A Very Difficult Daughter – Chap 2 – “It’s your body Sally”

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As the title suggests this is a sequel. It should be read after the first part,: A Very Difficult Daughter to get the best out of it.
I do suggest you read that first if you haven’t already. It is one of the highest rated stories on the site and if you don’t like that then you’ll probably be disappointed here.

You can get to it easily by clicking my name at the top of the page. Cheers MT


This was the day Jeff had been looking forward to for weeks. The day his daughter Sally was arriving to travel around Europe with Kylie and himself for a couple of months. He had missed Sally terribly in the year since she had gone to college and he and Kylie had left to see the world together.

At this moment his mind wasn’t on Sally; his mind and his eyes were on Kylie as she stood naked in front of the mirror brushing her wavy, golden hair after her shower.

After two years Jeff felt that Kylie was more beautiful every time he saw her. Every time they made love it was as sensual, as erotic, as thrilling and intense as the first time. More than that, every time it more loving Two years since Kylie had been the one who hadn’t cared about their age difference and had overcome his reservations to get him into bed.

Jeff’s reservations hadn’t been about his feelings towards Kylie; he realized later that he had fallen for her within half an hour of meeting her. His reservations hadn’t been about her looks, she was a stunning teenage beauty with a classically delicate bone structure, an expressive face which was most often in a beautiful smile. Her legs were long, shapely and slim, her B-C breasts, capped with pink aureoles were uplifted. Her pussy, on display from her Brazilian, was an enticing mound with plump, neat folds of feminine intimate excitement.

Jeff’s only reservation had been that when they had met he was 40 and Kylie was only 16, exactly the same age as Sally, his daughter. However those reservations had vanished forever when Kylie had finally managed to get him into bed..

Sally’s reservations about her father bonking a girl the same age as herself had taken longer to dispel but soon she and Kylie became soul-mates. The three lived together in Jeff’s apartment as Sally and Kylie finished their last year at school, During that year Sally had two boyfriends in what Jeff had guessed were intense relationships but Sally had finished them both of them within two weeks.

For most of that year, outside the bedroom, they were a almost inseparable. Going to movies, dancing, nightclubs and restaurants together, skiing and surfing and hiking or just sitting in his apartment reading and talking and laughing.

It had been a tearful farewell at the end of that year when Sally went away to college and Kylie and Jeff set off. They never had much money, they traveled economy, lived in backpackers, did menial jobs and were deliriously happy together.


Kylie could see Jeff watching her as she brushed her hair. He had chosen a position so that he could see the reflection of her front in the mirror as well as her back.

“God you’re a pervert,” she said with a mock frown. “Haven’t you got your eyeful yet?”

“Not in a million years.”

He went to Kylie and held her from behind and nuzzled her neck. His hands moved to cup her breasts and caress her nipples and she sighed and leaned back into him. She turned her head and shoulders so they could gently kiss with their tongues entwining.

Jeff’s right hand traced down Kylie’s stomach sending little shivers through her abs then moved to her pussy. Kylie took his left hand and looked at his wrist-watch.

“We’ve got time if you hurry.” Her voice was an urgent whisper as she took his hands away and went to the bed, kneeling down with her head on the pillow and her hands grasping the headboard.

Jeff looked at Kylie’s firm round buttocks pushing back and high and at her pussy and anus beckoning him. He pushed his trousers and briefs to his knees, knelt behind Kylie, eased his hard cock between her pussy lips and started a gentle motion.

“Hurry up. Harder,” hissed Kylie. “We don’t want to be late.”

Jeff’s ears and cock were now giving him exactly the same message and so he pounded. Kylie’s body bounced as his loins smacked into her backside, her cervix sent shudders through her womb as his knob banged deep. He could hear her delighted moans which increased his frenzy.

Kylie’s moans became panting whimpers and when Jeff felt her vagina convulsing from her orgasm and heard her primitive little shriek, he gave one last deep thrust and groaned ecstatically as he felt his load surge through his loins, through his rod, explode through his knob and spray into Kylie’s feminine depths.


They drove to Paris airport and Kylie didn’t say anything as she smiled and held Jeff’s hand between her thighs. Jeff thought about Kylie. How perfect their sex was: sometimes a frantic quickie as before, sometime staying in bed for intimate days at a time, sometimes going to sleep, cuddled in each other’s arms and legs with his erection deep inside her, not moving, just relishing the sensuous and devoted embrace.

Since he had met Kylie Jeff had never felt the slightest interest in any other woman. He couldn’t imagine being in bed with another woman, he was absolutely committed to Kylie for life: emotionally and physically and he knew she felt exactly the same about him..

“Jeff, how long will everything be as perfect as this?” Kylie leaned over and kissed his ear.

“Forever,” he replied instantly and with total certainty.

Kylie punched him hard on the arm. “You fucking shithead. How dare you say that,” she growled.

“What’s the matter? I said we’d love each other forever.”

“It’s going to be much longer than that.”

They parked their old campervan and Jeff’s thoughts turned to his daughter. When he and his wife had separated Sally lived with her mother and he had missed her through to his bones. It had been heart wrenching for them to part after such a short time together but had been no alternative.

They had spoken by phone, emailed and swapped photographs and videos and his anticipation mounted as he and Kylie went into the arrival lounge. Their timing was perfect as Sally was entering from the other end after coming through customs. Jeff almost ran the 50 meters to her and when she noticed him, Sally’s face broke into a wide smile, she took her hands off her luggage trolley and spread her arms to greet him.

Jeff and Sally stood in a bear like hug, their cheeks touching and didn’t say anything for half a minute. He started to feel her sobs and felt tears come to his eyes. Still holding his daughter, he drew his face back and gazed into her dark eyes.

“Nice to see you Sally,” he whispered.

“Nice to see you Dad,” she whispered, then laughed as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“It’s been far too long,” He pecked away her tears.

“Far, far too long. I love you so much Dad.” Sally kissed Jeff’s cheek and tightened her hug and Jeff felt his tears well up.

“And I love you, Sally,” he managed to croak, not trusting himself to talk any more, and hugged his daughter even more tightly.

“Hey, it’s my turn,” said Kylie indignantly after a few more seconds.

Reluctantly Jeff stood back and Kylie and Sally had a similarly all embracing hug and kissed the other’s cheek and tears of happiness flowed.

Jeff took the opportunity to look at Sally. There was a new elegance to her willowy, 18 year old beauty. Kylie was tall, but Sally was slightly taller. Kylie was slim but Sally was slightly slimmer. Sally was wearing jeans but Jeff remembered her legs which had seemed to go on forever.

Sally had inherited his black hair which was cut half way down her neck in a fashionable style. She had also inherited her father’s dark brown eyes and his strong bone structure. Her cheek bones were pronounced, her lips were full and her complexion had a wonderfully healthy glow.

