A Swinging Affair Ch. 06

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Epilogue and all girls together

This chapter is summarising the previous five, which recount four married couples who had carried out multiple partner swaps, but with a some fresh sex thrown in for good measure.


After that first weekend when the four couples did their first swap there was enthusiastic support for repeating the adulterous experiment, and after two more sex-crazed weekends they agreed to spend a weekend at hotels with their own partners, just to remind themselves of how much they had learned from fornicating with their friends’ spouses. The general consensus was that they had all thoroughly enjoyed the experiment and would be happy to repeat it in due course, and, happily, it had consolidated their marriages rather than damaging them.

A week later the men, all of whom were reasonably enthusiastic golfers, had decided to go on an extended golf weekend in Ireland. The ladies, who weren’t going to let their husbands off cheaply, had gone to town together on a shopping expedition followed by an expensive meal and a show. The next day more shopping took place, and in the afternoon they returned to the Averages’ house, where they were sitting around having a cup of tea.

“You know, it’s a bit bizarre the way we are behaving,”said Linda. “we’ve each spent four weekends screwing the arse off our own and each others’ husbands, and we’ve never actually talked about it amongst us ladies. I know we’ve talked with all four couples together, but it’s a bit inhibiting when the men are there.”

“What are you suggesting, should we do a critique on the performance of the men? Because I reckon that could really soon end with us falling out with each other. Actually, it’s a bloody miracle that we’ve come out of this lunatic scheme with our marriages intact, at least, up to now.” said Sue.

“Yes, you’re probably right, though, happily, if the rest of you feel as I do, we’d be all right. As far as I’m concerned, Len’s the best, but if he wasn’t available I’d happily bed down with any of your hubbies. I’ve had four weekends of marvellous shagging and I’m hoping we can do a repeat performance.”

“I’ll second that, with one big proviso.”said Alice and that is that no way can I live with any swapping that I don’t know about. No sneaking off for a quickie without prior agreement.”

“I bet you’d never have thought I’d say this, but I’ve enjoyed sex so much with each of your husbands, who couldn’t have been more considerate to an elderly sex novice, that I’m going to be happy with anything that comes my way with a penis attached.”

This last was from Christine, which brought the conversation to a giggling end.

You know, ladies, I fancy going for a swim. Anybody care to join me?

This was Alice who had spoken. She and Andy lived in a very large house, which they had bought from a bankrupt some years before. It had been very extensively and expensively updated, which is probably why the previous owner went bankrupt, and among the luxury features was an indoor/outdoor swimming pool. This was outside the main house, but was enclosed by glass walls and with an opening roof and was heated by a geothermal heat pump, so was usable all the year round.

“That would be a nice idea, Alice, but I don’t have my costume here.” Said Linda.

“Come on, we don’t need costumes. No one is going to see us and it’s much nicer swimming naked anyway – Andy and I always do if we are on our own.”

After a little hesitation, all four women agreed, and they went out to the pool where they disrobed, and were soon swimming. After a while, one by one they climbed out and wrapped towels around themselves and were soon sitting around the table on which Alice had thoughtfully placed a bottle of wine and four glasses.

“Well, it’s nice to see the competition and see what our husbands have been misbehaving with.” said Alice. “We’re not a bad looking bunch of old trouts are we?”

“Charlie says that if we do the carol singing this year (this referring to the fact that they had toured the local old folk’s homes at the last Christmas, singing carols) that we should call ourselves the Four Nymphos.” said Christine.

“My dear Christine” said Alice “I would say all sorts of things about you. You’re kind, thoughtful, generous, wonderful mother, excellent cook, and not a bad driver, but the one thing I would never call you is a nymphomaniac. What the hell happened? I’ve been dying to ask.”

“Well, it’s a long story – not all that long as stories go, but it covers a long time. Do you really want to know?”

There was a general chorus of “tell us all the gory details”.

“All right. When I was at school I was a very bright girl and near the end of my time at grammar school I was expected to get a scholarship to Oxbridge. However, due to a set of circumstances which are too boring to relate, I got myself into a position where it appeared that I had cheated in my A-level exams. Two boys found out about this and threatened to tell all unless I was prepared to have sex with them both. As an eighteen year old virgin I said that no way was I going to do that, even if it did wreck my chances, so they said Küçükköy escort bayan that they’d let me off the actual intercourse if I stripped off and gave them both a blow job. Actually, I didn’t know what a blow job was, and they had to explain to me. It sounded quite revolting, but at least I would keep my virginity, which was very precious to me. So we agreed a time and place – my bedroom, when my parents were out, obviously – and the deed duly took place.

