A Sense of Guilt

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When he arrived at the house in McCaughey Street – an awful name, he always thought – Annike emerged precisely at eleven – alone.

“Candy’s staying here overnight,” she explained. “to comfort Betsy.”

That was understandable. In losing her elder son – whom she had dearly loved – Betsy had suffered as much as Candy who had lost her husband.

“So you’ll have to walk me home alone,” Annike said happily, taking his arm. “I hope you don’t mind.”

She was a beautiful girl, with sparkling eyes and vivacious ways.

“You know how much I’m going to hate it,” he teased her, knowing that already he was in love with her and would do almost anything she asked. Being with her, whatever they did, was the great joy of his life these days. When he was not with her, he felt only half alive and yearning – always yearning – to get back to her, feast his eyes on her loveliness, hear her melodious voice, touch her, hug her.

They walked the long way back, with a detour through the pine break. It was gloomy and cold in there but they had all the privacy they could have wished. No one would spy on them there whatever they might be doing.

In a secluded nook, they held one another more closely and, safe from everyone and everything, kissed long and deeply. He loved to cuddle her, feel her body pressed close to his. Now their embraces became so passionate that he had his hand up her skirt and inside her panties before a sense of guilt caused him to withdraw.

He dearly wanted to go further. He always felt guilty when he had “lewd” thoughts about her, as he did now. He knew he shouldn’t – and shouldn’t even think in such terms but, whatever his conscience said, he knew that what he wanted at that moment was simply to fuck her or, as his rough mates put it even more crudely, to “get up” her.

His coarse lewdness, when they kissed and cuddled in the forest of pines, was even worse since he was walking her home to protect her from being molested in the very way that he now wanted so much to “molest” her himself. He’d never seen her undressed, never even seen her in panties, let alone – something he dreamed about – taken them down. Indeed, he’d never seen anything of the more intimate parts of her lovely body, although from what he’d seen when they’d been dressed to go horse-riding and play tennis together, he knew how beautiful she was. Lovely enough certainly to “molest” and, strange to say, as far as he progressed in embracing her, she seemed to welcome his “molestation”. When his hands began to stray, she seemed even to encourage him. When his hand had been up between her thighs and under the leg of her panties, she had moved her legs apart to give him easier access and, he thought, had sighed more than her casino oyna consent. With her sigh, she seemed to have registered her pleasure as his fingers reached for their ultimate goal…..

“Women are strange,” he decided. “They ask to be protected, then they’re eager to surrender to their protector.”

He had desperately wanted to open his fly and, standing in the open, get his swollen cock inside her panties and stick it up her, but….

He disciplined himself – nobly, he thought, though he nearly burst with desire – and delivered her safely back to Beaulieu and to her room.

There she kissed him and whispered, “Thank you.”

She kissed him again and held him tight. He was becoming highly aroused again and his self-control was collapsing. He could feel his erection against her body. She lowered her embrace to press his bottom – and to feel his erection more closely.

Excited, she broke the kiss and asked him, “Will you come back to say ‘Goodnight’?” She kissed him again cheekily on the lips. “Candy won’t be back tonight. So I’ll be all alone. Vulnerable. I need someone to….” – she searched for the right phrase – “look after me.”

He smiled. “It’s a sacrifice; but I suppose someone has to make it.”

“Pig!” she said, kissed him in farewell and disappeared into her room.

But before she closed her door, she whispered, “You are a pig but please…..please come back and fuck me.”

In his room, he made noises to make it appear he was getting ready for bed. He cleaned his teeth. He flushed the toilet. He changed into pyjamas but then, instead of getting into bed, he donned a dressing gown, gave himself a little spray of seductive after-shave and, quietly as he could, opened and closed his room door behind him.

Outside, he could hear no sound from the other rooms. Carefully, he tip-toed down the corridor to Annike’s room. She had left her door unlocked.

Inside, he saw that she was already in bed. A small bedside light was burning. With a bent forefinger, she beckoned him wickedly and turned down the clothes to let him in beside her.

As he reached her, he saw her in a nightie for the first time. He was transfixed, gazing at her.

She smiled up at him. “Like it?” she asked.

She smiled at him. “It’s my fornicating suit.”

She giggled.

He threw off his dressing gown and she had her answer to whether he liked it in the throbbing cock peeping out of the opening of his pyjama pants.

She reached over and touched it.

“Oh, darling, yes,” he almost shouted.

“Ssshh…..” she warned, “or you’ll wake the whole house.”

She shaded the light but did not turn it out.

