A Slave Takes Advantage

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Bella has been Riana’s Slave for 2 years. Riana’s husband had died, leaving her wealthy women. Riana was a dominant and liked both men and women, but loved having a Slave Girl. Bella does all the house work. Bella is made to serve her Mistress in any way, and made to fuck anyone, anywhere. Man or woman. Bella has been gang banged by fraternity brothers and by a high school football team. She is exposed constantly and humiliated. There is no pain.

At one point, once a week, Riana goes into her office, locks the door and does not come out for an hour. Bella is curious what she is doing in there. She decides to check it out. When one walks into the office, you are first in a short hallway, with a coat closet on one side. The hallway is only 10 feet long and opens into the main office.

Riana does this every Tuesday at 1p, without fail. On the day that Bella chose to check it out, she made sure to be in the office with Riana, who at 12:58p said, “Slave Bella, go to the bedroom and clean it.”

“Yes Mistress.”

And Bella walked down the hallway to the door, opened the door, waited a moment and closed it. Then she hid in the coat closet. She heard Riana walk down and lock the office door. Subjecting nothing, Riana does not look into the coat closet.

Waiting for a few minutes, Bella slowly opens the closet door and listens. She does not hear anything. Bella slowly walks down the hallway and peeks around the corner. Seeing no reaction from Riana, Bella steps into the main office area. She looks at Riana, who has a vacant, blank stare. Anadolu Yakası Escort Riana is staring at the computer screen and has her headphones on. Bella comes around the desk and finds an instruction book for the program. It’s a “self-hypnosis” program for the stressed.

Bella thinks, “What has she got to be stressed about?”

Bella has read about self-hypnosis and hypnosis. How you could hypnotize some people into new and different personalities, and even age regression.

Thought about what she could do. And then she hit the pause button. No reaction from Riana.

Bella walked in front of the desk and said, “Riana, do you hear me?”


Bella thought for a moment and thinks, “I’ll try a test first.”

She says, “Riana, when you come out of your hypnosis, you will think of me as your best friend. You want to please me. If I give you an order, you will obey. If I give you a suggestion, you will take it as an order. When you please me, you will feel pleasure in your pussy and nipples. Now repeat what I have said.”

Riana repeats what Bella has just said. Bella hits resume and walks out.

In an hour, Riana comes running to Bella, hugs her and says, “Hi Bella, I missed you.”

“I missed you two. Hand me that shirt will you?”

Riana says, “Sure” and hands Bella the shirt.

Riana thinks, “She never would have done that before.”

Then Bella sits down and says to Riana, “My feet are sore, would you massage them for me?”

Riana says, “On yes. Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan Anything for my Best Friend.”

And gets on her knees and gives Bella a foot massage.”

Bella is ecstatic, “It worked! It worked!”

All week, Bella gives Riana orders and Riana obeys. Without fail. Otherwise, Riana is the same. She treats everyone else the same as she did. On Friday, Bella asked Riana to give her a key to the office and Riana gave her a key to the office.

On the following Tuesday, Riana went into the office for her self-hypnosis session. Waiting a few minutes, Bella walks in and sees the same scene as before. Riana has that same vacant, blank expression on her face.

Bella walks to the front of the desk and says, “Riana, do you hear me?”


Bella goes on, “Riana, listen carefully. When you come out of your hypnosis, you will think of me as your Mistress and you as my Slave. Understand Riana?”


Bella goes on, “You will obey every order I give you. When you obey, you will feel pleasure in your pussy and your nipples. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Bella adds, “You will believe that your whole purpose in life is to give me pleasure.”

She then says, “Repeat what I have said.”

Riana repeats what Bella has said.

In an hour, Riana comes out of the office, finds Bella and says, “Can I do anything for you Mistress.”

“Yes your things are in the master bedroom, remove your things and put my things in the master Escort Anadolu Yakası bedroom. And put your things in the small bedroom.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Bella has a big smile on her face. Later that evening, Riana eats out Bella and Bella fucks Riana with a strap-on, in both her pussy and her ass.

Bella keeps having Riana do the self-hypnosis sessions. And each time, Bella tweaks Riana’s Slavery. Bella plants a code phrase, “country cave store.” Which, when Riana hears it, she becomes a bubble headed slut named Candy, with no brains and is a slut, but still is Bella’s Slave. When Riana, hears the phrase, “after the circus is dead,” she goes to normal, still with all the hypnotic suggestions in place, still Bella’s Slave.

In short, Bella went from being the Slave to being the Mistress. Riana controlled the money but Bella controlled Riana. Bella now had total control of Riana.

Bella thought to herself, “It’s going to be a great life.”

Over the years, Bella used and abused Riana. And true to her programming, Riana loved every minute. Bella mainly used Riana for her personal pleasure but, on occasion Bella would “lend her to a friend,” or “send her into an Adult Bookstore as the Bubble Headed Slut named Candy,” or “have her be the entertainment at a large, or small, gathering,” or … So many ideas.

Bella sometimes thought about putting Riana in the Bubble Headed Slut named Candy personality and leaving her in it, and selling her at a Slave Auction, but she needed Riana for the money. So she kept Riana around but she did have Riana make out her will making Bella the sole beneficiary.

Bella had many boyfriends, and some girl friends, over the years, who she would share Riana with.

In her mind, “It’s not cheating if it is with a Slave.” None of the boyfriends or girlfriends had stayed.

Bella had everything but Love.

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