“She’s really become something, quite something,” Jeff thought with fatherly pride. “Absolutely exquisite. I can’t understand why she can’t get a nice boyfriend.”

“The weather forecast is crap here for the next for days,” said Jeff as the got to the campervan. “We thought we might drive straight to the south-west coast to get some sun and surf.”

“Whatever you want Dad, we’ve got two months. I don’t care, it’s just so good to be here with you and Kylie,” Sally said as she settled onto the bench seat beside him.


None of them noticed the rain as the conversation and laughter flowed between the three. Jeff gave a little prayer of thanks that he and Kylie had been able to renew their relationships with Sally as though they had never been apart and he was glad to see Sally looking so happy and relaxed.

He glanced sideways to look at his daughter from time to time. She had been beautiful the year before, but now she had blossomed into such a classical beauty. He felt more fatherly pride. Once Sally noticed his gaze and smiled back at him and brushed his cheek with her lips.

“Hi Dad.”

“Hi Sally,” Jeff smiled as he tousled her hair with his free hand and was rewarded with a lovely smile which melted his heart.


At the camping ground they had a quick meal and Sally started yawning and said she was tired after her long flight. Jeff and Kylie went to their tent and left her to sleep in the campervan.

“Isn’t it perfect having Sally with us again,” said Kylie as she snuggled into Jeff.

“Sure is,” he agreed. “In some ways it seems as though we haven’t been apart. We’re all just fitting in together the same way as a year ago.”

“I do love her so much, we’re soul-sisters” sighed Kylie. “And it’s wonderful to see you looking so happy with her here again. The three of us are really special don’t you think?”

“Sure do.”

She’s even more beautiful than before, isn’t she?”

“Mmmm, she really is gorgeous.”

“I feel a bit sorry for her,” said Kylie. “I just love being in bed every night with you, and she’s by herself in the campervan.”

“Well we told her she could bring a boyfriend, but she didn’t have anyone. Maybe she’ll find someone on the trip.”

“Mmmmm maybe,” said Kylie, then she hugged Jeff and looked into his eyes.

“Now, Mr Jeff Bradley, don’t you dare give me one of those quickies you forced on me this morning.”

Jeff was about to protest that Kylie had been the one saying hurry up, but then said nothing as she kissed him with her open mouth, raised her knees high and guided his erection to her lubricated anus. Although they had had anal sex hundreds of times he still felt the same thrills as his knob pushed past her anus and into her smooth, tight bowel.

When Jeff was deep inside he didn’t move as Kylie clenched her sphincter muscles around his engorged cock. They gazed adoringly into the other’s face, loving the intimacy, loving the sensations and most of all loving that they were sharing with each other. Jeff commenced a gentle thrusting and Kylie mewed with delight then thrust her tongue deep into his mouth.

Jeff knew Kylie’s reactions well and kept her on the brink of her orgasm, slowing down as her panting became ragged, feeling her thrust her buttocks into him to heighten her delight. But he could tell when she couldn’t take the frustration any more and plunged deep into her anal cavity. Kylie lost control of her body as it trembled and gave a shriek of joy as her orgasm thudded through her vagina and bowel.

Kylie lay panting in Jeff’s arms, her face in a contented smile. Then, keeping her arms and legs around him and his flaccid cock inside her, she rolled onto her side and went to sleep with her head on his shoulder.

Jeff lay on his back and again thanked the Gods who had granted him paradise on earth. He adored Kylie and she adored him. They were kindred spirits, united forever with a sex-life that he had never even fantasized about before he had met her. He knew that as long as the sun rose in the east, he would never have sex with another woman.


It was still raining when they set off the next morning but the weather cleared briefly when they came to a beautiful old medieval town and they did some sightseeing.

Early on Jeff had learned that Kylie loved holding hands. At first he had resisted as, with their age difference, they attracted a lot of curious and sometimes antagonistic glances. Once he had tried to pull away.

“Why are you doing that?” Kylie had asked indignantly. “Don’t you like it?”

“Of course I do. But everyone stares at us. Look at those men.”

“They’re just jealous of you.”

Jeff had thought this was probably true. “But what about those women? They’re staring as well.”

“That’s because they jealous of me, silly.”

Kylie had stopped walking, had hugged him in a full frontal body hug in front of the voyeurs and had then kissed him passionately for a minute.

“Get used to it Buster. I’m not going to stop.”

He did get used to it and relaxed and enjoyed it. It was made easier when they got to continental Europe where hand holding was far more common. Girls and young women who were obviously not gay held hands and fathers held hand with daughters the same age as Kylie.

So it was natural that when Kylie walked between Jeff and Sally she held a hand of each of them. She sensed Sally’s unease.

“Everyone holds hands here,” said Kylie and Sally looked around, saw this was so, relaxed and soon felt it was just right.

They wandered around a church and a chateau then Jeff saw an indoor public swimming pool. With his and Kylie’s age difference he always made a big effort to keep in shape.

Neither girl wanted to swim so they had a coffee in the cafe beside the pool. This was the first opportunity for them to talk, just the two of them.

“Sally it’s so wonderful being together again. You’re more beautiful than ever.”

“You’re looking wonderful too. All this fucking must be doing you good. Still the same as a year ago. I heard you last night and this morning.” Sally giggled.

Kylie was embarrassed. “I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t be sorry and you mustn’t stop because of me. I think it’s great that you have a sex life like that,” Sally laughed then her face became sadder. “Sometimes I do feel a bit jealous. It’s never been like that for me.”

Kylie knew that with her looks and vivacity Sally had young men swarming around her. She knew that she had gone to bed with two of them in that year they all had together. Sally hadn’t talked about it, but Kylie could tell that it hadn’t been all that wonderful for her.

“Didn’t you meet some nice boys at college?”

“There were lot’s of nice boys and I did go with two of them.” Sally took Kylie’s hand. “I got excited as things built up, the first time in bed with each of them was exciting, but when I thought about it afterwards, it was sort of empty. The next times, without that first excitement, there really wasn’t anything. It must be my fault. There must be something wrong with me.”

“Don’t be silly, there’s nothing wrong with you. Those boys weren’t right for you and probably didn’t know what they’re supposed to do.”

“Well, I thought about that. And thinking about you and Dad I hitched up with an older guy through the internet.” Sally gave a quick laugh. “Older, that’s for sure. His photo must have been taken 10 years before. He was as old as Dad. A lot older in some ways, he was so boring and pompous. I didn’t even let him hold my hand.”

Both girls sipped their coffee and were quiet for a while.

“Kylie, I hope I’m not being rude ,” Sally’s voice canlı bahis was hesitant. “I can see how much you and Dad love each other, how happy you are and how your life is exciting and so much fun. But don’t you ever think about his age?”

