A Thank You Story

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I come home from work and find you here already, but finishing up some bits on the computer. I sneak up behind you and wrap my arms around you from behind as I kiss your neck in greeting.

“Hello, my beautiful love. How was your day?”

“Hey there. Same ol’, same ol’ baby. C’mere and kiss me better”

I walk around the chair, an idea forming in my head, and sit in your lap. I can feel the tension in your body as I gently but firmly stroke your shoulders and neck as I kiss you slowly.

“Hmmmm. I love your greetings.”

You tell me between languished, lazy kisses. “From the feel of those knots you’re in need of some serious TLC my sweet one. Let me see what I can come up with to take away some of that stress.”

With a teasing twinkle in my eyes and a smile, I lead you to the bedroom by my hand and slowly undress you. I take the time to kiss, caress, lick and nibble your face, neck and chest, playfully slapping you away as you seek to respond in kind.

“Oh, no lover. This is YOUR time. Relax and enjoy”

You roll your eyes at me and make mock groaning sounds as I guide you to the bed and gesture for you to lie on your front. But you allow me to lead you, just this once.

I take some baby oil from my bedside cabinet and pour it liberally into my hands, allowing it to drip onto your back, before trickling more down the length of your spine as I straddle you, sitting on the tops of your thighs. You giggle a little as it tickles you, but not for long. I put the oil within easy reach and place my hands on your shoulders either side of your neck and begin to rub the oil into your skin, working my way down your back and making sure no spot is neglected. Once finished I start to massage you in earnest, gently but firmly working out the knots of tension in your muscles. Using the tips of my fingers and my palms to knead your skin tenderly I work my way over you and go back a second time to make sure I haven’t missed anywhere.

Once done, my fingers take on a more sensual touch, stroking you lightly and tickling your sides a little.

“Hey! No fair!”

You jump and half turn yourself to try and grasp my hands and stop me, but I swiftly move them out of your reach and kiss you back to quiescence. Refreshing my hands with more oil, I turn myself around so I can work on your legs, paying them the same attention and care as I did your back. Feeling playful again I run one fingernail down the sole of each of your feet simultaneously eliciting more complaints but laugh them off giggling as I quickly move out of your reach.

“Feeling’ better now baby?” I ask to distract you for a moment.

“You know it girl!”

You answer as you make another unsuccessful grab for me.

“Good! Cos I ain’t done wit’ you just yet.” I grin at you over my shoulder and twist myself off you so I’m again facing your head.

“Turn over hunnybun. I’m sure there’s more of you needs de-stressing”

We laugh together as you turn and you pull me up close to you and kiss me before asking which ‘more’ of you I have in mind.

“Oh, just your ears dear” I answer in mock innocence that doesn’t fool you for a moment. To prove my point I wiggle them a little and giggle little. As we continue poker oyna to kiss I run my hands down your throat to your body, stroking your chest and arms with my fingers and running my nails across your sensitised skin lightly. I keep our kisses slow and lazy, not wanting you to get too turned on just yet. As my hands run freely over your body, alternately stroking and massaging you, I become increasingly aware of your arousal.

I break off our kisses by moving my mouth along your jaw line, tracing its’ edge with small nibbles and light touches with the tip of my tongue. I continue to your neck and run the tip of my tongue down from your ear to the hollow of your throat a few times where I again nibble you and gently suck you. Your soft purring telling me you’re enjoying having me ‘tend’ to you in this way. Ensuring I keep my tongue well lubricated I move down and over your body playing with your nipples and taking my own sweet time to let my tongue and fingers explore you thoroughly.

I spend time tickling your belly button; drawing it out as much as I can despite my acute awareness of the effect I’m having on you. I want to satisfy your desire, but not just yet. I want to make this last and have you enjoy every excruciating second of my attentions to you. To that end I trace a line from your belly button first to one hip and then to the other, being certain to catch that sensitive little spot both times. As I complete my circuit of your abdomen I lower myself past your cock, allowing my hair to flow over your now rock hard dick, to the inside of your thighs alternating between them with light fluttering touches of my fingertips, soft breaths, and tender licks of my tongue tip. You groan in partial frustration and try to pull my head back up just a little way to your eager dick, but I catch your hands and expertly move out of the way.

“Patience, my darling. All ‘good’ things cum to those who wait”

“Woman, you’re evil. Pure evil. You know that?” You complain mockingly.

“Yes, of course. That’s why you love me so much” I breathe into the back of your knee.

“Damn!” You curse again.

I don’t intend to let up on you at all until I’m good and ready and I carry on down your legs despite your half-hearted protests. I’m really enjoying teasing you, but even more I’m pleased by knowing you’re enjoying what I’m doing to you. As I reach your feet I kiss first one and then the other all over. No tickling this time, just tenderness and care. Once I’m finished I retrace my steps up your legs just as attentively as I was on the way down. I don’t know how you’re managing to lie there and not take control of the situation and know that if it were me on the receiving end I’d be close to insane with pleasure and longing right now.

Just to give you a little taste of what’s in store for you, I take a firm nibble of your balls and run my tongue up your shaft as I reach the tops of your legs and look up at you grinning as you gasp. I quickly jump up and am out of your grasp before you can react.

“Hold that thought and don’t move. I’ll be right back”

“Argh!!!! What are you trying to do to me girl?!!”

You make a try for me and flop back down on the bed in frustration as I bounce canlı poker oyna out of the room. I return a few minutes later a cup of tea in one hand and hiding something from view in the other, having taken the opportunity to take off my dress, leaving me only in my lingerie.

