A Trip Through Sex and Germany

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Here it is. My second attempt at this. I hope you all like it as much as you did my first. Please, feed back and comments are always welcome.


David and Susan have been out on the town for about an hour or so. Their trip to Germany has been amazing. For two days they have wandered through the city taking in sights, eating great food. Just enjoying being tourists. This night they have decided to just walk the streets and find some small things close to the hotel. Small shops have given up their secrets. Cafes have sated them well enough and the chill in the air keeps them walking close together.

Right at the moment though they find themselves in an out of the way restaurant. No food was ordered. Instead they have gone straight into the women’s bathroom. Susan’s bare ass is on the counter. Her panties hanging out of David’s pocket.Her legs are locked around his waist. Her hands clutching his shoulders with her mouth pressed against one to muffle her moans while he rocks his hips to fill her with his length. David’s hands glide up her thighs and grip her hips under the skirt bunched up around her waist

Again and again he pushes into her. His thrusts coming quick and hard to please them both in the brief time they have. With a quiet mewling Susan’s arms and legs squeeze David tight as she begins to cum. Her legs tremble around him. She bites into the shoulder of his jacket to keep from crying out.

“Oh god” David moans. With a hard push forward he buries himself inside Susan. He squeezes her hips, his cock throbbing inside her with a low growl rising in his throat. The two of them moaning through their orgasms together on the low counter in the bathroom.

A long, deep kiss follows as the pair catch their breath.David squeezes Susan’s thighs one last time while his tongue glides over hers. He pulls away, listening to Susan giggle a little as he helps her off the counter. They straighten their clothes, get Susan back into her panties, and after another quick little kiss, head for the door hand in hand.

They open the door and come face to face with another woman trying to enter the bathroom. She looks up at the couple in the doorway with a slightly confused look on her face. Once she sees the red in Susan’s cheeks a slow smile of understanding appears across her face. Her smiles makes David and Susan chuckle as they walk past. The woman leans in some whispering to Susan in heavily German accented English “I hope he was a good fuck.” Susan grins and nods. The woman smiles again and walks past into the bathroom.

An hour later they are standing in front of the hotel again. The sun dropping from the sky, lights coming on around the city.

“How about something to eat this time?” David jokes.

Susan stops for a moment. A cute, thoughtful look crossing her face for a moment before she nods.

“Diner sounds great. Where though?”

David shrugs. “We can just drive around until we find something we like.”

Susan laughs. “You are an incredible planner.”

David grins at his lovely wife “Shut up and get in the car.” he jokes.

The two of them climb into the car, David driving, in search of great food.

Great food takes the form of an Italian restaurant right on the edge of the club district. Garlic and herbs are fanned through the air every time the kitchen door swings. Checkered table clothes cover sparsely scattered tables and dim light keeps things looking intimate.

Surprisingly, the crowd is light this close to all the clubs one street over where David was forced to park. Soon they are shown to a table off in the corner. The hostess leaves them with their menus which, luckily, have an english translation under each entry. David pours over the menu but ends up having a hard time keeping his eyes away from Susan’s own eyes once he notices how the light in the restaurant throws a sparkle into them.

“What?” Susan asks when she catches him staring at her with a familiar stupid grin on her face.

“Are you even slightly aware of how beautiful you are?”

A deep blush quickly spreads across her cheeks as she smiles. The two of them go back to looking over the selections. Finally they decide on some type of chicken and pasta dishes with a chef created sauce. They sit across the small table from one another eating, feeding one another, enjoying the food and atmosphere. Quiet conversation flows about Susan’s plans for the rest of the trip, the shows they’ve seen. They only have two days left and they plan to enjoy every second.

Chicken, sauce, bread, and pasta keep them at the restaurant for about forty-five minutes while they talk and eat. The check gets paid, David helps Susan into her coat, and the pair find themselves back on the street, headed for the car.

They walk for a few minutes. Smiles bright and stomachs full. David looking over at Susan but as he starts to smile back, it fades and his eyes darken a bit. He’s looking in front of them. Susan turns her head quickly and sees the same thing he does, an empty space where their car should be.