“I undressed in front of them, and they just dropped their trousers and underpants to free their penises, which I’m happy to say the sight of my naked body had caused to be pretty hard. They made me kneel down and open my mouth and the first one stuck his cock in. I didn’t know what I was doing, but apparently it was effective because in very short order he pulled it out and shot his disgusting spermatic fluid all over my bosom. Then his mate took his place; he was really on a short trigger and he shot his load straight down my throat, or at least most of it went down, the rest just dribbled out of my lips.

“After that, the idea of sex was total anathema to me. I toyed with the idea of going into a convent as a nun, but decided that would be a waste of my academic talents and, as a good churchgoer, talents are not to be wasted. However, I didn’t let a boy near me and it wasn’t till Charlie came along and I fell for him that I even considered having sex. He realised very quickly that I wasn’t interested in the physical side of marriage, but he was daft enough – wonderful enough – to marry me, although I’d made it clear to him that I only wanted sex to start a family and I had no intention of regularly sleeping with him.

“So this was a sexless marriage, we duly mated and produced two children. I’ve been aware for many years that he has got sexual gratification elsewhere, but all the time he was such a wonderful husband in every other way, so I wasn’t going to complain. By the way, I presume that you’ve all had a pretty good idea that he has had a long relationship with his secretary, and I’m grateful to her for that. Anyway, what happened? The thing is, over the years I’d had some small doubts as to whether there was something in this sex business that I was missing out on. Having those penises in my mouth, was that really so bad? And did that gunk that I swallowed taste so horrible?

“And then the fateful night, when the bags of balls were produced for that ridiculous draw. I made a mistake and put in a white ball when I meant to use a black one, but I wasn’t bothered because I knew someone else would blackball it. I was quite horrified when I found out that we were all in agreement with the mass adultery.” (At this point Alice was heard to mutter that she’d only put in a white ball because she was sure that Christine would blackball the whole idea.) “I was about to protest, then I realised this was my chance to find out whether I was really frigid, or just still reacting to my initiation, so I shut up, thinking I could still change my mind anyway, if push came to shove.

“Now, you know me; if I do something I try to do it well, so I started a two week intensive study of porn programs on the Internet to learn what sort of physical activity that I presumed my partners might be expecting. Fortunately, Charlie was away for work at that time, so he didn’t get to see what I was looking at on my laptop. I think I nearly gave Sam a heart attack when we got to the bedroom, but he seemed to get over it pretty well and I have to admit we had enormous fun together – as I did with Len and Andy – but the most fun was with Charlie afterwards. He couldn’t believe his luck. And that’s how I turned from an uptight, frigid body to a sex crazed tart.”

Sue interjected “After Sam came back that first weekend I asked him how it had gone. He looked at me with the grumpiest face and said ‘What do you think? You know Christine’, and then he gave me the biggest, silliest grin you’ve ever seen and refused to say another word. He did mutter later that you’d nearly given him a heart attack at first, what on earth did you do?”

” When we got into the hotel bedroom I undid his trousers and gave him a blow job.”

“You did WHAT!? No wonder he was a bit startled. Being really crude, did you swallow?”

“Yes – if you’re going to do something, do it properly, that’s my motto. And, before you ask, it certainly didn’t taste as bad as I had remembered, though I wouldn’t put it high on my list of gustatory experiences.”

“Just out of idle curiosity, what’s happening with Charlie’s secretary? Does she know about your – what shall I say – conversion?”

“Please keep this strictly amongst ourselves. I’ve known about Charlie’s relationship with Janet since it first started. Her husband had an accident just after they were married, leaving him infertile and impotent. They desperately wanted a family; I knew about the affair, and when I found out their problem I suggested that they did it without protection, and the result was two kids who look a bit like Charlie.”

“That was an amazingly Christian thing to have done.”

“Perhaps. Anyway I’ve talked Escort Mecidiyeköy to Janet since my conversion, as you put it, and told her that she can have as much of Charlie as I leave over, which, I might add, isn’t a lot at the moment.”

