A Wager for Incest Ch. 02

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The next morning when I woke up around 5am, mom wasn’t in bed. I heard the shower running so I laid back down and thought about how wonderful the night before was. I could still feel how wet her pussy was and the way it throbbed so hard.

I was starting to get and erection thinking about it, so I reached down and began stroking my cock. Just then the door opened and mom walked out of the bathroom. She had a towel wrapped around her and one around her head seeing had washed her hair.

She walked over to the side of the bed then she bent over and started to dry her hair with the towel. The towel around her barely covered her body. I gazed at her beautiful thighs then at the cleavage of her breasts. After she was done rubbing her hair dry she flung her head back letting her hair fall down around her.

She looked so sexy standing there. Then she picked up her robe that was on the floor beside the bed and walked over to her vanity table where she kept her hairbrush and makeup. With her back to me she undid the towel letting it fall to the floor and put on her robe then started brushing her hair.

“I see the power came back on,” she said as she brushed her hair.

“Yea, I heard the heater kick on around two this morning.” I replied.

She turned and walked over to the bed and stood there.

“About last night” she said.

“I know, I’m sorry mom I just couldn’t help myself,” I said shyly.

“Let me finish” she said as she pulled the sheet back and crawled in.

“Last night was the most exciting night I’ve ever had,” she said as she ran her fingers through the hair on my chest.

“Me too, you made me so horny and each time you had and orgasm I could feel it. I can’t believe you let go five times last night,” I said.

“Actually I had six orgasms,” she said with a smile.

“Six? When was the other one?” I asked.

“At the very beginning when you laid down on top of me and I felt your naked body and your hard cock against me. Then you started kissing my neck and touching my nipple. That turn-me-on so much that it made me cum” she told me.

She leaned down and kissed me. As we kissed I took her hand and guided it down under the covers to my throbbing cock. As her hand touched it she moaned. I felt her fingers wrap around the shaft and she started to jack it.

“I thought I was just dreaming it was big, but it feels big even in my hand,” she said with a moan.

“Why don’t you go down under the covers and see for yourself how big it is” I said with a smile.

“Ummmmm, sounds like you want me to look at it” she replied.

She lifted the sheet and slid down under it. When she saw it she let out a gasp then a moan and said, “God it’s huge”. She laid her head on my belly and started to stroke it with her fingers. Then she reached down and fondled my balls.

My cock was rock hard by now and I wanted to feel her mouth around it but she just lay there. Finally I couldn’t wait any longer. I reached down and put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her face down to it.

“Suck it mom” I told her as I held her head there.

She hesitated for a minute, then I felt her warm wet mouth encircle the head of my cock. She just held it there for a minute or two, then I felt her tongue lick around the head then across the tip of free spin it. All of a sudden she moaned and really started sucking it.

“Ummmmmmm” she moaned as she went wild licking up and down my shaft then taking it in her mouth as far as she could. I had never been sucked like that before; she just couldn’t get enough.


Her one hand was wrapped around the base of my shaft while she sucked me. Her other hand was playing with my balls. Then she did something that drove me crazy. With her thumb and finger she pulled down on the head of my cock making the hole at the tip open, then she stuck the tip of her tongue in and started to wiggle it. I could take it anymore.

“OHHHHHH GODDDDDD MOM your going to make me cum” I cried out.

She reached down between my legs and ran her fingernails up and down from my balls to my ass. This drove me over the edge and I shot my load deep into her mouth.

“Ummmmmm” she moaned as she swallowed my load. She lay there sucking and licking the head of my cock till she drained me of every last drop. Then she came back up and laid her head on my shoulder.

“Thank You” she said with a smile, “I’ve always wondered what it was like to suck a cock”

“What do you mean?” I asked puzzled.

“I’ve never done it before, your the first” she answered blushing.

“Your kidding, haven’t you ever sucked dad?” I asked.

“No, he won’t let me. I tried once when we were first married but he said it was dirty, plus he said there’s to many germs” she replied.

“You mean you’ve NEVER had oral sex?” I asked.

“Nope” she answered kind of embarrassed.

“Dad’s never licked your pussy?” I asked.

“Nope, he say’s he doesn’t like the smell of a woman down there” she answered.

I rolled her over onto her back then I got up on my knees between her legs. I reached down and untied her robe and opened it. I pushed her legs up and out spreading them just as far as they would go. I looked down at my mom’s pussy for the first time, it looked so luscious.

Her outer lips were swollen and open revealing her pretty little pink clit. Her pussy was wet with her creamy white love juices and her clit was twitching. Every time it twitched her love tunnel would open and close letting her nectar flow.

“It’s time you found out what you’ve been missing all these years” I told her as I lowered my face down between her legs.

I began to kiss her inner thighs down to her outer pussy lips while I ran my fingers in the soft hair of her mound. Then I lightly licked all around her pussy lips. I took it nice and slow letting the anticipation build within her.

It didn’t take long till I heard her breathing faster. That’s when I started to slowly lick the inner side of her pussy lips making sure not to touch her clit. I wanted to get her totally aroused before I gave her clit pleasure. I lowered my tongue down to her sweet little hole and slowly slid it in and wiggled it around.

“Ohhhhhhh”,,,,”OHHHHHH” she moaned as my tongue darted in and out of her love tunnel.

Her hands were clutching the sheet and her toes were curled. I felt her muscles tighten and then she arched her back and lifted her ass of the bed. I knew that she was on the verge bonus veren siteler of having and orgasm, so I moved my tongue up and licked lightly across her clit, then I licked it again.

