A Southern Wedding

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I arrived in Dallas on a Thursday morning. My old fraternity brother and roommate was getting married that weekend and had asked me to be his best man back in college one night after a night of beers and pot smoking. I didn’t think he would remember asking me on account of the weed and alcohol, but then I got a call from him about a year ago confirming the offer. I agreed, albeit reluctantly.

Being the best man meant giving a speech, and I had grown to loathe public speaking. Not to mention, I was always secretly attracted to him.

He was a country boy. Tall, about 6’4″ and husky with soft brown eyes and a kindhearted Texas charm that was hard to find in the hustle and bustle of a busy city like Los Angeles. On any given day, you could find him wearing bright-colored polo shirts, thong sandals, and Chino shorts that always revealed the outline of his thick cock when he wore them. It was enough just to keep my eyes focused on his face most days. There was an odd tension between us but he never acknowledged it.

One night, while we were both piss drunk at our old fraternity house, he stumbled into my room and took off all of his clothes before climbing into my bed. He didn’t say anything. He just laid there silently with his soft dick out illuminated by the moonlight peeking through the curtains.

It looked so beautiful nestled in the dark, curly pubic hair. I didn’t need any further instruction. Laying there in the stillness of the night, I could hear the thumping of my heart as I pretended to unknowingly rest a hand on his leg. I slowly moved my hand up his thick, hairy thigh before bringing it to rest on his shaft which was lying flat against his hairy stomach. My heart was racing.

“Fuck, am I really doing this? Maybe he is asleep! This is wro—”

As if on queue, he shifted a bit on the bed and his cock began to stiffen. Maybe it was my imagination but it seemed as if he began to rock his hips back and forth while my hand lay motionless on his now semi-hard cock.

To this point, I had only seen his cock behind the fabric of his pants. I figured it was sizeable, but now, with it growing under my paralyzed hand, it felt gargantuan.

His uncut cock had grown to about 7 1/2 inches and was narrow at the head but widened out toward the base. The base was as thick as my wrist and sat nestled in a tangle of hair that went down to his heavy balls. A proper southern trouser snake.

I took a moment to look down and take a mental picture of the contrast of our bodies next to each other. His pale, white, tall, “average Joe” frame, next to my milk chocolate, short, athletically built frame. And his cock, about the same length as mine, but thicker by any measure.

Without warning, I leaned over and took the head of his cock in my mouth. He let out a sigh of approval. I tasted precum as his foreskin rolled back to reveal a dark purple head. I began sucking him at a steady pace and he bucked his hips to match my rhythm. Before long, his breathing became ragged and I could tell he was about to cum. I had managed to deepthroat him by that point and had no intentions of removing my mouth. He reached his climax and made to remove his dick from my mouth to shoot on his belly, but I pressed down even further on his cock at that last minute and he erupted in my mouth shooting shot after shot of piping hot jizz in the back of my throat one after the other. He shook violently on my bed in a silent, throaty orgasm before going limp.

For a moment, we just laid there spent, but then he eventually stood up without a word and put his clothes back on before exiting the room. We never spoke about it and it never happened again.

Now, 7 years later, here I was about to stand next to him as he made a lifetime commitment to his future wife in front of God and family. It made me uneasy.

Ashton picked me up from the airport that day. He swung the door to his old Jeep open and greeted me with that big smile and Texas drawl.

“What’s up, city boy!? Ready to get fucked by this Texas heat?” he exclaimed.

“Yeah… no.” At least, that’s not what I wanted to be fucked by.

I hopped in and we sped off toward his family home. When we arrived, I was greeted by his parents. His mom embraced me with a big hug and then made an inappropriate joke about me being black, to which I took no offense, and his dad shook my hand with a strong grip and gave one of his hearty laughs that said, “excuse my wife, we’re not racist, I promise.”

Right off the bat, I realized where Ashton got his good looks and charm from. His dad, Marty, was not just handsome, he was a goddamn stud. He was shorter than Ashton with bright blue eyes that you could easily get lost in if you looked too hard.

Ashton’s, by comparison, were light brown like his mother’s. Marty was in his mid-50s and built very much so like your average, retired dad, who’s earned enough in life to own a large suburban home and take yearly summer trips to Positano. He had strong biceps and was very tan from being out in his canlı bahis garden every day. His salt and pepper hair was shaped into a military-style crew cut, he had a killer smile, no doubt the work of some brilliant ortho surgeon, with a square jaw and a drawl that could make George Strait blush. He looked a bit like Cary Grant if Cary Grant was rough around the edges with a thick southern drawl and had a military background.

