A Very Personal Assistant Ch. 02

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Victoria Anderson had worked as Walter Spackman’s personal assistant for just short of a month, but she was by far the best thing that had ever happened to the 67 year old businessman. It had taken a little convincing, but he’d now trained her to be a ‘full-service PA’ as he liked to call it. Whenever the horny old businessman was stressed, his stacked assistant was always willing to provide manual, oral or even vaginal stress-relief.

At that particular moment, the beautiful blonde twenty three year old was bent over the edge of Walter’s desk, completely bottomless. Her short grey skirt and pink g-string panties were crumpled in a heap on the far side of the office and standing behind the buxom personal assistant was her boss, Walter Spackman. Walter’s cock was buried to the hilt in her deliciously tight snatch and his hands were tightly gripping the blonde’s shapely hips as he fucked her.

“That’s it Victoria, take my cock!” grunted Walter as he humped against his gorgeous assistant’s posterior. Each hard thrust of his pelvis caused his hips to slap loudly against her lovely round ass and his cock to surge deep inside her tight, clutching pussy. Having ready access to the rather gullible young blonde’s delightful orifices was a dream come true for old Walter.

Victoria was the most beautiful woman that Walter had ever seen. She had long, peroxide-blonde hair, enormous breasts and a nicely toned, hourglass shaped figure that nearly caused him to physically drool whenever he stared too long at her. On top of all that, she was incredibly naïve and not very smart. A perfect combination for Walter’s lewd manipulations.

At first, her stress relief duties had been rather minor; Walter simply substituting his trusty old stress ball for Victoria’s magnificent round breasts. But with a few clever lies and manipulations, things had quickly escalated to handjobs, then blowjobs, and eventually full sex. These days, Victoria spent more time sucking and fucking than she did typing and filing.

“Oh Mr Spackman!” groaned Victoria, her curvy body getting shunted and shoved against the desk as her boss vigorously slammed his stiff prick into her. He was evidently highly stressed today.

As Walter’s thrusts became more and more frantic, Victoria sensed that the old businessman was almost ready to cum. She briefly wondered if he’d pull out and stick his cock in her mouth and have her swallow his load, or if he’d squirt in her pussy today.

At Walter’s suggestion, they’d been trying to cut back on the blowjobs, Victoria’s husband had been complaining about her breath recently, but despite her best efforts, Victoria regularly found herself with Walter’s insistent penis buried deep in her gob.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” grunted Walter, his hard erection pistoning in and out of his secretary’s cunt.

Walter gave a sudden gasp and Victoria felt him tense, his rapid thrusting suddenly halting, his cock buried deep inside her.

He gave a small strangled grunt and Victoria assumed that meant he’d chosen her pussy to unload in, but he wasn’t his usual vocal self.

Then there was a strange gasp and Victoria suddenly felt the crushing weight of Walter slumping down on top of her back, pinning her to the desk.

“Mr Spackman?” she asked uncertainly.

There was no reply. Walter’s cock was still buried in Victoria’s twat and he still felt hard as a rock. “Are you okay Mr Spackman?”

“Call…” gasped Walter, his voice sounding exceedingly strained, “9…1…1…” With that he gave a strange gurgle and passed out.


The next morning Victoria arrived at work feeling rather guilty.

It turned out that Walter hadn’t died, as she’d initially feared after squirming out from underneath him, but he had suffered a fairly bad heart attack. Victoria had called an ambulance and then quickly got dressed again before it arrived. Even going so far as to tuck away Walter’s cock and refasten his trousers.

She’d been called by head office that morning and told Walter was expected to be in hospital for at least three weeks and that they’d send in a replacement manager to look after things while he was recuperating.

Victoria, of course, felt horrible about the whole situation. It wasn’t the fact that Walter had suffered his attack while he was fucking her, but more that she was clearly not doing a very good job relieving the poor man’s stress. For him to have such a bad heart attack meant that he was clearly still stressed, despite her best efforts. Victoria had to admit to herself that on some occasions, usually when Walter called on her several times in one day and her pussy or jaw was particularly sore or tired, she hadn’t truly put her heart into her duties. She promised herself that she’d do a lot better if she got another chance.

The busty blonde secretary arrived nice and early to make sure that everything would be ready for her new manager. She gave the office a quick tidy and ensured that all her filing was up to date so that she could poker oyna divert her full attention on whatever duties the new boss would give her. With all the cock sucking she’d been doing over the past few weeks she was a little behind on her filing.

