A Visit to The Spa

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During my years attending the University of Texas in Austin, I spent many Friday and Saturday evenings hanging around downtown, mostly cruising up and down 6th Street and the adjacent avenues. Occasionally I enjoyed a drink or a dance, but mostly I was looking for close, sexual companionship. While enjoying a drink at The Blue Moon, I picked up a flyer that advertised a bath house nearby. I had heard of such places, but had never really had the nerve to visit one. This one was newly opened, or so the flyer stated, and was simply named The Spa. It was located some miles away from downtown, so I made a note to drive by later in the week.

On Tuesday night, I made that drive-by. I found a building that looked very much like a small office block. In fact, it was located among other similar buildings, with wide, empty parking lots, and well-manicured shrubs and small trees lining the walks. The only thing separating this building from the others was a complete lack of windows. The only one I saw was mounted high in the only door I saw leading to the parking lot. That lot only had four cars parked in it. I cruised through and paused near the door. A small sign mounted beside the door read The Spa, and gave the hours of operation. I took note, and then read the display on my ten-year-old Camaro’s dashboard. It was only 8:15pm. The sign clearly stated that during weekdays, Monday thru Thursday, the club opened at 8pm, and closed at 6am. During the weekends, Friday and Saturday, it was open from Noon on Friday to Midnight on Sunday. Odd hours, I thought.

I pulled away with the information in my head, and the idea to return that weekend. It didn’t take many visits before I was hooked on the wonderful anonymity of casual encounters within the dark, often damp walls of The Spa.

On one of my earliest visits to The Spa, I hooked up with a couple, two men who were in a top-bottom relationship and were looking for a third. I was in the sauna enjoying the heated, moist air. I had taken a seat on the upper tiled level with my legs parted to display my flaccid wears for any who might want to look. I wasn’t particularly looking to hook up that evening, but I also wasn’t going to turn away any would-be takers. A few men had come and gone over the half hour I had sat there in the steam, though none seemed interested in a mid-twenties college student.

Many of the men who visited during the early evening hours were married men, usually on their way home after a long day at the office. They all would tell their spouses that they were stopping in at the gym, or going for a quick round of golf, before heading home to dinner. They were stopping in at The Spa to get their cocks sucked off, or to suck off a cock, or maybe even venture into the debauchery of giving or getting anal sex. I often wondered how many men went home to kiss their loved ones before dinner with a load of cum sloshing around their belly or bowels. I’m sure some even had one of my loads aboard when they sat down at the dinner table to discuss their day with their loved ones.

On this evening, the two men who joined me in the sauna were very much a couple, and not heading home to an over-weight wife. I would later learn their names as Dylan, the top, and Drew, the bottom. Dylan wore a ball cap in the sauna, I suppose to make it easier for his submissive bottom Drew to find him. I thought it trashy for anyone to wear anything other than a watch in the wet areas of The Spa, but what did I care. To each his own, I guess. As I sat on the upper level enjoying the heat, they moved to sit on the lower level. I could see both men eyeing me and my crotch, and it wasn’t long before my cock began to grow thick in anticipation. First Dylan and then Drew began to caress my legs. I lay back and let them proceed, thus silently inviting them to do as they pleased.

After a few gentle strokes of my thighs, Dylan’s hand found my growing cock and his fingers wrapped around my manhood. I sighed as he began to stroke my cock with firm strokes to full arousal. At the same time, Drew had taken hold of his top’s cock and was stroking it to full strength. I was beginning to think this was about as far as things were going to go after a few minutes, when Dylan leaned over to Drew and whispered an order. Drew was happy to obey and turned to accept my cock into his mouth, guided there by one of Dylan’s hands canlı bahis şirketleri around my shaft and the other at the back of his head. With a single, forced plunge, Drew took my entire eight inches into his throat and held it there, with Dylan’s insistence, for a good thirty seconds. My cock was squeezed by Drew’s throat muscles as he slipped his tongue out to caress my scrotum. I sighed heavily at the welcomed warmth of the forced throating and probably would have emptied my load within another minute had Dylan not allowed his slave-boy to withdraw.

Drew’s mouth released my cock after that initial plunge and he sat back to again turn his manual attentions to his master’s cock. Dylan leaned closer to me and asked, “Would you like to join us, in our room? He wants you to fuck him.”

I hesitated a moment, not real sure about where things might be headed, but I was confident I could handle anything they might throw at me, and the tingling in my balls that just a single, deep throating plunge had started had me eager to discover what else Drew could do for me.

“That sounds like fun,” I replied and with Dylan pulling Drew ahead of me out of the sauna by the strap that was obviously tightly wrapped around the submissive’s cock, we left the wet area and entered the maze. After just a few turns, Dylan opened a door with his key and I followed the couple in.

The chamber was what was called a suite at The Spa, with a full-sized bunk as opposed to the twin-sized ones in many of the rooms. This one was dark and I could make out their clothing hanging on the hooks behind the door as I closed it. The lighting was dim and I could just make out Dylan settling into the corner of the bunk. His legs were thrown wide and Drew obediently climbed up onto the bunk and latched his mouth to his master’s offered cock. This presented his slender waist high in the air above his tucked in knees as his head began to bob up and down the length of Drew’s cock.