Kylie had to restrain herself. Friends had sometimes asked this question and it annoyed her as it was none of their business. But Sally was her best friend and her question wasn’t prurient interest, she was looking for answers for herself..

“I don’t think about it. His mind isn’t old. You know that. You know how you enjoy his company; no way is he boring. He laughs so much, he’s so interested and so interesting and he’s always trying new things.”

Sally nodded as she remembered the wonderful year the three had together and how good it had been already on this trip.

“You think he’s old just because he’s your father,” said Kylie. “Look, he’s coming over. Forget he’s your father and forget the date on his birth certificate. Just look at him as a man.”

Sally looked up and deliberately cut from her mind that Jeff was her father.

He was walking towards them, grinning enthusiastically as usual. Sally looked at his body. Jeff was certainly not a body builder, but he was lean and had neat, well defined muscles. Sure there were a few smile lines around his eyes and mouth and a touch of gray on his side-burns but they just seemed to add character. Suddenly Sally she saw her father through Kylie’s eyes. She looked around and saw some other girls also watching him as well.

“Did you have a nice swim hunky Jeff?” Kylie asked as Jeff gave her a wet kiss.

“No, those young bastards challenged me to a race and thrashed me.”

“But I bet they weren’t exhausted like you were after this morning.”

“You’re looking in great shape these days . . . . hunky Dad,” giggled Sally.

“Even if I’m old enough to be your father?”

“Even if you are my father.”


As they drove through a town to camp that night Sally pointed out a nightclub and the others agreed that was a good idea.

Jeff waited for the girls to dress. It was worth his wait, Kylie twirled into the tent, her hair drawn back in an elegant style, eye shadow making her eyes seem even bigger and lipstick making her lips even more inviting. She wore a light pink dress with crazy red patterns. It was modestly low cut, showing a hint of cleavage, clung tightly to her wonderful body until it flared out from her hips. It came half way down her thighs.

“Do you like it?”

“You look absolutely gorgeous Kylie. Come here and be molested.”

She scampered into his outstretched arms and planted a big lipstick smudge on his cheek.

“Wait ’til you see Sally,” she whispered in his ear.

The weather had been cold all trip and Sally had worn jeans and a concealing bulky sweater all the time.

Sally came into the tent with a slightly self conscious expression. Her hair was drawn back tightly from her face, emphasizing her classic bone structure. Her cheekbones were more pronounced with a little makeup, her eyes seemed bigger with some mascara and eyeliner and red lipstick highlighted her brilliantly white teeth and generous lips.

Her dress seemed demure at first. Silver with black lightning shaped patterns. It was sleeveless showing her toned arms, it was high cut and and loose fitting. But Jeff could see how it clung to his daughter in all the right places with the shape of her breasts showing prominently. Sally’s dress was slightly longer than Kylie, to within 4 inches of her knee but the light material clung to her. Jeff’s saw the light musculature of her thighs and perfectly shaped calves and ankles.

He realized he could no longer think of Sally as his baby, as his girl. She was an extremely elegant and beautiful young woman. Slinkily sensuous.

“Sally, you’re exquisite, you should be a model. “ His voice came out as a croak.

Sally looked embarrassed but gave a little wriggle of her hips. “Do you like the dress Dad?”

Kylie laughed. “Of course he does, can’t you see his eyes bugling?”

Sally laughed as well. “You won’t be too ashamed to be seen with Kylie and me?”

“I’ll cope somehow.” Jeff took their hands and they walked to the nightclub.


At the start they all danced together and Kylie and Jeff soon realized that as well as her new toned body, something else had changed with Sally: her dancing. She moved with a rhythmical and sensuous grace and noticed their looks of appreciation.

“I found a good dancing teacher,” she smiled giving another of her hip wriggles.

It was only a brief, understated movement, but her dress shimmied around her thighs and Jeff was captivated. “Fuck, that’s sexy,” he thought.

“You haven’t danced with your daughter for a year, I’ll leave you together for a while,” said Kylie and went to find a table.

“You won’t be too ashamed to be seen dancing with your old man?” Jeff smiled at Sally.

“Don’t be silly, you’re looking very handsome.” Sally brushed her fingers across his cheek then moved a little away.

The music became faster and Sally’s started to writhe, sometimes waving her arms over her head. She seemed to be in a slight trance from the music, in her own world and Jeff couldn’t take his eyes off her. Her dress shimmering around her thighs, that sideways wriggle of her hips. And then a slight thrusting movement towards him.

The music changed and Sally held out her hand. “Let’s jive, handsome Dad.”

Jeff became caught up in the atmosphere and music. He took Sally’s hand and gently thrust her away in a twirling movement and Sally pirouetted, her dress swirling high showing more of her thighs. Then she came towards him and he held her around her waist before twirling her away again.

Sally’s pirouette became faster, her dress swirled higher and Jeff had a fleeting glimpse of his daughter’s silver satiny panties.

It continued; holding her by her waist or hand, her thighs and panties revealed as Sally became more caught up in the music. When she was briefly apart her hips wriggled more and more often in a thrusting motion towards her father as she grinned at him.

Jeff’s fascination turned to anxiety as he felt his cock stirring. How the hell could he be getting this reaction from his own daughter?

Fortunately the track finished and was followed by a slower piece. Sally came to Jeff and put her arms around his neck and pecked his nose.

“Your dancing’s got better too Dad.”

Jeff was very aware the feel of his daughter’s body, scarcely hidden by the flimsy material of her dress. He became even more aware of his hardening erection. “We’d better find Kylie.”

Sally pouted but took his hand as they walked off the dance floor to the table where Kylie was sitting. She was smiling enthusiastically.

“You danced really well Jeff. And you and Sally looked so lovely together.”

Jeff sipped his beer and tried to think about anything except Sally’s thighs and panties and his own erection.

When the music started again Kylie and Sally danced together as Jeff watched. They didn’t dance properly at the start, more interested in talking. Once Kylie whispered something in Sally’s ear and they both burst out laughing and hugged each other.

Then they danced properly and Jeff was fascinated as he watched their two perfect bodies writhing and wriggling, Kylie’s golden wavy hair contrasting with Sally’s gleaming black locks. They each seemed to be trying to outdo the other as hips swung to the music and their dresses flared high and panties were fleetingly on show. Jeff noticed a couple of Frenchmen standing nearby, watching and felt a surge of jealousy and anger.

Soon the music slowed and Kylie put her arms around Sally’s shoulders. Jeff saw Sally hesitate at first, then she relaxed and put her arms around Kylie’s waist. They only moved their feet a little and Jeff saw them swaying gently in their embrace. They seemed to be talking and were looking into each other’s eyes then Kylie said something and Sally giggled and pecked her lips. Their embrace seemed to be tighter.

