A Service

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It was a Monday morning. I actually like Monday mornings, a chance to start fresh with a new week. Get some things knocked out and get ahead of the game at work. Everyone else is dragging ass and complaining about being at work, but me? I like it.

I had been busy working and getting through the boring part of updating things and decided to take a break and work on a short bit of erotic fiction titled “Service for Her Only”. It was a piece about meeting up with an anonymous girl and just going down on her till she had her fill. That’s when I heard a cough.

I looked over my shoulder and the mid level boss from research was standing over my shoulder. I alt-tab’ed my keyboard, but the spreadsheet didn’t pop up to cover the editing software! Fuck! So I quickly moved the mouse up and clicked to minimize, but I knew that window had been up long enough for Val to read the title.

Val’s a pretty good looking woman. Mid 40’s, married, nice ass and wears heels which complement the way she looks. Long dark hair, glasses completed the “sexy librarian” look. I had recently started working on a project that involved some people who worked under her but I didn’t really know her that well. I was mortified that she had busted me writing erotica and I was waiting on her to say something. But all she said was, “How have things been going on your section for the update later this week?”

“Good morning Val,” I managed to recover my composure a bit, “It’s going well, still pulling together some of the data sets which Greg requested last week. I should have them for him by the end of the day.”

“Great, I just wanted to check in with you and see if you needed anything.”

“Thanks, I’ll get right on it now that I’m finished with my regular stuff.”

“Okay, I’ll let you know if I need anything else from you.” When she said this last bit, a slow smile started on her lips. She had been friendly in the hallway with me, but I didn’t know quite how to take her smile. Was it in reference to what she had seen me looking at? Fuck it. Too late now, the damage was already done. I’d just have to wait and see if my supervisor called me in to take about looking at questionable things while on the company’s time.

I got to work pulling together those data sets. I didn’t have much to worry about with my work record, but I didn’t need it spread around the office that I was writing erotica. So I just put it behind me and got my work done.

About an hour later I got an instant message from my boss asking me to come down to his office. Shit, probably nothing, but still you know?

I closed out my files and headed down to Bob’s office. When I got there he looked up and said, “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that Val stopped by” Fuck fuck fuck “and said that you were being very helpful with her new research project. How’s it going?”

Ah relief. So she either didn’t read it or doesn’t care.

“Well, that was nice of her. Still early but I don’t think it will be too much of a drain on my time. Her group is easy to work with.”

“Good, let me know if you need some extra time to get that stuff for her. I don’t want your regular projects to suffer.”

“Will do.”

I headed back to my office with a sigh of relief. If she wasn’t going to say anything now, she most likely wouldn’t say anything later. I got back to my desk, logged in and started working again. I work mostly with loads of data and I don’t really fit in with the people I work with. I kind of fell into this job and being an easy going extrovert poker oyna I stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the mostly introverted math heavy geeks I worked with. I like to go out and work out, keep in good shape, and have fun with exploring new things. Not like the guy down the hall with star trek models hanging over his desk.

I had only been working again for about 30 minutes when an instant message from Val popped up on my screen:

Val: Hey Tom, did you speak with Bob?

Me: Yes, that was kind of you to say that to him. Thank you.

Val: I always like to help out people that are helping my people out.

Me: It’s always nice to get good feedback from other supervisors.

Val: When someone is providing a service, I like to reward them.

Oh? Did she just reference what I had been writing?

I didn’t respond right away, but then I wrote:

Me: Anything I can do to help out with your project, I’m happy to do so.

Val: If you like giving service, I think you’ll be perfect for something else I thought of this morning after coming to see you…

Hm. She was either flirting with me or fucking with me. Since this is all stored, I decided to stay safe and went with:

Me: Just let me know what you might need. Bob said he was fine giving me more time to work on your project.

And just in case she did want something more:

Me: …I’m always happy to be of service.

