A Twinkle in the Twilight Act 01

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I’m one of a dying breed most folks would say. My name is Randy, I’m in my early forties, and I’ve been a handy man ever since I suffered an emotional collapse due to stress in the sacred halls of justice nearly 10 years ago. I’ve always been good with my hands so this seemed to be the logical transition. To wit: Law to labor.

Anyway, I received a phone call from Paul Watkins last evening telling me that his mother, Maude Watkins, had problems with the plumbing in her kitchen. She was a stubborn woman, and to the best of her ability, extremely independent. According to Paul, an English Professor at the local University, neither he nor his mother was able to resolve her problem. Ergo, my trip to the Watkins house bright and early this morning.

I knocked on the back door. Repairmen always go to the back door except in T. V. commercials.

“It’s open,” shouted an angry female voice.

I eased open the door and entered a small porch. From there I found a doorway leading to the kitchen, and I immediately knew that’s where I was needed. From my vantage point I could see the doors beneath the kitchen sink wide open. I could also see most of a woman’s butt protruding from the space under the sink. This butt was partially covered by a short housecoat type garment, but the part that was left bare was most interesting. For a moment I forgot what brought me to this particular spot.

“Ma’am,” I said clearing my throat.

“What?” the female voice barked. She continued to wrestle with the problem beneath the sink.

“Your son asked me to come by and see if I could help with your problem, Ma’am.” I explained.

She was on all fours. She backed out of the hole in the cabinet but not without an involuntary display of fleshy ass cheeks in motion.

I was surprised that the sight went directly to my pecker. I could feel it swell slightly.

“I didn’t ask for help,” she said rather tersely. She turned and sat on the kitchen floor providing another provocative exhibit. She had full thighs and more than ample breasts. Her face was beginning to show mileage, but she had pleasant features. All in all, the vision was adding girth to my member.

“I think he was embarrassed because he could not repair your plumbing,” I suggested, “so he asked me to lend a hand. I’ve had some experience with these matters.”

“You have, huh?” she asked while eying me critically. Then after a brief pause, “Well, you can’t do anything from up there. Come down here and take a look.” She wiggled her butt in an effort to make room for me, but her efforts were of little help.

I got down on my hands and knees and entered the door opening. Our bodies were touching, and I noticed she made no effort to move away. When she turned on her side to point out where the problem was she caused her body to press against mine from knees to chest. Now my cock was getting unruly. I had never had vintage pussy, but this body was putting all sorts of wicked thoughts into my head.

“You see where this drain makes a “U”? Well, it’s leaking, and I can’t even remove the joint to stop the leak.” While pointing out the problem, she had extended her arm toward the plumbing, and in the process, she had brought her right breast up firmly against my cheek. I tried to do the proper thing and move away from the temptation, but the area was too confining. casino siteleri My dick got harder.

“Ma’am,” I said hoarsely, “we’ve got a problem.”

“I know,” she said with obvious signs of heavy breathing in her voice. “I can feel it, but you’re here to fix the plumbing, not me – Right?”

“That’s right, ma’am.”

“Okay, but I think I should take a look at your tool. Maybe we can re-negotiate the job.”

“Be careful, ma’am. I’m not wearing anything under these coveralls.”

“Splendid,” she whispered as she pulled the lower zipper up nearly to my navel. My cock was so primed that it practically jumped out at her. “Oooh,” was all she said as she wrapped a soft, warm hand around my rod. “Does this boy get much action?”

“Not enough, ma’am,” I said truthfully. “In fact, it’s been over a year.”

She slid her hand farther into my coveralls, and gently caressed my balls. “I’m surprised these fellows haven’t exploded.”

“They’re on the verge at this very minute, ma’am.”

“Poor baby,” she murmured as she worked her body down to where her mouth could come into play. I flinched and sighed at the same time. Like I said, it had been over a year. This was not her first experience with oral sex. Her mouth was doing marvelous things to my cock.

I was becoming so aroused that I just had to respond to her affection in some way. These confined quarters made it virtually impossible to make contact other than with my dick. I pumped it in her mouth, and she responded by sinking her teeth gently into the shaft. That was a first for me, but I liked it. I liked everything she was doing.

As Maude continued with her marvelous attention to my pecker, I commenced to inch my body out from under the cabinet. Naturally, she moved as my cock moved. This caterpillar retreat took some time, but so did Maude. She didn’t miss a beat during the entire maneuver, and when I finally worked my body clear of the enclosure where I could roll over on my back so did she.

As I told Maude a few minutes ago, I had been without nookie for over a year. My balls were shamefully out of practice so they spurted their surprise prematurely but generously into the depths of her throat. Maude was neither surprised nor upset. She accepted my offering greedily and graciously squeezing my balls as I spurted.

“Wow,” she gasped as she disengaged from my hose, “it has been a while, hasn’t it?” Her hand still held my cock firmly as she moved it slowly up and down the shank of my tool,

“That was true,” I admitted, “but you certainly took care of that, didn’t you?”

“Did you like it?” she asked.

“No,” I said dryly, and then before she could protest I added, “I loved it. I’ll bet you have done that a lot over the years, haven’t you?”

“If I like something,” she said revealing she was still a little short of breath, “I learn to do it well.”

“What else do you like?” I eagerly inquired.

“Why don’t you find out?” she asked. She was still fondling my cock, but she turned her body so that the sash on her robe was easy to reach. “I haven’t had a tongue in my pussy in over ten years. Do you have a remedy?”

“Making pussies smile used to be one of my specialties. With a little practice, I believe I could remember the techniques I once used.” I reached out and pulled the sash. When her canlı casino robe fell open, she shrugged her shoulders making it drop to the kitchen floor. She was wearing panties, but not a bra. I gazed upon the biggest tits I had ever seen. Maude must have seen my eyes.