The thing that really got me, though, was the pair of casual grey cloth shorts that he was wearing which clearly revealed the outline of his fat cock head. I could identify the shape of it very clearly. There was no way he was wearing underwear, I thought to myself. No one else seemed to pay it any mind. Maybe they were used to their dad’s thick bulge proudly on display, but I almost froze in my tracks the first time I noticed it.

My throat was dry and I became uncomfortable at this realization and tried to divert my attention elsewhere.

“Marty, what a great garden you’ve got back here! Are those tomatoes?” I asked, trying to find something to take my mind away.

“Yes, sir! I’ve got lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, and a few other things back here along with a lemon, orange, and apple tree. Everything you see back there is edible! Gotta stay ready for the end times, ya know!?” He beamed at me with his bright smile and blue eyes and I looked away quickly.

“Shall we go inside for a drink?” Marty asked, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, a drink sounds great,” I replied.

“Whiskey good? Or do you want one of them spiked seltzer waters my wife likes? I know you California boys are all a bit gay,” he said with a hint of mockery in his voice. He looked at me with a sly smile then laughed a hearty laugh before slapping me on the back.

“I’m just fuckin wit ya, kid!” He belted.

“Whiskey is fine,” I said, ignoring the jab.

“Great!” He replied.

I followed behind him and found my eyes wandering down to his firm, shapely ass behind the thin cloth of the grey pants and his thick, hairy legs that led down to his big, clean feet placed firmly in his sandals. I felt my cock stir in my pants and quietly scolded myself before entering the house.

The day went on normally with a lot of talk of weddings and families and planning. It was exhausting. We had the rehearsal dinner later that night where Marty bought out the bar for the entire wedding party. We all ate and drank and laughed while sharing embarrassing stories of Ashton in front of his soon-to-be wife.

As the night wound down, I found myself casting furtive glances at Marty across the table as he charmed the bridal party with old war stories and heroism. He was a natural lady killer. Every girl in the room was enchanted by his effortless conversation, cocksure demeanor, and hearty southern laugh.

He hardly seemed to notice me as I put on my best straight boy impersonation for the groomsmen telling of our sexual conquests in college and crazy parties and epic beer pong games but leaving out the details that might get Ashton in trouble with his fiancée.

“I love you bro,” Ashton said, grabbing my shoulder. “Thank you for being here for me,” he mumbled through his drunken haze before throwing an arm lazily around his bride-to-be and reclining in his chair.

“Anytime, bud.” I replied.

Later that night, we all returned to the house, with the exception of Ashton’s fiancée, who was staying in a hotel with her mom and bridesmaids. I practically carried Ashton to his childhood room where he flopped onto the bed in his rehearsal dinner attire and laid on top of his covers. I removed his shoes and threw a blanket over him for good measure.

“I lerrrv youu man!” He said drunkenly.

“I love you too, man. Get some rest. I’ll come get you in the morning.” I replied.

He gave me a half-hearted thumbs up then dropped his hand back to the bed and passed out almost immediately.

I was still piss drunk and decided to head to the backyard for a smoke. After a few moments, Marty stepped out on to the back porch and lit a cigarette of his own.

“Warm night tonight, eh?” Marty said.

“Yeah… and all that whiskey didn’t help.”

“Haha, I bet! I am surprised to see you still standing. I was sure you couldn’t hold your own, but I guess Ashton picked a good best friend. I knew he would. I do love that kid.”

“Yeah, I guess so…” I replied, pensively.

A silence fell over us as we inhaled our smoke.

“You had some pretty good stories tonight!” Marty chimed in after some time.

“Oh, I didn’t realize you were listening.” I said.

“I heard enough. I guess you were quite the lady killer in college.” Marty replied.

“I did alright I guess.” I replied.

“Yeah?” Marty’s eyebrows raised. “I bet those white girls down there loved your big black cock.”

“I… uh… yeah, I guess…” I replied uncomfortably.

“Ah, come off it, we’re men! We can talk about this stuff openly. You’re not exactly a child.”

“Yeah, bahis siteleri well… I guess you’re right.” I responded sheepishly.