At about 10am Bernard Beazley; Victoria’s new manager, arrived.

Bernard was actually a lot younger than Victoria had expected, he looked to be in his early thirties, quite a change after having 67 year old Walter Spackman. According to the man from head office that had rung Victoria, Bernard was from the company’s audit department and he certainly looked the part. Bernard was meek and rather timid looking, and his hair was already thinning despite his young age. He was dressed in a very smart three piece suit and was wearing thin rimmed spectacles, and despite the glasses thick lenses he still squinted a little as he peered at her.

“You must be Mr Beazley,” said Victoria as the mild mannered auditor entered the office. “I’m Victoria Anderson, Mr Spackman’s personal assistant.”

“G…Good morning Miss Anderson,” stammered Bernard as he shook the lovely young woman’s hand. He was clearly surprised at the sight of the gorgeously sexy blonde greeting him.

Victoria had dressed her best to impress her new boss. She was wearing a black silk blouse that was stretched taut across her generous bosom and tapered in to her waist, clinging to her sensational curves. The matching black skirt she wore was very short and fit to her hips, thighs and peachy ass almost like a second skin. Beneath the skirt she was wearing sexy black tights and tall high heeled shoes that accentuated her long, sleek legs. Victoria looked incredibly sexy, but at the same time very professional, and Bernard was having great difficultly taking his eyes off her. Presumably there weren’t a lot of women, or at least young and attractive women, in the audit department.

“Mr Spackman’s…er, I mean your office is right this way,” said Victoria as she led the nervous accountant to his new office.

Following along behind the gorgeous young PA, Bernard was a bundle of nerves. His composure had been completely blown by the sight of the voluptuous blonde, and as he followed her to his office, he was unable to stop staring at her sexy round ass, swaying seductively inside her short skirt as she walked.

“Yes,” he coughed nervously. “Thank you Miss Anderson.” Bernard gaze slid over the ample globes of Victoria’s chest as she turned to face him again and he had to struggle to retain his professionalism and tear his eyes away. “If you give me a few minutes to settle in, I’ll be with you shortly to discuss how things will work for the next few weeks, until Mr Spackman is well enough to return. Terrible news to hear of his heart attack.”

Victoria blushed, unable to ignore the guilt she was feeling. “Yes, terrible news,” she agreed.

With that Bernard gave a curt nod and shut the office door, leaving a slightly surprised Victoria to return to her desk in the reception area.

“Fucking hell she’s gorgeous,” Bernard muttered under his breath, giving his suddenly stiff crotch a rub through his suit pants. Even though he was thirty two, Bernard didn’t have much experience with women, especially any as sexy as Victoria.

Bernard gave the hard bulge of his crotch a squeeze. He couldn’t be certain, but he was pretty sure he’d seen the slight jut of her nipples through her silk blouse. Was she wearing a bra? The thought was too mind boggling to ponder on for long however. He had work to do.


In fact it wasn’t until almost 4 o’clock that Bernard emerged from behind the closed door of his office to speak with Victoria. The very first thing that Victoria noticed was that in Bernard’s right hand was a rather familiar looking blue rubber stress-ball.

Victoria frowned slightly at the sight of Walter’s old stress-ball. “Ah, where did you find that?” she asked.

Bernard frowned, looking down at the ball almost as if he’d forgotten he’d been holding it. He gave it a squeeze. “Oh, this? It was in Walter’s top drawer. I kind of like it, it’s soothing.”

“Oh, I see,” croaked Victoria. She was sure that Walter had said he’d lost that thing. On the plus side it meant that she’d be saved the embarrassment of Bernard using her boobs instead, she’d always felt a little awkward when Walter had used them as a replacement for the stress-ball.

“Anyway,” continued Bernard. “I know it’s getting late but I thought we’d better discuss how things work around here. What are your usual duties?”

Victoria blushed. She wasn’t quite sure how much she should tell Bernard. Walter’s demands were perhaps a little…unusual. “Um, mostly filing and typing,” she eventually replied. “And a little dictation. Anything you need really.”

Bernard nodded. “Very good. And is there anything scheduled for tomorrow I need to be aware of?”

Victoria thought for a moment. “Um, Mr Spackman usually takes a conference call on Wednesday mornings.”

