A Tale of Two Paramours Ch. 34

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After Jessika left my house late Saturday morning, I distracted myself with work for a couple of hours. But my thirty-one-year-old brunette lover’s final words to me kept intruding into my thoughts. She had told me that she would not make any promises to keep going with our relationship, regardless of how we classified it, if I did not make a choice between her and my other lover, the twenty-year-old Jessi. So, I texted Jessi and asked to meet that night, assuring her that I just wanted to talk.

“Sure. After 7.” Was her only response. I thought about trying to draw her out, but I decided against it. What we had to talk about would have to wait until I saw her.

A few minutes after 7:00 pm—I had waited in the parking lot to make sure I was not too early—I knocked on Jessi’s door, my palms sweaty despite the icy temperatures that accompanied a cold front that had pushed over the mountains that afternoon. As I waited for her to answer, a part of me hoped she had actually found someone else on St. Patrick’s Day and that I would not have to make the decision to end my relationship with the young blonde. Another part of me was already mourning the relationship with her and had been since Jessika had made it clear that she would never let our relationship advance beyond friends-with-benefits if my ‘situation’ with Jessi, as she called it, continued. A third part of me wanted to push forward and give up neither of my paramours, but that part was increasingly losing influence. Interestingly, no aspect of my mind seemed to support the idea that I should forgo Jessika for Jessi. I simply no longer believed that was a valid option.

My self-reflection came to an abrupt halt when Jessi opened the door. Despite her hair pulled back into a ponytail, and despite the absence of makeup on her thin, elfin face, she looked beautiful, and I told her so.

“You don’t have to lie, Mark,” the young blonde shrugged, eyes meeting mine for a heartbeat before dropping.

“I’m not lying,” I said, walking into her small studio apartment and noting that it was neat, which was a good sign. Jessi was only messy when there was some emotional turmoil in her life. “You always look beautiful.”

“Even in this?” she asked, twirling to show off her outfit, which consisted of black yoga pants and an oversized gray sweatshirt. “Wouldn’t you prefer me naked and on my knees… or maybe you wouldn’t anymore. That’s why you’re here, right? To break it off?”

“I am here because we need to talk. I am not sure what is going to happen between us, so I do not think we should leap to any given conclusion.”

I was barely able to keep from cringing at my own words, as they did not really speak to my purpose in visiting. But I had no intention of just ripping the bandage off and leaving a devastated, if not damaged, Jessi in my wake. I was hoping that through frank conversation, I could lead her to understanding that ending our relationship was for the best. The trouble for me was that I had not yet led myself to that conclusion, not fully anyway.

“Did she tell you it was her or me? I’d like to think that wouldn’t work, since it didn’t work when I tried it, but I think I know better.”

“This is not about Jessika,” I said, trying my best to keep my voice steady and my tone neutral. “It is about us. We don’t seem to be working right now.”

“How would you know? You’ve been spending all your time with that big-titted cow.”

“Jessi, let’s not…”

“No, let’s. Let’s just get rid of all the shitty pretext and civility and say what we really think. I’ll go first. I love you. I didn’t think I would ever love anyone, let alone love someone like I love you. But I’m not what you want, not really. And it’s not about my boob size, although it’s easier for me to pretend it is than to accept it’s me, who I really am, that you don’t want. You want the girl you fell in love with, the girl who doesn’t think of herself as a slut, the girl you took a picture of reading on the couch, the girl who doesn’t fucking exist except in your expectations. I’m lots of things, but I ain’t that girl. She’s a lie you tell yourself because it’s easier for you to keep fucking me, which you so clearly want to do, if you believe that girl is real somewhere deep inside me where you can find her and pull her out. But it’s just a fucking lie, and you know it. So, how do I compete when you don’t have to lie to yourself about who your other slut really is in order to keep fucking her?”

“I do not think you are being fair to me, Jessi,” I told her after a brief pause. “My feelings for you are, well… I love you, both who you are and who you can be.”

“Please stop lying, Mark. You love who you think I can be. You lust after who I am. That’s why you haven’t been around. You’re afraid if we’re together you’ll end up following your dick, not your head.”

“I have not been around because you were upset with me…”

“Why wouldn’t I be upset! I brought that slutty waitress into our relationship to one-up Big Tits, but you still ran back to Escort Bayan her. Do you know how much that fucking hurt? I thought we had reached a better place after you didn’t fuck the slut when I told you you could. I thought you were really thinking about my feelings. I almost believed that I could be enough for you. Then not two days later, you’re out fucking the cow.”

