A Trip to Fantasyland

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This story begins on a random Saturday morning. We were planning on spending the day working on projects at home. Tony was working hard outside, mowing and edging the lawn. I was inside dusting, sweeping, and mopping. Music was blaring through the speakers as the radio hummed over the noise of the vacuum. I danced happily along as I cleaned. A commercial came over the radio about a fairytale wedding. You could see the wheels of my brain in motion. Suddenly I had this brilliant idea. I rushed into the office and typed a discreet note for Tony.

The note read, “The presence of Prince Lixalot has been requested by the King of Fantasyland. Let it be known that Princess Luvs2blikt is trapped under a spell cast by the Queen of Pussyland. The spell can only be broken by the kiss from the lips of a noble Prince, one of which has been properly cleansed (take a shower)of all evil.”

I printed the note, and ran to the garage door, instructing Tony not to enter the house for ten minutes. This would give me just enough time to prepare. I went back into the office, carrying the note. I snagged a piece of scotch tape and hurried to our bedroom. I taped the note to the door, and pushed the door closed. Inside our room, I could already feel dampness between my legs.

I jumped into the shower for a quick shave, and cleansing. The heat of the shower felt wonderful against my skin. Once clean and shaven, I turned the water off, opened the shower casino oyna door, and stepped out. Immediately my nipples hardened at the coolness of the air against my wet skin. I admired my groomed pussy in the full length mirror as I toweled myself dry. I moved over to the vanity and began pumping lotion into my hands, and smoothing it all over my body. I again turned to the mirror to admire my glistening skin in the mirror. My nipples were fully erect, and I could feel wetness in my groin again.

I walked slowly into our bedroom, and climbed straight into bed. I positioned myself in the center of the bed, and eased onto my back, covering myself with only a sheet. I assumed a spread eagle position beneath the thin sheet. I was very aware of my erect nipples pressing against the sheet. Soon, I heard the door rustling open, and quickly closed my eyes, assuming my spell induced slumber.

Tony ripped the note from the door, and I could faintly hear him mouthing the words as he read it. I could feel him moving towards the bed. I felt momentarily agitated knowing he was breaking the rules. The note clearly stated to shower first. I closed my eyes tighter as I felt the sheet being peeled away from my naked body. My body jerked as the sheet grazed against my perky nipples. He stopped to admire them, leaning over to kiss each eager nipple. I bit my lip to keep from moaning. He pushed the sheet down further in the bed to inspect my groomed pussy hair. canlı casino Tony was testing me to see if I would break character. I refused to ruin the fantasy that I had created.

Tony laughed under his breath as he turned away and moved into the bathroom. I could here him rustling out of his clothes. Soon I heard the water begin to flow as he turned on the shower. I heard the door open, then close as he entered the shower. I lie on the bed imagining his every move. I imagined him lathering the soap in his hands, and rubbing it all over his naked body. I thought fondly of him reaching between his legs to clean his cock. I felt my pussy swelling just thinking of him touching himself in the shower. Finally, the water stopped. I heard the door open, and then close again, as he got out of the shower. He dried off and hurried into the bedroom.

His breath was warm and heavy on my skin as he leaned close to me, and began to kiss my breasts. He continued kissing me gently, leaving a trail of kisses down my stomach, and onto my thighs.

Tony climbed into the bed, and positioned himself between my legs. He eased my legs further apart, allowing ample room for the activities that were about to take place. He stuck his stiff tongue out and flicked it over my clit. I jumped in surprise. He ran his tongue down my slit, and dove into my wet hole. His tongue felt so good fucking my eager pussy. I wanted badly to sceam with pleasure, but remained kaçak casino quiet.

Using both hands, Tony spread my lips open wide, exposing all of my sex. He examined the well groomed area, as if deciding where he should please first. Moments later, he began flicking at my clit with his tongue. He easily slid two fingers into my wet hole. He withdrew slowly, this time reinserting three fingers. My back arched as I felt a wave of pleasure.

Tony continued to lick my button as he fingered me into an amazing orgasm. As I began to recover from the first climax, Tony began flicking my clit with his fingers. This time he jammed his stiff tongue into my hole. The pleasure was intense. He continued stroking my pussy with his tongue as he flicked at my clit with his fingers. I was over the edge again, this time unable to hold back the excitement of the ride. I sat up screaming as ripples of pleasure moved over me.

Tony looked up with a smile on his wet lips. He was pleased that he had broken the spell. With that, I wrapped my arms around his neck and began kissing my juices from his mouth. The taste of his sweat and my sweet love potion mingling together as we kissed was very pleasing. I pulled Tony on top of me as I fell back onto the bed. He instantly found my wet hole and forced his erection into my folds. I moaned with pleasure, having his shaft fill my empty hole. He began pumping his shaft fiercely, and moments later I felt his hot rod contracting inside of me as his juices gushed inside my pussy. The force of his ejaculation inside of me brought on another orgasm. We both held onto each other as we basked in the pleasure of our fairytale fable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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