A Surprising Trip Next Door

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Lucy had been hired to watch Cass and Phill Henter, the couple next door’s twin girls and had been doing a great job for the past few months. She would come over on their date nights and occasionally when they both had to work late. The girls loved her and always talked her up every time she came over. She would even sometimes come over to play when their parents were home. 

This morning was one of those days and she let her parents know that she would be back later and headed next door to visit the twins. She was dressed in a sailor style outfit that she was planning to wear to the local comic convention the following weekend and wanted to show it off to the two young girls. They were huge slice of life anime fans and would get a real kick out of it she thought. 

The outfit was a little small on her, but she had bought it that way on purpose. Lucy wanted to turn all the heads at the event next weekend and with the way the outfit accentuated her chest and hourglass hips she was sure to catch a few of the patron’s eyes. But it was the fact that the skirt was just long enough to cover her ass when she stood and that she would be going sans bra and panties on the day of, were bound to pull all of the stares in her direction.

When she arrived next door, she walked in like she normally did with a slight knock to announce her presence. Living in a gated community the door was only ever locked when family wasn’t home, and they had been insistent that she just come on in, as most of the time they were in the large family room off the back of the house and couldn’t always hear the door. 

As she walked through the foyer to the back of the house, she noticed that most of the lights were off and there wasn’t much noise. With two young girls the house was almost always abuzz. The only noise she could hear was coming in the direction of the family room.

Lucy thought they must be watching an afternoon movie and made her way towards the sound. As she rounded the corner however, she was shocked to find Phill sitting on the couch naked with his rock-hard cock gripped loosely in one hand and a beer in the other. The noise was coming from the large flat screen above the fireplace which had a young girl getting fucked by two men while others looked on. 

She immediately froze in place and let out a short gasp of surprise. This drew Pill’s attention, and he quickly turned his head to inspect the noise.

“Lucy,” he said in a calm voice, not making any moves to cover himself. “What do I owe the pleasure?”

“I… umm…well…the twins?” She managed to stammer out as her eyes danced back and forth between his toned naked body and the girl now taking a cock in all three holes on the TV.

“Ahh, I see. Well Cass took the girls up to see her sister and they won’t be back until later this evening. You’re welcome to hang out till they get back.” He was talking to her so casually, she was having a hard time trying to wrap her head around everything. The confusion must have shown on her face because his face twisted slightly as he asked, “Is everything alright?”

She was taken aback by the question, “Umm… Mr. Henter your umm…” she glanced at the Tv and back to him, as a way to explain. 

Glancing at the TV and himself, Phill seemed to finally understand what was up. He looked back to Lucy and quipped, “Oh yeah, well with the girls away Dad will play I guess.” 

Never once did he take his hand from his cock or move to change the channel. In fact, he seemed to see Lucy closely for the first time as he eyed her sailor suit up and down, casually taking a few strokes as he did.

Lucy finally found her voice, “Well then I guess I will let you get back to it. Sorry to interrupt.” She started to back away, not taking her eyes off him. 

“Are you embarrassed?” He asked.

“You’re not?” She asked in return.

“At what? I’m just sitting here enjoying an old home movie and having a beer or two. I mean yeah I’m naked and stroking myself to the thought of what’s under that short skirt, but there isn’t anything to be embarrassed by now is there?”

Two things hit her with that statement that halted her retreat. The first was that he was actively stroking himself to her in her cosplay outfit, trying to imagine what she looked like underneath. Lucy was no stranger to sex, she was 18 and had had a few boyfriends, but there was something about being told that someone was stroking themselves to you that brought a tingle to her stomach.

In any other instance the first part would have been the primary focus, but oddly enough, outside the warm tingle she felt building, this barely registered to his other statement. That the movie he had been watching was “an old home movie”.

Her eyes drifted back to the screen. The girl was now on her back with a cock in each hand, one sliding visibly down her throat, and two more plowing away at her ass and pussy. She moved back into the room and toward the couch to get a better view. 

The girl looked oddly nurdağı escort familiar, but it was hard to tell with her head leaned back and a cock in her mouth. “I think I know her.” she said quizzically.