Jeff felt happy. They were so beautiful together and it was perfect seeing the young women he loved, these soul-sisters, so happy.

Jeff danced with Kylie for the next bracket and he went through his familiar emotions of delight at her perfect body and arousal as they danced close, feeling her breasts against his chest and her loins pushed hard into his. He tightened his fingers on her buttocks and felt her wriggle with pleasure.

His bliss was was interrupted when he looked across the dance floor and saw Sally dancing with a young Frenchman. He was extremely good looking and an extremely good dancer and they looked fantastic together. Jeff immediately hated him.

Kylie saw his expression and followed his gaze. She poked him in the ribs.

“She’s an adult, Jeff darling. It’s not your job to protect her anymore.”

She turned him so that he was facing away from his daughter and licked his ear. Jeff recovered his composure and held on to Kylie more tightly.

A couple of minutes later Sally came to them, looking annoyed.

“What’s the matter? I thought he looked dishy,” said Kylie.

“He was.” Sally sighed in irritation. “Why do men think that if you dance with them a couple of times that gives them the right to start groping?” She gave a shudder.

She quickly recovered and the three danced together.

They enjoyed the rest of the evening. Jeff had a great time dancing with each of them in turn, although he did have to keep his mind under control when Sally uninhibitedly danced in her hip thrusting and panties flaunting style.

He started to empathize with the Frenchman. “Hell’s teeth, if I wasn’t her father, I’d want to grope her too.”

It was getting late and Kylie and Sally were dancing together. The music was becoming slower and more romantic and the girls were dancing in each other’s arms. Jeff felt a twinge of resentment: this was the time when he and Kylie always danced tightly together, kissing and their bodies touching. A precursor to what would happen in bed later.

But he couldn’t resent Kylie and Sally together. Kylie saw him and waved for him to join them.

Kylie and Sally kept an arm around the other’s shoulder but held out their other arms for him. He joined them and they put their arms around his shoulders and he put his around their waists. They swayed together in a tight triangle. Jeff closed his eyes, basking in their perfume, feeling both of them against his sides and their heads resting on his shoulders. What a magic moment!

The music stopped and they stayed in that position. Then Kylie told Jeff how she adored him and gave him a deep full tongued kiss. Then she told Sally how she loved her and kissed her lips. It wasn’t a peck, but her lips were closed and she lingered for just a few seconds.

“You’re both so wonderful,” sighed Sally.

She looked enquiringly at Jeff. Her lips were slightly pouted and without thinking Jeff brushed his lips along his daughter’s. She looked at him for a moment, then returned his brief caress and Jeff’s arm tightened around her waist.

They walked back to the campsite, Jeff’s arm’s around Sally’s and Kylie’s shoulders, theirs around his waist.


“Wasn’t that a wonderful night,” sighed Kylie as she lay in Jeff’s arms in bed.

“You bet, I really enjoyed it.”

“And this seemed to enjoy it when you and Sally were dancing,” she giggled as she tickled his penis.

Jeff was embarrassed and said nothing.

“I’m sorry darling Jeff I didn’t want to embarrass you. I don’t mind. There’d be something wrong with you if it hadn’t happened. Sally’s so sexy when she’s like that, isn’t she?”

Slowly Jeff relaxed. “Wasn’t that last dance together absolute magic?”

“Mmmmm. There’s something really special about the three of us.”

During this conversation Kylie’s fingers had continued their work on Jeff’s now rock like rod and he was becoming frantically aroused.

“Kylie, darling,” he grinned and put his hands between her thighs, feeling the moistness of her pussy lips. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to fuck you. Right now.”

Kylie gurgled with delight. “Should I be afraid as well, Jeff? Afraid of you ravaging me with your cock?”

She rolled onto her back and held her arms and legs wide open for him, her eyes wide in adoration. As Jeff’s cock felt exquisite sensations from her warm, wet and welcoming vagina he again thought how Kylie was the perfect woman for him, the only woman for him.


The rain and cold left them at last. It was a brilliant still morning with clear blue sky and the sun was already hot by the time they had finished packing. Kylie and Sally celebrated the weather by abandoning their jeans and jerseys and wearing sun-dresses.

When Jeff saw Sally he sighed inwardly. Her dress was very short and low cut and showed at lot of her lean and shapely thighs and the firm rounded flesh of her upper breasts. She was bright and happy and gave him a good morning hug and without thinking he gave her backside a little pat.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that he realized that his daughter wasn’t wearing a bra.

As Kylie drove he went over events in his mind and became confused. He thought about how aroused he had been watching Sally dancing. Sure she was beautiful and sexy, but he’d never had those sorts of reactions from any other woman since he had met Kylie.

Sally moving her hips like that at him. Was that just a sexy dance or something for him?. That three-way hug last night. And the way he had kissed her; that wasn’t a father-daughter peck. And she had kissed him back. This morning, feeling her breasts through her dress with that hug.

Fathers don’t do that with daughters. What the hell was he doing? Then he dismissed his worries as ridiculous. Sure Sally was beautiful, sure she had an incredible body, sure she was sexy, sure he loved seeing her again after the long time apart, but he loved her as a father, a devoted father.

No. As Kylie had said their three way relationship was something special. There was nothing wrong in what he and Sally were doing and she certainly seemed really happy.


They stopped at a village for coffee and the girls each put an arm around his waist as he walked between them, Jeff put his around their shoulders and thought that it was just fine. More than fine: just great. He squeezed Sally’s shoulder and she rested her head momentarily on his shoulder and smiled happily at him.

In the afternoon they finally reached the southwest coast. They stood on a cliff top and watched the mighty Atlantic rollers break on the rocks below and then drove eagerly to a surf beach a few kilometers south.

Jeff knew he had another minor battle to fight as the girls went to change into their bikinis. He was right as when Sally came wearing a black and brief bikini just about all her body was exposed to his eyes. He decided that it was best not to look away and steal furtive glances. He looked at her directly and admiringly. Admiring the full length of her long legs, her uplifted breasts only half hidden by her small bra. And her narrow waist and lean stomach.

Sally watched him with a half smile on her face and even gave one of her hip wriggles.

Jeff laughed. “As I said last night Sally, you could be a model.”

“As I said yesterday, you’re looking good Dad. Must be all the bonking you do with Kylie.”

“Hey Jeff, are you going to spend all afternoon perving your daughter. I need some sunblock.” Kylie was lying face down on her towel.

Jeff undid Kylie’s bra straps and slid her shoulder straps from her arms. He brushed away the strands of bahis siteleri her golden hair from her neck. From the first time they had made love Jeff had loved Kylie’s slim and straight and lightly muscled back. Jeff massaged every bone in Kylie’s spine as he rubbed in the sunblock. He reverentially teased the muscles in her neck and shoulders and all the way down her back, right to her bikini line.

