A Room in the Emerald Suites Hotel

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A bonfire on the beach. An ocean breeze stirred the smoke that hung in the air. A group of guys were sitting on a bench looking out over the fire and the waves.

Cameron knocked a cigarette from the pack, lit and drew a deep breath. Exhaling slowly, he passed it to his friend. The guys were sitting outside a small bar. It was spring break. The place was packed.

While they smoked, a couple girls came up and asked for a smoke. He didn’t know them, but one of the guys apparently did. They emptied the pack and passed the cigarettes around.

One of the girls caught Cameron’s eye. She wore an off the shoulder blouse and short board shorts that showed long legs. Her red hair was a mess from constantly running her hands through it. She was tall and lean.

“Hey,” Cameron said, holding out the lighter.

“Hey yourself.” She took it and lit her cigarette and passed it back. She gave him a long look.

Cameron had thick brown hair and sported a short beard. He was thin and looked even younger than he really was, but the facial hair helped with that a bit. He wore jeans and a button-down shirt with a splattering of subtle color variation. It looked pretty good on him too, she thought.

“I heard one of your friends call you Jamie,” he said. “Where’re you from?”

“Outside Memphis. University of Tennessee. You?”

“Maine. St. Ignatius University.” A pause. Then. “Is this your first time to Florida?”

“No, actually. I came here last year but stayed farther south.”

“So, it’s your first time to the panhandle?”


“Then how about I show you around? I’ve been here every spring since graduating high school.”

“You keep vacationing at the same spot?” She was not impressed.

Cameron’s smile was sudden and infectious. “There’s always something new happening around here.”


The following evening came, and with it all the drinking and partying ten thousand college kids could muster. Mid week on a white sand beach in Florida was the center of the universe. Jamie couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Earlier in the day Jamie had taken part in a volley ball game. After the celebration following their win, Jamie showered, changed, and was out on the town waiting to meet Cameron. After spending days in a bikini she had gotten used to something skimpy, so tonight she sported a strapless top and her favorite skirt. It showed off her shapely legs. A friend had done her hair, pulling it up in a pin, letting most of it fall in loose locks around her neck and shoulders.

Leaning against the side of the building, she waited for Cameron to show.

“Hey.” She heard Cameron call to her. Turning she saw him.

“I almost thought I was being stood up,” Jamie teased, her smile coy.

“Stand you up?” Cameron said. “No way!”

The two walked the short distance to the restaurant. It was an intimate little place overlooking the beach. They got a table, ordered appetizers, and talked. It was natural conversation, but with a hint of innuendo.

“What’s your major?” Cameron asked at one point.

“Fashion,” Jamie said with a half shrug as if uninterested in the subject but felt obliged to talk about it. “It’s amazing working in such an energetic field. I love the creativity.” She took a drink of beer. “I’m minoring in French, the language of love.”

“Sweet,” Cameron said.

Jamie brushed a lock of hair back behind her ear. It was a playful gesture, equal parts flirtatious and timid. “How about you?”

“Creative writing,” he said. “I don’t want a desk job. I want to lay on the beach somewhere and write screenplays or something. In a way, I guess I’m the same as you.”

“That sounds perfect.” Jamie smiled.

After their entrees arrived, the conversation turned to family. Cameron talked about his artistic parents. His father was a music teacher, his mother a sculptor. Jamie said that both her parents were immigrants from Europe. Her father was from Germany, her mother from Iceland. They had met in Luxembourg on vacation, fell in love, and had been together ever since.

“You must have traveled a lot as a child,” Cameron said.

“For sure. Been to Spain, France, Italy. All over Europe. If you haven’t been to Prague, it’s the absolute best.”

After dinner Jamie asked, “There’s a concert down on the beach. Wanna go?”

“Sure.” The two walked down the beach. As they got closer, the crowd thickened. Finally they had to push their way through just to get a spot where they could see. The stage had been assembled quickly. It had the appearance of being poorly funded. The lighting was poor. The hastily built show consisted of a bunch of small bands. All of them were college students who practiced in their spare time. One or two of them, however were not half bad.

As the night wore on, the dancing and drinking picked up. Kegs were opened. Drinks were passed around. Between sets the two of them moved off to a quiet corner to sit and talk.

“Tell me about your first love.” Jamie felt a slight buzz. She was ready to get personal.

