A Wild Widow and Widower Ch. 02

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Previously (read Chapter 1 for full details).

Len and Tammi were neighbors — 65 and 56 respectfully. Both had lost their spouses within the last 3 years. About 5 days previously they had a private happy hour together and after a couple of drinks Len had proposed a “mutually rewarding” physical relationship.. Two days later Tammi had agreed! She was treated to a limo trip to a local hotel where she found herself in the honeymoon suite. Not long afterwards she and Len were on the floor and Tami — as promised by Len — was in the throes of a screaming orgasm. In her words “she felt like she had never felt before”. They had ended up in the huge bed in a 69 position, Tammi’s head under the sheets, orally cleaning up the leftovers from their wet, wild fuck.

Chapter 2

“Hey, you better come back up here” Len said.

“If you don’t stop I’m going to cum again and the rest of the night will be ruined.”

Tammi twisted back up and gave Len a deep French kiss.

“I wouldn’t want that to happen. I’m looking forward to a full, active night — and day until we have to check out.”

“Maybe we’ll just pay for another day!!” Len said excitedly. “How about we get up and I fix us some drinks and we take a soak in the spa tub!”

Len swung out of bed and grabbed a nearby robe and handed one to Tammi.

“Robes? I just want to see your magnificent body — especially that wonderful weapon you have between your legs.”

“Hey — one of the best parts of a party is unwrapping the presents!! If we don’t cover up we won’t get to uncover!! I’m going to start the bath and then fix us drinks. Wine or G&T?”

“G&T sounds great — save the wine for later.”

Len turned the water on in the tub, adding some bath salts and bubbles, and then made the G&T’s. He tested the water and settled in calling Tammi to join him. She came in, disrobed and sank into the water, joining him in total relaxation.

They sipped their drinks and soaked, their hands occasionally rubbing legs, breasts and inside her thighs, up into her lower lips while she rubbed his cock and balls. Len even directed Tammi’s forefinger to his pucker hole, letting her insert it into his anal opening.

“I guess you’ve never had a prostrate exam, right?” Len laughed. “Once a doctor gets in there and pulses your prostrate you will do whatever he wants. I guess that is the feeling gays have during sex. By the way — do you care if I give you a nickname? Tammi seems so long. How about I just call you T.”

“You can call me what you like — just don’t call me later for dinner. Or for a good fucking.”

They both laughed.

After a good time in the spa Len asked “What do you want for the rest of the evening? We can go out for dinner, order room service, or order in.”

“I sure don’t want to waste time going out and room service is usually not the greatest food. I’m not all that hungry. How about we just get some appetizers sent up. That and wine will be fine for me. Then we can spend our time watching some good “turn on” movies’ and — FUCKING!”

“Oh, lady! I’m beginning to thing you are addicted to sex.”

“I’m not sure about that, but I sure have a few years of pent up sexual energy in me.”

Len got the room service menu and called down, ordering a nice assortment of appetizers. They both had a second G&T as they waited — and turned the TV on and together perused the adult channels.

“Hey, how about this movie” Len offered. “It is titled “The Volleyball Squad.” It looks intriguing. The info says it involves lesbian activities casino siteleri and special training by the coach. That sound interesting to you?”

“I’ll give it a shot” T offered. The room service arrived and Len poured them glasses of wine and started the video. At first T was somewhat detached from the story.

The movie started with Coach M opening the door to her room.

Mandi, Sherri & Carla, her three senior captains (all of who were 18) entered. All were typical volleyball players – tall, skinny, long legged and almost no bust line.

They had obviously been through this “Captain’s Meeting” many times and were dressed the way Coach M liked. Warm up suits with only bras underneath. No panties or socks. After a brief meeting Coach said

“great game girls, championship tomorrow.”

Coach M had previously checked her “starting lineup” schedule and said

“starters are Mandi with me and Sherri with Carla.”

Slowly, with lots of petting and some licking and sucking the clothes came off, revealing lithe young bodies and six tiny tits with erect, pointed nipples. The snatch hair varied from a very little fuzz to heavier, black and curly.

Mandi quickly moved to the floor and stuck her head between Coach’s legs.