I hadn’t been with many master/slave couples in my years, and really didn’t enjoy the scene too much. Dylan said, “Go ahead, fuck him up the ass. He loves this shit.” With that, he smacked his hand down across the kneeling man’s ass, causing him to grunt. My cock was throbbing and in need of some action, so I obediently, as if under Dylan’s spell of command already, moved onto the bunk behind Drew’s upturned ass and began to stroke his crack.

I quickly found the submissive’s anus, and it winked open as if to pull my fingers inside. His hole was well-fucked and gaped, but as if in consideration of his boy-toy, Dylan handed me a tube of lubrication and a wrapped condom. “This stuff will slick him up and numb your dick,” he said as I opened the tube and squirted a large dollop onto Drew’s asshole. Once that was finished, I ripped open the wrapped and sheathed up. I stroked the rubber up good with lube and then positioned myself at Drew’s dark entrance.

“Go ahead, fuck the horny bitch!” Dylan commanded and pulled Drew’s head down harshly into his lap to force his cock into Drew’s throat. At the same time, I lunged forward and buried my full eight inches into the dark, moist depths of Drew’s ass with a single plunge. Drew groaned loudly at my assault, but his guttural tones were stifled by the huge cock buried in his throat.

The ass wrapped around my cock like a warm, well-worn glove. I recognized a well-travelled road and it was obvious that Drew had been fucked well and often over the years. I wouldn’t even doubt that he’d been fisted on many occasions, such was the gape of his anus. His outer ring did little to hold my cock, and the only real pleasure I felt was deep in his bowels.

I began to thrust in and out of his upturned ass with a steady rhythm that had the slave-boy grunting in time with me. Meanwhile, Dylan had begun to fuck up into Drew’s face, also in time with my thrusts. The bunk began to creak with our motions and Drew’s grunts and groans added to the obvious sounds of fucking that would be heard outside the door by any passersby.

Our session went on for a good ten minutes with my cock pistoning ever faster and deeper into Drew’s guts, and Dylan driving me on with commands such as, “That’s it, fuck that slut’s asshole,” or “Take that cock, you shit. He’s going to fill your ass with his cum and you’re going to beg for more.” Things like that. I was canlı kaçak iddaa beginning to get into the scene a little more, though I was still holding back from out right debauchery. I pulled Drew’s boney hips back with every thrust into his depths, and soon I could feel the telltale tightening of my scrotum. I knew my load was just about to be dumped, and Dylan could see it in my expression.

“That’s it! Fill his ass with your spunk, dude! He wants your cum up his ass. That’s it! Cum in him! Cum in him!” As I felt my cock begin to pulse, I could see that Dylan was himself busting his load. Drew’s body convulsed as my hot semen began to fill the cum-catcher, and his lover’s cock began to spit an equally heavy load down his throat. Drew was getting filled at both ends and by the way his body quivered and his moans echoed, I knew the submissive was loving every ounce of it.

I fell back as the last of my load dribbled out of my cock and filled the reservoir of the condom. I could see Drew’s gaping asshole just a foot away. Below, his heavily bound cock and balls pulsed and throbbed, but with the binding in place his orgasm was contained. Little more that a drop of clear-white liquid had escaped his piss slit, although I was certain Drew had orgasmed as his master and I had. I stripped off the used rubber and tossed it into the room’s trash bin. My cock lay limp and greasy in my lap as I watched the couple finish up their end of the session.

Dylan’s face was screwed up tight, with his mouth gaping wide and his eyes tightly shut. His hips trembled as Drew continued to mouth his cock, obviously drawing every last drop of cum from Dylan’s balls. The passionate slurps continued for another few minutes before Dylan pushed Drew’s head roughly from his lap. “He’ll keep sucking my dick until I can’t get it up again, if I let him,” he grinned. I saw that his cock was still very much rock hard. That’s when I noticed that Dylan, too, wore a strap around his cock base. Although he had just dumped his load into his slave-boy’s throat, Dylan’s cock was still rock hard and ready for more action.

Drew had rolled onto his back along the wall side of the bunk and had begun to absently stroke his own cock, which also held much of its firmness. I was almost ashamed to have my flaccid cock on display.

As we all began to gather our breath, Dylan asked, “Was that fucking hot, or what? I love watching him get fucked. It’s so fucking hot seeing some dude’s cock rutting around in my boy’s asshole.” He leaned over then and gave Drew a deep kiss, the asked him how much he enjoyed his birthday present.

“It was great,” Drew replied with a thick Scottish accent. As I looked on, they kissed once again. I noticed then that Drew was much older than Dylan was, maybe by a decade. They kissed deeply, even lovingly, for a few moments, then Dylan turned to me and asked, “Do you like getting fucked?”

“Who doesn’t?” I replied.

Dylan smiled and stroked his still rock-hard manhood. “I want to fuck you, while you suck Drew’s cock,” he said. “I want to give him the pleasures I’ve felt with him, for his birthday, you know?” He had reached for my flaccid cock and was stroking my limp, greasy manhood as he asked. His cock glistened with Drew’s saliva and his own semen, and pulsed with eagerness.