Cameron casino siteleri took a drink from a plastic cup. His answer was slow in coming. When he spoke it was with a distant voice, as if talking to himself. “That would be Jessica,” he said. “We were in high school, young and immature. But it was three months of total bliss.”

“Why didn’t it work out?”

“I broke it off. The sex was mind blowing, but we just weren’t compatible.” A pause. Then, “How about you? Tell me about your first love.”

Jamie smiled. It was a sad smile. She didn’t meet Cameron’s eyes. “Her name was Shannon. We met the summer before senior year.” Her smile touched her eyes. “We were together a year. But we ended up going to different universities. After freshman year, she told me there was an emotional distance between us. She said she didn’t want me waiting for her. She wanted me to live my life to the fullest. It was an amicable split, I could see her logic, but it still hurt like hell.”

Cameron wasn’t sure what to make of that. “So does that mean you’re a lesbian?”


A silence hung between them.

“Sounds like the music started.” Jamie perked up and reached out. Hand in hand, they walked back to the concert.

The music played. It was fast. Cameron put his arm around Jamie. He felt her lean into him. Then his hand moved down to the small of her back. Cameron could feel every movement the girl made, every breath she drew, every beat of her heart.

Jamie closed her eyes. In the middle of the crowd the two were only aware of each other. Nothing else mattered. It felt as if this moment was meant to happen. Jamie believed in destiny, and this felt right.

For the first time in a very long time, it was like she could see the entirety of their relationship spread out before her. Everything from the first meeting to the last bittersweet caress they would share. This relationship had an expiration date. Spring break only lasted so long.

Which meant, there was no time to waste. Jamie leaned over, without thinking about what she was doing, and kissed Cameron full on the mouth. No words were said. None were needed. Jamie had wanted this, but now that it was happening, she was nervous. Jamie kissed him again, this time much slower. Arms wrapped around one another, bodies pressed together.

Behind them, fireworks exploded.


“Nice room,” Cameron said flatly. He looked around the small hotel room with raised eyebrows. The place was a mess. Clean clothes were strewn about, mixed haphazardly with the dirty. Personal effects lay scattered across the desk and counter.

“Home sweet home,” Jamie said, not catching the irony. “At least until the end of the week.”

“Share the room with anyone?” Cameron asked.

“Yeah, one of the girls I play volleyball with. My team’s taking part in the local tournament. But don’t worry, she’s staying in another room tonight. Why do you ask?”

“Just wondering,” Cameron said with a smile. He sat on the edge of the bed.

Jamie sat down next to him. Then there was a silence. Neither said a word, neither knew what to say.

In a hushed tone Jamie asked, “Have you ever had a one night stand before?”

Cameron shook his head.

“Me neither.” A moment later their lips met. It was a tender kiss, soft and sensual. Cameron wanted her to feel comfortable before going further. He was surprised when Jamie took the lead. He wrapped his arms around Jamie’s neck and fell back on the bed, dragging Jamie with him.

The two kissed. They undressed. Clothes discarded. Bodies entwined.

Jamie climbed on top, straddling Cameron, kissing his neck and chest. Cameron got an eyeful of her. The girl was ruddy and tan with a light dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose and shoulders. Her liquid eyes were dark and mysterious. Cameron could lose himself in them.

His head rolled back against the pillow. Jamie kissed the exposed flesh of his neck. Jamie rubbed her crotch against his manhood. Slow, fat strokes. Fine red pubic hair brushed against course brown hair. Flesh pressed against flesh. A crash of bodies as the two came together.

Cameron gasped. His hands rubbed over Jamie’s back and shoulders. He enjoyed the smooth touch of her body. He felt a tingling in his toes, in his fingers. His hands moved down to the small of her back. Then down to her ass.

Jamie rubbed faster and harder as she escalated the encounter. She sank down on top of her lover. Bodies pressed tightly together. Chest against chest. Jamie rubbed her smooth legs up and down across Cameron’s course thighs. It went on like this for a time. A thin sheen of sweet formed between them.

Then Jamie rose. She smiled down at her boy toy. She lifted herself up and lowered herself down onto his hard member. He slid effortlessly inside her. She was wet after so much foreplay. She gasped. His eyes squeezed shut. His hands gripped her waist.

She controlled all the action. She rose up and down, setting a steady rhythm. Blood flushed her chest and crotch. Hot and frenzied. It went on like canlı casino this for some time. Soon, he gasped, shuddered, and exploded inside her. Then she worked exclusively to please herself. Going faster and faster. After a few minutes she too climaxed. Her body shuddered. Her limbs tensed and went limp. She sank down and lay atop her lover.