Everything they had with them was in the casino oyna car. Extra money in Susan’s purse under the seat, cell phones left so they didn’t disturb diner. They still have money at the hotel but the loss will force them to end their trip early.

David kicks the curb and throws a few swear words into the night air as Susan stands with an angry fire in her eyes. A well dressed man across the street in front of a club sees the couple standing in the empty space. With a glance for traffic he crosses the street to them.

“Need help?” he asks in a polite tone and German accent.

David nods.”Our car was stolen. We can’t call the police because our phones were in the car.”

“They got my purse and money too.” Susan adds sadly.

The man nods and pulls his cell phone from his pocket. He dials and speaks for a few moments in German then hangs up and turns to Susan and David.

“The authorities are on their way, my friends.”

“Thank you.” David says and Susan echos.

The man introduces himself as Alarik. Tall and fit. His dark hair and blue eyes a startling contrast to each other. Handshakes are shared and the three talk while they wait. Susan tells him about their romantic trip and their home in Florida. Alarik tells them of his home in the city and that he is in business for himself. The area he names for his home they both know is very upscale but before we get a chance to ask about what he does, the police pull up in their car.

For the next half hour David and Susan are standing on the curb telling the police what happened, what kind of car was stolen, the color, what was in it and what company they rented from. Alarik stays for the duration. He helps with translation where is needed and speaks with the police off to the side. They nod as he speaks and speed off after they finish speaking.

“They say they will do all they can for you.” Alarik begins, “Also, I tell them you will wait in my club. If you wish of course. I have an offer for you.” His eyes lingering on Susan just long enough that David steps between the two of them.

“Look, Alarik, you’ve been a great help but there’s no way.” David says.

Alarik looks confused for a moment then smiles and laughs. “No no, my friend. Surely I am not Robert Redford. And while Susan here looks worth much more than the million offered, that is not what I was offering.”

“So what is the offer?” Susan asks from behind David.

“My club,” he begins once again while gesturing to the building across the street “it is an…adult club, but in the back we play cards. I will give you both the buy in money so you may both play to try and win back your spending money. If you don’t win, you loose nothing. If you win, one of you has $1500 more than you did before.”

“What’s the catch?” The couple says almost in unison.

Alarik smiles. “Ah the shrewd Americans. The catch, such as it is, is that it is an adult game. Every $50 you loose you loose some clothing.”

“You want us to play strip poker for $1500?” David asks with a bit of disbelief in his voice.

Alarik nods. “If you are willing. It will pass the time while you wait as an added bonus.”

“Hang on a minute.” David says and turns to his wife. His eyes and face ask the question. Susan shrugs and smiles one of her stunning smiles.

“It could be fun,” she says. “Plus it’s not like there’s sex involved.”

“Wonderful. Let us go then.” Their German rescuer exclaims. “Please try not to be too shocked with the club inside hu?”

The trio is let inside the club quickly. A small hallway runs a few feet from the front door to an archway where a thick velvet curtain hangs to hide what is beyond. Alarik moves the curtain. Susan and David step into a club the likes they have never seen before.

At first glance the lighting and decor seem to be that of a common strip club. The bar runs the length of the wall to their right but as they take it all in their eyes stop on what’s going on in front of the bar. The handful of people at the bar are facing the opposite side of the club, sitting on the stools with their backs against the bar. Right at the same bar is a sexy brunette. She has her stool pulled away from the others, her elbows on the padded seat, feet on the floor, legs straight. Her skirt is up around her waist. Her thighs and garters visible for anyone who wants to look. Her bare breasts hang from an open shirt and sway slightly as the man behind her, naked from the waist down, slowly thrusts his cock inside her while they both look toward the left side of the club.

Their eyes follow the path made by the couple at the bar. A stage dominates that side of the building. On a runway extension that leads out to the center of the room stand two naked men. Both are fit, lean, and very good looking. Between those two men a woman is kneeling. Like the men she is naked and quiet attractive with her blonde hair and curvy body. This woman is busy between the two men sucking and licking one cock while she strokes the other. Each hand is wrapped around the base of one of the cocks being offered. Her mouth moves back canlı casino and forth to give each man the best blow job she can.

