A Taboo Secret

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All characters are over 18.

The petite ballerinas spun around me…and I hated it.

Due to school budget cuts I had to teach weight-lifting, wrestling, boxing and ballet class. Yes BALLET! Being a wrestling coach I was used to sweaty muscular guys instead of pretty girls spinning around in pink leotards.

On the first day of ballet I met Sophia. An eighteen-year-old blonde with a round butt, pert tits with hard nipple bumps… and the cutest camel toe. I found out ballerinas never wear panties…. Suddenly I was totally into ballet.

Even though I had many sexy ballerinas, my boner was especially attracted to Sophia. I loved watching her dance. The blonde ballerina twirled, lifting her slender legs up and down. And with every lift, her cute little camel toe winked at me. Winky-winky.

My poor cock ached with each pussy wink. Damn she was a hottie!

One day Sophia’s mother came by to pick her up and I almost fell over. In walked my high school girlfriend Vivian. “Hi Mack honey.” She rubbed my butt. “You surprised?”

“I’m stunned!”

“My little Sophia loves your class.”

“What? I didn’t know she’s your daughter?”

“Yes Mack, and I thought you only taught wrestling.” Vivian whispered. “Remember how we’d wrestle naked in your backseat… And how you fucked my brains out?”

“Hush Vivian! You can’t talk like that in school.”

“Sorry Mack, you always bring out my naughty urges.” She patted my crotch. “Mack honey are you married?” I shook my head. Vivian laughed. “Me neither, not anymore.” She flashed an evil and left.

After that Sophia was my favorite student. I looked forward to her bright smile, braless tits and cute camel toe. Sophia started asking me questions about her mom and me.

‘How long did you date? Did you see mom naked? Did you and mom do it?’ And the inquisitive girl never stopped asking questions.

Friday dance class ended, and I turned to leave. “Wait sir, I want to show you my new tutu.” Sophia changed quickly and raced out wearing a bright pink tutu. When she spun around, the tutu lifted up. I saw her fuzzy twat spinning around.

“Sophia you’re supposed to wear panties with your tutu.”


“Because I can see your blonde coochie.”

“Oops sorry sir, I was in such a hurry.” She covered her naked pussy and ran back to change. Sophia came back wearing a tube top and a miniskirt. “Mom’s running late. She wants to know if you’d give me a ride home?”


We went to my car. Sophia jumped in and slid over next to me. “Mr. Mack I’m sorry you had to see my naked coochie. Do you want to see it again?”

“No honey, keep your coochie covered.”

“Sir do you think I should shave it? I mean all the other girls shave theirs.”

“I-I really can’t answer that Sophia….”

“Aren’t you the ballet teacher? Aren’t you supposed to answer a student’s questions?”

“Ask your damn mother!”

“Why? Did mom shave hers when you were dating? Does my pussy look like mom’s?”

I stopped the car. “Dammit Sophia I’m not going to talk about pussies. Not yours and not your mother’s!”

“Okay, let’s talk about this.” Sophia giggled and put her hand on my crotch.

“What in the hell are you doing?”

“Sir why does your bulge get real big when I lift my leg real high? Mom said it’s ’cause you have a big cock.”

“Vivian said that?”

“Yep. Mom always talks about your ‘lovely’ cock when she gets drunk.” Sophia looked up. “Sir, I’m curious about cocks. Is it wrong for a young girl to be curious about cocks?”

“No, of course not.”

“Then can I see yours? Can I see the hard thing that mom liked so much? Can I touch it?”

“No dammit!”

“Yes ankara escort dammit!” The brash girl yanked down my zipper as her nibble fingers pulled out my prick. Her touch made it instantly hard. She gripped my erection. “Please Mr. Mack…you can finger me if you want. I’m not wearing panties.”

“Of course you’re not you little nymph. Let’s park those trees.” I drove and Sophia hummed, moving my erection around like a stick shift. When I parked the car, Sophia scooted closer stroking my cock.

I reached under her skirt, rubbing her peach fuzz slit. It felt like the first time I touched Vivian’s pubes. Sophia’s pussy was moist and inviting. She moaned as my finger pushed inside her pink hole until it hit her hymen. That could wait.

Moving under her fleshy hood my finger tickled her love button. “Ohh…sir that tickles…” Sophia squirmed, stroking my prick faster as I teased her clitty into a hard bead. Her little hand worked feverishly on my prick. I had to move her hand away before she made it spew.

“Sophia do you want to feel the same thing your mom felt?” I pointed to my boner.

“Oh yes sir, stick it in me. Stretch my tiny pussy!”

Pulling Sophia close I gave her a tongue-sucking kiss. The blonde kissed back, twirling her tongue against mine as her braless boobs pressed against my chest. I reclined the seat back and striped Sophie as she giggled.