Cameron grabbed her head and kissed her fiercely.

Laying side by side afterward, the two drew ragged breaths.

“How was it?” Cameron asked, stroking his short beard.

“Amazing,” Jamie said, still gasping from the exertion. “But God, I hate your beard.”

Cameron grinned.

“And your body is so different than a girl’s.” Another breath. “So rough. So hard.” She turned and looked at Cameron. “But it was incredible.”

Cameron smiled. He felt a hand grip his and give it a squeeze. He reciprocated. “I’ve never been with a sexy Icelandic chic.”

Jamie didn’t laugh.

“I’m sorry. Did I say something wrong?”

“No,” Jamie said sounding almost defensive. “Look, when I told you about my family, I might have stretched the truth a bit.”

“A bit?”

“Yeah. My ancestors were Icelandic and German, but from pretty far back actually.”

“I see.” Cameron shrugged. “It doesn’t really matter.”

Jamie was quiet a long time. When she did speak the words were thick with emotion. “My parents are blue collar workers. Pretty poor actually. And they have no real chance of upward mobility. When I got a scholarship for college, I was the first in my family to do so. I wanted to major in fashion design, or French or something interesting. But my parents forbid it. They insisted I do something practical.”

Cameron waited for her to offer more. He didn’t want to pry.

“My major’s marketing,” she said at last. She sounded almost disgusted. “And they are so proud of me. But for some reason I feel ashamed.” She starred up at the ceiling.

“Have you travelled Europe?”

“What do you think?” She looked at him, her expression icy. “I always dreamed of travelling, but we could never afford it. I was so embarrassed by my parents. They seem so backward and uneducated. I never wanted to introduce my friends to them. Certainly not my lovers.”

Cameron choose his words carefully. “If they are your true friends, then it wouldn’t matter. They’d be your friends no matter what.”

Jamie laughed, though it was flat and humorless. “That’s the catch. True friends wouldn’t.” She shook her head. “I bet your life seems pretty good now, doesn’t it?”

“Actually no.” Cameron rolled on his side to look at the girl. “My major isn’t creative writing. It’s business management. Practical. Just like yours.”

It was Jamie’s turn to say nothing.

“Took a couple writing classes. I wish I could pursue it, but things just never worked out.”

Jamie rolled onto her side, facing Cameron. Her smile was honest, not mocking. “It seems we both have our demons.”

And then the two came together again and kissed.


Cameron lay on his side. Jamie lay pooled in his arms.

Suddenly there was commotion in the hall. Some dude was showing off for a girl. They got back to the hotel very late, and very drunk. The sound of trampling feet and play fighting reverberated down the hall. The guy yelled. The girl laughed.

Then a door opened and slammed shut. A moment later, they heard the sound of lovemaking. Through the walls there was a rising crescendo of gasps and moans. The couple was noisy. The creak of the bed. The smacking of palms against the headboard. Cameron and Jamie lay in bed listening to the muffled sounds. Soon the noise reached a climax, broke, and then silence.

Jamie got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She shut the door, ran hot water in the sink, splashing some on her face. She looked at herself in the mirror. A college aged girl, long limbed and gangly with bony knees and elbows that stuck out at angles. She had narrow, coltish features. She more resembled an awkward adolescent boy than she did a college girl. She had envied Shannon’s finely sculpted features and flawless skin.

The door opened. Cameron came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her core. His lips kissed her naked back. She noticed she was as tall as he was. Most guys didn’t like that. They wanted a shorter girl. But Cameron seemed to like her the way she was.

“How’s your team doing in the tournament?” Cameron asked at last. It was a lame question, but it filled the silence.

“Split. Three, three.” Then. “Our win this morning tied us up.”

Cameron’s hands ran up the length of Jamie’s spine. It sent ripples of sensation through the girl’s body. Jamie said, “It must have been really nice with Jessica. I bet it was a great relationship.”

Cameron looked away. Said nothing. His hands stopped their caress.

“I’m sorry,” Jamie said. “I don’t mean to pry.”

“No. It’s not your fault. To be honest, it’s mine.” Cameron didn’t look at her. “The truth is, I pursued her, but she wasn’t interested.”

“She shot you down?”

“Big kaçak casino time.” Cameron finally looked up, meeting her eyes in the reflection of the mirror. Behind his pale eyes Jamie could see he was hurt. “Things had been going really well. I thought she had feelings for me. Turns out, she just was just stringing me along. You know, keeping me in reserve in case things didn’t work out with the guy she was actually in to.”

