A Walk in the Country

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As she walked down the quiet dirt road, her mind wandered back over the years. This place was so peaceful, so comforting. It seemed that nothing had ever changed. The smells, the sounds, the textures and the colors were just as vivid as they were in her childhood, just as intoxicating as they were when she last visited ten years ago.

She felt a dusty film sticking to her bare legs as she strolled along, but somehow it did not annoy her the way it seemed that it normally would have. She was inundated by shrill sounds surrounding her on both sides – screeches, chirps, flutters, cries, yowls, peeps, twitters, buzzes, squawks, rustles, and melodic hums and songs. Oddly, the wildly varied noises seemed to meld together so that despite the occasional raucous cry and shrill demand, the lively chorus did not fray her nerves. Instead, she felt a sense of quiet calm.

She looked to one side and then the other as she walked, peering intently into the dark green foliage. She is still amazed by how many shades of green exist. She is amazed by the shapes and sizes and of the bushes and the trees, from the tiny saplings just peaking from the ground to the towering pines shading her way. She notices how some grow straight and strong alone, while others wrap themselves around each other and actually connect.

As she wanders around the side of the old tobacco barn, she is suddenly keenly aware of a presence, and stops in her tracks. She realizes fearfully that there is a man standing inches from her, and her mind races through a series of pointless accusations about what an idiotic idea it was for her to wander several miles down a deserted country road alone. Her heart beats furiously and her eyes dart frantically as she seeks a weapon or an escape route.

“You sure scared me” It took a moment for her to recognize that he was speaking. He had a broad smile and warm eyes she realized with relief. “Sorry,” she murmured, “you scared me too.” He stared at her intently, and she felt a distinct twinge of arousal as he moved his gaze from her eyes down her body slowly and then back again. “You are pretty,” he said flatly, and continued to stare.

She looked back at him. He appeared to be about twenty six, maybe six two, with very dark black skin, a shaved head, and a clean shaven face. He had on a loose fitting shirt with the sleeves cut out, unbuttoned, and cut off sweats. She saw that he had a taut, athletic body. He had a well-defined washboard stomach beneath a broad muscular chest. He was either an athlete, or did some sort of demanding physical labor on a regular basis, she thought.

“Thank you,” she responded to his statement, then, seeing no one else around, she asked, “What are you doing out here?”

“Home on leave,” he said, “trying to stay in shape while I’m on vacation, so decided to take a run. It’s beautiful out here, serene and peaceful…makes me feel grounded and helps put the world back in perspective. I was in Iraq for over a year, and just got back last week. It’s hard to believe that this place is on the same planet.”

She nodded her understanding. “I know what you mean. I used to come here as a child. Moved to the city years ago, and it seems like this place is frozen in time. It seems like nothing has moved or changed. It’s oddly reassuring. That’s why I came for a walk. I feel so free here. No stress, no deadlines, no jangling noises, no demands, no interruptions.” He smiled at her. “Gorgeous dimples and perfect teeth,” she thought to herself.

“Paradise,” he said cheerfully, “the only thing that would make it better would be some really hot sex.”

Her mouth dropped as she realized what he had actually said. He stared at her. She realized to her astonishment that he was waiting for a response. She looked around, almost expecting someone to walk out from the old barn or the woods. When no one did, she shook her head and replayed his words in her mind. She looked at his face and into his eyes expecting amusement, but found none.

Instead, she saw sincerity, sensuality, and raw lust. He was serious, she realized. He wanted sex and he wanted it now. She saw the glint in his eye and realized that he had just issued her a challenge.

The possibility was suddenly real in her mind. Her mind was a whirlwind of images and scenes and locations and people. She looked around at the vibrant colors and felt the breeze in her hair. “You know, you’re absolutely right,” she shot back at him.

Without any hesitation, he reached out and pulled her against his chest roughly. He wrapped one hand in her hair and thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. He probed her mouth demandingly, and withdrew slowly, stroking her lips with the tip of his tongue as he did. She realized that she was sucking, using her lips to try to capture his tongue and pull it back inside.

