A Trip to the Dollhouse

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I won’t deny it. I’ve been into feminization as a part of the femdom kink for a long time. At this point, I can’t even pinpoint when it started anymore. There’s just something hot about it. In a way, I suppose it’s like rebelling against a force of nature. Similar to how people rebel against authorities and break rules, purely for the thrill of it.

Knowing that conventional biology states that I’m a man, yet doing everything in my power to go against that, and instead becoming as feminine as humanly possible… Society considers it to be wrong, and ‘against the rules’, but that makes the thrill of it all just feel even more right.

Recently, I discovered Mistress Barbie, an experienced domme, with many years of experience in feminizing men, training sissies, and so much more. I reached out to her to book a session, and we hit it off really well. She gave me a makeover, subjected me to some sissy training, and she even started calling me ‘Sissy Bambi’. Reading about experiences like this, or seeing them online is one thing… But experiencing them first-hand truly is a different experience altogether.

Seeing your own reflection in the mirror and realizing your full feminine potential… Saying it’s addictive would be an understatement. It becomes a craving. A desire for more. Knowing you loved the makeup, you start wondering, why stop there? Why not take it further? The desire grows and grows until it overwhelms you. I experienced that too. After my session with Mistress Barbie, I thought I had satisfied my cravings at first, but they came back sooner than I could have imagined. Not only that, but I also desired to take things more than just a single step further.

I attempted to resist it at first, but before I knew it, I was begging Mistress Barbie for another session. I begged her to feminize me to her heart’s content. Not only that, but I even told her to ‘make me regret it’. Words that I chose in my horniness and would likely come to regret. But at that point in time, I couldn’t care less. It was what I wanted, and Mistress Barbie was more than happy to take me up on that offer…


Dressed in my regular masculine clothing, I arrived at Mistress Barbie’s house. I rang her bell and she opened the door. I was expecting her to step aside to let me in, but instead, she stepped outside and closed the door behind her.

“Get in the car, Sissy Bambi,” she said. “We’re going to the mall!”

“The mall?” I asked. “But Mistress, what about our session?”

“As I recall, you wanted me to make you regret it,” Mistress Barbie replied. “So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Now, chop chop!”

We got in the car. Mistress Barbie turned towards me and said, “There’s a mall not far from here that was basically built for girls like us. There’s not a single men’s store in the vicinity. It’ll be great for our session. They call it ‘The Dollhouse’. All your feminine desires will be fulfilled there. You’ll see!”

The Dollhouse was true to its name. The exterior of the mall was shaped like a classic dollhouse, The 4-story-high mall’s design was very cubic, and its walls, windows, doors, and other exterior attachments were all painted in different shades of pink. We parked the car and went inside.

“Ooh, let’s start here!” Mistress Barbie said, pointing at the first store. It was a large, all-round beauty salon. There were many chairs spread throughout the store, some connected to hair-drying domes, others with small tables next to them, and others reclined to a nearly horizontal position.

Taking a quick look at the receptionist’s name tag, Mistress Barbie approached her. “Hi there, Stephany!” Mistress Barbie said with a friendly smile. “My friend here is looking to attain a feminine look. Normally, I’d do her makeovers myself, but she specifically requested a long-lasting experience, so I brought her here for just that. Could you get that sorted out for her?”

Stephany gave me a once-over. “Oh, yeah, definitely,” she said, giggling. “There’s a bunch of fun, lasting things we can do for her! What did you have in mind?”

“Well, for starters, hair extensions,” Mistress Barbie began.

“Sure thing!” Stephany replied. “Which kind are you looking for?”

“Tape-in extensions, preferably,” Mistress Barbie answered. “They’ll last long enough. Even though I would want to give her a fusion treatment, lasting for months, we have too many things on our list to go for. There simply wouldn’t be enough time!” She laughed.

“Right you are!” Stephany said. “Tape-ins still last about 6 to 8 weeks anyway. I’m sure our upcoming doll here would already consider that to be quite long.” She chuckled. “Let’s get her started on that, and then you can fill me in on what’s next,” she said.

Stephany escorted us to one of the many chairs and brought out a selection of hair colors. “Which color would you like?” she asked.

Mistress Barbie answered for me, “She’ll have a combination of platinum blonde and light pink.”

“Excellent choice. Very feminine and cute,” Stephany bursa escort replied. “I’ll get started on that right away. Thankfully, tape-ins don’t take that long to apply, so what else did you have in mind?”