“You could always have a threesome.”

“Ooh yes, I’ve seen that on a porn site, could be fun.”

After Christine’s revelations the women were a bit giggly, and Alice’s opening of another bottle of wine was certainly keeping the atmosphere relaxed. After their swim they had all wrapped their towels around them closely, but now they were getting more comfortable being naked and, as it was a very warm evening, the towels were tending to slip. Among the very pleasant bits of body being exposed Sue’s naked pudenda became very apparent, and Linda drew attention to it.

“Sue, darling, excuse me being just a bit personal, but how often do you need to shave off your Lady Garden?”

“Actually, never.”

“Why, does Sam do it for you, or do you get it waxed?”

“Neither: let me explain. When I was young I grew normally and I was just starting to grow boobs and so on, when I became very ill. It seems I had picked up some obscure infection that the doctors never identified, and the end product was that I just stopped growing. I got over the illness, but never grew any taller and my breasts never grew – though they did get a bit bigger when I was feeding the kids – and my body hair just never grew either. If you look very closely there is just a trace of fluff on my pubes and under my arms, but that’s it.”

“I wonder if seeing your naked bits, and doubtless getting closely acquainted with them, explains why Len keeps dropping remarks about whether I’ve ever thought of shaving down there.”

“True, Charlie made some comments as well and he didn’t even really know that I’ve got any hair down there until very recently.” said Christine.

“Hang on a minute, I’ll soon be back.” said Alice, as she got up and went back into the house. She very soon returned, carrying a pack of disposable razors, some shaving cream and a couple of pairs of scissors.

“You’re not suggesting that we shave ourselves, are you?” said Linda. “Because I’m not really sure I want to mess around down there with a blade.”

“All right then, we can shave each other – except nobody needs to shave Sue.”

They all looked a bit doubtful, but after a while Christine volunteered to shave Alice and Sue said she would do the honours for Linda, and the two women lay back on the loungers with their legs spread wide. Christine and Sue took the scissors and trimmed away the long hair, then sprayed shaving cream all over their victims pubis and vulvas.

“For God’s sake be careful with that razor, Sue, Len will never forgive you if you cut off anything interesting.”

“Don’t worry Linda, I’ll be ever so careful. I hate the sight of blood anyway.”

“That’s very reassuring. Oh well, slash away, I’m sure this is a daft idea but it will grow again if I don’t like it.”

“What about if Len doesn’t like it?”

“Tough. He’ll just have to put up with stubble till it re-grows.”

Christine and Sue were both now very carefully removing the hair, firstly from the pubic area and then down the edge of the labia major and the insides of the thighs. While the touch of the razors was not particularly noticeable, the fingers stretching the skin began to have an effect on both of the ladies. Neither of the self appointed barbers had ever touched another woman intimately, and they were unconsciously taking advantage of the opportunity presented to them to slide their fingers over the sensitive parts of the genitalia displayed to them. When Sue’s finger rubbed over Linda’s clitoris, the response was immediate, as Linda squealed.

“Sue, darling, I’d love you to rub me all over when you’ve finished shaving me, but for the moment please try to avoid the interesting bits, or I’ll never keep still and that could be a disaster.”

“Yes, Christine,” said Alice “it’s a bit difficult to stop reacting when your lovely fingers get a bit too close for comfort.”

“Sorry Alice, I’ve never really touched myself down there, so it’s all a bit new to me. Mind you, your husbands between them have certainly taught me a lot about the sensitive places, so I’ll try and keep my fingers a bit further away.”

After that, the two women were very careful about where they touched the vulvas that they were shaving, especially trying to avoid the clitoris (clitorises? clitori? What is the plural of clitoris? How about clits?) of their customers. Even so, to get a good shave they had to stretch the skin around the pleasure zone, which still had an arousing effect. When they had both finished, the two denuded women went and looked at themselves in the big wall mirror.

“Well, what you think? said Alice. “I think it looks rather nice, God knows what Andy will think.”

Linda agreed with her, though she commented that the idea of keeping it shaved was a bit daunting, she thought she might ask Len to do it for her.

It was now the turn of Christine to be shaved, and Alice duly trimmed Merter escort the long hair with the scissors and then sprayed shaving foam. As she started shaving it became obvious to her how prominent Christine’s labia were, the frilly inner lips pushing well out between the outers.

