A Walk in the Woods Pt. 01

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It was a bright day in early summer as Rachel and I strolled the long straight path through the park. The ‘Long Mile’, as it’s known, is over a mile long running straight as a die across the huge parkland outside Windsor, from the ancient castle to the statue on it’s plinth at the end. The path was mostly empty at that time of the morning and we were enjoying the warming sun and each other’s company.

It had been a long week and we’d come out to the park for some fresh air, and to catch up with each other. We’d been a couple for over a year, and we held hands as we walked. The warm breeze ruffled my shirt and shorts, and her white blouse and cut-off jeans. Her slim legs hadn’t yet picked up any colour from the sun, and her long dark hair fell in tresses around her shoulders.

As we walked we talked about mutual friends and other couples, as you do, and also on what we might do with the rest of our weekend. We’d had most of the week apart and the lack of physical connection was an itch we both felt and knew needed to be scratched.

The conversation turned to our friends Steve and Paula. Paula was a work colleague of Rachel and had introduced us to Steve, a bass player. A guitarist myself, we’d hit it off and were working on playing in a band together. Paula and Rachel had been out for a few drinks earlier in the week and had apparently had an intimate conversation.

“She said their sex life had been getting a bit stale, a bit boring.” Rachel said. I nodded along, and she continued, turning her eyes to the path in front and away from mine. “So they decided to have sex… another way…” The sentence trailed off and I turned slightly to look at her. Her green eyes were down, looking at the path, and I could see her pale cheeks reddening and a smile tugging at her lips.

“OhhhKayyy? What did they mean by that, do you think?” I asked, keeping my voice level. Her head didn’t move.

“You know. Using another… entrance… hole…” if anything her cheeks turned redder still and all of a sudden she stopped dead and looked up sharply at me, her eyes blazing.

“Ah… right. I’m with you. And did she have a review of that?” I teased.

Cheeks canlı bahis still red, she smiled cheekily and said “She loved it, said it had been a whole new experience, and Steve loved it too.” She held my gaze. I thought briefly about Paula, a petite blonde with a trim figure, and of Steve giving her pert arse a good fucking.

“And, what, you’re thinking maybe we should give it a go as well?” I asked her, feeling my own cheeks redden slightly, as we started walking again.

She was silent for a while, and squeezed my hand as we walked. Eventually she took a breath and said “Yeah. Yeah i do. I love it when… i’m on top… and you put your hand round and put a finger up… there… I think I want.. more.”

She was breathing fast as she spoke, her cheeks still red. I stopped in the middle of the path and pulled her to me. I could feel her nipples were hard and erect under her blouse and lacy bra as she pressed against me, her breath was hot on my neck. I bent my head down to kiss her and her lips were hot and wet, her tongue hungry. Clearly all this talk had turned her on. My own arousal at the idea was starting to make itself felt as well, nudging up from inside my shorts.

Rachel shifted slightly as she felt my manhood stir and we realised we weren’t really in the right place for what we needed, but neither were we going to be able to think or do much else until we got it out of our systems. The path we were on ran through a huge park which was also home to a number of wooded copses and forested areas, all part of the park but off the beaten track and usually without anybody else around. We’d explored one before, a quarter-mile off the path and with a wooded clearing in the middle. We could see it from where we were, and quickly made our way off the path and into the cool wood.

We found the clearing, which had a pool of water in the middle and some fallen trees around. We were well sheltered from the main path and clearly on our own. We sat on one of the fallen trees and Rachel leaned into me, her lips and tongue seeking mine urgently. They were still hot. My hands roamed over her back and under her shirt, finding the shape of her hard nipples under her bra. bahis siteleri I pulled a couple of her buttons open and bent my head to kiss her neck and in the cleavage between her small perky breasts. She groaned and shivered as I touched her. I slipped a hand down her back, under the waistband of her shorts and to the top of her arse, squeezing the forgiving flesh.

I didn’t really know how far we were going to go with this – it seemed unlikely that Rachel was going to let me fuck her virgin arse there and then in the middle of the wood. Equally we didn’t have any condoms with us so a straight shag was also off the cards. I really needed to come, though, and my hard dick was straining against my shorts.

As if reading my mind, Rachel chose to surprise me a second time that day. She pulled back out of our kiss and embrace and stood up before me. In one smooth move she dropped to her knees and shuffled forward, parting my knees and running her hand down my shirt front and to my bulging crotch.

She reached forward, undoing my shorts and with her free hand fished around inside, pulling free my straining cock. Like most British men, I’m uncircumcised, and the foreskin strained against the head. “Oh god!” was the only phrase I could mutter as her fingers played up and down the shaft and over the swollen head. Rachel looked up from her kneeling position and smiled.

“Paula also gave me some other tips! Tell me how you like this…” she said. She leant forward and ran her hot tongue up and down the shaft, leaving a trail of saliva on me, licking down right to the base and then back up to the tip in one motion, then circling around the top of my foreskin with her tongue.

I groaned “Wow, that’s so good!” tipping my head back and closing my eyes.

“Hmmm, how about this?” said Rachel and gently took the head of my hot cock into her mouth. She flicked her tongue over the underneath of my shaft, nearly driving me over the edge in one move, and then to my amazement started to work her mouth forward, taking more of me into her mouth. I’m not huge down there by any means but it’s a decent size and Rachel had never tried this before.

Oral sex was something bahis şirketleri we did now and again, usually as foreplay, but her technique had usually been more about enthusiasm than skill, which was fine by me. This was something else though, she squeezed her eyes shut and gripped my legs as she pushed more and more of my hard dick into her mouth and throat. I thought she was about to gag, but she took a breath through her nose and made one more effort, finally taking the whole thing in. She held it there for a couple of seconds and quickly pulled back, gasping for air.

“Wow, I cannot believe I did that!” She smiled, grasping my glistening rod. “I bet Paula I could get your whole dick in my mouth. Yay me!”

Her eyes were still bright and looking dead at me as she went back to work with her mouth on my hard cock, slurping up and down fast and sucking hard as she moved back and forth. I could feel my orgasm growing and shifted myself forward slightly, putting my hand gently on the side of her head.

“I’m going to come” I breathed, expecting her to pull back and finish me off with her hands onto the ground, but today was going to keep getting better.

She nodded, keeping eye contact with me and bobbed her head faster and sucked a bit harder still. Rachel was going to catch my spunk in her mouth! This had never happened before, but she was so turned on that anything was possible. The knowledge of what was about to happen pushed me over the edge and i jerked and groaned as my hot load of spunk shot into her mouth. Her eyes went wide and she held her head still as her mouth filled with my cum.

Presently she pulled back, my still-hard cock coming out of her mouth with a ‘pop’ and she got to her feet and quickly skipped over to the pond. I could see she spat out the contents of her mouth into the pool, as I tucked myself back in and got groggily to my feet.

That had been the most intense feeling I’d ever had, and the thrill of getting blown outside in public (even though there was nobody in sight) had really rocked my world. Rachel came back over, breathing slightly heavily, and gave me a hug.

“You owe me for that one, John.” She said, playfully.

“Oh yeah?” I said. “Got something in mind to help me pay you back, have you?”

She grinned. “I sure do. When I tell you – and only when I tell you – I want you to put that cock up my bum”

End of part 1.

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