A Special Business Trip Ch. 03

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A 25 year old straight male is lead to believe the he is going on an out of country business trip with his 50 year old male manager who also is the CEO of the company they work at. Little does he know that his manager has different plans for their “business” trip. By the end of this trip this young guy will have been stripped of his clothes, his passport, his freedom and will be thrown into a world of sex slavery.

Chapter 3 – Prologue:

Mike Hernandez and his boss Ted Wilson arrive safely in Germany for business. Ted owns a very large villa, far away from any major city. They will be staying their during their trip.

So far the trip has not gone as Mike expected. For one thing, Ted’s personal assistant wasn’t with them on the flight, Ted said she would be joining them later.

The airport appears to have lost their luggage.

Every time Mike asks a business related question Ted becomes annoyed and seems to be more interested in leisure then business. Ted has also exhibited a few odd behaviors that confused Mike mildly.

And the morning after their flight, Mike had perhaps one of the most embarrassing moments of his life. While he was stretching his arms his sweat pants fell down, he was not wearing underwear and was standing right in front of Ted when it happened.

Despite the bad start to this trip, Mike decided to live in the moment. The two of them are going for a very nice and long hike. They have plans on meeting some of Ted’s friend half way up the trail. Mike feels honored that Ted wants to share his hobby and introduce his friends. Mike realized that he doesn’t need to worry about the business details, they will work themselves out. It was a nice day, and he was enjoying the great outdoors. Today was going to be a prefect day, nothing could go wrong for Mike.

Chapter 3: Promotion

Mike and Ted had been hiking for nearly two hours without rest. Mike was completely covered in sweat from head to toe and he was breathing really hard; however Ted wasn’t sweating at all and was breathing as calm as he did when he first woke up. Although Mike didn’t work out, he did go to regular yoga classes. He was disappointed with himself that this hike was taking so much out of him. Ted repeatedly offered to stop to allow Mike to rest, but Mike turned him down each time not wanting to look weak. It was to Mike’s great relief when Ted came to a stop. Ted appeared to be inspecting what looked like an older trail that was over grown with grass.

Ted turned to Mike, “Come, this way Mike. There’s something I want you to see down here.”

Mike followed Ted’s lead and followed along the overgrown path. The trees provided far more shade then the open path, the ground was softer and reduced the impact on his feet. He followed Ted at least 15 minutes until they came across an opening in the trees. In the center of the opening was a cave that lead into the foot of the mountains.

“Mike, go inside the cave. I can’t explain it; you have to see it for yourself.” Ted smiled as he tried to convince Mike to go in.

Mike shrugged his shoulders and walked ahead of Ted and entered the cave. Other then being unusually clean for a cave, Mike didn’t see anything that he would consider interesting. He walked further in, opened his eyes eryaman escort as wide as he could and scanned the entire cave. He definitely didn’t see anything.

“What am I missing?” Mike said while turning back towards the entrance.

Mike saw Ted standing at the entrance of the cave, the shadows of the cave covered of his face, but Mike could see his eyes and his smile. The expression was sinister.

“Nothing.” Ted replied quietly.

“Nothing? I don’t understand?” Mike replied as he walked towards Ted expecting him to move out of the way.

Ted didn’t move, in fact he put his hand on Mike’s chest and pushed him backwards.

Mike stumbled backwards but managed to keep his balance. “Ted, wha–what are you doing? Let me out.”

“No.” Ted eyes were looking more dangerous.

“Ted… this isn’t funny, let me out!!” Mike demanded.

“Silence, Slave!” Ted commanded.

“Sla–what the fuck are you talking about?!” Mike yelled has he tried to force his way out.

Ted pushed Mike back again; this time he couldn’t keep is balance and fell backwards on his ass.

Mike opened his mouth to say something; but he could not think of anything to say. He looked pleadingly at Ted trying to understand what was happening.

“Strip, Slave!” Ted ordered.

Mike got back on his feet and he looked at Ted; he didn’t believe what he just heard.

Ted yelled, “Take your fucking clothes off, Slave!! If you want out of this cave you will do as I order!”

Mike suddenly realized what was going on and started to laugh very hard. “Hahha– Ted, that was great. You really had me going for a minute.. geez don’t scare me like that!” Relieved that he finally got the joke, Mike tried once again pass Ted, fully expecting that he’d move out of the way.

But when Ted did not move, Mike stopped laughing. “Ted… I am serious now, let me out.”

In an instant Ted grabbed Mike by the collar of his shirt pulling down as hard as he could ripping the shirt and shoving Mike to the ground.

Anger boiled in Mike’s body, he got up and ran towards Ted as hard and as fast as he could, but the last thing he saw was Ted’s fist heading straight toward his face.

He opened his eyes, he was laying on the ground, his face hurt, he was seeing double vision. Fore a brief second he didn’t know where he was at, then his vision came into focus and he saw Ted standing above him looking down. Mike didn’t attempt to stand up.

“Wh–why are you doing this to me, Ted… what gives?” Mike asked.

Ted squatted on the ground next to Mike. “It’s simple really. I’ve had my eyes on you the first day you started working at my company. There were far more experienced people we could have hired, but I wanted you.” Ted explained. “Do you honeslty think the CEO of the company would choose some new hire to support is needs? I wanted you so bad, I knew I had to build your confidence first to get you to come with me. And I always get what I want.”

Mike looked at Ted and was bewildered by this revelation.

“I.. you.. I mean… you— set this up?” Mike managed to mumble out. “Ted.. I am not gay, I have no interests in you… you need to let me go, now…”

Ted looked at Mike and shook his head. sincan escort “Mikey Mikey Mikey, I don’t care if you are not gay. Did you not hear me? I ALWAYS get what I want. I went through a lot of trouble to get you here, the fake business trip, the letter of resignation in your name that I sent to our office the day we left, having your possession in your apartment moved into storage, your apartment lease canceled.”