“An eyebrow waxing,” Mistress Barbie replied. “I would have done it myself, but we’re here anyway, so I might as well just sit back and enjoy the show.”

“We can do it faster here too, so you made the right call,” she replied and called for one of the other employees to prepare the honey wax. She then turned back to us and said, “It should be warmed up and ready to go when we’re done here. Anything else?”

“Yes,” Mistress Barbie replied. “My Sissy would love to have her nails done as well, and layered with light pink nail polish.”

“Sissy?” Stephany asked, having just finished the hair extensions… “Oh, I see…” The confused look on her face turned into one of amusement. “That does explain a lot,” she said and giggled. “Let me help you with making this day extra special then!” she exclaimed and walked over to the receptionist’s desk to acquire a piece of paper. She gave it to Mistress Barbie and said, “With this voucher, you and your sissy can watch a free movie at our Dollhouse Cinema. I’m sure she’ll love it!”

Mistress Barbie skimmed the voucher and replied with a grin, “Yes, I believe so too. It seems like the perfect finishing touch to go with her makeover.”

Stephany then brought us over to the waxing area, where the honey wax was already warm, and all the other waxing tools were set up at the small table next to the chair. She quickly brushed my eyebrows and gently wiped the area clean, before applying a thin coating of powder. “This will help for when I apply the honey to your skin,” she said.

She grabbed the wax applicator stick and measured where the eyebrows should start and stop, and applied the honey wax on the hairs that were to be removed. A few seconds later, Stephany applied a muslin strip to the wax and rubbed it to ensure the wax bonded with the strip and hairs, before pulling it off in one quick motion. She repeated this on several different areas until my eyebrows had taken on the feminine shape Mistress Barbie desired. Stephany then used an eyebrow tweezer to remove any remaining eyebrow hairs that the wax hadn’t removed.

“There we go, all done!” Stephany said. “Now to just get those nails fixed up, and you’re ready for your next adventure!” she winked.

“Oh, but my Sissy is far from done!” Mistress Barbie laughed. “We’re only just getting started!”

Stephany cleared out the waxing products and asked, “How would Sissy like to have her nails done?”

“Sissy Bambi would like some gel nails done,” Mistress Barbie replied.

“Ooh, Sissy has a cute name,” Stephany teased as she went and got her nail supplies ready. She wasted no time in getting my nails ready, filing them, working down my cuticles, selecting the nails, applying them with the nail glue, clipping them down, applying the gel, and curing them under a UV light. For the finishing touch, she applied a light pink gel nail polish and cured the nails again.

“These beauties should last you two weeks or so,” Stephany said. “Just be mindful that your nails are now longer than what you were used to, so gripping things might feel a little different.” She turned to Mistress Barbie, “Will that be all?”

“She still needs a few things done, but it’s mostly at other businesses. Though Bambi could certainly still use some makeup,” she smiled.

“No problem!” Stephany replied. “Any preference?”

“I’d say a mixture of ‘innocent barbie doll’ and ‘slut looking to get lucky’?” Mistress Barbie suggested.

“Say no more!” Stephany said with a chuckle. She brought me over to one of the hairdressing chairs again, turned the chair away from the mirror, and brought out a small table for her makeup kit. My face got layered in primer, light-colored foundation, and highlights before blending it and setting it with a powder coating.

Stephany turned the chair around. “Are you ready for what comes next?” she asked me as I looked into the mirror.

I opened my mouth to talk, but Mistress Barbie shushed me. “Sissy Bambi is ready for everything I desire,” she said.

“Fun! Let’s continue then,” Stephany replied excitedly, turning the chair back around. She continued with some light contouring and followed it up with pink blush on my cheeks. “You already look like an adorable doll,” Stephany said. “Try not to blink too much, I’m going to work on your eyes now.”

Stephany grabbed different shades of white, brown, pink, purple, and nude eye shadow colors and blended them in, one by one. It created a rainbow-like look, stretching from my eye all the way to my eyebrow. She followed it up with eyeliner and thickened the look of my eyebrows and eyelashes with mascara. For the finishing touch, she used waterproof lip pencils to color my lips bright pink and make them look bigger. Finishing off with a slight touch of white on the bottom lip to make my lips look like shiny plastic.

“All done, a gorgeous, sexy, barbie doll, escort bursa ready to find her Ken!” Stephany cheered as she turned the chair around.