I pulled off the tube top and her B-cup titties jiggled out. Petite versions of Vivian’s tits. And I knew Sophia’s boobs would blossom into a nice pair of knockers. Taking each nipple into my mouth I sucked them until her bullet nips stuck up proud and pink, just like Vivian’s.

When I pulled off the mini skirt, her blonde twat glowed softly in the moonlight. Sophia’s eager fingers unbuckled my belt. She giggled. “You have to get naked too sir. It’s only fair.”

“Yes sweetie-pie.” I lifted my hips, helping her to pull off my pants and boxers, then I tossed my shirt. Now we were both naked, hugging and kissing. I loved feeling her soft teen flesh pressed against mine.

As we kissed, I squeezed Sophia’s tits and fingered her twat, getting it nice and juicy.

Then my stiff cock moved to her tight pussy. Pushing forward I hit her hymen and tore through. Sophia moaned but didn’t cry…Just like when I took Vivian’s cherry. I felt a tinge of pride, deflowering both mother and daughter. Plus the thrill of being inside a teen’s tight pussy.

I started pumping in and out of her silky-tight twat. With each plunge her pussy muscles gripped my shaft. Sophia groaned, squishing her naked tits against my chest. We kissed and she fed me her tongue.

The teen moaned and fucked passionately, and I felt like I was screwing Viviane again. Sophia wrapped her legs around my hips pulling my cock deep inside her cunt…and my prick erupted. Filling her young fuck tunnel with its first load of hot jism.

Sophia hugged me tight, holding my cock in her warm cunt. “Was I tight sir? Did you like it, my pussy?”

“Yes sweetie.” My cock slipped out and Sophia wiped herself with a tissue, staring at the glob of jism.

“Wow…so that’s what your sperm stuff looks like.” She tasted it and gagged.

We lay naked in the moonlight, holding each other. “Sophia don’t tell your mom. I could get locked up for screwing a student.”

Sophia’s face lit up with an evil grin. “Really? If I tell, you go to jail?” I nodded. “Good, now I’m in charge. Fuck me again Mr. Mack. Keep my pussy happy and I won’t tell nobody nothin’.”

After the second fucking I drove the vixen home, realizing I’d stuck my dick in a trap. A gripping tight, pink-tunnel trap.

The next day çankaya escort classes got out at noon. Sophia met in the dance room. “Mr. Mack I have a special treat for you.” She dropped her clothes and performed her dance routine naked. The vixen stretched, turned and leaped with her pussy showing and her tits jiggling.

Then she did my favorite, the leg lift. Sophia’s pink hole opened as her leg lifted straight up and she spun around on her toe.

“Bravo Miss Sophia, that was the best pussy ballet ever. Now I have a special treat for you too.” I pointed to the mat. “Lay back and do the splits.”

Sophia giggled and spread her legs wide. “What’s your special treat?”

“I’m going to eat you!” Sophia squealed when my mouth plunged down, sucking her peach fuzz twat. Then my tongue thrust in deep, tongue-fucking the squirming vixen. I lapped up and down her tasty slit as my teeth nibbled her pussy lips.

“Don’t bite it sir!”

Under her pink hood, I found her swollen clitty and flicked at it, twirling the hard bead around as she shuddered. “Oh, finger me… please!” I fingered her burning hole as she gripped my hair. When I sucked her love button, Sophia screamed in orgasm.

“Oh Gawd!” Her legs trembled as her thighs crushed my head. I kept lapping as her juices flooded out. The ballerina quivered in another orgasm and collapsed. “Ohh…wow sir…that was awesome.”

Now my cock was stiff as steel. “Sophia it’s your turn to suck.”

“Oh sure Mr. Mack.” Sophia ovaled her pink lips and slid her mouth over my prick. I felt her warm tongue swirling around my knob. The eager girl took my cock deeper, engulfing my shaft, bobbing her blonde head as her tits jiggled. Her big eyes looked up at me as she sucked.

“That’s it Sophia. Suck it.”

The blonde giggled and took it deeper, with my cockhead hitting her throat as her tongue tickled my pee slit… Soon my prick exploded, shooting out loads of cum. Sophia gagged and choked down each spurt, with more goo leaking out her lips.

Swallowing the last mouthful Sophia looked up. “Did I suck you good? As good as mom?”

“Yes sweet lips.”

I drove Sophia home. She sat close, rubbing my crotch. “Mom said you used to fuck her in the backseat. Are you going to fuck me in the backseat?”

“Sure honey. Get in back on all fours and I’ll give you a backseat buttfuck. Anal was your mom’s favorite.” Sophia got naked, bit her lip and lifted her butt. It was so cute, watching her whimper and claw the seat as my thick cock reamed out her virgin ass. I fingered Sophia’s twat and the same time, giving it to her from both sides.

