A Timeless Place Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: This story and all of the characters and situations are fictional. It contains gay male erotic material. If this is not your forte, please close this page and find something more suiting to your desires.

Again, I am pleased to bring my readers another chapter in this continuing saga. And I appeal to you, reminding you that every author on this site is driven by your votes and comments. I am not different. So, please remember to vote and comment at the end of the chapter. Thank you so very much.

They entered the spacious room. Jonathan was in Tony’s arms. Tucked securely to his side the youth had his head resting on his shoulder, his arms latched around the man’s trim waist. He was led directly to the far bed where they both kicked off their shoes stretching out together. Greg felt the need to join them comin up behind Jonathan’s body.

Bruce and Peter glanced at each other having the same thought at the same time.

“C’me on…” Bruce motioned his head to the door with a grin.

They made their way down the hall of doors that lined both sides of the motel. Coming to the elevator, they stepped in as the doors opened and to the back of it standing there silently for a moment. The doors closed. Bruce stepped forward touching the ground floor button.

“It’s nice to just hear some quiet for a change,” he commented as he moved back to the rear wall beside Peter.

“Yes, I had hoped we could spend some time alone,” the man informed him in an almost whisper.

Bruce now eyed him curiously. “Did you want to–“

“No, Bruce.” Peter lifted a hand halting his query instantly. His full lips turned up into a rich smile. A slow shake of his head produced itself. “I am not ready to display my…affections, so openly,” he explained.

Bruce chuckled. “Sorry, man. We’ve gotten so used to it; it’s just how we live.”

“I understand. And I’m pleased that you do. In fairness, I’m not ready for it just yet.” Peter moved closer to Bruce but did nothing more.

“I don’t think you’re even sure you want this, Peter.” the man looked to him tempted to drape an arm about his shoulders. But he didn’t, not wanted to frighten him.

“Correct again, Bruce. I’m not. But I do know I care deeply for you.” he volunteered right away.

“One step at a time, Peter. If you rush, you might be sorry.” he warned.

The man nodded moving back to the spot he had originally been standing as the doors opened again. Bruce looked at him grinning. He understood Peter’s reservations and would never try to pressure him in any way. But his body was thrumming with heat and titillation of desire for the man.

Quickly, he suppressed his longing and need as they stepped out of the elevator and around the corner. Once again, Peter stopped admiring the huge fountain in the center of the lobby. Then, he followed Bruce out the back door into the courtyard that was filled with shapely hedges, paths and flowerbeds.

They meandered along the paths for a long while talking to each other. Then the subject turned to Jonathan.

“I don’t understand Jonathan’s reaction to me tonight. He’s never talked to me like that before.” Bruce openly expressed knowing Peter know more about Jonathan than any of the rest of them. Except maybe Tony.

“Something startled him. I overheard him saying to himself, ‘…I know I’m not crazy…’ Then in the same breath he said, ‘I saw it. I know I saw it.'”

“Saw what, Peter? What did he see?” Bruce halted their forward motion turning to him to ask.

“I do not know. He would not say,” the man returned simply.

“But you asked him?” Bruce pressed to be sure.

“Yes, of course I asked. But when Jonathan does not wish to talk, pushing him will only serve to cause him to enclose himself completely within himself. He will tell one of us when he is ready,” the man assured him with a gentle nod.

Bruce stared at him for a moment. It was the first time he understood why Jonathan had clammed up on them so many times before. And they had only been meaning to help him. They knew he had issues with self-mutilation and self-injury that they all had desperately tried to understand. But as soon as they had begun to pressure him into talking about it, he would seal himself up so tightly that none of them could get him to talk then.

Even though he now knew this and realized the truth, he still had that deep desire to just shake it out of him, if he could. But he had never done this and knew he never would. He just wanted Jonathan to be open with them about everything. It was the only way anyone could help him get through all of this.

“He will talk, my friend.” Peter grasped his shoulders in both hands. “You must have faith. He never holds it in for long. It may come as a question, or perhaps an inquiry of advice. But he will open himself to one of us soon. We all must be patient with him,” he leaned down a bit catching eye contact with Bruce who smiled through his worry.