“I want to see you when you’re fucking me,” she explained. canlı casino

He slipped into her bed and they kissed. Her nightdress was designed to expose most of her splendidly firm, young breasts. He kissed and fondled them greedily.

“Oh, yes,” she whispered. “More please. When you do that, I love you….love you….love you.”

They had to be extremely careful and could speak only in whispers. He pushed his pyjama pants down. Whether accidentally or by design, she brushed his erect penis lightly with her fingers. The intensity of her own arousal was less obvious but her actions – like her words – suggested she was just as eager as he was. In the coarse terms about which he had felt so guilty, she wanted him to “get up her” just as much as he did and, as he felt up her thighs towards her precious little cunt, she opened her legs eagerly.

He had still not seen the most intimate parts of her body, but now he had his hand between her legs, still protected and concealed by her nightie and he felt upwards towards the loveliest spot of all – towards that delightful crevice between whose lips he longed to thrust his throbbing prick.

She gasped as his fingers reached and pressed the outer flesh of her cunt.

“Oh yes, please…Please fuck me, darling. Please… I want him.”

She lifted her bottom from the bed and expertly pulled at her nightdress so that, from down near her ankles, she tugged it up around her waist, exposing her upper thighs and a neat little bush of blonde hair. She was wearing no underclothes. She opened her legs and presented her genitals to him in a gesture of unqualified surrender.

He gasped as he looked at the beautifully rounded thighs and the now moist lips of her cunt. Almost reverently, he touched the lips between which now he wanted to be, above everything else on this earth.

“Do you like me without panties?” she was asking.

“I took them off so that you wouldn’t have to…,” she went on. “Would you have liked to take them off for me?”

Actually, he would have loved to slide her panties down her thighs to reveal her cute little cubbyhole… “Yes,” he whispered.

“Next time…you can…..I promise…”

He scarcely heard her or paid attention. He was too engrossed in her body and what he was now free to do.

“Oh, darling,” he said, kissing her lips, her breasts and now, as the ultimate goal, the vicinity of her cunt. He touched the lips with his fingers, eased the pink flesh apart and kissed it in adoration. Then he couldn’t wait…

He mounted her. He was about to “get up” her and realise a fantasy he had nourished for so long. As his cock touched the heavenly portals of her cunt, she wrapped her legs around him.

“Oh, darling, kaçak casino I love you,” he whispered as slowly and lingeringly he slid his penis between her vaginal lips.

He felt it go in, tasted the pleasure as the muscles of her vaginal walls squeezed and tickled his cock, then drew it out and thrust it in again…and again….the pleasure mounting…

She was moving with him, sighing with him in the ecstasies of her unbounded pleasure and whispering, “Yes, yes…fuck me…fuck me….”

On one count, he no longer felt guilty: he had delivered her safely home as he’d promised. He had not “molested” her on the way; although, God knows, he had desperately wanted to. That commitment had been kept. However, there was still another count on which both he and she must feel guilty.

They made as little noise as possible – which, because of the high risk it acknowledged, only heightened and intensified their passion and their pleasure. They were being “naughty” and that was always nice; but naughtiness could carry a high price. The risk was enormously increased too because they took no contraceptive precautions. He had not used a condom; and, in the intensities of his pleasure, he could not possibly have withdrawn his naked penis before, with a strangled cry, he poured his semen into her, the pulsing of his genitals seeming to go on forever.

As he did, she too went through a paroxysm of ultimate joy. She wanted to scream with the pleasure she felt; but she too managed – though only just – not to cry out, at least so loudly as to be heard outside.

They didn’t sleep.

“I’d probably snore if we did,” he said, “and they’d know it wasn’t you or Candy.”

Instead, they whispered and hugged, fondled and kissed one another so that inevitably their embraces revived his erection quickly and thoroughly. Then they made love as she encouraged him to “fuck her” again. Each time, he tried not to scream with the unbelievable pleasure her body gave him as, in ejaculating, he paid his tribute to her.

As he was leaving, she used a towel, as quietly as she could but –

“I’ll have to wash the sheets myself in the morning” – she giggled – “before Candy gets back.”

“Would she be shocked?”

“More like envious.”

“I can help,” he whispered.

“And tell the world what you’ve been up to with the innocent maid? No, thanks, I’ll have to tell them a very different story.”

“If Candy guesses what really happened, will she…..”

“She won’t say a word, except to me. She’ll probably come up with something smart, like ‘Keep your legs together or use the pill’. But not to worry. Kiss me again to show me you care – that I’m more to you than just another good, one-night fuck.”

“Darling, I love you for everything you are and will be. I never want to let you go.”

It was nearly dawn when he kissed her all over, slipped out of her room and returned to his own bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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