“When I was your age, I got all the pussy I wanted… if they could take it, that is.” Marty continued.

“Take it?” I said, curiously.

“Yeah, most girls take one look at this thing and then take off running.” He said while nodding down toward his cock which was still creating a noticeable bulge in his royal blue dress slacks.

My eyes wandered downward and then back up to his face quickly. He was staring a hole into my soul with his bright blue eyes as if he were challenging me. He took a slow drag from his cigarette.

“My wife—” he continued. “She can’t handle it at all. We rarely have sex anymore. And when we do, I usually fuck her till she cums all over my cock and passed out, but I usually end up masturbating to get myself off.”

“Sir, I… this feels inappropriate.” I stammered.

“Ah, come off it, city boy. Here, have a beer.” Marty replied. He handed me a beer from a small mini fridge that was tucked away under the wet bar on the patio. I relaxed a bit.

“You know what the fellas used to call me in the service? The White Rhino.” He went on.

“Yeah, why is that?” I asked, figuring I already knew the answer.

“Well, because I had the biggest fuckin cock in the service. That’s why!” He said, laughing heartily before taking a long gulp of his beer.

“You talk an awful lot about your cock, Marty. I feel like you might be lying.” I said, slyly, knowing full well what I was doing.

“Fuck you, you little fuck! You think I’d lie to a little shit like you?? I’ll pull it out right now I don’t give a fuck!”

“Well—” I began.

Before I could finish talking, Marty stood up from his chair, unbuckled his Hermès belt, zipped down his pants and reached in before pulling out the biggest cock I have ever seen. And I have seen quite a few.

Even soft he was nearly 7 inches and it was thick from tip to end including his cock head which was a giant mushroom. His cock head alone looked to be the size of a large strawberry.

He stood there, gripping it proudly while wagging it back and forth in between drags of his cigarette before laughing and tucking it back in his pants.

I sat there. Rigid. Silent. Mouth agape. And rock hard in my black slacks. Thank God it was dark out.

“I’ll take your silence as approval,” he said, cockily, with victory in his voice.

I said nothing.

“Well, I’m going to head off to bed. Maybe my bitch of a wife will still be awake enough to give me a blowjob!” He said before laughing heartily and walking back inside.

I sat in that chair trying to process what had just happened for what seemed like ages before heading inside.

Once inside, I headed for the guest room on the first floor, but stopped dead in my tracks at the bottom of the stairs as sounds from upstairs caught me off guard. I listened more closely and could hear what sounded like bed springs screaming under the weight of pressure and the rhythmic knocking of a headboard on a wall.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck, Marty! Yes, yes, yes!! Fuck my pussy… I’m coming!” Screamed Mrs. Brown.

Do my ears deceive me? Of course not. What I was hearing was Marty Brown going to town on his wife’s pussy. He must’ve assumed we all went to bed.

My dick sprang to life at the sounds. As wrong as this felt, I couldn’t help myself. Ashton was fast asleep and the only two other people in the house currently were the two people upstairs in the midst of a mind-blowing orgasm. It was too much to stand. I dropped my pants to my ankles right there at the bottom of the stairs and began pulling my cock in short, fast jerks, imagining that it was me in there getting plundered by Marty. It was late, no one would see me, I thought.

Suddenly, without warning, the bedroom door opened and Marty appeared at the top of the stairs naked as the day he was born, with his semi-erect monster hanging lazily between his legs. I, being lost in my own ecstasy, had not realized that the sounds had stopped and found myself looking up at Marty, who looked down at me with murder in his eyes. There was no way to explain this. Me, his son’s best friend and best man, caught with my pants around my ankles, jerking off in his living room, to the sounds of him fucking his wife and my best friend’s mother.

I tried to speak, but no words came out. Marty began to descend the stairs, still staring at me wordlessly. I braced myself for a pummeling. Without words, Marty made his way down to me and then, to my surprise, walked past me without a word and went down the hallway leading to the guest room and walked straight into my room.

Perplexed, I followed him into my room.

“Marty, I’m sor—”


The hand came up so fast that I didn’t have time to react. My face stung and my eyes watered. I brought my hand to my face instinctively and looked up at Marty in shock.

“On your knees…” Marty commanded.



A bahis şirketleri second blow to the other side of my face this time.

“Get on your fucking knees,” Marty said more forcefully.