“And you said you would hook up with someone else. You do not think that hurt me?”

“You were already fucking someone else! And you did the same thing last night! What the fuck do you care if I fuck other guys? Which I’m not, by the way. Sheri was the only person I’ve been with, other than you, after I fucked Amara’s boyfriends. And being with her was for you, so she would agree to give you the two girl BJ without getting anything more. Of course, that went different than I thought, but I was okay with it.”

“I did not ask you to do that!” I shot back, no longer able to contain my annoyance. “I would have been happy with just you.”

“Fucking liar! You aren’t happy with just me! You keep fucking her! If you were happy with just me, you’d dump her fat ass, not mine.”

“Jessika and I started first…”

“I don’t give a shit! You said it yourself—she was just a fuck buddy. But you fell in love with her, and now I’m screwed.”

“Jessi, let’s calm down and talk…”

“I don’t want to calm down! And I don’t want to talk. All I want is to fuck you one last time before you get the fuck out of my life.”

“Uh… what?” I asked, the sudden turn to the conversation throwing me off.

“I want a last fuck, then you can go marry your fat cow or whatever you want to do.”

“I do not want to marry anyone,” I sighed, running my hands through my hair as I tried to come to terms with Jessi’s words as well as her inadvertent reminder of thoughts I had entertained before about what it would be like to be with Jessika on an exclusive—and permanent—basis. And as I did so, I wondered how true my own words really were.

“Okay, shack up with. Whatever. You want her. Well, fuck me and then go get her.”

“Jessica, if you keep acting…”

“Don’t give me that fucking ‘Jessica’ bull shit, Mark! I’ve told you before I know what you’re doing when you do that. You’re trying to fucking placate me. I don’t want to be placated. I don’t need to be placated. I need a hard, rough goodbye fuck and then you to go the fuck away.”

“I think I should just do the latter.”

“Like you’re going to walk out of here without screwing me one last fucking time, and I don’t mean just sex.”

“You are being a little bitch, Jessi,” I snapped, and while I wanted to regret my word choice, I found that I did not. And that bothered me.

“Yes, I am,” the blonde shrugged, giving me one of those characteristic overlong stares of hers. “What are you going to do about it?”


“Oh, I doubt that,” the young blonde said, her face breaking into the first smile I had seen since I walked in the door. It was not a mirthful smile. “I know you better than that, Mr. Warner.”

Before I could respond, she pulled her gray sweatshirt over her head, revealing her modest but perfectly shaped breasts. I gaped at her obviously hard nipples, set in the exact center of those small, rose-colored areolas, and felt myself hardening. A knowing look appeared in the blonde’s blue eyes, then she turned and peeled her yoga pants down her legs. She was not wearing any panties.

“Want to fuck that ass, Mr. Warner,” Jessi purred, looking back over he shoulder. “Guess you won’t get the chance now.”

“Jessi, stop this.”

“Why?” my twenty-year-old lover asked as she stepped out of her pants. “You saying you don’t want to fuck me?”

“We should not…”

“…but we will. You always give in to fucking me.”

I opened my mouth, but my words caught in my throat when Jessi tossed her black yoga pants to me.

“You know the drill, Mr. Warner. Check the crotch and tell me what you find.”

Not needing to check—I was sure I would find that her discarded pants were wet—I tossed them aside while watching the young blonde drop to all fours and wiggle her small but nicely rounded derriere at me.

“Come on, Mr. Warner. Fuck your little slut one last time. Make her come all over your hard cock before you break her heart.”

I knew what she was doing. I knew why she had reverted to ‘Mr. Warner’, and it was not her being playful, as had been the case sometimes in the past, and was always the case when Jessika did it. She was pushing me into taking the dominant role she wanted so much for me to take. Now I had to decide whether I was going to allow her to lead me where I did not want to go, as she had done so often before. The next few seconds seemed to expand into minutes as I attempted to make the right decision. I failed. A low groan voiced both my frustration and my arousal as I yanked off my shirt then kicked off my shoes.

“Don’t forget the socks, Mr. Warner,” Jessi said, although Escort I was not sure how she knew what I was doing since she was facing away from me.