“Of course you do,” he stated matter of factly, “that’s Cass on our wedding night.”

Lucy snapped her head back to look at him and gasped, “That’s Mrs. Henter?!”

“Yep, and that’s me with my dick buried in her throat.” He said with a proud grin. 

She looked back to the TV and watched in confused amazement. She slowly sat down on the couch next to Phill fascinated by the scene in front of her. Leaning back, not taking her gaze away she asked, “Who are all the other guys?”

Phill reached his arm over her shoulder, pulled her into him and used the beer bottle to point out the others in the scene. “It’s mostly the Groomsmen. The two she is jacking off are friends from college, the one pounding her ass is my brother, the best man, and the one about to blow his load in her tight little pussy is none other than Cass’s own father, Mike.”

Her head whipped back to him again, “Pappa Mike?!” She had met Cass’s Father a few times and he seemed like such a nice decent guy. 

“Oh yeah! They have been fucking since before I met Cass. They don’t get that many opportunities nowadays, given we live so far away.”

Lucy sat in stunned silence trying to absorb everything she had just heard. She couldn’t believe it, he had to be making it up. Just then a groan came from the TV and the camera pulled up and panned around the group of men. Just as he’d described Phill was standing there, hands on his hips moving his cock in and out of the woman’s throat. She couldn’t see the face of the guy under the woman, but two other men she didn’t recognize were standing there being jacked off while they took turns feeling up the woman’s breasts. Finally, the camera turned to the last man, the one rapidly pounding away at the woman’s pussy, and sure enough it was Cass’s father Pappa Mike.

The warm tingle in Lucy’s stomach was spreading through her body bit by bit as she continued to look on in disbelief. She was absently aware of a hand lightly tracing up and down her thigh, inching its way under her skirt, but she was too engrossed in the scene to properly process it.

“Oh shit! I’m so close!” Papa Mike said through gritted teeth.

At the declaration the woman let go of the two men, pushed Phill from her mouth and raised up on her elbows. Up until this point Lucy had only seen the woman’s body and could only take Phill’s word and her own sense of familiarity for her identity. But as the woman raised her head, spit leaking from her mouth, Lucy knew the woman on screen was exactly who Phill had said she was.

“Oh yes! Fuck me daddy! Cum in your little girl on her wedding night. I need all of your cum.” Cass’s demands rang in Lucy’s mind. She wanted her own father to cum inside of her, while her husband was right there.

A shudder ran through her body and she squeezed her legs together. She could feel her pussy getting wet as well as two fingers trapped against her now dampening panties. Lucy looked to Phill. The hand that had been wrapped around his cock since the moment she walked in, had made its way under her skirt and to her panty covered pussy. She had chosen to wear her bra and panties over to the Henter’s, not wanting to be too inappropriate around her neighbors.

Her mind raced to catch up to what was happening to her but before she could say or do anything Phill pointed back to the screen with his beer and said, “You’re going to miss the best part.”

She looked back to the screen and saw that everyone had resumed their positions, but the movements had quickened. The two groomsmen had taken over from Cass and were working themselves at a blistering pace. Phill was now using Cass’s arms to help drive himself in and out, his cock bulging her throat with every stroke. Papa Mike was slamming into his daughter. While the last man, Phill’s brother, was underneath taking advantage of Phill and Papa Mike’s motions to just ride her ass to completion.

Grunts and moans and wet slapping sounds were the only audio as the furious tangle of flesh moved back and forth. Lucy could feel the fingers moving up and down her increasingly wet slit, and she spread her legs to accommodate the intruder. She could feel one of the other fingers deftly slip under the hem of her panties and gently ease them to the side.

Something soft and wet, a tongue she realized, traced its way from her neck to her ear where a pair of lips closed over her lobe. A slight moan escaped her, and she squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. They shot open again when she felt the fingers dance in circles around her clit before they dove into and out of her pussy.

With the scene on the screen and the attention from Phill she was rapidly approaching the precipice. Just then Papa Mike buried himself to the hilt into Cass’s pussy, and nurdağı escort bayan with a loud groan began to unload inside his own daughter. This caused Cass to tense a shake as her orgasm racked her body setting of a chain reaction with the group.

