A summer with my stepsister Mary, part 2

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It seemed like it took forever for my Stepmom to leave, but when she finally did, we both looked at each other and Mary gave me the cutest grin, asking if I was ready to finish putting that lotion on. We went outside and she took her top off slowly, shyly, as if she was embarrassed by the small size of her tits. To me they looked like perfection, small, pointy, with tiny rose-colored nipples that stuck out. I told her that they were beautiful, at which she smiled a big smile and laid down on the chair, again on her stomach. I had wanted to touch them, but I had to force myself to wait.

She had brought out the lotion, and I put a bunch on my hands and started with her beautiful, creamy white thighs again. She immediately opened up her legs this time, stretching them across the chair and giving me a full, teasing view of her crotch, still covered by that damned bikini! I worked my way up quickly to her butt, rubbing one cheek in each hand and dropping my thumbs down between her legs to rub up inside her thighs and across her pussy lips. Getting bolder again, I let my thumbs go inside her bikini bottoms, feeling the lips, rubbing up and down. Meanwhile, my fingers had gotten up inside the rest of her bikini, with my right finger tracing the crack of her ass. I found the hole again, brushing past it a few times before finally rubbing right on it. It felt kind of moist, and as I rubbed, she pushed back against me, and I could feel the muscles of her asshole squeezing against the tip of my finger.

I güvenilir bahis had had about enough of that bikini, and I asked her if I could take it off. She didn’t say anything, she just raised her hips off the chair. I took that as permission and slid them off, finally getting to see what I had waited for ever since I had discovered girls! Her naked ass was gorgeous, pale white, and smooth as that proverbial baby’s bottom. I nudged her legs apart, and caught my first glimpse of a pussy. It was smooth and hairless, with just a tiny slit where I knew that the hole must be. Her asshole was the same pinkish rose color as her nipples, and on impulse, I bent down and kissed it. She moaned a little bit and opened her legs up even more.

Getting bolder, I stuck out my tongue and ran it past her little butthole, and she pushed it against me again. I began to lick it, trying to push in past her opening while she was pushing up, almost on her knees by now trying to get it in. I wasn’t having much luck, but it sure was fun! Finally I stopped and put my finger back, applying a little pressure. This time it went in ever so slightly, slowly, more and more and I could feel how tight the muscles were. Meanwhile, she was still up on her knees, so I began to explore her pussy with my tongue, up and down, finding that magical hole and pushing my tongue in as far as I could go. By now my finger was in her ass as far as it could go, and she was moaning loudly, pushing back in a rhythm that I was türkçe bahis matching. She was going faster and faster, and suddenly her whole body seemed to shudder and some fluid came out onto my tongue. It tasted and smelled like nothing I had ever experienced before, and I couldn’t get enough of it, licking and sucking away at her pussy.

She slowly collapsed down onto the chair and looked at me over her shoulder with the biggest grin I had ever seen on a girl. By now I was aching to stick my dick in, but I wasn’t sure if she would go for that. She made up my mind however when she reached up and pulled my shorts down unceremoniously, letting my dick free for the first time ever in front of a girl. I was a little embarrassed, but I was more desperate than anything. She felt it a little bit, letting her small hand work up and down. I felt like I was going to explode right then and there! She must have known what was happening, because she got back up on her knees without saying a word. She reached around and grabbed my dick again and started rubbing it up and down from her sweet pussy to her ass, with me getting more and more desperate. Finally she stuck it into her wet pussy a little bit, but then pulled away before it went in too much. She pushed it up her ass crack again, and this time when it got to her asshole began to rock back and forth, holding my dick in place. I could see and feel the head starting to go in, little by little with each time she rocked back. After about a minute of this güvenilir bahis siteleri I could feel the muscles starting to relax a little bit, and the head of my dick was disappearing just a little bit more each time. Finally I was in just about all the way and she was moaning loudly again. I could feel the cum building up quickly, and just as she climaxed for the second time, I thrust into her as far as I could and began pumping her little asshole full of my cum.

By now we were both exhausted, and she began to fall back onto the chair, so I followed her down, still with my dick in her ass, laying on top of her as we both snoozed for a little bit. I woke up after about an hour, horny as hell again, and realized that not only was my dick rock hard and still in her ass, but that she was still asleep. I began to move slowly in and out, with her laying on her stomach and me laying on top of her, feeling her little ass cheeks against my stomach. As I began moving she woke up and started groaning again, and I quickly felt the pressure building up. After only a couple of minutes I could feel her butt muscles squeezing harder and harder around my dick, and I couldn’t take it anymore. She started to spasm, and I let loose, filling her up again with my cum. This time after a few minutes we got up and I pulled out of her, a little sore, and used one of the towels to clean her up. She turned around and planted a kiss on my lips, holding her naked body against mine, and said that she was looking forward to the rest of the summer with me. She had a wicked gleam in her eyes when she asked if she could come to my room again that night to watch a movie with me…

More to follow…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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