Shaking my head, I peeled off both socks, then shed my pants and underwear. I did not think about Jessika. I did not think about why I had come to Jessi’s place. I did not think about the ramifications of what I was about to do. All I thought about was sliding inside of Jessi’s tight, wet sex. Kneeling behind her, I smacked my young lover’s bottom several times, each swat evoking a moan from the slender blonde.

“You like that, slut?” I growled, ashamed at my inability to control myself.

“God yes, Mr. Warner. Stick your fingers in my cunt and see.”

I did as Jessi suggested, two fingers sliding into her with ease. She was as ready as I could ever remember her being. I figured part of her heightened arousal was because she was angry, but I did not think that was the whole truth. Enticing me to treat her this way was likely as much, if not more, of a turn on than her anger.

“Oh, the feels so good. But your cock would feel better. Don’t make your little cunt wait for you to fuck her pussy, Mr. Warner.”

“Cut out the ‘Mr. Warner’ shit, Jessi,” I told her, continuing to pump my fingers in and out of her snug vagina.

“Sure, Mark,” she moaned. “Just fuck me now. Please.”

I was too far gone to even hesitate, much less stop myself. Pulling my slick fingers free, I positioned the head of my penis between her labia and buried my shaft inside of her with a single hard thrust. The force of it moved Jessi forward before she let her arms relax and dropped her face and chest to the floor.

“Fuck yes!” she blurted out as I began to pound into her. “Fuck me hard, Mark.”

I did not respond other than to tighten my grip on her hips. In that moment, all I wanted to do was to keep going until we both climaxed.

“God yes! Split my tight little pussy with your thick cock. Make your little slut take it all. Make her cream all over you. Make her…”

“Shut up, Jessi,” I snarled, giving her bottom a few more smacks.

“Yes, Mark,” she breathed, and for the next few minutes, neither of us spoke. The only sounds were our combined moans and the sound of our flesh slamming together.

“FFFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK!!” the blonde shrieked as her body went rigid and her vagina clamped around me.

I did not want to feel her orgasm, so I pulled out and stood up. Jessi whimpered but did not move until I leaned over, grabbed a fist full of soft, blonde hair, and yanked her to a kneeling position.

“What are you…” she started to ask, but I pushed my still rigid member against her open lips. A wicked grin crossed her elfin face, then she swallowed my length down to the base, her tongue moving against my shaft as she went.

“Suck hard and fast,” I told her, our eyes locked together.

My young paramour did exactly what I asked, taking me down her throat over and over as fast as she could, her tongue never still. Within maybe a minute, I was shooting into her mouth as she swallowed every drop. For her part, Jessi looked up at me as she downed my semen, her eyes sparkling.

“That didn’t feel like a goodbye fuck,” Jessi said after she had sucked me dry. “That felt like an ‘I’m claiming you as my slut’ fuck.”

“Get up,” I said, pulling on her hair. I was in no mood to argue or play games.

“Why,” she asked while climbing to her feet.

“Just shut the fuck up, Jessi,” I sighed. “Then get on the bed on your back and spread your legs.”

“You going to fuck me again?” she asked, hope and desire infusing her words.

“No. I am going to lick you. Then I will fuck you again.”

“Can’t argue with that,” Jessi grinned as she did as I instructed. “I love it when you lick me. And when you fuck me, of course.”

“I told you to shut up.”

The young woman bit her lip and said nothing more while I crawled onto the bed and between her legs. At first, I licked between her labia, enjoying the way she squirmed as I did so. After several seconds of that, I curled my tongue and shoved it as deep inside her as I could. Little moans and more vigorous squirming showed me she was enjoying the attention. But I had other plans.

Sliding my tongue up to her clitoris, I flicked the tip against her most sensitive spot, causing her to buck her pelvis up at me even as her moans increased in volume and frequency. And I kept up my direct assault until her body stiffened and her hands grasped my hair hard enough to hurt.

“Fuck, that was…”

“What did I tell you?” I growled at her while crawling forward so I could lick and suck her hard little nipples.

“To shut up.”

“So, shut up.”

Again, Jessi bit her bottom lip, eyes watching me as I nibbled on her breasts. But when I slid my hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit, her eyelids clamped shut and she let out a long groan. And while I fingered her, I moved my mouth back and forth between her Bayan Escort breasts, biting and pulling at her nipples with my teeth. In what seemed like no time, her slender—and now perspiration covered—body tensed.