Within seconds of Papa Mike letting loose, the two groomsmen started blasting their loads all over Cass’s breast and stomach. Phill’s brother lifted his hips and tensed slightly with every spasm as he emptied himself into her ass. And finally, Phill himself shoved his entire cock down Cass’s throat shooting his first few ropes inside before she started to choke, and he pulled out to finish on her face.  

Witnessing her neighbor be utterly used, filled and covered with cum while her husband fingered and kissed her neck, drove Lucy over the edge. Reaching up she grasped Phill’s hair at the same time clamping her other hand to his between her legs and grinding it into her, she screamed. Her orgasm crashed over her like a tidal wave. She rode it, bucking her hips and adding her cries of pleasure to those of Cass on the screen.

After a few moments when her orgasm finally subsided, she slumped back into the couch, legs spread wide and arms at her side. Breathing heavily, she looked to the screen to see Cass wiping spit and cum from her face and into her mouth with a smile, as her father’s seed leaked from her well fucked pussy. She turned to look at Phill who was sitting back looking at her, his hand back around his cock.

“That was…” she trailed off.

Phill slowly leaned forward and placed his now empty beer on the table next to five or six other bottles. The movie had apparently been going on a lot longer than she had been there for. Phill stood and reached out his hand to Lucy. She took it and he pulled her to her feet, wrapping his arm around her waist and bringing his lips to hers.

They stood there, lips locked, tongues dancing for what seemed like forever. Lucy traced her hands up and down his naked body and Phill squeezed her ass from under her skirt. He broke their kiss and she stared wantonly up at him.

Stepping back Phill took her hand in his and led her from the room. Lucy glanced up at the screen one last time and saw it froze on the final image. Cass was holding herself up with one arm, knees up and legs spread. Cum was leaking down her chest and pooling from her pussy and ass. She was looking directly at the camera, winking and blowing a kiss. Lucy couldn’t help but feel a little guilty, but as she rounded the corner and looked back at the firm ass of the man leading her down the hallway, she let those thoughts drift away.

Phill took her to his room at the end of the hall and stood her in front of the bed. He leaned down and kissed her again. Lucy ran her hand up his outer thigh and brought it between them. She wrapped her slender fingers around his cock unable to touch her fingertips due to the girth. She moaned in his mouth.

He let his hand fall to her waist and unclasped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She paused her stroking of him to reach up and start to remove her top, but he stopped her.

“Leave it on. I’ve always wanted to fuck an anime schoolgirl.”

His words cut through the silence bringing fresh guilt and realization to the surface. She was standing in the room of her completely naked, happily married neighbor who she babysat for while his wife was out visiting her sister with his two children and was seconds away from letting him fuck her. Was she a homewrecker, a slut, some kind of twisted monster?

Phill could see the indecision on her face. He put his hands on her shoulders and looked her in the eyes. “Do you think the woman in that video out there, who fucked five men one of which was her own father has any cares if I fuck the babysitter next door?”

The image on the TV of Cass covered in and leaking cum, blowing the camera a kiss came back to her. The image clashed with the one she had in her mind of the suburban housewife and mother. Would such a woman care if her husband slept with someone else? Lust and logic battled it out inside her. With her previous orgasm still fresh and a naked Adonis in front of her lust had the clear advantage.

Lucy shook her head, and Phill pushed her back onto the bed. He ran his hands up her legs and dipped his fingers into the waistband of her panties. She lifted her hips as he drug them away from her freshly shaved pussy, a string of her earlier cum clung to them.

He spread her legs and climbed between them and lined his thick cock up with her wet little hole. He looked her in the eyes and kissed her greedily. She kissed him back and lifted her hips to him, the head slipping between her folds. He pressed forward and sank himself into her slowly.

“Uugghhh…” she moaned as he slowly stretched her inch by inch.

His dick seemed to go on forever and it was so thick it felt as if he were going to rip her apart. The slow dive was driving her escort nurdağı wild. When he finally met her hips the head of his dick was nestled snugly against her cervix.