I could now see my reflection in the mirror. I was looking at an entirely different person. Although Mistress Barbie would have achieved a similar result, the thrill was heightened by the fact that it was no longer merely a secret activity. I was now in public, and there was no way I could possibly undo any of it without people seeing me. I blushed hard. The makeup covered the signs of it, but Mistress Barbie noticed it effortlessly.

“That’s right, Bambi. This is what you wanted, remember?” Mistress Barbie reminded me. “And now that you’ve had your fun, it’s my turn.”

I looked at Mistress Barbie in shock. “What do you mean, Mistress?” I asked.

“Make me regret it,” she quoted. “I fully intend to uphold that promise.”

And with that, she paid the receptionist and took me out into the mall again. Seeing my reflection in the mall’s many mirrors made me feel very self-aware. On one side, there was the perfect feminine face and the long, pink nails… And on the other side, my masculine clothing… The mismatch drew a lot of attention to me, but there was no way I could escape it. I simply had to endure it. Without a doubt, Mistress Barbie enjoyed every single second of it.

“In here,” Mistress Barbie suddenly said, pointing at a tattoo parlor. It seemed a little out of place to have a tattoo parlor in a ‘dollhouse’, but the design of the store was overflowing with pink and pastel colors, making it look like a parlor for both the badass and the girly.

Despite my confusion regarding the parlor’s place within a dollhouse, I quietly followed along. Entering the parlor, I realized they also did piercings, and it quickly made sense to me. Mistress Barbie probably wanted to get my ears pierced! Of course!

Mistress Barbie approached the clerk and said, “I’m looking to get a piercing and tattoo for my sissy doll, Bambi.” Thankfully, the parlor was nearly empty, as Mistress Barbie’s message was loud enough to get everybody’s attention. I quickly looked down at the ground in an attempt to hide my face.

The clerk gave it no second thought, brought us to a private room, and instructed us to wait for the professional.

“A piercing and tattoo?” I anxiously asked Mistress Barbie.

“Of course. Is there anything that lasts longer than a tattoo?” Mistress Barbie teasingly answered.

The door opened, and a woman in ripped jeans and a white tank top entered. “Hi, my name is Mary. What can I do for you today?”

“Well, Mary,” Mistress Barbie began. “My Sissy here is looking to get herself some work done.”

Mary gave a quick look in my direction and replied, “That explains the outfit. I assume you’re still getting that sorted out too?”

“Yes, right after we’re done here, actually,” Mistress Barbie replied. “But first she needs to get herself a cute belly button piercing and a special little tattoo.”

“A belly button tattoo? Cute and sexy!” Mary responded. “Alright, take your shirt off and lie down,” She instructed me.

I did as she asked while Mistress Barbie and Mary went through a catalog of belly button piercings. “This one!” Mistress Barbie eventually said. Mary left the room to get the piercing. When she came back, she used a scissor-like tool at my belly button to pressurize the skin. “Don’t worry, this will be done within a minute. Just close your eyes. You’ll barely feel it,” she comforted me.

Before I knew it, Mary had already pushed a needle through my skin. The piercing was shortly thereafter attached to the needle, before it was pulled out through the exit wound, and disconnected from the piercing, leaving it on the inside of my skin. She then closed the piercing off with the stud that Mistress Barbie had chosen, to ensure it would not be able to come back out.

“All done! Nice and easy!” Mary said. “You didn’t even bleed.”

I looked down at my belly button to confirm it. It was truly there… I had a belly button piercing now… Mistress Barbie eagerly took a picture. “I’m saving this one for Twitter!” she said excitedly. “You’re gonna be wearing a cute little crop top later today to show that jewelry off!”

“You also wanted a tattoo?” Mary interrupted.

Mistress Barbie refocused her thoughts. “Yes,” she said. “Bambi is my sissy, and I want to make sure everybody knows that. So I’m looking for a tattoo to express that.”

“Hm, okay…” Mary pondered. “So, like an icon tattoo, like a barcode or something? Or more text-based, like an ‘owned by’ tattoo?”

“Both. She’ll take both,” Mistress Barbie replied without hesitation. “A pink barcode tattoo right above her chastity cage. ‘Owned by’ above it, and ‘Mistress Barbie’ below it. Oh, and make the text color white and outline it with pink or a lightish purple. I want it personalized in a Barbie-like style!”

“Oof,” Mary expressed with a painful face. “There? For her first tattoo? That complex? Are you certain?”

With determination, Mistress Barbie said, “Yes. bursa escort bayan She can handle it.”

I nodded wordlessly and thought to myself, If I got through the piercing, I can get through this too.