Reality as Mike knew it was falling apart; he did not want to believe what Ted was saying was true. But Ted was rich, and if he really wanted something, would he really go this far?

Ted continued on. “You know, you made it a lot easier by just handing me your passport and wallet. I thought I’d have to steal them while you slept”. Mike paused then smiled. “Mike, you have a choice. You can do as I order you to do, and you might acutally find yourself enjoying the experience. Or you can fight it, either way; I will use you for my own pleasure. If you fight, it will hurt A-LOT. Even if you don’t fight, it will still hurt, but not nearly as much.”

Mike closed his eyes, he was scared, his body was shaking his face still hurt from Ted punching him. He felt dizzy and wanted to throw up.

Ted put is hands on Mike’s lower leg. “The nearest major city is hours away, you don’t speak German, you don’t have a passport, your identity back home has been almost erased. You have no friends, no family to miss you back home, they think you quit at work…. Mike, I know you. Perhaps better then you know yourself. You are not a fighter, you will submit to me.”

Mike’s lips trembled, his breathing calmed down but his brain was still racing. He knew Ted was right, that he had no escape; he knew Ted would not take no for an answer; and he know that he would not fight, he had no choice but to submit. If anything he could try to buy time, gain Ted’s trust and then run away at his first chance.

“Mike, will you submit to me…?” Ted said softly.

“i…will…” Mike whispered in a timid, defeated voice.

Ted stood up and looked down upon Mike, his voice returned to a power tone. “Slave, take off your clothes!”

Mike stumbled to get back up on his feet, he kept is head down and his eyes on the ground. He pulled of the remains of his ripped shirt, he kicked his right shoe off followed by his left, he sighed as he pulled down his pants. He stopped and kept his head down, hoping that this would count as taking his clothes off.

Ted scolded, “Slave, are you stupid. I said take all your clothes off. Lose the boxer and socks!”

Without a word, Ted bent down and pulled off his socks and he felt the coldness of the stone beneath his feet. He put his hands on his waist and swallowed air. He closed his eyes and pulled down his boxer and let them fall to his feet. Mike then pulled his left foot out, and then his right. He moved his underwear to the side with his foot.

Mike felt completely exposed, he felt the breeze blow through the middle of his legs and against is crotch. He felt the hard cold stone under his feet. He could feel Ted’s eyes staring him down.

“Open your eyes and look at me, Slave!” Ted ordered.

Mike obeyed, again without speaking.

“Now, there are some etlik escort rules you should understand.” Ted continued.

“First, you will always call me master. If I give you an order, I expect you to reply back [Yes Master]. If say anything else, you must either start or end your sentience with Master. Do you understand?”

“…Yes Master.” Mike replied.

Ted was impressed that Mike learned so quickly. “Good, good boy. Training you may be easier then I thought.”

“Now, next. When I give you an order. I expect you to follow it, without hesitation, without resistance and without question. Do you understand, Slave?”

Mike nodded his head. “Yes Master.”

Ted laughed with joy. “You really are natural at this. It’s as if you were born to be a slave. Now, if you disobey me, which I really hope you do not. I will have to punish you. Punishment will be painful, I guarantee that it will make you cry. I don’t want to have to punish you, so don’t make me. Do you understand, Slave?”

Tears dropped down Mike’s face as he silently cried. “Yes Master, I understand.”

“Well then, all that is left is to put on your collars and cuffs then lock you up!” Ted said excitedly as he pulled off his backpack.

Ted pulled out four leather cuffs, five small padlocks, a neck collar.

“Slave, extend your arms!” Commanded Ted.

Mike looked at the cuffs and hesitated; he did not imagine he’d be chained up.

Ted yelled, “SLAVE! What did I tell you about hesitation!!?”

Mike jumped slightly but obeyed and extended his arms. Ted put the cuffs on is arms and locked them tight. The padlocks prevented Mike from taking them off. Ted proceeded to kneel down and put the same style cuffs on Mike’s ankles and also locked them into place. Ted came back up and had the collar in his hand, the collar had a small black box connected to it.

“Slave, you may be wondering what is on the collar. This little box is a GPS tracking unit. I can find you no matter where you go in the world.” Ted explained as he fitted the collar firmly around Mike’s neck and locking it into place.

With the last click of the padlock on his neck, Mike knew he was defeated and had no chance of getting away. Ted then grabbed Mike by the arms, pulled them behind Mike’s back and locked the cuffs together. His arms were bound together tight so that he could barely move them. Ted then turned Mike back around to face him. Ted bent down and pulled a leash out of the backpack and connected the leash to the collar and locked it in place.

Using the leash, Ted pulled Mike so they were face to face. “Slave, I now own you. I own your body, I own your mind, I own your existence. Your sole purpose in life is to obey my orders. You own nothing, you are nothing. You are a dirty slave who is not worthy of my attention. You will spend every moment of your life trying to prove yourself to me.”

“Yes Master…” whimpered Mike.

“Very good. We still have a half-hour hike to meet up with my friends. They’re going to help me train you.” Ted explained.

Ted let the leash slack and started walking way from the cave leading Mike along. Mike not accustomed to beign lead by a leash had trouble following. Mike turned his head back as they exited the cave and looked at the clothes on the ground they were leaving behind. He wondered if he’d ever wear clothes again, he wondered if he would even be alive a few days from now.

“Slave, you were right about one thing. Today IS a wonderful day! Don”t you agree?” Ted asked.

Mike nodded his head and said, “Yes Master.” he was starting to feel like a broken record.

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