“And the mind blowing sex?”

“In my dreams.” Cameron gave a feeble smile at the joke.

Jamie turned around in his arms and gave him a comforting squeeze. There was a long silence between them. Then Jamie spoke in a quiet voice. “When I told you about Shannon, I was kind of exaggerating as well. She was nice and sweet, just like I said, at least at first. After a year apart, I transferred schools to be with her.” A pause. “When I got there, I found that she had another girl already. She had been cheating on me for almost a year.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I was so embarrassed. I mean, I changed schools for her and she treated me like that. It was horrible.”

“And you’re still there?”

“Yeah. I wasn’t about to transfer back.” Jamie’s arm dropped from around Cameron and came to rest on the counter.

“I can’t imagine not waiting for you.” Cameron leaned over. Kissed Jamie’s shoulder. Caressed the length of the girl’s arms. Hands came to rest on the small of her back. She was unlike the girls he usually went for. She was an androgynous beauty. Tall and athletic. She had a vulnerability and a strength about her that he found so compelling.

Then he turned the girl around. Jamie willingly surrendered. He bent her over, kicked her legs apart. Butt stuck up in the air. Cameron knelt behind her. Kissed the plump flesh of her ass. The beard scratchy.

Cameron’s fingers moved into position. He caressed the soft silky folds of flesh.

Jamie gasped. Her body melted against the counter. Her breath ragged, shuddering with each wet thrust. Her previously languid body, tensed with the energy of the encounter.

As Cameron pleased her, Jamie’s arms slowly gave out. She sank down onto the counter top. Forehead pressed against the mirror. Tits pressed against the linoleum.

He worked her over slowly. She savored the experience. Cameron furiously rubbed her clitoris, then eased off. Then rubbed it again. Then backed off. It went on like this for some time.

Then he pushed two fingers inside her. He worked them in slowly. Easing them in, then pulling out. Each time pushing in a little further. She was already wet and excited. He picked up speed. He pushed into her again and again.

Before she climaxed, Cameron changed it up. He stood up. His member hot and hard. The tip dripping. He rubbed it against Jamie’s ass. Plump. Smooth. Soft. He spent some time working it between the cheeks before moving it down and pushing inside her.

Jamie moaned. Long and loud. It was pleasurable. It was painful.

Cameron held her waist. She braced herself against the counter. He worked his member in, deeper and deeper. At that angle, it slid all the way in. He pulled it out between thrusts. Each time slamming it home. It was fast. He was hungry for her. He devoured her.

It was a passionate fucking.

When the orgasm came, her body shuddered from the intensity of it. She tensed. Slapped her palms against the counter. Cried out. It came suddenly, and it passed just as quickly. While she was moaning, he exploded inside her.

Jamie’s legs melted beneath her. She collapsed into a pool on the floor. Cameron sat beside her, holding her.

Jamie moved into his lap. Flesh against flesh. Bodies pressed together. Arms around each other. Legs splayed out for support. Lips found one another. She bit him. Sucked his tongue. Licked his face. His neck. His chest.

Her hand reached down and stroked Cameron’s member. She worked him over with slow gentle strokes, letting him come down from his endorphin high, while her free hand grabbed the base of Cameron’s skull and pressed his face to her chest.

Kissing her teacup tits, Cameron enjoyed the taste of her sweat. His hands were on Jamie’s waist, running up the side of her body, then down across her thighs, all the way to her knees.

Cameron sighed with pleasure. Jamie held him tight. Later they went back to the bed.


Hours later they were holding each another again. The clock read 4:35. The Emerald Suites Hotel was quiet. Everyone else was asleep. There was some light patting, frequent kissing, but the two of them hadn’t said a word for a long time.

At last Cameron broke the silence. “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”

Jamie spent a moment collecting her thoughts. “My dorm mate was turning twenty one and a bunch of us went out to a bar to celebrate. It was pretty late, we were all drunk, and decided to walk back to campus. Down the street a little way, we saw a couple standing at a corner. They were outside the pool of light cast by the streetlight. But we could see them pretty well.” Jamie grimaced as she spoke.

“He was tall, broad shoulders. A real bad boy type. She was a little pudgy. Good looking.” A deep breath. An exhale. “As we were watching, he smacked her. Hard. On the side of her head. She dropped. Crying.”

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