Bruce nodded agreeing with him fully. Peter’s hand came up to cup a cheek. His eyes locked onto Bruce’s. His çankaya escort thumb caressed the skin that was covering his cheekbone. They both could see the affect of it in the other’s stare. The contact was a mutual desire that rose in them both threatening to overwhelm them. Peter almost leaned his head toward the man for a light kiss. His powerful sudden urge to do so startled him somewhat. And yet he knew he wanted to lean into him. He was more than aware of the curiosity he had for this man. A strong cognizance of his desires to feel Bruce’s arms around him, his body pressed to him closer than it had been that day in the forest, was overcoming him. A strange intoxication of sensation was rising within him fast.

Bruce stared at him watching the changes reflecting in Peter’s eyes. It seemed strange to him that he could read them so easily and knew what was going on behind those lovely transparent irises. And even though he wanted to reach up and grasp Peter’s arms, he didn’t. He only stood there gazing into the deep richness of emotion that was being poured out to him in the man’s gaze. If any moves were made, Peter would make the first. He would not be guilty of persuading the man to his downfall, in the event he might regret it later.

“I’m sorry, Bruce…” Peter dropped his hands moving on ahead of him quickly.

“There’s no need to apologize, Peter. I…” He caught himself about to tell him he enjoyed it, as he stepped up behind him coming along side of him.

“…You enjoyed my touch.” Peter asked, completing his unfinished statement.

“Well, yes…” Bruce chuckled nervously. Inside he was screaming to him that he wanted so much more. But said nothing at all.

“I wanted…” Peter stopped again turning to Bruce looking at him squarely once more. Frustration at his inhibitions forced him to sigh long. “I wanted to kiss you,” he informed him then.

“I know, Peter.” Bruce cocked his head to one side a bit with a slightly sympathetic expression. “It’ll come when you’re ready. I won’t push you. I promise.”

Peter nodded. “I know you wouldn’t. You are much too honorable to do such a thing.”

“Thank you, Peter. Coming from you, that means so much to me.” he admitted.

Peter sighed again. He glanced off to his left as he always does when something was troubling him.

“Talk to me, Peter.” Bruce urged softly.

“That is what I desire, Bruce. I want us to talk. And I know you have many question to ask me. I am willing to answer as many as I have knowledge of.” he volunteered.

“Okay…” Bruce perked then. Any time he could spend with this man was fine with him. And he loved hearing his voice and the thickness of his Russian accent.

He led them to a nearby bench where he sat offering for Peter to park next to him. The man did half turning to face him. “Ask, Bruce…” He urged then.

“How long have you and Tony known each other?” was his first query.

“Ah…” Peter smiled knowing he would have to give him some background on this one. “As you have been told already, Jim’s operations were beginning to attract the attention of my government. Tony had already infiltrated the man’s forces and was working undercover for his organization. But he was very confused at the time I met him first. It seemed Mr. Bowman was pouring on the charm with him attempting to lure him into his bed.

“I had need of someone reliable on the inside that could get me in. Tony and I made friends from the very beginning. I could tell he was not a criminal. He has a kind heart, though he refuses to allow those on the outside of his circle to see this. Only his closest friends and companions know his gentle side. You are lucky to have grown up with him and known him as you did. Or you may have never known him as you do…”

“I know…” Bruce agreed with a nod of his head.

“I befriended him after watching him for more than a month. One evening I saw him healthy and strong, the next, he was battered and terribly bruised. I took the chance to approach him that night….”

Tony was seated at a small round table outside a café right next to the motel he and Maurice were staying at. In his hand was a very small cup that he was nursing. Peter sat not two tables away watching the man who had naught but a simple tee-shirt and a pair of jeans on, his police issue revolver strapped around his waist.

The night before when he had seen him at this very place, he had been healthy, strong and glowing with vibrant manhood. But tonight was a much different story all together.

One eye was swollen shut. His lips and the face on the same side was cut and terribly bruised. A large reddened bite mark was left on the side of his neck. This suggested an abusive sexual relationship that perhaps Tony needed some advise about.

And his demeanor was not the same as it usually was. It seemed to Peter that this Tony appeared so very alone at the moment. And he thought to himself that it was time he befriend this man to help him if he could.

“Hello, Antonio Santini…” keçiören escort he slipped up on the table Tony was parked at nursing a hot cup of coffee.

Tony looked up into his face with the one good eye not daring to give him a smile. He remembered seeing this man hanging around quite often of late. But he slowly moved a hand under the table to secure his weapon anyway.