Alarik moves along the floor toward the back, leading the way across the room to a door in the far wall. The couple’s eyes wander in the dim light as they follow. Immediately noticeable is that no one is alone. Couples of all kinds sit in the big cushioned chairs facing the stage to watch the show. Some women ride in laps, others give blow jobs of their own to the men they are with, others still, are lounging in the chairs with their men’s mouth between their legs.

The smell of sex lingers lightly in the air as Susan walks up behind David and whispers “I can’t believe we just walked into a sex club. This is crazy!”

David sees the smile on her face when he turns. He only smiles back and takes his wife’s hand. They follow Alarik, listening to the soft moans that float in the room like vapor until they make it to a small door that leads into a well lit room beyond.

This room is much smaller than the other. Dominating the center is a large, clear glass table, supported by black legs at its corners and runner bars between the legs. The surface of the table has been etched with the markings necessary for several card games. Lamps that resemble candelabra line the walls to keep the light levels up for the games. The floor is covered in soft, well maintained carpet and plush chairs flank the long sides of the table.

Alarik closes the door behind the pair cutting off the male and female moans of pleasure in the main room. He removes his coat, hangs it on a rack near by, finally giving David and Susan a real look at him. Under the coat is a fit and smooth looking German. Dark hair and blue eyes set in a masculine face. His arms and chest look as if he spends days at the gym. He’s dressed in a thin knit sweater, slacks and shoes that look like they cost more than the whole trip the married couple have taken.

Alarik turns and gestures toward the table and the four other people in the room already seated, waiting for their host. He begins with the man to their left.

“Antonio. This is David and Susan. They will be joining our game tonight.”

Antonio, an Italian looking man, nods and smiles. Like Alarik he’s dark of hair but has dark eyes and typical skin tone of an Italian. His shirt is button down. Slack and shoes expensive looking. He has an athletic build but not on the same level as Alarik.

“David, Susan. This is Annalisa.” Alarik announces, indicating the dark haired, smoky looking woman sitting with Antonio. Annalisa’s features are quite similar to Antonio’s. Athletic build, dark eyes highlighted by thick lashes and a mouth curved up in a mischievous smile. Her top is also a button down with a few of the top buttons undone to show off the curve of her cleavage. Her skirt is knee length and covers a pair of stocking clad legs that end in a pair of heels on her feet. “Welcome to the game.” She says in a slow purr.

“My friends, this is William.” Alarik continues as he points out the man on the other side of Annalisa. William, a blonde Scotsman man, waves a bit with a smile. Like the other two men he’s built and well dressed to the point that David wonders how he really compares but, he’s worked out enough to feel comfortable.

“And finally, Molly.”

Molly nods. She is nearly the poster woman for Scottish travel. Curly red hair, pale skin, a smattering of freckles across her nose and chest where her V-necked top shows her skin and breasts. Her skirt is a little longer than Annalisa’s but still hides lithe legs and stockings.

“Please my friends, take your seats on the end.” Alarik invites. They head for the table and notice the feature of the room. Under the table, running the length of the of the table down the center from end to end, is a padded trench. Low enough in the floor for a grown man to have enough room to be on his knees underneath and not hit his head. It’s lined with cushions with some pillows laying around. They take their seats and Alarik takes one more look at everyone before speaking.

“Well, it seems Susan is a little under dressed. Everyone needs six articles of clothing, my dear.”

Before she can reply he reaches for a small cabinet that holds the cards and chips. From there he produces a small package containing black silk stockings. He slides the package to her with a smile.

As Susan pulls them onto her legs David, of course, watches and feels himself stir as she flashes some thigh to get the tops into place. He leans over and kisses her neck as she settles her skirt back into place.

“You are damn sexy, honey.” he whispers to his wife while Alarik opens his cards and begins to shuffle. In response Susan reaches over to squeeze David’s knee as cards slide across the glass to the six players.

The game moves rapidly. Cards and chips change hands. The players and dealer are all smiles while piles grow or diminish. While hands of cards come and go David continues to steal glances at his wife from the corner of his eye, or down through the table at her sexy legs. Because kaçak casino of his distraction he’s the first to loose his first pile of chips. Susan grins and rolls her eyes as his shoes hit the floor next to his chair. He leans in and kisses Susan’s shoulder.