Bernard canlı poker oyna frowned. “Really? I’m not aware of any conference calls. Oh well, never mind, we can sort that out tomorrow. I need to head home so I’ll see you in the morning.”

He grabbed a breath mint from the small bowl on the edge of Victoria’s desk and popped it in his mouth.

“Goodnight Mr Beazley,” said Victoria as her new boss left the office. It actually felt kind of strange to be finished for the day. Her first day without Walter Spackman. It almost felt like she had’nt done any work today, despite all the filing she’d put away that morning. She hadn’t once sucked or stroked or even seen a penis the entire day. It just felt… peculiar.


The next morning Victoria once again arrived looking her best. She was more determined than ever to make a good impression on Bernard after their somewhat awkward first day together. She was wearing a tight fitting white top that accentuated the impressive thrust of her sizeable bust and a short beige skirt that was slit up one side displaying a good expanse of her tanned thigh. Although Walter obviously wouldn’t be around to play with her tits, she still wore no bra out of habit, and her hard nipples were clearly discernable through the thin material of her top.

Once again Bernard was stopped in his tracks at the sight of her. “Um, Victoria…” he eventually managed to squeak as he tore his eyes away from her chest.

“Yes Mr Beazley?”

“Er, this is rather awkward, but I must ask…are you wearing a brassiere?” he stammered a little as he got the question out.

Victoria gasped in surprise and unconsciously cupped her hands over her ample breasts, covering the points of her nipples. “Oh. No I’m not. Mr Spackman said I wasn’t to wear one.” Victoria blushed at her own admission and wondered if perhaps it was a mistake to tell her new boss about Mr Spackman’s request.

Bernard frowned, his eyebrows lifting in surprise. “Um, well…” he swallowed, staring at Victoria’s hands as they cupped her own breasts through the tight white top she had on. He couldn’t help but note how small her hands looked against the ampleness of her bosom, or perhaps that should be how big her tits looked…

Bernard stammered a little more and he was starting to join Victoria in her blushing. “Well that’s not the case,” he managed to say at last. “You should definitely wear a brassiere to work. It’s…um… more professional.”

With that Bernard hurried to his office and shut the door, leaving Victoria alone in the reception area once again.

Victoria took a deep breath and dropped her hands away from her chest. Things were not going well with Mr Beazley, she decided in discomfort. He was very different to Mr Spackman. There was definitely an awkwardness or tension between the two of them and she wasn’t sure what to do about it.

The beautiful young personal assistant shook her head and returned to her desk. As she sat down she realised that she didn’t really have any work to do. In all honesty most of her job had involved helping Mr Spackman remain calm and stress-free. Mr Beazley didn’t seem to require her in that capacity and so she seemed to have a lot of free time on her hands.

Victoria sighed again and reached into her top drawer for her nail file. It was going to be a long day.

It took a good hour to get her nails perfected and then Victoria decided she should probably actually do some work. Of course she didn’t really have anything that needed doing, this business of having a self sufficient boss actually made her a little nervous about her job. Would Bernard fire her if she wasn’t needed anymore? Surely he’d have to wait for Mr Spackman to return first?

Victoria stood up and walked over to the filing cabinet, deciding that she should probably check to make sure the filing she did yesterday was done correctly. It wouldn’t look good if Mr Beazley found any mistakes in her work.

As she pulled open the drawer and bent at the waist to check the alphabetization of the files Mr Beazley opened his office door.

Bernard gave a small whimper at the sight that greeted him. Bent at the waist with her back to him, Victoria’s flawless round ass was thrust straight at Bernard. Her short beige skirt was stretched taut across her round, peachy buttocks, and from the back her legs looked even longer and sexier than normal.

Bernard chewed on his lower lip as he hesitated at his office doorway, staring intently at his PA’s gloriously firm looking ass. He was sooo tempted to grab or hump those magnificent buttocks, but of course that would be completely unprofessional, not to mention illegal and against the company’s sexual harassment policy.

Eventually Bernard snapped out of his daze and got Victoria’s attention by nervously clearing his throat.

“Oh, I didn’t see you there Mr Beazley,” said Victoria as she straightened up and turned to face him.

“Ah yes…” he stammered. “I, um, I just wondered internet casino if you had some time to do some dictation and typing for me.”

“Of course,” agreed Victoria earnestly, pleased that he finally needed her for something. “I’ll just grab my pad and pen.”