Her whole body began to shake as my tongue touched her clit. It was time to make her cum. I took and pulled the hood of her clit up with my thumb exposing her tender little love button. Then I touched my tongue to it.

As I did she clutched the sheets harder and started panting. Slowly I began flicking my tongue across it picking up speed as I did. She started trembling and shaking, then all of a sudden she let go of the sheets and grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face.

“OH GODDD, I’m squirting babe, I’m squirting my cum in your mouth” she screamed.

I started licking my tongue all over her pussy from her clit to her glory hole. My face was soaking wet from her love juices and cum. Totally out of breath and gasping for air she finally let go of my head and settled down.

She tried to talk but couldn’t because she was out of breathe.

“I’ve,,,,,,never,,,,, experienced,,,,, anything like,,,,,that” she said gasping.

I got up and laid down beside her, putting my arm around her.

“See what you’ve been missing” I said as I kissed her.

“If I’d known it felt that wonderful I would have found someone a long time ago to do it with,” she said.

” Well now you have, I’ll lick your sweet little pussy any time you want mom” I told her.

With that she snuggled up close to me and we laid there till it was time for her to go to work.

After she went to work I got up and put my robe on and went to check my VCR to see if it had stopped. I rewound the tape a little then hit play to see where it had stopped. I was surprised to see it had recorded everything. Just then I heard the front door open. It was Lizzy.

“So did the power go off last night?” she asked.

“Yes” I answered.

“Must have been dam cold in the house” she said.

“Nope” I answered.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Well let’s put it this way” I said with a evil grin, “You’re my slave for the next week”

“How do you figure?” she said.

“Come with me” I told her.

I took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom. I told her to sit down and watch the tape. Her jaw just about hit the floor as she watched. I just sat back with a smirk on my face.

As she sat there watching the tape I noticed she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs and squirming in the chair. After watching about a half-hour of it she was breathing heavy. I got up and shut the VCR off.

“Why’d you do that?” she asked.

“You’ve seen enough. Face it, you lost” I told her.

“So now what?” she asked.

“Well like we agreed on, you’re my slave for a week. You have to do what ever I say, that was the deal,” I said.

“Okay, so what do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Hummmm, lets start by letting me see you naked” I said.

“WHAT!” she bellowed.

“You heard me, a deal is a deal, now strip” I told her.

Slowly she unbutton her blouse and removed it, then she undid her pants and slid them down and off. I gazed upon her lovely body as she stood there in her bra and panties. I could feel my cock geting hard deneme bonusu veren siteler from watching her.

Next she reached behind and undid her bra letting it fall to the floor. She had lovely small breasts and her nipples were small like moms. She seemed a little frightened as I walked towards her. All she had on were her little white lace panties.

“You sure are beautiful,” I said as I lightly ran my hand up her arm to her shoulder.

“I’ve been admiring you for awhile now” I told her as my hand continued up over her shoulder to her neck.

As my hand touched her neck she sighed and tilted her head letting me rub her neck. I could tell by her breathing she was becoming aroused. Her eyes by now were half shut and her mouth was slightly open. I stepped closer and leaned over and lightly kissed her neck. As I did she closed her eyes all the way and let out a low soft moan.

I ran my hand down over her breast lightly touching her nipple. It was hard and poking out and as she felt my fingers glide over it she gasped. By now my cock was hard and sticking out of my robe. I stepped closer to her letting my cock rub against her.

As I continued to kiss her neck and shoulder I reached down and slid her panties down letting them fall to the floor. I lowered her down onto my bed, then I whispered in her ear as I parted her legs and lowered my cock between them.

“I’ve never done it before” she said shly.

“You mean your still a virgin?” I asked.

“Yes” she replied.

“Well its time you became a woman” I whispered as I continued lowering myself.

The head of my cock slid down her wet slit touching her swollen clit till it found her sweet little love tunnel. She felt my cock at the entrance of her pussy and she let out a moan, then she let out a yelp as I gave a little push and popped her cherry.

“Oh yea Lizzy, you have a nice tight pussy” I moaned as I penetrated her pussy.

“It hurts” she whimpered.

“Don’t worry you’ll get use to it in a minute” I told her.

Once it was all the way in I stopped and let her pussy get accustom to its size. My cock was throbbing inside her and I could tell by the look on her face that she could feel it. After a few minutes I felt her pussy start to contract around my cock.

All of a sudden she reached up and wrapped her arms around my neck and began moving her hips up and down humping me. I just laid there letting her hump it.

“Oh Ben it feels like I’m going to pee-pee” she moaned.

I knew she was about to have and orgasm so I slowly began fucking her. She spread her legs out as wide as she could and held on to me tight as she felt my cock sliding in and out of her.

Then every muscle in her body tightened. I started fucking her faster and faster and as I did she started to shake. Knowing she was on the verge of letting go got me so excited that I wanted to cum. I felt my cock enlarge then explode sending my cum deep inside her pussy. At the same time I felt her jerking underneath me as she exploded having her first true orgasm.

“WOW, that felt weird” she said catching her breath.

“But did you like it?” I asked.

“Yea” she said blushing.

“Good because tomorrow night mom has to work the graveyard shift at the hospital and dad will be back from New York” I told her.

“So?” she said.

“When dad gets home you have to seduce him,” I said.

“WHAT? No way” she answered.

“You had me do mom, now you have to do dad” I told her. “Remember you’re my slave for a week”

She didn’t say anything as she turned and left the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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