“Legs now, please Jeff.”

Kylie’s legs felt the touch of Jeff’s tantalizing hands. From her feet to the tops of her thighs, Jeff thought Kylie’s legs were perfect: slightly muscled from all her exercise, shapely and long. His hands worked up past her knees and she parted her legs to open her thighs.

“Jeff, darling you do have the most wonderful hands.”

All the way to her bikini briefs and it wasn’t by accident that Jeff’s knuckle nudged the shape of Kylie’s pussy. He heard her giggle and saw her wriggle her bum.

“Me too please Dad.”

Jeff looked across at Sally who was lying down and had her bra straps undone in anticipation.

“Why has she done that? Little minx,” he wondered.

“Right young lady, two can play this game,” he said to himself.

Jeff’s touch varied from the lightest tracing of his fingertips to pressure with the flat of his hands. He delicately picked out all Sally’s muscles in her neck and shoulders and back and massaged them. He felt her body relax completely.

His fingers delicately edged along her spine with all his erotic skill. He saw her toes wriggle and smiled to himself as his hands ran up the sides of Sally’s back. Then he stood up.

“Legs please Dad”

Jeff looked down and imagined his hands on the insides of those silky slim thighs and for a fleeting moment he imagined them wrapped around his ears.

”I don’t think so,” he grunted and stood up and passed the sunblock to Kylie.

Jeff went to get the surf boards ignoring Kylie’s groaned “Jeff” and her glare at his back. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Kylie rubbing sunblock onto Sally’s legs

They had an exhilarating time in the surf as an offshore wind was blowing and the waves were big and had good shape. On a few occasions they managed to catch the same wave and when Jeff looked across at the two girls he thought about what Kylie had said the night before.

“There really is something very special about the three of us. We’re all soul-mates.”


They found their camping ground and as it was early season they managed to find a secluded site behind some trees. Jeff decided to cook and went to the camp kitchen while the girls wandered down to the beach to watch the sunset on the surf.

After ten minutes two Englishmen saw them and came over to try their luck. They were good looking and friendly and Sally and Kylie smiled welcomingly. The two young men were good company and the girls agreed to a walk along the beach, even accepting a helping hand to stand up.

The men had obviously worked out a strategy of divide and conquer and Kylie found herself walking beside one and Sally the other.

“Wasn’t that you we saw surfing this afternoon?” asked Kylie’s escort.

She nodded.

“Hey, you’re really good. Maybe you could teach me sometime.”


“And who was that old guy you were with?”

“Ah, he’s Sally’s father.”

That seemed to satisfy the Englishman and he upped his rate of compliments and jokes. Kylie thought he was good fun and chatted and laughed with him. She did feel a bit guilty, but she could see that Sally seemed to be talking and laughing a lot with her companion. And he was good looking.

Then Sally looked at her watch, they all turned to walk back and the happy and relaxed conversation continued. At the pathway leading to the camping ground Sally said that they had to get back because her father was cooking a meal.

The Englishman took a chance. “There’s a good disco a few kilometers up the coast. Maybe we could pick you up later and and go there?”

“Sorry, I’m a bit tired tonight,” smiled Sally.

“Why did you say that?” asked Kylie a couple of minutes later. “He was really nice and I could tell you quite liked him.

Sally stopped and took both of Kylie’s hands in hers and looked seriously at her.

“It really is the strangest thing. I think I’m going bananas. It was the same dancing with boys last night. It’s odd, I just don’t want to be with anyone else except you and Dad. Am I going crazy?”

Kylie put her arms around her in a very tight hug. “Of course you’re not. Jeff and I love you so much. The three of us are special. Like the Three Musketeers or something.”

Although she hadn’t heard of the Three Musketeers Sally liked the sound and felt better for a moment until another thought struck her.

“I’m feeling guilty about Dad.”

“What on earth have you got to feel guilty about.” Kylie was mildly astonished.

“I’m flirting with him. It’s just a game, I know. But Kylie, I like it. But it’s so wrong. You and he are together forever, I know that and I shouldn’t be doing it to you. And he’s my father for heaven’s sake.”

“Sally, you’re being so silly. Of course it’s just a fun game and of course I don’t mind. And Jeff certainly doesn’t mind. We’re a special threesome and it’s great to see the two of you happy together.”

“But . “

“Sally, you’re talking far too much.” Kylie tightened her hug and the girls just clung together.

Two minutes later Jeff came to tell them that dinner was ready. He saw them on a sandhill, two dark shapes in an embrace, silhouetted against the pink and gold sunset.

“Dinner’s ready” he called.

After dinner they played Scrabble in the light from a gas lantern until Kylie noticed that Sally had become quieter.

“Is anything the matter Sally?”

“I’ve just got a bit of a headache. I think I’ll go to bed.”

“No, Jeff’s got the perfect cure for headaches. It always works for me. Darling, give Sally one of your head massages.”

Sally sat on a chair and Jeff stood behind her. First the tips of his fingertips played all over her scalp, then came to her forehead gently stroking outwards from the center. Then soothing the muscles at the side of her eyes, the top of her cheekbones and last, as gently as a feather, across his daughter’s eyelids.

“How’s that sweetheart?”

Sally didn’t answer for a moment. “I’m sorry I was carried away. It’s lovely Dad. It’s so relaxing.”

Jeff felt the muscles in the back of her neck and shoulders. “You’re a bit tense here,” and took the massage oil which Kylie had brought out.

“Keep relaxing Sally, there’s some stiffness deep in your muscles.”

“I don’t think I could be more relaxed,” said Sally with her eyes closed.

Jeff’s fingers massaged deeply, then, as he felt the tightness go from Sally’s muscles, his touch became softer and he felt all the tension leave her body. He spent some time on the back of Sally’s neck and shoulders then moved his hands to either side of her neck and moved upwards.

Up and down her neck, around the sides of her jawbones to right under her ears. His touch was delicate now, to the soft skin behind her ears, then across her forehead and eyelids again.

Jeff was totally focused on his task and it was only when he thought he heard a slight sigh from Sally that he thought he should stop.

He kissed the hair on top her head. “How’s the headache?”

Sally slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him. “All gone, Dad that was so lovely. I think I’ll get a headache every night.”

“Hey, you two, guess what I’ve just downloaded to my I Pod. That last song from the nightclub,” called Kylie from the campervan and in a moment Jeff and Sally heard that romantic music.

“Come on, it’s time for our Three Musketeers’ dance together.”

Sally took Jeff’s hand and dragged him across.

The magic from the night before was immediately recreated with their gentle swaying to the music. Jeff was entranced with the girls’ perfumes washing over him, with the feel of Kylie’s and Sally’s bodies on either side and their arms around him.

“Innocent intimacy, that’s what is,” he thought and liked the word ‘innocent’.