“Are you coming again?”

Jessi opened her eyes and nodded, but she did not speak. I gave her a grin, then moved further up her body so I could kiss her. And while our lips were locked and our tongues were battling, I positioned myself and slid into her sopping warmth.

The young blonde arched her back while her eyes glazed over and her lips trembled beneath mine. It took me a moment to realize she was climaxing again. I obviously had Jessi extremely worked up, and I had no desire to let up on her. Still kissing her, I pumped in and out of her, enjoying the whimpers that escaped her lips as I set a steady yet driving pace.

“You can speak now,” I told her, pushing myself up so I was braced on my arms above my young lover.

“Fuck, Mark,” she moaned, one hand tracing my face. “I came just from you putting it in.”

“Horny little slut,” I teased, happy to see amusement in her eyes at my words.

“Oh yes,” she breathed. “I am. Now pound me until I come again.”

A few minutes later, Jessi’s eyes rolled up and her body went rigid beneath me. But it was her vagina clamping around me that finished me off. Pushing as far inside her as I could, I exploded into my own climax.


Jessi and I must have dozed off because I woke next to her needing to urinate. Careful not to wake her, I got out of bed and made my way to her small bathroom.

Inside, I saw several items laid out on the counter. The first was a thin, purple rod that had bulbous protrusions down its length, save for the bottom part, which looked to be a handle. Next to the rod was a tube of lubricant, a pair of fur-lined handcuffs, and a ball gag.

I stared at it all for a moment, then did what I had come in the bathroom to do. After washing my hands, I gathered up the items on the counter and went back to the studio apartment’s main room. Jessi was sitting upright on the bed and staring at me with one of her characteristic Jessi stares.

“What is all this?” I asked her, dropping everything on the bed.

“Stuff I thought we could use,” she answered, shrugging.

“When did you get it out?”

“While you were sleeping,” the blonde admitted, looking down at her hands, which were in her lap.

“So, you did you mean for me to get up and find them?”

“Not right now, necessarily. I thought you would find them whenever you did get up.”

“I see. And what were we supposed to do with all this?”

“Well, you were supposed to cuff my hands behind my back, gag me, put lube all over the probe thingie, and shove it up my ass. Then after I got used to it, you were supposed to use some more lube and fuck my ass.”

“Quite a plan,” I said, shaking my head.

“I thought so.”

“And if I had not immediately caught on to what you wanted?”

“Oh, I knew you would ask me what the stuff was and why I had it, and I would explain everything.”

“In other words, what we are doing right now.”

“Yep. Exactly.”

“So, you want me to fuck your ass, but you want me to get you ready for it first?”

“No, you want to fuck my ass. I just know I will need to be restrained for you to do it, as well as, um, loosened up first. Also, I know if you don’t gag me, I’ll be able to talk you out of it. And I don’t want to do that.”

“So, you do not want this?”

“Um, no, I am not saying that. I’m saying I need your help to get ready and to go through with it. You did not want to force me on your own, so I thought maybe you would do it if I set it up first.”

“If you did not think I want to do this, would you?”

“Fuck no. It hurts. But I’m willing to do it for you.”

“Then we won’t do it,” I sighed, shaking my head.

“Of course we won’t, even though I am telling you I’m willing to do it for you,” Jessi grumbled, rolling her eyes. “This is the whole problem with our relationship. You won’t accept me for what I am, even when you don’t want to give up using me as what I am, but only on your terms.”

“No, the problem is that you want me to make you do stuff that you think I want. But I do not want to make you do anything you do not want to do.”

“Maybe I want to do it but I just need the push.”

“So, you are saying you are scared to do it, not unwilling?”

“Yeah, I’m scared. It’s hurt so much in the past that I can’t move beyond that. I need you to get me past my own inhibitions so you can do what you want. So yeah, I guess I’m kinda willing.”

“We should not do this, or anything else for that matter,” I said, forcing myself to focus on my original mission, hopeful that doing so would allow me to escape the escalating situation with the young blonde. “This evening was not supposed to go this way.”

“Did you enjoy what we just did?”

“Of course,” I admitted, realizing everything was about to blow up in my face anyway despite my efforts.

“So did I. And we both know that was not a ‘goodbye’ fuck. Now, let’s forget all about everything else so you can make me take it up the ass.”

“You never intended it to be a ‘goodbye fuck’, did you?”

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