I complied.

“So, you like eavesdropping on me fucking my wife, huh?”

I made to reply.

“Shut up. Don’t speak. What do you think will happen if I tell Ashton what I saw tonight, hm?” Marty whispered menacingly.

“Sir, plea—” I began.

“I said shut up!” Marty interrupted, raising his hand threateningly. I winced.

“No, I am not going to tell him.” He said.

My eyes widened.

“But that’s because you are going to do something for me.”

In the heat of the moment, I hadn’t realized it at the time, but Marty’s cock had grown stiff and was pointing directly at my face. All 9.5 inches of it. It was thick as a beer can at the base and the head had swollen in size.

“Since you like listening to my wife getting fucked, you will clean her pussy juices off my cock with your tongue.”

“But, sir, I’m not ga—”


“Shut the fuck up and open your mouth or my next move will be to send the security footage of my living room to everyone you know.”

Horror flooded my mind. Video? What cameras? I guess the questions were present on my face.

“Our house was broken into while we were on vacation last summer. I’ve had cameras installed for security since then. Your filthy little escapade was caught on film, so, the way I see it, you only have one option—do what I say or face the consequences of your action.”

I had no choice.

Resigned to my fate, I reached up and grabbed the stiff, giant, middle-aged southern daddy dick before my face. My fingers couldn’t touch at the thickest part. I opened my mouth and Marty pushed his hips forward filling my mouth instantly. I could taste the remnants of his wife’s pussy on his dick and ran my tongue up and down the length of it making sure that I didn’t miss any spots.

Marty forced more of his cock into my mouth and I instantly gagged, which only seemed to turn him on more as he grabbed the back of my head and plunged his cock into my throat, fucking my face mercilessly.

Remarkably, his cock seemed to get a little harder. After a while, he pulled out and told me to remove all of my clothes and lie on my back. I compiled. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying this, but my cock was not hard. I felt humiliated.

Once on my back, I wasn’t sure what to expect—so what happened next made my head spin. Marty lifted my legs and pushed my knees back to my ears and plunged his fat tongue into the dark bud of my asshole. He licked me like a man gone mad. Long, slow strokes from the bottom of my ass crack, up across my asshole, all the way up my taint before taking both of my balls in his mouth and repeating this. He buried his face, nose, and forehead in my tight black ass and alternated between the long slow licks and fast, ravenous ones.

I moaned loudly and Marty hissed at me to be quiet before removing one of the black dress socks he was still wearing and shoving it in my mouth.

Then, with a quick movement, Marty was between my legs. His big, white cock so stiff it looked like it hurt. He spit into his hand and rubbed it all over his cock. Then positioned the head of his cock at my asshole.

“Wait—I’ve never…”

“Son, if you speak again, I will tell them everything.”

Without another word, Marty pushed forward… slowly, allowing me to adjust to his size at first. He would push in a bit, stop, flexing his cock in my ass, allow me to get used to it, then push a bit more in. After a lot of pain and what seemed like an eternity, I felt the tickle of his pubic hair on my ass letting me know he was all the way in.

I felt full but the pain was beginning to subside and be replaced with something… else.

Marty, seeing that I had adjusted, slid out and then back in, this time slamming his pelvis into my ass, making an audible clapping noise. With that, he began to drill my ass at a slow, deliberate pace, slamming his pelvis into my ass each time he descended into my bowels. *Clap, Clap, Clap*

He was staring down at me with bright blue eyes full of lust and hunger and… admiration?

My own cock began to stiffen as Marty’s fat cock head slid back and forth across my prostrate. My eyes rolled back as Marty grunted and hammered away at my hole, doling out his punishment for my earlier transgression dutifully. This was for my own good.

Before I knew it, an unfamiliar sensation raced through my body, and I shot spurt after hot spurt of cum all over my chest without even touching my cock. My asshole spasmed around the base of Marty’s cock and then, without warning, Marty grunted a final hoarse grunt and began to unload in my ass. I could feel pressure and the heat of his jizz at it filled my insides.

After a moment, he collapsed on top of me and, to my utter surprise, kissed me deeply. At first I didn’t know how to react, but then he stuck his tongue into my mouth and wrapped his giant arms around me and kissed me savagely. We rolled around on the bed lost in each other’s arm, kissing deeply for what seemed like ages.

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