“I think I’d like that. I want you to fuck me with that beautiful hunk of meat,” I smiled. “Make me cum again.” And with that, I climbed onto the bunk into a similar position that Drew had taken just a half hour before.

I crawled across to Drew, who remained laying on his back with his cock fisted, and I began to lick at his knob. Behind me, I felt Dylan moving about to get into position. I began to take more of Drew’s cock into my mouth as he let his hand move to the back of my head. I felt Dylan spread a cool smear of the lube across my asshole, and then moaned as he forced a pair of fingers into my ass. The pain lanced through me, and I grunted around Drew’s cock. His hand forced my mouth down his shaft and kept me from protesting too much. Dylan began to finger my tight hole harshly, adding a third before I had grown relaxed around the two. It was obvious that gentleness wasn’t in his sexual repertoire.

After a few minutes of having my asshole violently stretched and pulled open, Dylan pulled his fingers free and replaced them with the fat canlı kaçak bahis knob of his cock. I grunted as he took tight hold of my hips and plunged his full six-plus inches into my guts with a single, ravaging thrust that forced the air from my lungs. My body trembled and recoiled from the invasion. The stab of pain that lanced through my body took whatever firmness that might have been returning to my cock.

Dylan began to fuck my ass, truly fuck me with his powerful cock and gut-deep lunges. It had been a very long time, many years, since I’d been fucked so powerfully and violently. I’d forgotten what it was like to bottom such a strong, forceful top. My guts felt as if they were being churned to butter as Dylan began to pound into me with savage thrusts.

Drew’s cock was pushing deep into my throat and sliding along my tongue quickly. I was gagging at times with the depths his cock was plowing down my throat. I hadn’t realized just how endowed the submissive man was, and realized that the excitement of being in control, if only slightly, had given Drew’s manhood added strength. And he was using that strength to batter my tonsils. He reached under my chin and pulled his cock harness free, releasing the load that had been trapped from my ass-fucking him to orgasm. My mouth was flooded with his tangy, salty load and with his cock pistoning into my throat, that load was forced down into my belly, warming me. I loved every drop and wanted more. I began to greedily suck and slurp and throat Drew’s cock, all in an effort to draw a fresh load of his thick cream out and down my throat.

Meanwhile, Dylan was rapidly pistoning his cock in and out of my ravaged ass. His hands held my hips tightly as he drove on. His cock reached ever deeper into my guts as his heavy scrotum slapped across mine with every thrust. My cock had once again begun to stiffen, although I had doubts that it would regain its full strength under the anal assault I was receiving. Still, I was beginning to love every thrust of Dylan’s cock into my bowels and realized just what it was that Drew enjoyed every night. I could see how such an ass-pounding day in and day out would turn a tight little anus into a gaping fuck hole in no time.

It wasn’t long before Dylan’s thrusts began to get erratic, and with it Dylan’s gasps and grunts got louder. I was forced to let Drew’s delicious cock fall from my mouth as I grunted with Dylan.

“Oh, fuck!” Dylan cried out. “Your ass is sucking my cock off! I’m fucking cumming! Oh, shit, yeah!” And with that outburst, Dylan’s cock erupted with its heavy, hot load and coated my guts with his semen. He held his cock deep within me as it pulsed and spit its creamy gift up my ass. I was moaning with desire as his warmth flooded my insides. He hadn’t pulled on a rubber, as I had, and was breeding me bare. I shivered excitedly, though I recognized just how dangerous this could be. I rarely allowed myself to be cum-filled, and yet Dylan wasn’t one to deny. I was just as much his slave-boy in those few minutes as Drew was.

My body went limp and I lay across the bed, my ass high in the air with Dylan draped across my back. The last drops of his seed were fed into my guts with a final pulse of his cock and I clamped my anus down around his shaft, holding his delightful piston within me for a few minutes more.

Finally, it was all over and Dylan’s flaccid manhood slipped from my ravaged asshole, and with it a dribble of his semen. “Feed it to him,” Dylan whispered into my ear as he slipped from the bed. Drew was already crawling up between my knees and he planted his mouth to my gaping anus a moment later. My body trembled as his tongue snaked up through my asshole to lap up the spent load of his master. The feeling of that warm, talented tongue up my ass, doing things to me that had never been done before, was too much. I grunted just a few minutes later and began to fire off a hot load of my own across Drew’s chest.

As my semen began to blast out of my aching cock, my body trembled and my ass spasmed. I felt Dylan’s load gush from my guts to be sucked and slurped up by Drew beneath me. I dropped my mouth down the length of his own pulsing cock just as it began to erupt. My tongue was once again coated with hot cream and I gulped it down greedily.

Finally, both Drew and I was spent, and I rolled off him. My ass was bruised, my cock ached, and my jaw was sore, but I was satisfied beyond belief. I hadn’t thought about such a scene in years, and now I regretted avoiding them. I knew I would have to explore this world a little more in the future, thanks to Dylan and Drew.

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