He worked his way back against the trunk Kartal Türbanlı Escort of the broad old shadetree behind them and leaned against it. He kept the one hand wrapped in her hair, and used the other one to push her to her knees. “Calm down you little suck slut, I’m going to put something right back in that little mouth of yours.” She looked up and started to protest about him talking to her in such a manner, but he had already stuck his middle finger in her mouth and began working it around indecently.

He pulled the finger out and in one quick motion, he snapped his waistband down and pulled out the biggest cock she had ever seen. He dick was at least eleven inches long and several inches thick. It was dark black, with a thick, pink swollen head and it glistened where the sun reflected on it. His balls were the size of small oranges, hanging full on either side of his big dick.

He wrapped one hand in her long blond hair and pushed her head impatiently toward his stiff cock. With his other hand, he grabbed his dick and guided it toward her lips. She opened her mouth slightly and licked tentatively. He tasted clean but slightly salty, and she could smell the soap he had apparently used before his run mixing with the sweat from his workout. She sucked the head using just her lips, softly and slowly. As she felt his pulse increase, she swirled her tongue around it, twirling several times in one direction, then switched directions and repeated the motion in the opposite direction.

She started to work her way down the shaft on one side, licking all the way to the base with just the tip of her tongue, then back up again, then did the same down the other side and back up. Then she moved to the underside of his cock, first licking all the way to the base in one continuous motion, and back up, then changing direction to lick side to side on a strip about an inch wide and worked her way back down like that.

She looked up to check his reaction, and was content to find him watching intently as she licked. She changed the licks to tiny little flicks of the tongue, and went back up his cock, still touching only the underside. She made her way back up about an inch at a time, and when she reached the top again, closed her mouth for a moment to make her tongue really wet. Then, she lapped her way down to the base. She wanted so badly to suck his balls into her mouth, but she licked her way back to the head once again. Then, she began to flick the tip of her tongue all over his cock in random, quick little darts, sharp thrusts of her tongue from the tip to the base all the way around. She watched as his cock jerked in one direction, then another trying to keep up. He had begun to grind his hips and thrust, and she knew that he was becoming impatient again.

Before he could stick it into her mouth, she went down to the base, wetting her tongue again, and began swirling around his huge balls. She felt them tighten and start to swell, and sucked first one, then the other into her mouth. He moaned as she alternately licked and sucked them, moving so quickly from one to the other that the he had no time to try to adjust to a rhythm. As his hand tightened in her hair, she moved back to the head, and in one motion, deep throated him into her mouth as far as she could. She began sucking with a steady rhythmic motion, and used the tips of her fingers on both hands to fondle his balls as she did. “You are a nasty little cock sucking bitch, he groaned, I could see it in your eyes. You love the feeling of a hard dick in your mouth, don’t you? She nodded as best she could as sucked.

“I’ll bet you’re a dirty little fuck slut too,” he grinned at her. ” I’ll bet that little hot pink pussy of yours is all wet and achy and swollen right now, isn’t it?” She closed her eyes as she continued sucking, embarrassed that he was right, and hoping in vain that he could not see how badly she really wanted to be fucked. He reacted immediately. “Open your eyes and look at me bitch,” he demanded.

She felt the ache between her legs ignite, and as she looked up at him, she could feel her cunt tighten involuntarily. “You don’t even know my name, he taunted her, and I don’t care what yours is. Look at you. On your knees outside with some strange guy’s big black dick shoved down your throat.” Her clit was so swollen she could feel it thrusting between the lips of her pussy. “Dirty little cock craving whore.” He pulled his heavy cock out of her mouth and smacked her in the face with it. “You want this stiff, thick black prick rammed all up in that hot wet tight cunt, don’t you, slut?”

She looked down at the ground, mortified, but felt like her body was on fire.