“There is no need for that, my friend. I mean you no harm…especially when you have already incurred enough damage.” he grinned kindly at him.

“Hmm…” Tony moaned at having to be forced to recall how it had happened. “What’s yer business here, ‘friend’.” his tone was a bit sarcastic, but Peter overlooked it.

“You look like you could use one. I thought I would attempt to soothe your pain a little.” his kind words and gentle voice did seem to have that affect on him.

“Okay, have a seat.” Tony rescinded his arguments out of curiosity really.

“You’re not from my country. You must be an American.” Peter pulled out the chair speaking softly to the man for privacy as he sat watching people meander past them languidly.

“Yeah, so…” Tony tipped the tiny cup that he brought to his lips sipping on the hot liquid. “…what’s yer point?” he quipped grimacing at the bitterness of it.

Peter chuckled lifting the flask of curdled cream that was in the center of the table, pouring a bit into the small cup. He lifted the even smaller spoon agitating it a little. “Now, try it, Antonio…”

Tony stared at him wondering to himself who had sent this damn angel to take care of him so. And knowing it would be rude to at least not finish the cup, he at any rate, tasted it once more. To his surprise, it was much more palatable. “Thanks, man,” he nodded gently then grimaced with pain from it.

“You were not so abused last night when I saw you last. What has taken place to affect such damage to you, Antonio?” Peter leaned to him almost whispering.

“I…I don’t want to talk about it,” he grumbled low. “…And please, call me Tony.”

“Yes…” Peter smiled already knowing he would prefer that. And it gave him to know he had made some progress with this one. No one calls him Tony but those who are close to him. He knew this. “Tony it shall be.”

He stared at him for a moment. “Your friend is very jealous of you sitting here with me, now.” his eyes were locked onto Tony, yet he could see Maurice in the distance grueling with so much watchfulness over the fact that Tony was being entertained by someone other than he.

“That son of a bitch can go fuck himself.” Tony growled low at the man.

“Ah…” Peter nodded singularly with realization. “He is the one that has done this to you. I suspect you became his little pet last night, also.” his expression was most serious. And with the information he had about Maurice and his habits, he made that assumption easily. “I’m sorry he has done this to you.”

“Friend, if you want to remain so, can the convo, okay?” the man remarked bitterly.

“Forgive my concern, Tony. I only meant it as such.”

“I know, man. And I’m sorry I’m being such an ass. I do appreciate your concern.”

“No need for apologies. I understand completely.” Peter leaned back against the chair watching Tony sip more of the coffee. “That is a police issue revolver you wear, Tony. I was admiring it the other day.”

Now Tony set the cup down and started to stand up. Peter swiftly reached for his wrist and even though the man deftly moved to prevent it, he had him before Tony could get out of reach quick enough.

“I am not your enemy, Tony. I know you are undercover working for Mr. Bowman. I am also attempting to infiltrate and gain knowledge of his dealings in my country. But I have no access to his ring. It is much too tightly sealed. Can you assist me? Would you help me?” he spoke so fast and in such a whisper that Tony had to really listen to catch it all.

“You’re working for the Russian government?” Tony asked silently. “Show me your credentials,” he almost growled at the man.

“I cannot here, when Maurice is watching so closely, Tony,” he reasoned.

Tony looked around him quickly. “C’me ‘ere…” he made his way inside the little café for a second cup of coffee. Peter followed him quickly handing him his leather encasing of the card with all his insignia’s on it. He glanced at it taking in the information fully and quickly then concealed the returning of it to the man.

“Two coffees…” he asked of the man behind the counter holding up an index finger and his thumb.

Right away, Peter began to converse with the same man ordering something a bit lighter for Tony’s liking. The man chuckled making a joke about him being a lightweight American. Peter didn’t agree but smiled knowing not to inflame the man who would be serving them their coffees.

“That is how I befriended him. He took me to meet Maurice telling him that I would be an excellent choice for a bodyguard or some other position in Mr. Bowman’s ring. Maurice tested me most etimesgut escort of the evening in the motel room they were staying at. I noticed then the blood on the sheets of the bed and knew the man had sexually abused Tony. It angered me that this man would do such a thing to my new friend. I vowed silently, to myself then, that he would do no more damage to this man while I yet breathed.

