A Surprise for Joshua

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COPYRIGHT December 30, 2005 No part of the following story may be copied or transmitted without written authorisation of the author.


Every now and then my wife tells me a story from the days before we met. I can’t always tell exactly what is fact and what is fantasy, but either way, we have a great time reliving her adventures. Part of what makes it so exciting is that if you saw her you would never have any idea how adventurous my wife is. And she was not only a cheerleader in high school, but she went on to get a PhD. So she has an incredible combination of brains, innocent beauty and hidden desires that can make me hard anytime… A couple of her stories involve a friend of hers at college, Marie. While Marie is tall with long dark hair and brown eyes, my wife is petite and slim, with beautiful curves, blond hair and green eyes. When they were in college my wife and Marie would swap stories about their adventures with several of their girlfriends, and this story began when they got inspired by a story they’d heard from three friends about what they did when they got three strap-ons and surprised a boy that they knew. My wife and Marie decided they would surprise Joshua, another senior, they occasionally played with. Joshua was a baseball player, tall and athletic, with curly brown hair… Here’s what she told me:

Marie and I and another friend of Marie’s that I had never met before managed to sneak into Joshua’s room and quickly stripped down to our sexiest underwear, and waited in the dark. It seemed like forever even though we already knew that he was on his way home from the library. As soon as he came in the door and before he could turn on the lights, we grabbed him and pushed him up against the door and told him that he couldn’t say a word because we had plans for him and if he said anything we would just leave. We blindfolded him, and then told him to strip for us. He unbuttoned his shirt and then pulled off his jeans and boxers.

When he was naked, Marie pushed him down into his hard, wood desk chair, and told him that we wanted to try a few things out that we had heard about. We told him we had some special toys we wanted to share with him. We asked him if he liked to play with toys, and he said he certainly did although he hadn’t played with them often. Then Marie helped me step into a black harness, and told me to tell Joshua what we were doing. esmer porno I told him I was pulling the harness up my legs, around my hips, tightening it against my ass, and sliding a pink, eight inch vibrator into the harness, pulling it into my pussy and stroking it like it was my own cock. And then Marie told him that she was stepping into the harness with both legs, pulling it up hard against her pussy, and that the straps were rubbing against her pussy making it so wet. And then she slipped the strap on through the hoop and told him that she was ready to fuck him.

But first she said that we wanted him to do a few other things. We could see that he was already hard, so we told him that first, he had to stroke his cock and to imagine us stroking ours. So he reached down and with one hand slowly slid his cock into his fist and with the other started rubbing his balls. Then we said he had to stroke our cocks, he had to feel our cocks and make our cocks even harder than they were already. So we walked over so that one of us was on either side of him, and Marie guided his hand so that it was on my cock first. We told him to slide his hand up and down my cock to see how hot and hard is was, and to tell us how excited it was making him. And then he had to stroke Marie’s cock and describe for us how it felt. We could see how excited he was to hold a cock in each hand. And then after he’d stroked our cocks for a little while, we told him that we had a friend who was waiting and we wanted Joshua to feel our friend too.

We took his hands off our cocks and Marie put his hand around our friend’s cock. We could see Joshua immediately jump back a little when he realized it was a REAL cock and not another strap on. Marie was holding Joshua’s hand around her friend Andrew’s cock and she told Joshua that he couldn’t let go and he had to stroke Andrew until his cock was as hard as a rock or we would just pick up our toys, and put on our clothes and leave.

Marie let go of Joshua’s hand and told him we wanted him to stroke Andrew’s cock just like he was stroking his own. Joshua slowly started sliding his hand up and down Andrew’s shaft, squeezing the head in his fist, and we could see Andrew’s cock starting to throb and grow harder. And then Andrew took Joshua’s hand and told him that it seemed like he had never done this before but it looked like it was fantazi porno making him very excited. Joshua didn’t say anything, but you could see his cock getting harder and harder. Andrew told Joshua he wanted him to lick his cock. Andrew wondered if Joshua had ever done that before and he said “definitely not,” but he didn’t resist. In fact, he bent down and started to lick and kiss Andrew’s cock, running his lips around Andrew’s head and then slowly down the shaft. We tried to stand as close as we could so we could watch them while we stroked our cocks.