“mmm — Coach M. I love getting you first. Your cunt is so great. I love the little arrow you leave in your pussy hair — it just points right to your tall clit. And you always taste so good.”

“Mandi, the reason my clit is so tall is because I get so hot knowing that you are coming to fuck me. I don’t know whether you’ve been boy fucked or not, but your tight pink vagina is wonderful. If you have been fucked by penises, I just hope the pleasures I give you will remind you how great girl-girl sex is.”

Quickly the four moved to the bed where they shuffled into a double 69.

The camera moved from crotch to crotch, zooming in to get close ups of fingers probing and rubbing, tongues licking and lips sucking cunt lips, slits and pearly white clits. Cunt juice was flowing from four cunts to four mouths with a lot of slurping going on. The tongues also licked up the cunt lips, over the taint and then penetrated the rose buttons.

Sherri and Carla were deep into each other’s snatch, both quickly getting wet, hot and needing to orgasm.

Soon there were moans and purrs as the teens quickly began to release the sexual tensions that had built up starting with the post game showers. As the meeting time approached, their awareness of what was soon to come (and cum) caused their inner urges to increase to get “super hot.”

It was only a matter of a few minutes before Sherri screamed out

“Oh, God. Suck that clit! Harder, harder!! Harder!! — Oooooooh — I’m cumm-mm-mmmm- ing.”

Shortly she was followed by the two other teens screaming in intense orgasms and finally Coach M writhed in her sexual release, which included a squirt of ejaculation into Mandi’s welcoming mouth. Then the twosomes joined into a foursome and they continued their ministrations, taking turns until each had a great taste of the other three snatches, with frequent screams of

“I am coming again!”

“Girls — I gotta pee bad. I want all three of you into the bathtub now!”

This was new territory for the captains; coach was obviously teaching them something new. Coach M had them squeeze into the tub and then stood over them, her feet on the edges of the tub.

“Open your mouths and catch my pee!”

Coach M quickly sprayed a golden shower onto the sexy teens, her canlı casino hands and hips moving her pee hole and stream of piss over the three waiting bodies and mouths. As she finished Mandi screamed

“I’m next!!”

She got up, her legs spanning the tub. Coach M stuffed herself into the tub and Mandi’s spray showered over the three below. Each of the girls took their turn peeing.

Coach M said “time to clean up.”

And each of the ladies licked the drops of pee off the snatch of another.


As the video had gradually intensified T had snuggled in close to Len and soon she began squirming — Len could tell she was very much into it. As the explosion of “Big O”s began he looked over and saw T’s hand under her robe, obviously rubbing her pussy. Len removed her hand from its manipulation.

“That’s for me to take care of.”

He started to rub her hot, wet slit.

Tammi panted

“Quick. There’s a vibrator in my bag. Grab it.”

Len did while Tammi again rubbed her magic button, not wanting to lose her sexual high. Len returned and turned the vibrator on to a medium setting. As the peeing scene developed she started to purr and moan.

“Ummmm.. that’s is so good. Yes — yes –yes. Right there. Turn it up to high!”

Len moved the control, continuing to hold the vibrator on top of Tammi’s fully erect clit.

“Ooooh — my God, my God! Suck me hard right now.”

Len quickly moved his mouth down to her steaming, dripping cunt, sucking and licking her clit as hard and as fast as he could.

Tammi gave out a yelp of pleasure as she peaked her orgasm, squirting some tasty juice right into Len’s mouth. He swirled the nectar around, then swallowed.

“Wow – your cum juice is so tasty — I love it. Now you are going to have to give me that hard, fast fuck you promised.”

Len pulled Tammi up from that couch and they hurried to the bed. He rolled T onto her side, suggesting

“Let’s try spooning. I like to screw from behind that way. Then I can keep my hands free to rub all over you.”

” I am SO hot, wet & horny I might cum again.”

Len slipped close behind T and slip his feverish cock into her already wet cunt. One hand moved to her tits and the other down to her clit, Len loved rubbing her hot button while feeling his dick move in and out next to his hand. True to her word it was just a matter of minutes until T screamed in total bliss and Len immediately shot his wad deep into T’s cunt. After a very brief pause to recover, T dropped down and began slurping her cunt juices along with the residue of Len’s cum.