She didn’t respond right away, so I left the window up and went back to work. It was about ten minutes later that the message window started flashing with a new message:

Val: Sorry, something came up. Do you have time to come down so I can show you what I need your service with?

Me: Sure, how long do you think this will take?

Val: it depends. But please hurry, I have another meeting in 30 minutes.

I let Bob know that I’d be away from a bit for a meeting and headed downstairs to Val’s office. She got up from her desk when I came in and moved past me to close the door saying, “Please have a seat.”

I sat down and she came back around in front of me and leaned back against the desk, slightly sitting on it in front of me. There were a few papers on there as well, but I didn’t see anything that pertained to the project I was working on.

“Tom, I think you would be perfect what I need service with. That is, are you into what I saw your reading this morning? Service and only service?”

Gulp. This was about what I had been writing. Not work.

“Val, I love providing service. It makes me very happy to do so. It is something that provides me with a great deal of pleasure. What exactly are you looking for as you are married?.” I needed this to be totally clear. I had never fucked around at work before, always keeping those two parts of my life completely separate. I like my job and the pay is great. I did not want to fuck this up.

“Tom, I love my husband. But there is one thing that I’ve been missing for a while. He doesn’t go down on me. Never has. Says that it’s not normal.”

“Val! That’s awful!”

“I’ve missed it for years. Our sex life is great, but I really miss having orgasms from oral. I have not been able to stop thinking about what you were writing.”

“Yeah, you kind of freaked me out a bit when I realized you were there. I didn’t know what you were going to do.”

She laughed. It was a nice laugh, not coarse or braying. I realized I wanted to hear her laugh some more.

“…and then when Bob called me in, I thought I was going to canlı poker oyna get my ass chewed.”

She laughed again. “I thought that would make you freak out a little and maybe make you a little more amenable to what I want you to do for me.”

“And just what is that? I need to know that everything is good and that there aren’t going to be any repercussions.”

“First, tell me why you were writing about ‘service for her only’.”

“Val, I’m guessing that you won’t mind if I’m pretty explicit with what I’m going to say,” she smiled at that and encouraged I went on, “eating pussy is one of my favorite things in the world to do.” I kept my eyes on her face while I spoke, gauging her reaction.

“I love the scent of a woman. The taste of a woman. The feel of her lips in my mouth and under my tongue.”

Her breathing was getting stronger as I spoke and a spot of color was rising in her cheeks.

“I think it’s magical when I slide my hands up her thighs, up over her hips and pull her panties down. Exposing her sex to my gaze, my lips, my mouth. I love exploring her and making her…”

Val’s hips were wriggling a bit, just a foot away from me. I swear I could smell her scent. Her eyes were locked on mine, drinking in what I was saying.

“Yes, making her what?”

“Why, finding out what makes her moan and gasp and squirm and cry out for more Val. Is that what you’re asking?”

Her eyes had dilated a bit and were sparkling. “Yes. But I need to know if you’re okay with only ever servicing me. I won’t go further than that. It’s already cheating to just have this discussion and I’m not willing to go further than you providing me a service of what I’ve been missing. I won’t touch you or let you…”

“Fuck you?”

“Yes, that is further than I’m willing to go. But I’ve been thinking a lot about the saying, ‘your spouse cannot be everything to you,’ and I need this. Are you willing to just do what I say and just be here for my pleasure?”

I decided to take the next step and placing my large hands on the back of her knees, I slowly started pushing her skirt up while leaning forward a bit.

“Val,” I said, looking into her eyes and feeling her legs tense under my hands,”I’ve been wanting to find a woman to service at work for years. Like I said, it gives me great pleasure to make a woman have great pleasure.”

I looked down at her thighs as they came into view and she stood up so that I could push her skirt all the way up. She had on light green lace panties, and I loved the feel of the lace over her ass as I cupped her in my hands. She reached down and held her skirt up as I leaned the rest of the way in and breathed in her scent.