Kylie replayed the song twice more. No-one spoke but Jeff could hear Sally quietly humming the tune. Her face was a picture of contentment. He closed his eyes and soaked up the atmosphere.

Then he felt Kylie’s lips on his in a gentle, yet ardent kiss. He savored the feel and then rubbed his tongue along her lips which she gently opened and their tongues danced together. Kylie pulled away and Jeff watched as she and Sally kissed. Not as erotically as his had been, but it lasted for a few seconds.

“Dad, this holiday is so perfect. I love you and Kylie so much,” said Sally turning to him.

“It’s lovely and you’re lovely,” whispered Jeff as he felt a surge of affection.

He ran his lips lightly across hers from one side to the other then back again. Sally did the same to him and for a moment he was carried away by her soft and gentle caress. He returned her kiss and ran his tongue along her lips. Sally’s tongue darted out and for a moment their tongues touched. Jeff tightened his arm around Sally’s waist and felt her body melt into his with her breast against his side.

Jeff opened his eyes and saw Sally’s closed eyes. He drew back and kissed her eyelids and gave her one last squeeze.

“You two are so lovely together,” said Kylie hugging them both.


“Kylie, I’m a bit concerned,” Jeff said when they were in bed.

“What about?”

“Sally and me?”

“What about Sally and you?”

“Well, we’re doing things that fathers and daughters don’t do. Like that Musketeers dance and kissing. And that massage before. I shouldn’t have done that.”

Kylie stroked his arm with a sympathetic expression on her face. “Do you think you have upset her?”

“No, no. Definitely not, I’m sure of that.”

“So, what’s there to be worried about?”

“Well, should I be doing these things with my daughter?”

“Of course you should. Look Jeff, earlier this evening Sally met a really nice Englishman who asked her out. But she told me she didn’t want to go out with anyone, she just wants to be with us. I think that’s so nice. All the times we have together are brilliant aren’t they?”

“Sure but . . “

“But what? OK Jeff, so you’ve given her a massage because she had a headache, so you’ve put sunblock on her back because she can’t do that herself and you’ve given her some innocent little kisses. So have I if it comes to that. Jeff those Musketeer dances are special for the three of us. We’ve got a lovely relationship. Stop being a prude. You’re working yourself up about nothing.” Kylie’s face was stern.

“But . .”

“In fact I think you’re being selfish, thinking like this. Sally’s here by herself with us on holiday. There she is in that campervan, alone and all by herself and we’ve got each other here every night. We’ve got to do as much as we can to make her feel she’s really one of us while she’s here.”

“But Kylie . . . “

“No more buts.” Kylie’s face softened. “What’s always my reaction when you give me one of those massages?”

Jeff grinned. “You always want me to suck and lick your pussy.”

“I’d like a massage now darling, please.”

Half an hour later they went to sleep in each others arms with Jeff’s face bathed in the juices of Kylie’s series of hip shuddering orgasms..


The next day dawned brilliantly fine and the three wandered into the village for breakfast and Jeff walked in the middle happily holding hands with both girls. They had baguettes and preserves for breakfast followed by strong French coffee.

“What shall we do today?” asked Sally.

“Well, I’ve had enough of driving for a while. How about we chill out at a beach?” said Jeff.

“I’ve heard there’s a beach about a kilometer north which is really good. Let’s go there,” said Kylie.

Within a minute of arriving at the beach Jeff thought that his suggestion may not have been so smart.

“Oh, look Sally,” exclaimed Kylie. “Everyone’s sunbathing topless, isn’t that great.”

Without any hesitation she took off her bikini bra. Jeff normally didn’t mind, in fact he liked it. He could never get enough of the sight of Kylie’s beautiful pink tipped breasts and he also got a glow of satisfaction as he saw other men looking spellbound at Kylie and enviously at him.

“Should I Dad?”

Jeff turned to look at Sally who had her hands behind her back on the clip of her bra straps and was looking at him enquiringly.

“Your choice, sweetheart. You’re an adult and it’s your body.”

Sally undid her straps but held her hand over her breasts holding the bra and then, in a defiant gesture, she let it drop. Jeff had been watching her face rather than her body and saw her challenging and confident smile at him.

“The little minx is hoping I’ll be embarrassed,” he thought.

He glanced down and couldn’t prevent a sharp intake of breath. Sally’s breasts were beautiful. Slightly smaller than Kylie’s and somehow slightly more uplifted and instead of Kylie’s pink, Sally’s breasts were capped with brown aureoles. Her nipples were a little longer than Kylie’s; prominent and pointing straight at him.

Jeff felt a moment’s confusion and loss of control as Sally stood still watching him gaze, her smile becoming wider and more confident. He decided that attack was the best form of defense, took off his sunglasses and peered closely for 10 seconds. Then he looked her in the eye.

“Well Sally, there’s not many things I feel really proud of myself about, but your beautiful breasts certainly do make me feel proud. Very proud.”

Sally was puzzled.”You’re proud? Why on earth should you feel proud?”

“Half the work which went into making them was mine.”

Sally shrieked with laughter. “Dad why are you so funny in such a crazy way?”

She came over and pecked his nose and Jeff felt her nipples briefly brush across his chest. He was rescued by Kylie.

“Jeff, you’re perving your daughter again. I need sunblock. Right now!”

Her tone was aggressive and abrupt but when Jeff knelt beside her he could see her giggling and he erotically applied the sunblock.

“Legs, Jeff” commanded Kylie after her back was tingling from his sensitive touch.

“Front, Jeff” commanded Kylie after her pussy was tingling from Jeff’s nudges with his knuckles. She rolled over, her firm breasts pointing to the seagulls swirling in the sky.

Normally Jeff wouldn’t hesitate. The attraction of Kylie’s breasts together with the illicit thrill of fondling them in public were irresistible. But he felt awkward with Sally watching.

“Front, Jeff.” Kylie’s voice was stern.

Jeff poured some more sunblock and by the time he had finished Kylie’s nipples were erect from his touch and her hips had wriggled from his ‘accidental’ nudges on her bikini briefs over her clitoral hood.

“Back please Dad.” Sally’s tone wasn’t a command, more a plea.

Jeff looked at Sally’s long lean back with its silky, smooth skin tone. He looked some more and saw the side of her left breast, slightly squashed as she was lying flat on her stomach. He remembered her little game flaunting her breasts at him just before.

So his fingers and hands again worked their delicate magic on her skin, on her muscles and on her spine.

“Legs please Dad.”

“Ah well, Kylie said I’ve got to make Sally feel she’s part of the group,” thought Jeff.

He started with the soles of Sally’s feet and between her toes which made her squirm and giggle. He savored the shape and muscle tone of her elegant calves. Sally giggled and squirmed again as he tickled the underside bahis şirketleri of her knee caps but spread her legs slightly to give him space for her thighs.