“God this tastes great” she mumbled. “I’m going to lick and swallow every drop I can get.”

Len turned the TV to a mood music channel. Exhausted from their time of sexual intensities, they soon fell asleep as they spooned. Sometime during the night Len felt his prick grow stiff again. Without waking T he gently slip his member back into her box which was still slick with sex juices. He fell back asleep still fully inside her.

Later in the night Len felt T stir.

“That’s nice” she whispered.

Then she began to contract her kegel muscles as she slowly milked Len’s dong Squeeze. Relax. Squeeze. Relax.

It didn’t take long before Len had another, somewhat subdued, orgasm sending a greatly reduced cum load into T. They then both rolled over into a reverse spoon and fell back to sleep with T lightly grasping Len’s sodden, soft member.

They awoke with the sun shining brightly. kaçak casino Good mornings were exchange as they still nestled together.

“Well that was quite an afternoon and evening” T said.

“Sure was. I’m famished — how about you?”

“Starving” T replied.

“How about steak & eggs with all the fixings.”

Len picked up the phone and placed the order. As he traced his fingers lightly over her body he said

“T — I’m not sure how much I’ve got left in me. I don’t think I’ve ever had four orgasms in seven hours before.”

“I think I had three in five minutes during our first fuck yesterday and I’ve lost count of the total” she laughed. “But I’ve got to admit I’m kinda sore in the cunny. Maybe we should just eat and then shower. Unless some miracle happens we can just wash each other all over and relax.”

“I give pretty good foot massages and back rubs too” Len offered.

“What a man!!”

They breakfasted and then padded to the bathroom. On the way in T said “hey, I never used that BIDET. Want to watch me douche?”

“You bet — I wanta get a good close up. Let me get my phone so I can take a nice picture of you spraying your cunt and cervix.”

After T cleansed the inside of herself, they moved in to the shower. The three showerheads were marvelous. They soaped and rinsed all over, spending extra time on their vital parts. Len found his favorite setting for the shower, a strong pulsating stream. He pointed the stream at his dick head and let it massage him. His prick soon began to stiffen.

“Do I see a miracle rising?” T asked.

“Yup. How is your soreness?”

“The hot suds — and your gentle massaging — the bidet — all seem to have helped — a BUNCH!”

With that T grabbed his body and moved back so her back was against the shower wall. Wrapping her legs around his waist she instructed

“Fuck me hard and fast, mister!”

Len entered and thrust his dick as deep into T as he could.

“Oooof!” she panted “Never felt a prick that deep before. Fuck me HARD and FAST. Don’t wait for me. I’ll just enjoy this pure animalistic sex.”

Shortly Len blew his mind for the fifth time in less than a day. Apres-sex they rewashed their crotches; he the inside of her “hot box”; she all over his crotch with gentle attention to his dick head.

It was approaching check out time so they dressed openly in front of each other.

“Just watching you cover up is starting another miracle” Len quipped. “Makes me want to start unwrapping your bod all over again.”

“Down buster or the cleaning maids will find us naked on the bed!”

“Now there’s an interesting thought.”

And they both laughed lustily.

They checked out and the valet brought Len’s car to the front. The drive home was quiet — Len noticed T dozing, obviously low on energy after all the intense sexual exertion. Len pulled into T’s driveway even though his was right next door, and T awoke and stretched.

“Guess our fantasy is done and it is back to reality.”

“Speaking of that” Len said. “We had a great time. But I don’t want to rush you into anything. I feel we should take some time to let our emotions settle so we can both clearly think about the future. Then if we think we want to move forward we can talk some more about what that means. And if either of us does not want to go farther, hopefully we can still be good neighbors.”

“I see your point. But if we decided just to be neighbors again, could I just drop over when I am hot and horny and we could have another Fantastic Fuck — or two — or three?”

“I’d never want to leave you high, dry and horny” Len laughed. “We can talk if and when you are ready.”

(to be continued with more lesbian sex and young girls, incest and multiple partners)

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