He laughed and grabbed her face and lifted it so that she had to look at him. “Well, you’re in luck today, sexy, because I’m going to fuck you just the way a little Kartal Otele Gelen Escort cock whore like you needs to be fucked. But first, you’re going to show me just how much of a little slut you really are. Take off your panties, if you have any on.” She peeled the pink lace thong off slowly, and he snatched them from her hands. “Just as I expected…soaked,” he informed her as he inspected the crotch. He motioned her to the ground and told her to lay down in grass. “Take off that dress and spread your legs wide bitch,” he instructed. She complied, as she watched him walk a few feet away toward a patch of cattails. She felt the grass against her bare skin and noticed how clear and blue the sky was, and she was keenly aware of the sweet intermingling scents of wild honeysuckle and wisteria which she noticed grew in tangled vines at the edge of the woods. She felt completely exposed and vulnerable, but she also felt alive and connected. She felt wild and free. The ground and the plants and the air all seemed to be an extension of her being. Her mind wandered.

She was jarred back to the moment when he spoke. ” Touch yourself.” She looked into his dark eyes as he seated himself on the grass just beyond her feet. She moved her fingers hesitantly across her belly. He got up and leaned over her, and began to brush his fingers across the tips of her rosy pink long nipples. They stiffened immediately. He plucked them teasingly and moved his fingers across her body, down her legs and back up to her clean shaven pussy. He moved two fingers, then three over her mound, and softly traced around the folds of her lips. He thrust just the tip of a finger between the lips, near her clit but not touching it. She squirmed.

She could feel the cream starting to ooze from her cunt and the ache there had started to intensify. He played his fingers around her opening, softly, gently, moving them just inside, then abruptly removing them altogether, but leaving his hand pressed against her. She wriggled and twisted her hips in attempt to work his fingers back into the prior position.

He laughed. That’s all you get for now. Play with yourself slut, and show me how you take care of that hot little cunt on the nights when you don’t have somebody fucking you senseless.” The fire between her legs started again. She squeezed them together in frustration, and was immediately reprimanded. “I told you to spread your legs wide bitch, now open them back like they were.” She did as she was told, and clenched her fists in frustration. He was sitting down again, with one of the cattails in his hand. He held the long stem, and traced the brown oblong lightly across her body, first her breasts and nipples, then down her belly and around her pussy.

“Play with your nipples, and squeeze those big tits first,” he said, and watched intently as she did so. “That’s right,” he said as he sat back and began to stroke his cock as she fondled her own boobs. “Work on that pussy, slut,” he demanded, as she continued flicking and stroking her nipples. She moved her fingers down between her legs and began moving her fingers around her private area reluctantly. As she saw his thick black pole thrusting out the top of his fist and watched the skin moving up and down as he pumped it with his hands, she felt a dull throb between her legs. Her fingers began to stroke, and she concentrated the movement in a small area slightly to the right of her clit. She could touch there and stimulate her clit almost directly with a steady, increasing pressure. She could increase the speed and friction as she became more excited without discomfort.

His stiff cock made it clear that he was enjoying the show, and as he began to really beat his meat, he began talking to her again, a stead banter about all the nasty things she craved, and how he would give her just what she needed. As he called her names and described how he would fuck her, she fingered herself frantically as her need intensified.

Suddenly, he grasped her hand and pulled it away. He thrust a finger into her pussy to see how wet she was, and when he saw her cream spill out as he pushed in, he began to finger fuck her hard and deep, slowly. Every time he withdrew his fingers, she writhed and squirmed trying to maneuver her way back to having them shoved deep in her cunt. He smiled mischievously, and picked up the cattail again, and positioned the phallus shaped end against her pussy lips. “You want something in your cunt bitch?” He was challenging her again. She eyed the cattail’s size and shape and imagined the somewhat spongy texture in her pussy and responded by grinding her hips upward. He laughed again, and began to work the object into her wet opening. It felt like she expected, a little spongy, not too hard or scratchy, and it was filling her up nicely.

It was a new experience, and her mind began Kartal Ucuz Escort a list of other objects from nature that might also fit nicely in her hot box. He worked it all the way in and began to fuck her with it, but as soon as she relaxed into a steady rhythm, he pulled it out again. She groaned in frustration, and he smiled at her, then began to work the head of his cock against her clit, teasing her by first stroking it in a gentle steady rhythm and then slipping just the tip against her wet slit.