Jeff was fine as he massaged the outside of her long, firm and lightly muscled thighs and he was in total control for the first few inches of the insides of her thighs.

Was that the same little sigh he had heard the previous night when he had massaged her head?

Then he lost it as Sally’s legs parted a touch more exposing a slight view of her briefs covering her pubic mound and he fantasized about what was lurking there.

As quickly as possible he brusquely finished his job, stopping 6 inches below Sally’s briefs.

“That’s it. Finished.”

“You didn’t do everywhere,” she pouted.

“Finished,” Jeff repeated.

Sally rolled onto her back.

“Front now please Dad.” She had a challenging look on her face.

Jeff glanced down. Her left nipple was pointing straight between his eyes and it took a supreme act of will power for him to stop leaning down to suck it.

“Finished.” His tone was abrupt.

Jeff rolled away onto his towel, lying on his stomach to hide his half erect cock and appeared to be studying his magazine.

“Don’t take any notice of him Sally, he’s just in one of his grumpy moods,” said Kylie breezily as she slapped sunblock on his back.

Kylie and Sally sat either side of Jeff and carried on a light hearted conversation across his back as his eyes stared at the magazine but could not read, his mind still in a daze.

“What do you think darling?” asked Kylie.

“Eh what? I’m sorry I was concentrating on this article.” Out of ingrained politeness her turned his head towards Kylie to see her lying on her side, her breasts within easy reaching distance.

“There are some famous churches in the village. Sally and I thought we’d see them later on.”

Jeff had gone to a church with them two days ago and as far as he was concerned that was his quota for six months.

“Not really my scene. Anyway I saw a launch which does fishing trips. I thought I’d catch tonight’s meal.”

“Oh no Kylie, we’re all going to starve tonight,” laughed Sally and patted his head affectionately.

Jeff turned to face his daughter and immediately cursed his polite upbringing. In this position her right breast was a few inches from his nose and mind went straight to imagining his lips around her nipple.

“We’ll see I guess.” He grunted returning his face to the magazine and staying on his stomach as he felt the resurgence of his cock.


“It’s getting hot. Let’s get some drinks Sally. Would you like a Coke Jeff?”

“Thanks,” he said, still not daring to look up.

After the girls had left Jeff was able to bring himself under control and his mind cleared. He didn’t like his new crystal clear thoughts.

“You perverted shithead. You imagined yourself sucking your daughter’s tits. You thought about stroking her pussy!”

He went through a minute’s self loathing before he calmed down.

“No it’s not that. I’m just a red blooded man who loves sex. Sally’s a beautiful and sexy young woman and any red blooded man would react the same way. Just stop fantasizing. She’s your daughter for fuck’s sake.”

After a few minutes he looked up and saw Kylie and Sally about a hundred meters away walking towards him. As usual they were holding hands and smiling. They were both wearing wide brimmed straw sunhats and both had big sunglasses and very tiny bikini briefs. Hell, Sally’s pubic bone was as prominent as Kylie’s.

Two pairs of breasts jiggled slightly as they walked. Then he saw Sally lift an icecream cone to her mouth and her long tongue slowly extend to lick it.

He groaned out loud and stared at his magazine.

“Here’s your Coke Dad.”

He glanced up and was pleased to see that both icecreams had been eaten.

“Thanks sweetheart.”

Jeff stood up and moved a few feet away and was pleased to find he could keep his hormones under control. He was able to look Sally in the eye and even take in her body without feeling self conscious.

“Let’s go for a swim,” he said when he had finished his drink.

The girls each took one of his arms as they walked to the surf. They body surfed a bit together although the waves weren’t great. After a few minutes Jeff looked around but couldn’t see Kylie or Sally anywhere so he decided to wander out to see if he could find a decent wave.

Without warning he suddenly felt a female body jump onto his back, her arms wrapped around his chest and her legs around his waist. Before he could react he felt some strong arms on his ankles pulling hard and he lost balance collapsing into the water. It wasn’t deep but when he tried to stand stand up two bodies jumped onto him.

There was an underwater tangle of arms and legs and torsos for a few moments before he was allowed to stand up. He looked around and saw Kylie and Sally hugging and laughing hysterically at him. He joined in their laughter and waded over to them.

“Did you get a surprise Dad?”

He nodded, grinning until he was only a foot away then launched himself at them. He was easily able to wrap both arms around them and soon three bodies were again in an underwater tangle until Jeff let go.

Kylie was coughing a little from swallowing some water and she smiled bravely saying, “Truce please darling.”

“Dad,” said Sally. “Carry me the way you did when I was little.”

Without waiting for his answer she jumped onto his back with her arms around his shoulders and her legs wrapped around his waist. Her breasts were squashed against his back. Her bare breasts!

“Well, Kylie said I should do my best to help her feel at home,” he muttered to himself.

He soon relaxed and they had good fun diving under the breakers coupled together, Kylie insisted on her turn a few minutes and they frolicked in the surf for the next half hour.

“I need some exercise. I think I’ll swim out to that buoy and back.”

“Thanks Jeff, that was so much fun.” Kylie kissed him and hugged him.

“It really was Dad,” said Sally, her eyes glowing and without any hesitation kissed him and hugged him as well.

He swam at a leisurely pace and thought through the morning and felt pleased with himself. Not once in the water had he boned up and not once had he had any sexual fantasies despite Sally’s bare breasted hugs and kisses. He realized that it had been Sally who had jumped on his back, her breasts against him and her legs wrapped around him and when they had struggled underwater he had unintentionally touched her breasts as well as Kylie’s.

He found the logical solution. This was the same as a nudist camp. He had known a number of families who had holidayed at these with their children and he had never thought of them as perverts. Odd, definitely, but certainly not perverts. And as Kylie had said so often, the three of them were something special.

They showered and went their separate ways. Four hours later the girls met him on the wharf and he proudly showed them his fish.

“Aren’t you so clever darling. Sally and I have got some vegetables and things.”

The strolled back to the camp and Jeff headed towards the camp kitchen.

“What can we do to help?”

“Just be beautiful and tell me what a great chef I am.”

“He gets uptight if anyone watches him cook,” Kylie told Sally.

Half an hour later Jeff came with the first course. He looked at their camp site and was pleasantly surprised. Kylie had bought some candles and they cast a glow and shadows around the private site. She had set up her I Pod playing music through the campervan speakers and it was an enchanted atmosphere.

Jeff could see that they had spent a lot of time getting ready and with their hair tied back and understated makeup made they both looked elegantly stunning. Both were wearing light cotton sarongs and the material was so delicate that he could see the shapes of their legs and a hint of the color of their skin.

