A True Slave Daughter Ch. 01

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People are always seeking someone to satisfy their needs. These needs may change in time, as well as who they need. When you are young, you know very little about life or yourself. It means some changes are inevitable during your lifetime. Despite this fact, you still make important decisions like marriage, even though it concerns the quality of your life for long term.

When I got married I was thinking my wife, Betty, was the right person to spend my whole life with. She gave birth to our daughter Karen, one year after our marriage. It was such a wonderful moment in our life. We were a real family. Good things and bad things always come in the same package so there were some critical side effects of such a change. Betty soon started to become a loving, caring mother, which was a very good thing but she neglected to be the same lover I got married with, which was a very bad thing. On my side, I also changed into a very demanding and dominant man in time. In order to make the story short a divorce was inevitable even at that time but it happened after 15 years of marriage. To the questions may come to your mind, my obvious answer is yes, I cheated on her on many occasions but she never committed such an act as far as I know.

I relocated in another state far from the one my ex-wife and my daughter lived in. I kept supporting them at a distance for many long years. Somehow we always managed to have good relations that made life much easier for all of us.

I was a management consultant serving some companies at executive level, so I had enough time and money for myself to satisfy the unusual needs that I had developed. As a consequence, I gained much further experience in dominating and using submissive women and girls sexually. I am sure they enjoyed it a lot serving me at their limits. As you may guess, I am a dominant man and I like to push my submissive women’s limits and use them at the extreme level possible.

Betty never got married again. Karen became a lawyer and started her career at a local law firm. She got married to Jeff who was also a lawyer at the same firm. She never asked my advice. It was her decision and I respected it. I hardly knew Jeff anyway. Betty mentioned to me a few times on the phone that they were quite happy and that was all what I needed to know as a father.

It was in my to-do list to visit them after their marriage but I postponed doing it. I had just started to feel uncomfortable about the situation I created when Karen called me to inform that she would be visiting one of their customers in my town. It was a three-day business trip from the next Wednesday to Friday. She wouldn’t be alone, but with a couple of lawyers from the same firm. They were going to stay at a business hotel in the town. It would be a very tight schedule for them but she could save one evening for me and asked if I could have time to meet with her after their meeting on Thursday evening. I would be available all day and suggested to have a dinner at my place for convenience, since my house was in between the meeting place and the hotel. We planned it on the phone quickly. According to the plan, she would be in my place at 5:30PM and I would take her to the hotel before 11:00PM. It was a relief for me to be honest.

I prepared everything neatly on that day. She was on time. It didn’t surprise me to see a beautiful young businesswoman at my door. She was wearing a high quality black suit, white shirt, sunglasses, high-heeled shoes and no stockings. I hugged her tight and kissed her on the cheeks several times to display how much I missed her.

I asked her how hungry klasbahis güvenilirmi she was. “I am starving” was her reply.

We ate much and talked less at first, and then did the opposite. She said it a few times that she enjoyed everything but the wine at most, which was a rare Cabernet Sauvignon from Italy I had saved for such an occasion.

She talked and I listened to her carefully. It was all about her business for more than an hour. What I understood, she was doing very well. I could see in her eyes the excitement and could feel her ambition of being a much better lawyer in time.

Life was not about only business so I had to ask her how Jeff was doing. To my surprise, the excitement in her eyes disappeared immediately.

“He is doing OK.” was her answer. It was short and carrying no emotion. I hesitated for a moment how to continue and then decided to dig into it.

“Your Mom thinks he is a very good husband to you.” I said it for a purpose, which was to see her immediate reaction.

“She thinks so,” she said and stopped talking, instead sipping at her wine. I was sure there was something wrong.

“What is the problem?”

She looked at the wine glass avoiding any eye contact with me for some time and then looked into my eyes and said “The problem. It is a problem for him that he is being very kind to me.” There was a fake smile on her face. I needed a small break before going into deeper.

