A Wife’s Awakening

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I could see he was agitated when he came home tonight so I was apprehensive of telling him I had been playing online today. I had been keeping this particular fantasy under wraps, even from my open minded husband. He knows how taboo things turn me on but I was worried that even he would be shocked.

Our marriage has evolved over time, from mind blowing vanilla sex, to now, open relationship. Between us anything goes, and it is amazing. I needed to tell him tho, full disclosure is our cardinal rule. So over a glass of wine, I looked at the man I love and told him every dirty detail of the conversation I had with “sir”.

I don’t even know his name, nor do I want to, sir is just fine with me. I was a bit embarrassed when al said to me ‘your cheeks and chest are getting pink. You’re getting wet telling me about this aren’t you?’ I couldn’t deny that my panties were soaking wet, nor that my tight little slit was starting to spasm as I talked about ‘sir’. When he called me out, I was slightly ashamed. I wondered if he would be upset, or even repulsed by how excited I was by this.

After a few quiet moments he stretched out on the bed and told me to come to him. I kneeled beside him and dipped down to kiss him, but his hand shot up and caught my throat. Squeezing a little too hard he pulled my ear to his mouth and in a voice that could only be called hissing he said Anadolu Yakası Escort ‘if you are going to let someone dominate you on the side, you will be a whore for me. Do you understand whore’ I could barely breathe, let alone answer so I tried my best to nod.

He shoved me backward grabbing my wrist as he released my throat. He ordered me to strip and return with my hands behind my back. In all the years with this man, this was all new. He never acted this way, I was a little scared. And I was very turned on. I had suggested a few times that I would love to be his whore but he is a bit too reserved for that. A bit too respectful, until now.

With my hands on the round cheeks of my ass I crept back naked and exposed. He forced his hand between my legs and felt my slick hole. He laughed at me arrogantly ‘you really are a fucking slut wife’. ‘turn to the left’ as I did he roughly grabbed my wrists securing them behind my back. Still holding my wrists he pushed me down face first on the crotch of his pants. ‘Take my cock out’ as I struggled to open the belt button and zipper he slapped my face ‘faster whore’ when I finally got to the last layer I pulled his boxers with my teeth freeing his beautiful flaccid member.

He used his free hand to release his belt from his pants, pulling it in one fluid motion. I nuzzled his soft cock purring Pendik Escort against his balls. His belt struck my bottom leaving a fire hot trail in its wake. ‘ Suck it whore and make it hard’ pulling his cock in my mouth I almost lost my balance. I worked my tongue and lips on his cock crying out against it each time his belt fell. My ass and thighs were red and burning but I ignored it sucking the half hard cock that filled my mouth. When his belt found my pussy it felt so good, he was rubbing the edge up and down my slit, but as soon as I wiggled against it he stopped. He slapped my pussy with the end of his belt sending a jolt thru me.

I had worked his cock fully hard now and he was bucking his hips, fucking my mouth. He dropped the belt and grabbed my hair, pulling me off his cock he tossed me aside. As he stood up he grabbed the belt again, by my hair he pulled me to the edge of the bed forcing me to kneel there. Using small slaps with the belt he urged my knees wide, he shoved my head forward face first into the bed. ‘Hands behind your back whore’. Crack, the belt found my sensitive puckered asshole, over and over it found its mark.

His cock entered my tight little cunt furiously, pushing balls deep inside me. He drew the belt across my asshole in a tantalizing way rubbing and biting. I came in a gushing frenzy bucking against his cock. The Kurtköy Escort belt bit my ass once more ‘you like that don’t you whore?’ I could only nod. The belt dropped at the same moment my wrists were released. His hands were kneading my ass as he pounded my pussy. My orgasm started to build again I pushed my hips into him and he slapped me hard. ‘Be still’.

I knew he was finding his Rhythm when his palm rested on my tail bone. Harder he pushed in to me, then pulling all the way out, teasing me with the fat head of his cock. My pussy was begging for him, I pushed my hips back slightly, suddenly his hand moved and his thumb was raping my ass. His cock pounding me in rhythm with his thumb had me cumming in no time.

He pushed me forward off his cock roughly, ‘on your knees whore’ I scrambled on to the floor in front of him, opening my mouth to take his cock. He slapped my face and told me to wait. ‘Open your whore mouth and don’t close it until your told’ he was jerking off I front of me and I wanted to gobble him down. When he shoved it in my mouth I gagged, but he was not stopping. Both hands on my head he fucked my throat. Right before he came he pulled out once again jerking off ‘stick out your tongue whore’ I happily complied, I wanted to milk his amazing cock. He pressed his fat head on the tip of my tongue and let go, pumping load after load of creamy cum onto my waiting tongue. I savored every drop as he tipped my chin up. He was watching his huge load slide down my throat! He patted my head and told me I was a good little whore before walking out, leaving me dripping swollen and more satisfied than I have ever been in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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