Phill stopped for a moment to let her acclimate, but only a moment. He drew himself out almost all the way and stopped again. She wrapped her leg around his waist to pull him back and fill the emptiness his retreating dick left. He grinned and sank into her again, this time all at once.

“Shit!!” she cried out as he drove the air from her lungs.

He didn’t stop, pulling almost all the way out again and driving into her. The shock from the first real thrust had subsided and she raised her hips to meet his next.

The pleasure was intense. Lucy had been with a few of her boyfriends, but none had been as big or as skilled as Phill. They would mostly make out for a bit, get handsy, and fuck her till they finished on her stomach or face. Rarely did they last long enough for her to cum, or even really care if she did. It wasn’t like it wasn’t still pleasurable but nothing like what had been or was being done to her in that moment.

Phill was practiced in his motions and showed no signs of wearing out soon. He would thrust hard into her three or four times and then grind his pubic bone into her clit before thrusting into her again. He continued this for a bit before he lifted one of her legs onto his shoulder, wrapped his arms around it and continued thrusting into her.

The new position brought his dick into contact with areas not previously probed by others and a new wave washed over Lucy. She was cumming for the second time that day. Her pussy squeezed around Phills thrusts and she shook violently holding a hand to stop him for a moment.

He pulled out of her and she sighed thinking she had done something wrong, but he just turned her around, so her head was hanging over the edge of the bed. She remembered this from the video and knew what was coming next. He placed his dick at her lips, and she opened her mouth.

As he slid forward, she had to open wider than she expected to fit him. The slightly tangy taste of her cum coating his dick sent shivers through her body. As he reached the back of her throat she gagged slightly, and he pulled back. She took a deep breath and relaxed as best she could as he slid himself back into her. She could feel herself start to gag again but this time he didn’t stop moving forward. She was glad she took a deep breath as he slid his entire dick down her throat and held it there.

She could feel her throat gripping his dick and tried to relax again. He soon pulled out and let her catch her breath. He took a few shallow strokes before she took another deep breath and he slid into her again. She started to get used to it and was able to take him deep longer and longer.

After a few minutes he was fucking her throat like he had Cass in the video. She felt so slutty and proud at the same time. Being able to take him like this was making her wetter than she thought possible.

Eventually he pulled out of her mouth completely and bent down to kiss her Spider-Man style. Their tongues probed at one another.

Breaking it off he turned her around and rolled her over to get her on her knees. He climbed on the bed, positioned himself behind her and slid into her pussy effortlessly.

Lucy could tell that Phill was getting close and that this was not going to be a slow fuck like before and she was right. He grabbed her hips and started fucking her in earnest. He slammed in and out of her the slaps of their hips meeting filled the room.

“Ohhh, Yeahh fuck me good.” she moaned. “Fuck your little anime slut.”

“Fuck!” he grunted pounding away at her.

She was close and she could tell he was too. Her mind went back to the video and an idea popped in her mind. She looked over her shoulder at him pounding away at her pussy.

She locked eyes with him and said, “Fuck me daddy! Cum in your little girl on her wedding night. I need all of your cum.”

That was all he could take, and he drove into her burying his dick and let loose rope after rope of cum into her little pussy. Feeling the jets of cum splash against her cervix she crashed into the biggest orgasm she had ever had. Wave after wave flooded through her as spurt after spurt flowed into her convulsing pussy.

Unable to stay on her knees Lucy fell to the bed and curled herself into a ball to ride out the remainder of her orgasm. When it finally subsided, she looked back to Phill standing there with a phone in hand. It rang and a woman’s voice came on the phone.

“Hey honey, how was your day? You look a little worn out, what have you been up to?” A video call, Lucy thought. Her anxiety and guilt started to build again. She knew what Phill had just said but lying there on Cass’s bed with her husband’s cum leaking out of her freshly fucked pussy, the logic side of her began to peek through and she began to worry.

“Oh yeah well, I settled in this morning to watch our old wedding videos, and well… you know that toy you have been wanting for a while. The one the neighbors have that they don’t use.”

“Shut up! You didn’t!”

A smile played across Phill’s face as he looked at Lucy on the bed. “Oh yeah, and it comes with different outfits too. See?” He reached up and tapped the screen.

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