“Sophia you make a good fuck toy.”


Two weeks later Vivian called me. Said we had to talk about a BIG SECRET. Shit. The screwing-her-daughter-secret that would put me behind bars. I drove over to her place, shitting bricks.

When I walked in Vivian surprised me with a kiss and a tit-squishing hug. “Mack honey we need to talk about the big secret.”

I blurted out. “I’m sorry Viviane it just happened… like that first time with you.”

Viviane looked up with half a smile. “What ‘Just Happened?'” I couldn’t answer and stood there, blushing like a schoolboy. Viviane grabbed my face, kissing me in an open-mouthed kiss. Then she took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom.

“Mack honey, I have a surprise for you.” She went into the bathroom and came out wearing the same tube top and skirt she wore the first time we had sex. The tube top looked just like Sophia’s that night in the car… how weird.

Vivian kissed me again as we tore off our clothes. I felt my boner pop out and poke her belly button.

Vivian kızılay escort giggled. “Wrong hole boy.” I pushed Vivian back on the bed and sucked her tits. Her boobs were twice as big as before then I stared at her wonderful pussy. The warm pink hole that milked my balls a hundred times.

Then I remembered the taste of her sweet pussy. My mouth was attracted to it like a magnet. I licked up and down her slit, lapping her juices. Then I sucked her clitty. Viviane squealed, “Oh Mack, eat me! Eat me out like you used to.”

She humped her pussy into my mouth with every lick of my tongue. I remembered what she liked and nibbled her aroused clitty. “That…that’s it!!” Viviane’s lithe body shook in orgasm just as before.

“My turn boner boy.” Vivian moved her mouth to my cock, sucking it stiff. Then she pulled away. “I need this hard bone inside me. Bone me Mack!”

“Yes ma’am.” I climbed between her legs and centered my cock over her pussy hole. It remembered her fuck tunnel. I pushed forward as Vivian pushed up, and my prick plunged balls-deep into her pussy. I pumped away feeling the joy of fucking my first love.

Vivian moaned with each fuck stroke, just like her daughter. As I humped in and out, her pussy muscles clenched my shaft. This was a new skill. My cock punched deeper, fucking parts of her pussy I hadn’t fucked in years.

I screwed faster. Vivian wrapped her legs around my hips just like Sophia did, pulling my cock so deep it hit bottom. We climaxed at the same time. Vivian arched up in orgasm as my prick spewed load after load of hot cum deep into her cunt.

We held each other tight and shared a bottle of beer. “Mack why don’t you stay the night.”

“Sure Vivian, roll over. I’ve missed your sweet ass. She giggled and got into position. I spit in her asshole. Vivian moaned as my cock pushed in slowly, stretching her anal ring.

“Oh gawd Mack, my anus still remembers your ass-ripping prick.” Gripping Vivian’s tits I humped her butt faster and harder, then shoved the beer bottle up her cunt. Vivian squealed… “Wow, just like in high school.”

In the morning, I brought her coffee and Vivian gave me a blowjob. She called it Coffee and Cum. Vivian was skilled at cock sucking.

Over breakfast, Vivian whispered. “Mack, we never talked about the big secret.”

I could hold back. “Okay Vivian the secret is… I had sex with your daughter!”

Vivian grinned. “That’s not a secret. Everyone knows you’re screwing Sophia. Or she’s screwing you. My daughter has a very determined twat.”

I stood there speechless.

“Mack, remember that night at the drive-in when we had sex for last time. Remember you ran out of rubbers, and we screwed anyway…Well that’s when it happened… nine months later I had a baby girl.”


“Because my mother hated you and made me keep my pregnancy a secret.” Vivian winked. “Our baby girl is eighteen now and goes to your school…a pretty blonde ballerina.”


“Yes Mack, you’ve been screwing your own daughter. Congratulations you Pervert Papa.”

“Vivian I’m so embarrassed I want to hide under a frikin’ rock.”

“Nonsense. You have a close relationship with your daughter. A VERY CLOSE relationship.” Vivian smiled. “And you’ve relit that flaming fire in my pussy, so I’ll need frequent screwings.”

“Does Sophia know I’m her father?”

“Nope. Why don’t you tell her dickhead?”

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” Now my dick was caught in three traps. Fucking a student. Fucking my own daughter. Plus an ex-girlfriend expected regular sex.

But I could never figure out how to tell Sophie her fucker was also her father.

I thought about packing up my cock and moving to Canada… But instead I kept Vivian’s pussy humped and happy. And I continued to screw my sweet daughter Sophia, fucking every hole until she left for college.

It was the least a Pervert Papa could do.

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