A View from the Train

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How often do each of us glimpse something that instantly spins our thoughts way out of kilter?

And once that’s under way how hard is it to separate our fantasy from the reality?

“The late afternoon sun was very bright and shining in through all the top floor windows of the houses, which are set below the level of the railway track. One of the houses has clearly recently been extended and has new, large windows through which I could see the most fabulous, over-large bed, with a black metal frame and brilliantly snowy-white bed-linen. The cream coloured room, flooded with sunlight, and the freshly prepared bed looked, in that short moment, like the ideal place for a fabulous afternoon and evening of long drawn out lovemaking.”

The brilliance of the near to horizontally slanting rays made all but the bed itself blurry; but I knew she was standing beside it, knew she was looking through that very same window, knew she was watching how swiftly the train passed, knew that she knew I was on it – and knew that we both knew it would now not be long before we were once again united.

What I could not know, but could certainly start imagining, was what she was wearing.

Would it be that white silk nightdress? The one with the seemingly endless vee shaped insert of lace; lace that not only allowed me to see the firm inner curves of both of her beautiful breasts, but also the sweetly dimpled incurve of her navel, and even the shadowy hint of the furry softness a little way beneath it.

Or perhaps it would be that pale pink one; the one artfully constructed of layer upon layer of the finest chiffon, each layer separately all but transparent, yet all together combining to leave her curves as no more than a series of merely achingly tempting shadows.

Then of course it might be those pyjamas, the ones I had brought back for her on my last trip East. They too were of silk, but their fabric had been produced from the very finest of threads and so clung to the warm shape of her body more like a second skin than any normal garment of clothing should be able to. And its surface had been most delicately painted, by what had clearly been the most skilful and loving of hands, the colours and design chosen to highlight those very parts of a woman’s body that all men most long to see, to touch, to kiss.

But then maybe she had herself recently purchased something new, something I had yet to see.

She, we, had so many choices – and that was without even considering what she might have chosen for me to change into.

I too had my favourites; casino siteleri things that I liked to feel slipping over my sensitised skin, things I liked to admire in the mirror, and things I knew – from the look I saw in her eyes – that she especially liked seeing me in. And as those were the things that usually resulted in her being unable to keep her hands off me for more than a few minutes, I have to admit that they had to be classed as my all time favourites.

By then I could feel my train slowing, so stood and, not wanting to be delayed by the rush of home-goers, made my way towards the carriage door. That proved to have been a lucky move because once outside I saw there were only two three taxis waiting, and quickly ran for the first one and sank gratefully inside.

A mere ten minutes later I was hurrying up the steps, finding she had left the door on the latch for me, and having gone inside and closed it firmly behind me, stood for a moment before climbing to the floor above.

It may seem strange but it was only then that I really became conscious of the pressure from what felt to be an already fully engorged member relentlessly pressing itself against the confines of the front of my trousers. No doubt it had begun to stiffen from the time I had realised I was approaching the section of track that paralleled the back of her house, then my imaginings of what she might be wearing had further increased the amount of blood coursing into it, and the thoughts of what we would soon be sharing – while sitting in the taxi – had further strengthened that already strong arousal.

But I knew she would have heard the distinctive click of the lock of the front door, so merely took one deep breath, then quickly ascended – to find her, as I knew I would, standing, patiently waiting for me to enter that still brilliantly brightly sunlit room.

Seeing her after any absence always set my heart loudly thumping, and the sight of her that day was in that way no different to all those others that had gone before it. Yet, it undoubtedly was very, very different.

It was the first time she had been waiting for me in that way – absolutely, and totally naked!

Even though there was so much of her to feast my eyes on; from those firmly uptilting, dark cherry-red tipped breasts, to the impossibly tiny waist, the gracefully feminine flaring curve of her hips, the soft swell of her belly, and the lightly furred and fleshy mound beneath it, to the ridiculously long, long length of her thighs and legs – it was her eyes that first both drew and firmly slot oyna held my immediate attention.

