A weekend with Austin and Kota

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Today had began how yesterday did. Me and Austin sat around playing on his xbox and went to the beach again. It was totally normal again.
After we got back and got dressed, Austin suggested we have an airsoft war. It was 6 at night and started to get dark. I agreed but he was only in shorts and I was only in a bikini top and cutoffs. Austin grabbed his green gun and handed me a blue one.
As we started walking into the woods Austin’s older brother Kota showed up and decided to join. He was a little bit bigger built than Austin (not as skinny), longer darker hair, same height as Austin. He was also just wearing shorts. He grabbed a red gun and we all scattered in the woods.
I ran all the way to the back of their property (about a half mile into the woods) and hid behind an old rusted out car. I heard some leaves rustling and I hid under a window and aimed. I seen a spot of red through the trees and shot. Nothing. I shot again and still nothing. More rustling of leaves behind me. I turned around and a few yards away I seen a spot of neon green. I shot at that and again, nothing. By now it was dark so even if they were there I wouldn’t be able to see them.
I heard more rustling from the other side of the car so I slowly creeped to the other side to investigate. I heard a noise from behind me and as I turned around someone had me by the waist and put their other hand over my mouth before I could scream. “Shhh shh shhhhh” they said. It was Kota.
As I realized who it was I started to laugh. “Got her?” Austin said.
“Got her” Kota said. They both laughed at me and Kota let me go. I could see both of their shadow-like figures in the midst of the darkness.
“Come on” Austin said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me. I thought he was taking me back to the house but I was wrong.
I seen Kota run ahead güvenilir bahis with his phone light guiding the way. I seen the light go up a tree then stop. A treehouse? Austin guided me to the base of the tree and made me climb up first. I got to the top and it was a pretty sturdy platform about 8 square feet with a tent in the middle. Kota grabbed my hand and guided me to the tent.
“Guys I kinda wanna go back. The mosquitos are getting bad and I’m night blind and I just wanna go back”.
“You’ll be fine. We just wanna sit here and rest for a minute” Austin said. When we were all in the tent, Kota zipped it. Austin pulled me onto his lap and held me there. I tried moving but he wouldn’t let me.
Kota turned off his phone and set it to the side. “Austin here told me about what you guys did last night. Can you tell me what happened so I know he’s telling the truth?”
“Wha? What are you talking about?” I nervously laughed, not knowing what was going to happen next.
“Bre I already told him. Everything.” I blushed in the darkness and my stomach started to turn.
Austin grabbed my arms and Kota sat on my legs restraining me from any movement besides my head. “Thought you could do me a little favor” Kota said and I heard him unzip his pants.
“No. No no no no that was a one time thing and I’m sorry I don’t know why I did that and he said he wouldn’t tell anybody and I just-” Austin put a hand over my mouth as he held my hands.
Kota leaned over and smacked me. “You let me get what my brother here got last night and I won’t say a word.” I nodded and felt tears well up in my eyesAustin and my aunt were in the kitchen making breakfast. I walked out there and asked what they were up to. “Just making breakfast for you guys” my aunt said as she flipped a pancake. He didn’t even look at me. Not even a glimpse. türkçe bahis I sat at the table and my aunt told Austin to sit down with me. He sat next to me as my aunt said “who’s ready for breakfast?” She turned around and Austin put his hand on my upper thigh, looked me in the eyes, grinned and said “I’m ready”. I knew then that I had another night to look forward to.
“If I let you go you have to promise not to do anything stupid” Austin said. I nodded again. He let me go and I sat in the middle of the tent.
“Take off your clothes” Kota demanded. I slowly started taking off my top and I could feel them watching me. “Hurry up” Kota demanded. I got on my knees and slid down my shorts and tossed them to the side along with my top. “So I heard from a little bird that you don’t have a gag reflex”. I told Austin yesterday and he made me prove it so I shoved a flashlight down my throat. “Get your pretty face over here”. He grabbed my hair and guided his dick in my mouth. Not as big as Austin but still a bit to handle. He shoved my head up and down on his dick and I gagged. “What’s wrong, sweetheart? Got a dick in your throat?”
I heard Austin kinda laugh and moan at the same time. He was jacking off on the sidelines just watching.
Kota kept shoving my head up and down and eventually stopped and threw my head back. I stumbled and fell back on Austin. I felt his hard monster cock on my lower back.
I got back up on my knees and Kota was laying down. “Come here and sit on my lap”. I crawled over and lowered myself onto him reverse cowgirl. He moaned and put his hands on my lower waist. I bounced up and down for a little bit and then started rocking my hips when I got tired. Kota’s moans got louder and I could tell he was close so I slowed down.
I heard Austin get up and before I could do anything his cock was güvenilir bahis siteleri in my mouth and he was fucking my throat, not quite as hard as Kota did, and he actually gave me a chance to suck.
After a few minutes, Kota couldn’t handle it anymore. “Get up on your knees” he growled. I did so and he got behind me and started fucking my tight ass. Austin put his dick back in my mouth and i could tell he wasn’t close. Kota took one last thrust, pulled out, then busted all over my back with a growl as if he was possessed by a wild animal. He dropped to the floor and got himself to the edge to come down from his orgasm.
Now that Kota was out of the picture, Austin could have his way with me. He pulled out of my mouth and pushed me onto my back. He got on top of me and kissed the side of my mouth.
Through the sounds of all of our heavy breathing I heard Austin say “I’m sorry”. He guided his cock inside me and thrusted so hard it made me scream. He kept this up and my screams turned into moans. After only a few minutes of bliss he said he was close but he wasn’t pulling out. I kinda panicked but he held me down and his entire body spasmed. With the tightening of all of his muscles and the feeling of his cum filling my pussy, I felt the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced. My body jolted with Austin’s and after a few seconds he collapsed on top of me.
We all lay on the small tent floor and gather ourselves. After what seemed like forever, we all got dressed and went back to the house. It was about 11:30ish.
Kota said bye to my aunt and uncle then hugged me. As he did he bit my ear and quietly growled “little bitch”.
After he left, me and Austin sat in the livingroom and watched tv. After my aunt said goodnight, me and Austin cuddled the night away. “I didn’t know he was going to do that….” Austin said apologetically.
“It’s whatever” I said. I honestly didn’t care. I got Austin and that’s all I was worried about. We fell asleep and I couldn’t keep him off my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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