Kylie was wearing a tight halter top showing her flat belly and the shapes of her aureoles. Sally was wearing a big loose fitting silk singlet. At first glance it seemed ordinary until Jeff could see the shape of her long nipples making tiny elegant tents. Then she walked towards him to help with the food and he saw the shape of her obviously bra-less moving against the silk.

“Fucking hell,” he muttered realizing that his daughter’s breasts were even more sexy partially revealed, than they had been naked on the beach.

“Are we beautiful enough for you darling?”

Jeff nodded.

“Wasn’t Kylie kind lending me this lovely top?” said Sally.

Jeff raised an eyebrow and glanced at Kylie who was smiling enthusiastically.

“I think it looks even better on you than it does on me Sally.”

Sally picked up a piece of fish. “Mmmm it’s delicious. You certainly are a great chef Dad.”

Kylie laughed. “Well that’s our side of the deal done. We’re beautiful and you have been deemed a great chef. Let’s have some fun.”

She went to the campervan and came back with a bottle of white wine. Jeff and Kylie didn’t drink much but he felt that it was just right for what had been a perfect day.

“To the Three Musketeers,” said Kylie solemnly and raised her glass.

“To the Three Musketeers,” Jeff and Sally joined in.

“Now Dad, we’ve decided that you’re going to sit here,” said Sally pointing to the middle of the bench seat running along one side of the camp site table.

Jeff obeyed and the girls sat on either side of him.

“And because you’ve done so much work, catching all those big fish and cooking, you’re not going to do anymore. We’re going to feed you.” Kylie broke off a piece of fish, dipped it in some sauce and brought it up to his mouth.

“Open wide.”

Jeff laughed and opened and Kylie slipped the food into his mouth.

“Hey, I sure am a great chef.”

“And a great at a lot of other things darling.” Kylie licked his ear.

“Wine Dad?” Sally brought his wine glass to his lips and Jeff had a small sip.

Jeff gave another contented laugh and decided to relax and enjoy as his beautiful handmaidens looked after him. As he had no use for his hands he put an arm around each of their waists and they both wriggled in tighter.

Jeff and Kylie were a very self contained couple. When they went to dinner parties they found other peoples’ conversation boring and unless they made a real effort usually ended up just talking to each other. But Sally fitted in perfectly and the candle – lit campsite was filled with their vibrant conversation and frequent laughs.

When a loud rap song came on the girls forgot their handmaiden duties. They kicked off their shoes to dance on the grass and treated Jeff to an erotic display of uninhibited and energetic teenage dancing. Hips and slim bodies writhed, arms were flung and dresses swirled revealingly.

Jeff watched in unashamed voyeurism. But the image which captivated his mind was Sally’s breasts moving inside that loose top. Kylie always looked seductively erotic when she wore it and Sally was the same. His mind lapsed back to the beach and he recalled every millimeter of what was now hardly concealed.

With a start Jeff pulled out of his reverie and cursed himself. He saw that the wine bottle was almost empty and knew he had drunk too much. He tidied the dishes and went to cook the second course.

As he prepared the vegetables he thought more about Kylie and Sally. At first he had thought that their dancing had been a display for his benefit. Maybe, but he had seen how they were interacting with each other.

Still pondering Jeff took the vegetables back to the campsite and saw a sight which took his breath away with its beauty.

Sally and Kylie were dancing in a tight embrace, Sally’s arms around Kylie’s shoulders, hers around Sally’s waist and he could imagine how their loins and breasts were tightly against each other. They were more swaying than dancing and their cheeks were touching.

Jeff stood mesmerized for a moment then casually walked in with the food. He noticed Sally’s hesitant glance towards him and then saw Kylie tighten her grip to keep her there and saw Sally relax again.

“That looks lovely Jeff,” said Kylie and the two girls walked arm in arm to join him at the table and Jeff enjoyed the pleasure of his handmaidens feeding him and passing him wine.

Once Sally dropped some food and Jeff glanced down. Jesus wept. From this angle he could look straight down her loose, low cut top and he could see both her brown aureoles with their extended nipples.

To his embarrassment Sally saw his glance but she just elbowed him in the ribs and laughed. “Now I can see why Kylie told me you like her wearing this top.”

Jeff was having a problem getting his head around events and wondered if he was drinking too much. Kylie and Sally dancing like that? That was more than soul-mate friendliness. Sally raising their flirting game to another level?

Kylie said that Jeff was working too hard and that she would tidy away the dishes.

“Dance Dad?”

Jeff wasn’t sure. In fact he felt that it was about time that he had a serious discussion with his daughter. But Sally held out her hand and had a mock-pleading expression on her face.

They danced apart which Jeff found very hard. Sally’s sarong swayed and split to the top of her thighs with some of her movements and her breasts moved enticingly under that clinging loose top and he remembered the view his eyes had just savored.

When the music slowed he held out his arms and Sally willingly moved to him.

“This is the best holiday I’ve ever had. I love you and Kylie so much,” she whispered looking deep into her father’s eyes.

“And we both adore you sweetheart.”

“You don’t mind when we have our silly little cuddles do you?”

Jeff wasn’t really sure what he should say, but decided to answer truthfully. “No sweetheart, I don’t mind. I love them.”

“Good, so do I,” Sally mumbled and moved in more closely so that Jeff could feel her breasts.

Jeff’s internal conflicts evaporated in the atmosphere, in the music and in the touch of Sally’s body. A kaleidescope of images ran through his mind: Sally’s legs and panties as they danced at the nightclub, her wonderful smile when he had squeezed his shoulder, her bare breasts on the beach, the tender kisses and hugs with the Musketeers’ dances, her sigh with the scalp massage.

He kissed the Sally’s forehead and she lifted her face. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted. Jeff ran his tongue along her lips then Sally sucked gently and took his tongue into her mouth. He pulled her into him more tightly, aware that her belly was pushing into his erection.

Jeff slid his hand inside Sally’s top and felt the firmness of her breasts, her peaked nipple and the texture of her aureole. He heard her little sigh and gently stroked with his fingers. Nothing in his fantasies compared to the excitement of reality. He squeezed some more and pushed his erection harder against his daughter’s body.

He could feel Sally’s body writhing against him, he could feel her lips sucking him urgently as his responded. Her top was so loose that he was easily able to slip it off her shoulders and looked down at her irresistible breasts. He lowered her head and put his lips around her aureole and Sally sighed and held his head tightly as he sucked and nibbled.

Suddenly there was silence as the last track finished.

The enormity of what he was doing to his daughter and to Kylie struck Jeff like a knockout punch. He led Sally to a chair and sat her on his knee.

“Sweetheart, it’s just as well that music stopped. I love you, you’re so gorgeous and so sexy, but this is wrong. Absolutely wrong.”

Sally looked into his face and burst into tears.

To be continued.

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