“I have a box of Cohiba1966 Limited Edition”. She looked puzzled and obviously had no idea of Cuban cigars. I had to give her some brief information about Cuban cigars and the brand I had just mentioned. She showed an obvious interest in trying one cigar together with the wine. I placed the box onto the dining table and prepared one cigar for her and one for myself. First I demonstrated to her how to smoke and she copied me immediately. I saw the excitement on her face again. She was enjoying it, a perfect combination of a high quality smoke and a rare red wine, so I let her enjoy that moment. We talked about such pleasures of life’s offerings to us, and the different tastes that had already been discovered and were to be discovered in the future. We both knew we had been delaying a conversation about her marriage and it was just about to come.

“He might be a kind husband but not the man you need.” I said and waited for her to respond. She didn’t say anything but nodded.

“Huh, I didn’t know that my daughter was a filthy slut.” I said with a smiling face as if it was a joke. She joined me with laughter.

“Not really,” She said. “It is not even close. I am still an innocent little girl.” She was laughing at what she was saying.

“I didn’t buy what you said. He must be the innocent one not you, little naughty girl.” We were both laughing loud.

“Poor Jeff.” She said and I repeated it “Poor Jeff.” There happened to be more jokes and more laughter. The limited time was passing quickly.

I helped her to stand up by reaching her hand and pulling her when she asked permission to go to the bathroom.

“This way.” I said pointing at the door. She had just taken a step toward the door and I was looking at her buttocks. I wanted to slap her bottom and I did. I hit her right buttock using my right hand. It was a bit harder than I had intended.

“Hurry-up.” came from my mouth with the slap.

“Ouch,” She looked at me back and rubbed her bottom. “That was hard.” She said with a smiling face.

“Go.” I said and she left the room. Her hand was still on her bottom, rubbing herself.

She came klasbahis yeni giriş back after a few minutes. I checked the clock to see it was 8:33 PM.

“Are you good?” I asked.

“Yes, I am,” She said and continued, “No mark left.”

“What mark?” I suddenly realized she had examined her bottom at the bathroom mirror.

“You know, Jeff might get a wrong idea I thought and, ” She stopped when she saw the expression on my face. “What? Is that wrong?”

“Nope,” I said, “It is normal. I just didn’t think it was that hard”

“It was and it is still sore.” She brought her hand onto her slapped bottom again.

“Sorry Karen, I didn’t mean that,” I apologized but couldn’t help me to smile “but you did deserved it.”

“No, I didn’t.” She objected. She was smiling again. “Maybe a little but not that hard.”

“Come on you little pain slut. Don’t lie to me!” I said it as if I was joking.

“Oh Dad, what are you saying to me?”

I knew one thing very well, which was a submissive look. She was very submissive in my opinion. I started to think her marriage was a huge mistake. I might help her. I should help her. She should know what she is, who she is. All of this came to my mind immediately. I was sure I would do that.

“Honey, you are desperate for pain.”

“Really, is that what you think?”

“Yes, and there is more”

“Like what?”

“You like to be treated rough and hard, like a whore maybe.”

“That was harsh.”

“I think it is a fact, Karen. I can easily tell what is missing in your life.”


“Hard sex, in the first place.”

“Huh, what is your hard sex definition?”

“It is like hair pulling, spanking, slapping, pinching, and leaving marks on your body.”

I was going very slow to observe her reaction after each word came out from my mouth and I continued, “Deep-throat mouth fucking.”

She was almost mesmerized.

“Hard anal sex. Calling you names, very dirty names. Humiliation and maybe some degrading.”

It was more than she could handle and she reacted, “Oh no, no, you are getting a very wrong idea about me.”

I stopped talking and looked into her eyes, “Sorry baby. It must be the wine and my bad imagination. Forget all,” and added, “If I am wrong?” It was a tricky question indeed, she didn’t reply.

“No more wine.” I said moving the glasses away on the table. I stood up. “Coffee?” I asked, as if I was going to the coffee machine.

“Yes, please” She said. She forced herself to smile at me again looking into my eyes. She was disturbed very much.