“I doubt that, but if you’re both certain, I’ll do it,” Mary said. She quickly designed a basic barcode design and drew out the ‘Property of Mistress Barbie’ letters mimicking a Barbie-like font, printed it mirrored, and stuck it on my shaven pubic area to leave an imprint of the tattoo design to trace with the tattoo machine.

Mary left temporarily, and shortly thereafter came back with her tattoo gear and some leather straps. “These straps are to tie you down,” she explained. “Your tattoo will be in a highly sensitive area, and it’s in your best interest to remain absolutely still. So we’ll have to strap you down as a safety precaution,” she continued as she tightly strapped my legs, arms, and stomach to the chair.

“Alright…” Mary said as she turned on her tattoo machine. “Here we go…” She moved the tattoo machine closer to my body. As I felt it pierce my skin and inject the ink into it, I quickly tensed up. The pain I felt was not comparable to the pain of the piercing in the slightest. My eyes went wide open from shock and before I knew it, my vision faded, and my consciousness with it.

When I awoke again, Mary had already finished the tattoo, cleaned the skin, and applied a clear tattoo bandage on top of it. “Told you she wouldn’t be able to handle it,” Mary said with a friendly laugh.

“She may have missed out on the process, but she can enjoy the result of it forever,” Mistress Barbie replied with a laugh of her own. “It’s a beautiful tattoo, Sissy,” she said, admiring the final results of her ‘owned by Mistress Barbie’ tattoo. “But now it’s time to get dressed, we’ve got places to be!”

I carefully pulled up my underwear and pants to not irritate my sensitive, freshly tattooed skin, straightened my shirt, and followed Mistress Barbie out of the parlor. I was relieved the tattoo was one of the last things on our list, as the position made walking rather uncomfortable. Soon we would go to the cinema and I’d hopefully get to sit down for a little while again, before going home.

“This way!” Mistress Barbie said, guiding me into a Victoria’s Secret store. She took my hand and made a beeline to the lingerie section. Looking around for a few seconds, she said, “There it is!” and pulled out a Creamsicle Lace thong and underwire bra. “This pink lingerie set is going to be perfect. Now we can have matching sets!” she exclaimed joyfully.

“Here, try a few sizes on and find your size,” she said, handing me a couple of different sizes and rushing me to the changing booth. “I’ll find you something feminine to wear to leave the store with. You’re not leaving here in your yucky boy clothes,” she added.

After stripping down to nothing but my underwear in the changing booth, and trying on a few different sizes of the bra and thong on top of said underwear, I decided on the sizes I felt most comfortable with, and got dressed again. I walked out to meet Mistress Barbie, only to find she had already found ‘suitable’ clothing for me to wear out of the store.

“You can keep the lingerie on, Bambi. We’ll pay for it here,” she said. “And try these on! I bet you’d like cute in them, and they’d show off your new piercing too!” She waved around a pink Cotton V Crossover Skort, a pink cropped tank top, and a pair of bleached ceramic Kinetic Breakthru Tech Lace sneakers. “When you’ve changed into your proper clothing, bring out your boy stuff and empty your pockets, because we’re getting you a cute pink shoulder bag and tossing all your boy stuff in the trash right outside the store.”

A combination of panic and excitement hit me. Once again, I was in a position where I could make a choice… Leave now and save ‘some’ of my masculinity, or continue and lose it all, accepting my femininity under Mistress Barbie’s command. The decision didn’t take long to make, however, as I found myself excitedly heading back into the changing rooms.

When I came back out, I felt empowered and feminine. The only things that could still give my biological gender away were my voice and the way I carried myself, and even those would only remain temporary problems, as I was sure Mistress Barbie would help me feminize both in due time.

We left the store, threw my old clothes in the trash, and headed toward the cinema for which Stephany had given Mistress Barbie a voucher. On our way there, we walked past an Ann Summers store. “Wait here!” Mistress Barbie said. She took my shoulder bag and quickly entered the store. I patiently waited and after a few minutes, Mistress Barbie came back out sporting a wicked smile.

“Go on, open it!” She said, giving me the shoulder bag back. I opened it, only to find it was now filled with different sizes of butt plugs and dildos. “I’ll make you start wearing these plugs in public from now on. To make you get used to the feeling of being filled up.” She giggled and added, “Eventually, I’ll deny you the use of plugs and you’ll feel weird about the empty feeling. I’ll have you begging me to have someone fill you up before you know it!” She laughed. I was speechless. But deep inside, I knew it was likely the inevitable future that awaited me.

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