She squirmed against him, lifting her hips and tightening her pussy to try to pull him in. And finally, she realized happily, he did not back away to tease her. Instead, he positioned his cock to enter her and began to work the thick swollen head inside. She lay still and allowed him to inch his way into her body, loving the feeling of his stiff pole spreading her open. She felt her body stretching to accommodate his girth. She loved this part…the feeling of him invading her body, taking it over, filling her up.

When he had his dick in her completely, he leaned forward and took her hands in his, and held them down above her head, laying his full weight completely on top of her and looked into her eyes. “Like that don’t you slut?,” he whispered softly. “I love it,” she whispered back. “Well, you’re gonna really love it when I slam this fat cock deep, and fuck you the way a dirty little whore like you needs to be fucked,” he replied. She felt her pussy tighten around his prick.

Slowly, he began to pump his dick in and out, and she moaned with every stroke. Her tight pussy was getting wetter, and she could feel her muscles relaxing and the juices oozing as he worked her body. As she loosened up, he began power stroking, pulling his cock out except for the head and then ramming it back into her cunt deep and hard. Again and again, he slammed his thick cock to the hilt.

She rose to meet his thrusts, and he encouraged her wanton movements by whispering obscenities. “That’s it, fuck me back. Show me what a good little fuck slut you are. Make sure I know how much you like it cunt, or I might just pull this big black dick out and leave you empty and wishing for a good hard fuck. You better make this worth my time, you nasty little cockcraving bitch.”

She tried to grab and claw frantically as he continued to slam his cock into her, but he held her pinned helplessly. The sounds of the birds and insects and the wind around her reminded her that she was outside in broad daylight, laying on the grass with this sexy black stranger between her legs, fucking her like a whore. As he increased his speed, she felt him pumping her insides like a piston and felt his balls slapping against her. She heard the satisfying smack of flesh against flesh as he beat his meat into her wet cunt again and again. She heard the squish of suction as he plunged in and out of her cream filled pussy. She felt like screaming, but as she opened her mouth, he thrust his tongue in deep, fucking her mouth with his tongue as he continued pounding her hot, wet cunt with his stiff dick. She felt her body beginning to convulse, and as she came, he continued ramming his cock in mercilessly. She felt like she was caught in an endless wave of sensation as her orgasm continued. Her body was flooded with tension, ecstasy, relief, comfort, relaxation…and suddenly, he was not there.

She was limp and oozing and empty, and when she opened her eyes, he was shoving his thick black, cum coated cock back into her mouth. Her eyes flew open as she gagged on his rock hard, throbbing dick. She was relieved when he withdrew slightly, only to shove it back down her throat. He had his knees on each side of her face, and still held her hands helpless as he fucked her mouth.

“Take it bitch,” he panted, as he shoved his cock rapidly in and out of her mouth, leaving her alternately choking and gasping for air. She felt the pulse in his dick and the fullness and knew he was about to burst. Suddenly, she felt his muscles contract, and then tasted a salty sweet creamy texture bubbling into her mouth. He pulled out and grabbed his dick and pumped it with controlled abandon over her lips and face and hair, and as the spurting slowed to a slow ooze, he used his cock like a paintbrush, smearing it over her face and lips. When he was empty, he ran his fingers thru the cum smears on her face, and then thrust them into her mouth, directing her, with just a look, to lick them clean.

He smiled at her, more relaxed now, but still mischievous, and lay back on the grass beside her. He pulled her close, and stroked her gently. She looked into his eyes. You need to lick all this cum off my cock and get me nice and clean, he said, matter of factly. That will get me nice and hard again. Since we are out here in the great outdoors, I think it’s only appropriate that we should do it like the animals do. I’m gonna bend you over on all fours with your lily white ass in the air, and fuck you like the little bitch in heat that you are.

She moved her tongue toward his dick and made a mental note to herself that she was definitely going to get back to nature more frequently.


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