Marie suggested that Andrew lie back on the bed and that Joshua kneel between his legs so he could keep licking him and so she could get behind Joshua and fuck him. And then she said it would be even more exciting if I would get behind her and slide my strap-on through her legs, and slide it into her pussy at the same time that she fucked Joshua. Joshua leaned over and took Andrew’s head into his mouth and slowly started taking it deeper and deeper, until you could barely see the base of Andrew’s cock.

Marie leaned around Joshua and started to stroke his cock too. She took her other hand and gently rubbed it around his ass and played with him for a minute or two, putting a little bit Vaseline all around his hole and then she slowly brought the tip of her strap-on up against his hole. You could see Joshua stop for a minute as she just pressed the head of her cock against his hole, and then pushed it in just a tiny bit and then she started moving it back and forth, back and forth, going in a little deeper each time. And then I was surprised when Joshua started pushing back against Marie to try to get her cock even deeper inside of him. Marie reached back and grabbed for my cock, pulling me toward her so that I was directly behind her, and she asked me to slide my strap-on between her legs so she would have the total sensation of fucking and being fucked at the same time. And she told Joshua she wanted him to feel that total sensation of being entered from behind while he had a cock in his mouth.

After I started sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, Marie reached up to grab Josh’s head and his hair and to guide him up and down Andrew’s cock just like she was grabbing the mane of a horse. Then she was holding onto his hips and grabbing his hips and pulling him into her so she could start porno filmler fucking him harder. Then she would reach up for his head again and push it up and down Andrew’s cock. So there she was guiding his head up and down and then stroking her cock in and out of his ass while I slid in and out of her pussy. She asked Joshua if he liked having a big hard cock in his ass while he was licking and sucking Andrew’s cock, and he could only nod as she pushed him back toward Andrew’s cock.

She just kept fucking Joshua harder. She would pull his hips against her, slamming him into her cock, and then she would push him up for another lick of Andrew’s cock and then she’d pull him back so hard so she could thrust inside him and then she would push him forward again. The whole time I could see how hard Andrew’s cock was getting. His breathing was getting heavy and his balls were tightening up as Joshua stroked him and licked him and then took him deeper and deeper down his throat. You could see that Andrew was getting ready to cum and Marie was just pushing Joshua’s head up and down and telling him to suck his cock harder and faster. She said she wanted him to make Andrew come in his mouth and you could see Joshua’s eyes get wide when Andrew shot his come into Joshua’s mouth. Joshua couldn’t really swallow it all as some started dripping out of the corners of his mouth when Marie pulled his head back one more time.

Marie said she was going to make Joshua come and have Andrew lick him while she fucked him. So she told Andrew to get underneath Joshua and she pulled Andrew’s head up and guided him towards Joshua’s cock while she continued to slide her strap-on in and out of Joshua. Meanwhile I was sliding in and out of Marie’s pussy feeling her getting wetter and wetter trying to keep in time with her thrusts into Joshua. Now she was pulling Joshua back onto her cock and then pushing him into Andrew’s mouth and then pulling his cock back out of Andrew’s mouth so she could slam into him again. Back and forth between her cock and Andrew’s mouth. Pulling him out and thrusting him forward, back and forth, back and forth until you could see Joshua’s cock throbbing even harder and harder, his balls pulling up against his shaft until we all knew he was ready to shoot. At the last minute Marie pulled Joshua off her cock and pushed him onto his back so we could watch him cum. Marie stroked his cock and Andrew licked his balls, and then Joshua started shooting so high that he covered Marie’s breasts with cum.

I came so many times that night, I didn’t even mind that I didn’t get a chance to slide my cock into Joshua. I just hoped there might be another chance…

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