“Then, after he had tested me, he left us alone to do whatever was in his mind to do. He did not return until late the next evening. We made haste to the States where I met Mr. Bowman for the first time. He was amiable toward me. But his eyes would often undress me, I know.

“When we were all settled again, one night we were seated in his luxurious office. Tony arrived with much of a cheerful grin on his face. Right away Mr. Bowman accosted him, taking him in his arms. At first I had thought he meant to only greet him…”

“Tony, you look so happy tonight.” Jim surrounded him, hugging him close for a moment.

“I am…I had a good day.” He admitted.

“Excellent, my love. I have something very special for you.” his smooth way and soft whisper against Tony’s ear made him shiver.

Jim moaned at the affect he was having on the man in his arms. His body surged suddenly with even more desire than he had had before for this one. Tony was most exciting to him and had been a great challenge for him to say the least. And he had wanted him unquestionably. And now he would have him, like it or not.

Before anyone could think, he had Tony pinned against the wall. His body pressed him there harshly. His hand moved abruptly from the back of the man’s neck to hold his hands where they could do no damage at all.

“You like that don’t you, Tony?” he crooned softly into his ear.

The man bucked against him trying to free himself of the hold he had over him. Right away, Jim took his ear between his teeth. “Fight me, yes…Tony…” he groaned huskily. Biting down he tasted Tony’s blood. That drove him insane with arousal for this man. “Is that all you have, Tony?” he spoke low but gruffly into his ear for only Tony to hear. “I’d love to see more, my love.”

“Mr. Bowman…” Peter had been on his feet the moment Jim had grasped his friend at the back of the neck slamming him to the wall.

“Leave us, Peter! All of you! Leave us!” the man growled at them.

“You mean to tell me that Mr. Bowman raped Tony too?” Bruce griped in surprise.

“Not exactly, Bruce. As I had said, Tony was quite confused. He was being swayed by the man and it was almost accomplished.

“C’me on, Peter…” Maurice chuckled after a moment of Peter’s bold stare at the two against the wall. He watched as Jim’s lips and tongue began to break Tony’s resolve quickly. And if the man wanted this, he could not deny him of it in the least. He turned leaving the room with Maurice, only hoping Tony knew what he was doing.

“It was many years later that Maurice sexually assaulted that young girl. He had sent me to do his dirty work while he assaulted Tony the same way again. When I returned early the next evening, I found him in the bathroom cleaning his wounds. Tony and I then went downstairs to the same café where we sat talking and drinking coffees. The owner also brought us pastries saying we had been his best customers all day. With a broad smile he left us to our conversation in which Tony revealed to me his plight the night before…”

“I had gone to bed early. I knew Maurice was really antsy, but didn’t think anything of it. I wasn’t really feeling that well and went right off to sleep…” Tony sighed heavily as he stared into his small cup. It seemed he was lost in his own world for the moment as the memory of the events the night before forced their way back into his mind again.

“Take your time, Tony. I know this must be very difficult for you.” Peter lifted his hand placing it on Tony’s forearm in a gesture of comfort toward him.

Tony nodded only, still recalling it.

“You have no need to say more, my friend, if you do not wish.”

“I know, Peter. And I appreciate that. But I have to talk to someone.” Tony looked up at the man beside him at the round table they were seated at outside the café.

“Then I will hear all you have to tell me, friend. And I will think no less of you, when you are finished.” he assured him.

“I didn’t give it up easily, Peter. He cuffed me to the damn bed again, while I was asleep. I couldn’t get away from him or do anything to protect myself. It was the same thing the last time he did this to me. And then is when he tells me he drugged my cola to make me go to sleep, both times. That’s why I didn’t feel well. That’s how he was able to cuff me and I didn’t wake up…”

“I know a good remedy for those cuts and bruises on your wrists, Tony. Do you have them on your ankles also?”

Tony nodded his eyes misting a little from his emotional pain. He unconsciously bit his lip trying to quell the tears that threatened. Already bruised and swollen, it hurt. But Tony was comforted by the pain of it somewhat.

“Tony, you will begin to bleed again, if you do not stop.” Peter warned watching the man literally almost bite through his lip. He took out the clean hanky in his pocket dabbing the oozing wound lightly when Tony released it finally. “Hold that to it. It will stop the bleeding.” he looked at the man with so much concern now…

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