“I love your frilly lips, Christine. They are really pretty, the way they stand out.”

“Do you think so, I hadn’t realised how pussies varied until I saw yours, you are very tidy and hidden away.”

Alice couldn’t resist gently stroking the protuberant labia, but Christine pushed her hand away, telling her to concentrate on the job. She shaved carefully around the inner thigh and over her outer lips, then, pushed her legs wide open so that she could shave right down to around her anus. She finished off by tidying up the bits she had missed earlier, in the process stroking her finger across the clitoral hood, getting a quick reaction from Christine as her clit swelled and began to appear. She couldn’t resist giving the growing presence a gentle squeeze between finger and thumb.

“Oh God Alice, you mustn’t do that. My clitty is so sensitive and goodness knows what will happen if you carry on. The only thing is, I don’t want you to stop really, that’s quite disgusting isn’t it?”

“I don’t want to stop either, but I don’t want to carry on with an audience. I know we’re all girls together, but this is a bit new to me as well as you. Let’s go and find somewhere a little more private, shall we?”

“Oh dear, my sexual education is getting more advanced by the minute. All right, I must say your fingers feel marvellous on me, and I’d like to touch you a bit more as well.”

Alice spoke to Linda and Sue.

“I don’t know what you two want to do, but I’m going to take Christine away to my bedroom. I presume you’re going to stay the night anyway, you know where the guest bedrooms are, you may use one or two, as the fancy takes you. When you want breakfast, you know where everything is so help yourselves. By the way, if you want to take a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses with you, feel free. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, assuming Christine let’s me do what I’m hoping to do. Good night both.”

Alice took Christine by the hand, and led her upstairs to the master bedroom, where she turned to face her and held both of her hands. The two women looked at each other, both now unsure what to do next.

“Christine, darling, I know that your sex education is very limited, but please remember that I never touched a woman sexually before, so really we are both in the same state of nervous ignorance. May I just hold you and kiss you to start with, and see how that feels?”

“Alice, I’m terrified but wildly excited. Just the amount of touching that we’ve done while we’ve been denuding our private parts has got me in a state of pleasant anticipation, so go ahead and do whatever you want. A kiss and a hug to start with sounds like a good idea.”

Alice drew Christine close to her and enfolded her in her arms. The two women felt their breasts touch gently, as their lips met, and involuntarily it seemed, their lower bodies came together and for the first time they each experienced the sensation of holding a soft, yielding torso instead of the normal male presence to which they were accustomed. Their kiss was brief, but when they looked at each other’s eyes and saw the yearning love, they re-connected and this time their lips locked in a firm union, soon followed by the probing of tongues. Their arms were holding each other tightly, hands roaming over each other’s backs and bottoms. At last Alice pushed Christine away.

“That’s a lovely start, let’s get on the bed shall we.”

She turned the bedding back, and then climbed on board quickly followed by her partner. They lay side-by-side, both a little unsure as to how to start.

“You know something? This is silly, all we need to do to each other is what we liked the men doing to us. Tell me, I know it’s all new to you but did any of the men go down on you – you know, have oral sex?”

“Oh Lord yes. Sam was the first man to get his lips anywhere near my sex bits, and when his tongue landed on my clitty I thought I was going to die with pleasure. So you are suggesting we do that to each other?”

“Why not? If the men like it I expect we shall. And now we haven’t got any pubic hair to get in the way. Would you like me to start by kissing you all over?”

“This is scary. It’s like losing my virginity for the second time, but please do, kiss me everywhere, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.”

Alice took the initiative, leaned over Christine and gave her a long, wet, sloppy kiss on the mouth, probing deep into the warm cavity. Then she began to kiss slowly down her neck and onto her chest, planting little kisses across the upper swell of her breasts, while one hand was holding the slightly flattened breast, palpating the firm flesh. Her lips and hands reached the soft nipples at the same time, and fingers and lips soon caused them to stiffen and grow. Then she moved the hand down across Christine’s gently rounded belly until she could cup the naked pubic mound, before her fingers began to probe her outer lips. Her kisses followed the path of her hand and she felt the smooth skin of her Mons as she slid down to the top of the deep cleft. There she traced the clitoral hood and probed under it, bringing the immediate reaction as the flesh swelled and the lovely big clitoris began to protrude.

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