Although she had sun behind her – its slowly dying blaze still bright enough to sharply silhouette the wonder of her body – their clear, bright blueness seemed to flash even brighter than the light that filled the space all around us. ‘I can’t tell you how much I’ve been missing you David.’ she whispered in an unusually croaky tone.

‘Just knowing you were on your way, then from seeing the train go by, got me so worked-up I actually found I had wet myself. At first I thought about changing my panties for you, but then what was flowing from my pussy just seemed to keep on coming – and I realised what a waste of time and effort it would be to just do that – so decided to meet you like this.’ She paused for a moment when she saw my eyes finally drifting slowly down over what she was displaying and offering for me, then, in an even more hoarsely tight voice, added. ‘After all, this time is unlike the many others we have had together, this time we have the whole evening and night before us – so we can get around to trying on our finery somewhat later, I mean after…’

She could say no more, because by then I had swept my arms around her, was crushing myself against her, kissing her with a passion I hadn’t known I was capable of.

Even as our mouths and tongues melded I felt her clawing fingers scrabbling with my belt and zip, and although the way our bodies pressed and squirmed together must have made it difficult, a few moments later I felt her pushing down not only my trousers but also the under-shorts beneath them. There was a moment of sheer, blessed relief as my cock finally had the space to move at least a little more freely, then I felt the excitement of the shock-like sparks that having it pressing against the silky smoothness of her skin sent spiralling up through me.

She was so eager, so impatient, so demanding of our coupling that I had no time to do more than bend and rid myself of shoes, socks and the trailing trousers and pants, and even as I was still ungracefully hopping out of those she was tugging me to that bed – then down on to the blinding whiteness of the softly embracing linen I had seen from the train window just such a very short while before.

Although our mouths were hungry for still more of those fiery kisses, there were other parts of both of us that were even more insistently needy – and as my hand slid between the wetness I found had coated the inside of both of her thighs, hers was reaching for and firmly grasping canlı casino siteleri the rigidity of my by then flaming cock. ‘Push it into me David! Please! Don’t waste time in doing anything else!’ she grunted feverishly.

She wasn’t asking for anything that I didn’t want just as much, and in no more than a moment I was reeling from the ecstasy of the feel of the clinging wetness of her pussy-lips slip, sliding their way up the entire length of my cock. And she was so wet, so completely open that I was able to bury the full length of it with just one steady thrust, even feeling the head bumping itself against the innermost wall of her cunt.

As I impaled her she let out a strangling shriek of a cry, the like of which I had never before heard her utter; a cry that seemed to signal, at one and the same time, both her triumph and her complete and absolute surrender. Then even as its first echo reverberated back from the walls, I felt her wrench herself upwards, not only digging my cock even deeper, but at the same time lifting and wrapping both of those ultra long legs around me, then locking and jerking me even deeper still.

She held me locked that way, so I was all but immovable, each relying on purely the movement of her hips and pelvis to power the action both of us so desperately needed.

But whether driven by normally unseen muscles, or by the heat of the desire raging inside herself, her body proved to be equal to our demands – rhythmically thrusting up and down – the wet velvet of her pussy-lips sucking on me as her actions both drove them up and down the by then slickly greasy length of my throbbingly straining length, and my cock in and out of herself.

For once my much vaunted staying power simply deserted me – normally I could rely on giving her at least one long drawn out orgasm before my own arrived – but that time, whether because of the time I had spent in anticipating our reunion, or from the almost brutal way she was actually fucking me, I knew I wouldn’t. But she must have felt the first of the unmistakable signals of the imminence of my climax – felt the sudden increase in both girth and tension in the hot mass that had not only burrowed so deeply but was also stretching her so wide open – because even as I felt the first fierce jet scalding its way up though my cock, she gave another of those ear-piercingly shrieking cries. ‘Yes David! Now! Now! Come now! Please – come – NOW!’

And even as I wildly pumped load after hot, sticky load into the very deepest parts of her – she began to jerk, writhe and shudder as the ecstatic violence of her own orgasm began to grip her.

And as we then heaved and convulsed together, we both took off for that rapturously blissful place that only two lovers who experience near simultaneous orgasms ever discover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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