A Toy Boy for Martha

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“Where are you off this afternoon then?” Pete asked me, we’d finished an electrical job which supposed to have lasted the day but it was only noon so we gave themselves the afternoon off.

I put the mobile Phone down and grinned at Pete.

“I might have known, you going to shag Martha again aren’t you?”

Martha was a middle aged lady we’d done a job for a month back and I sort of got acquainted with her.

She made no secret about her fantasy to have a toy boy and my being a very likely candidate. She made her feelings clear.

At first I was dubious about shagging a woman at least ten years older than me – but the hell of it, I was between girl friends so why not a little hanky panky with a woman who, for her age, looked quite delectable, a nice small slim figure with a lovely bum and a firm frontage, me telling myself to go for it, what’s the harm in pleasuring this woman who obviously had been without and sexual encounter from what she said – since her divorce four years ago.

“I really believe you’re jealous, Pete” I said

It was no holds barred with Pete who replied that he wouldn’t mind. If I got tired.

“No way” I griped, Martha does for me, I don’t want to spoil a good thing having your mushy hands all over her.

In my mind I couldn’t wait to enjoy the pleasures of Martha. On the phone she asked how I would like her, and I suggested that her tight black mini skirt would be in order and those really sexy red and black rimmed panties she wears. The thought of just seeing her in that tight black skirt with the creases across her thighs did it all for me, my cock was like a red hot poker waiting for its poke.

“Your wish is my command, sir” she replied on the mobile and I knew I was in for a promise.- the thought of getting into that skirt as she gave me her smooth hand job, getting me harder than ever I could myself. In fact I was already stiff thinking about it and Pete noticed.

“You randy fucker” he giggled looking down at my bundle.” You’d better hide that or you may be in trouble, even get arrested then I would have to go and do the business for you!”

No way was he going to get near it, Martha was mine exclusively and tucked between my legs was all she could ever want of a guy – given a few pre fuck hugs and definitely those deep wet French kisses she adored so much. I got into the works van, me and my erection that is, an dropped Pete Bostancı Escort off at his place before making onward to heaven.

“Enjoy!” Pete yelled as I drove off, I knew he was randy, I knew he’d probably finish up in his bedroom wanking himself silly thinking of us, I could see it in his eyes

But for me I was in for the most juicy hot afternoon with Martha who always greeted me with that certain welcome, the feel of her deep kiss and her hands searching for me, whispering to me that she was delighted I could come – that she was so horny for me and as she teased my cock over my jeans, feeling the drift of it – unzipping and stretching my briefs aside I felt the ache of hard primed cock being expertly soothed so delightfully as Martha went down on her knees and planted my cock into

her mouth, her tongue doing the honours and sucking me up every way.

I was throbbing so as I leaned down as she continued to wildly suck me – my hands squeezed her ripe boobs, her tits firm and pointed.

I was all cock for her and how, arching my back and thrusting my thighs forward for better service, her tongue and mouth frantically licking and sucking every part of my manhood and more, The feeling was out of this world.

“You are my Adonis for true, Alex” she purred as she took a well earned breath having sucked cock for a good four minutes. She panted and teased her fingers under and around my balls already firmed up after her gentle squeezing as she sucked me.

I looked down at her and smiled.

“You have a lovely smile too, you are my number one toy- boy!”

“Wow, how many you got then?” I gasped.

“Only you.- t’was just a figure of speech, with you I have more than enough to please me, no bend over, I want to do something else.”

Her wish was my command, I loved to be ordered around by her, well in this situation anyway. I guess I knew what to expect, after a few sessions with a woman you get to know here kicks and one of hers was to take me on all fours with her bright new strap on which she said would be much better than the last which she threw away. (I wasn’t surprised it had had a good innings) and that it also had a little vibrator which she hoped I would like.