“Your scent is delicious Val. I can’t wait to see you.” I kissed the soft skin above her panties and then moved down and kissed her pussy through them. Sliding them down over her legs I let go of them to let them drop on the floor and took in the sight of her for the first time. Just a small landing strip of closely cropped dark hair above, her mons slightly darker than her pale skin, her lips wet. My own mouth was wet and I was thirsting for her as I kissed down over her. Just soft full kisses while I pulled her ass towards me. Taking my time to get to know her.

She scooted back and perched her ass on the desk and pulled my head to her. Her legs opening wider as I kissed her lips, finally letting my tongue slip out and lick them. She gasped as I opened my mouth and gently sucked her lips into my mouth, my tongue sliding over them, between internet casino them, parting her and tasting her. Rich, succulent, her flavor suffusing my mouth, her scent filling my mind. I pushed my tongue deeper inside her, my hands on her thighs, my thumbs pulling her lips open to let me in deeper. Savoring her taste, the feel of her opening to me, nudging her hood with my nose. Listening to her whimper as I flicked my tongue up and over her clit.

“Yes,” she moaned quietly, “more.”

I sucked her clit into my mouth and nursed it. Slowly moving my tongue over it, up, down, circles. Listening to her moans and waiting to find what motion worked best for her. Releasing her clit, I moved back down and sucked her lips again, taking my time, enjoying the feel of her in my mouth.

I pushed my tongue back between her lips, licking deep, trying taste all of her. Her flavor was delicious. I was aching in my slacks. Giving a woman this pleasure was such a turn on for me. I loved the way she held my head, her fingers curled in my hair. She tugged up a little and I knew she wanted me to focus on her clit again.

Taking a last deep lick inside her, I flattened my tongue out and brushed over her clit. I circled it again and flicked left and right against her hard bud. She pulled my head tighter to her and I went with it. Back and forth, varying speeds until “Yes, just like that, fuck,” she whispered. I looked up at her and locked eyes with her. Her face was flushed and her breasts were rising and falling in her sweater. Her right hand disentangled from my hair and she bit down on her finger as I kept up the motion on her clit.

“Inside, put your thumb inside me,” I heard her throaty voice command.

I slipped my hand under her ass and rubbed by thick thumb between her wet lips. She was so wet that I slipped in easily, pushing inside her until I could go no further. I pulled down with my thumb while curling it, giving her as much sensation as I could. Moving it back and forth like a small cock while I sucked and flicked her clit.

Her legs clenched around my head and she pulled me tight against her. I couldn’t breath but I kept on licking her clit and stroking her pussy while it tightened rhythmically around my thumb. Letting go of her clit, I moved down to suck her lips in my mouth again, tasting her flood of orgasm, filling my mouth with her flavor.

I kept sucking her softly, gently dipping my tongue into her. She put both hands on my hand and brushed my hair out of my eyes.

“That was a pretty fabulous service. I think I am going to need this often.”

She pulled me up to stand before her, locking her legs around my waist. My hard cock was straining against my jeans and she subtly started grinding against me.

Leaning forward she licked my lips and the corner of my mouth. “Mmm, I like the way I taste on you. But we can’t do anything more.”

“Val, I loved doing that for you. I’m not asking for more.”

“What are you going to do about this,” she said, grinding her wet pussy against my cock.

“Since you’re the boss, why don’t you tell me what you want me to do? We can say it’s part of the service.”

“Hmm. I’ll have to think about it. For now, just keep yourself tucked away. Send me a meeting invite for 7:00 am tomorrow so I can block out my calendar. We’ll discuss it then.”

“I look forward to it Val.”

As if I’m cue, her computer dinged an alert. “Go. Thank you for that. That meeting is starting soon,” and she let her legs down and pushed me towards the door.

I left her office with a smile and a hard cock. I think I had time to make it to the rest room to wash her scent off before my next meeting. Would anyone notice her scent?

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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