“TEA?!!! How can you drink tea at a time like this?!!”

You’re exasperation hasn’t ebbed any since I left you and you’re practically champing at the bit now.

“I’m thirsty.” I shrug and smile secretively as I sit down next to you and take a long sip of my tea; excited by the plans I have for you. I stand again, stretching slowly and giving you a full view of my scantily clad body. I then start to sway slowly, moving to the end of the bed so you can see all of me and run my hands over my body, touching myself in all the places I know you’re dying to. Slowly, slowly I remove my bra, firstly one shoulder strap and then the other before reaching around to unclasp it. Pushing my breasts out and upwards as I do and then letting it fall to the floor. I keep dancing and watching you, moving my hands to the top of my left leg and unhooking the front clasp holding up my stocking, then reaching around behind me to undo the back clasp before rolling the stocking down my leg as I lift it for your viewing pleasure. Your breathing is shallow and I see you reach for your dick instinctively.

“Oh no baby, that’s MY job and I’ll get to it when I’m good and ready, don’t you DARE touch!”

I look at you mock sternly as I flip the stocking at your hand to flick it away.

“Sheesh woman you’re driving me crazy! Do you have ANY idea how much I want you?!” You pout back at me.

“Oh yes, I know” I reply archly, my own juices soaking my thong to remind me of my own needs. Not speeding up at all, despite my excitement and your pleas I remove the other stocking with equal finesse to the first, my body still swaying to a tune that’s only playing inside my mind. I unhook my garter belt and drop it casually on the floor. Left dancing in only my panties, I again caress my body, running my fingers over my hard nipples and offering up my breasts for your inspection. Sliding my hands lower to my panties, I hook one finger of each hand into the waistband and start to pull them down. First one side and then the other, little bit by little bit, gradually revealing my trim red hair for you to feast your eyes upon. Bending forward as I lower them I suck on your toes seductively, treating them as I would your lovely hard cock, your moans and writhing movements encouraging me to further my pursuit of your pleasure.

Never taking my eyes off you and eagerly anticipating the moment I allow myself to lick the now freely flowing pre cum off your bulbous head. As my panties finally drop to the floor I saunter back around the bed and take a long sip of my tea. As I swallow I move over you cat like.

“Now where was I? Oh yes, I remember” I allow my voice to trail off as my mouth nears your dick.

“Baby, this better be good, whatever it is”

“Mebbe” I reply archly just as I run a finger down your shaft, smiling as it reacts to my touch. I take another sip of tea as I spread your legs enough to place myself between them, only partially swallowing internet casino the tea and manoeuvring your head to join the tea in my mouth, swirling the warm liquid around you and then swallowing, keeping my lips firmly closed around you. You react instantly, arching your hips upwards and clenching your hands into the bed covers as you moan loudly. I then begin to please you in earnest, nibbling your shaft up one side and down the other with firm movements as my hands caress your inner thighs and balls. I complete my caresses with slow licks up the back of your hard and beautiful dick. Once my mouth has cooled a little I take another sip and repeat the process of taking your head into my mouth and allowing the liquid to softly excite you.

This time I reach down for what I had previously hidden and take a sip of iced water and an ice cube. I then repeat myself again, this time allowing the ice cube to play with your head as it rolls over my tongue. I can feel you throbbing and your cries of ecstasy only make me more determined to draw this out as long as possible. When the ice has almost melted I slide my mouth down slowly, keeping my tongue in contact with you all the way. When I’m sure I have all of you in my mouth, I swallow slowly a few times before coming back up again to lick your head and glans.

I love giving you head at least as much as you enjoy receiving it and the covers are now soaking with my own excitement and cravings. I want to have you return my ministrations so much, but am resolved in my aim to thank you for all the pleasure you give to me. I can feel that you’re close to cumming and release my hold long enough to squeeze the base of your dick long enough to hold off your ejaculation for just a little bit longer. When you cum I want it to be in droves and for you to have the sweetest orgasms. It would be bliss to have your hands and mouth on me, but I resist your attempts to turn me towards you with difficulty.

My own desire is welling up inside of me and I’m finding it hard to stay in control of myself as I again flatter you with my attentions. Unable to restrain myself, I take you back into my mouth but don’t close it over you. I want you to feel every panting breath I make, as I taste your salty, musky pre-cum. As your hands find my head I give in, allowing my passion to take over. I suck you down deep and begin to bob up and down on you, increasing my pace with every stroke. I lean forward a little now and let my rock hard nipples bump and bounce over your thighs. You begin to buck and I press a hand firmly down on you to stop you from gagging me as I eagerly and greedily suck on you with abandon. I can feel your throbbing intensify and prepare myself for what I know is about to hit me. As I feel your ejaculation rising from your balls I plunge my head down, swallowing you completely and hungrily drink you as your semen forcefully shoots down the back of my throat. You’re so hot and salty and I love it. You scream out as you orgasm and thrust yourself upwards as far as you can every muscle in your body tensing for those few moments of ecstasy before collapsing back onto the bed in a sweat ridden heap. As you come down I oh so tenderly lick and clean you, not once having stopped stroking you and loving you with my breasts and my hands. Finished and tingling all over I look up at you smiling and swallow again slowly as I crawl up your body to kiss you adoringly.

“Feel better now sweetness?” I ask as I snuggle down in the crook of your arm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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