They both moved back to Bernard’s office, Victoria pulling up a chair so that she was sitting right beside Bernard as he dictated a business letter to her.

Having her sit so close to him made Bernard rather nervous, and he couldn’t help but admire her nicely tanned and perfectly toned thighs as she crossed her long legs, her short skirt riding up even higher on her smooth thighs.

Bernard stammered his way through the letter, frequently shifting uncomfortably in his chair and the whole process took about twice as long as it should have. At one point Victoria uncrossed and re-crossed her long, sexy legs, causing Bernard’s tone to rise into a nervous squeak for a sentence or two.

As Victoria sat next to Bernard, diligently writing down every word he said, she glanced down out of the corner of her eye at his lap. To her surprise his suit pants were slightly tented. There was clearly a bulge in his crotch.

Victoria bit her lip and held her breath a moment as she tried to decide what she should do. If it had been Walter Spackman she would have immediately offered to relieve him. Actually, if he’d been Walter he would probably already have his dick in her pretty little mouth, but she wasn’t sure what Bernard would want.

Would he be offended if she offered him a blowjob or maybe even a quick handjob? Victoria definitely didn’t want to do the wrong thing here and get herself fired. But surely, as Mr Spackman had told her on numerous occasions, it was her job to relieve her boss’s stress. Right?

Bernard suddenly crossed his legs, covering up the bulge in his crotch. Victoria glanced up at his face and saw him looking at her, his cheeks red. He’d caught her staring at his dick! Victoria swallowed in embarrassment and hurriedly returned her attention to her notes.

“Okay, that’s it,” said Bernard, finishing his letter. “Can you type that up before the end of the day please.”

“Yes, Mr Beazley,” replied Victoria obediently. She hesitated a moment, still undecided on whether she should offer to help her new manager deal with his obviously uncomfortable erection. “Um… Mr Beazley?”

“Yes Victoria?”

“Would you…” she paused a moment, glancing down at his crotch. “Would you like me to…”

“Um, I need to get back to work Victoria,” Bernard hurriedly cut in, interrupting her.

“Sorry, I’ll get onto this letter,” Victoria quickly replied before standing up to leave, her courage rapidly deserting her. Had he guessed what she was going to say? Did he not want her help? Things were so confusing for the busty young PA. At least with Mr Spackman she’d been left with no doubt in what he wanted from her.

Her mind still filled with doubts and questions, Victoria hurriedly left Bernard’s office and returned to her desk. It’s only for a few weeks, she reminded herself. Mr Spackman will be back before she knew it and things would return to normal.

For most of the rest of the day Bernard did his best to avoid Victoria, pretty much locking himself in his office the entire afternoon.

Victoria was still very unsure of herself and her future, but resolved to make a bigger effort to impress Mr Beazley to ensure her job was safe.

Even though she had hardly any work on, Victoria made sure she stayed later than Mr Beazley, just so that she looked good.

It was almost 6:30 when Bernard finally emerged from his office.

“Oh, Victoria? You’re still here. I thought you’d be long gone by now,” said the rather startled looking young auditor.

“Just finishing a few things up Mr Beazley,” replied Victoria, feeling rather pleased with herself for staying late and giving the appearance of being hard working.

“Well, I’ll see you in the morning,” said Bernard, heading for the door.

“Good job today Mr Beazley,” said Victoria, reaching out and lightly patting her boss’s bottom as he walked past.

Bernard froze in shock at the touch of her hand on his ass.

At his reaction Victoria’s heart lurched. Had she stuffed things up again? She was just trying to remember the things that Mr Spackman had taught her. “Just a pat for a job well done…like a sports team,” she added lamely.

“Oh. Thank you Victoria,” said Bernard slowly, without turning. He straightened his tie and then strode out of the office, not looking back once.

Victoria let out a long sigh of relief. What a day.

The busty blonde almost jumped out of her skin when the phone on her desk started ringing.

“Hello, Walter Spack…er I mean Bernard Beazley’s office, how can I help?” she said into the phone.

“Victoria? Good, you’re still at the office, it’s Walter here,” said the voice on the other end.

“Mr Spackman?” she said in surprise. After all the uncertainty around her relationship with Bernard, it was a relief to hear from her old boss.

“Yes, it’s me. Victoria I need you to be a dear and stop by the hospital on your way home,” Walter told her.

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