“That was your fault by the way. Stop being so damn hot so I can concentrate.”

The other women smile. The men laugh some. Susan has no sympathy. With a sexy, joking smile she simply replies. “Suck it up.”

More cards are dealt, more chips pile up. Jokes and smiles are shared between all around the table. More clothes end up on the floor as all of them loose their money and have to buy back in. The men, all three of them, are sitting bare foot and shirtless. All three women are down to stockings, bras and panties. All of the players become a little more reckless due to the visual distractions around the table. Eyes take quick glances at bodies that people obviously take good care of.

Antonio and Annalisa with their dusky complexions. Both of them showing the result of hours at the gym.

William and Molly sit with the same all over build as the Italian couple but with their pale complexions paint a different, but none the less sexy, picture on the other side of the table.

David and Susan, while not quite of exotic bloodlines, still own their spaces at the table with sheer good looks and effort at the gym as well.

All of the men have become stiff in their pants by now from gazing over the lovely women. Thigh highs, lacy bras and panties. In Molly’s case the bra being sheer enough to show a hit of her nipples through the fabric.

The three women squirm in their seats some looking over hard chests and abs that dip into pants. Nipples are hard, and cheeks flush.

The next to losses of clothing are all men. Each of them having to loose their belts to the merciless plotting of their women, who are trying to get them to loose first. Cards fly and smiles become thin determined looks of concentration.

Molly is the next to fall victim to the whim of the cards. With a theatrical sigh she reaches down and makes a slow, sexy show of rolling her stockings down her beautiful legs.

The game moves on after Molly’s show. Antonio and David end up in their underwear. Annalisa and Susan loose their stockings as well, but once again Molly is the first to have to go further.

This time the comely Irish woman is more brazen with her exposure. She reaches back and quickly unhooks her bra, sliding it off her shoulders. With a playful smile she drops it to reveal her c cup breasts. Pale pink nipples poke out in tense excitement as she throws her sheer bra at Susan, whom won the hand to take Molly’s clothes from her. She cups her breasts in her hands, squeezes her nipples between her fingers and winks at the table.

“Hope you like them, everyone.” Molly teases in her musical accent.

Play continues once again. Everyone’s eyes wander from their cards again, watching Molly’s bare breasts or some other body part of someone else they find attractive. A few hands pass with everyone staying even but just like any other luck, the cards turn against everyone. In about fifteen more minutes Antonio has lost his belt, William and David are sitting in their boxers, Annalisa and Susan are minus stockings leaving them in just their bra and panties, while Molly sits still topless.

Antonio and William gaze at Susan’s nearly bare chest. Molly and Annalisa lick their lips from time to time while eyeing the bulge in David’s boxers. The next two rounds strip Antonio of his pants and Annalisa of her bra to display her dark nipples.

Between hands David’s hand roams over Susan’s smooth thigh and on occasion share a long kiss. The other couples tease as well. William even going as far as leaning Molly back some to suck on one of her steely nipples to get her to moan for the rest of us. A hot, needful groan floats from the sexy redhead before William releases her nipple with a wet little pop.

More cards slide into place as David looks over Susan and wishes he could get into the same chair with her. He looses the next couple hands while he thinks about her sexy ass bouncing in his lap. He comes very close to being the first person naked but does manage to fight his way back and make Annalisa obtain that title.

Annalisa chuckles some as she lays her final hand down and steps away from the table. She turns and bends a little to give everyone a good view of her ass. With a glance over her shoulder, she peels off her panties. Bending over fully, she drags them down her legs until they hit the floor. After standing fully she kisses Antonio. The cards come again while Annalisa moves to the end of the table and slinks under and into the cushioned trench as the rest continue the game.

The five remaining players run through a hand as Annalisa’s naked form appears directly under where they are all playing. She rolls onto her back as the next hand plays out. Susan lays down a three-of-a-kind with Aces and win the hand as Annalisa closes her eyes and begins to let her hands wander her body as she begins to masturbate under the glass table. She rolls her nipples and teases her clit with all eyes on her. Everyone has to be reminded that they are playing cards before they can turn their attention away from Annalisa.

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