“And they’re real, sonny. Feel.”

I did and she was right. I lifted one of her flesh mountains, and gently sucked her large nipple into my mouth. “Mmmmm,” I moaned.

“Ahhhh.” She sighed, and then, “make yourself at home. Your mouth feels heavenly.”

“These are the largest boobs I have ever touched,” I said. “I want to gobble them up, but I don’t know where to start.”

“No problem,” Maude sighed. “Take your time. I’m still having fun with your lizard,” she chuckled. My lizard was enjoying her attention as well.

“Do you eat pussy?” she asked matter-of-factly.

“I have, and I enjoy it immensely,” Randy told her, “but I haven’t had an opportunity lately.”

“Continue what you’re doing, but while you are at it, feel my crotch.”

Her snatch was saturated with her arousal juices, and her vulva was swollen into fat lips. This treasure was begging for attention.

“Think I’m horny?” she asked.

“I think you need to be fucked,” I stated quite frankly. “I’m surprised a good looking women like you doesn’t get all the cock she wants.”

“That troubled me for a while, too,” Maude said, “but I don’t go looking for it. I’m what you might call a recluse.”

“You have a handsome son,” I said. “Have you and he ever . . .”

“That’ll be the day,” she huffed. “He’s as queer as a $3.00 bill.”

“Are you serious?”

“When he graduated college he and his friends celebrated the occasion. He came home shit-faced drunk, crawled in bed with me, and fucked my ass. Honestly, I liked it even though he was a little rough with his initial entry.”

“I hear that is the ultimate sexual satisfaction for gays. His drunken condition must have allowed his sexual desires to forego any reservations about you being a woman and his mother. But you liked it, huh?”

“I hate to admit it under the circumstances, but I did. Of course, I’ve learned since that night that there are more gentler and pleasant ways to go about it.”

“There is,” I assured her. “I’ll show you, but first I am going to eat your pussy.”

“That sounds wickedly nasty,” Maude cried, “but I’ll let you.” She placed her hands flat on the floor and lifted her butt clear. “Pull.”

Her panties slid off effortlessly, and I tossed them, wet crotch and all, to the side.

“In spite of my age,” Maude confessed, “this is going to be new for me. I might need a little help.”

“You’re a natural. Now spread your legs.”

She giggled, but she did as she was told. She even pulled up her lower legs to rest against her buttocks. Her swollen and deeply aroused pussy was before me. She had a bumper crop of pubic hair that spread from near her navel to around her asshole. It consisted of soft, silky hairs recently washed and pleasant to the smell.


“Oh, yes,” she sighed and unnecessarily spread her legs a little wider.

I wet my forefinger and trailed it along her slit from her hood to her asshole. When she twitched slightly and giggled softly when my finger touched her asshole, I could not resist the temptation to kaçak casino insert my finger to the first knuckle in her hole. Her muscles clenched my finger tightly, and she exhaled a soft “oooh.” I repeated my journey twice more before I actually penetrated her hole seriously. First one finger sank to the second knuckle, and then two fingers went all the way to the hand. Her hips began to undulate under the touch of my fingers, and she began to moan softly as I continued my finger work.

When I was confident she was ready, I leaned down and pressed my lips against the uppermost area of her slit. From there my tongue fished around until it came in contact with her clitoris. She squealed when I began to massage her little bud. I pumped my fingers harder into her pussy, and I vigorously massaged her clit with my tongue. Her long-time dormant genitalia over reacted to this sudden onslaught of sexual arousal. Her orgasm was quick but undeniably fierce. She pumped her pussy against my face moaning sensually at the pleasure of her climax.

As I rose slowly from her valley of fuck, she gently caught me by the ears and guided my face to her monstrous boobs. With her hand behind my head, she buried my face in her cleavage. I moved my head from side to side removing all evidence of my contact with her pussy. When I rose up on my arms she was smiling sweetly at me.

“Kiss me?”

“Absolutely?” I replied.

“Was I any good?” she asked coyly.

“If you were any better, I don’t think my heart could stand it,” I declared.

“You’re just being nice to an old woman,” she purred..

“And that old woman, as you put, has been terrific to me.”

“Are you going to leave now?” Maude asked.

“I thought I would fuck you before I go,” I answered.

“Oh, I was hoping you would say that,” Maude said. “Now for that kiss you promised. I like lots of tongue with mine.”

“Oh, I think I can manage that. After all, a promise is a promise.”

I rolled up on top of this plump woman and lowered my head to meet her waiting mouth. Our lips met in a passionate embrace while our tongues engaged in a very active sword fight with lots of penetration both ways.

We were both surprised to see how quickly my cock was recovering. Maude had definitely drained my reservoir not long ago, but all outward signs indicated my lizard was ready to rise to the occasion once again.

Maude broke away from our embrace.

“I have to get a few things straight before we go any further. My name is Maude, and I am a 63 year old woman that hasn’t been with a man in years. I love your cock, and I would like to think this is not our last engagement. In fact, I hope we aren’t through today.”

“You’re right. It is about time we introduced ourselves because as far as I am concerned I have found a woman with all the female charms I, or any man, could ask for. My name is Randy, I’m 42 years old, and you are my first sexual encounter in over a year. We’re doing a hell of a job correcting that situation right now, and I am all for this arrangement to continue until we fuck each other bowlegged.”

“Bowlegged?” Maude roared with laughter, then, “promise?”

“Want a free home demonstration?” I asked wickedly.

“Oh, I do, I do,” she cried, “but first I think we should have something to eat besides your cock and my pussy, You know, something substantial and nutritious that we can chew up, digest, and pass on through in the name of ecology.”

“I’m not sure you can top what I had for breakfast, Maude.”

“Oh yeah? What did you have, smarty.”


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