A Surprising Occurrence

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When you think about a normal yacht ride with a few of your close friends, rape doesn’t usually come to mind. I mean think about it, everyone there are friends and trust each other so why the hell would rape even be an option. Ah well there are those rare occasions when things go horribly wrong in the middle of the night. Our victim, our poor poor victim, goes by the name of Elizabeth or Lizzy by her close friends. Oh how beautiful this young girl was, only 17 really and already had a nice pair of pear shaped 34B breasts perched up on her chest. The figure of a model, at 5’6, was only accented by her cascading brown hair and hypnotizing brown eyes. All together this girl was a knock out in all senses of the word. Then there is the man that caused it all, Michael. Michael was married to a woman by the name of Amanda, who was currently away in war. He was a tall, about 6’2, had short black hair and crystal blue eyes that you couldn’t help but stare at. To make things even worse he had the perfect body, chiseled chest and a long, about 9in, cock that stretched 2 inches across. Well enough with the shit about the two of them, let’s get into this story shall we?

The large yacht hardly swayed with the waves that led it in all directions. The man by the name of Michael was creeping towards Lizzy’s room, wearing only a pair of baggy boxers. Oh how he looked just like a super model walking down the runway with the perfect body and the clothes that just seemed to make him seem even better. Gently he pushed the wooden door open to find the girl laying comfortably on top of the cotton covers of her bed. “How beautiful,” he whispered under his breath as a smile spread across his peach lips. Then he managed to climb onto the bed, on top of the girl with his knees pinning her legs down and his palms forcing her arms against the bed. The two seemed to struggle for a few minutes, Lizzy slowly coming out of her dazed state to realize what exactly what was going on. “What the fuck?!” She just about screamed at the man she thought was her friend, only to be slapped across the canlı bahis face.

“Darling, lower your voice you’re going to wake everyone up.” He whispered to the terrified girl as she struggled under his weight.

“Get off of me! Why the fuck are you doing this?!” Tears began to well at the rim of her eyes and her voice began to shake, finally realizing that she had no chance against him.

He simply laughed and rolled his eyes, “Really? You’re really asking me that? Oh that’s easy, I want you and I’m going to have you whether you like it or not.” The two of them kept battling with their words for just a few more seconds until Michael was completely sick or it and grabbed the pocket knife off of the dresser. “Shut the fuck up and do as I say!” He growled in her ear, pressing the sharp blade against her fragile throat. The girl was now shaking in fear, making the bed vibrate just slightly. Slowly she nodded and quickly look away from the man that was in the process of raping her. He slipped the tank top that she was wearing off of her figure and pushed it aside, doing the same to both her pants and thong. “Mmmm, god you’re so beautiful.” He moaned as he lowered down and began to suck on her breasts. But no matter how much Lizzy wanted to scream, to take her chances and fight back she was consumed in pleasure. For a girl that was only 17 she had sex only a few times in her life, and it had been awhile until this moment. Just the touch of his hands fondling with her body sent shocks through her, like he was shocking her with a wire. She let out a long, seductive, moan and sank back into the bed.

That got Michael all the more aroused. He bit down on her hard nipple and she jumped up in pain, hitting his body in the process. He let go of her now red nipple and ran his tongue down her body, down her stomach and down to her waist just teasing her. He could tell that she was getting into the moment and was so very close to begging him to fuck her, but he wanted her to plead. He wanted her to get down on her knees and beg to be fucked like the little slut she really bahis siteleri was. Now he was just going to make her wait, kiss at her moistening pussy lips and hardening clit as the girl clawed at the bed. “Please.” Lizzy whispered through just about closed lips, not for him to stop but him to fuck her. No matter how much she wanted to hate him, to find some way to kill him, at the same time she wanted him. When Michael chuckled into her pussy it sent waves of pleasure through her body and she could feel herself preparing to have an orgasm right there, at that very moment. But right when she got close to going over the edge she was forced to wait just a small bit longer as Michael pulled away from her pussy and slipped out of his boxers. He came around the bed and just stood there, his penis standing out proud in front of him and waving in front of the girl’s face. Though she refused to open her mouth. “Open your fucking mouth!” He ordered as he raised his hand and whipped it across her face, then grabbed her throat. When his strong grasp was around her neck Lizzy reluctantly opened her mouth and cringed as he shoved his penis into it. Michael groaned as his penis went into her warm, wet, mouth. At the beginning he just kept a slow pace, going all the way to her throat and then back out to where just the tip of the head was in. Then he picked up a more steady rhythm, but so did the girl’s gags. Each time he was force his penis all the way to the back of her throat she was gag and spit on his penis, saliva dripping down her chin and down his balls.

Then without warning she held her there, his penis all the way in her mouth and the girl turning blue. When he finally released her she was just about to loose consciousness, she gasped and gagged for air as fast as she could like there was a limit about in the area. “Mmm, I know you liked that slut.” Michael groaned and then spit on Lizzy’s perfect face. He grabbed her by the throat and pulled her off of the bed, letting her body fall onto the ground like a rag doll. He laid down behind her and wrapped his arm around her bahis şirketleri stomach, holding her there. “You ready baby?” He asked in a gruesome tone.

“No, please don’t!” All sexual pleasure was now gone and she now just wanted to get away. One part of her was screaming for him to fuck her while the other was crying in humiliation. But her plead didn’t help, instead it turned him on all the more. In that same instant he shoved his huge penis into her and caused her to scream out in pain. He kept a tight grasp on her as he shoved himself in and out of her, going deeper each time as he could feel himself hitting her cervix. Her tight pussy contracted around his penis and made it all the more difficult for him to fuck her even harder, but he still tried. He raised his hand and slapped is across her ass before grabbing her leg and lifting it high into the air, picking up a fast rhythm as he fucked her even harder. “Oh yeah, right there slut?” He snapped as he hugged her to his body. All Lizzy could do was cry and try to hide the sexual satisfaction that she was experiencing. But she could only hide it for a short period of time before she was moaning and forcing herself back to meet his thrusts, making him go deeper into her tight pussy.

“Like that you little slut, huh?” Michael teased as he pushed himself even deeper into her tight body. Then all of a sudden he stopped and pulled out, without warning shoving his penis into her virgin ass instead. The girl was now helpless, consumed by pain as she rocked with his body. Though there was no use hiding the fact that she was enjoying every moment of this. She loved being called names, being fucked like a slut, and even being treated like a piece of property. “Oh god yes! Fuck me!!” Lizzy screamed as she played with her pussy, her soaked pussy. It was her scream that sent Michael over the edge, and not a second later he was shooting load after load of creamy cum into her ass. Both moaned and groaned in both pleasure and exhaustion before collapsing beside each other. He pulled his penis out of her tight ass and then pushed her face to the side, leaning up and pressing a kiss against her lips. After that he pulled on his boxers and left her on the floor, helpless and crying…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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