A Tuesday Night

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“I want you.” I whisper into her sleeping ear.

Laying next to her, listening to her breathe, listening so hard to see if I can hear her dreams. Watching her chest rise and fall. Her hair is a jungle created from tossing and turning, it’s like the sky as the world turns, going from golden at the edges to darkness as it travels to her core. Her shirt is displaced, exposing some of her right hip and stomach. My fingertips orbit her surface, close enough to feel her heat, making the tips tingle as if they were being held above a candle flame. I’m desperate to touch her, but I don’t want to wake her.

“I want you, badly.” I whisper again.

I gently pull the sheet away, exposing all of her to me. She stirs and I hold my breath.

“Not yet. Let me take you all in first.” I say into the darkness.

Her shorts are loose, a small gap in between her and the cloth created by her hips. The darkness of her abyss and how I want to plunge into it. My fingertips trace an outline in the air of her smooth legs. My heart is pounding, loud enough to be heard in the room. I, am throbbing.

I’m startled by the sound of her voice in the dark. “I can feel you thinking, Boy.” she says. “I’d rather feel you acting. Don’t make me tell you again.” I grin.

I slide my fingertips across her right hip to her stomach. She tenses. They slip just under the cloth border of her shorts. I’m traveling along her equator, sliding back and forth, faster and with more pressure. Her body begins to sway with my hand, back and forth. Her hips arc up brining her closer to my tips, I know that she’s already wet. I turn my head and look at her, those eyes glowing in the dark, her lips wet from running her tongue over them, the bottom one pinned between her teeth. I gently lick it, then kiss her. She pushes forward and kisses me back. Her hands raise and plunge into my hair, clamping down. It stings, but feels wonderful. I say, with my lips pressed against her’s so she can feel my words

“Not yet. Be a good girl and keep your hands to yourself. You’ll get your turn, but for now, you are mine.” I tell her.

She bites my lip, but relaxes her hands and obeys. I smile knowing how much she hates giving in. My sight explodes white and my face stings as her right hand strikes, but my smile deepens.

“Don’t tuzla escort bayanlar smile Boy, you only think you’re in command here.” She hisses. But her hands fall away.

“Good girl. Baby girl.” I mumble and close my eyes waiting for the second strike, but it doesn’t come.

“You were expecting it. I’ll never do what you’re expecting.” she says.

She knows me well. But, her sentence ends abruptly as I squeeze her left nipple between my fingers. I feel her entire body tense and release as I do. I push her shirt up exposing her breasts in the grey light and run my tongue around the left one, caressing it where I squeezed. I feel her arms start to move and I gently bite down on the nipple and whisper through my teeth “No.” And they stop. I’m going to pay for all of this. I know that.

With her nipple in my mouth, my ear is pressed against her chest. The thunderous thudding of her heart makes my throbbing worse. I lean back and touch my fingers to her lips. She kisses and licks them. I slide them down her chin to her throat, to her chest, swaying them like a slithering snake, watching the goose flesh appear in it’s wake. Our breathing is getting faster. I want her so badly, my heart pounding away, I’m light headed. My hand stops at her belly button, tracing it with my thumb, penetrating it with my tongue and leaving it with a wet kiss. My fingers continue their journey down, into her shorts. She begins to squirm as my fingers dance just below her waistline. I can feel her throbbing under fingers while I kiss, lick, and gnaw on her hip. They arc as I bite down when my fingers finally reach their intended destination. She moans as they make the gentle first contact. Her pussy is hot and wet, pulsating. Her clit hums under the tip of my index finger. I put my left hand on her chest and feel her heart, my mouth clamped and drooling on her right hip, my hand, fingertips moist, slide between her lips, parting them all the way down. I unclamp my teeth rest my head on her stomach. I bring my glistening fingertips to my mouth and ever so gently touch them to my tongue. She tastes exquisite. The freshest juice from her most delicious fruit. Those few drops set me ablaze, my blood boiling, my thirst for her unquenchable now, but I stay restrained. All of the muscles istanbul tuzla escort in my back and shoulders are tensed and tight from the reaction, but I relax them. I slide my fingers back to her slit, pushing a little deeper this time, she moans and squirms. Her heart is hammering. I nourish myself again with her juice. This time rubbing it on my lips as well. I wish to bathe in her. Swim in her. Drown in her. I rise to my knees, lift her legs up and slide under while lowering them around me.

