into the warm water and lay down head to toe.

There was a lot of giggling and caressing as the soaped each other all over in the highly charged atmosphere. The bath lasted for ages, the stars and the scented candles, the humid night air and the anticipation all combined to heighten the tension. Eventually they climbed out and dried each other with the huge fluffy white towels and made their way to the bedroom.

They lay side by side kissing each other deeply, tongues darting excitedly In and out. The pace quickened as did their breathing. His hand slid down gently over the soft warm flesh of her flat stomach, reaching her bush and slipping into the moist valley between her thighs. She let out a little gasp as his fingers circled her clit and rubbed it gently.

“For gods sake fuck me.” She breathed. “I can’t wait any longer, fuck me this instant.” He rolled on top of her and his cock found its own way easily into her moistness. He held his hips motionless with the tip of his cock only just inside her, he knew how much she enjoyed the moment of penetration so he kept her waiting.

Poised at her inner lips he lowered his cock oh so slowly into her, she gasped. He was consumed by lust for this magnificent woman and withdrew equally slowly before penetrating her again to the full length of his shaft. Each time he withdrew, his cock nearly left her and each stroke penetrated her to her very core.

She shook her head from side to side with pleasure and bit her lower lip. Her hands clenched his buttocks as she pressed him deeper into her and encouraged him to increase the tempo of his thrusting. She felt the glorious rubbing of his shaft on her clit every time he withdrew, then the tingling started in her toes and spread slowly up her legs to her thighs.

She sensed the contractions starting deep within her core, and recognised the familiar signs of his approaching orgasm. That drove her over the edge. She gasped as her muscles gripped his rigid shaft as if she was trying to milk him. She needed him to cum and knew just how to do it. She nuzzled one of his nipples as she placed one finger on his sphincter and whispered in his ear.

“Cum for me, fill me. I want to feel you cum deep inside me.” He just loved her talking like this and tuzla anal escort could hold on longer. She knew the effect it would have, and his jaw tightened, his body tensed as his cock took one final plunge. He kissed her deeply as he ejaculated into her, coming in long powerful spasms.

They fell into a deep relaxed sleep and she woke to the morning, sun streaming in through the window and an unexpected sensation in her groin. He had crept down the bed and approached from her toes, planting soft kisses along her legs and thighs, which had parted involuntarily under his attentions.

As his tongue reached her clit she struggled for consciousness. She was already wet when she felt the tip of his tongue find its target, making very soft gentle lapping motions. This feeling always drove her wild, and her nipples started to respond. She reached down and found the back of his head with her palms, lifting her knees slightly to grant him easier access. God she loved it when he did that and she pressed his head gently into her sex.

The lapping continued slowly and gently and she found herself unable to resist thrusting her bush towards him. He slid up the bed and kissed her fully on the lips.

“Morning!” He said as he kissed her and she savoured the taste of her own excitement on his lips. She was fully awake now and felt like taking control, she loved to be in control and that only meant one thing: cowgirl. She grabbed his right wrist, pulled it high above his head and said.

“Magic scarf, fix this hand.” He knew this game and what the rules were, they played it often. The first person to use the word “Magic” automatically had control and the other had to obey the commands. He had a good idea what was coming next and his cock stiffened in anticipation. She grabbed his left wrist and anchored it to his right in the same way. Now he started to pretend to escape but the “Magic scarves” held him fast. With gazelle like agility she straddled him facing his feet and said.

“Magic scarf, immobilise these legs,” and he knew he was powerless. Powerless but what a view, he loved the sight of her buttocks bent forward, he could see her little rose and well trimmed bush with her pert little tits hanging just above his ankles. His cock became rigid with anticipation. She leapt off his thighs and sat on the side of the bed facing him.

“Now what’s all this then?” She said with menace, pulling his foreskin back and placing one finger on the tip of his cock. Was this the start of another game?

“If he won’t behave I’ll have to teach him a lesson! I’m not sure whether to spank him or bite him. I think …this time…just to make sure he knows who is boss…I’ll spank him…probably escort tuzla bayan quite hard. Unless of course he weeps a little to show how sorry he is.” And she left the bedside.

He was rendered immobile by the ‘magic scarves’, he knew the penalty for moving was the end of the game the anticipation of what was to come made his cock twitch. Maybe he was going to get a blow job? She did such fantastic blow jobs, real toe curlers. But first there was clearly going to be some tease.

She returned to the bed wearing a pair of french knickers and clutching a silk scarf. She straddled his thighs and dragged the scarf languorously over the exposed tip of his cock. The featherlight touch drove him wild and it was all he could do not to overcome the “magic scarves.”

To heighten the excitement she knew exactly what she would do next: he was such a voyeur. Still tracing the scarf across the opening in the end of his cock with one hand, she started playing with her breasts, tweaking her nipples until her excitement started to show on the black fabric of her knickers.

“Is he sorry yet?” She enquired lifting the scarf. “Any sign of remorse? No, ah well we’ll just have to continue,” and she pulled at one leg of her french knickers to display her already excited pussy.

She slipped her forefinger into her moist opening and touched her clit, circling it very slowly. She continued the show, masturbating gently and staring straight into his eyes. She became more and more excited watching his reaction as she knew the effect this had on him.

“That’s better!” She exclaimed as the first drops of precome appeared on his glans. Then she massaged his balls gently with the silk. Her feeling of power was fantastic, his feeling of approaching orgasm was unhinging him.

“I can see he is clearly sorry now,” she said spreading his precome over the head of his cock with one finger, “so I’m going to be kind to him.” With that she rose up on her knees, took his erection in one hand and slid it up inside the leg of her knickers and into her eager pussy. She started to rock back and forth slowly.

“Magic scarf, allow one hand free to massage my back.” He started to run his fingers lightly over her back and buttocks. She moved into a full squat over his cock and started to ride at a very, very slow trot. Each penetration was ecstasy for both of them, each withdrawal sweet agony. They both knew this could not go on for long they were both bursting to come.

“Magic scarves release him totally.” His hands moved to her hips in support, her hands to his shoulders. She rose up till only the very tip of his cock was inside her, then she descended with agonising slowness, grinding her clit on his pelvis as she did so. Their breathing quickened and so did the pace as the sensations built up to a crescendo. Finally she collapsed, full weight, on top of him shuddering. He felt the strong contractions around his cock that always signalled her orgasm and she felt that special fullness as he released deep within her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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