I steeped over her lap, her rich perfume streaming into my nostrils, I could have gone for her fuck there and then but she would want to enjoy the build up first. And enjoy she did, Ümraniye Escort the way she handled my balls from the back and the way she rimmed my hole with baby oil was a delight. All the time she was talking, complimenting me on my gorgeous masculinity, how good I smelled and tasted and how she could have me all through the night if only she had the energy, but she chuckled I was well cocked and a couple of deep fucks was enough to keep her happy for a week, that is why I only got to see her weekly, quite frankly I could have fucked the ass off her three times a week at least and all night too, not to mention that wonderful stretchy pussy of hers – gleaming in moisture after I had sucked and tasted. that she always gave me a good showing beneath her skirt beforehand.

But now I was about to get a deep fucking as she ordered me on all fours, well spread so she could kneel between my thighs and work it into my well lubricated ass, her whispering for me to wiggle it, that she so adored and loved that, that it so turned her on. She gently worked the head of the vibrating strap on into me, asking me if it was okay. I felt her grip onto both my ass cheeks, stretching them apart to give her deep access for a very deep penetrating ass fuck. It was divine how she did it, something about a woman who could take the part of a man, she said it was her male hormones coming to the peak sometimes and she had always fantasised doing this with her husband when he was alive but he refused, Now she could really express her true desires, let go of the inhibitions and her fantasies and really fuck the hind off me.

It was always divine, even to hear here moans like she really had a live cock inside me, but then she wouldn’t have been a woman so I really hade the best of both worlds, those strap-ons are really good now, feel so good inside you, and the vibrating too makes it all feel so heavenly.

She stops a while, holding it deep inside me, slapping my ass ordering me to wiggle and feeling it lodged into me in different directions, making it all such a wonderfully warm sensation of being fucked by a woman who so very much enjoyed the experience, whom I know would be so well and ready for the feel of my fuck afterwards plunging into her wet warm pussy.

“Are you alright, Alex?” Martha enquired after she’d done, with a very satisfied smile on her face, my ass still scalding from a good tanning of Kartal Escort her opened hand as she released me from shaft of her strap-on.

I took a deep breath and I guess my expression said it all.

“You know, Alex I feel completely comfortable with you, you are a lovely person and I never feel awkward, now baby I think it is time to let me have the feel of your seven of heaven, it looks so very virile but please, I musts have another taste first?”

She explained how she wanted me, not as before her kneeling before me but rather me positioned with one foot on the settee, she laying across it with her head perched between my spread thighs, directly beneath my hanging balls which she loved to cradle and my cock standing proudly outwards as she found a way to rub it against her face, her busy tongue taking every advantage of it length.

“Mmm! superb, want to stretch it back and taste its p-hole now,” she grunted and she did. And the way she handled me was divine, her sweet lips pouted and gently touching the head, her tongue gently prodding the p-hole until I yelled I wanted to cum.

“Not yet!” she blurted.! ” want more tasting first, let me tie these around the base and hold the climax for a bit.” It made me all the more virile when I saw she had removed her red thong and tied it around my cock like she was a nurse bandaging me.

“You’ve done that before?” I queried and she replied “Once or twice, I like to have my excitement to the full, don’t you?”

I saw what she meant as she helped herself , her head still beneath me, to my very ripe and pounding cock wanting so bad her deep hard fuck but feeling a certain thrill that she wanted more of the oral stuff first, her mouth even working between my cheeks sucking my well fucked ass as her fingers worked overtime on my cock and balls, pulling me this way and that to get the best out of me, she whispered how she absolutely loved the taste and fuck of young cock and how much she yearned for our regular sessions now, and I said I would always be there for her whenever she wanted me, I was that besotted by her and more like the way she sexed me and knowing her deep soothing fuck would soon be gratifying me to the full.

It was like when she released the tie I was all animal like, wanting her fuck every way and ass too, we fucked and fucked a good hour until we were both soaked with sweat and when we both came we came together. But we still had the mutual shower to enjoy and I must have fucked her another two times,

Eventually well fucked and served she hugged me goodbye and left with that certain wiggle and smile that made me feel very contented that I’d made n=another lonely woman happy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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