Sitting on my feet, her legs are draped over my thighs, I pull my shirt off and throw it on the floor. I fall forward, landing on my hands, lowering slowly to her lips, kissing them. Her body arcs towards me, grinding against my throbbing dick. Even with clothes between us, the current is strong, the contact, electric. My back, shoulders, and arms tense. She feels it too and bites my lip, holding us together.

“Easy baby girl, I still need that to do what I need to do.” I say.She lets go with a snap, and I wince.

“More acting, less talking.” she replies.

My vision goes white again and my cheek stings. “And that is for calling me baby girl. Again. I am not your baby, let alone your girl, Boy. Remember that.” she snarls “Now carry on.” I know she likes it when I call her that, but I’ll just keep that to myself.

I lean back, grabbing her chin with my left hand, not hard, but firm. “Raise your hips, Woman.” I say clearly and deeply in the dark. She does, but only after staring at me for a few seconds. My patience is virtuous. The fire in her gaze could singe my soul, but I stare right back into her glowing eyes. It would be a wonderful way to go. My right hand grabs the waist of her shorts, pulling them toward me. I release my hold on her face and drop my gaze. I push her down onto the bed. I reach out to my sides, gently cupping my hands under her calves starting to raise them. Half way up, I meet resistance. Christ is strong. Stronger than me, no doubt. She grins, knowing my dismay, then allows me to continue their ascension. I push them together and slide off her shorts who join my shirt on the floor. Before returning her legs to the bed, I kiss the bottom of each foot while staring at her over her toes.

I fall forward and kiss her again. First kartal escort her lips, then chin, pushing her had back toward the pillow. “I want you, Woman. Granted or denied?” I whisper. A long silence fills in around us. I stay perfectly still, waiting.

She looks me at me before saying “Granted, Boy.” My hands find their way down behind her knees, I push her legs towards her slowly sliding down the underside of her length. Kissing her chest on the way, licking her stomach and pausing on the small patch of hair right above her honey dripping pussy. It’s time to quench my thirst.

I drag my fingers along the backs of her thighs, pushing them aside, exposing her to me. My tongue makes first contact with her lips, then gently parting and spreading them. I open my mouth wide, drinking deep from the fountain of her. Feeling the burning lava of her lust slide all the way down my throat. My body explodes with her inside me. I spread her wider, as far as she goes and smother her clit with my tongue. Her body bucks and grinds against my face. She is so wet and delicious. The Fountain of The Woman, making my body blaze. We are on fire and the whole world is burning with us.

I lick my fingers, sliding two of them into her. She squeezes as they penetrate. Sliding in and out, wiggling them back and forth, my mouth all over her pussy, licking her clit, sucking it, licking around my fingers as they penetrate and retreat. In. Out. My tongue licking and slurping, drinking every drop of her. I ache to join my fingers inside her. I’m even more lightheaded now, heart racing. Every drop of her is gasoline on my fire. My body trembles with desire. Every nerve a tiny flame burning brightly. I slide out of my underwear and slither my way back to her face. My lips and beard dripping with her. We kiss, she licks my lips, bites them. Her hands in my hair now, grabbing hard, pulling my face io her’s. Pressing our foreheads together. Her legs rise and wrap around me, locking me in. Face to face, eye to eye, soul to soul, our lips seal the union.

“I want to be inside you. I want to make us one. I want to finish you. Granted or denied?” I utter every syllable, slowly against her lips. I want her to feel my words. Feel them, deeply. Her grip tightens in my hair, her legs squeezing the air out of me.

“Granted…” she groans.

I side myself into her, the lock to my key. I’m so hard and met no resistance as I pierce her. My vision goes white again, not from a strike of her hand, but from the ecstasy of her body. In the moment when I am fully into her and my hips meet her body, our souls collide from the force. We both gasp.

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