I never took a step toward the coffee machine. I looked at her for a moment and then slapped her face hard.

“Oh, no!” was the only sound from her. She was in shock, trembling and holding her head between her hands, as if trying to protect herself from another slap.

“Don’t!” I said while grabbing her hair and forcing her to look at me again.

“Put your hands down!” She obeyed.

“Look at me in the eyes!” She obeyed again.

“You are a dirty little whore,” I said and asked, “Tell me what you are!”

She said nothing but looked into my eyes. I didn’t ask again, but slapped her face hard one more time. Her hands didn’t move. She said nothing but kept looking at me in the eyes.

“You should have answered me. You did say neither a yes, nor a no. It means you know you are a dirty little whore inside.” I reached for her face and rubbed the back of my right hand on her right cheek, I haven’t slapped yet.

“Be a good girl and tell me with your own words klasbahis giriş what you are. ” I asked again and received no answer from her. She knew what I was going to do next and she waited for it. It came very hard on her right cheek.

“Ouch!” was the only sound from her. She was soon looking into my eyes again.

“Hmm, your pain threshold is definitely high.” I said as if I was thinking something else and added, “I wonder if you could handle it.” It was just to make her curious about what I was going to do.

“Don’t move anywhere.” I ordered her and left the room. I knew she was going to obey me. She had her own reasons. They were the curiosity, the challenge, and the chance of discovering herself. She knew I had already discovered her dark side she had been hiding from everybody for long time. It was a unique chance for her to go a bit further. She also knew I wouldn’t hurt her since I was the father. She was a very clever girl.

I found her at the same place and in the same position when I came back. She looked at what I was holding in my hand. She was mesmerized.

“No, you can’t do this to me. There is no way you can use it on me.”

I knew the actual reason and it wasn’t the pain, but the marks I would leave on her body. It was the fear of being discovered by her husband and maybe her mother. She already knew about cane marks, cutting cane marks would be lasting long.

“Too late, you will take it as a big girl now. You will be caned!” I said.

“Please, I would do anything else and yes I am a dirty little whore, and yes you were right all about them and more.” She started begging to me. Her resistance was just broken. It was too easy and the reason behind it was not her submissiveness, but her fear of being discovered by the others. I hadn’t intended to use such a fear. What I wanted for her was to acknowledge her deep submissive needs. That was my intention.

“Bend over the dining table!” I commanded.

“No, please!” She tried to object.

“Just bend over that damn table!” I ordered her louder.

“Oh, God.” She said and bent over the dining table as instructed. I had already decided not to use the cane and not to leave marks on her body, but to spank her long and slow. It was up to her to go further for her needs afterwards. The time was very limited and it was the best I could do for her for the time being. It still would be a significant progress on her side.

For my part, I did a very good job. I spanked her slow and long. She was as quiet as she could be. I checked the clock when I was done. It was 9:27PM.

“That’s it. You may rise.” I instructed her and added, “You may now go to the bathroom to masturbate.” I left the room indicating that I would be in the living room.

She came to the living room after a few minutes. I wasn’t surprised when she said she was done. But I was surprised when she said, “Thank you, Sir.”

I knew she had no more fear at that moment. I still had to ask a question to make it evident to both of us.

“Are you going to divorce him?”

“Yes I am, Sir.”

I was happy for her and was proud of myself for that very quick achievement.

“May I tell you something, Sir?” She interrupted my thought. I already knew what she was going to tell.

“Go and bend over that damn table!” I said.

“Thank you, Sir.” She said.

She was rewarded by cane for the first time in her life at that night. I left five proper cane marks on her bottom. I took her to the hotel just before 11:00PM, which was in-line with the original plan.

When I came back home there was a text message on my phone from her.

“I feel I am your property now and forever. If you wish to own me as a novice slave, I will be at your service before these beautiful marks you left on my bottom disappear.”

I thought for couple of seconds and typed, “Yes”.

to be continued…

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