A Wife That Watches Ch. 2

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Big Dicks

Well, about 2 weeks later, we got in contact with Richard, and asked him for a convenient time for us all to meet again. Richard was very anxious to meet us again. So, we agreed to meet this time atop a parking deck in our town.

This parking deck is 10 floors tall, and is open 24 hours a day. Only the lower floors are occupied during the day. At night, the entire parking deck is very sparce with cars. If someone was to drive to the top floor, and you were on the top floor, you could hear them coming for at least a few minutes, as the curves around the pillars coming up the deck would slow you down quite a bit. The sound of a car engine would echo up through the deck to the top floors. Well, you get the idea. It is a safe place to play around, and if the sound of a car is heard, you would have plenty of time to get dressed before they could reach the top floor. I had, in the past, had a couple experiences there. they were very memorable! So, Richard agreed to meet us at the entrance, and we would take one car to the top. Late at night, there is no attendant at the booth at the entrance to the deck.

The night came, and we drove to the deck and saw Richard already waiting in his car near the entrance. He parked his car close, and got in our SUV. I could tell that he was very anxious to get things under way. I was a little nervous, as I hadn’t sucked another guy’s cock for at least 12 years! Louise seemed very anxious herself to see this happen.

After a few minutes, we got to the top. It was a perfect night, as it was about 75 degrees, and clear skies. My cock was already hard just thinking about what was about to happen. It was my turn to suck his cock. We stopped near a concrete wall that was about 2.5″ tall with a guard rail on the top of it. We all got out of the SUV. I kind of took over, and told Richard to go over next to the wall with his back against it. I looked over at Louise, she smiled and told me to proceed.

I told Richard to take his shirt off. I wanted him TOTALLY NUDE in front of me. After he got his shirt off, I moved demetevler escort over in front of him, and started to take his belt loose. After I got his belt loose, I unsnapped his pants, unzipped them, and slid them, along with his underwear, down, until they were completely off. There Richard was, in front of me, totally nude. His cock was rock hard. I told him I wanted his cock to get soft before I do a thing with it. So we talked for a few minutes, and pretty soon, it softened up. His cock was probably 6″ long, soft, and he had a nice pair a saggy balls, that I couldn’t wait to lower into my mouth! At this time, I put Richard’s clothes in front of me, on the ground, to pad my knees, as I lowered myself down on them. I took his soft cock in my hands, and just enjoyed the feel of its weight. His cock was average thickness. He had shaved the shaft, and it felt very smooth. Louise’s eyes were glued on us, as she got up in the back of the SUV, with the hatch opened, and got comfortable. I could see that she was starting to get naked herself as she watched, very excited, at the two of us.

Louise had remembered to bring some flavored lubricant, and asked me if I wanted some. I said yes, and she threw it over to me. The back of the SUV was only about 8-10 feet from Richard and I. Louise wanted to be able to watch us closely and be comfortable herself laying out in the back of the SUV.

I opened up the lotion, and squirted out a liberal amount in my hand. I then smeared it on the other hand, and grabbed Richard’s cock. As I rubbed the lotion onto his cock, I looked up and saw Richard tilting his head back and moaning with pleasure. I coated his cock generously with the lotion, and squeezed his balls with some of it. As I stroked his cock more, and more, it grew to it’s full length. I am 6.5″ long, and I know that Richard’s cock was at least 2″ longer fully erect.

Man, his cock was sooooo long! I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to have that enormous cock in my mouth! I brought my head otele gelen escort down to his cock and took my tongue and swirled it around his beautiful head. Then I took the head of his cock and closed my mouth around it. I put some suction on his head and just enjoyed the feeling of it in my mouth. Then, I lowered my mouth further, and further down the shaft, until I felt it press against the back of my throat. There was still about 1.5-2″ of his cock left to go before all of him was in my mouth. At this time, I knew that I was going to have to open my throat as much as possible to take all of him in. I backed off of it a little, and took his saggy balls in my left hand, and grabbed them. Then I grabbed the shaft with my right, and thrust his cock deep in my mouth again.

This time, when it tried to stop at the back of my throat, I wedged it down my throat, moved my right hand off of it, and touched my lips to his hairy skin at the base and kept it there for a few seconds. Success, I thought to myself. Louise had sat up and was staring with amazement, as I had this long cock ALL in my mouth. She then laid back and started rubbing her pussy fiercely, still watching us very intently. She was getting close to cumming, as I could see her body bucking all over. Seeing her this close to cumming just made me want to suck Richard’s cock that much more.

Richard was telling me how good it felt as I slid his long cock in and out of my mouth. I came back off his cock after a few minutes, and lowered my head to his balls. I first took one in my mouth, sucked on it, and then took the other in my mouth. What a mouthful! Richard’s balls sagged down at least 4″ from the base of his cock, and were about as big around as walnuts. As I drenched his balls with my saliva, I stroked his cock, and ran my other hand over the back of his thighs, and his ass cheeks. I looked up at his cock and saw some pre-cum try to drip out. I stuck my tongue out and caught some on the end of my tongue. I took it in my mouth balgat escort , and enjoyed the sweetness of it. I looked up at Richard, and told him it tasted so good in my mouth. I looked over at Louise, and told her to look closely, as I was going to milk Richard’s cock until I get some more to taste.

She raised up quickly, and seemed very eager to see this. I grabbed his cock at the base, and squeezed it firmly, as I brought my hand closer, and closer toward the end of it. As my hand was almost at the end, I saw another drip form. I stuck my tongue out, putting it about an inch below his cock, and took my other hand, and closed it around his cock also, at the base, and squeezed as I brought it to the end of his cock also, and this made a lot more come out. By now, there was a thick stream coming out, and it touched my tongue. I pulled both my hands over the end of his cock, and broke off the stream of it so it would all drop on my tongue.

As it all dropped on my tongue, I left my tongue stuck out and let Louise see it first, then I took it in my mouth, and savored the sweetness of it before I swallowed it. Right at that moment, Louise let out a loud moan, and came violently. I took Richard’s cock back in my mouth, and started working on it, and his balls, with greater intensity. I wanted to have his cum in my mouth now! After a few minutes, I could tell that Richard was getting close. I was so eager to swallow him. I pulled his cock out of my mouth just long enough to tell him to give me his cum. This must have done it for him, because when I took it back in my mouth, and went all the way down on it, he told me he was going to cum.

Right then, I felt his cock thicken in my mouth. I quickly backed off of it, just far enough to leave about a 1″ gap between it and my mouth, stuck my tongue out, looked up at him, as he exploded across my tongue. I slightly gagged as a large amount of his cum hit the back of my throat. Regardless, I swallowed all of it. As I squeezed every drop of it I could from his cock, I moaned with pleasure. Richard moved to the side, and made a couple steps over to the tailgate of the SUV, as it seemed that his knees where a little weak. I must have done a good job, I thought. Louise smiled from ear to ear, as she praised us on a job well done.

Next time, I wanted to have Richard on a bed, in a 69, with us both savoring each other’s cocks for hours!!

Part 3?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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